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					  M orehouse C ollege P arents C ouncil (MCPC)                                                                                   Spring 2012

  2011-2012                      MOREHOUSE COLLEGE FOUNDER’S DAY                                                     2011-2012
MCPC OFFICERS                                                                                                      MCPC OFFICERS
                                     & PARENT‘S WEEKEND 2012
             Chairs                                                                                               Region IV Representative
   Mr. Phillip Willis, Jr. &     Greetings Parents & Guardians,                                                       (PA, DE, MD, DC,
       Dr. Darlene Willis                                                                                           VA, WVA, Bermuda)  The Morehouse College family is proud to invite you to attend the                            Ms. Joanne Hill
                          25th Annual Parents Weekend, February 9 - 12, 2012. President                                                                             
                          Franklin’s vision is for each student to evolve into Renaissance
                          Men with a social conscience and a global perspective to uplift and
         Vice-Chair       to serve. To achieve this goal, it takes the wisdom and support of                       Region V Representative
Mrs. Rhonda Jordan-Thomas all our constituencies. We sincerely appreciate your support of the                         (IL, IN, KY, MI, OH)
                          College and look forward to your presence and feedback on how                                                                                                Dr. Lewis Hargett &
                          the College is doing as we continue to forge ahead.
                                                                                                                     Dr. Avadawn Hargett
Secretary/Communications         Whether this is your first Parents Weekend or you are returning,         
     Dr. A.J. Brickler &         you will find interesting educational programs and numerous            
                                 opportunities to join in celebrating Morehouse College’s 145th
    Mrs. Mildred Brickler
                                 Founder’s Day. Of special note, the Morehouse College Parents           Council will feature an “Old School Party” at the nearby Loft at      Region VI Representative
                                 Castleberry Hill on Thursday evening. Learn more about this event         (IA, KS, MN, MO,
                                 on the registration page! I encourage you to take advantage of             NE, WI, ND, SD)
                                 opportunities to view the campus, visit with staff and
     Dr. Julian Jenkins &                                                                                  Mrs. Mary Thomas
                                 administrators, and to interact with other parents and supporters of
    Mrs. Sandra Jenkins          Morehouse College.                                         
                                 This is a very special time for the College. There is enormous                   Region VII Representative
                                 energy and excitement at Morehouse. But don’t take my word for
 Region I Representative                                                                                            (AR, LA, MS, OK, TX)
                                 it. Come see for yourselves and enjoy an extraordinary weekend
        (AL, GA)                 of celebration. A schedule of events and online registration for the              Mrs. Monique Briere-Aziz
     Mrs. Sheila Rose            Parents Weekend/Founder’s Day celebration can be accessed by                         Clicking Here!
                                                                                                                  Region VIII Representative
                             We look forward to seeing you February 9 -12, 2012, and to
Region II, X Representative greeting you personally.                                                              (AK, AZ, CA, CO, HW, WA,
(FL, Virgin Islands, Africa)                                                                                       ID, MT, NM, OR, UT, WY)
      Ms. Ishne’ Hobbs       Sincerely,                                                                              Mrs. Vanessa Howard                                                                                      
                             Dr. William Bynum
                             Vice President for Student Services
 Region III Representative                                                                                        Region IX Representative
       (NC, SC, TN)          Mr. Harry S. Wright Jr. ’82                                                             (CT, ME, MA, NH,
    Mrs. Natalie Pittman     Associate Dean for Student Services                                                       NJ, NY, VT, RI)                                                                                             Mrs. Joanne Layne
                                 Dr. Darlene V. Willis and Mr. Phillip Willis Jr.                         
                                 MCPC Co-Chairs

                                            Please see the Schedule of Events on Page 7

                               Special Note: If you did not receive this Newsletter via Email, it means that we
                                do not have you on our MCPC Email List. Send your contact information as
                                outlined on Page 8 to to stay connected with MCPC.
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        A MESSAGE FROM OUR MCPC CHAIRS                                                           MCPC 2012-2014 ELECTIONS
Happy New Year Morehouse Parents!
                                                                                      We are proud to announce that nominations for the 2012-
We pray this newsletter finds you doing well and that you’re                          2014 MCPC Officers and Regional Representatives are now
getting ready to attend the 2012 Parents/Founders Day                                 open!
weekend! Our 2 PRIDE Newsletter is once again filled with
information for you on the happenings on the campus and                               MCPC Officer Nomination Requirements - Nominations
also information for you to gently remind your sons about.                            are open beginning Now thru February 5th. Please note that
This issue is also dedicated to the fast approaching                                  nominations for Officers will NOT be taken from the floor.
Parents/Founders Day Weekend (February 9-12).                                            Only current MCPC Officers and/or Regional
                                                                                          Representatives may be nominated for an Officer
We will kick-off the weekend with an Old School Party
                                    th                                                    position
Fundraiser, on Thursday, February 9 , and invite you to our
Annual Parent Meeting on February 11 – here we will be                                   Candidate must be present and registered for the 2012
providing parent updates and will hold the elections of new                               Parents Weekend/MCPC Board meeting
MCPC Regional Representatives. That evening, we will all                                 Elections will take place during the Friday MCPC board
get dressed for the Founder’s Day Gala and celebrate                                      meeting for Officers by secret ballot
Morehouse’s birthday!
                                                                                      MCPC        Regional       Representative      Nomination
We encourage all parents that can, and are willing, to join the                       Requirements - Nominations are open beginning Now thru
MCPC Leadership and serve as a Regional Representative                                February 5th. Please note that nominations CAN be taken
for your region. We can use the creative and dedicated hands                          from the floor at the general parent meeting during Parents
of all of our parents. Please see the MCPC 2012-2014                                  Weekend but the candidate must be present to accept the
Elections section for instructions on nominating yourself or a                        nomination.
fellow parent for Regional Representative.
                                                                                         Candidate must be present and registered for the 2012
Thanks for sending your sons to Morehouse College and                                     Parents Weekend
know that we look forward to seeing you during Parents                                   Candidate must have a current Morehouse student
                      th      th
Weekend (February 9 - 12 )! Join us at the Old School                                     enrolled at Morehouse College
Party as we raise scholarship funds for our sons!                                        Candidate may self-nominate or be nominated
Take care and God bless,                                                                 Candidate must submit a brief statement as to why they
                                                                                          are qualified or if you are nominating someone, why they
Darlene and Phillip Willis, Jr.                                                           are qualified to be a MCPC Regional Representative
                                                                                          along with their contact information.
                        REGIONAL UPDATES                                                 Elections will take place during the general MCPC
                                                                                          meeting and Candidates must be present. Votes will be
Region VIII                                                                               taken by a hand vote.

On December 10, 2011, Morehouse College Admissions                                    Please send your nominations to the MCPC Co-Secretaries
partnered with MCPC and College Bound San Diego to recruit                            (Mildred and AJ Brickler) with a cc to
                                                                            ,    and
young men living in San Diego & the Southern CA area.
                                                                             If you are nominated by someone,
                                                                                      then the Bricklers will contact you to confirm whether or not
                                                                                      you will accept the nomination. If you self-nominate then that
                                                                                      will serve as your confirmation.
                                                                                               Regional Representative Duties
                                                                                         Serve as a Liaison between MCPC and Parents in your
                                                                                         Represent all states within your Region
                                                                                         Keep parents informed of current Morehouse College
                                                                                         Attend MCPC Executive Board Meetings and help the
                                                                                          College during New Student Orientation (NSO) and the
                                                                                          Parents Weekend in February (at your own expense)
Pictured from left to right: Vanessa Howard, MCPC Region VIII Rep, Mr. Danny             Attend MCPC semi-annual Conference Calls
Bellinger, Assoc. Dean of Admissions, Marsha Dodson, Co-Founder of College
Bound San Diego, Dr. Kevin Williams, Dean of Admissions, Dr. Darlene V. Willis, Co-      Work with Morehouse College Alumni Associations and
Chair of MCPC, Co-Founder of College Bound San Diego, Mr. Quentin Johnson,                Parent Associations in your area, as a representative of
Assis. Director for Admissions and The Honorable Randa Trapp, Morehouse Mom.              MCPC
                                                                                         Help Morehouse College RECRUIT qualified candidates
                                                                                         Help raise FUNDS for Morehouse College and the
                                                                                          MCPC Emergency Fund
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            MCPC DOLLARS AT WORK!                                                    SUMMER SCHOOL 2012

                                                                Morehouse College offers a 6-week summer session where
Dear Morehouse College Parents and Supporters:
                                                                students can take a maximum of 9 credit hours between June
Ever wonder where your hard earned Parents Council              and mid-July. The 2012 Summer School Fee Schedule is not
contributions go? Allow me to share a few stories for           yet available, but continue to check this link to the Morehouse
your information. While we applaud the Office of                Summer School Web Page for the latest updates.
Financial Aid for their tireless work in seeking out
                                                                Students interested in attending Summer School should discuss
innovative ways to meet the financial needs of students,        plans with his Academic Advisor during the Spring Advisement
they cannot do it alone. Thankfully many parents, just          period. Students are allowed to register for any course where he
like you, have extended a helping hand; giving                  meets the pre-requisite.
sacrificially to insure the success of our most
underserved young men of Morehouse. Let me assure               Below is the Summer School Calendar so that your son can
you that your contributions to the Parents Council              plan accordingly.
“emergency assistance fund” have made a huge
                                                                      Date            Schedule Description
difference to many! I know because I am privileged to
                                                                    M ond a y         O ff i c i a l S u m me r S c ho ol Re gi s tr a ti on
extend aid to students in crisis on your behalf.
                                                                     J u ne 4         ( On l i ne Re gi s tr a ti on w i l l be e a r l i e r )
In the fall of 2011, there were many young men who                  T ue s da y
                                                                                      Fi r s t Da y o f C l a s s
                                                                     J u ne 5
arrived on campus with barely enough money to cover
                                                                     Fr i da y
tuition. Numerous individuals came to my office looking                               E n d of Dr o p/ Ad d P e r i od
                                                                     J u ne 8
for assistance. With MCPC funds on hand, I was able to             S a t ur da y
                                                                                      W i t hd r a w a l P e r i od B e gi ns
give twenty (20) book scholarships in the amount of                  J u ne 9
$350 each! In addition there was a young man, raised                W e d - Fr i ,
                                                                                      M i d-T e r m W e e k
by his Grandmother, who came to Morehouse on                      J u ne 2 0 -2 2
scholarship. He excelled in his classes but, on her fixed         W e d ne s d a y    I n de pe n de nc e D a y Ho l i da y
                                                                      J ul y 4        (N o Cl a s s e s )
income, Grandmother had little money to satisfy the
                                                                    M on - Fr i ,
student’s balance from the previous term which                     J ul y 9 - 1 3
                                                                                      Fi na l E x a m s
prevented him from registering. Through the MCPC                     Fr i da y
                                                                                      S u mm e r S c h o ol S e s s i on E nd s
“emergency assistance fund”, you provided a stipend to               J ul y 1 3
this young man in the amount of $500.
                                                                       Taking Summer School Courses at Another
In short, You gave $7,500 in assistance to students all in                       College or University
just the first month of school! This is on TOP of the on-
going support provided for your own sons here at the            Morehouse students looking to take college courses at one of the
college. When a young student comes to me with a                colleges or universities in their hometown should be aware of a
minor need: a pair of shoes, a suit, help with rent, food,      few additional registration requirements and/or certain
medical concerns etc. it is such a blessing to be able to       restrictions:
extend assistance from MCPC. With the untimely death               A maximum of Nine (9) credit hours will be allowed during
of a parent or grandparent, there have been those who               the summer session (usually 3 courses)
needed “emergency assistance” to get home for the
                                                                   Courses MAY NOT be taken at a two-year junior or
funeral. Times are difficult for us all, I know. Still we are
                                                                    community college
reminded by perhaps our best known graduate, the Rev.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., not “to judge success by the          Repeat courses may be taken at another institution, but the
index of our salaries or by the size of our automobiles             grade will not be included in your GPA
rather, by the quality of our service and relationship to          All courses must be an equivalent course to the Morehouse
mankind.” Good for you Morehouse Parents! Do                        course and a student must obtain Departmental Approval for
remember the “emergency assistance fund,” extended                  each course
through the Morehouse College Parents Council and the              Each student must complete the Morehouse Off-Campus
Office of Student Services, as you plan your giving for             Approval Form prior to enrolling in another college’s
2012. Many count on your support!                                   summer school courses

Blessings and Peace,

Dean Harry Wright, Jr.
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         Are Our Sons Maximizing Every Opportunity At Morehouse College?
Financial Aid
Now is the time for families to begin planning for financing next year’s tuition. Complete your 2012-13 Financial Aid
application at as close to the February 15 Morehouse Priority Deadline as possible. Remember,
for eligible students, the greatest amount of financial aid is available prior to this deadline.
Click this link to go to the Morehouse College Financial Aid Web Page for additional information.
Scholarship money is out there and in many instances, simply available just for the asking. Students must be DELIBERATE
and DELIGENT in seeking scholarship dollars. Too often do we hear that the money is available, but the rumor is African
American students just aren’t applying.
Here are a few websites to share with your sons so that they can apply to one or many of the scholarships. As with all
applications, be mindful of personal information and your son should never pay a fee in order to apply for a scholarship.
Parents, if you know of other scholarship opportunities, please share them with MCPC. Good Luck All!

  Scholarship Name           Website
  Black Excel      
  Black College Dollars
  Free 4-u         
  For Black Youth  
  Stem Scholarships          americans-studying-stem
  Black News       
  Black Students   

Morehouse Career Service Offices
Has YOUR SON visited one of the Morehouse College or the AUC Career Service Offices YET?
Has he inquired about, applied for, or received a summer Internship yet? Well, if the answers to those questions are NO,
have your son make an APPOINTMENT with one of the Career Service Offices below to find out information on the
services that they provide:
Career Counseling for Business Majors                       AUC Consortium Career Planning and Placement Service
Contact: Mr. Douglas A. Cooper                              Contact: Ms. Denise D. Holmes
Location: Leadership Center, Room 220                       Location: Student Center - Clark Atlanta University
Email:                            Email:
Phone:    404-215-2644                                      Phone:    404-978-2196
Business Students Website:             Website:
Career Counseling for Non-Business Majors                   Career Counseling for Health Careers
Contact: Ms. Valeria Wyatt                                  Contact: Mr. Ajit Samarasinghe
Location: Kilgore, Room 210                                 Location: Nabrit-Mapp-McBay, Room 218
Email:                              Email:
Phone:    404-215-2703                                      Phone:    404-215-2670
Career Counseling for Dual Degree Engineering Majors        Career Counseling for Research Careers
Contact: Ms. Mary A. Smalley                                Contact: Dr. James P. Brown
Location: Student Center - Clark Atlanta University         Location: Nabrit-Mapp-McBay, Room 107
Email:                             Email:
Phone:    404-659-3846                                      Phone:    404-572-3637
PRIDE                                                                                                                         Page 5

                                     A FEW REMINDERS FOR OUR GRADUATING SENIORS
                                THE 2012 COMMENCEMENT IS SUNDAY, MAY 20, 2012
Graduation Audit
Contact your Assistant Registrar, in Gloster Hall-Room 106, if you have not received a Graduation Audit Sheet) and/or if
you have any discrepancies with your Audit Sheet.
(A–G) - Ms. Smith, (H–Q) - Mr. Belser, (P–Z) - Ms. Glenn,

Graduation Administrative Clearance
Forms are due in the Office of Records & Registration by April 30th for May graduates. You will not be able to start the process of
getting the signatures needed until April 1. Click here to complete the Graduation Administrative Clearance Form

Graduation Fees
Graduation Fees are: Off-campus fee is $445 and On-campus fee is $780. Payment of all Graduation Fees is due prior to getting the
signature of the Cashier’s Office on the Clearance for Graduation form.

Caps & Gowns
Please e-mail Zandra Everett your height and weight. We are trying to order enough of the right size gowns for graduation.

Class of 2012 T-Shirts                    Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2012
Class of 2012 T-Shirts are still available for $10. You may stop by the office to get a shirt.

Senior Exit Survey
All seniors are requested to complete this survey on TigerNet by Monday, April 30, 2012. The survey is located on the bottom left of
the My Info tab. The purpose of this survey is to help in letting the College know what went well with your college experience and
what we can do to improve the experience the students that are coming behind the Class of 2012. Please take the time to open and
honest on this survey.

Computer Literacy Exam
All seniors are required to complete this computer literacy exam requirement via the exam on TigerNet (under the My Info tab) or
through your senior seminar classes. Please check with your major department.

AirTran Airways Discount
AirTran is offering a 10% discount on the lowest available one-way AirTran Airways fare. No minimum stay or Saturday night is
required. To take advantage of this special program, contact AirTran Airways EventSavers Desk at 1-866-68EVENT (866-683-8368)
for reservations. All patrons will need to have the event code listed below and must provide the name of the event upon booking.
Event Code: ZATL052012 Morehouse Graduation

Words of Wisdom from Dr. Willis Sheftall:
  Use the catalog of the year you entered in Morehouse to ensure you are meeting all the requirements
     Ensure that you have fulfilled the graduation requirements
      1) File a timely application for graduation (satisfying the dates specified by the registrar)
      2) Successfully complete a minimum of 120 semester hours of non-repeat courses (exclusive of courses numbered below 100)
      3) Successfully complete the College’s general education core curriculum
      4) Successfully complete an approved major concentration sequence
      5) Present a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher
      6) Complete at least two years of coursework (a minimum of 60 semester hours) in residence at Morehouse College
      7) Be in good standing at the College
      8) Fulfill all financial obligations to the College
     Morehouse students with not more than 2 courses short of completing degree requirements (8 hours) are permitted to participate
      in the Morehouse College commencement. These students must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 and must
      not have any financial obligations to the College.
     Make this your best semester
     Man-up if you are not going to pass a course that will not let you participate in graduation. Please tell your parents and do not
      leave it up to Morehouse Administration to tell them.
     Pilot students that have problems with fulfilling pilot core requirements please e-mail me at to make
      an appointment to assist in correcting the problem
     Last but not least make a good impression on this your last semester at Morehouse. Give the underclassmen a glimpse of what
      they have to look forward to in their last year.

Please contact Zandra K. Everett, Senior Class Advisor, (404) 215-264, with any other questions or concerns.
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                                  2012 Graduates In The Spotlight

   GARRETT F. HOWARD                             ISAAC A. ROSE                              JAMES C. WILLIS
Garrett Fitzgerald Howard is a          Isaac Abdullah Rose is a Physics Major       James Cornelius Willis is a Spanish
Business Administration - Marketing     / Math - Dance Concentration Minor           Major / Psychology Minor from San
Concentration Major from Los            from Atlanta, GA. He is a Morehouse          Diego, CA. He is a Morehouse
Angeles, CA. He is a Board member       College Scholar and a member of the          College Academic Scholar and
of the Morehouse College Marketing      Golden Key International Honor               studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain in
Association, a member of the            Society, Alpha Lambda Delta Honor            the Fall of 2011. James is a
Omicron Delta Kappa Society and he      Society, and the National Society of         Morehouse College Bonner Scholar,
was initiated into the Alpha Rho        Collegiate Scholars                          and a member of CA Youth Think
Chapter of the Alpha Phi Alpha                                                       Tank, National Society of Collegiate
                                        Isaac received dance scholarships to
Fraternity, Inc. in the Fall of 2010.                                                Scholars, and he is a New Student
                                        the American Dance Festival Summer
                                        Intensive at Duke University for the last    Orientation Leader.
Garrett spent his summer honing his     two years. He attended Debbie Allen's
Marketing skills by interning at Fox    Summer Intensive for Dance in 2009           This past summer, James was the
News America, Inc. in 2011 and          and was accepted to Alvin Ailey's            only intern selected to work with
Paramount Vantage/Allied Integrated     Summer Intensive program in 2010.            Movie Producer Reuben Cannon and
Marketing in 2010. He also spent a      Isaac supported the Morehouse                Associates. And, upon graduation,
summer      giving  back     to  the    College 2011 Parents Weekend                 James will attend the prestigious
community by interning at the           Celebration by organizing students'          Council on Legal Education (CLEO)
Freedom Schools teaching reading        talents along with his own to give           Summer Institute to participate in the
to students in Grades K-2.              a super-positioning of     dance     and     6 week residential Pre-Law Summer
                                        physics in a presentation.                   Institute.
Most recently, Garrett was recruited
by Delta Air Lines in October 2011      He is not only a student at the college      James has already been admitted to
and offered a full-time position as a   but enjoys working as a teacher              the Thomas Jefferson School of Law
Marketing Analyst. Garrett will begin   assistant and tutor in the math and          and is awaiting admissions decisions
his career at Delta Air Lines           science departments and the Atlanta          from five other law schools. His plan
proceeding graduation in May 2012.      community. As Isaac's plans are to           is to work as an Attorney in the
                                        attend Graduate School and to Dance
                                                                                     sports and entertainment field on his
                                        professionally, his love for the arts with
Congratulations to Garrett and                                                       path to becoming a judge.
                                        his mind of the sciences brings new
Parents: Mr. Judson Howard and          meaning for the combined subjects
Vanessa      Howard     (Morehouse      for the New Year in 2012.                    Congratulations to James and
College Region VIII Representative).                                                 Parents: Mr. Phillip Willis, Jr. and Dr.
                                        Congratulations to Isaac and Parents:        Darlene V. Willis (Co-Chairs of the
                                        Dr. Israel Rose and Sheila Rose              Morehouse College Parents Council).
                                        (Morehouse     College    Region    I
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                                           We Look Forward to Meeting You!!
Thursday, February      9th
 9am-5pm        Parents Weekend Welcome             The Leadership Center,                    WEEKEND HIGHLIGHTS
                Center & Limited Late               Executive Conference Center Lobby
11am-12pm       Founder’s Day Lunch                 The Chivers Dining Hall                 MCPC General Body Meeting
                Cake Cutting Ceremony
                                                                                               ALL Parents Welcome
2pm-2:45pm                                          The Leadership Center,
                Opening Assembly                                                                                      th
                                                    Bank of America Auditorium                  Saturday, February 11
3pm-4pm         Workshop/Q & A                      The Leadership Center,                         9 a.m. – 11 a.m.
                Topic: “Catalysts to First Year     Bank of America Auditorium
                College Student Success”                                                      Morehouse College Campus
4:15pm-5:15pm   Workshop/Q & A                      The Leadership Center,                      The Leadership Center
                “Managing Crisis Situations with    Bank of America Auditorium                Bank of America Auditorium
6pm                                                                                            The MCPC Year in Review
                                   Dinner on your own with sons
7pm-8pm         MCPC “Old School Party VIP          The Loft at Castleberry Hill,
                                                                                                   Regional Updates
                Reception”                          170 Northside Drive SW, Suite 96,      Regional Representative Elections
                                                    Atlanta, GA 30313                              Campus Updates
8pm-12am        MCPC Old School Party               The Loft at Castleberry Hill
                                                    170 Northside Drive SW, Suite 96:
                                                    Atlanta, Georgia 30313
                                                    See Page 8 for More Information                   24        Annual
Friday, February 10th                                                                      “CANDLE IN THE DARK” GALA
8:30am-Noon     Parents Weekend Welcome             The Leadership Center,                      Saturday, February 11
                Center & Limited Late               Executive Conference Center Lobby
9am-11am        MCPC Executive                      The Leadership Center,
                                                                                            The Hyatt Regency Atlanta Hotel
                Board Meeting                       Conference Room #434, 4th Floor            265 Peachtree Street NE
10am-Noon       International/Study Abroad          The Afro American Hall of Fame,                Atlanta, GA 30303
                Student Presentations               Top Level, King Chapel
                                                                                             Dinner, Dancing & Awards…
11am-Noon       Martin Luther King Jr. Collection   The Leadership Center,
                Presentation                        Room #450, 4th Floor                    Gala Tickets are available on the
11am-Noon       Information Session with            The Leadership Center,                    Morehouse College website.
                Parents of Morehouse Seniors        Room #446, 4th Floor
Noon-2pm                                            The Leadership Center,
                                                                                                  Reception at 6 p.m.
                Black Male Summit Luncheon          Executive Conference Center                  Doors Open 6:45 p.m.
                                                    Reception Rooms
2pm-5pm         Founder’s Week Symposium            The Emma and Joe Adams Concert Hall
                Black Male Summit                   Ray Charles Performing Arts Center
                Topic: “Black Boys and Black Men
                                                                                             Hotel Accommodations
                in Comprehensive Conversation”
                                                                                              The Hyatt Regency Atlanta
                                   Dinner on your own with sons                                265 Peachtree Street, N.E.
8pm-10pm        Founder’s Day Concert               The Martin Luther King Jr.                     Atlanta, GA 30303
                                                    International Chapel                            (404) 577-1234
9am-11am        MCPC General Body Meeting           The Leadership Center,                    Morehouse Rate: $145/night
                (All Parents welcome!)              Bank of America Auditorium
Saturday, February 11th                                                                          Country Inn & Suites
10am-11am       Administrative Liaison                                                       800 Sydney Marcus Boulevard
                Panel Updates                                                                     Atlanta, GA 30303
11am-1pm        Reflections of Excellence           The Emma and Joe Adams Concert Hall,
                Presentation of 2012 “Bennie” &     Ray Charles Performing Arts Center
                                                                                                    (404) 949-4000
                “Candle” Award Recipients                                                       Regular Rate: $62/night
1pm-2pm         Lunch on your own with sons
6pm             24th Annual “A Candle in the        The Hyatt Regency Atlanta Hotel          Towne Place Suites/Marriott
                Dark” Gala                                                                   820 Sydney Marcus Boulevard
Sunday, February 12th                                                                             Atlanta, GA 30303
11am            Founder’s Week                      The Martin Luther King Jr.                      (404) 949-4820
                Worship Service                     International Chapel                        Regular Rate: $72/night
4pm             Morehouse College                   The Martin Luther King Jr.
                Glee Club Concert                   International Chapel
                                                                                                          Spring - 2012
M orehouse C ollege P arents C ouncil (MCPC)                                                                    Page 8

               Bring your dancing shoes for the
                                                                                 MOREHOUSE COLLEGE
 MCPC Old School Party Fundraiser                                                    Spring 2012 Calendar
                     Thursday, February 9                                       January
                                                                                8 Residence Halls Open, 8:00 a.m.
                         The Loft at Castleberry Hill                           9-10 Official Class Registration
                      170 Northside Drive SW, Suite 96                          11 First Day of Class
                           Atlanta, Georgia 30313                               16 Dr. Martin Luther Jr. Holiday,
                              (Secured Parking)                                    No Classes
                                                                                20 End Add/Drop Period
                         Per Person Ticket Cost:                                21 Withdrawal Period Begins
                       $50 VIP Reception 7 p.m. - 8 p.m.
     Includes a Pre-Party Reception with Tapas Menu, Special entertainment,     February
      1 drink ticket (Beer or Wine), admission to Old School Party, and greet   9-12 Parent's Weekend
       special invited Guest, President Robert Franklin & Dr. Cheryl Franklin   27- Mar 2 Mid-Term Week
                    $25 General Admission 8 p.m.-12 a.m.
        Includes Admission to the Old School Party, Food, Dessert & Cash Bar    March
                                                                                5-9 Spring Break
                           To Purchase Tickets:                                 12 Classes Resume, 8:00 a.m.
              Click this link to PayPal:
     And Follow prompts on the SEND MONEY TAB To Purchase Tickets.              April
      Send payment to RECIPIENT (MCPC) by using this email address:             6 Good Friday, No Classes
                                          2-6 Academic Advising Week
*Please purchase tickets in advance, as no tickets can be sold at the door.
                                                                                9 Fall 2012 Web Registration Begins
                                                                                20 Last Day to Withdraw
                      Dress Is Old School Attire!!!!
                        (Encouraged, but not Mandatory)                         May
                                                                                2 Last Day of Spring 2012 Classes
                                                                                3-4 Reading Period
            Are You Receiving Email Updates From MCPC?                          7-11 Final Exams
                                                                                12 Residence Halls Close,12:00 Noon
Are you connected to MCPC? Did you receive this newsletter via email last       22 All Final Grades due by Noon
If you answered no to the questions above, then you are not on the MCPC          Graduating Senior Calendar
Email List. Send the information below to
         Parents Name                                                          3-4 Senior Final Exams
         Parents Email Addresses (You can add more than one)                   11 Senior Grades due by Noon
         Mailing Address, City, State & Zip Code                               14-18 Senior Week
         Home Number, Cell Number                                              19 Baccalaureate Service
         Son’s Name, Class Year                                                20 2012 Commencement

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