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					           Scout Sign
     A publication for and about Scouters in our Council

               Partners in Chatham, Cumberland, Franklin, Granville, Harnett, Lee, Moore, and Vance Counties

May, 2008 Vol. 3, #05                                                           

                       IN ONE FOR SCOUTING!
On Monday, April 21st, 2008 over 240 golfers hit the greens to support the 2008 Progress Energy ScoutReach Golf Tournament.
Held at Prestonwood Country Club in Cary, NC, this year’s 15th annual event was a huge success with 61 teams participating in a
fun-filled day that helped to support a worthwhile cause. In the last 15 years over $500,000 has been raised to support the
ScoutReach programs within the Occoneechee Council.

The tournament is the primary source of funding for ScoutReach activities which reach out to at-risk and low income youth by
providing opportunities for Scouting through a quality program. The goal of ScoutReach is to foster community growth by working
through schools, churches, and other civic organizations to ensure every youth has an opportunity to participate in Scouting. Last
year this program touched the lives of over 3,000 Scouts by providing handbooks, uniforms, camping opportunities and registration

             Presentation of plaques of appreciation to Capitol Broadcasting Company and Progress Energy for their continued support of the
             annual ScoutReach program. Left to right: Council Scout Executive-John Akerman, James Farmer -representing Capitol
             Broadcasting Company, Inc. Tournament Committee Chair- Donna Graham, Honorary Chairperson-Hilda Pinnix-Ragland, and
             Council President- Rod Frankel.

This year marked the sixth year that Progress Energy has been the naming sponsor for this event. Special recognition
should be given to Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina & Capitol Broadcasting Company for their support as
“Tournament Sponsors”. The Board of Directors of the Occoneechee Council would like to thank Hilda Pinnix-Ragland for
serving as this year’s Honorary Chairperson for the tournament, as well as Donna Graham and her team of committee members.
Also a special thank you to the businesses and individuals that participated in or financially supported this year’s tournament.

For more information about the ScoutReach program or participating in next year’s event, please contact John Phares, Finance
Director at (919) 872-4884 or by e-mail at

           KEY 3 MESSAGE                                           My sincere thanks to all the “farmers” of Occoneechee
                                                                   Council who support us with their time, energy, expertise
         COUNCIL PRESIDENT’S                                       and finances. Scouting changes lives. At this time of the
             COMMENTS                                              year let’s all commit to work together to impact our
                                                                   Council’s youth during the springtime of their lives.

                                                                   NATIONAL YOUTH LEADERSHIP
                                                                                           The Occoneechee North Star
                                                                                           National Youth Leadership Training
                                                                                           is still taking applications for
                                                                                           attendance. This is a six day
                       Rod Frankel
                                                                   outdoor experience for current and future leaders in
                                                                   support of the Scoutmaster’s responsibility for the training
PLANT YOUR SEEDS….                                                 of his Youth Leaders. The conference utilizes the standard
                                                                   Troop structure using the patrol method. Patrol leadership
 CARE FOR YOUR CROPS….                                             changes daily to give all Scouts a chance to be a Patrol
  REAP A SUCCESSFUL HARVEST                                        Leader or Assistant. The participants will write their own
                                                                   Vision Statement in which they will plan how to use their
Spring is an exciting time of the year in North Carolina.          newly acquired skills in their home Troops. The
The weather becomes warmer, we spend more time                     Conference has been developed by the National Council
outdoors and we plan lots of events and activities. Farmers        Boy Scouts of America. The conference is the highest
and gardeners plant their seeds, cultivate, water, nurture         leadership training offered to Youth Leaders at the Council
and care for their crops and look forward to the blooms            level.
and fruits of summer.
                                                                   WHO MAY ATTEND?
Scouting is in a similar mode. Many of the seeds for our           Participants may be any current or future leader in any
financial success are planted in the springtime.                   Scouting position. Also to be eligible attend they must be
Congratulations and thank you to all those who helped              at least First Class in rank and thirteen years old by the
make our Council FOS Kick-Off Breakfast the most                   start of the course. Each Scout must also have a working
successful ever. Jim Goodmon of Capitol Broadcasting               knowledge of camping, hiking and cooking over an open
and his team of volunteer Vice Chairs did a fantastic job.         fire in all weather conditions and have the written approval
                                                                   of his Scoutmaster. Enrollment is limited to 48 qualified
Throughout the Council our Districts are demonstrating
similar success with a variety of fundraising events such as
FOS Breakfasts, Distinguished Citizen Award Banquets
                                                                   WHAT IS THE COST OF THIS COURSE?
and other programs. Recently, our Progress Energy
                                                                   The total cost for NYLT is $200, which covers course
ScoutReach Golf Tournament was held with a record
                                                                   materials, T-Shirt, hat and food for the week. A fee of $75
number of participants.
                                                                   is required with the application form and the remaining
The programs and activities of Occoneechee Council are             $125 is due no later than July 21st.
the ways that we nurture these seeds. Please be sure that
your unit is represented at the Program Kick-Off that will         WHAT’S THE DATE?
be held at the Council HQ on the evening of May 29th.              August 3 - 8, 2008 at Camp Durant. Participants should
Register your unit for Camp Durant this summer – the               plan for arrival no later than 11:30 am and registration
camp staff has already completed the first of its training         promptly begins at 12:00 noon, August 3rd. Participants
weekends and is ready to “show off” the facilities and the         will be ready to depart after the closing ceremony on
fun of our remodeled camp. This year Camp Durant also              Friday, August 8th (around 7:00 pm). Parents and
features a Webelos Resident week and a Cub – Adult                 Scoutmasters will be invited to attend the closing dinner
Overnighter.                                                       and ceremony on August 8th to celebrate their Scout’s
The “harvest” of Occoneechee Council comes in the late
summer and fall. We anticipate awarding another record             HOW CAN I REGISTER FOR THIS COURSE?
number of Eagle Scout badges. We look to duplicate, or             Applications can be found on line through the Council
surpass, our achievement of 10 of 13 Centennial Quality            calendar by clicking on the following link:
Districts in the Council. We expect to continue our      
enviable record of membership growth and youth retention           p?ActivityKey=345232 . For more information please
as a result of our strong programs and training.                   contact: Kathy Connelly-NYLT Coordinator at
                                                          or call her at 919-779-6784.
            SUMMER CAMP 2008                                                             NEW SUMMER
Summer Camp 2008 and the ADVENTURE OF A
LIFETIME are almost here! It won’t be long before the                                   2008 CUB SCOUT
first Scouts roll through the gates of a brand-new Camp                                 RESIDENT CAMP
Durant. For the first time, we’ll welcome them with brand
new showers in every campsite and an incredibly trained
                                                                                       “BLAZIN” SADDLES
and enthusiastic staff, ready to DELIVER THE PROMISE
to every Scout, adult leader and visitor at Camp Durant          Calling all Wolf and Bear Scouts. Come join us at Camp
this summer!                                                     Durant in Carthage this summer for two days and three
                                                                 nights of cub activities geared to our theme of “Blazin”
This summer, the largest staff in the history of Camp            Saddles. Scouts will have an opportunity to experience
Durant will be ready to make sure your experience is the         activities at the BB and Archery ranges, Nature and Crafts
best you’ve ever had! Over the past few months our               centers and cooling off at the waterfront. All rising Wolf
exceptional staff has been working tirelessly to bring the       and Bear Cubs along with their adult partners are
best and most exciting program your Troop will                   encouraged to sign up for this event. Campers will be
experience in North Carolina.                                    camping in a two-person tent on a pallet with meals served
                                                                 in an air-conditioned dining hall.
It’s not too late to sign up for this incredible and life-
changing adventure. If your Troop would like to                  Units wishing to participate must register. Two-deep
participate this summer, or if you have Scouts that would        registered leaderships for every six Scouts will be
like to join our provisional Troop, please contact Linda         required. The cost is $50.00 per person if received by May
Grady at the Occoneechee Council Office at (919) 872-            2, 2008. Registration is limited to the first 200 campers.
4884 or by e-mail at You can              Additional information and registration forms are available
also surf to our NEW Camp Durant website at                      at!
                                                                 WHEN:            July 20 – July 23, 2008
This is an exciting summer for Camp Durant, and one that
your Troop does not want to miss! We’ll see you soon!                             CUB-ADULT

     2008 WEBELOS

                                                                 The Cub-Adult Overnighter is an exciting Saturday
                                                                 afternoon and evening of outdoor activities, a catered
Howdy partners. Come on down to Camp Durant in                   dinner and campfire. You will enjoy a restful evening in
Carthage, NC for two days and three nights of fun-filled         tents provided by the camp. Mark your calendar for
adventures. We are planning activities for the Webelos           Saturday, June 28 – Sunday, June 29, 2008. This event
Scouts at the waterfront, BB/Archery ranges, Handicraft          will take place at Camp Durant located in Carthage, NC.
and Nature areas and the bouldering walls.                       Activities will include programs at the BB and Archery
                                                                 ranges, nature and craft centers and, of course, the
The program is opened to Webelos (I/II) dens and leaders         waterfront.
(two-deep leadership is required for every six scouts), or
Webelos Scouts and parent/guardian. Appropriate medical          Come one, come all to this fun event. Saturday night will
and hold-harmless forms will be required. Camping will be        feature a catered dinner. Sunday morning a light breakfast
in two-person tents (on pallets) with a covered shelter in       will be served. Time will be limited so you may want to
each campsite. Meals will be served in an air-conditioned        eat prior to check-in on Saturday or bring a bag lunch.
dining hall.                                                     Refreshments are available. LUNCH WILL NOT BE
                                                                 PROVIDED. Cost is $40.00 per cub-adult partner. There
The cost is $50.00 per person if received by May 2, 2008.        is a $10.00 fee per additional camper. Registration is
Additional information and registration forms can be found       limited to the first 100 cub/partner pairs. You will also
at                                              receive a really cool patch. Additional information and
                                                                 registration is available at
WHEN:             July 23 – July 26, 2008

             COME WITH US
                                                                      5.   Orange District and Three Rivers with 15% each
           AND BUILD LEADERS                                               of their goal.

O. Temple Sloan is pleased to announce that we have                   6.   Total Family Capital from all Districts in
reached over $6,605,000, or 75.7% of our Capital                           Occoneechee is $76,000 or 34% of the $215,000
Campaign goal.                                                             goal.

The leader in the Public Phase of the Capital Campaign is         The Charley Sullivan Training Center Campaign is moving
Cumberland County which has raised over 100% of its               forward with over $190,000 raised. Thanks to General
$50,000 goal. Congratulations to District Campaign                Chairman Brad Starr and key workers for efforts on the
Chairman Steve Wheeler and staff members Bill Waters              O.A Campaign. Our next step is the Chapter Campaign
and Terry McIntire. So far, the two District Family/Capital       kicked off on March 15 with the O.A. POW WOW at
Campaigns have raised over $10,000 - $5,000 of that in the        Camp Durant on September 12, 2008.
last two months.
                                                                  Welcome back Rodney McDonald from his surgery!! He
Congratulations to Tommy Stone and his brother Jim for            and Brad Starr have helped preview the letter that is being
receiving Outstanding Service Certificates from Campaign          sent out to all adult Lodge members as a part of the
Vice Chairman Rick Guirlinger for supporting two staff            Chapter Campaign.
cabins as a part of the Capital Campaign. Falls District
leads all Wake County Districts with $40,000 raised, or           Please note that the Charley Sullivan Training Center
40% of their District goal. Hemlock follows with $11,000          Campaign is a part of the Family FOS and Capital
raised, $10,000 of which is Family/Capital Campaign               Campaign.
                                                                  Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Rogers of
                                                                  Henderson for hosting the March, 2008 Estate Preservation
                                                                  Workshop with 18 Scouters and Friends of Scouting in
                                                                  attendance. This was the first such workshop conducted
                                                                  this year and two more are being planned. The agenda is a
                                                                  broad based discussion of possible ways to preserve estates
                                                                  and possibly benefit the Occoneechee Council Boy Scouts
                                                                  of America in the future.

               Tommy Stone and John Stone

 Pacesetter Districts in the Family Capital Campaign

    1.   Tuocs District with $9,175 raised or 190% of

    2.   Kia Kima District with $16,700 raised or 111% -
         Adopt A Campsite gift made the difference here
         plus other gifts!                                                           Cliff and Stephanie Rogers

    3.   Moore District with $16,299 raised or 81% of
         goal - Adopt A Campsite made difference too              Any Scouter who wishes to help in the solicitation part of
         plus other gifts!                                        the Capital Campaign, Foundations or Endowment can
                                                                  contact Development Director Bill Lappin or
    4.   Hemlock District raised over $10,500 or 50% of           Administrative Assistant Alycia Davis at 919-872-4884.
         its goal from nine gifts. Most of these were
         $1,200 gifts; once the pledge is paid they will
         receive a James E. West Fellowship!
                                                                   As summer approaches let's get ready for summer camp.
      OCCONEECHEE LODGE 104                                        Our staff is ready to assist you with uniforming, books,
                                                                   foot lockers, rain gear, mosquito netting, and hydration
At Spring Pow-Wow in March the Lodge hosted Webelos                systems. Stop by and check out our new line of camping
Cub Day and it was a great success. The rifle range was            gear!
opened for the first time at an OA event. We have made
plans to open up one camp program area every Lodge                 Don't forget our Wacky Wednesday specials. As of April
weekend to garner interest in outdoor skills. We also want         16th we have items on sale such as t-shirts, caps, craft kits,
to provide our brothers with knowledge that they can take          canteens, mugs, and ponchos.
back to their Troops. Even with a little weather scare
Saturday night, the weekend was a fantastic success.               As a reminder to our customers who shop in Fayetteville,
                                                                   Cumberland Scout Shop will have new summer hours of
We have a big year ahead of us and this was a great kick-          operation:
off event.
                                                                   July – August
At Pow-Wow we put ourselves in a good position for                 Monday                      Closed Every Monday
conclave. This year, it is April 18-20 at Camp Bowers and          Tuesday - Friday            Open 9-6
we decided as a Lodge to have the movie 300 as the theme           Saturday                    Open 10-4
for our delegation to Conclave. We are building our                Sunday                      Closed
costumes and getting ready to battle it out with the rest of
the section for that coveted spirit award!                          Please continue to support your local Scout Shop.
                                                                   As always, we strive to be number one in customer
Most everyone should have completed their Troop                    service!
elections by now and I want to discuss one issue.
                                                                   Anne Hendrix
The Troop must contact the Chapter and schedule an
election to be held at one of their regular Scout meetings,
but they cannot just decide one night to hold their own OA               REPTILE DAY FOLLOW-UP
                                                                                                Hundreds and hundreds of
If you have questions, the Lodge Chief asks that you                                            smiling faces, just like the
contact him through email at                                           ones above, attended this
                                                                                                year’s Reptile & Amphibian
Hope to see you at Spring Inductions on May16-18!                                               Day at the N.C. Museum of
                                                                                                Natural Sciences. The
                                                                                                Museum attendance for this
                                                                   event was over 10,000. The Cub Scouts were in force with
                                                                   over 200 in attendance. Approximately 20 Boy Scouts
                                                                   were able to begin work on their Reptile and Amphibian
                                                                   Merit Badge.

                                                                   Exhibitors from various clubs and organizations took over
                                                                   four floors of the Museum where they had an opportunity
                                                                   to display their favorite reptile and amphibian friends.
                                                                   From the smallest poisonous dart frogs measuring ¾ of an
                                                                   inch long, to the largest snake, a python from Indonesia,
                                                                   Lula (weighing a whopping 200 lbs) everyone had an
                                                                   opportunity to get up close, and sometimes personal, with
                                                                   these cold-blooded creatures.
             SCOUT SHOP NEWS
                                                                   A special thank you to Stuart Thomas, Troop 214, for
Happy Spring to all the Scouts and Scouters in                     lending his expertise in counseling the Reptile and
Occoneechee Council. Spring brings about lots of exciting          Amphibian merit badge session, his son Joshua and Troop
events. It is almost graduation time for those hard working        member Bill Michaud for volunteering at the check-in
Cub Scouts. Make this time in their Scouting careers a fun         table. The Museum staff’s enthusiasm and support lent
and special event. We have ceremony and skit books to              itself to yet another great event. Hope to see everyone at
enhance your Pack meetings. We will have an ample                  the next event in September – the much anticipated Bug
supply of neckerchiefs and books. Shop early and beat the          Fest.
last minute rush!

          RED CROSS

                                                                       GET A BANG OUT OF YOUR SUMMER
                                                                          LITERALLY: you & your family

          Contact: William M. Fairhurst
               Adviser- Crew 111
               105 Sedgemoor Dr.
                 Cary, NC 27513
                Tel 919-678-0630
                Fax 919-678-0510

     Would you like to be certified as a lifeguard?                    Venture Crew 111 Invites YOU
                                                                   to the first ever NRA/ATA TRAP CAMP
You Can Be:
   1.   CPR Certified                                        When July 14 & 15, 2008 8:30 AM through 5:00 PM (Lunch Provided)
   2.   First Aid Trained
   3.   Lifeguard Certified                                  Where: Durham County Wildlife Club, Hopson Rd., RTP, NC See
   4.   Qualified to work as a Lifeguard           
   5.   Lifesaving Merit Badge if in BSA
                                                             What: You will complete the NRA Basic Shotgun Safety Course, earn the
When:            May 23, 2008     6:30 PM to 10 PM           Shotgun Safety Qualification Patch & Basic Practical Rocker. You should
                 May 24, 2008        8 AM to 6 PM            also earn the Pro-Marksman and possibly the Marksman rockers. If you
                 May 25, 2008        8 AM to 6 PM            are a Boy Scout you will earn the Shotgun merit badge and Venture
                                                             Elective. You will be trained by Certified NRA/ATA Instructors and
Where: The Wessex Pool, Midenhall Rd, Cary 27513             Coaches.

Cost : $95 (Check made out to Venture Crew 111 BSA)                      You will learn the basics of the Olympic Sport of
(Crew 111 members and Wessex Residents $80). Email                                       Trap Clay Shooting
me your request, but your reservation is contingent on
receipt of payment.                                          How: We are hosting two full days of a hands on instructional event! We
                                                             expect each student to shoot at least 200 targets. (Hitting them is optional).
You can join the crew for $11. Minimum Age: 15               Opportunities will exist to speak to shooting coaches about team activities.

                                                             All ammunition and firearms will be provided and there will be experienced
For full course information go to:          people available to inspect your own gun if you want to use it.
services>health and safety>Swimming>Lifeguarding
                                                               The cost will be $100, including all ammo, firearms, t-shirts, instructional
                                                                                         materials, and lunch.
                                                                       For information call Robbie Spivey 919-678-0007 email
                                                                   Bill Fairhurst 919-678-0630 email

                Deceased Scouter                                       EAGLES
             Michael Seamus Siegl                                  Gage Our Progress
             March 26, 1982 - March 24 2008

Michael Seamus Siegl, loving and beloved son of Adelaide
and Christopher Siegl, brother of Brendan and Kevin
Siegl, died Monday, March 24 at UNC Hospital. Michael,
a graduate of Enloe High School and Wake Tech                                     April 2008
Community College, passed away after a six-week
struggle to regain his health. Michael was an active
member of the St. Andrew Catholic Church youth group,
Search participant, and most recently, a participant in the
post-Katrina efforts in New Orleans with the Jesuit
Volunteer Corps. Michael was an Eagle Scout (Troop
316) and an Assistant Scout Leader for National Jamboree
Troop 1637. He also was a member of Pack 250 in Silver
Spring MD; Pack 316, Troop 209, and Troop 316, all in
Apex, NC. He was a long-term employee of the Food
Lion on Laura Duncan Road in Apex. His grandfathers,
Theodore Siegl and Robert Moran, and his uncle Michael
Maria Siegl, preceded Michael in death. His
grandmothers, numerous aunts and uncles and cousins
survive him.

 A Memorial Mass was held at St. Andrew Catholic
Church in Apex on Saturday, March 29, 2008. The family
received visitors at a reception following the Mass.                2008 EAGLE COUNT
In Lieu of flowers, donations may be made to:
The Jesuit Volunteers, Rex Hospital Foundation,
UNC Hospital

    1.       Perform an occasional task to assist the unit’s
    2.       Participate directly with your Scout
    3.       Go to and observe Scout meetings, Den and
             Pack meetings, Troop and Crew meetings.
    4.       Be part of the unit’s program in both weekly
             meetings and outings
    5.       Support the program financially
    6.       Coach your son in advancement and the
             earning of recognitions
    7.       Influence your Scout’s continued
             participation, and
    8.       Assist your son in earning the religious award
             for your faith.

Scouting parents really need to check out this web site

      UNIVERSITY OF SCOUTING                                       Notice
              UPDATE                                               d.asp?orgkey=382&id=36111
The 2008 University of Scouting will be held on Saturday 
November 1, 2008. Mark your calendars now!                         d.asp?orgkey=382&id=36110

In 2007 almost 300 Scouters attended the University of
Scouting, earning degrees and building their scout skills
and knowledge. It was a great opportunity to gather with
                                                                            PROTESTANT GOD AND
fellow Scouters for a day of fun and learning. We expect                      COUNTRY AWARD
this year’s event to be even better!
                                                                                              The Goals for this award are to
The 2008 planning committee is already working hard to                                       provide an opportunity for young
get the catalog online and the staff recruited. The deadline                                 people and their families to
for suggested course additions/deletions will be June 1st.                                   explore their faith together and
You may submit course ideas to the Committee by sending                                      learn six ways of strengthening
an outline or short description to Chancellor Vivian Sloggy                                  those same families through
at If you would like to serve                                         faith. It is the goal of the
on staff please let us know.                                                                 program to help families grow in
                                                                                             God’s love and to memorize the
Watch the Council web site and the Scout Sign for further                                    Ten Commandments.
                                                                   The God and Family curriculum is designed to help youth
See you in November!                                               understand the importance of family and God’s role in a
                                                                   healthy family. The God and Family Program provides an
                                                                   opportunity for young people and their families to explore
                                                                   their faith together. Children will read about different
                  KODIAK TRAINING IS                               families in the Bible, which can teach them about God’s
                   NOW AVAILABLE                                   plan for strengthening families. To remember these
                                                                   lessons, children will compare families and “pizza.” The
                                                                   six steps for making pizza will give students a concrete,
Kodiak training is a leadership development course for             “hands-on” model on which to build their
older teens offered by a Troop or Crew in a Council six-           understanding of God’s love for their families. They
day format or over two three-day weekends. It is based on          will make a pizza as they study how families can grow
the servant leader concept and is delivered while on a trek,       together in God’s love, and they will choose “family
trip or other activity.                                            projects” to be done with their family at home.

The Southern Region is responsible for certifying the
Kodiak course in each Council. Ours will be held on June                 PRESIDENT’S VOLUNTEER
6-8 and June 13-15. The total of $200 includes all
activities, equipment rental and facility use fees. It also                  SERVICE AWARD
includes all course materials, meals, course t-shirts and
patches. All participants must have a Class 3 physical and         President Bush in 2002 challenged all Americans to
a signed informed consent form.                                    contribute at least 4,000 hours of service over their
The course leaders will teach five leadership skills called
commissions using illustrations found in nature. Kodiak            The BSA has recently become a leadership organization
has as its base a nature setting and uses adult and teen           for the President’s Volunteer Service Award.
                                                                   When you look at the qualifications for the award you will
This course is limited to 24 participants. BSA registered          find every Eagle Scout qualifies for at least the Bronze
youth will have priority until April 30, 2008. Applications        Level Award.
MUST be approved by an Advisor / Scoutmaster AND a
parent / guardian.                                                 The Council would like your unit and its boys with their
                                                                   families to think of ways that you can earn the Gold Level
                                                                   Award. Click
                                                                   You can use the reporting mechanism. We also want to be
                                                                   able to recognize your unit for providing 200+ hours of


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