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Breadof Heaven     New Rules on              Don't "Medal"                         Tackling Health
                   Retirement                with Tickets!                         & Safety
                   Examining the new         How to deal with                      Discussing the myth of
                   retirement regulations.   unauthorised 2012                     ‘Compensation Culture’
                                             Olympics ticket sales
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  • Get Onside With the Equality Act
  • Options for Retirement
  • The New Vehicle Insurance Law

Union Legal
2011 | Issue 11                                                      partnership
Wills & Powers    Employment      Private Client      Award            Business Law       Childcare
 of Attorney                                          Winning                            Proceedings

    Crime          Divorce &        Accident          Property           Medical         Road Traffic
                 Family Matters      Claims                             Negligence          Law

exceeding expectations...
Newport Office:            Pontypool Office:
Sussex House,              Glantorfaen House,
17 Gold Tops, Newport,     Hanbury Road, Pontypool,
South Wales, NP20 4PH      Torfaen, NP4 6XY

                                               360 Legal Group Awards 2010      Law Society Excellence Awards
                                               Outstanding Achievement          2009 Practice Management
                                                                            In this issue of            Breadof Heaven ...

Message from the                                                            04           Message from the Regional Secretary
                                                                                         John James considers the relaunch of Union Legal Services and

Editor...                                                                                salutes the retiring General Secretary.

Welcome to the latest Conference edition
of Bread Of Heaven - the magazine that
Watkins and Gunn Solicitors produce in
partnership with the BFAWU in South

It's going to be another lively and enjoyable
conference. I'm particularly interested in the
relaunch of the Union Legal Services. As Union
Members you and your family have access to free
and discounted legal services from some of the                              15     Don’t ‘Medal’
                                                                                   with Tickets                    06       Tackling Health
                                                                                                                            & Safety
county's finest solicitors.

It is a remarkable benefit of BFAWU Membership
and I have always been surprised at how few                                  The Law & You...
Members have taken advantage of it over the years.
However this is all going to change as the Union
                                                                             New Rules on Retirement    08            Conveyancing Quality Scheme 24
intend to heavily publicise the services on offer and
make it even more accessible to you all. So you                              The Darker Side of         09            The Cost of Medical         25
should look no further than your Union Solicitors for                        Summer Sport                             Negligence
all of your family’s legal needs.                                            Options for Retirement     14
                                                                             You Can Video Your Child   16
I hope you enjoy the magazine and have an
excellent conference. I look forward to meeting you                          on Sports Day                            Lifestyle
all over the course of the week.                                             Don’t Be Caught Out by the 18
                                                                             New Vehicle Insurance Law                10 Questions for            07                                                                                    John Newman
                                                                             Inheritance Tax Allowances 19
                                                                                                                      BFAWU Conference Photos 10
                                                                             How Are We Doing?          20
                                                                                                                      Watkins & Gunn News         12
                                                                             Get Onside with the        22
                                                                             Equality Act                             World Cup Fixtures          17
                                                                             Grandparents Rights        23            Recipes                     26

                                                                                                             Become a Member
Please Note: This publication is issued by way of general guidance and
information only. The articles contained within it are not intended to be
                                                                                                             of the BFAWU
legal advice on which anyone should act or rely without first receiving
specific consideration of their own individual case and circumstances
by one of our specialist teams or by another suitably qualified
                                                                                                             Page 35
legal professional.

Issue 11 | Bread of Heaven                                                                                                                          03
Message from the Regional Secretary
John James considers the relaunch of the Union Legal Services, the recent
Welsh Assembly referendum, economic cost cutting and salutes the
retiring General Secretary.

Good Luck to Joe                                                       being part of helping to keep this union independent for another
                                                                       hundred plus years.

Joe Marino who has been the General Secretary of
this union for over 30 years and is the longest
standing General Secretary in the trade union
movement is retiring.
                                                                       Welsh Assembly Referendum
                                                                       I supported the Yes campaign in the referendum in
With the retirement of Joe Marino as General Secretary, conference     Wales, which was a massive success. The Welsh
this year will be under the guidance of two new National Officers,     Assembly Government can now make laws
Ronnie Draper who has been the National President since 1999, was      affecting Wales, without making laws and then
elected to the position of General Secretary and therefore needs no    waiting for approval from Westminster.
introduction, while Ian Hodson takes on the mantle of National
President. Ian was previously Organising Regional Secretary in the     This is a massive boost for Wales, which brings it in line with Northern
No.4 Region covering the Preston District. It remains for me to wish   Ireland and Scotland. The election for Assembly members in Wales saw
Joe all the best in his retirement and Ronnie and Ian my heartfelt     Welsh Labour gain thirty of the sixty seats denying Welsh Labour overall
congratulations and support for what will be testing times ahead in    majority, but Welsh Labour has decided to form a government, rather than

04                                                                                                            Bread of Heaven | Issue 11
Become a Member
of the BFAWU
Page 35
form a coalition government, although this might change in the coming
months. Carwyn Jones will continue his role as First Minister of Wales and   Promoting Training Courses
it is by no mean feat that Carwyn has done much to enhance the profile
of Welsh Labour with his charismatic and yet down to earth approach.         Vicky Watkins from the learning services continues
                                                                             to attend sites to promote training courses.

                                                                             If you are interested in learning, then contact Vicky for more
Economic Cost Cutting                                                        information. Unfortunately, not all companies are involved in the
                                                                             learning project, but members can still access courses. Vicky can be
The economic situation hasn’t helped with many                               contacted by phoning 02920481518 option 4.
companies trying to cut costs. Warburtons ceased
production at Newport, followed by redundancies
at Burtons Foods, Memory Lane Cakes, Braces and
AB Cardiff.
                                                                             Wales Union Learning Fund
At Burtons and AB Cardiff redundancies were sought from volunteers
which caused less stress. It has been difficult with pay awards despite
                                                                             Project 2010-2013
inflation being around 5%, companies want to either give no pay
                                                                             The WULF project is doing very well and is on target
rises or offers around 1 or 2%. I would like to thank shop stewards,
                                                                             to completing all outcomes before the end date.
health and safety reps, learning reps and branch officials for the work
they have done in these difficult times. Gary Johnston is looking to
                                                                             Adult Learners Week (16th-20th May) was very successful with all
work with a shop steward from each site with specific emphasis on
                                                                             companies taking park during the week holding open days in the
recruitment. It is hoped that this will result in an increase in
                                                                             canteens. Staff at Burtons all took an interest in part time college
membership at sites where we don’t have full membership.
                                                                             courses with enrolment dates at the end of August as well as learners
                                                                             signing up for the literacy and numeracy course which will be run
                                                                             through the Employer Pledge.

Union Legal Services                                                         Learners at Avana Bakeries, Memory Lane Cakes and R F Brookes all
                                                                             took advantage of the Learndirect courses. With courses ranging
Our legal services nationally are undergoing a
                                                                             from IT courses to web designing and Leadership courses being
revamp. The union are making it easier for
                                                                             signed up for. Total number of learners signing up throughout the
members to contact our legal teams. As well as the
                                                                             week was over 100.
usual contact through the Branch Secretaries, the
union will now have dedicated numbers.
                                                                             R F Brookes also kicked off their open day with the six book challenge
                                                                             with over 20 staff taking part. This will run for the next six weeks with
Our legal services provide a first class service for members and cover all
                                                                             an awards day being held at the end with the company donating a
aspects that the legal profession cover. Further information will be
                                                                             £25 shopping voucher to the winner who completes the challenge.
available shortly.

                                                                             I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome Tina Williams
                                                                             from Avana in joining the team as a Union Learning Rep.

Congratulations to Clive                                                     I would like to thanks everyone who took part in the open days
                                                                             especially Ruth Allen and Cameron Sullivan from Janro Training and
I would like to congratulate Clive Thomas, managing
                                                                             Education, Donna Cox from Learndirect who attended the open days
partner at Watkins and Gunn for winning the Wales
                                                                             and help organise them, also thank you to Gary Johnson, John James
2011 Leadership award for the private sector.
                                                                             and Clive Thomas.

Clive has done a marvellous job in steering the company forward and
providing a first class service to the members and their clients. This
award is the latest in a line of awards won by the company.

Issue 11 | Bread of Heaven                                                                                                                         05
                                                Personal Injury
                                                If you have had an accident such as an accident at
                                                work, a tripping or slipping accident or a road traffic
                                                accident our specialist team offer a completely free,
                                                high quality service. Our experienced lawyers offer a
                                                free initial consultation and can then act on a “No Win
                                                No Fee” basis. We ensure that our clients receive 100%
                                                of their compensation with no hidden charges.

Tackling Health & Safety
Clive Thomas, of Watkins & Gunn Solicitors, tackles the myth of the
‘Compensation Culture’.

Whenever you watch a contact                 The HSE has banned very little, apart from        for an injury caused by negligence, not an
sport, like rugby, with players              high-risk exceptions like asbestos, which kills   everyday accident. Accidents happen, but
getting up and playing on after              around 4000 people a year. Also Govern-           negligence is inexcusable. As a society we
massive hits and high impact                 ment figures show that accident claims            do not need to wrapped in cotton wool
collisions it can make you think             have actually fallen over the last 10 years.      but we need to understand that Health
that we’ve all become too soft and                                                             and Safety laws are there for our benefit
that health and safety law has               Accidents should not be trivialised. Last         and are about saving lives and not
gone mad in the UK.                          year, there were four fatalities and more         stopping them.
                                             than 10, 000 employees were seriously
This notion has been fuelled by the press,   injured when they had a slip or trip at
with headlines about banning conkers         work. A person whose life has been                Clive Thomas is a Member of the Law
and firemen's poles and alleging that        shattered by an injury caused by the              Society’s Personal Injury Panel and a
there is a “compensation culture”. Safety    negligence of another is entitled to full         Fellow of the Association of Personal
laws, the Health and Safety Executive        and just compensation.                            Injury lawyers. For specialist advice
(HSE), and solicitors are usually blamed                                                       regarding an accident claim contact him
due to a lack of understanding. In fact      The “compensation culture” is a myth              on 01633 241160
the reality is very different.               which has arisen from a lack of under-
                                             standing that a claim can only be made  

06                                                                                                           Bread of Heaven | Issue 11
10 Questions
for John Newman

Question 1: What was your first job?
An apprentice toolmaker with Curran Steel

Question 2: What annoys you?

Question 3: Who makes you smile?
My wife

Question 4: What is your favourite book?
To Kill a Mocking Bird

Question 5: How do you relax?
Watching rugby with a few beers

Question 6: What is your favourite film?

Question 7: What is your favourite record?
Someone Like You by Adele

Question 8: What was your proudest
moment? (other than getting married
or the day your children were born)
When I received my Cardiff RFC cap

Question 9: If you were stranded on
a desert island, what luxury item
would you take with you?
Bottle of Jim Beam Black

Question 10: Who would you most
like it to be stuck in a lift with?
Albert Einstein

Issue 11 | Bread of Heaven                   07
                                                 Employment Law
                                                 Employment Law is one of the most dynamic areas of
                                                 law as it is continually changing with the
                                                 implementation of new European and UK legislation.

                                                 Our Employment Team offer Union branch secretaries and
                                                 their members the essential specialist legal advice necessary
                                                 to manage and resolve employment problems at work.

New Rules on Retirement
Lisa Guscott of Watkins & Gunn Solicitors examines the new
retirement regulations.

The current Default Retirement                legitimate aim. For example, a job in             50s which significantly outperformed
Age of 65 is to be gradually phased           emergency services or the police may              their rivals.
out over a transitional period                need a high level of physical fitness or
running until 30 September 2011.              similarly an air traffic controller may           At this early stage it is still not clear how
                                              require mental fitness.                           the regulations will be applied and it is
The details are set out in Regulations that                                                     estimated that the changes could cost
came into force on 6 April 2011. The last     Removing the default retirement age does          employers an extra £3 million per year in
date on which an employee can be given        not mean that employees cannot retire it          Employment Tribunal claims.
notice of retirement is 5th April 2011.       simply means that they cannot be forced
Employers must give a minimum of six          to unless the age can be objectively
months notice of retirement but no more       justified.
than 12 months notice.
                                              According to Age Concern more than                Lisa Guscott is a Solicitor and a
From 1st October 2011, an employer may        100,000 people were forced to retire              Member of the Employment Lawyers
only lawfully have a compulsory               against their will last year. A number of         Association and may be contacted on
retirement age if it can be “objectively      employers have already seen the benefits          01633 241165
justified”. This means that it must be a      of the more mature employee. B&Q have
proportionate means of achieving a            opened a store staffed entirely by the over

08                                                                                                               Bread of Heaven | Issue 11
                               Family Law
                               We can advise on all aspects of relationship breakdown
                               including: Unmarried Couples, Separation Agreements,
                               Divorce, Financial Settlements, Residence/ Contact
                               Arrangements for children and change of name deeds.
                               Our specialist team of family lawyers are committed to a
                               constructive approach to avoid any unnecessary acrimony
                               whilst ensuring the optimum outcome for our clients.

The Darker Side of Summer Sport
This summer sees the rugby world cup get underway. Many fans are
eagerly awaiting the kick-off in New Zealand, but for women who are
victims of domestic abuse major sporting events can be a particularly
difficult time. Sophie Hughes, partner and head of Family Law team at
Watkins & Gunn Solicitors explores the darker side.
Domestic violence is a problem that           “During major sporting events, incidents        that help is at hand, not just via the police,
affects women and men from all                of domestic abuse increase because              but from support organisations such as
backgrounds across the globe on a             people are drinking more”. Alcohol              Women’s Aid and Resolution lawyers.
daily basis. However, the combina-            consumption undoubtedly soars over              Many women are put off the idea of
tion of alcohol and heightened                major sporting events. One only has to          going to see a solicitor, whether through
excitement caused by a major                  walk into one of the major supermarket          fear of the cost, or going to Court or both.
sporting event can be the ultimate            chains to see alcohol promotions adorning       However, in many cases, legal financial
recipe for violence within the home.          the aisles, on the back of them. During         aid is readily available to victims and
And it’s not just women that suffer.          last years football World Cup Carlsberg         Resolution lawyers, such as myself, are
Yes, one in four women experience at          were expecting to see an extra 21 million       highly trained to deal with the issues that
least one incident of domestic abuse          pints consumed in the 4 weeks.                  surround them.
during their lifetime. However,
about two in five of all victims of           Alcohol Concern Cymru recently issued a         Campaigns to raise awareness of
domestic violence are men, contra-            briefing on the matter and the Welsh            domestic abuse throughout major
dicting the widespread impression             Assembly Government has identified              sporting events should continue to be
that it is almost always women who            alcohol as a major issue in its ‘Right to be    promoted and encouraged. However,
are left battered and bruised.                Safe Strategy’.                                 campaigns must also regularly enforce the
                                                                                              fact that there are many channels of help
No matter what the event, whether it’s        But is it all down to alcohol? The Legal        available to those who happen to fall
Christmas or the World Cup, alcohol is a      Services Commission, who provide funding        victim to the vicious combination of
major player in the increased statistics      for victims of abuse, issued a press release    alcohol and violence. Victims should never
relating to domestic violence, and            in 2007, the day after Liverpool lost 2-1 to    suffer in silence.
academics continue to debate whether or       AC Milan in the Champions League Final
not its consumption is a symptom or a         commenting: “Problems for people living         Domestic violence is never a cheery
cause of domestic abuse.                      with a violent partner can often intensify      subject, least of all in a period when people
                                              during sporting events – whether through        prefer to focus on hopefully sporting
There is no solid evidence to suggest a       frustration at losing or from alcohol fuelled   success. However, it is reality, and certainly
direct, casual relationship between           celebrations when their team wins”.             not something that should be kept under
domestic abuse and alcohol. It is true that                                                   wraps. If you, or you know of someone,
the perpetrators use violence either with     The Welsh Assembly Government in its            that is suffering at the hands of an abusive
or without its consumption; however           ‘Right to be Safe strategy’ has pledged to      partner, encourage them to get help.
drinking is known to increase the             tackle substance abuse as one of the main
frequency and seriousness of the incident.    drivers in domestic abuse. Hopefully            Sophie Hughes is a Partner and Head
                                              greater public awareness will mean that         of Family Law at Watkins & Gunn
South Wales Police perceive it to be an       the worst fears of those working in the         Solicitors and may be contacted on
influence. Before the World Cup this year,    field of domestic abuse are unfounded.          01495 768933
Detective Superintendent Bishop, Head of
Public Protection was reported as saying,     What victims must be made aware of is 

Issue 11 | Bread of Heaven                                                                                                               09
         and          bout...
                     a n
     Out the         unio rence
     with rom the lastheco2n0e0 TUC
                     t      f
          s f
     Photoridlington and
     at B

10                                    Bread of Heaven | Issue 11
Issue 11 | Bread of Heaven   11
All the latest from your local BFAWU solicitors...


  Family Team Forms Award                                                      Employee of the Year
  Winning Partnership                                                                                                        Keri Rogers was
                                We were awarded the                                                                          announced as
                                ‘Private Sector Partnership’                                                                 Employee of the Year
                                award at the Promoting                                                                       2010 at our Christmas
                                Independence Awards 2010                                                                     Party.
                                staged by Cymorth Cymru
                                                                                                                             Keri has been consistently
                                and Welsh Local Authorities.
                                                                                                                             excellent as PA to Clive in the
                                                                                                                             PI Team. In addition this role
                                  The award recognised the
                                                                               she has provided IT/Office Management System training and support
                                  outstanding work of our family team,
                                                                               across the Practice and been responsible for producing outstanding
  in partnership with Torfaen Women’s Aid, helping victims of
                                                                               Powerpoint presentations used to promote the firm.
  domestic abuse through a legal outreach service in Pontypool. The
  service was launched earlier this year to provide vulnerable women
                                                                               Keri's consistently excellent performance, reliability and dedication
  in abusive relationships with advice and support from legal
                                                                               make her a very worthy and popular winner of our fifth Employee of
  professionals, away from the formalities of a solicitor’s office.
                                                                               the Year Award.

                           Kate Appointed to Law Society Children Panel
                           Kate Roberts, a solicitor in our Family Team, has been appointed to the Law Society's Children
                           Panel. She is now a certified Children's Representative which means that she can represent
                           children ,through appointed Guardians, as well as parents and grandparents in care proceedings.

                           She has worked as a family solicitor for eight and a half years and has specialised in children's law for the last 5 years
                           The tough accreditation process took over 10 months and included a written assessment as an interview before a
                           specialist panel. Kate said, " All my hard work has paid off. I realise what a difficult time it can be when Social Services
                           become involved with children within a family and now I can represent those children who really need my support. "Kate
                           has worked very hard to attain this achievement and we are very proud of her.

Lynette Joins the Personal
Injury Panel                                                                     New Associate
                          Lynette Vaughan has been                                                              Nicky Sherrard has
                          appointed to the Law Society’s                                                        joined us as an
                          Personal Injury panel in recognition                                                  Associate Solicitor to
                          of her work within the personal injury                                                head up our Private
                          law. Most of you will be familiar with                                                Client Team. Nicky
                          Lynette and the excellent work that                                                   has been qualified
                          she has done for Bakers Union                                                         for over 10 years
                          Members over the years.                                                               specialising
                                                                                                                exclusively in wills,
                           Lynette already has Senior Litigator status           probate, complex estate planning and trusts.
                           from the Association of Personal Injury
                           Lawyers (APIL), and she was promoted to               She commented " I relish the challenge of leading the team and
                           the prestigious Law Society panel following           delivering the high quality service that is the hallmark of Watkins
a rigorous screening process. She joins colleagues Clive Thomas and              and Gunn".
Jonathan Wellington on the Panel. Lynette, who is an Associate at
Watkins & Gunn, said, “I have been specialising in personal injury               We are delighted to have recruited someone of Nicky's calibre.
work for the past years and have gained experience in a range of                 She is an extremely dedicated lawyer with outstanding technical
cases, particularly often complex workplace claims. I am very proud              knowledge and she is already proving to be an excellent asset to
to have been recognised by the Law Society in this way."                         the firm.

Lynette thoroughly deserves all of her success including this most
recent achievement. Congratulations Lynette !

12                                                                                                                           Bread of Heaven | Issue 11
   Celebratory Trip to Parliament
   The whole firm celebrated a prestigious Award with a trip to the Houses of Parliament. We were invited to London by
   Paul Murphy,MP, after winning the Law Society Excellence Award for Practice Management.

   Mr Murphy commented "Watkins and Gunn are a great example of the exciting things that can be achieved with hard work and a strong team."
   it was a memorable day for the firm and we are very grateful to Paul for his hospitality. It was wonderful to be able to recognise and reward our
   dedicated and hard working staff.

We Scoop National
Legal Award                                                                     Good Luck Sarah!
                                            We were awarded the                                               Sarah Williams has been
                                            Outstanding                                                       shortlisted for Legal Aid Lawyer
                                            Achievement Award at                                              of the Year Awards 2011 in the
                                            the 360 Legal Group's                                             Criminal Defence Lawyer
                                            Awards in London.                                                 category.

                                            The award was made                                                The Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year are
                                            following our record client                                       national awards organised by the Legal
                                            satisfaction levels of 98%.                                       Aid Practitioners Group, as a unique
                                                                                                              celebration of the often unsung work of
It is another national award that recognises our talented and                                                 Legal Aid Lawyers in lawyers protecting
dedicated staff and the effort they put in to go the extra mile for our                                       the rights of the poor and the
clients to provide a world class service. Unfortunately the Award was                                         disadvantaged.
made of glass rather than rubber as Clive dropped it before we got it
home and it shattered into a thousand pieces... so special thanks to             It is a huge accolade for Sarah to be shortlisted for such a prestigious
360 Legal group for supplying another one !                                      national award and very much deserved. Sarah works tirelessly for her
                                                                                 clients and champions publicly funded work. She is an extremely
                                                                                 gifted criminal practitioner with outstanding communication skills

Clive is Leading Wales!
                                                                                 and a strong empathy with her clients.

                                                                                 This is their ninth year and the winners will be announced by Cherie
                                  Clive Thomas, our                              Booth QC at a ceremony at the Globe Theatre in London on 28 June
                                  Managing Partner,                              2011. Good luck Sarah!
                                  was awarded the
                                  Leadership in Private
                                  Sector Award at the
                                  2011 Leading Wales
                                  Awards Ceremony held                           Personal Injury Team
                                  in Cardiff in May. The                         Shortlisted for National Award
                                  Awards recognise and
celebrate individuals in Wales whose leadership makes a                                                 Our Personal Injury team of
real difference.                                                                                        Clive Thomas, Jonathan
                                                                                                        Wellington, Lynette Vaughan
Clive was one of three finalists in the category and was recognised for                                 and Lisa Guscott were
setting an example and leading from the front.                                                          shortlisted for the Legal Services
                                                                                                        Team of the Year Award at the
Ian Price assistant director of the CBI, said; “The importance of                Claims Innovation Awards 2011 for their expertise in
leadership is critical to the success of the Welsh economy and as we are         dealing with accident claims.
lagging behind the rest of the UK at present, it is essential that Wales
finds more leaders of the quality that we are recognising here today, to         It is well deserved recognition for their outstanding work which has
enable Wales to close the gap. Clive is a fantastic example of this.”            seen them help Bakers Union members win hundreds of thousands
                                                                                 of pounds in compensation for successful claims.
Clive said; “I am delighted to have won such an auspicious Award
against such tough competition. Watkins and Gunn have had another
fantastic year of achievement and this award is for everyone at the firm.”

Issue 11 | Bread of Heaven                                                                                                                             13
                                                  Sanlam UK is a wealth management group. Each company in the
                                                  group brings fresh thinking to help you realise your financial ambitions.

                                                  We’re relatively new in the UK, but Sanlam Group has been advising
                                                  investors around the world for almost 100 years and now manages over
                                                  £40 billion in assets. We’re building a substantial presence in the UK by
                                                  bringing leading UK financial companies under the Sanlam name.

Options for Retirement
It’s generally accepted that there are three key stages in life;
childhood, working life and retirement.

During childhood the majority of               A recent change in the rules has seen the                   Drawdown pensions on the other hand
us are provided for by our parents.            minimum age of retirement raise to age                      can provide a flexible income; the ability
Working life, as the name suggests,            55 for all but a few, this was set at age 50                to either cease or start up the income
is a time spent working and/or                 before 6th April 2010.                                      stream can be an attractive feature
bringing up a family, supporting                                                                           especially for those taking a ‘phased
ourselves and loved ones through               At 55 you may live another 30-40 years,                     retirement’ from their earned income.
the money we earn. Last but by no              so it is important to consider your
means least comes Retirement.                  priorities and options.

But, with no parents or employment, who        So what are the options? The two main
is it that provides financially for those in   options are secured pensions, such as an                    For a more detailed review of your options
retirement? “The State?” I hear you            annuity, or drawdown pensions. As their                     at retirement, and to ensure that you are
ask…to an extent, but generally it is the      name suggests, secured pension options                      on track to achieve your goals, then please
hard earned pension savings built up by        include a guaranteed income for life,                       contact Stuart Bourne, a Certified
ourselves, personally and through our          however these can have poor death                           Financial Planner with Sanlam Private
employers, which are there to provide us       benefits (depending on how the policy is                    Wealth, on 0800 328 2638
with an income.                                structured) and the other effect of
                                               inflation on the income can be an issue.          

14                                                                                                                            Bread of Heaven | Issue 11
                             Lynette Vaughan is an Associate at Watkins and
                             Gunn and has become a member of the Personal
                             Injury Panel and both she and the rest of the team
                             were shortlisted for the Claims Innovation Award
                             2011. For more information, see the Watkins & Gunn
                             News section on page 12-13.

Don’t ‘Medal’ with Tickets
Lynette Vaughan of Watkins & Gunn considers the law relating to
Olympics Tickets.

With some 6.6 million tickets for           home soil. By increasing the fines for         With nearly 11 million tickets ultimately
the 2012 Olympics having gone on            touting, we are sending a clear message        available for the Olympic and Paralympic
sale to the public the Government           to criminals and prospective criminals that    Games it is very attractive to ticket touts.
have given a clear message to               it is not worth their while and they are not   The advice is to sign up to the official
Criminals intending profiting               welcome".                                      website at
illegally from the Games.                                                                  and ensure that you apply for tickets
                                            The penalty only applies to selling tickets    through the proper channels.
Specific legislation has already been put   in a public place or in the course of
in place to deal with the unauthorised      business without permission. There is an
selling of tickets (The London Olympic      official exchange system for those who
Games and Paralympics Games Act 2006)       wish to legitimately sell any unwanted
and it has now been announced that the      tickets.
maximum fine payable will be increased
from £5,000 to £20,000.                     As part of the crack down the                  Lynette Vaughan is an Associate at
                                            Metropolitan Police has set up "Operation      Watkins and Gunn and may be contacted
Theresa May, Home Secretary said: "The      Podium" to deal with touts and Olympic         on 01633 241160
2012 Games will be a once-in-a-lifetime     related fraud. Since June last year, they
opportunity to experience the Games on      have already made 49 arrests.        

Issue 11 | Bread of Heaven                                                                                                           15
                                                 Family Law
                                                 We can advise on all aspects of relationship breakdown
                                                 including: Unmarried Couples, Separation Agreements,
                                                 Divorce, Financial Settlements, Residence/ Contact
                                                 Arrangements for children and change of name deeds.
                                                 Our specialist team of family lawyers are committed to a
                                                 constructive approach to avoid any unnecessary acrimony
                                                 whilst ensuring the optimum outcome for our clients.

You Can Video Your Child on Sports Day!
Lindsay Taylor, of Watkins & Gunn Solicitors considers the new guidance
from the Information Commissioner.

Annual Sports Days can be a time              school activities and can film events at      does not go on to deal with social media
for frustrated parents, as some               school.                                       however uploading photographs onto
schools have banned them from                                                               Facebook or posting videos on You Tube
taking photographs or videos at               The Data Protection Act will however          is clearly a very public use of for which
the event, citing a breach the                apply to photographs taken for official       you are likely to need the permission of
Data Protection Act as their                  use by schools and colleges and these         the parents of other children shown in
reason.                                       images are stored with personal details       your photographs.
                                              such as names e.g. identity passes.
However the Information Commissioner
has now issued helpful guidance which         The Guidance should be met with
you can find at                delight by “snap happy” parents and
                                              grandparents up and down the country
It confirms that photographs taken            who will be wiping away a tear as they
purely for personal use are exempt from       capture their child’s big moment              Lindsay Taylor is a Solicitor in the Family
the Data Protection Act. Parents, friends     However, notwithstanding the green            Team at Watkins & Gunn Solicitors and
and family members may therefore take         light given in the Guidance, care must be     may be contacted on 01495 768933
photographs for the family album of           taken to ensure that the photographs
their children and friends participating in   are purely for personal use. The guidance

16                                                                                                          Bread of Heaven | Issue 11
                                                                   MATCH SCHEDULE
                                                                   & FIXTURES
Pool A            New Zealand, France, Tonga, Canada, Japan              Pool B        Argentina, England, Scotland, Georgia, Romania

New Zealand v Tonga                     Tonga v Japan                    Scotland v Romania                     England v Romania
09/09/1 | 20:30                                1
                                        21/09/1 | 19:30                         1
                                                                         10/09/1 | 13:00                               1
                                                                                                                24/09/1 | 18:00
France v Japan                          New Zealand v France             Argentina v England                    Argentina v Scotland
10/09/1 | 18:00                                1
                                        24/09/1 | 20:30                         1
                                                                         10/09/1 | 20:30                               1
                                                                                                                25/09/1 | 20:30
Tonga v Canada                          Canada v Japan                   Scotland v Georgia                     Georgia v Romania
14/09/1 | 17:00                                1
                                        27/09/1 | 17:00                         1
                                                                         14/09/1 | 19:30                               1
                                                                                                                28/09/1 | 19:30
New Zealand v Japan                     France v Tonga                   Argentina v Romania                    England v Scotland
16/09/1 | 20:00                                1
                                        01/10/1 | 18:00                  1      1
                                                                          7/09/1 | 15:30                               1
                                                                                                                01/10/1 | 20:30
France v Canada                         New Zealand v Canada             England v Georgia                      Argentina v Georgia
18/09/1 | 20:30                                1
                                        02/10/1 | 15:30                         1
                                                                         18/09/1 | 18:00                               1
                                                                                                                02/10/1 | 13:00

                                         W     D      L    F   A   Pts                                           W     D       L   F   A   Pts
 01                                                                      01

 02                                                                      02

 03                                                                      03

 04                                                                      04

 05                                                                      05

Pool C            Australia, Ireland, Italy, Russia, USA                 Pool D            South Africa, Wales, Fiji, Samoa, Namibia

Australia v Italy                       Australia v USA                  Fiji v Namibia                         South Africa v Namibia
1      1
 1/09/1 | 15:30                         23/09/1 | 20:30
                                               1                                1
                                                                         10/09/1 | 15:30                               1
                                                                                                                22/09/1 | 20:00
Ireland v USA                           Ireland v Russia                 South Africa v Wales                   Fiji v Samoa
1      1
 1/09/1 | 18:00                                1
                                        25/09/1 | 18:00                  1      1
                                                                          1/09/1 | 20:30                               1
                                                                                                                25/09/1 | 15:30
Russia v USA                            Italy v USA                      Samoa v Namibia                        Wales v Namibia
15/09/1 | 19:30                                1
                                        27/09/1 | 19:30                         1
                                                                         14/09/1 | 14:30                               1
                                                                                                                26/09/1 | 19:30
Australia v Ireland                     Australia v Russia               South Africa v Fiji                    South Africa v Samoa
1      1
 7/09/1 | 20:30                                1
                                        01/10/1 | 15:30                  1      1
                                                                          7/09/1 | 18:00                               1
                                                                                                                30/09/1 | 20:30
Italy v Russia                          Ireland v Italy                  Wales v Samoa                          Wales v Fiji
20/09/1 | 19:30                                1
                                        02/10/1 | 20:30                         1
                                                                         18/09/1 | 15:30                               1
                                                                                                                02/10/1 | 18:00

                                         W     D      L    F   A   Pts                                           W     D       L   F   A   Pts
 01                                                                      01

 02                                                                      02

 03                                                                      03

 04                                                                      04

 05                                                                      05

Quarter-Finals                                                           Semi-Finals
QF1:     Winner Pool C v Runner-up Pool D 08/10/1 | 18:00
                                                 1                       SF1:     Winner QF1 v Winner QF2 15/10/1 | 21:00

                                    v                                                                       v
QF2:      Winner Pool B v Runner-up Pool A 08/10/1 | 20:30
                                                  1                      SF2:     Winner QF3 v Winner QF4 16/10/1 | 21:00

                                    v                                                                       v
QF3:      Winner Pool D v Runner-up Pool C 09/10/1 | 18:00

                                    v                                    Bronze Final                     1
                                                                                                   21/10/1 20:30

QF4:     Winner Pool A v Runner-up Pool B 09/10/1 | 20:30
                                                                         Final              1
                                                                                     23/10/1 21:00
Please Note: Alll match times
Please Note: Al match times                                                                                 v
are in New Zealand locall time.
are in New Zealand loca time.
Issue 11 | Bread of Heaven                                                                                                                  17
                                                    Road Traffic Law
                                                    We offer a range of services from initial telephone advice
                                                    through to defending you at a contested trials. We ensure
                                                    that your case is fully investigated and all defences
                                                    explored to achieve the best possible result.

Don’t Be Caught Out by the New
Vehicle Insurance Law
Sarah Williams, of Watkins & Gunn Solicitors explains the important
change in the law of vehicle insurance taking effect from June 2011.

The Government are introducing                   parked on the side of a road, this will apply    The exception to the new law is to declare
tough new measures to combat                     to you unless you have officially declared it    that your vehicle is officially off road by
uninsured drivers. Uninsured                     “off road”. It will also affect vehicles, like   notifying the DVLA using a Statutory Off
drivers kill around 160 people a                 caravans or vintage cars, that are only used     Road Notification (SORN)
year and injuring a further 23,000               in certain times of the year.
and the latest estimates are that                                                                 For more information or to check whether
1.4 million people currently drive               Insurance Advisory Letters (IAL) will be sent    your vehicle is insured go to the govern-
uninsured in the UK.                             to the registered keepers of uninsured           ment website website.
                                                 vehicles warning them that they will be
From the 20th June 2011 new Continuous           fined unless they take action. If they fail to
Insurance Enforcement Law will make it an        insure they will then receive a fixed penalty    Sarah Williams is a Partner and Head of
offence to keep an uninsured vehicle rather      of £100. If the vehicle remains uninsured        the Criminal Department at Watkins &
than just to drive while uninsured.              they may have their vehicle wheel-clamped,       Gunn Solicitors and may be contacted on
                                                 impounded, or destroyed or face a court          01495 768921.
If your car is “off road”, that is in a garage   prosecution, with a possible maximum fine
or parked on a driveway and not simply           of £1000.                              

18                                                                                                               Bread of Heaven | Issue 11
                                Private Client
                                We can prepare Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney,
                                deal with all aspects of probate and the administration of
                                estates and assist you with tax planning and trust matters.
                                Our specialist team will explain the process to guide you
                                through the necessary steps to ensure that your matter is dealt
                                with as quickly and as sensitively as possible.

Inheritance Tax Allowances
Nicky Sherrard, of Watkins & Gunn Solicitors advises on the Tax Free
allowances available for lifetime gifts.

Most people hate the thought of                  You also have an annual exemption of               Christmas and birthday) to whoever you
having their hard earned money                   £3,000. If you didn’t use your allowance last      wish. This allowance also includes the
being taxed when they die.                       tax year you can gift £6,000 this tax year.        payment of regular premiums on a life
Everyone is entitled to pass up to                                                                  insurance policy for you or someone else.
£325,000 tax free upon death, this               Here are some other not so well known tax
is known as the Nil Rate Band                    free allowances:-                                So it may pay to think about estate
(NRB) for Inheritance Tax (IHT).                 • You may gift up to £250 to as many             planning during your lifetime and to
However many people are unaware                     people as you wish.                           consider making monetary gifts to your
of the tax free allowances available             • Each parent may give their child a             loved ones during your lifetime.
for gifts made during their lifetime.               £5,000 gift for their wedding,
                                                    grandparents and great grandparents
There is a 7 year rule for gifts called a           can each give £2,500.
potentially exempt transfer (PET). This          • You may make “regular gifts out of             Nicky Sherrard is an Associate and Head
applies if an individual, whose estate would        income”. Provided the regular gift(s) do      of the Private Client Department at
be taxable, makes a gift of say £50,000             not affect your normal standard of living     Watkins & Gunn Solicitors and may be
cash to someone. Provided the individual            and are paid out of your income not           contacted on 01495 768935.
survives for 7 years after the date of the          capital, you may set up a regular gift (for
gift it is exempt from IHT on their death.          example, on a monthly basis or at   

Issue 11 | Bread of Heaven                                                                                                                 19
In order to answer this question, we have carried out a survey of
Union Members over the last 12 months (June 2010 to May 2011)
to find out whether we are providing a quality service.

We have analysed the Members’ replies, which have revealed a high level of satisfaction with the service that we provide.
Included are a series of charts to demonstrate the results and have also added some of the comments that we received from Members

1. How satisfied were you with the
   overall level of service?


“I have no further comments on how you can improve your service –
just keep doing what you’re doing!”
“ I would recommend you to someone else simply because of the high
standard displayed at our meetings”
“All staff friendly, knowledgeable and discreet”

2. Did we give you information/advice that was easy to understand?

20                                                                                                    Bread of Heaven | Issue 11
3. How well did we keep you up-to-date
   with progress?                                   4. Did we treat you fairly at all times?

VERY WELL                                           YES
(94.67%)                                            (99.45%)

“If I ever have need of a professional legal service, I will look no further than Watkins & Gunn”
“Very informative, put me at my ease. The outcome was brilliant – thank you.

5. Would you recommend us to someone else if
   they needed legal help or advice?

“A very good firm to have on your side”
“I was treated right from the outset as if I was royalty”
“It couldn’t have been a more smooth process – it’s been a pleasure despite sad circumstances”

6. Was the result of your case better or the same
   as we had advised you?


Issue 11 | Bread of Heaven                                                                     21
                                                    Employment Law
                                                    Employment Law is one of the most dynamic areas of
                                                    law as it is continually changing with the
                                                    implementation of new European and UK legislation.

                                                    Our Employment Team offer Union branch secretaries and
                                                    their members the essential specialist legal advice necessary
                                                    to manage and resolve employment problems at work.

Get Onside With The Equality Act!
Clive Thomas of Watkins & Gunn Solicitors considers the law governing
behaviour in the workplace following the recent allegations of sexism at
Sky Sports.
The much publicised row over the                 harassment at work face claims for                equal opportunities, harassment, and
comments made by Sky Sports                      unlimited damages, as there is no                 communicate these to their staff and give
presenters Andy Gray and Richard                 financial cap on discrimination claims, as        guidance on acceptable conduct. Workers
Keys has brought the issue of sex                well as potentially damaging publicity.           who then ignore it are likely to face serious
discrimination in the workplace                                                                    disciplinary action.
into the spotlight. Their comments               Under the Act, workers have the right not
related to the ability of a female               to be harassed at work or in a work-related       So employers and workers alike need to be
assistant football referee but they              setting e.g. an office party. Harassment          “onside” with the Equality Act - if not the
may have been better served by                   means unwanted conduct that has the               penalties are likely to be a lot more serious
knowing about the new Equality                   purpose or effect of violating a person's         than a red card!
Act rather than the offside rule.                dignity or creating an intimidating,
                                                 hostile, degrading, humiliating or
The Equality Act consolidates and clarifies      offensive environment e.g. sexist                 Clive Thomas is the Managing Partner
the existing discrimination law for sex,         language. The definition allows other             of Watkins and Gunn and a member of
race, disability, sexual orientation, religion   workers to complain about offensive               the Employment Lawyers Association and
or belief and age. Following its                 behaviour that is not directed at them or         may be contacted on 01633 241160
implementation employers who condone             related to their own characteristics.
a culture of sex discrimination and              Employers should put policies in place on

22                                                                                                                  Bread of Heaven | Issue 11
                               Childcare Proceedings
                               If care proceedings have started or Social Services are
                               just holding meetings about children within your family
                               you will require specialist legal representation.

                               We recognise what a difficult time it can be and our
                               childcare team offer sound advice and support throughout
                               the process.

Grandparents Rights
Kate Roberts of Watkins & Gunn Solicitors considers Grandparents rights.

Grandparents play a very important             as part of the family for three years, do not   Parenting Agreements, which would allow
role in most children’s lives. The             require permission to apply to the court.       the parents also to set out the contact
charity Grandparents Plus report                                                               arrangements with the absent parent, as
that grandparents provide unpaid               The Family Justice Review which has been        well as grandparents and other relatives
childcare worth £3.9 billion every             commissioned by the government and led          and friends valued by the child. The
year. Yet according to the                     by Mr David Norgrove, a former civil servant,   Agreements would not be legally binding,
Grandparent’s Association 280,000              has recognised the important role of            but if a parent failed to comply with it,
grandparents have no contact at all            grandparents. Their interim report contains     then the agreement could be used as
with their grandchildren and this              proposals to bolster the position of            evidence in court if contact was denied.
affects up to a million children.              grandparents when relationships breakdown.      The final recommendations of the review
                                                                                               are set to be made in the Autumn.
Grandparents do not automatically have a       However, the proposals do not, as has
right of contact with their grandchildren      been suggested by the recent press              For the meantime, grandparents will still
following the separation or divorce of their   coverage, give grandparents legal rights.       need to seek permission from the court to
own children, or when they lose contact        Mr Norgrove said that the law is “too           commence court action.=
with them through family feuds.                blunt an instrument” and giving
                                               grandparents such rights could damage           Kate Roberts is an accredited Children
Grandparents have to seek permission           the children involved, rather the review        Law solicitor at Watkins & Gunn Solicitors
from the court before they can even apply      proposes that grandparents should not           and may be contacted on 01495 768933
for a contact order. In contrast estranged     need to seek permission first. The report
parents and step parents, who have lived       also proposes the introduction of     

Issue 11 | Bread of Heaven                                                                                                            23
                                                 Property Law
                                                 Buying, selling, re-mortgaging or leasing a residential or
                                                 commercial property can be a minefield of potential
                                                 legal problems. Our Property Team has a wealth of
                                                 experience to guide you through the process.

                                                 We have embraced the latest technology to provide a fast
                                                 and efficient specialist service at a very competitive price.
                                                 We offer a fixed fee with no hidden charges.

Conveyancing Quality Scheme
Helen Barry of Watkins & Gunn Solicitors discusses the Law Society
CQS initiative.

We have become one of the first               mortgage arrangement fees, the VAT                   more in the long run if something goes
law firms in the country to secure            increase for services related to                     wrong. Buying a home is a major life event,
membership of the Law Society’s               home-buying and other extras could                   so taking a short cut on legal costs is a risk.
Conveyancing Quality Scheme                   tempt anyone moving home or stepping
(CQS) - the mark of excellence for            onto the property ladder for the first time          While there are many firms to choose
the home buying process.                      to try and make “risky” savings in other             from who can deal with the legal aspects
                                              parts of the home buying process.                    of home buying, it is now much more
We underwent a rigorous assessment by                                                              straightforward, thanks to CQS, to identify
the Law Society in order to secure CQS        Buying a home is not only an expensive               those which have passed the national Law
status, which marks the firm out as           process, it is also complex. While savings can       Society’s quality assessment.
meeting high standards in the residential     be made with regards to furniture removals
conveyancing process. The main                and other expenses, cutting corners on legal         Buyers should be looking for a quality
beneficiaries of the scheme are our clients   services can prove very risky.                       service above price and CQS membership
who use us to handle the legal side of                                                             provides help to buyers in choosing a firm
buying a home.                                Legal services are already one of the                to act for them in such an important
                                              cheapest parts of the process compared               purchase.
The Law Society set up the CQS initiative     to the costs of arranging a mortgage,
this year to ensure the highest standards     estate agents fees for selling a property
in home buying were recognised and            and the largest cost of all Stamp Duty               As a member of the BFAWU you can
easily visible to home-buyers.                Land Tax. The conveyancing process can               benefit from our discounted conveyancing
                                              be complicated and any mistakes could                fees and a quality service you can rely on.
Home-buyers are being warned not to           mean important aspects or liabilities
take risks by cutting corners when buying     linked to the property fall on the buyer.            Helen Barry is a Solicitor at Watkins &
a home in the face of rising extra costs                                                           Gunn and and may be contacted on
associated with moving home.                  Opting for the cheapest conveyancing price           01633 241163
                                              you can find could mean you don’t get the
Stamp Duty Land Tax, estate agents fees,      best, reliable service and end up paying   

24                                                                                                                 Bread of Heaven | Issue 11
                              Clinical Negligence
                              We have the greatest respect for the health professionals in
                              the UK and the work that they do. However when mistakes
                              are made they can have very serious consequences such as
                              birth injuries, misdiagnosis or surgical errors.
                              If you have been the victim of negligent medical treatment
                              then you may be entitled to claim compensation. Our
                              specialist team can offer a completely free high quality service.

The Cost of Medical Negligence
Jonathan Wellington of Watkins & Gunn Solicitors considers the emotive
issue of pursuing compensation from the NHS.
The issue of costs in medical                   increased slightly and whilst a vast               able to guide victims through the
negligence cases has been in the                majority of patients receive excellent             compensation maze and to ensure, that
news again recently. There is a                 treatment there is evidence to suggest             appropriate compensation, which can make
public perception that both the                 that at least half of the incidents could          a real difference to their quality of life, is
number of claims and the cost of                have been avoided had lessons from                 obtained. It is however equally important to
claims against the NHS is spiralling            previous incidents been learned.                   establish what went wrong and how it can
out of control, taking up an ever                                                                  be prevented from happening in the future
increasing proportion of the NHS                Pursuing legal action against the NHS is           thus assisting others who have the need for
budget and placing the NHS under                an emotive issue, with a balance to be             NHS treatment.
increasing pressure.                            struck between obtaining compensation
                                                for victims and also in not reducing the           To that end can also assist with pursuing
On the 29th March 2011, the Justice             NHS’ ability to provide adequate care. I           complaints to the NHS and if appropriate
Secretary, Ken Clarke referred to the NHS       believe that pursuing legal action against         obtain an apology on behalf of the victim
paying out the sum of 312 million pounds        the NHS has two important objectives for           and their family and an agreement as to
in damages and legal costs of 456 million       victims of medical accidents.                      future courses of action.
pounds in 2008/2009. In fact upon closer
examination of the figures released by the      The first is clearly that it could provide         Whilst clearly it is important that undue
National Health Service Litigation              victims of medical accidents with their just       pressure is not placed upon the National
Authority website shows that for                compensation to help in reducing the               Health Service it is also vitally important that
2008/2009 figure for the damages paid           effects of injury or to assist family              victims of medical accidents obtain the correct
out was 296 million pounds with costs of        members after a death. Any                         advice and support and retain their right to
103 million pounds. In 2009/2010 the            compensation can often be put to good              pursue actions for damages for compensation
damages figure was 296 million pounds           use in terms of rehabilitation to improve          against the National Health Service.
with costs of 121 million pounds.               the eventual outcome for a patient.
                                                                                                   If you would like any further information
The NHS treats over 1 million patients          The second is that legal action plays an           regarding potential medical negligence
every year in its acute, ambulance and          important role in ensuring that Clinicians learn   matters then please contact Jonathan
mental health trusts. Figures show that         from their mistakes and change their systems       Wellington at Watkins & Gunn Solicitors
approximately 1 in 10 patients admitted         so that the same mistake is not repeated.          on 01495 768 920.
to hospital suffered an unintentional harm
whilst being treated. These figures have        As lawyers our role is vital in terms of being

Issue 11 | Bread of Heaven                                                                                                                     25
royal reception
Have a

of your own with these quick and simple recipes
from Kate & William's wedding breakfast!

Peach Bellini
Try this delicious and simple-to-make cocktail – perfect for summer
cocktail parties...
2 ripe peaches
1 bottle of chilled champagne or any sparkling wine such as Prosecco or Cava

To Make (Serves 4):
• Place champagne glasses in fridge to cool
• Peel peaches and take out stones (you can use raspberries instead to make a Raspberry Bellini if
  you wish)
• Place peaches in a blender and puree until totally smooth (this can be prepared in advance and
  kept in the fridge)
• Pour 2-3 tablespoons into a chilled champagne flute
• Pour chilled champagne or sparkling wine slowly over the puree, stirring slowly as you pour
• Serve immediately

     Mini Party
     2-3 tablespoons of sunflower oil
     Half a pint milk
     4 ozs plain flour
     12 mini sausages

     To Make (Serves 1-2):
     •   Preheat oven to 180ºC / Gas Mark 6
     •   Pour half a teaspoon of sunflower oil into each cup in baking tin
     •   Place in the oven until oil is piping hot
     •   In the meantime, make the batter:
         - Sieve flour into a large jug, with a pinch of salt
         - Add the egg
         - Pour half the milk and whisk until bubbles appear
         - Pour the rest of the milk in and whisk through
     •   Remove tray from the oven, pour batter into each cup to approximately 2/3rds full
     •   Drop a mini sausage in each cup
     •   Bake for 20-25 minutes until brown and crispy
     •   Serve with ketchup

26                                                                                                   Bread of Heaven | Issue 11
                                   Join the
                                   Bakers, Food
                                   and Allied
                                   Workers Union
Benefits of BFAWU Membership:
                                   Fill in the application form below and
• Sickness Benefits                hand it to your union representative
• Funeral Benefits                 or visit:
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To join our union contact:
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exceeding expectations...


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