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					Bob Dixon - informal tour
Friday13 February
Note: Engineering 9 day fortnight
Time      Business Area                  Key Contact                                        Location                                           Notes
    15.30 Begin tour                     Erwin Zwicky                                       Auditorium Area                                    Need to start promptly
                                                                                                                                               Nick to meet Bob after webcast and cover IT
   15.30 IT                              Nick XXX - Regional IT Director, Europe and Asia   Ground floor, front block                          introductions.
                                                                                            Lift to 2nd floor

                                         Milan XXX (EHS), John XXXX (Audit), Brian XXXX                                                        Walk through area meeting key contacts and
   15.35 Law, Audit, Tax, EHS, Payroll   (Treasury), Liz XXXX (Tax), William XXXXX (Law).   Second floor, centre block south                   teams where possible.
                                                                                            Walk through new meeting room area into rear
                                                                                            block, entering by Staircase D
                                         Peter XXXX - Global Generated Gases Product                                                           Meet Peter at Dave XXXX office and head to
   15.40 Engineering                     Suppply Team (PST) manager                         Dave XXXX office                                   GO

                                         Neil XXXX - Manager, Operations International
         Engineering & Global            / David Mould Manager, Maintenance and
   15.40 Operations                      Equipment Engineering                              2nd floor rear block (GO)                          Peter to join Neil and David in GO area
                                                                                            Cover remaining 2nd floor employees (ASU
   15.45 Engineering                     Peter XXX                                          engineering)
                                                                                            Down staircase D to first floor (rear)

                                                                                                                                               Head towards Ian XXX (ground floor staircase
                                                                                                                                               B) and team, then out to Faraday Building
                                                                                                                                               (Bill Desmond and team - HYCO). Then head
   15.50 Engineering                     Peter XXXX                                         Ground floor, rear block                           back into main building through Gen Gases.

                                                                                            Walk past Fasset office into Communications/Bulk
                                                                                            area - ground floor, centre block south
                                         George XXX - Director, European
   15.55 Communications                  Communications
   16.00 Bulk                            Graham XXXX                                                                                           Finish tour here
Thursday 2nd October
Liz Pescod                amanda bud, Judith farreta      tax
John Sparks                                               audit
Laure Swift               Lindsey Vanpiggelen             hr
Mark Begg                 Milan                           ehs
Graham Rhodes             Gill stokes                     bulk
Richard Boocock                                           it
Howard Castle-Smith       Carla Russel                    tonnage
Nick Cox                  Barbara Lindsay                 it
Dave Edmondson            Carolyn Davis                   engineering
Neil Murphy               Sue Meola                       electronics
Huib Schreurs                                             go
Anita Wright                                              Procurement

Use of IM - im next person on the list to let them know that John is on his way

Laure on holiday so send note to Mark Thornton

previous contacts Cliff Finnis and Mark Hegarty

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