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									Husky Village Body Swap Form
Name:                                                                PeopleSoft #
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Effective date of change:                                            Sex:

Room Change

            Hall                                                     Room

Moving into:
               Hall                                                  Room

Body swap with:
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Is there an increase or decrease in pricing for this new area?                          Yes                No

If yes, the student must initial that they understand their fee bill will be adjusted.

If a student is moving to an apartment, their meal plan will be removed. Students who wish to
continue having a meal plan, should contact Dining Services directly to find out about commuter

Staff Initiator:

I accept the information on the room condition sheet and assume full responsibility for the keys and
any subsequent changes in the condition of the room.

Student Signature:

Steps for moving to a new room

1. Notify the mailroom that you are moving into the building/area. Mailrooms are open Monday-Friday.
     NOTE: Contact friends, family, bill collectors, etc. of your new address right away and you will receive
     your mail at the correct location much quicker!
2.    Pick up keys for your new room from the appropriate complex office. All complex offices are open
     Monday-Friday 8:00am -5:00pm. NOTE: You must present the official paperwork that you received to
     the complex office in order to receive the keys to your new room.
3. Once you have removed ALL belongings from your original room, you need to meet with a CA to
   properly check-out of your room and return all keys. To avoid damage or cleaning charges your room
   must be in “move-in condition” all furniture assembled and room clean.

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