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					Dylan Albright

Photo Collage Narrative

Press Box – First I cropped the picture so that less of the bleachers and more of the “home of the blue
devils” sign were visible. I then used the straighten picture format to make the press box as straight as
possible. After I straightened the picture, I selected just the “home of the blue devils sign”. I then clicked
the improve color balance button several times to make the football helmet, devil face, and words more

Scoreboard – All I did to edit the scoreboard picture was made the sky more blue. I did this by using the
color and saturation common task.

Blue devil head – For this picture, I selected the background and used the Gaussian blur tool to blur the
gym floor.

BA Logo – First, I used the smart erase tool to get rid of the outlets on the gym floor. Then I used the
colored pencil filter to give it this look.

Clock – In this picture, I cropped part of the wall so that the picture was smaller. I then selected the
clock and used the mosaic filter to make it look like this.

Wooden picture – In this picture I cropped the edges so that only the art project was visible. Then, I used
the improve color balance button and the improve exposure and brightness button to make it look
brighter and make it an overall better picture.

Hallway picture – Obviously, the hallway does not look like this. To get the various images into this
picture, I opened all of the pictures that contained these people/things. I then used the edge finder to
select what I wanted in the hallway picture. I then used copy to create a copy of what I selected and
then used paste to put it in the hallway picture.

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