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					November 30, 2010

       Today we were unable to go outside in the afternoon due to the weather.
So instead the children had the choice between 3 different Franklin movies.
When I read the title Franklin and the sailboat they all seemed extremely excited.
Throughout the movie a couple children discussed some of the materials Franklin
used to make his boat. Then Cole and Kailon thought it would be a great idea to
make our own boats. They all were so excited that I put the movie on pause and
we talked about what things we would need/use to make a boat.

Freddy- “We need a flag.”

Amelia- “And don’t forget a steering wheel.”

Cole- “We need a bottom you know just like Franklin had on his, it is big so it will
float in the water.”

Kailon- “Canons!”

Katelyn explained to everyone that it is important to have a lifejacket on board
just in case because it will help you “stay in the water without drowning.” Mrs.
Robertson went down and found us a lifejacket and some of us got to try it on.
Sydney- “It feels heavy.”

Mercedes- It was a perfect fit! “It feels big and tight.”

                            “It’s kind of like what you use when you go swimming.”


When it came to centre time lots of the children were eager to start creating their
boats. Freddy used a box and made a sail using a piece of paper and a pipe
cleaner. Cole and Jack used foam trays decorating it with stickers. Ella used a
drink tray and Sydney used a piece of paper. Before we tried our experiment we
made a predicting chart... Will it FLOAT or SINK, and before we placed our boats
in the water the children had to put their name in one of the two columns.

Ella’s Boat...
We discovered that Ella’s boat sunk to the bottom of the water table. But why?
Freddy- “Because it has holes in it that is why it sunk to the bottom.”
Katelyn- “It is too heavy.”

Freddy’s Boat...
Freddy’s boat didn’t sink it was floating! But why?
Cole- “Because it has no holes at the bottom.”
Cole’s and Jack’s Boat...
Both their boats also didn’t sink! But why?
Cole- “Because it has this special metal holding it up.”
Jack- “Yep that’s right the metal makes it float.”

Ella noticed that her boat was getting soggy, “hey my boat is soggy!”
Mrs. Adams- “Why is that?”
Ella- “Because it is in the water.”

Freddy decided that his boat needed something... He thought adding some paint
would be the perfect touch.
“Franklin painted his boat so I want to paint mine but instead of red I am using

Freddy- “Wow there are a ton of things that sink.”
Mrs. Adams- “Why do you think that is?”
Freddy- “Because they are all made out of paper and paper doesn’t stay up.”

Stay tuned for some great pictures!!!

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