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Solutions for today... and tomorrow


                Annual Report

Solutions for today... and tomorrow
2008-2009 Annual Report

            Solutions for today... and tomorrow
Mission:   To advance safety and to increase the use of
           propane through sound public policy.

           To achieve this mission with our members,
           NPGA has set these strategic goals:

             • Advance safety throughout the
               propane industry.

             • Achieve public policies that favor
               production, distribution and increased
               use of propane.

             • Foster industry-wide cohesion – through
               communication, learning, networking,
               and collaboration.

                   National Propane Gas Association 2008/2009 Annual Report / 1
       2008-2009 Annual Report

                               The clean-burning, efficient and
                               climate-friendly alternative fuel.

2 / National Propane Gas Association 2008/2009 Annual Report

5    Letter from the NPGA Chairman

7    Letter from the NPGA President

10   Advocacy

15   PropanePAC

16   Certification and Education

19   Membership

24   Financial Statements

30   NPGA Board of Directors

36   NPGA Staff

         National Propane Gas Association 2008/2009 Annual Report /3
                                “Propane is not only reliable, efficient
                                 and available now, but it is also
                                 clean-burning and climate-friendly,
                                 which is very important when
                                 considering energy options.”
                                                               — Malcolm Barrett, NPGA Chairman

4 / National Propane Gas Association 2008/2009 Annual Report
Letter        from       NPGA        Chairman

Dear NPGA Member:

What a great year it has been for the propane industry and for the National Propane
Gas Association!

Over the course of my chairmanship we have confronted a great many challenges, but that
hasn’t stopped us from hitting milestone after milestone. Goals have been set, and goals
have been met. Our industry has been strengthened over the past 12 short months.

This has been a banner year for our industry in the nation’s capital. NPGA’s legislative team
has worked tirelessly to ensure that our interests are taken into consideration and that any
impacts of new policies are minimized. I would like to commend the legislative team for
their work, made even more difficult because they had to communicate our messages to
not one, but two administrations and two congresses in order to get the job done.

Late last year, former President George W. Bush signed into law the omnibus financial
rescue package which included three high priority propane tax credit extensions. This was
great news that got even better in February when newly-elected President Barack Obama
signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 that contained several more
tax credit extensions for our industry.

Even as we bask in all that we have achieved, we look forward to the next year as we set
new goals. We ask for your continued commitment as we strive to confirm propane’s
rightful place among the alternative fuels helping to solve the climate change issue. With
many in the administration still new to their jobs, we have the opportunity to educate
them about propane and that its role as an efficient, climate-friendly fuel. “Being green”
is a major focus in the country now, and it is important for us to reinforce propane’s clean
qualities to lawmakers and consumers.

I would like to thank you, our members, for your solid support of the National Propane Gas
Association. We are here for you and because of you. When we talk to policymakers on
Capitol Hill we know we are not alone. Your eager participation throughout the year is
greatly appreciated and much needed. Events such as Propane Days and the Southeastern
Convention & International Propane Expo are successful largely because of your dedication to
your businesses.

Finally, I’d like to thank everyone for their support during my time as Chairman of the
National Propane Gas Association. I have been pleased to work with you and share the
passion you all have for the industry. I’d like to extend best wishes to my successor, Joe
Cordill. Here’s to another great year and much more to look forward to in the future!

                                                National Propane Gas Association 2008/2009 Annual Report / 5
                               “Things are ever changing in our
                                nation’s capital and we consistently
                                and constantly reinforce our
                                message about our industry and the
                                benefits of using propane.”
                                                               — Rick Roldan, NPGA President & CEO

6 / National Propane Gas Association 2008/2009 Annual Report
Letter       from       NPGA        President

Dear NPGA Member:

This has been a busy year for the propane gas industry as a whole and for the National
Propane Gas Association in particular. I do not recall a year when more significant
achievements have occurred for all involved.

The atmosphere in Washington, DC was quite different over the last year. The election had
everyone talking, and the transition from one administration to the next was as interesting
as ever. Through it all, we remained consistent in advocating propane as a clean fuel with
a bright future.

Global climate change has remained the biggest single issue facing our industry, and
many proposals have surfaced along the way. We’ve made it our top priority to make sure
that anything Congress passes contains favorable provisions for marketers and customers,
whether through a cap-and-trade system or old-fashioned tax incentives. The propane
industry’s interests must remain at the forefront as legislation is debated and, perhaps,
signed into law.

We’ve also been proactive in identifying and addressing other issues, such as the
“card check” legislation that would make it easier for unions to enter our business.
We quickly developed a grassroots program and encouraged all members to reach out to
their lawmakers regarding this matter. Of course, our signature victories this past year
were the enactment of significant tax credit extensions that will spur investment in
propane and propane technologies. Our message resonates across party lines, as favorable
tax benefits were signed into law by both former President George W. Bush and President
Barack Obama.

As this year comes to a close, I reflect on all that has been accomplished. It spurs my
confidence in the year that is in front of us. I want to reaffirm our commitment to all
members that we are dedicated to you and are here to support the membership. You are
the reason we exist today and why we will continue to exist for years to come.

Thank you for your firm support of our association.

                                               National Propane Gas Association 2008/2009 Annual Report / 7
                               Governmental Relations

8 / National Propane Gas Association 2008/2009 Annual Report
              2008-2009 Annual Report

National Propane Gas Association 2008/2009 Annual Report / 9
              LEGISLATIVE                   REPORT

              Tax Credit Extensions and               an energy factor (EF) of at least      Extension of Bonus Depreciation
              other Provisions                        0.80 or a thermal efficiency of at     Businesses are allowed to recover
                                                      least 90%.)                            the cost of capital expenditures
              On February 17, 2009, President
                                                                                             over time according to a
              Obama signed the American               These tax credit extensions will
                                                                                             depreciation schedule. Last year,
              Recovery and Reinvestment Act of        always remain a major legislative
                                                                                             Congress temporarily allowed
              2009 into law that contained several    priority for NPGA. The extension of
                                                                                             businesses to recover the costs of
              positive provisions for propane.        these alternative fuel tax credits
                                                                                             capital expenditures made in 2008
              Shortly before that, on October 3,      continues to be a major legislative
                                                                                             faster than the ordinary
              2008, former President George W.        priority for NPGA. We will continue
                                                                                             depreciation schedule would allow
              Bush signed an omnibus financial        our efforts to include tax credit
                                                                                             by permitting these businesses to
              rescue package that contained           extension language in any
                                                                                             immediately write off 50% of the
              three other high priority propane       appropriate legislative vehicle
                                                                                             cost of the depreciable property
              tax credit extensions.                  moving through the legislative
                                                                                             (e.g. equipment, tractors, wind
              Propane-Specific Provisions:            process in Congress.
                                                                                             turbines, solar panels and
              Alternative Fuel Tax Credit             General Provisions:                    computers) acquired in 2008 for
              The 50-cent-per-gallon fuel tax         Expensing                              use in the United States. The law
              credit is extended through the end      For 2008, Congress temporarily         extends this temporary benefit for
              of 2009.                                increased the amount businesses        capital expenditures incurred in
              Refueling Infrastructure Tax Credit     may expense (deduct immediately        2009.
              The percentage of the credit for        as opposed to depreciate) from
                                                      $125,000 to $250,000. In addition,     Cap-and-Trade Legislation
              alternative fuel refueling property
                                                      the phase out limitation for the       In late March, Rep. Henry Waxman
              is increased from 30% to 50% and
                                                      credit (the total amount of property   (D-CA), chairman of the House
              the cap amount increases from
                                                      that the business placed in service    Energy and Commerce Committee
              $30,000 to $50,000. This provision
                                                      that year) was also temporarily        and Rep. Ed Markey (D-MA),
              applies to property placed in service
                                                      increased from $500,000 to             chairman of the Subcommittee on
              in 2009 and 2010. (Expires Dec. 31,
                                                      $800,000 for 2008. The higher          Energy and Environment, introduced
                                                      temporary figures continue for         draft climate change legislation
              Energy Efficient Appliance Tax Credit                                          that includes a cap-and-trade
                                                      another year, meaning the
              The percentage of the tax credit for                                           program that sets mandatory limits
                                                      $250,000 and $800,000 figures will
              covered energy efficient furnaces                                              on greenhouse gas emissions.
                                                      apply to property placed in service
              and water heaters increases from                                               Democratic leaders want to deliver
                                                      in 2009.
              10% to 30%. The lifetime cap for                                               climate change legislation to the
              these credits is increased from         Net Operating Losses (NOL)
                                                      NOL generally means the amount         President by the end of 2009. This
              $500 to $1,500. Importantly,                                                   will not be an easy task considering
              installation costs associated with      by which business deductions
                                                      exceed gross income. The law           how the climate debate breaks
              efficient appliances may be                                                    down along regional and party
              claimed. Provisions apply to property   increases the general NOL carry
                                                      back period from two (2) years to as   lines. Republican leaders argue
              placed in service after December                                               that cap-and-trade legislation will
              31, 2008 and before January 1, 2011.    much as five (5) years for any
                                                      taxable year during 2008 and 2009.     cause job losses and unreasonably
              (Minimum efficiency standards:                                                 hike consumer energy prices.
              propane furnaces must have an           In addition, it now only applies to
                                                      small businesses which are defined     Politicians representing states with
              annual fuel utilization efficiency                                             large manufacturing and/or energy
              (AFUE) of not less than 95 while        as businesses with gross receipts of
                                                      $15 million or less.                   production sectors have pledged to
              propane water heaters must have

10 / National Propane Gas Association 2008/2009 Annual Report
make certain that climate change        If passed and signed into law, EFCA     Should the EFCA be signed into
legislation does not adversely          would strip away a worker’s right to    law, propane businesses will
affect state and local economies.       a federally-supervised private ballot   become fertile ground for union
In late April, the committee            election when deciding whether to       organization efforts. If unionization
conducted a round of marathon           join a union. Furthermore, it would     increases, propane companies will
hearings on draft cap-and-trade         replace private ballots with a          lose vital control over their
legislation that served, perhaps        process actually run by the unions      operations and property and their
unintentionally, to highlight the       themselves – know as “check card”       ability to survive and grow will
policy divisions among Democrats        – which would force workers to          suffer.
on the panel. This set the stage for    make their choice about a union in      In the previous Congress, the U.S.
a round of intense negotiations         public. Without private ballots,        House of Representatives passed
over a global warming bill that         each worker’s choice would be           the EFCA, but the legislation
many committee Democrats said           known not only to their coworkers,      stalled in the Senate. However,
they could not support without          but also to union organizers and        the 2008 election brought more
major changes. Despite these            their employer.                         pro-labor politicians to Congress.
hurdles, the Committee passed its       The card check process puts             Passage now appears likely in the
bill on May 21, 2009, acknowledging     employees in a vulnerable position      House of Representatives, so the
that more work rained to be done.       where they may be subjected to          battle lines have been drawn in the
The panel had hoped to begin            intimidation and pressure by union      U.S. Senate. In response, NPGA
marking-up the bill in early May.       organizers all in an effort to obtain   joined the powerful Chamber of
However, this process has been put      signatures on a majority of cards.      Commerce-related Coalition for a
off presumably so that the              Moreover, propane business owners       Democratic Workplace
committee leadership can tweak          would be kept intentionally             (, a
the legislation enough to satisfy       uninformed of organizing drives         powerful group of hundreds of
the interests of members who            where employees are approached          organizations opposed to the EFCA.
oppose the bill as currently drafted.   in parking lots or contacted at         In addition, NPGA launched a
For their part, committee               home by union organizers intent         major grassroots effort to oppose
Republicans were nearly                 on getting signatures.                  the EFCA. Members could voice
unanimous in their belief that          The card-check process works as         their opinions on the bill two ways:
cap-and-trade legislation is            follows: if the organizers convince     via or by
nothing more than an energy tax         a majority of your employees to         using the Constituent
on American consumers that              sign cards, you have been unionized.    Correspondence Menu to generate
should be avoided particularly in a     Your business now has 120 days to       letters to send to their local
down economy.                           agree to a contract with the union      representatives.
                                        (90 days, plus 30 days mediation).
“Card Check” Legislation
                                        If your business and the union
In early March, Sen. Tom Harkin         cannot agree on a contract, you
(R-IA) and Rep. George Miller (D-CA)    then enter binding arbitration
announced plans to introduce the        whereby a federal arbiter will
Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA)         dictate the terms of your new labor
legislation, which has long been        contract. In effect, the government
supported by union bosses and           will decide what you have to pay
overwhelmingly opposed by the           your employees in wages and
business community.                     benefits.

                                                                      National Propane Gas Association 2008/2009 Annual Report / 11
              R E G U L AT O RY/ C O D E S                  &    STANDARDS

              Regulation of Greenhouse Gases           relief from the agency’s original        within the code by acknowledging
              NPGA advised the Environmental           proposal that would have captured        test procedures that are suitable
              Protection Agency (EPA) that the         all NPGA members and a large             to perform leak checks and by
              Clean Air Act (CAA) was not the          percentage of member customers.          defining the limits of the piping
              appropriate framework within                                                      system that is tested by the leak
                                                       SBA Finalizes Small Business
              which to regulate greenhouse                                                      check.
              gases (GHGs). NPGA’s comments                                                     Special Permit on 5% Rule
                                                       The U.S. Small Business
              were in response to the agency’s                                                  Extended to 2012
                                                       Administration (SBA) published its
              request for public input on the
                                                       Final Rule that changed the small        In a surprise, but very welcome
              matter following a 2007 Supreme
                                                       business threshold criteria for the      announcement to a full gathering
              Court ruling that gave EPA the
                                                       propane industry from one that is        of attendees at the 2008 Propane
              authority to regulate GHGs as an air
                                                       based on annual receipts ($6.5           Days, Department of Transportation
              pollutant under the Clean Air Act.
                                                       million) to one based on number of       (DOT) Deputy Secretary Thomas
              NPGA noted that such an approach
                                                       employees (50 total employees).          Barrett announced that the agency
              by EPA would trigger a cascade of
                                                       The change became effective August       had extended the expiration date
              numerous other regulatory
                                                       22, 2008 for propane marketers.          of NPGA’s Special Permit on the 5%
              requirements, including the
                                                       Given the significant increases in       rule (SP-13341) to May 31, 2012. This
              establishment of National Ambient
                                                       the cost of fuel over the last several   was the maximum extension of
              Air Quality Standards that would
                                                       years, this action by SBA now            time allowed for a special permit
              have a major impact on every
                                                       eliminates the economic component        under the current hazardous
              sector of the economy. This action
                                                       from consideration of small business
              is the first of what is likely to be a
              number of EPA initiatives to
              address climate change under the         National Fuel Gas Code
              Obama Administration.
                                                       NPGA worked on and helped
              Success on DHS Chemical                  complete the development of the
              Security Regulations                     2009 edition of the National Fuel
                                                       Gas Code, the primary fuel gas
              NPGA is pleased to have achieved
                                                       code used in the United States.
              outstanding results in reducing the
                                                       NPGA was at the forefront on two
              overall industry impact of the
                                                       safety issues related to the use of
              Department of Homeland Security
                                                       fuel gas piping. The first issue was
              (DHS) Chemical Facility Anti-
                                                       resolved by a NPGA proposal to           materials regulations. This action
              Terrorism standards (CFATS).
                                                       require that suspended, low              culminated numerous activities by
              Approximately 97% of bulk plants
                                                       intensity radiant tube heaters be        NPGA to obtain the original permit
              were exempted from the
                                                       connected to the gas piping system       in 2006 as well as seeking its renewal
              requirements to perform additional
                                                       only with connectors that are listed     for the maximum period of time.
              vulnerability assessments or
                                                       for the application, ensuring that       The special permit allows NPGA
              security plans. NPGA strongly
                                                       the connectors will be able to           members to transport in commerce
              believes that industry lobbying
                                                       withstand repeated vibration and         consumer storage tanks (up to 500
              activity in all three branches of
                                                       expansion and contraction cycles         gallons water capacity) containing
              government – legislative,
                                                       due to the operation of the heater.      propane in amounts greater than
              regulatory, and judicial – convinced
                                                       NPGA also successfully proposed          5% of the tank’s water capacity.
              DHS that our industry warranted
                                                       changes to bring more consistency

12 / National Propane Gas Association 2008/2009 Annual Report
               2008-2009 Annual Report

National Propane Gas Association 2008/2009 Annual Report / 13
              PROPANE               DAYS        2008

              “I am so pleased that Propane Days      316 industry members, their guests     Over 70 separate Congressional
              continues to grow each and every        and spouses registered and attended    meetings were held, in offices
              year,” said Rick Roldan, NPGA’s         this year’s event, held June 9-11,     representing South Dakota to
              president and CEO. “This adds           2008. 24 NPGA and 26 PERC staff        Mississippi and New Jersey to
              strength to our message.”               accompanied the members around         California.
                                                      Congress or helped to make the         Attendees discussed the extension
                                                      event run smoothly. Two members        of alternative fuel tax credits, climate
                                                      of the industry press also attended.   change proposals, and the Chemical
                                                      Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of       Facility Security Anti-Terrorism
                                                      the U.S. House of Representatives,     Standards (CFATS).
                                                      spoke at Tuesday morning’s opening     “Propane Days is extremely
                                                      session. Tucker Carlson, former        beneficial for our industry. Our
                                                      co-host of CNN’s popular debate        interests are represented well
                                                      program, “Crossfire” and host of       because of the outstanding
                                                      “Tucker” on MSNBC, was Wednesday       participation from our members.
                                                      morning’s keynote speaker.             We are able to educate key Members
                                                      The industry’s fourth annual Capitol   of Congress and their staffs,” said
                                                      Hill event was the best attended       Mark Pennington, NPGA
                                                      Propane Days since the event began     Governmental Affairs Chairman.
                                                      in 2005. The larger attendance         “This puts our industry in the
                                                      figures had tremendous impact for      forefront as policymakers work on
                                                      the industry, as many more people      legislation that impacts our
                                                      paid visits to their legislators and   businesses.”
                                                      educated them on our industry.

14 / National Propane Gas Association 2008/2009 Annual Report
PROPANE             PAC

PropanePAC is NPGA’s multi-           important issues to the propane         The PropanePAC Administrative
candidate, non-partisan political     industry, their decisions will          Fund accepts both personal and
action committee. PropanePAC          impact us.                              corporate contributions, unlike
pools voluntary personal              The election of a new Presidential      PropanePAC which can only accept
contributions to support federal      Administration in 2008, along with      personal contributions. NPGA
candidates and committees.            Democratic control of both Houses       greatly appreciates all the generous
PropanePAC was created in 1984 by     of Congress, have mobilized the         donations from our member
the propane industry in order to      propane industry to new levels of       companies who contributed to both
promote issues of importance to       interest in federal legislation.        the PAC Administrative Fund and
the members of NPGA and to foster                                             PropanePAC. The current association
                                      PropanePAC’s unique role enables
a pro-business atmosphere. By                                                 year saw donations of over $50,000
                                      the propane industry to target
supporting PropanePAC, NPGA                                                   from the industry to the
                                      Democrats and Republicans whose
members join together to help                                                 Administrative Fund.
                                      decisions directly impact the
elect candidate to the U.S. House                                             For more information about
                                      propane industry. PropanePAC
of Representatives and Senate who                                             PropanePAC, contact Michael
                                      supports NPGA’s lobbyists and helps
understand our industry, who share                                            Hedge, NPGA’s PAC Director at
                                      them build relationships with
our concerns, and who listen to our                                           202-355-1339 or at
                                      lawmakers to ensure our industry’s
views on the issues that affect us.                                 
                                      voice is heard. For the 2008 election
Federal election campaign laws        cycle, PropanePAC contributed over
prohibit trade associations from      $200,000 to congressional
using their general treasury funds    campaigns. Donations during the
to make contributions to federal      current association year exceeded
elections. However, through           $100,000. With the support of its
PropanePAC, NPGA can support          donors, PropanePAC seeks to
Members of Congress who have          increase fundraising activities and
jurisdiction over our industry or     campaign contributions as we
otherwise support our priorities.     build the industry’s political
Congress plays a crucial role in      influence with Congress.
every business, making and
enforcing the laws that affect how
business is conducted every day.
When federal lawmakers consider

                                                                    National Propane Gas Association 2008/2009 Annual Report / 15
                              The success of NPGA’s CETP Certification
                              program within the propane industry over
                              the past two decades is evidenced with
                              the fact that over 140,000 tests have been
                              taken by propane industry employees.

16 / National Propane Gas Association 2008/2009 Annual Report
CERTIFICATION                     AND       EDUCATION

CETP Certification                     Benchmarking Council                      Propane Energy & Research
The success of NPGA’s CETP             The Benchmarking Council is               Council (PERC) Partnership
Certification program within the       rooted in NPGA’s tradition of             The Partnership Plan instituted
propane industry over the past two     advancing the industry to a higher        among NPGA, PERC, and the Gas
decades is evidenced with the fact     level of efficiency, customer service,    Processors Association has been the
that over 140,000 tests have been      employee practices and safety.            impetus for a stronger and more
taken by propane industry              Business improvement is derived           productive relationship among the
employees during that time. While      from the propane marketer’s ability       national organizations representing
the number of paper tests indicates    to measure his own performance to         the propane gas industry. Greater
that it is still the most popular      that of peers so that opportunities       coordination has been achieved at
means of testing, the number of        for improvement are identified and        multiple levels, including at the
online exams has shown a steady        implemented. Leading propane              volunteer leadership, senior staff
increase over the last two years.      marketers also recognize that the         and committee volunteer levels.
Online test grew to over 1000 taken    best source of new ideas comes            The achievements resulting from
in 2008 compared to just over 600      from fellow marketers who have            the partnership strongly supported
in 2007 and 475 in 2006.               solved the same problems they             reauthorization of the program in
The CETP Certification Committee       now encounter.                            2008. The plan envisions joint
continues to provide oversight over                                              activities in the following 5 general
                                       Membership stands at nearly 100
the program. It focuses on providing                                             program areas where the missions
                                       members from 29 states and the
the propane industry with a strong                                               of PERC and NPGA intersect:
                                       Cayman Islands, with new members
testing and validation program for     added every session. Members               1. Coordination with Qualified
propane technicians, installers,       meet in seven discussion groups to            Industry Organizations
delivery personnel and others          avoid competitive issues. An updated       2. Codes and Standards
industry employees. The Committee      version of the Council workbook               Collaboration
addresses many issues that include,    was distributed to Council members         3. Technology and Research
among others, test development,        in 2009. In 2008, Council members             Collaboration
skills assessments and proctor         produced the 3rd Annual Bobtail
policies.                                                                         4. Public Affairs, including
                                       Operating and Delivery Efficiency
                                                                                     Propane Days 2008
The Committee continues its efforts    Analysis, providing Council members
to promote completion of the           with a great tool to measure their         5. Industry Conferences and
certification process through          company’s performance. Optional               Conventions
submittal of the skills assessments    presentations on specific topics          The elements of the accord
for employees. Among the               such as the propane motor fuel            affecting NPGA and PERC in
promotional activities planned for     market provide additional learning        particular were driven largely by a
later in 2009 are direct mailings of   and networking opportunities to           consensus that closer
the program’s promotional              Council members.                          communication and cooperation
brochure and print advertisements                                                would improve industry programs
                                       Association Management Services
in various trade publications.                                                   and services and achieve joint
Additionally, for 2009, the            NPGA provides professional                objectives in a more timely way
Committee will focus on                association management services           and with a greater degree of
completion of the redevelopment        to the state and regional associations    industry support.
of the Bobtail Delivery and Cylinder   for 10 states. For most of these
Delivery tests.                        states, NPGA has provided staffing
                                       services for nearly 50 years. Utilizing
                                       NPGA’s full-time association
                                       professionals provide state propane
                                       gas associations with an experienced
                                       and very cost-effective staffing

                                                                       National Propane Gas Association 2008/2009 Annual Report / 17
                               Our members are the fuel for the
                               association. They are the face of the
                               industry and their support is what fosters
                               success in the nation’s capital.

18 / National Propane Gas Association 2008/2009 Annual Report

During the year, the committee       HR University has proven to be one     evaluating a possible new health
directed its primary effort to new   of our most popular services by        insurance offer to our members.
affinity program development.        providing easy-to-understand           The Liability Insurance task force
Participation in the existing        solutions to employment issues.        continues its efforts in developing
programs continues to increase.      Services are available on line or by   an alternative liability insurance
Each week in NPGA Reports an         calling. Office Depot Business         option to our marketer members.
affinity program/member benefit is   Solutions program continues to         Member Services will continue to
highlighted.                         grow providing our members with        evaluate new programs which will
Member Services Group (MSG) has      discounts on office products.          provide knowledge, resources,
joined with MSG Payment Systems      Recently NPGA has partnered with       business expertise and solutions to
to provide our industry with both    Ford Motor Company to provide the      our members.
emerging markets rates and utility   Customer Association Incentive         An association can only be
rates for credit card processing.    Program which provides our             measured by the strength of its
Cintas Uniform program continues     members who qualify with               membership. It becomes the duty
to provide discounts to our          discounts on fleet vehicles.           of all current members to
members on uniform and product       Member Services continues its          encourage other industry
rentals and purchases. Laborchex     efforts to offer valuable programs.    representatives to join National
continues to provide valuable        Most recently, a Health Insurance      Propane Gas Association. This will
employment background service        task force was formed and is           be our focus for the coming year.
screening to our members.
                                                                            Membership Statistics
                                                                            NPGA membership is comprised of
                                                                            2,721 marketers representing 6,014
                                                                            locations; 154 manufacturers; 105
                                                                            service companies; 42 distributors;
                                                                            21 propane producers;
                                                                            7 transportation companies;
                                                                            52 international and 15 individuals.
                                                                            The total number of supplier
                                                                            members is 329, while the total
                                                                            number of company and individual
                                                                            members is 3,117.

                                                                   National Propane Gas Association 2008/2009 Annual Report / 19
              2009        NPGA          EXPO

              The Southeastern Convention &            changing the face of the propane         recent developments along the
              International Propane Expo is the        industry.                                Dixie Pipeline. This session was held
              National Propane Gas Association’s       The exhibit hall continued to be the     on Monday afternoon and was
              annual tradeshow and convention          central element of the Southeastern      particularly relevant to propane
              held in Atlanta, Georgia. This event     Convention & International Propane       marketers in the southeast region.
              has grown beyond a regional              Expo and showcased the world’s           In the spirit of international
              tradeshow to become the propane          largest array of propane-related         cooperation, the National Propane
              industry’s largest and most              products and services. The               Gas Association joined forces with
              anticipated event of the year! Over      tradeshow provided a vital               the World LP Gas Association to
              the course of three days, leaders        marketplace for the propane              present an International Resource
              from across the nation – and             industry and created the ultimate        Center. The World LP Gas
              around the globe - converge in           venue for comparison shopping and        Association is the global voice for
              Atlanta to explore an expansive          deal-making. The Southeastern            the propane industry and brought
              exhibit hall, attend cutting-edge        Convention & International Propane       its expertise to Atlanta to showcase
              educational sessions and enjoy           Expo is an unparalleled destination      emerging opportunities in the
              exclusive networking activities.         for accessing leading suppliers,         international marketplace. The
                                                       manufacturers, distributors and          World LP Gas Association also
                                                       service providers in one convenient      organized two educational sessions
                                                       location!                                which provided insights into global
                                                       The Conventions Committee once           policies and trends.
                                                       again prepared an educational            In today’s changing and
                                                       program packed with relevant             competitive marketplace, the 2009
                                                       content designed specifically for        Southeastern Convention &
                                                       the propane industry. The                International Propane Expo provided
                                                       comprehensive curriculum featured        a central location for the propane
                                                       30 sessions that provided essential      industry to come together to discuss
              In 2009, the National Propane Gas        skills and proven strategies. Several    tactics and identify areas for
              Association launched several new         courses were designed with the           growth. Attendees were presented
              features to enhance the program          “green” principle of sustainability in   with a wealth of opportunities and
              with a focus on “green” initiatives.     mind and focused on practices for        resources to overcome the current
              The most pioneering development          easy integration into daily business     economic challenges and energize
              was the partnership with the             operations. This included the            their businesses.
              Propane Education & Research             opening general session, The Green       The National Propane Gas
              Council to host an Innovation            Building Boom, presented by              Association’s Southeastern
              Pavilion. Located in the exhibit hall,   keynote speaker, Ron Jones. Mr.          Convention & International Propane
              the Innovation Pavilion featured a       Jones is a key leader in the green       Expo is taking place on April 10 – 12,
              New Product Showcase and quick-          builder movement and discussed           2010 in Atlanta, Georgia. Visit the
              hitting Fast-Track sessions.             how propane is energizing the            official website at
              Attendee flocked to the Innovation       multi-billion dollar building market. for
              Pavilion to discover emerging            The 2009 program also added a            additional information on
              trends and products that are             closing general session to address       attending or exhibiting in 2010.

20 / National Propane Gas Association 2008/2009 Annual Report

The National Propane Gas               year. The NPGF Golf Tournament
Foundation (NPGF) Scholarship          Challenge was held prior to the
Fund was established in 1994 by a      start of the March 2008 NPGA
committed group of energized           Southeastern Convention at the
volunteers. Its purpose is to foster   Cobblestone Golf Course. Thank to
educational opportunities for          the Young Gassers, 18 sponsorships
children of NPGA member                and 63 golfers who participated in
companies by offering nonrenewable     the event. $25,787 was raised for
$1,000 and $2,000 scholarship          the scholarship fund.
awards to attend colleges or           Scholarships funded from
vocational/technical schools.          Scholarship Fund endowments
The NPGF Scholarship Fund              earmarked for the purpose and
awarded 54 scholarships totaling       managed by the NPG Foundation.
$84,000 for the 2008-2009 academic     The only limit on the number of
                                       scholarships granted is the size of
                                       the endowment and the rate of
                                       interest that it generates.
                                       For additional information on the
                                       NPGF Scholarship Fund, or to apply
                                       online visit

                             National Propane Gas Association 2008/2009 Annual Report / 21

              Donation Levels
              Seven special donor levels provide            Platinum
              benefits to those who make                    $50,000
              contributions in these amounts:               Scholarships totaling $2,000 will
              Patron                                        be reserved for the child of one
                                                            of the donor organization’s
              $1,000 to $9,999
                                                            Platinum Plus
              $10,000 to $24,999
                                                            $50,000 Platinum Donors who
              Gold*                                         contribute an additional
              $25,000 to $49,999                            $25,000 can establish another
                                                            $2,000 scholarship (or two
              Diamond                                       $1,000 scholarships). Or, if the
              $50,000                                       Platinum donor company initially
                                                            chose to provide two (2) $1,000
              Scholarships totaling $2,000,
                                                            scholarships, they may elect to
              but not reserved for the child of
                                                            upgrade the two (2) $1,000
              one of the donor organization’s
                                                            scholarships to two (2) $2,000
                                                            scholarships with the additional
              Diamond Plus                                  donation of $25,000.
              Diamond Donors who contribute
              an additional $25,000 can
              establish another $2,000
              scholarship (or two $1,000

              *Gold Donors can name a $1,000 annual At-Large scholarship in their company’s name, an individual’s
               name, or a state association’s name.

22 / National Propane Gas Association 2008/2009 Annual Report

Platinum Plus                      Reifschneider/Ruhl                    NPGA Members (Milford & Gail
AmeriGas (AmeriGas Scholarship)    Families/Manchester Tank and          Therrell Scholarship)
                                   Equipment (Mollie Reifschnei-         Patrice & Richard Bass (James
Blossman Gas (Bob & Linda
                                   der/Elaine Ruhl/Manchester Tank       & Elizabeth Bass Scholarship)
Mayer Scholarship and Edward
                                   and Equipment Scholarship)
Woodrow Wilson Blossman                                                  State Assoc. and NPGA Members
Scholarship)                       Suburban Propane (Suburban            (Sam & Ann McTier Scholarship)
                                   Propane Scholarship)
CHS Inc./CHS Foundation (CHS                                             William Deal (Maurice Deal
Propane Scholarship and CHS        Diamond                               Scholarship)
Foundation Scholarship)
                                   Dynegy, in memory of Elaine           Williams Energy (Williams Energy
Georgia Propane Gas Association    Ruhl (Dynegy, in memory of            Scholarship)
(Georgia Propane Gas Association   Elaine Ruhl Scholarship)
                                   Young Gassers (Young Gassers
Missouri Propane Gas Association   Scholarship)
(MPGA Challenge, MPGA Legacy,
MPGA Horizon, MPGA Pinnacle        Gold
Scholarships)                      Ancient Gassers, Inc. (Ancient
Trinity Containers, LLC (Trinity   Gassers, Inc. Scholarship)
Containers Scholarship)            Ancient Gassers/Butane-Propane
                                   News (Ancient Gassers/Butane-
                                   Propane News Scholarship)
Bertelsmeyer Children &
                                   Estelle Capps (Jim Bertelsmeyer
Grandchildren (Bertelsmeyer
                                   Esther Olson (Robert Olson
Heritage Propane (Heritage
Propane Scholarship)
                                   Illinois Propane Gas Association
Jenkins Gas (John D. Jenkins
                                   (Illinois Propane Gas Association
Mississippi PGA (Mississippi PGA
                                   Northwest Propane Gas
                                   Association (Northwest Propane
New Jersey PGA/Alvin E. Clayton    Gas Association Scholarship)
(New Jersey PGA/Alvin E. Clayton
                                   NPGA Members (Daniel N. Meyers
North Carolina PGA (Romaine G.
                                   NPGA Members, in memory of
Holt/NCPGA Scholarship)
                                   William B. McHenry (William B.
                                   McHenry Scholarship)

                                                                National Propane Gas Association 2008/2009 Annual Report / 23
                              Financial Statement 2008-2009

24 / National Propane Gas Association 2008/2009 Annual Report
National Propane Gas Association And Affiliate
Consolidating Statement Of Financial Position
February 28, 2009
(With Comparative Totals For 2008)


                                                               NPGA         Consolidating
Assets                                           NPGA        Foundation      Eliminations               Total               2008
Cash and Cash Equivalents                    $ 288,760       $ 2,773             $               $     291,533           $ 41,074
Investments                                     2,557,746    1,375,611               -               3,933,357           5,112,676
Accounts Receivable, net                          354,066       11,250            (4,708)              360,608           1,167,574
Interest Receivable                                 9,640        5,611               -                  15,251              17,015
Prepaid Expenses and Other Assets                 237,057        1,396               -                 238,453             164,006
Prepaid Pension Cost                                    -            -               -                       -             417,291
Prepaid Convention Expenses                       168,845            -               -                 168,845             134,433
Inventory                                          16,657            -               -                  16,657              18,711
Property and Equipment, net of
   accumulated depreciationof (2009 – $339,617;
   2008 – $292,955)                                85,634             -               -                85,634              132,114
Deposits                                           24,226             -               -                24,226               39,980
         Total assets                       $3,742,631      $ 1,396,641          $ (4,708)        $ 5,134,564          $ 7,244,874

Liabilities And Net Assets
   Accounts payable and accrued expenses       $ 215,697        $ 6,806          $ 6,242             $ 228,745         $ 1,088,259
  Accrued payroll and employee benefits          60,406               -              -                  60,406              57,675
  Accrued defined benefit pension obligation          -               -              -                       -             661,131
  Accrued sublease expense                       50,259               -              -                  50,259              87,600
                                                326,362          6,806               6,242            339,410            1,894,665

Deferred revenue:
  Dues                                         1,113,575           850               -               1,114,425             634,121
  Conventions                                    642,005             -           (10,950)              631,055             799,144
  Propane Infrastructure Defense Fund             20,776             -               -                  20,776                   -
  Accreditation Task Force Fund                        -             -               -                       -                   -
  Capital awareness plan                          48,600             -               -                  48,600              10,950
  Business councils and forums                    14,595             -               -                  14,595              13,826
  Forklift Promotion Fund                         55,289             -               -                  55,289              47,265
  Propane Museum Fund                                  -        65,594               -                  65,594              65,594
  Southeastern Golf Tournament                         -        10,500               -                  10,500              13,300
   Total deferred revenue                      1,894,840        76,944           (10,950)            1,960,834           1,584,200
         Total liabilities                     2,221,202        83,750           (4,708)             2,300,244           3,478,865

Net Assets:
  Unrestricted                                 1,493,335     (530,073)                -                963,262           1,949,670
  Temporarily restricted                          28,094        87,563                -                115,657             114,410
  Permanently restricted                               -     1,755,401                -              1,755,401           1,701,929
                                               1,521,429     1,312,891                -              2,834,320           3,766,009
                                            $ 3,742,631     $ 1,396,641          $ (4,708)        $ 5,134,564          $ 7,244,874

                                                                                     National Propane Gas Association 2008/2009 Annual Report / 25
     National Propane Gas Association And Affiliate
     Consolidating Statement Of Activities
     Year Ended February 28, 2009
     (With Comparative Totals For 2008)


                                                                     NPGA             Consolidating
                                                         NPGA      Foundation          Eliminations        Total        2008
     Unrestricted revenue and support:
     Membership dues and lists                       $ 2,429,823   $      2,550               -       $ 2,432,373   $ 2,671,403
     Other membership                                    353,348              -               -           353,348       309,939
     Meetings and conventions                          1,055,899              -               -         1,055,899     1,109,258
     Regulatory, technical and communications            420,862              -               -           420,862     1,434,617
     Education and training                              311,774              -           (25,000)        286,774       265,251
     PERC activities                                   1,054,977              -               -         1,054,977     1,527,922
     Governance and board                                 46,643              -               -            46,643        51,148
     General and administrative                            1,982              -               -             1,982           234
     Investment income – operating                        68,004         60,143               -           128,147       245,801
     Investment income – long-term                             -              -               -                 -             -
        designated for operations                              -         41,670               -            41,670        46,013
     Councils and forums                                  74,153              -               -            74,153        63,344
     Fundraising events                                        -         43,986               -            43,986        41,665
     Contributions                                             -          3,677               -             3,677        14,847
     Net assets released from restrictions                39,653              -               -            39,653        48,932
           Total unrestricted revenue and support 5,857,118             152,026           (25,000)     5,984,144    $ 7,830,374

       Program services and support:
         Membership                                     773,470               -               -          773,470       860,451
         Meetings and conventions                       779,377               -               -          779,377       785,273
         Regulatory, technical and communications     1,210,735               -               -        1,210,735     2,531,067
         Legislative affairs                          1,170,036               -               -        1,170,036     1,126,045
         Education and training                         283,839               -           (25,000)       258,839       182,023
         PERC activities                                897,737               -               -          897,737     1,366,374
         Governance and board                           393,222               -               -          393,222       460,734
         Councils and forums                             74,153               -               -           74,153        63,344
         Management and general                               -          52,255               -           52,255        50,155
         Fundraising                                          -          10,548               -           10,548         9,968
         Scholarships and award                               -          83,000               -           83,000        82,800
            Total expenses                            5,582,569         145,803           (25,000)     5,703,372     7,518,234
            Change in unrestricted net assets
             before other changes                       274,549           6,223              -           280,772       312,140
     Other changes:
       Realized investment earnings (loss)                8,648        (220,518)             -          (211,870)       23,147
       Long-term unrealized investment (loss)
        (less than) designated amount                  (635,538)       (402,287)             -        (1,037,825)     (289,099)
       Net gain (loss) on sublease of office space         1,251               -             -              1,251         (170)
       Defined benefit plan                                    -               -             -                  -        9,556
       Net assets transferred to permanently
        restricted-                                            -        (18,736)             -           (18,736)             -
                                                       (625,639)       (641,541)             -        (1,267,180)     (256,566)
            Change in unrestricted net assets          (351,090)       (635,318)             -          (986,408)       55,574


26 / National Propane Gas Association 2008/2009 Annual Report
National Propane Gas Association And Affiliate
Consolidating Statement Of Activities (Continued)
Year Ended February 28, 2009
(With Comparative Totals For 2008)


                                                                  NPGA           Consolidating
                                                    NPGA        Foundation        Eliminations             Total                2008
Changes in temporarily restricted net assets:
  Contributions                               $ 40,900         $           -          $ -           $      40,900        $     71,600
  Net assets released from restrictions         (39,653)                   -            -                (39,653)             (48,932)
                                                     1,247                 -            -                  1,247               22,668
Changes in permanently restricted net assets:
  Net assets transferred from unrestricted-                -         18,736             -                 18,736                    -
  Contributions                                            -         34,736             -                 34,736               54,806
                                                           -         53,472             -                 53,472               54,806
        Change in net assets                      (349,843)        (581,846)            -               (931,689)             133,048

Net assets:
  Beginning                                      1,871,272         1,894,737            -               3,766,009            3,632,961
  Ending                                        $ 1,521,429    $ 1,312,891            $ -           $ 2,834,320          $ 3,766,009

                                                                                       National Propane Gas Association 2008/2009 Annual Report / 27
     National Propane Gas Association Political Action Committee
     Statements Of Financial Position
     December 31, 2008 And 2007

     Assets                                                            2008          2007

     Cash and cash equivalents                                     $ 104,421      $ 129,071

     Liabilities And Net Assets

        Accounts payable                                                      -       1,100

     Net assets – Unrestricted                                       104,421        127,971
                                                                   $ 104,421      $ 129,071

     National Propane Gas Association Political Action Committee
     Statements Of Activities
     Years Ended December 31, 2008 And 2007
                                                                      2008           2007

     Revenue and support:
       Contributions                                               $ 66,950       $ 118,967
          Total revenue and support                                $ 66,950       $ 118,967

       Contributions and grants                                    $ 90,500       $ 118,000
          Total expenses                                           $ 90,500       $ 118,000

          Change in net assets                                       (23,550)          967
     Net assets:
       Beginning                                                     127,971        127,004
       Ending                                                      $ 104,421      $ 127,971

28 / National Propane Gas Association 2008/2009 Annual Report
               2008-2009 Annual Report

National Propane Gas Association 2008/2009 Annual Report / 29
                                         NPGA OFFICERS

                                                            NPGA Chairman of the Board
                                                            Malcolm W. Barrett
                                                            Barrett Propane
                                                            Prescott, AZ

                                                            NPGA Chairman-elect
                                                            Joe T. Cordill
                                                            Cordill Butane Propane Service
                                                            Winnsboro, LA

                                                            NPGA Vice Chairman
                                                            Roland P. Penta
                                                            Phelps Sungas Inc.
                                                            Geneva, NY

                                                            NPGA Treasurer
                                                            Carl Hughes
                                                            Inergy, LP
                                                            Kansas City, MO

30 / National Propane Gas Association 2008/2009 Annual Report
Executive Committee              Multistate Marketers                      District 8 Director – Southeastern
Chairman of the Board            William G. Powers, Jr.                    Harry S. Lyons
Malcolm W. Barrett               Heritage Propane                          LP Gas Insurance Specialists
Barrett Propane                  Queensbury, NY                            Lawrenceville, GA
Prescott, AZ                     Services                                  District 9 Director – East Central
Chairman-elect                   Kurt A. Ruhl                              Walter H. Cressman
Joe T. Cordill                   Butane Propane News                       Cress Gas Co.
Cordill Butane Propane Service   Arcadia, CA                               Richlandtown, PA
Winnsboro, LA                    Manufacturer                              District 10 Director – New England
Vice Chairman                    Ed Varney                                 Denis Gagne
Roland P. Penta                  Emerson Process Mgmt Regulator            Eastern Propane Gas and Oil, Inc.
Phelps Sungas Inc.               Technologies, Inc.                        Rochester, NH
Geneva, NY                       McKinney, TX
Treasurer                        Multistate Marketer                       State Directors
Carl Hughes                      Stuart E. Weidie
Inergy, LP                       Blossman Gas Inc.
                                                                           Ken Watson
Kansas City, MO                  Asheville, NC
                                                                           Country Gas, Inc.
Immediate Past Chairman                                                    Sumiton, AL
Keith McMahan                    District Directors                        Alaska
Tri-Gas & Oil Co. Inc.           District 1 Director – Northwest Pacific   Sam Hall
Federalsburg, MD                 Lloyd Pope                                Crowley Maritime Corp.
Multistate Marketer              Heritage Propane                          Chugiak, AK
Eugene V. N. Bissell             Steilacoom, WA                            Arizona
AmeriGas Propane                 District 2 Director – Southwest Pacific   Charles L. Ory
Valley Forge, PA                 Al Ruhl                                   Aero Propane Gas Co.
Intrastate Marketer              Napa, CA                                  Apache Junction, AZ
Walter Cressman                  District 3 Director – Mountain States     Arkansas
Cress Gas Co.                    David Glaser                              Ron Moore
Richlandtown, PA                 Glaser Gas Inc.                           Southern LP Gas, Inc.
Intrastate Marketer              Colorado Springs, CO                      De Queen, AR
Michael C. Franger               District 4 Director – North Central       California
Franger Gas Co. Inc.             Michael Sheehan                           D. Frank Platz
Elkhart, IN                      Sheehan’s Gas Co.                         Delta Liquid Energy
Propane Supplier                 Bird Island, MN                           Paso Robles, CA
Maurice R. Gratton               District 5 Director – Southwest           Colorado
NGL Supply Co. Ltd.              Donald C. Reinert                         Robert S. Blackwell
Calgary, AB                      Reliance Energy Partners, LLC             Independent Propane Co.
Manufacturer                     Peabody, KS                               Pine, CO
Rick LaDue                       District 6 Director – Mid Continent       Connecticut
Rochester Gauges Inc.            Thomas G. Jaenicke                        Mike Morrissey
Dallas, TX                       ATomik Creative Solutions LLC             Morrissey Consulting LLC
Distributor                      Clarkston, MI                             Gastonbury, CT
Raymond B. Murray                District 7 Director – Mid South           Delaware
Ray Murray Inc.                  Walton Gresham III                        Andy Lambert
Lee, MA                          Gresham Petroleum                         SchagrinGAS Co.
                                 Indianola, MS                             Middletown, DE

                                                                National Propane Gas Association 2008/2009 Annual Report / 31
     Florida                                      Maryland                             New Mexico
     Tom Ross                                     Frank E. Taylor                      Wayne N. Leslie
     Suburban Propane, LP                         Taylor Gas Co., Inc.                 Heritage Propane
     Sarasota, FL                                 Lexington Park, MD                   La Luz, NM
     Georgia                                      Massachusetts                        New York
     Steven W. Holloway                           Vincent Osterman                     Thomas Overbaugh
     Modern Gas Co., Inc.                         E. Osterman Gas Service              Ehrhart Propane Gas
     Albany, GA                                   Whitinsville, MA                     Trumansburg, NY
     Hawaii                                       Michigan                             North Carolina
     Lance Lam                                    Mark L. Pennington                   Edwin Congleton
     The Gas Company                              Pennington Gas Service               Stokes & Congleton Gas Co.
     Honolulu, HI                                 Morenci, MI                          Stokes, NC
     Idaho                                        Minnesota                            North Dakota
     Kevin J. Keller                              Bradley Box                          Ken Kraft
     PPS Co., Inc.                                Northern Star Cooperative Services   Missouri Valley Petroleum
     Soda Springs, ID                             Deer River, MN                       Bismarck, ND
     Illinois                                     Mississippi                          Ohio
     Shawn Coady                                  Rusty Easterling                     Joseph Buscher
     Hicksgas                                     LPGM, Inc.                           McMahan’s Bottle Gas
     Roberts, IL                                  Jackson, MS                          Dayton, OH
     Indiana                                      Missouri                             Oklahoma
     David Donahue                                John W. Brooks III                   Paul D. Laney
     Donahue Gas, Inc.                            Brooks White Top                     Liberty Propane Co.
     Muncie, IN                                   Seymour MO                           Cookson, OK
     Iowa                                         Montana                              Oregon
     Todd C. Pellett                              Chris A. Bowers                      Ed Elliot
     Pelgas, Inc.                                 Northern Energy                      Superior Propane
     Atlantic, IA                                 Bozeman, MT                          Canby, OR
     Kansas                                       Nebraska                             Pennsylvania
     Cody Wray                                    Tom Garner                           James Ressler
     Fairbank Equipment                           Farmers Coop                         Ressler Propane
     Wichita, KS                                  Wilber, NE                           Mountville, PA
     Kentucky                                     Nevada                               Rhode Island
     Marjo C. Vancil                              Mike Eriksen                         Jonathan Holstein
     Tri-State Propane, Inc.                      Wells Propane, Inc.                  Spicer Gas, Inc.
     Paducah, KY                                  Wells, NV                            Groton, CT
     Louisiana                                    New Hampshire                        South Carolina
     Billy Cox                                    Jeffrey Taylor                       Jane Stroupe
     O’Nealgas, Inc.                              Eastern Propane Gas and Oil, Inc.    Heritage Propane
     Choudrant, LA                                Rochester, NH                        Seneca, SC
     Maine                                        New Jersey                           South Dakota
     David Breed                                  Robert B. Nicholson III              Jerry Brick
     Let’s Talk Propane                           Eastern Propane Corp.                Brick Propane, Inc.
     Gardner, ME                                  Oak Ridge, NJ                        Aberdeen, SD

32 / National Propane Gas Association 2008/2009 Annual Report
Tennessee                       Advisory Directors At Large               Randy Rutherford
Jim Hamilton                    Doug Auxier                               Rutherford Equipment, Inc.
Heritage Propane                Auxier Gas                                Conyers, GA
Lebanon, TN                     Batavia, OH                               Glenn R. Saunders
Texas                           James E. Bertelsmeyer                     White Mountain Oil & Propane, Inc.
Jay B. Wood                     Heritage Propane                          North Conway, NH
Northwest Propane               Tulsa, OK                                 J. Charles Sawyer
Dallas, TX                                                                Computer Energy, Inc.
                                Eugene V. N. Bissell
Utah                            AmeriGas Propane                          Jacksonville, FL
Keith Hanchett                  Valley Forge, PA                          Don Schultz
PERS                                                                      SGS Inc.
                                B. W. Byrne
Ogden, UT                                                                 Lynwood, IL
                                Energy Transfer Partners, LP
Vermont                         Tulsa, OK                                 James A. Senty
James Taranovich                                                          Midwest Bottle Gas, Co.
                                J. Nutie Dowdle
Proctor Gas, Inc.                                                         La Crosse, WI
                                Dowdle Enterprises, Inc.
Proctor, VT
                                Columbus, MS
                                Michael R. Gorham                         Directors At Large
Christopher C. Earhart
                                Northwest Gas                             Mark Anton II
Dixie Gas & Oil Corp.
                                Grand Rapids, MI                          Suburban Propane Partners LP
Verona, VA
                                Bill L. Jellison                          Whippany, NJ
                                Modern LP-Gas Co.                         Joseph Armentano
Steve Miller
                                Put-In-Bay, OH                            Paraco Gas
American Distributing Company
Marysville, WA                  Robert (Bob) L. Mattocks II               Rye Brook, NY
                                Jenkins Gas/Liberty Propane               Eric Benson
West Virginia
                                Pollocksville, NC                         JS West & Company
Dean W. Haldeman
Blue Flame, Inc.                Robert C. Mauch                           Modesto, CA
Shinnston, WV                   Phoenixville, PA                          Michael C. Franger
Wisconsin                       Daryl F. McClendon                        Franger Gas Co., Inc.
Gary France                     Willowbrook, IL                           Elkhart, IN
France Propane Service, Inc.    Keith McMahan                             Jill Hopkins
Schofield, WI                   Tri-Gas & Oil Co. Inc.                    Sheldon Gas Company
Wyoming                         Federalsburg, MD                          Suisun, CA
Jack D. Chesser                 Samuel E. McTier                          Mike Hopsicker
Turner Gas Co.                  Propane Technologies, LLC                 Ray Murray Inc.
Riverton, WY                    Lake Forest, IL                           Lee, MA
Canada                          Gerry Misel                               Theodore L. Jeffcoat
Maurice R. Gratton              Georgia Gas Distributors                  Inergy Propane LLC
NGL Supply Co. Ltd.             Sandy Springs, GA                         Rutland, MA
Calgary, AB, Canada             Charles R. Revere                         Jeff Kaminski
Mexico                          Revere Gas & Appliance                    AmeriGas Propane
Ricardo B. Schondube            Hartfield, VA                             King of Prussia, PA
INGUSA                          Ralph N. Rooney, Sr.                      Wayne D. Kohley
Guadalajara, Mexico             Mountain Brook, AL                        Excel Propane Co.
                                                                          Fruitport, MI

                                                               National Propane Gas Association 2008/2009 Annual Report / 33
     David L. Lugar                               HONORARY BOARD OF DIRECTOR       Rick LaDue
     AmeriGas Propane                             William Blanchard                Vice Chairman
     Houston, TX                                  GWB Associates                   Rochester Gauges Inc.
     Glenn Miller                                 Petoskey, MI                     Dallas, TX
     Miller’s Bottled Gas, Inc.                   J. M. Clark Jr.                  Tod M. Corrin
     Bowling Green, KY                            South Carolina Propane Gas       Robert H. Peterson Company
     Robert B. Nicholson                          Association                      Industry, CA
     Eastern Propane Corp.                        Columbia, SC                     Brian K. Davidson
     Oak Ridge, NJ                                Kenneth R. Green                 RegO Products/ECII
     William Platz                                Oklahoma Liquefied Gas Co.       Elon, NC
     Delta Liquid Energy                          Seminole, OK                     David Day
     Paso Robles, CA                              Daniel N. Myers                  American Standard Mfg., Inc.
     Harold E. Poland                             The Churchill Centre             Central Bridge, NY
     Poland & Associates, LLC                     Downers Grove, IL                Steve Gentry
     Tulsa, OK                                                                     Worthington Cylinders Corp.
     William G. Powers, Jr.                                                        Columbus, OH
                                                  Distributors Section
     Heritage Propane                                                              Jim R. Ham, Jr.
                                                  Raymond A. Murray
     Queensbury, NY                                                                Navistar
     Monte Rockow                                                                  Warrenville, IL
                                                  Ray Murray, Inc.
     CHS, Inc.                                    Lee, MA                          Frank L. Horne, Jr.
     St. Paul, MN                                                                  Gas-Fired Products, Inc.
                                                  Robert C. Barry
     Valeria Schall                                                                Charlotte, NC
                                                  Bergquist, Inc.
     LPG Compliance LLC                           Toledo, OH                       William Bohr
     Lebanon, MO                                                                   Blackmer
                                                  Dwaine Goodwin
     Richard Tarantin                                                              Grand Rapids, MI
                                                  TEECO Products, Inc.
     Tarantin Tank & Equipment Co.                Irvine, CA                       Ted Reilly
     Brentwood, NH                                                                 American Welding & Tank
                                                  Russ Ridings
     Michael T. Tracey                                                             Jesup, GA
                                                  Gas Equipment Co., Inc.
     Sea-3, Inc.                                  Dallas, TX                       Mike Pivonka
     Houston, TX                                                                   Flame Engineering, Inc.
     Stuart E. Weidie                                                              La Crosse, KS
                                                  International Section
     Blossman Gas, Inc.                                                            Milt Swenson
     Asheville, NC                                Ricardo B. Schondube             Arrow Tank & Engineering Co.
                                                  Chairman                         Minneapolis, MN
                                                                                   Tom Aikens
                                                  Guadalajara, Mexico
                                                                                   Trinity Containers, LLC
                                                                                   Dallas, TX
                                                  Manufacturers Section            Leslie Woodward
                                                  Ed C. Varney                     Fairview Fittings & Mfg., Inc.
                                                  Chairman                         Wheatfield, NY
                                                  Emerson Process Mgmt Regulator
                                                  Technologies, Inc.
                                                  McKinney, TX

34 / National Propane Gas Association 2008/2009 Annual Report
Propane Supplier Section         Services Section                           Governmental Affairs
Vance Harrington                 Larry D. Osgood                            Mark Pennington
Chairman                         Chairman                                   Pennington Gas Service
SemStream LP                     Consulting Solutions, LLC                  Morenci, MI
Tulsa, OK                        Monument, CO                               International
Maurice R. Gratton               Daniel Dixon                               Michael W. Schwartje
Vice Chairman                    Propane Resources                          ConocoPhillips, Inc.
NGL Supply Co. Ltd.              Florence, KS                               Houston, TX
Calgary, AB                      Kurt A. Ruhl                               Member Services
D. D. Alexander                  Butane Propane News                        Gary France
Global Gas Inc.                  Arcadia, CA                                France Propane Service, Inc.
Englewood, CO                                                               Schofield, WI
William E. Cornell                                                          Technology, Standards & Safety
                                 Transportation & Storage Section
Sea-3, Inc.                                                                 Mike Pitts
                                 John Fitzgerald                            Mississippi Tank Co.
Houston, TX
                                 Texas Eastern Products Pipeline Co.        Hattiesburg, MS
John L. Gawronski                Houston, TX
Targa Midstream Services
Houston, TX                                                                 PropanePAC
                                 Standing Committee Chairman
Rick Paul                                                                   PropanePAC Chairman
DCP Midstream                    Audit                                      Chris A. Cafarella
Houston, TX                      David Barrett                              United Propane
                                 Barrett Propane Inc.                       Millersville, MD
Tom Ramsey
                                 Prescott, AZ
BP Products North America Inc.
Houston, TX                      Certified Employee Training Program
                                 (CETP) Certification
Michael W. Schwartje
                                 Michael Merrill
ConocoPhillips, Inc.
                                 Suburban Propane Partners LP
Houston, TX
                                 Whippany, NJ
Steve Vanderbur
Texon LP
                                 Thomas G. Jaenicke
Houston, TX
                                 ATomiK Creative Solutions LLC
                                 Clarkston, MI
                                 Distinguished Service Award
                                 Eugene V. N. Bissell
                                 AmeriGas Propane LP
                                 Valley Forge, PA

                                                                 National Propane Gas Association 2008/2009 Annual Report / 35
                              NPGA Staff
                              Washington Headquarters Staff         Regulatory & Technical Services    Meetings & Conventions
                                                                    Michael A. Caldarera, P.E.         Jennifer Tomb, CEM, CMP
                              Executive Office
                                                                    Vice President, Regulatory &       Director, Conventions & Meetings
                              Richard R. Roldan
                                                                    Technical Services                 Diana Nguyen
                              President and
                              Chief Executive Officer               Jacqueline McCracken               Meetings Coordinator
                                                                    Program Manager, Certification &
                              Peter Ferrell                                                            Membership & Scholarship
                                                                    Technical Services
                              Executive Assistant to the                                               Darlene Hawk-Meigs
                              President                             Bruce Swiecicki, P.E.              Director, Member Services
                                                                    Senior Technical Advisor
                              Public & Governmental Affairs                                            Jamie Cole
                              Philip A. Squair                      Finance & Administration           Membership Coordinator
                              Senior Vice President, Public &       Brian E. Dunlap, CPA               Tara L. Falls
                              Governmental Affairs                  Vice President, Finance &          Manager, Foundation
                                                                    Administration and Chief           Scholarships & Membership
                              Michael G. Troop
                                                                    Financial Officer                  Assistant
                              Vice President, Legislative Affairs
                                                                    Tomeka Davis
                              Brian I. Caudill                                                         Association Management Services
                                                                    Office Coordinator and
                              Director, Legislative Affairs                                            Baron Glassgow
                              Michael Hedge                                                            Senior Director, Association
                                                                    Elena Nakkash, CPA                 Management Services
                              Director, PropanePAC
                                                                    Accounting Manager
                              Denise Sena                                                              Sarah Carlisle
                                                                    Malcolm Boardley                   Director, Association Management
                                                                    Senior Accountant                  Services
                              Debra Wilson
                              Public & Governmental Affairs

36 / National Propane Gas Association 2008/2009 Annual Report
Design: Tom Sadowski and Denise Sena
Future Association Events and Dates
2009 Fall Board of Directors Meeting                2010 Propane Days
Seattle, Washington                                 Washington, DC
October 4-6, 2009                                   June 7-9, 2010 (tentative)
2010 Winter Board of Directors Meeting              2010 Fall Board of Directors Meeting
New Orleans, Louisiana                              Baltimore, Maryland
January 31-February 2, 2010                         October 3-5, 2010
2010 Southeastern Convention & International        2011 Southeastern Convention & International
Propane Expo                                        Propane Expo
Atlanta, Georgia                                    Atlanta, Georgia
April 10-12, 2010                                   April 16-18, 2011

National Propane Gas Association
1150 17th Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20036-4623
Phone: 202-466-7200
Fax: 202-466-7205

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