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 THE LORD (Mk.10:13-16) (II)
  Athens, I would lift up my voice
and proclaim, ‘Fellow citizens, why
 do you turn and scrape every stone
 to gather wealth, and take so little
care of your children, to whom one
  day you must relinquish it all?’”
 house w. a well-kept yard, clean
windows, swept floors, etc., but the
foundation is a hollow shell, eaten
up w. termites. This is a picture of
       some people. Appl. –
 street after another, but nothing
    fulfilled his needs until he
discovered the foundation of life
wrong things (Mt.6:25-34), nothing
satisfied the longings of their heart;
    they built on sand, not on the
 unshakeable kingdom of God and
      His righteousness (v.33)!
Parents make sure their children get
       a good education, musical
 instruction, and play every sport in
• 1) Paul’sbook, Ep.5:22-6:4, lack the
       the order: but they first the
  husband-wife, then the parent-child can
    foundation that God alone
  relationship. God – Christian – Family –
  Nation.         provide.
• 2) Americans spend tens of thousands or even
  millions on luxurious houses, but the people
  inside are lonely, unhappy, and confused.
  They own so much but possess so little.
• 3) “The philosophy of the school room in one
  generation will be the philosophy of the
 3. Mk.10:13-16, they brought
young children to Him. He is the
   foundation for the family.
a. Three writers record this event
 (Matthew, Mark, Luke). It must
         be important.
divorce (children are the fruit of
marriage). One (Luke) precedes
  it w. a parable: Pharisee and
 publican. Unlike the Pharisee,
       children are humble.
– 13a, young children (paidi/a) little boys and girls;
  Lk.8:15, infants (bre/fh). Start early!
      – Touch (Mt.19:13, put hands on). Cf. Jacob, Gn.48.
      – Pray (Mt.19:13). Q: Do your children hear you pray? (They
        learn by example.)
– 13b-15, disciples rebuked them. Did the parents
  interrupt a discussion? Did the disciples consider
  children a waste of time? Did fatigue bring out
  their worst? (Sounds like modern excuses!)
      – Jesus was greatly displeased w. His disciples. He was never
        too busy for children.
      – “Let…do not forbid them…” Instead of shooing them away,
        the disciples need to study them! 15, instead of the children
 – Simply avoid hindrances to – spiritual growth.
                  WHO their
    Mk.10:13. Some parents have wrong priorities.
        – A few years ago, a poll of 2000 8th graders asked who they
          admire and want to be like; they were to name 30 heroes.
          Only entertainers and sports figures made the list (not one
          statesman, author, musician, astronaut, etc.). Sydney Harris
          lamented, “A nation that does not respect and reward
          accomplishments in the arts and sciences, in statesmanship
          and public service, is weakening its moral fiber and preparing
          for its own collapse.” Appl. – What does these priorities say c.
          the future of the church? “Mothers don’t let your babies grow
          up to be elders…”?
and reading and not require him to
study the Bible is to teach him, by a
   forcible object lesson, that it is
  – Neglect. Mk.10:13, the disciples did not think
      much more important to be
    children worthy of the Master’s time. They were
    wrong! Today, all of in this world than
 qualified to live society conspires to keep
    them away to live in school systems;
to be fittedfrom Jesus (e.g.:heaven. There
    worldly friends).
         – evading this simple truth.
   is noPro.22:15a, foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child…
           Foolishness is not just inexperience, but stubbornness. Ill.-The
             parenthasnow). so treats andCzech
     TheEuropeanthen andthatAppl.-Children also have(cf.small
                       field    a small window of opportunity
           window of his child is the worst
  impressesopportunity. to himself brings shame to his mother.
         – Pro.29:15b…a child left
           Ill.-David the   Adonijah, 1 K.1:6.has.
 enemy thatandfather.child spell love wasHe TVking, but
           fell short as a         Children
                                               David            will
                                                          a great
                                                      T I M E.     and
 be made to feelsubstitute!!when he meets
           babysitters are no
– Set a bad example. Mk.9:42, any bad example is a
  potential stumbling-block. Ill.-Several years ago, a
  school girl was walking home from a country high
  school w. several others. As a car approached, the
  girl ran forward to take sth. fr someone’s hand, and
  tripped on a small stone lying by the roadside,
  falling into the path of the car. Her face was badly
  lacerated; she was disfigured for the rest of her
  life. There was no way for the driver to avoid
  hitting her. The problem was not the driver, but a
  stumbling-stone. Appl. –
      – 2 Chr.24:7. What else could you expect from Athaliah’s sons?
  Pro.3:12, For whom the LORD
loves He corrects, Just as a father
   the son in whom he the
        » Discouraged, a)qume/w, to become disheartened
             extent of losing motivation, become dispirited (cf. BDAG,
             25). Ill.-Father finds nothing but fault w. his children…
             “What’s the use?”
 up w. termites. Can you fix it by
washing the windows and cleaning
the carpet? (Rearranging chairs on
    deck of Titanic!) To fix the
  foundation will cost a lot of time
         and money. Appl.

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