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									Fan E x p e r i e n c e                                                                                               S P E C I A L A D V E RT I S I N G S E C T I O N

  Getting into the game!

Engaging fans a critical goal                                                       CSM, Sling Media and IndyCar
                                                                                    have all developed unique ideas

for sports business entities                                                        to enhance the fan experience.

  It’s a simple concept. Apart from       or streaming video highlights.           or the opportunity to hear Marcus           benefit of providing a perfect way
winning, engaging fans is the number        Interaction is high on today’s list    Allen deliver a “chalk talk” prior to       to promote a sponsor, build interest,
one way for sports teams, leagues and     for boosting the fan experience. To      the Super Bowl. Other companies may         boost retail sales and grow attendance
other entities to succeed. In fact, the   give fans a chance to experience the     provide “value added” products and          from both new and existing fan bases.
winners want to engage their fans,        action and be a part of the game,        services, like crowd card stunts, high-        In this Fan Experience special sec-
too. Everyone in sports management,       race or event is the Holy Grail of the   flying blimps or the “coolest” food         tion, we profile some of the smartest,
on all levels, wants to maximize the      fan experience. But since that isn’t     and beverages.                              most innovative companies using their
fan experience, whether the faithful      realistic, some smart companies are         Bottom line, enhancing the fan expe-     diverse strategies, technologies and
are at the venue, at home in front of     providing the next best thing, whether   rience is good for everyone involved,       services to connect fans with their
their new big screen HDTVs or on the      that means a ride in a pace car, the     but for teams, leagues and other            sports in some very dramatic, impor-
Web, surfing for fantasy league stats     chance to stand in the winner’s circle   sports associations, it has the added       tant ways.

AUGUST 14-20, 2006                        STREET & SMITH’S SPORTSBUSINESS JOURNAL   ❘   WWW.SPORTSBUSINESSJOURNAL.COM                                               21
  S P ECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION                                                                                                                                                        Fan Experience

INDYCAR: i AM INDY UNVEILED                                                                                                                                    from all other forms of motorsport,” he says.
    For the 2006 season, the IndyCar Series has                                                                                                                “All of our event fan experiences – access to
reinvented its marketing message and connection                                                                                                                drivers, great competition, ‘on the edge’ extreme
to fans. To do that, it created a unique campaign                                                                                                              action, the spectacle and the party that is the
featuring the tagline “i am INDY.” The idea is to                                                                                                              Indianapolis 500 – all of those go towards build-
focus on the individuality and uniqueness of the                                                                                                               ing our connection between the IndyCar Series
IndyCar Series and its fans.                                                                                                                                   and our fans.”
    “Most of all, we believe the ‘i am INDY’ idea
will mean different things for different fans,” says                                                                                                           CHAMP CAR WORLD SERIES:
Mike Ringham, vice president of marketing for                                                                                                                  GREAT RACING AND MORE
the Indy Racing League. “For example, for one                                                                                                                     Whether it takes place on the streets of Long
fan, it can mean the excitement of the pack roar-                                                                                                              Beach, Calif., Toronto, Canada, or at exotic loca-
ing down the home straightaway. For another, it                                                                                                                tions like Mexico City or the Australian Gold
can mean sitting at home, watching three cars                                                                                                                  Coast, a Champ Car World Series (CCWS) event
cross the finish line within a split second. For a                                                                                                             is never just a race. It’s a “three-day festival of
third fan, it could mean going to every Indy 500                                                                                                               speed.”
since 1970.”                                                                                                                                                      The Champ Car World Series transforms a
    The “i am INDY” strategy came out of an alli-                                                                                                              downtown into a multi-faceted street festival, with
ance between the IndyCar Series and Hollywood-                                                                                                                 a full slate of activities, both at the event and
based Simmons-Abramson Marketing, which                                                                                                                        throughout the host city, built around the race
is a partnership of rock legend Gene Simmons                                                                                                                   itself.
and entertainment industry veteran Richard                                                                                                                        “Competition-wise, Champ Car racing is an
Abramson. Simmons-Abramson will work in mar-                                                                                                                   American interpretation of European-style Grand
keting events, public relations, sponsorship, mer-      The IndyCar Series offers                                                                              Prix racing, but our events are much more than
chandising and branding efforts. And much of its        fans exciting finishes,                                                                                just the racing,” says Garrett Mudd, vice president
focus will be on creating a stronger bond between       open-wheel action, and a                                                                               of marketing at Champ Car. “They also include
IndyCar Series racing and its fan base, both cur-       fresh new way to express                                                                               concerts, extreme sports, boxing matches – and
rent and future.                                        themselves with “i am                                                                                  they all can be accessed with a single ticket.”
    Part of that is the “i am INDY” campaign, an        INDY,” featuring a song                                                                                   Champ Car also offers some very exciting fan
effort anchored by a signature song co-authored         co-written by rock legend                                                                              participation programs. One, the “Fast Lap” pro-
by Simmons. According to Ringham, with its              Gene Simmons. It also                                                                                  gram, makes Champ Car the only racing series
growling affirmations and foot-stomping sensibil-       plans to expand its cur-                                                                               that takes a fleet of high-performance Ford vehi-
ity, the “i am INDY” song forges a resonant link        rent 14-race lineup in                                                                                 cles (the Series’ Official Pace Cars) to every race,
between the drivers and the IndyCar Series fans.        2007.                                                                                                  with a team of seven professional women drivers
    “The effort also marks the first official theme                                                                                                            to handle the cars. The Fast Lap program offers
song for a modern professional sport,” says               For corporate sponsors to take advantage of      noting that this year’s 14-race slate is expected   fans the chance to experience the race course
Ringham, who adds that the song can be found           this new frontier between IndyCar racing and its    to expand in 2007. “We could use more teams         first-hand by taking a ride around the track at
online by visiting                    fans, Ringham says the IndyCar Series offers an     and more sponsors, of course.”                      full speed, sometimes in excess of 150 miles per
    For the current season, IndyCar has used a lot     outstanding on-track product, featuring “some of,       According to Ringham, the “i am INDY” cam-      hour.
of point of sale and print collateral materials with   if not the best, racing” anywhere.                  paign is about building on the brand equity that       “Fans can buy Fast Lap rides online in
the theme, as well as some fans who represent the         “Our finishes are close, and the equipment is    is The Indy 500, the world’s greatest auto race.    advance or right on-site during the event,” Mudd
“i am INDY” concept and philosophy.                    pretty much equal among the teams,” he says,            “That’s a tremendous point of difference        says of the unique program. “Fans who take a

22                                                     STREET & SMITH’S SPORTSBUSINESS JOURNAL               ❘   WWW.SPORTSBUSINESSJOURNAL.COM                                           AUGUST 14-20, 2006
Fan E x p e r i e n c e                                                                         S P E C I A L A D V E RT I S I N G S E C T I O N

AUGUST 14-20, 2006        STREET & SMITH’S SPORTSBUSINESS JOURNAL   ❘   WWW.SPORTSBUSINESSJOURNAL.COM                                         23
  S P ECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION                                                                                                                                                              Fan Experience

Champ Car Fast Lap are able to see and feel               RAZOR GATOR/PRIMESPORT:                                 partner. As the official travel partner for the
up close the speed and thrills of the same                HIGH IMPACT                                             Seahawks, PrimeSport helps fans secure tick-
turns, chicanes and straight-aways that our                  At RazorGator and its subsidiary                     ets, transportation and accommodations to
world- renowned drivers do.”                              PrimeSport, the focus is on impact. That is,            any away game. Of course, that relationship
   Apart from the thrills of Fast Lap, the                the impact the two entities can bring to serious        really blossomed when the NFC Champion
Champ Car Inner Circle (CCIC) fan club is a               teams, fans, corporate clients and major sport-         Seahawks reached the Super Bowl.
way for enhance their race weekend experi-                ing events across the country.                             At last year’s Super Bowl, RazorGator
ence. Inner Circle fan club members can use                  According to RazorGator CEO David Lord,              and PrimeSport produced pre-game par-
their membership cards at the track to take               the experiences fans have traveling to, arriving        ties for Seahawk and Steeler fans over
advantage of all the CCIC functions, as well as           at and just prior to a major sports event can           the weekend, as well as hosting corporate
discounts on merchandise and tickets to great             critically boost the overall experience impact          events and parties for a number of impor-
raffle prizes. They can also gather together on           and fan memories – not to mention the ability           tant clients. In fact, there were separate
race weekends in their own cities and towns,              of fans and corporate clients to get prime seats.       fan parties, tailgate parties and corporate
holding Champ Car race weekend parties.                      “The RazorGator and PrimeSport brands
   Finally, the Champ Car Live FastTM                     are about event experiences,” says Lord. “We
Sweepstakes delivers the ultimate fan experi-             deliver the services and logistics around an              With RazorGator’s Hard-to-Get Seats,
ence by rewarding a lucky television viewer               entire sporting event, from Hard-To-Get tickets           fans never have to worry about buying
during each broadcast with the chance to                  to getting a group of 50 tickets on the 50 yard           or selling tickets.
“Live the Champ Car Life.” Basically, TV                  line for the Super Bowl. We secure the best
viewers must identify the featured “Code” (a              hotels, the most exclusive parties, the tightest
driver’s name) displayed during each Champ                security and most reliable transportation ... and       events, with current and former NFL
Car telecast. To enter the weekly sweepstakes,            most importantly, we provide access to players          players like All-Pro linebacker Kevin
after obtaining the Code, viewers log onto the            and other exciting nuances that make the event          Greene visiting with both groups. In
Champ Car site ( to enter.                an experience of a lifetime.”                           addition, at another pre-game event,
If they enter the correct Code, they become                  For example, right before the 2005 NFL               hosted by ESPN’s Chris Mortensen,
eligible to win a set of Bridgestone tires and            season, RazorGator (,                retired NFL great Shannon Sharpe and Pro            tory, the
an expenses-paid trip to the next Champ Car               which provides Hard-To-GetSM tickets for pre-           Bowler Tony Gonzalez of the Kansas City Chiefs      Tournament of Roses®
event. Once at the event, Live Fast winners               mier sports and entertainment events world-             discussed the role of the tight end in the NFL      Association chose an outside company to provide
have the opportunity to meet the drivers, take            wide, secured an exclusive partnership with             today and analyzed the upcoming Super Bowl.         ticket exchange services, so fans had a trusted
a Fast Lap ride, watch the race from a suite              the Seattle Seahawks as the official ticket             Another private corporate event had NFL great       and guaranteed environment to buy and sell tick-
and enjoy many other once-in-a-lifetime experi-           provider, operating the Seahawks’ Fan2Fan               Marcus Allen providing a pre-game “chalk talk”      ets to “The Granddaddy of Them All®.”
ences.                                                    Ticket Exchange. RazorGator’s Fan2Fan Ticket            to attendees. And while the outdoor weather            “Participating in a BCS national champion-
   “Many of the Live Fast winners have liter-             Exchange allows Seahawks season ticket hold-            might have been cold and rainy, PrimeSport          ship game was a lifelong dream for not only the
ally been watching the Champ Car race on                  ers to sell tickets to games they can’t attend to       hosted a casino day for a corporate client, which   players, but for the fans as well,” Lord says.
TV one weekend and standing in the winner’s               fans who would otherwise be unable to attend            proved to be a smashing success.                    “By providing the Rose Bowl Fan2Fan Ticket
circle with the race winner the next,” explains           sold-out games. Additionally, in conjunction with          For last year’s NCAA National Championship       Exchange, RazorGator helped make dreams a
Mudd.                                                     PrimeSport (, the leader             game, RazorGator, an official partner of the        reality for thousands of people.”
   In addition to the 12 weekly trips, everyone           in Hard-To-GetSM event packages and corporate           Tournament of Roses® Association, provided its         In addition, in 2005 the Tournament of
who has correctly entered throughout the year             hospitality for premier events around the world,        Fan2Fan Ticket Exchange for the Rose Bowl           Roses® Association chose PrimeSport as the
is eligible for the Grand Prize; a trip to the            RazorGator began offering die-hard Seahawk              Game®, the thrilling USC-Texas battle for the       preferred travel partner for the Rose Bowl
Champ Car season finale in Mexico City on                 fans access to their favorite team at home or           Bowl Championship Series (BCS) national             Game®. Again, for the first time in its history,
November 12 and a new Ford Mustang GT.                    on the road as the team’s official fan travel           championship. For the first time in its his-        the Tournament of Roses® Association chose an

                                                                                      O U T F I T Y O U R L U X U RY S U I T E
                                                                                          with models approved for ADA applications!

                                                                                                 Marvel Premium Bar Quality Refrigeration
                                                                                                       for World Class Luxury Suites

     Undercounter Models 30iMA Clear Ice Maker (left), 6ADA Refrigerator (right)
                                                                                              Clear Ice Machines                                        Refrigerators
                                                                                              • Up to 35 lbs. per 24 hours                              • 5.4 or 6.1 cu. ft. interiors
                                      Portable Bars - quickly                                 • Enough ice for 112 drinks every 4 hours                 • Largest ADA size refrigerator - 32" height
                                      score profits!                                          • Pure, crystal clear ice (premium bar quality)
                                                                                                                                                          (model 6ADA), 24" width
                                                                                                                                                        • 34" height (model 61AR), 24" width
                                      • 3 or 6 cu. ft. refrigeration models                   • 32" ADA height (model 30iMA), 15" width
                                        9 cu. ft. refrigeration/beer combo                                                                              • Holds 190 beverage cans and 10 wine bottles
                                                                                              • 34" height (model 30iM), 15" width
                                      • Premium DuPont® Corian top                                                                                      • Luxury suite quality (not your everyday
                                                                                              • Luxury suite quality (not your everyday                   household refrigerator)
                                      • Easy single-attendant operation                         household ice maker)
                                                                                                                                                        • Optional door lock
                                      • Framed panels for sponsorship ads                     • Available in black, white or stainless steel
                                                                                                                                                        • Available in black, white or stainless steel

                          e os
                eseveOffrfSprrting Facilit • Backup unit program for emergencies
                                          ies                                                                     For More Information
            Fxrlu i ly o
                                                                                                                  or for Samples Contact:
                                                                                                                  Gerry Reda
                                                              • Ship us your decorative/sponsor panels in
              • On-site inspection and product demo             advance and we’ll install them for free           National Sales Manager
              • Free samples for evaluation and trial                                                             800-757-3016
                                                              • Sports facility exclusive 2 year warranty
              • Sample unit for mock suite displays             all parts and labor

24                                                         STREET & SMITH’S SPORTSBUSINESS JOURNAL                  ❘   WWW.SPORTSBUSINESSJOURNAL.COM                                          AUGUST 14-20, 2006
Fan E x p e r i e n c e                                                                                                                                 S P E C I A L A D V E RT I S I N G S E C T I O N
outside company to deliver travel and hospital-       be ‘enveloped’ in services, they want to be pam-       countertops. But they don’t often replace Marvel      Our ice machine produces the finest gourmet ice
ity services to fans, corporations and sponsors.      pered,” says Gerry Reda, senior vice president         products, because the latter typically outlives the   available anywhere in this type of setting at the
PrimeSport’s customized services included pro-        of sales at Marvel (,         suite life cycles.                                    same time enjoying the reliability of a commer-
viding tickets, accommodations, airfare, corporate    which provides high-end refrigeration equipment            “The competitor units we replace are usually      cial machine.”
hospitality, 24x7 concierge services and event        to sports venues, including teams and venue own-       only one or two years into the suite’s life cycle,”      Another attractive aspect of the Marvel
management.                                           ers. “People are paying much more attention to         he says. Marvel’s products have a much longer         product line is that it now offers a 30-inch wide
   In addition to the Rose Bowl and the               the hospitality aspect of an event.”                   life span and far fewer service problems.             refrigerator, a Marvel exclusive.Those units hold
Seahawks, RazorGator and PrimeSport also                 Taking this into consideration, along with              The main Marvel products in luxury suites         a significantly higher number of bottles, cans and
are the official Fan2Fan Ticket Exchange pro-         the high level of activity in renovations and new      are the ice machines and undercounter refrig-         other items, because they are 25 percent larger
vider and away game package provider for the          facilities today, the objective clearly is to raise
Philadelphia Eagles, the Oakland Raiders, the         the level of services to fans, he says. In fact,
Carolina Panthers and the San Francisco 49ers,        many major renovations come at the cost of
and it lists the Professional Rodeo Cowboys           seats, as many facilities decide that increasing
Association (PRCA), Boise State University and        revenue-generating amenities (new luxury suites,
the Oakland Athletics on its partner/client roster.   better sight lines) yields far greater benefits than
   “We provide the most high-end services avail-      the number of some seats. Again, the idea is to
able, including the best access, the best parties     provide the best possible experience (and reap the
and the closest lodging proximity to an event,”       financial benefits) to high-value fans, those who       A new addition to the
Lord says, adding that PrimeSport has delivered       participate on the suite level.                         Marvel product line is a
event packages for the past 11 Super Bowls.              “We definitely cater to the highest level, the       30-inch wide refrigera-
   Bottom line, he says, RazorGator and               luxury suites,” Reda says. “We are getting calls        tor, a Marvel exclusive.
PrimeSport will continue to come together to          and doing jobs with even the smaller teams and          These units hold a sig-
create the premier ticket/event company.              organizations as well as the majors. Minor league       nificantly higher number
   “RazorGator and PrimeSport offer teams and         teams are fast following what the major leagues         of bottles, cans and
leagues the first full-service provider for their     have been doing with their facilities over the past     other items, as they are
fans and corporate sponsors,” Lord says. “By          five to six years.”                                     25 percent larger than
combining forces and integrating the two entities,       Considering that high-end refrigeration for          undercounter standard
we offer so much more in the way of scale and         residential housing is Marvel’s biggest sales           units in luxury suites.
the ability to produce the best possible fan expe-    category, Reda says the company tries to mimic
rience. It’s all about impact, and we deliver it.”    the home theater experience in suites. That means
                                                      providing the highest quality, superior dependabil-    erator; the latter is rated as the leading under-     than standard units. So if the suite owner moves
MARVEL: KEEPING THINGS FRESH, COOL                    ity and exceptional customer service.                  counter product available. This is mainly, Reda       to a higher capacity (the case in many new,
   While a sporting event is almost always               “With some of the newer suites, the minimalist      adds, because Marvel’s luxury products were           larger facilities), the 30-inch units will meet that
what the fans really come to see, it’s not always     look leans toward more open space, which pro-          derived from the company’s scientific division,       higher demand on food and beverage. Marvel
enough to keep them happy, or coming back. And        vides the opportunity for more people per suite.       which makes commercial refrigeration units for        also offers a complete line of ADA height compli-
for a certain level of fan, particularly the ones     We are able to cater to those suites with our ice      hospitals and other commercial customers who          ant units, which are often required when building
sitting in the luxury suites and lofts, cold bever-   machines and undercounter refrigerators capable        demand the best refrigeration for critical opera-     or renovating suites.
ages and clear “gourmet” ice rank among the           of holding an exceptionally large amount and           tions.                                                   “If you are a suite owner, and you have clients
top “comfort” reasons for being at the game.          variety of beverages,” he says.                           “Our products offer luxury appeal and appli-       or family and friends with you and you walk up
   “Now more than ever, when it comes to the             According to Reda, suite owners typically           cation, but they are basically a scientific refrig-   to the refrigerator, everything in it better be prop-
fan experience, people don’t just come to see         renovate about every eight years or so, replacing      eration system,” he says. “They have a long life      erly chilled,” Reda says. “You also want a moun-
the game or concert any longer. They want to          furniture, floor coverings, seat covers and even       expectancy, and provide exceptional dependability.    tain of crystal clear gourmet ice at all times.

AUGUST 14-20, 2006                                    STREET & SMITH’S SPORTSBUSINESS JOURNAL                  ❘   WWW.SPORTSBUSINESSJOURNAL.COM                                                                   25
  S P ECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION                                                                                                                                                          Fan Experience

We deliver those, at the best value, to the facility   and there are unsold club box seats available,”        the business of creating exciting indoor radio-      specialty blimps that were custom built in the
owner.”                                                Shrader says. “Shouldn’t the team be able to, as       controlled blimps that float around sports arenas    shapes clients chose. Some examples include
                                                       the airlines do, reward that fan on the spot and       to the delight of fans. Recently, Blimpworks con-    blimps shaped like the mascots of the Charlotte
IMS: DATA COLLECTION DONE RIGHT                        upgrade them to the unsold club box seat? They         tinued its “industry innovator” tag by offering      Bobcats and Orlando Magic, and
   Despite early doubters, International Micro         can do it with STADIS®.”                               the first-ever battery-powered, electric outdoor     a 23-foot-long bull for the Professional Bull
Systems (IMS) has done what some said                      STADIS® has been considered as the wave of         blimps that can operate just like, and accomplish    Riders Association.
couldn’t be done. It has changed the way               the future for venue management for the past           the same business goals, as the indoor blimps.          Business-wise, Blimpworks is literally taking
teams compile fan data by releasing its Venue          several years, but as is often the case, change           “We are in full production of our battery-        off. As Fisher describes it, pardoning the pun,
Integration Architecture platform, called              takes time, Shrader adds. In 2006, the platform        powered, radio-controlled outdoor blimps,” says      “Our blimps do it all,” he says. “They entertain,
STADIS®. As a result, it will give fans a new, eas-    will be operational not only within MLB, but           Scott Fisher, president and founder of                    inform and sell. We always rise above the
ier way to purchase goods and services, as well as     also in the NFL,                                                                                                       competition.”
be rewarded by a team – making their experience        NBA and NHL.             The Chicago Bandits get their fans excited with
at the ballpark, stadium or arena a much better            “We’re excited       their new outdoor Blimpworks                                                                        JACK ROUSE ASSOCIATES:
one.                                                   about the response       remote-controlled creation.                                                                          HALL OF FAME SUCCESS
   Originally created as the Diamond Club              we have gotten                                                                                                                      Jack Rouse Associates
Database at Citizen’s Bank Park in Philadelphia,       directly from the                                                                                                             (JRA), a creative firm special-
the STADIS platform integrates ticketing infor-        teams and facility opera-                                                                                                    izing in the conceptualization,
mation with all in-venue point-of-sale (POS)           tors and anticipate a dou-                                                                                                 design and production of attrac-
activity to provide a “single view of the fan,”        bling of our installations over                                                                                         tions, museums, halls of fame and
with detailed individual spending profiles across      the course of the year,”                                                                                            interactive zones for sports venues and
retail, restaurants and food and beverage conces-      Shrader says.                                                                                                   other leisure destinations, goes beyond
sions for all fans tracked through the platform.           IMS, a venue manage-                                                                                          enhancing the fan experience on the field.
   “The system handles cashless transactions           ment specialist with a focus                                                                                    For its sports team clients, JRA (www.jack-
tied back to the ticket to enable fans to come to      on POS activity, began its                                                                               strives to create a completely
the ballpark with only their car key and tickets,”     sports connection as the lead-                                                                                    unique environment that can become a
says Jim Shrader, IMS’ CEO.                            ing dealer of a Retail Pro™ POS                         Blimpworks, which manufactures, sells and           destination in itself.
                                                       systems in stadiums and arenas.                        leases indoor and outdoor radio controlled              Jack Rouse Associates has worked with some
                                                       Next, IMS rolled out its own prod-                     (RC) blimps, airships, and Col Air inflatables.      of the top names in sports to build fan loyalty,
“SHOULDN’T THE TEAM BE                                 uct, STADIS®, based on its understanding of the        Blimpworks RC Blimps are made of a high              re-energize existing facilities and increase
ABLE TO, AS THE AIRLINES DO,                           nuances of game-day transactions.                      quality 3 ply 3.5 oz. tear resistant rip-stop        revenue through experiences that transform
                                                           IMS fully supports STADIS®, with signifi-          nylon material and are used safely by sports         stadiums, ball parks and related facilities into
REWARD THAT FAN ON THE                                 cant in-house programming and tech-support.            teams, in stadiums, arenas, auditoriums, con-        destinations – both on and off gamedays. The
SPOT AND UPGRADE THEM                                  The company continues to evolve the platform           vention centers, colleges, high schools, malls,      firm has worked with a wide range of clients to
                                                       with additional plug-ins under development to          and trade shows world wide. Most teams in the        take the fan experience to a higher level.
TO THE UNSOLD CLUB BOX                                 increase the number of systems with which it           NBA, NHL, AFL, and many NFL and MLB                     Certainly that’s the case at the Cincinnati
SEAT? THEY CAN DO IT WITH                              can interface.                                         teams use Blimpworks Blimps.                         Reds Museum & Hall of Fame.
                                                           “All of our customers ask the same question,          Fisher notes that because safety has always          According to Greg Rhodes, executive director
STADIS®.”                                              ‘We need to know specifically what our season          been Blimpworks’ No. 1 concern, it has worked        of the Reds Museum & Hall of Fame, working
                                                       ticket holders are buying,’ ” Shrader explains.        hard to perfect a battery-powered, electric          with JRA has resulted in an experience that has
                                                       “The more they know, the more they can do to           outdoor blimp that flies very much like an           truly resonated with fans.
                                   Jim Shrader,        create individual programs to meet different                                                                   “People who come here already have high
                                                                                                              airplane, using high-tech lithium batteries, high-
                                   CEO of IMS          needs of different ticket holders. With STADIS®,       tech brushless electric motors and space-age,        expectations, and at this point, based on feed-
                                                       we made the impossible, possible.”                     lightweight foam. Also, the new electric outdoor     back, I’d say we have exceeded those expecta-
                                                           Shrader adds that the days of the one-size-        blimps have passed a series of strenuous flight      tions,” Rhodes says. “Some fans have come
   Using a simple barcode on the ticket, RFID          fits-all marketing approach in sports are history.     tests, and they are a great fit for outdoor sport-   back for their second and third times because
wristband, or magstripe card, STADIS® handles          “STADIS® is a win-win-win … for the customer,          ing events of all sizes.                             there is such a strong emotional connection.”
pre-paid value tied to a particular game, over         for the team and for the concessionaire” he says.         The blimps and other inflatables, like team          Fans aren’t the only visitors, as teams
a group of games or even an entire season. It          “Most of all, fans can have a very positive expe-      entrance tunnels, produced by Blimpworks,            including the New York Yankees, the Detroit
also facilitates account billing, providing detailed   rience because they no longer need to bring cash       using the superior nylon envelope technology         Tigers and the Houston Astros have sent rep-
reporting on a game-by-game, weekly or monthly         to a sporting event.”                                  of Aerostar International have proven to be          resentatives to take notes. And the folks from
basis.                                                                                                        very popular with professional teams, espe-          the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown also
   According to Shrader, teams who have                BLIMPWORKS:                                            cially for their longevity. As opposed to blimps     have enjoyed their stop.
embraced the STADIS® concept are starting to           RISING ABOVE THE COMPETITION                           made of plastic or Mylar, the patented nylon            “It’s the best club hall of fame I’ve ever
see the unlimited potential the approach has at            Blimpworks (, in partner-          Blimpworks/Aerostar blimps can last 7-12             seen,” says Dale Petrosky, president, National
enhancing the fan experience.                          ship with Aerostar International and Airworks          years.                                               Baseball Hall of Fame during a recent visit to
   “Imagine a fan who spends four times the            Enterprises, developer and designer of the                In the past few years, Blimpworks began to        Cincinnati. “There are some things that you
‘per cap’ amount is sitting in his or her seat         Blimpworks Blimp, has been the pacesetter in           diversify its business with the construction of      guys do better than we do, and I’m going to

26                                                     STREET & SMITH’S SPORTSBUSINESS JOURNAL                  ❘   WWW.SPORTSBUSINESSJOURNAL.COM                                          AUGUST 14-20, 2006
Fan E x p e r i e n c e                                                                         S P E C I A L A D V E RT I S I N G S E C T I O N

AUGUST 14-20, 2006        STREET & SMITH’S SPORTSBUSINESS JOURNAL   ❘   WWW.SPORTSBUSINESSJOURNAL.COM                                         27
                       S P ECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION                                                                                                                                                     Fan Experience

                                                                                                                             at home. There has been a major disconnect           to sports fans’ demands for more value at on-
                                                                                                                             between the home experience and the on-site          site events, Kangaroo TV developed a unique
                                                                                                                             experience. And even though it’s still more excit-   handheld audio-video entertainment device that
                                                                                                                             ing to be on-site, fans don’t always get the best    enables spectators to access exclusive content,
                                                                                                                             experience. In fact, it’s not even close compared    putting them in the driver’s seat of their own
                                                                                                                             to what they can get at home. It’s an increas-       live-action experience. According to Charette,
                                                                                                                             ing disconnect, but one we intend to greatly         Kangaroo TV fans are unlike any others: they
                                                                                                                             reduce.”                                             live the ultimate fan experience, feel the emo-
                                                                                                                                To do that, Kangaroo TV (         tion first-hand and obtain real-time information
                                                                                                                             “reinvents” the sports fans’ experience of live      and statistics that are not available to the other
                                                                                                                             events. Rather than changing the way the game        spectators.
                                                                                                                             is played, Kangaroo TV focuses on improving             Of course, Kangaroo TV also provides a very
                                                                                                                             how it’s viewed, so that spectators, promoters       effective medium for targeted advertising, mer-
                                                                                                                             and sponsors all get a bigger piece of the action    chandising, market surveying and branding. It
                                                                                                                             – and fans get the best possible on-site experi-     provides professional league owners, team own-
                                                                                                                             ence.                                                ers, sponsors and promoters powerful new ways
The Cincinnati Reds.

                                                                                                                                “Our goal is to become the world’s recog-         of reaching target audiences and maximizing
                                                                                                                             nized leader in providing innovative, interactive    returns.
                                                                                                                             and full-service wireless audio-visual solutions        Kangaroo TV’s main capabilities/features
                                                                                                                             for on-site sports events,” Charette says.           include:
                                                                                                                                So far, Kangaroo TV has signed on with
                                                                                                                             some impressive clients, including Formula 1,          • Transflective color LCD screen (easier to
                                                                                                                             NASCAR (licensed through Nextel as FanView)               read in sunlight).
                       The Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame & Museum has hit an interactive homerun with baseball fans.          and the Champ Car World Series. Kangaroo               • Durable plastic design.
                                                                                                                             TV, in fact, recently completed a six-year deal        • Up to 10 live video feeds.
                   take some ideas back Cooperstown.”                    KANGAROO TV:                                        with Formula 1 the at the U.S. Grand Prix in           • Live audio feeds accessed on user-set fre-
                      Some of the other major works JRA has              EYE-OPENING EXPERIENCE                              Indianapolis (July 2), and it’s also been a major         quencies.
                   designed include the Green Bay Packers Hall              Alain Charette, Kangaroo TV’s executive vice     success with NASCAR fans as a rental unit.             • High quality video and audio (no jittery
                   of Fame at Lambeau Field, Turner Field’s              president of corporate development, believes           For NASCAR Nextel Cup races, fans can rent             video)
                   Braves Plaza and Scouts Alley, “theming”              that the gap between the fan experience at          FanView at $50 per race ($70 for the week-             • Secure Digital (SD) memory card.
                   within the Indiana Pacers’ Conseco Fieldhouse,        home and the fan experience at an event is          end). Even if fans go to the concession stand,         • USB port.
                   the Kentucky Derby Museum and a host of               widening. And that’s not a good thing, he says.     FanView allows them to track the action on the         • Replaceable/rechargeable lithium-ion bat-
                   college venue experiences. Throughout all of          But thanks to new wireless technology, a change     live TV broadcast while in line. Depending on             tery pack.
                   its designs, JRA pays special attention to keep       has occurred that will bring the fan experience     the track, FanView can receive information from        • Up to six hours of continuous usage.
                   in tune with the audience and honor the goals,        at the ballpark, racecourse, stadium or arena       about a mile away. Sharing is allowed, as an
                   missions and objectives of the clients.               closer to the high-tech experience at home.         extra headset can be plugged into the original.         Charette explains that from any corner of the
                      “That’s what makes our job exciting,” says            “If you look at what has happened in the         For NASCAR, it works for Nextel Cup, Busch           racecourse, the Kangaroo TV service permits
                   Shawn McCoy, JRA’s director of marketing.             sports landscape, a lot of components in the        Series and Craftsman Truck races.                    fans to experience each race as the drivers do
                   We first get to collaborate with a team to            home viewing experience have improved in               Kangaroo TV President and CEO Marc                – seeing what they see and hearing what they
                   identify what makes their team and fans spe-          recent years with things like large screen, high-   Arseneau, an avid motorsport enthusiast, for-        hear, with access to the key statistical data that
                   cial, and then create an environment where it         definition TVs, surround sound, webcasting,         mula circuit racecar driver and sponsor, founded     affects strategy and split-second decisions.
                   can be honored and celebrated.”                       etc.,” Charette explains. “But they require being   the Montreal-based firm in 2001. Responding             “Auto racing is the perfect environment to

                   28                                                     STREET & SMITH’S SPORTSBUSINESS JOURNAL              ❘   WWW.SPORTSBUSINESSJOURNAL.COM                                           AUGUST 14-20, 2006
Fan E x p e r i e n c e                                                                                                                                  S P E C I A L A D V E RT I S I N G S E C T I O N
                                                                                                             rewarding key executives and business partners          on their boat.
                                                                                                             with a once-in-a-lifetime event. Corporate partici-        The fishing begins on Friday, when each cor-
                                                                                                             pants will experience Super Bowl week as never          porate team will board a 45-plus foot luxury
                                                                                                             before.                                                 fishing yacht complete with a celebrity angler
                                                                                                                Here’s how it works. The South Beach                 captain, mate and dreams of landing the big one.
                                                                                                             Celebrity Shootout ( is a one-       Of course, the goal is to land as many sailfish as
                                                                                                             day sailfish tournament on luxury sport fishing         possible. That evening, each team is invited to a
                                                                                                             yachts representing each of the 32 NFL cities.          five-star awards gala and dinner to share in great
                                                                                                             That means one of the hallmarks of the event will       food, drink and, of course, to tell whopping “fish-
                                                                                                             be the opportunity to align a company with its          ing tales” from the day. Guests are also invited
                                                                                  Kangaroo TV’s bright
                                                                                                             favorite NFL city.                                      to participate in a charity auction, with proceeds
                                                                                                                The event begins Thursday evening with a             going to the United Way. After the Gala, guests
                                                                                  device, which weighs
                                                                                                             captains’ meeting/kick-off party to welcome all         will attend Dan Marino’s VIP Party at the Nikki
                                                                                  about 12 oz. and
                                                                                                             the participants and prepare them for a day of          Beach Club to party “South Beach style.”
                                                                                  has a 3.5-inch color
                                                                                                             fighting sailfish off the coast of Miami. Each cor-        A charitable partner of the event is the Don
                                                                                  screen, combines the
                                                                                                             porate team will have the ability to bid on a group     Shula Foundation, dedicated to breast cancer
                                                                                  race telecast with live
                                                                                                             of celebrities to determine which celebrity will fish   research. In fact, legendary NFL coach Don
                                                                                  in-car camera and
                                                                                                                                                                     Shula is serving as honorary chairman of the
                                                                                  audio channels.
                                                                                                                                                                        “I’m proud to serve as honorary chairman of
experience Kangaroo TV,” Charette says. “We             gadgets, whether that be a digital music player,
                                                                                                                                                                     the South Beach Celebrity Shootout,” Shula says.
believe the sport’s fans will gravitate towards         a cell phone, whatever,” he says. “We are look-
                                                                                                                                                                     “Miami is an ideal location for the Super Bowl,
this, and they will never experience a race the         ing to bring something new to bridge the gap, to
                                                                                                                                                                     and we’re excited that it is returning to our great
same way again.”                                        close that disconnect at live sporting events. For
                                                                                                                                                                     city. The Shootout presents an ideal opportunity
    The bright yellow and black device, which           leagues, teams and racing bodies, fan retention is
                                                                                                                                                                     for corporations to reward key executives and
weighs about 12 oz. and has a 3.5-inch color            critical, but how do you guarantee that retention?
                                                                                                                                                                     clients, while enjoying a day of world-class fish-
screen, combines the race telecast with live in-        You offer a compelling technology that really
                                                                                                                                                                     ing and supporting breast cancer research. I look
car camera and audio channels, allowing fans to         enhances the time fans spend at a sporting event.”
                                                                                                                                                                     forward to making new friends at the event.”
listen to live driver and team communications as
                                                                                                                                                                        “The South Beach Celebrity Shootout will be
well as see what the driver sees.                       CSM GROUP:
                                                                                                                                                                     one of the largest Super Bowl Events outside
    Charette says Kangaroo TV takes the auto            SUPER BOWL, SUPER FISHING
                                                                                                                                                                     the game,” adds Michael Kelly, president, South
racing fan experience to an entirely new level.            The Super Bowl is well-known for the typical
                                                                                                                                                                     Florida Super Bowl XLI Host Committee. “CSM
Of course, the device also has possibilities for        corporate fan experience of a round or two of
                                                                                                                                                                     Group knows how to put on a first-class event,
other sports, where fans sometimes are far from         golf and subsequent parties. But for the upcom-
                                                                                                                                                                     and we’re very excited to have them as part of
the action. Although, Charette says the uses for        ing Super Bowl XLI in Miami, Corporate Sports
                                                                                                                                                                     our Super Celebration Series. With only one boat
other sports would vary based on the sport. For         Marketing Group (CSM) Inc., has “redefined” the
                                                                                                                                                                     representing each NFL city, we don’t expect them
American football, it might be used more for            fan experience from the corporate point of view
                                                                                                                                                                     to be available very long.”
stats, replays or tracking other NFL game scores        by creating the South Beach Celebrity Shootout.
and highlights, rather than replacing the action on     In this case, the shootout involves big game fish-
the field.                                              ing as the setting for business, networking and                                                              SLING MEDIA:
    Charette says the device is part radio, part        adrenaline-pumping action.                             Big game fishing will surely hook into some           ‘PLACE SHIFTING’ ARRIVES
scanner, part television and part statistics service.      In fact, the South Beach Celebrity Shootout         “big time” fan excitement at Super Bowl XLI.             Most sports fans are familiar with the dire
    “Today’s younger generation of fan is used to       has been designed as the ultimate venue for                                                                  situation where watching their favorite team or

AUGUST 14-20, 2006                                      STREET & SMITH’S SPORTSBUSINESS JOURNAL                ❘   WWW.SPORTSBUSINESSJOURNAL.COM                                                                    29
  S P ECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION                                                                                                                                                     Fan Experience

event just wasn’t in the cards (stuck at work,           at Sling Media.
traveling, cousin-in-law’s 2nd wedding, etc). But           For example, during the recent NHL play-
now thanks to the Slingbox from Sling Media              offs, a West Coast-based NHL fan who owns a
(, avid fans can indulge in           Slingbox could crank up his computer from his
a little “place shifting,” which means they can          desk at work for the 4 p.m. game (7 p.m. on
enjoy their home TV experience in real-time via          the East Coast). Once the day is done, he could
a PC or laptop from anywhere they can access             then use a smart phone or PDA and continue
a high-speed Internet connection.                        catching the action using SlingPlayer Mobile, a
   “The Slingbox gives fans the ability to watch         new application designed for Windows Mobile        With the Slingbox, avid sports
their favorite team or sport without having to           phones and PDAs that gives fans the same           fans can indulge in a little
worry about rushing home to see it on time,”             ability to watch and control their home TV. In     “place shifting,” meaning they
says Rich Buchanan, vice president, marketing,           another scenario, a rabid NFL fan could attend     can enjoy their home TV experi-
                                                                                                            ence from anywhere in real-time
                                                                                                            via a PC or laptop if they can
                                                                                                            access a high-speed Internet

     Entertain..Inform..Sell                                                                                connection.

                                                                                                           an out-of-town wedding on game day, could         used to connect the Slingbox to your home
                                                                                                           record the show at home on his digital video      network should your TV and your Internet con-
                                                                                                           recorder (DVR) and head back to the hotel         nection reside in different rooms.
            Whether you need an eye-catching show piece or a brand building advertising tool,              room to watch from the opening kickoff, not          “The thing about Slingbox is it eliminates
               Blimpworks, in partnership with Aerostar Int’l and Airworks Ent., can custom
                                                                                                           missing a tackle or touchdown.                    the fear of location,” Buchanan adds. “You
             design a solution based on your specific objectives and goals. Blending dynamic
                                                                                                              Apart from just heightening the fan experi-    can sit at your desk, open your SlingPlayer
             design, hi-tech electronics and exciting entertainment capability, our 3 ply nylon
                                                                                                           ence, Slingbox also has a new emerging use        software and watch your satellite connection
       airships and inflatables deliver bottom line results. That’s why our friends at the Orlando
     Magic, Chicago Bandits, San Antonio Spurs and the Professional Bull Riders use our Products!          in the sports world. Some “high-tech”coaches      in real-time. Then, on the way home, you can
                          Congratulations and Thank you for your business!!                                and agents are taking advantage of the device     keep up with the action on a mobile device

                     Airship Advertising Works
                                                                                                           as well. For example, when prepping for next      until you arrive, and can then enjoy the game
                                                                                                           week’s game, rather than wait for a DVD to        in your living room or take the game to the
                                                                                                           be burned and overnighted by an assistant         backyard or garage via your laptop!”
            Nylon RC Airships combine function and fun in a way no other advertising medium
                                                                                                           coach or scout out on the road, a head coach         “It’s all about not having to miss a
          can. Whether you are a company selling a product or a team trying to sell a sponsor, get
                                                                                                           can record the opponent’s game at home            game,” he says. “This is a sports fan’s dream
           the best seat in the house - A chance to advertise on your team’s nylon RC Airship.
                                                                                                           using a DVR and then access the video via his     machine.”
          WHY WE HAVE THE BEST BUILT INDOOR                                                                laptop in the hotel or at the airport. No wait-
                                                                                                           ing. Sports agents can record college football    e2k: ENTERTAINMENT
          & OUTDOOR BLIMPS ON THE MARKET                                                                   games from around the country at home and         EXTRAORDINAIRE
           Proprietary                                 Two free                                            use the Slingbox to check up on the hottest          When it comes to getting the fans into the
         3-ply, rip-stop                            interchangable                                         prospects from anywhere (even while at the        event, it’s tough to match e2k Sports.
                                                   contour banners       Heat-sealed seams
        nylon fabric hull                                                  for maximum                     game on a mobile phone).                             For more than 30 years, e2k Sports has been
                                                                             durability                       “Across the board, the reviews started         extending the limits of the sports experience with
  Full-hull custom                                                                                         favorably and are getting even better,”           spectacular stadium shows and exciting ancillary
 painting capability
                                                                                     Four paintable,       Buchanan says. “We’ve already sold more           events. Beginning as the entertainment produc-
                                                                                      rigid tail fins       than 100,000 units, and they are available at     tion company for the San Francisco 49ers, e2k
                                                                                                           every major retailer. When it comes to sports     has gone on to produce major spectaculars for
     Optional broadcast
                                                                                                           fans, the Slingbox is a very useful product.”     the Super Bowl, the World Cup, more than 30
       quality video
           camera                                                                     Pressure Relief         The Slingbox transmits video and sound         NFL American Bowl games and retirement cer-
                                                                                       Safety Valve        from a number of sources, including a cable/      emonies for Joe Montana, John Elway and Dan
            Durable, light-                                                                                satellite feed, a DVR (like a TiVo) or even a     Marino.
            weight molded                                                                                  DVD player or VCR. In fact, Slingbox allows          In addition to their in-stadium work, the com-
         polystyrene Gondola                                                     Guarded motors
                               Multi drop
                                                                                 with 360 degree
                                                                                                           you to remotely change channels, watch shows      pany has produced Super Bowl victory parties,
                               device on all             2000 mah
                                                       Nicad Batteries              vectoring              you’ve recorded on your DVR (and pause,           major professional and collegiate anniversary
                                 models                                                                    fast forward or rewind as well) or even set up    celebrations, tailgate parties, fanfests, block
                               Blimpworks-Aerostar Int’l                                                   shows to record while you are gone.               parties and concerts. “Our goal is to integrate
                                        414-425-9993...605-731-0913                                           With SlingPlayer Mobile, you can watch         various aspects of the gameday experience to
                                                                                  your TV on the hottest smartphones and PDAs       maximize the fan loyalty, brand development and
                                                                                 as long as they have the Microsoft Windows        sponsorship opportunities,” explains e2k Vice
                          *ALL NEW!! Electric Outdoor blimps for 2006!!                                    Mobile operating system. Another helpful          President Lorie Murphy.
                                                                                                           option is the Sling Link ($99), which can be         E2k Sports has produced the game entertain-

30                                                        STREET & SMITH’S SPORTSBUSINESS JOURNAL            ❘   WWW.SPORTSBUSINESSJOURNAL.COM                                        AUGUST 14-20, 2006
Fan E x p e r i e n c e                                                                                                                             S P E C I A L A D V E RT I S I N G S E C T I O N
ment and many of the pregame events for the           CARD STUNTS:                                           “It’s great to see a sporting event or halftime    MACLEAN SPORTS MARKETING:
past 16 NFL Pro Bowls in Hawaii. Last year’s          THE ULTIMATE SPONSORSHIP                            show but it adds a whole new dimension when           IMPRESSIVE LINEUP
halftime show, televised on ESPN, featured the        OPPORTUNITY, FAN EXPERIENCE                         the fan becomes a part of the show,” Kivett says.       MacLean Sports Marketing (www.macleans-
Backstreet Boys entering through a real water-           Imagine a company’s logo suddenly                “Fans love to do card stunts.”              , one of North America’s leaders in
fall at the center of the field. Over 1,000 dancers   appearing in the massive bleachers along the
and Hawaiian drummers helped create a colorful        back straightaway at the Daytona Speedway. Or
tropical setting for the pop stars. “The challenge    in the stands at a major college football game,
is to create contemporary entertainment experi-       with more than 100,000 people in attendance.
ence that also showcases the unique setting of        Now consider that image being captured
the NFL All-Star Game,” explains e2k President        in newspaper photos or seen by a national
Michael Olmstead.                                     television audience.
    The Pro Bowl Week events produced by e2k             An attractive, albeit impossible, marketing
included a Football Festival at Kapiolani Park,       tool? Actually, it’s very real. And odds are it
a Block Party, a new Ohana Day Celebration            would be the work of JacobDavis Productions
at Aloha Stadium and the Official Pro Bowl            ( In addition to including
Tailgate Party. The later event, attended by          the sponsor logo in the card stunt design,
5,000 VIPs at a picturesque location over-            JacobDavis Productions also places the
looking Pearl Harbor, showcased a “Stars              sponsor’s promotional materials in the poly
and Stripes” theme with thematic tents and a          bags that protect the cards, and then the cards      Card stunts provide maximum impact for a sponsor, and get fans into the action like nothing else.
historical display showcasing the NFL’s close         are placed in the stadium seats. The result is
relationship with America’s men and women in          the direct delivery of the sponsor’s marketing
uniform.                                              materials into the hands of their target
    Last fall in Mexico City, e2k Sports pro-         audience for the duration of the event.
duced the halftime show for the first regular
season NFL game played outside the United
                                                         Since 1991, JacobDavis Productions has
                                                      created some of the most spectacular fan
                                                                                                                Enhance the Fan Experience
States. The company combined indigenous               interactions with clients such as the NFL,
performers, one of Mexico’s most prestigious          NASCAR and MLB. JacobDavis Productions
Folklorico companies, local youth football            has delivered massive images to millions while            MacLean Sports Marketing
                                                                                                                creates exciting and
                                                                                                                interactive game day
                                                                                                                promotions that
                                                                                                                enhance the fan experience.

                                                                                                                Our entertaining and
                                                                                                                revenue generating                                       The Whiry-
                                                                                                                products are sought
                                                                                                                after by teams, sponsors
                                                                                                                and events all over North
 The Backstreet Boys performed as part of the e2K-produced Pro Bowl gala halftime show.
                                                                                                                America, including the NHL,
players and NFL cheerleaders to highlight             being featured at three Super Bowl halftime
the growing presence of American football as          shows, two World Series, seven NASCAR races               NBA, WHL, ECHL, AFL, NCAA,
a part of Mexican culture. In the end, more           and numerous other high-profile events. This
than 106,000 fans were on their feet singing          past February, JacobDavis Productions created             and MLB.
along to the show’s theme song, “Celebremos           the world’s largest card stunt for the Daytona
Mexico.”                                              500 (118,000 cards)!
   “It’s been exciting to see the evolution of           While card stunts offer a big bang for a                                                                        The Promo-
game day production,” says Olmstead. First we         sponsor’s buck, they also create a memorable
saw the diversification of game entertainment         and fun experience for the fans. “The great thing
from the world of marching bands, then we saw         about card stunts is that most people know what
the expansion of the sports event to include pre      they are, but not many people have been a part                                                    For a complete list of game entertainment
and post game events, and now I think we are          of one,” says JacobDavis Productions President                                                    and premium products visit us at:
seeing an increased awareness of the power of         Joe Kivett. “People get excited about being a                                           
sports to build communities and make a posi-          part of the event. We find that about 99 percent                                                   or call us toll free at 1-866-762-8777
tive impact on the world.”                            of the people in the stands participate.”

AUGUST 14-20, 2006                                    STREET & SMITH’S SPORTSBUSINESS JOURNAL               ❘   WWW.SPORTSBUSINESSJOURNAL.COM                                                                  31
  S P ECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION                                                                                                                                                     Fan Experience

sports marketing, connects teams and corporate         MacLean Sports Marketing, as an interna-
sponsors with an impressive array of products.      tional award-winning, full-service firm, repre-
Most of all, MacLean offers the ability to          sents sponsors, teams, individuals and events
enhance the fan experience through creative,        with varying interests - sponsorship products
highly interactive promotions that entertain fans   and properties, game day entertainment, game
during breaks in the action. Interactive promo-     day give-a-ways and premiums, sponsorship
tions, which can be sold individually as a new      representation and network and creative sig-
property or combined with static properties, can    nage – has a single overriding goal: To help
be added to existing sponsorships to increase the   clients enhance their fan experience.
value and “up sell” sponsorship properties.
   Some of MacLean’s products include Whirly        SPEVCO:
Ads, the Masterblaster prize Cannon, Price          FAN EXPERIENCE ON THE MOVE
Dice, mascots/costumes, a complete line of             Most everyone wants to move faster these
cheering accessories and other premium items.       days, and the people who run sports-related
   Recent studies have shown that fans who          promotional tours are no different. With that in
experience MacLean’s promotions have spon-          mind, the folks at SPEVCO (
sor recall rates as high as 93%. Unheard of in      have created a way for sports promotional tours      SPEVCO’s Rapid Deployment Vehicles take an hour and one person to set up, yet can deliver fan
the sports industry. Good sponsor value trans-      to save a significant amount of time, which, in      excitement on many different levels and for many types of clients.
lates to higher revenues for all, which makes       turn, means saving money.
for a very good return on investment.                  A longtime leader in building and operating      that are pretty common,” Tharpe explains.            example, that many recent projects have con-
   “When you enhance the fan experi-                experiential marketing vehicles, SPEVCO has            How have the units performed? The original        sisted of an experiential area where the “wow
ence, everyone wins,” says MacLean’s Kolin          brought the industry to new levels with its rapid   unit traveled 31,000 miles and did 91 shows in       factor” encourages the consumer/fan to remem-
Kriitmaa. “Engaging fans with a sponsor’s           deployment vehicles, or RDVs. While most mar-       six months with no mechanical problems. The          ber the experiences and products showcased.
brand is good for the sponsor and good for          keting vehicles require one to two days and as      ensuing units are performing equally well, and          “Another major chunk of RDV space has been
the team. Entertaining fans with promotions         many as 10 people to set up, SPEVCO’s RDVs          Tharpe says the feedback from major brands           designed as a “hands on” area, where fans can
that engage sight, sound and touch reach far        can be set up in as little as one hour – yes, you   and agencies has been extremely positive.            try out a product or experience,” she says, adding
beyond traditional signage advertising.”            read right, one hour – by one person.                  The units can be purchased or leased, but the     that a third space is great for an office, technol-
   Kriitmaa says millions of fans have been            “As the mobile marketing category becomes        appetite in the marketplace to date has been         ogy or even a spiral staircase to the top of the
entertained by thousands of interactive promo-      more mature, everyone is realizing that faster      in leasing. “It allows the customer or brand to      RDV, which is great for hospitality-focused events.
tions with hundreds of teams using MacLean’s        setup and tear-down speeds equal greater return     have a world class type exhibit without making          “The design capabilities with increased
promotions, while hundreds of sponsors have         on investment,” says SPEVCO President and           such a large investment,” Tharpe says.               square footage and quick set-up are endless,
increased their business exposure with targeted     CEO Marty Tharpe. “It was pretty easy to see           He also said, however, that as companies and      Pugh says. “Coming from a career practicing
and memorable sports promotions with dozens         where the market was headed.”                       brands lease the units, they also realize the need   ‘experience design and its impact on decisions,’
of leagues including the NBA, NHL, MLB and             SPEVCO has three lines of RDVs, ranging          for the customization SPEVCO can provide.            this platform is the best to accomplish fan
NCAA among other teams, sponsors and events.        from the larger 53-foot units with 1,200 square     With three decades of experience in the industry,    awareness and excitement.”
   MacLean offers turn-key game day promo-          feet to smaller 16-foot units. Through in-house     SPEVCO constructed the units to meet the cli-           Finally, SPEVCO offers program and opera-
tions, sponsorship properties and marketing         engineering, SPEVCO constructed a wireless          ent needs. The spacious floor plans are designed     tions management, which handles the trans-
expertise to create promotional tools and           hydraulics system that creates unparalleled setup   with a low, inviting platform that makes for an      portation and logistics of a tour. Many larger
services. The result, says Kriitmaa, is a boost     speeds. When the first RDV was completed by         ideal trade-show exhibit.                            companies opt for this service and leave the
in team attendance, brand awareness building,       the beginning of 2005, a new era was born.             In fact, the nearly 1,200-square-foot RDV         insurance and liability issues to SPEVCO. In
sales upswings, sponsorship revenue increases          “The hardest part was developing the mecha-      allows for three main designated spaces of real      fact, more than 50 percent of the RDV consum-
and a heightened community image.                   nisms and eliminating the labor-intensive aspects   impact. Suzanne Pugh, VP marketing says, for         ers have opted for this service.

32                                                  STREET & SMITH’S SPORTSBUSINESS JOURNAL               ❘   WWW.SPORTSBUSINESSJOURNAL.COM                                           AUGUST 14-20, 2006

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