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 Timberdoodle’s Preschool Complete
 Curriculum Package Includes:
                                               Getting Started
 •	    Beginning	Math	Reasoning                Preparing for your first lesson is very easy.
 •	    Beginning	Thinking	Skills               Peruse this folder, look over a typical
 •	    Language	Lessons	For	Little	Ones	#1     schedule, browse the introductions in the
 •	    What	Your	Preschooler	Needs	To		 	      books and you will be ready to go.
 	     Know	-	Read	Alouds
 •	    G	is	for	Goat	paperback                 We would love to help you!
 •	    Lift-the-Flap	Picture	Atlas             Please don’t hesitate to call, email or chat us
 •	    DK	A	Street	Through	Time                with any questions, comments, or concerns.
 •	    Usborne	Then	&	Now                      You will get a real person who is eager to
 •	    Big	Bag	of	Science                      serve you.
 •	    Bloco	3D	Savanna	in	Pyjamas	Set	
 •	    I	Can	Series	(6	books)                  Custom Core?
 •	    Bubber	Bucket                           If you opted to have us personalize your
 •	    Prismacolor	Colored	Pencils	            child’s curriculum, please know that we
 •	    My	First	Scissors                       have included our standard information in
 •	    Smencil                                 this folder for you. We hope it will be helpful,
 •	    Beleduc	~	Rondo	Vario	(Hape	lacing)     even though it doesn’t reflect your thoughtful
 •	    PurplLinker                             changes.
 •	    Timberdoodle	Scheduling	Helps	folder                                                           800-478-0672

                                                                                 Prereading &
                                                                               language arts
                                                                   EvEn bEFoRE YouR ChIlD IS REallY
                                                                            REaDY To lEaRn hoW To REaD
                                                                      on hIS oWn, You aRE CulTIvaTInG
                                                                             a lovE oF REaDInGSIMPlY bY
                                                                                 SPEnDInG aS MuCh TIME aS
                                                                               PoSSIblE REaDInG WITh hIM.

G	IS	FOR	GOAT                            WHAT	YOUR	PReSCHOOLeR	                     LANGUAGe	LeSSONS
Grab your preschooler and G is for       NeeDS	TO	KNOW                              This is the finest implementation of the
Goat, and enjoy a brief escape from      You know to read a lot and read            Charlotte Mason method of instruction
everyday craziness with a pleasant       often with your preschooler, but           I have ever seen. Starting with
barefoot shepherd girl and her           practically where do you start? This       narration, copywork, and dictation,
lovable, frisky goats.                   book is packed with age-appropriate        Sandi Queen has then added delightful
                                         reading selections that both of you        flourishes that include picture studies
Scheduling                               will enjoy. (Do see the caveat on the      with full-color paintings, basic phonics
We suggest reading through               next page though.)                         instruction, poetry appreciation and
one alphabet book a week. Most                                                      writing, creative writing, and much
libraries are full of them, and since    Scheduling                                 more.
we know what it’s like to live on a      Reading three to four selections
limited budget, we’ve included just      a week will get you comfortably            Scheduling
one to get you started—G is for          through all of them in a year.             Five lessons a week will take you
Goat. Whether you read the book in                                                  through this book in just minutes a day.
a single sitting or spread it out over   Covers
multiple days, see how many times        With everything from nursery rhymes        Covers
you can read through each week’s         to art & science, there is a lot here to   Phonics instruction, simple copywork,
book and how many new things             read and discuss.                          picture studies, poetry, story
come up in each reading.                                                            appreciation and more!

                                                                               more reading
                                                                      ThESE TITlES noT onlY hElP You
                                                                      To ExPanD YouR ChIlD’S lovE oF
                                                                  REaDInG, buT alSo GIvE hIM a baSIC
                                                                       InTRoDuCTIon InTo hISToRY anD

HISTORY                                                                          LIFT-THe-FLAP	PICTURe	ATLAS
A	STReeT	THROUGH	TIMe,(ABOVe)	THeN	&	NOW	(NOT	PICTUReD)                          Whimsical pictures, simple text, and a
With child-friendly drawings spanning through the years, your preschooler        breathtaking number of intriguing facts
will be mesmerized by the wonderfully detailed illustrations as well as the
                                                                                 help answer your child’s questions
fascinating historical content in a Street Through Time. Every oversized
                                                                                 about the world around him in this
two-page spread traces the history of people living in britain from ancient
through medieval and modern times. Then & now is a terrific discussion           eye-popping beginner’s atlas.
starter showing how things have changed over the past couple hundred
years. From horses and carriages to baby buggies, there is much to see           Scheduling
and talk about!                                                                  at your child’s pace. Perhaps you
                                                                                 would like to cover one continent
                                                                                 a month or use it year around as a
We encourage you not to worry too much about schedule on these.
Complete them at your child’s pace, stopping each day while it is still fun.

With the exception of Language Lessons, all of these titles are secular,         Divided into separate continents, each
so we would encourage you to glance through them ahead of time. Our              double page is packed with details
family would have skipped the Jack-O-Lantern reading in What Your                about the exotic animals, intriguing
Preschooler... may have hit the beach scene in Then & Now with a
                                                                                 cultures, and magnificent sites to be
touch of white out, and would definitely have spent time discussing the
positive and negative scenarios in Lift the Flap Picture Atlas and A Street      seen. This durable board book also
Through Time. These are outstanding books, but we wanted you to have             includes a giant world-map poster.
a heads-up!

                                                                                        math & thinking
                                                                                        these books are bY the same
                                                                                           Publisher and both sParkle
                                                                                           with their brightlY colored
                                                                                      Pages and interactive activities.
                                                                                       these books just might be the
                                                                                        highlight of Your school time!

With 240 pages of quick, straightforward problems to build       happy, colorful illustrations make this a highly attractive
mathematical reasoning skills in preschoolers, these highly      program for any young child. The variety of delightful
motivational activities will take your child beyond mere drill   exercises ensures that this terrific book will give your child
work by using step-by-step, discussion based problem             a solid foundation for academic excellence.
solving until your child is able to reason his way through any
mathematical problem. Concepts spiral gradually so that          Scheduling
children do not forget as they go!                               an easy seven pages a week will put you on a path for
                                                                 completing the book this year.
Plan on 7 pages a week to complete this in a school year.        Covers
                                                                 vocabulary, pre-reading, pre-writing, math, logic, spatial,
Topics Covered:                                                  and auditory processing skills of preschoolers. It teaches
Counting, identifying, matching, ordering, position, comparing   children to use organized analysis instead of guesswork
and estimating, addition, subtraction, locating, writing,        to solve problems as it develops critical thinking skills
grouping, patterns, geometric shapes, measurement, data/         necessary for success in reading, math, writing, and
probability, and fractions.                                      science. May be used with attribute blocks (optional).

                                                                                                             i can...
                                                                                                            set of 6

I	CAN...                                                           PRISMACOLOR	PeNCILS
It is a terrific privilege to begin your role of teaching parent   This set of pencils is the perfect introduction
with the little guys. They are the most authentic of students, to Prismacolors. Renown as a top-quality
their expectations are exceedingly low, they are amazed        pencil, here at
at your unending wisdom, and they are thrilled just to be in       Timberdoodle we
your presence. Teaching this age is pure pleasure!                 love to purchase
                                                                   sets with outdated
now your experience will be even more delightful with big          covers whenever
Skills for little hands, a series of six books. If only the rest   possible so that
of your teaching could be as effortless! The big Skills for        we can pass along
little hands series supports national standards for early          the terrific savings
childhood by working to build necessary motor skills. Each         on these usually
paperback book is over 200 colorful pages and includes a           expensive pencils.
write-and-wipe laminated page in the back of the book.
                                                                   From professional
Scheduling                                                         artists to
To work your way through every page this year, do 2 pages          preschoolers, these
in each book every week:                                           pencils are beloved
•   I Can Paste                                                    for their vivid colors
•   I Can Cut                                                      and soft, thick
•   I Can Color                                                    leads.
•   I Can Fold
•   I Can Draw
•   I Can Trace


                                                                 ABOUT	BLOCO	CONSTRUCTION	SeTS
This one-of-a-kind construction kit allows your child to
                                                                 It’s not just me; research concludes that children learn
build simple, flat models and extraordinary 3D animals.
                                                                 a lot by designing and building things. Many skills are
The set comes with detailed illustrated designs, and
                                                                 rooted in the act of construction: creation, examination,
other sets can be combined to allow the creation of
                                                                 and problem solving are but a few. Construction will
even more interesting creatures. Colorful and appealing
                                                                 encourage your child to separate complicated tasks
when completed, these are not simple slaptogether kits.
                                                                 into manageable bites. The nature of building complex
our experience is that younger children, unless highly
                                                                 models encourages children to think about multiple
motivated, are initially going to find some of the more
                                                                 steps of assembly at the same time, particularly when
complex models “impossible.” not only does this mean
                                                                 working with gears or fussy pieces.
you’ll get to play with the kit too; it means that by the time
your child completes the projects he will have learned
                                                                 Construction	Should	be	a	Required	Curriculum
something and you will have gotten your money’s worth!
                                                                 based on my own engineering background/bias, I
                                                                 believe that construction is one of the most valuable
                                                                 educational processes available and that both learning
Your child should be doing some construction every
                                                                 to build and learning by what has been built should be
week. We suggest repeating the models throughout
                                                                 a part of every family’s curriculum.
the year, doing them the first time with lots of help but
letting your child be a little more independent each time.
                                                                 High-Interest	and	Appeal
If your child finds that tedious, simply substitute another
                                                                 but some children have zero interest in building and
construction set either from your own collection or take a
                                                                 creating. Possibly it is because most construction
look at our many options online.
                                                                 kits emphasize vehicles, machines, and other man-
                                                                 made innovations. If your child’s inclinations are more
Set Includes:
                                                                 creation-based, if he would rather build a realistic
• 276 Foam Pieces
                                                                 animal or a lifelike fish, consider bloco with its
• 64 Plastic Connectors
                                                                 uniquely-shaped, high-density foam and specialized
• 10 Plastic Caps
                                                                 plastic connectors that both link and rotate pieces.
• Instructions


after a lot of discussion here, we have added a              Scheduling
science kit typically recommended for ages 8+ to your        2 experiments a week will let you complete the kit this
preschooler’s curriculum. The 70 experiments pack a          school year.
lot of punch for a preschooler and will give them much
to think about, discuss, and explore. The only negative      experiments	include
is that the directions are written more towards you than     •   Make a blizzard of Snow
towards your child, but at this age that seems entirely      •   Erupt a 30’ soda Geyser
appropriate. If you are blessed with an older student        •   Find the iron in your breakfast Cereal
as well, consider having them be in charge of your           •   Experiment with a Scientific Slinky
preschooler’s science lessons, since the whole family        •   learn why you hate vegetables
will want to be involved anyway! of course, that’s only      •   Make a bloody handprint
if you can stand to part with this exciting portion of the   •   balance Six nails on top of one!
curriculum!                                                  •   Make a Tornado in a Tube
                                                             •   Make Water Disappear

                                                             Please read the warnings and use appropriate caution
                                                             with the materials in this kit. Some of them could be very
                                                             harmful if used carelessly.

artsY fine
motor skills
FRoM holDInG a PEnCIl
aRE ESSEnTIal In all oF lIFE.

   MY	FIRST	SCISSORS                     BUBBeR                                    SMeNCIL
   Creativity For Kids My First          bubber is an excellent source for         Children love scented
   Scissors develops scissor skills      tactile stimulation, improving gross-     pencils. They make even
   in young children with ingenious      and fine-motor skills in a satisfyingly
                                                                                   tedious work just a bit
   animal projects and super-safe        gentle way. Startlingly light, it feels
                                                                                   more bearable.
   scissors. Includes a pair of really   like a cross between marshmallows
   cool, chunky fish scissors that       and silky Styrofoam. It leaves clean,
                                         sharp edges when cut and precise          Scheduling
   make cutting paper easier for
                                         impressions when imprinted. bubber        let your child use it as
   little hands. The cheery scissors
   operate with a spring mechanism,      and your cookie cutters are all your      desired to encourage
   are for both right-handed and left-   young aspiring baker needs to             creative drawing, or set
   handed use, and feature blades        create dozens of light-as-air cookies.    it aside for “schoolwork”
   with rounded points for safety.       bubber never leaves a residue,
                                                                                   only if that is more
                                         never dries out, and it even vacuums
   Scheduling                            up out of carpet!
   We suggest doing 1 of the 10
   projects a week once your child       Scheduling
   has completed enough of I Can Cut     use as desired - as often as
   to be ready for these projects.       possible!

                                                                     more fine motor
                                                                          a GaME anD a TRavEl-FRIEnDlY
                                                                                   aCTIvITY RounD ouT ouR
                                                                    CollECTIon oF FInE-MoToR SKIllS
                                                                               ToolS FoR PRESChoolERS.

Winner of many awards, Rondo vario excels because of               The Purpllinker is one of our newest tools for
the many ways it can be used. Initially it can be used as a        teaching your children the alphabet. because
free-play threading activity. The Rondo vario wooden tip           younger children learn best through hands-on
ensures success with even the chubbiest of fingers. When           activities, the more they can do, the faster they will
basic threading becomes easy, you’re ready to introduce            learn.
the game. Roll only the color die, name the color, and help
your child find the matching color. Take turns building your       looking much like great grandpa’s old-fashioned
colorful caterpillar. at a later session, only use Rondo vario’s   carpenter’s ruler, but smaller, softer, safer, and
shape die to build your caterpillars. Step-by-step, you will       easier to maneuver, the child-friendly Purpllinker,
be building color and shape recognition and the concept of         with its seven arms, will hold its shape, allowing
taking turns. Finally, combine all the steps and play the game     your child to create the entire alphabet. by forming
as designed, by rolling both die and finding the piece that        letters with the Purpllinker, your child will be building
matches both shape and color.                                      small-muscle memory and fine-motor skills.

Scheduling                                                         Scheduling
We suggest playing it once or twice a week.                        have him complete about two of the included
                                                                   designs a week to start with. Want more? Make up
Includes                                                           your own for him to solve, (Can you make me one
The Rondo vario contains four caterpillars, forty-two wooden       of a bird flying?) or have him design something and
shapes, one color die, and one shape die.                          then explain it to you.
                                            chiLd’S NAme

                                                                                  STArT dATe                       eNd dATe

Preschool comPlete curriculum AnnuAl schedule
Curriculum                                    Lessons or Pages         Weeks of school Pages/lessons per week
alphabet book*                                1 book                   36                      1 book a week
What Your Preschooler needs                   128 selections           36                      3-4 selections
To Know
language lessons                              180 lessons              36                      5 lessons
beginning Mathematical                        235 pages                36                      7 pages
beginning Thinking Skills                     235 pages                36                      7 pages
I Can Cut                                     75 activities            36                      2 pages
I Can Paste                                   62 activities            36                      2 pages
I Can Trace                                   75 activities            36                      2 pages
I Can Fold                                    52 activities            36                      2 pages
I Can Color                                   69 activities            36                      2 pages
I Can Draw                                    75 activities            36                      2 pages
bloco Set**                                   4 models                 36                      1 model
big bag of Science                            70 experiments           36                      2 experiments
bubber                                        unlimited                36                      1-2 play sessions
My First Scissors                             10 animals               36                      1, when ready
Colorful Caterpillar Game                     unlimited                36                      1-2 games
Purpllinker                                   unlimited                36                      2 designs

 Additional Reading Material                           Pages                         Covers
 a Street Through Time                                 32 pages                      history
 Then & now                                            24 pages                      history
 lift-the-Flap Picture atlas                           16 pages                      Geography

*We’ve included G is for Goat to start with, and suggest that you add additional alphabet books from your local library,
ideally a new one every week.
**once your child has mastered the 4 models included, we suggest switching to a different construction kit, but still doing
some construction every week.
To print free customized schedules visit
                            chiLd’S NAme (PreSchOOL)

                                                                                  STArT dATe                       eNd dATe

this Week's schedule
Curriculum                                     Pages/lessons                  Checkboxes
alphabet book*                                 3 times
What Your Preschooler needs                    3-4 selections
To Know
language lessons                               5 lessons
beginning Mathematical                         7 pages
beginning Thinking Skills                      7 pages
I Can Cut                                      2 pages
I Can Paste                                    2 pages
I Can Trace                                    2 pages
I Can Fold                                     2 pages
I Can Color                                    2 pages
I Can Draw                                     2 pages
bloco Set**                                    1 model
big bag of Science                             2 experiments
bubber                                         1-2 sessions
My First Scissors                              1, when ready
Colorful Caterpillar Game                      1-2 games
Purpllinker                                    2 designs

 Additional Reading Material
 Title                                                 Read Title                                                   Read
 a Street Through Time
 Then & now
 lift-the-Flap Picture atlas

*We’ve included G is for Goat to start with, and suggest that you add additional alphabet books from your local library,
ideally a new one every week.
**once your child has mastered the 4 models included, we suggest switching to a different construction kit, but still doing
some construction every week.
To print free customized schedules visit
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                                               how do You                                shoes in the house” policy. Therefore,
                                                                                         for the most part it is just lint that she is
                                                                                         vacuuming and can be maintained with
                                               do it all?                                a once a week vacuuming.

                                               housework                                 Abel,	5
                                                                                         abel is in charge of laundry. because
                                               PaRT 1 oF 3 In a SERIES
                                                                                         of his age and size there are certain
                                               oRIGInallY PublIShED In a                 limitations, but he can do the bulk of
                                               1992 TIMbERDooDlE CaTaloG,                the job. he sorts the laundry, loads
                                               WhEn WE WERE juGGlInG                     the washer, unloads the dryer, and
                                               ChIlDREn 11, 10, 8, anD 5                 changes the dryer lint trap. because
                                                                                         his head barely reaches over the top of
                                               alonG WITh a FlEDGlInG
                                                                                         the washer, I empty the clean clothes
                                               hoME buSInESS.
                                                                                         into the dryer. I also add the soap
                                                                                         because I am a little concerned about
                                                                                         someone that small lifting something
                                                                                         that caustic over his head. abel also
                                            Hope,	10                                     deals with all towels and foldable
If you have been home teaching for any      hope is in charge of all the linoleum        laundry. he sorts each person’s clothes
length of time, friends, relatives, and     floors. This means that they are swept       and couriers them to their rooms. For
strangers have undoubtedly asked you,       at least once a day and the kitchen and      Dan and myself, he puts away all our
“how do you do it all?” oftentimes, the     entry floors are also scrubbed once          folded laundry, but for the girls he just
implication is not only why would you       a day, usually in the afternoon while        deposits it into a bin in their room for
do it all, but can you possibly do it all   everyone else is at the warehouse.           them to sort. he sorts all clothes that
properly. What is “all”? When we get this   hope is also responsible for                 need to be hung and he places them
question it is referring to housework,      maintaining the childrens’ bedrooms.         in the right room. because he cannot
schoolwork, and our business.               This is often the dreaded job because        reach the clothes rods and there is not
                                            the bedrooms in our mobile are               enough room in our tight mobile for him
everybody	Works                             exceedingly small and it does not take       to haul a chair from room to room, each
If you are new to home education, let       too much activity in them for them to        person is responsible to hang their own
me share some ideas that have worked        look trashed. abel’s bedroom right           hangables.
for us. In the area of housework, let me    now is doing triple duty, not only as a
share my basic rule of thumb: if I am       bedroom, but also as a toy room and a        Delegation	Is	Critical!
working and nobody else is, then I have     pantry. organization in there is critical,   as you can see, the bulk of the
either mismanaged my time or theirs.        and will be more so when his room            housework is done by the children.
With children 11, 10, 8, and 5, there       acquires yet another title this winter       The unassigned jobs, like window
seems to be no reason that I should be      of nursery! hope’s final job this month      washing, car cleaning, gardening, and
working while others are playing.           is garbage. In our small mobile, if this     dusting, are distributed as “extra jobs”
                                            is not done on a daily basis, we really      earned by bad attitudes to regular
Joy,	11                                     know it!                                     tasks, by dawdling, or by jobs sloppily
This month, for example, joy                                                             done. I suppose it is to our shame that
is responsible for cleaning both            Grace,	8                                     this happens enough that all extra
bathrooms, and for setting and clearing     Kitchen duty this month falls to Grace.      jobs do get done in a timely way. I
the table after each meal. She also         Though a relatively simple assignment,       am in charge of meals, relying on
deals with the compost, a necessary         it is probably the most time-consuming.      homemade, pre-made meals stored
but very disdainful job. This is an         It entails cleaning all the dishes, pots,    in the freezer. I also undertake the
exceedingly easy list of chores for an      and pans. It also involves cleaning the      fussier jobs like waxing the floors and
11-year-old, so we rotate jobs on a         counters, sinks, and all appliances.         removing stains, but for the most part,
monthly basis. joy looked forward to        She is also depended on to keep all          with regards to housework, I truly
this month’s duties.                        our carpets vacuumed. We have made           lead a life of leisure. So, how do I get
                                            Grace’s job easier by instigating a “no      housework done? I delegate!
                                                                                          a week for each child’s reference. They
                                                                                          are required to finish each item on their
                                                                                          list every week.

                                                how do You                                Their	Responsibility
                                                                                          aside from activities that we do

                                                do it all?                                together, the readers are on their
                                                                                          own as to when and where they
                                                                                          actually do their schoolwork.
                                                home education                            With space at a premium in our
                                                                                          tiny house, we transformed a loft
                                                                        PaRT 2 oF 3
                                                                                          above our warehouse bathroom
                                                                                          into a schoolroom, complete with
                                                                                          bookshelves, small file cabinets for
                                                                                          each child, and a lovely table Dan
                                                                                          and his father spent a lot of time
                                                                                          making. So where do the children do
                                                                                          their schoolwork? In the car, at doctor
                                                                                          offices, on cleared inventory shelves, in
How	do	you	teach	your	children	              and Electronics, but there are no            the guinea house, in cardboard boxes,
and	maintain	the	rest	of	your	               limitations on what they choose. unit        and everywhere else imaginable!
responsibilities?                            studies work well for electives, and we      That’s oK, we are not as fussy about
It is not as hard as some might think.       have had loads of fun hatching quail,        where it is done as we are about how it
First of all, we are very content with       raising guinea fowl, and planting an         is done.
being homebodies, so we do not spend         orchard.                                     Prereaders
huge amounts of time on field trips or on                                                 For abel, whose reading skills are still
other activities that pull us in too many    When	The	Baby	Comes                          shaky, we are a little more involved. he
directions. Second of all, as soon as our    after determining our long range             likewise gets a checklist every week,
children can read, they assume a large       goals, we set some short term targets.       but I coach him through a fair number
measure of the responsibility of getting     Right now we are planning around our         of the activities. he works on them
their school work done. So our first         baby’s birth. after so many years of         in the afternoons, asking questions
priority is to develop adequate reading      waiting for this blessing, it would be       between phone calls, and generally
skills in each of our youngsters. Some       unreasonable for us to expect that the       paces himself so that he is not working
of our children were reading as toddlers,    children will want to do anything but        very long without a break. he dearly
others as preschoolers, but none under       be with the baby. So we have planned         loves to be first to finish his weekly
duress as some “experts” claim. We           that most of the year’s requirements         assignments, and generally drives his
don’t profess to be authorities on early     are accomplished before December             sisters to distraction by giving them his
childhood learning, but we don’t hesitate    1. after the first of the year we will       daily countdown, “only 10 more pages
to claim expertise in knowing our own        spend a portion of each day on drill         and I’ll be done for the week!”
children and knowing when they are           work so that they will be prepared for
feeling that learning is no longer a         our state’s yearly test. The body of the     So how do we do it all in school-
blessing, but instead a burden.              school time will be spent on frills like     work?
                                             sewing, quilting, and testing some new       by insisting on a system of
Setting Goals                                products we want to preview before           accountability for each child. We have
but reading or not, we sit down              adding to our catalog. I know that I will    found that children will accomplish far
individually with each child and map         be still getting my “sea-legs” after the     more and learn far better when we stop
out a program of learning for the            birth of the baby, so I will be doing what   hovering over them. Children sincerely
year. besides reading, our basic             I can to minimize my stress level during     desire to have as much control as
requirements include math, thinking          this time.                                   possible over their lives, and this is a
skills, science, geography, art, history,                                                 wonderful way to introduce them to
and 2-5 electives. For the older children,   Weekly	Lists                                 the adult world of responsibilities and
history and reading are often combined       after setting these short term goals, we     consequences.
into one requirement, and there are          go a step further and break down each
unlimited other combinations that we         topic to what is required on a weekly
have made in the past. Currently the hot     basis. all our lists are maintained on
electives are French, Sign language,         our computers and are printed out once
                                                                                           Hope,	10
                                                                                           hope is primarily responsible for
                                                                                           inventory three hours a day. This is not
                                                                                           a fun job for her because it involves a
                                                                                           lot of decision making concerning what
                                                  how do You                               arrives damaged and what does not.
                                                                                           but with time, some of the decisions
                                                                                           will become easier as she becomes
                                                  do it all?                               more familiar with the products.
                                                                                           hope was selected for this particular

                                                  home business                            job because she is the family fuss-
                                                                                           budget and has a dependable eye for
                                                                                           observing the details.
                                                                          PaRT 3 oF 3

                                                                                           Grace,	8	
                                                                                           Grace fills one of our two “floating”
                                                                                           positions. Right now she works on
                                                                                           inventory and on mail. her mail
                                                                                           responsibilities include opening the
how does a home teaching mom                                                               mail, and then delivering the sorted
also find time to participate in a home        Just	Like	In	The	Movies                     mail to the appropriate people.
business? More importantly, why?! let          I can remember watching war movies          She sorts through the returns and
me answer the why first.                       as a child and chafing whenever I           ascertains which are damaged. She
                                               saw a general and his top men going         also makes sure stickers are ready for
Too	Much	Free	Time	Is	Bad	For	                 over strategy in a tent, far removed        packers.
everyone                                       from the danger that the common men
We do it not only to give our children         were facing. “how wrong!,” I thought.       Abel,	5
real life skills, and to bolster confidence,   but now, as a mom and second-in-            abel fills the other “floating” position,
but also to develop character. our             command, I can see the wisdom in that       helping Grace with the returns and
experience has shown that if our               system. If the general had been in the      couriering messages up and down
children are spending 2-3 hours a day          trenches with his men, he would be          the stairs to various people. he loves
in required schoolwork and 1-3 hours           unaware of the overall picture and may      to help when our cornstarch packing
a day in required household chores,            have won the battle, but lost the war.      peanuts arrive and delights in keeping
then apart from meals and other                                                            our employee candy dish restocked.
family times, our children would have          Can	Anyone	else	Do	This?	                   he also labels catalogs to be mailed
anywhere from 5-8 hours of free time.          likewise, in the running of our home-       out, but his main responsibility is
While I won’t argue the educational            based business, if we are sidetracked       making sure catalogs are ready for the
merits of free play, I will say that we        into jobs that others could be doing,       packers.
have noticed over time that too much           we begin to lose ground fast. We can
liberty leads to a self indulgent attitude.    also be unaware of bad work habits or       Other	Tasks
It particularly grieves us to see teens        attitudes that may be developing. So        other janitorial jobs such as garbage
with idle time. What a hazard in these         one of our family business axioms is        and bathroom detail are assigned as
end times! If our children are given an        that Dan and I do what only we can do.      extra jobs, in much the same manner
extended dose of free play, we see that        In other words, anyone can cut stickers     as household chores are. The only
when they are asked to do something            for the packages, so for Dan or myself      exception here is that being tardy to
out of the norm, they balk about giving        to do that means that projects that only    work is another reason to be given an
up what they consider their rightfully         we can do, like reordering inventory,       extra job.
earned liberty. They also tend to be           may not be done in a timely way.
more selfish in their play, more given                                                     What’s The Goal?
to inappropriate behavior, and certainly       Joy,	11                                     obviously, mail-order works for us,
more quarrelsome.                              as mentioned in a previous catalog,         but may not suit you or your market.
                                               our children are expected to work a         Still, there are unlimited options for
More	Work	Helps                                minimum of 20 hours a week. joy is in       business. Making lots of money or
Does all this iniquity suddenly disappear      training in the postal section. She not     being nationally known is not equal to
with a home business? of course not!           only mails out catalogs to everyone         success. “Do you see a man skilled
however, by minimizing the unlimited           who calls or writes, but also prepares      in his work…” (Proverbs 22:29). our
time to cater to one’s sin nature, we          all postal packages. For foreign            goal should be developing skills in both
have seen positive results.                    orders this has been a real learning        workmanship and character.
                                               adventure! She also takes care of
Nitty-Gritty	Details                           collating bills with invoices and getting   So how do we do it all in a home
So now that you can see why we do it,          those out in the mail for us.               business? by delegation and
here is how we do it. again, the name of                                                   observation with the goals of not only
the game is delegation.                                                                    “marketable” skills, but also maturity.

home schooling or home                                           They have spent hours trying to hammer out a budget for

educating?                                                       affording this undertaking. Grandiose plans have been
                                                                 scaled back after the numbers have been crunched. a lot
                                                                 of research, reading, is going into the decision-making
I hate schoolwork. I love to learn, but I hate inapplicable      process. These are not children’s books, but are books
learning. I’ll never forget the time Dan insisted on showing     and journals written for adults, with terminology we have
me some process involving trouble-shooting a computer            never heard of, so their reading and vocabulary skills are
program I had never used, and thought I would never              improving. Even the catalogs are expanding our vocabulary
use. I really did not want to watch, and was quite vocal         as we puzzle over the differences between Snaffle and
in declining, but Dan urged me to learn, “just in case…’ I       Kimberwickes bits. In addition, their writing abilities are
wish I could say that I submissively observed, got caught        positively reflecting the breadth of the materials they
up in the process, and have now expanded my credentials          read. Correspondingly, we recognize that from nutrition
to include the title Computer Programmer. In reality, I          to medication, successful farms involve an intimate
stood behind Dan to watch, my eyes glazed over and my            knowledge of science. So what are we missing? Well, we’d
rebellious heart complaining about what a horrendous             have to work pretty hard to cover all they should know
waste of time this was. Dan and I have talked about this         for history and geography and we do place a high value
incident a number of times over the years, and we have           on foreign languages. Towards that end, and to ensure
found it so insightful in motivating our children.               that our children have at least a nodding acquaintance
                                                                 with what others perceive as basic education, we spend
our children love to learn, but when the learning becomes        approximately 1-2 hours a day in formal academics. With 4
difficult, their ‘want to know’ is influenced greatly by their   hours a day at the warehouse, these few hours sitting and
‘need to know.’ This year the children have decided to pool      learning can almost seem like recess to them!
their resources from warehouse work and begin farming.
although Dan and I will still own the land, they are footing     So what is the difference between home schooling and
the bill for the barn, chicken coop, fencing, and animals. If    home educating? You are home schooling if your children’s
all goes according to plan, by the end of the year we will       learning is centered around what your state, neighbor, or
have added to Solid Rock Farm three babydoll sheep,              cousin says that they should be learning. home educating,
one horse, two miniature donkeys, and a flock of chickens.       on the other hand, is taking the initiative to prepare a home
While it may look as if we are just having fun, consider for a   that is rich in learning opportunities. Minimize the trivial,
moment the educational value of this decision.                   emphasize the practical.

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