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Picasa - DOC


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        First and foremost, Picasa is a program allows you to organize the photos that you have on your
computer. You can also do small edits on your pictures, including removing red eye. Picasa Web
Albums is the online version of Picasa, where you can store your photos as well as share them with
family and friends. Please note that you do not need to install Picasa in order to use Picasa Web
Albums. However, you cannot edit pictures in Picasa Web Albums.

   1. Install Picasa on your computer. If you haven’t already, install Picasa onto your computer by
      going to http://www.picasa.google.com/ and clicking on the “Download Picasa” button. The
      installation process should start automatically.

                                                                    2. Once you finish installing, a
                                                                window will show up asking you which
                                                                folders you would like to import your
                                                                photos from. The first option is to
                                                                import pictures from My Documents,
                                                                My Pictures and the Desktop. The
                                                                second option is for Picasa to search
                                                                through your entire computer to find
                                                                picture that may be scattered
                                                                throughout many different folders.
                                                                Choose the option you prefer. You can
                                                                always edit the folders that are open in
                                                                Picasa later with the Folder Manager.

   3. After you choose where you would
      like your photos to be coming from,
      the Photo Viewer Configuration
      window appears, asking if you would
      like to use Picasa as your default
      picture viewer (instead of Windows
      Picture Viewer or Microsoft Windows
      Manager). You can choose to only use
      Picasa with certain file types, or not
      at all. Next click “Finish”. You’re ready
      to start using Picasa!
       Managing Folders in Picasa

You can control which folders your pictures in Picasa come from by using the folder manager.

   1. Once in Picasa, click on “Tools” in the top toolbar and then “Folder Manager”.

                                                                      2. Here the folder manager
                                                                  displays the name of every folder on
                                                                  your computer. To change a folder’s
                                                                  settings, click on the folder name.
                                                                  You can choose from three settings:
                                                                  Scan Once — pictures that are in the
                                                                  folder at the time of changing this
                                                                  setting will be in Picasa.
                                                                  Remove from Picasa — pictures in
                                                                  these folders will not be displayed in
                                                                  Scan Always — any new pictures
                                                                  that are added to these folders
                                                                  Picasa will automatically upload.
                                                                      3. Selecting a folder will also
                                                                  automatically select every folder
                                                                  inside of it at first. However, you can
       then deselect any folders that you don’t want. Click “OK” when you’re done and the folders will
       appear on your Picasa dashboard.

       Editing Pictures in Picasa

Now that you have chosen which folders your pictures are coming from, you can edit them.

   1. Double click on the picture that you would like to edit.
   2. Basic Options:
          a. Crop – change the size of photos in order to accommodate for printing,
             computer monitor settings and getting rid of unneeded space
          b. Straighten – straighten crooked photos
          c. Redeye Repair – erase redeye in your photos
          d. I’m Feeling Lucky – automatically changes color, contrast and brightness levels
          e. Auto Contrast – automatically changes the brightness
          f. Auto Color – automatically adjusts the colors of your photo (this will not add
             color to black and white pictures)
          g. Retouch – touch up your photos using a brush to replace problem areas with
             other parts of the picture.
                  h. Text – add text or captions to your picture
                  i. Edit in Picnik – if you have a Picnik account you can upload your photos and edit
                     them there.
                  j. Fill Light – click and drag to add light to your photo
           3. Tuning:
                  a. Fill Light – adjust background lighting while keeping front image intact
                  b. Highlights – brighten up the whole image
                  c. Shadows – darken up the entire photo
                  d. Color Temperature – play with the colors in your photo
           4. Effects:
                  a. Sharpen – sharpen images
                  b. Sepia – give your photo an old-fashioned look by adding sepia
                  c. B&W – change your picture to black and white
                  d. Warmify – adds warm colors
                  e. Film Grain – adds a grainy film-like effect
                  f. Tint – Add any color overlay to your photo
                  g. Saturation – increase the amount of colors already in your photo
                  h. Soft Focus – creates a “window” of sorts surrounded by blur in order to keep focus on
                       one part of the photo
                  i. Glow – Adds a light glow of light around the picture
                  j. Filtered B&W – changes to black and white with a tint of color
                  k. Focal B&W – changes only one part of your photo to black and white
                  l. Graduated Ting – create a tint of color or shadow to blend in from the top of your photo

        Sharing your Photos
            2       3
1                                                             4                      5        6      7          8

    9       10      11        12       13      14       15        16       17

           1. Add or remove photo from favorites                       12. Copy Pictures to a hard disk on your computer
           2. Rotate counter-clockwise                                 13. Shop for Prints of your Pictures Online
           3. Rotate clockwise                                         14. Upload Pictures to your Blogger Account
           4. Increase/Decrease size of photos in viewing area         15. Create a Picture Collage
           5. Open/Close People Window                                 16. Create a Movie
           6. Open/Close Places Window                                 17. Place Pictures on the Google Earth Globe
           7. Open/Close Tags Window
           8. Open/Close Picture Property Info
           9. Upload Pictures to Picasa Web Albums
           10. Email Pictures to Friends and Family
           11. Print Photos

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