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									By Paul Skulitz President and CEO
          What is Mega 10 Success?

•   Coaching and Mentoring company

• A company that will teach you “Steps to

• Will show you how to achieve your

• How to live an abundant life

• Have both Time and Financial freedom
           About Our Leadership
             Paul and Jennifer Skulitz

• President of Network Operations
•Self Employed Most of My Adult life
•Built Many Business to Success
•Mentor and Success Coach
•Motivational Speaker
Our Goal
To educate, coach, and mentor people enabling them
to create a successful home based business in any

We are not here to replace your current company’s
Training, but to enhance it!

Our Game Plan
• To provide a comprehensive training program
  along with the effective tools for success

• Provide an opportunity to make additional income
  while training
                   Our Product

•   16 week training course to help you
    succeed in any Home Based Business

• The accessibility to download
  numerous eBooks and computer
  software programs to aid you
  in your business and personal use
• Week 1
  – Introduction to Network Marketing (MLM)
• Week 2
  – Getting Started
• Week 3
  – Building for Success
• Week 4
  – Goal Setting
• Week 5
  – Introduction to Sponsoring
• Week 6
  – Sponsoring Part 2
• Week 7
  – Effective Communications
• Week 8
  – Prospecting for Customers and or Distributers Part 1
• Week 9
  – Prospecting for Customers and or Distributers Part 2
• Week 10
  – Prospecting for Customers and or Distributers Part 3
• Week 11
  – Presenting your product or opportunity
• Week 12
  – Internet Marketing (Finding and Mastering Your Online Brand)
• Week 13
  – Using Affiliate Marketing Tools to Build Your Funnel Too
• Week 14
  – Building Your Web Presence
• Week 15
  – Blogging—How To Build Your Online Brand using Blogs
• Week 16
  – Pulling It All Together (supported by videos)
        What Business Professionals are saying about
                  Home Based Businesses

                         Robert Kiyosaki

“Network Marketers are      "Network Marketing is       “Network Marketing: the
 creating FORTUNES at      The Perfect Business for      industry for people who
  breakneck speeds!”
                         the average person to create   want to change their lives”
• You may participate in our Business
  Builder workshop. (Optional)
• By participating in the Business Builder
  workshop you may earn a residual
  income for your efforts.(Optional)
Your Website
            Compensation Plan

•   Cost: $300.00 In Enrollment

    No Monthly Fees
             Compensation Plan

•Easy to fill 2x2 Cycle Matrix
•Follow your Sponsor
•Forced spillover
• Step 1 - You Make a Onetime Purchase of $300.00 to join the Mega
  10 Success:
  (No Recurring Monthly Fees!)

• Step 2 - All You Have to Do Is Find 2 People That Find 2 People and
  You Get Paid $800.00
  Each Time You Find 2 People that Find 2 People this is what we call
  a "Cycle"! Each time YOU "Cycle" you earn another $800.00.
  After You Cycle by Finding 2 People that Find 2 people you will
  automatically be entered immediately back into a new matrix over
  and over again. Best of All it doesn't come out of your pocket!
1st Level
                      Your 2 referrals

2nd Level
                     Their 2 Referrals

               Completed Matrix Pays You $800.00
            And Reentry into new Matrix all over again
• High quality e-books each month
• Unsurpassed online education for starting and marketing your
  home business, including software
• Restaurant Certificates
• Travel Coupons
• Company Events
• Gas and Grocery Coupons
• Online webinars to help grow your business
• Excellent pay plan designed with the representative in mind
• Much, much more……coming soon
                 What Will You Do?
•   Circumstances Stay The Same
•   Exchange Hours for Wages
•   No Tax Benefits
•   Always wonder “What If”
               What Will You Do?
   Join Mega 10 Success
• Circumstances Change
• Unlimited Education to help you
  build any networking business
• Tax Deductions
• Experienced Mentors to help build
  any networking business
• Ongoing Training & Support
When it comes to building your business,
which one are you???
  Pessimistic            Optimistic Eeyore
  Gloomy                 Energetic
  Low Spirit             Enthusiastic
  Depressed              Exuberant
  Moping                 Confident
  Complaining            Eager To Learn
  Negative               Outgoing
  Lack Confidence        Positive
  Low Self-Esteem        Competitive
  Not Motivated          Zest For Life
  Don’t Have Faith       Self-Motivated
• Become a student and never look back
• Get back the person that invited you and
  say I’m in what’s next.

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