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                          Hatia, Ranchi – 834003
                       GOVT. OF INDIA, NEW DELHI)
Ref. No.: NIFFT/Tender No. 04/2012                                               Date: 27.06.2012

                    NOTICE INVITING TENDER (NIT)

   Sealed tenders are invited from bonafide Contractor having experience of providing
   workers in Govt./Public Sector Organization/ Autonomous Societies Under
   Ministries/ private company (having annual turnover not less than Rs 100 crores for
   last three years) for supply of Highly Skilled/ Skilled / Semi-skilled/ Unskilled
   workers for various services and other jobs for deployment in National Institute of
   Foundry & Forge Technology, Ranchi, on outsourcing basis.
  Tender documents will be available in NIFFT on all working days from 27.06.2012 to
  25.07.2012 by submitting Demand Draft of Rs. 1000.00 (non-refundable) in favour of
  NIFFT, Ranchi payable at any scheduled bank at Ranchi. Tender document will not be
  sent by post. The Tender documents are to be submitted in two separate envelopes.
  The envelope "A" should be superscribed with “Technical and Commercial Bid”
  containing tender documents completed in all respects accompanied with relevant
  documents and Earnest money of Rs. 50,000/- (Rupees Fifty Thousands) only in the
  form of Bank Draft in favour of NIFFT, Ranchi drawn on any scheduled bank
  payable at Ranchi. The envelope “B” superscribed with “Price Bid” only containing
  price aspects should reach the Professor- In-Charge (Administration), NIFFT Hatia,
  Ranchi on or before 25.07.2012 up to 3.00 PM. The technical bid will be opened on
  the same date on 25.07.2012 at 3.30 P.M. Price bid of only technically successful
  tender shall be opened on pre-notified date and time.

  NIFFT reserves the right to accept or reject any tender without assigning any reason.

   Professor-In-Charge (Administration)

                             Hatia, Ranchi – 834003
                           GOVT. OF INDIA, NEW DELHI)
                                 Tender Notice No. 09 / 2012


                       TECHNICAL AND COMMERCIAL BID

(To be signed by the proprietor or authorized person on behalf of the proprietor as token of
acceptance of the terms and conditions and submitted along with the tender form.)

  1.     The Tenderer should provide certificate specifying supply of Highly Skilled/ Skilled / Semi-
         skilled/ Unskilled workers for various services and other jobs improve of supply of
         personnel to Govt./Public Sector Organisation/ Autonomous Societies Under
         Ministries/private company (having annual turnover not less than Rs 100 crores for last
         three consecutive years).
  2.     Earnest Money Deposit of Rs. 50,000/- in the form of Bank Draft in favour of NIFFT, Ranchi
         payable at any scheduled bank at Ranchi.
  3.     Minimum Annual turn over of Rs. Twenty- five lakhs each during last three years (Pl.
         enclose audited balance sheets for 2009-2010, 2010-2011 and 2011-2012)
  4.     Terms & Conditions duly signed by Contractor on each page.
  5.     If the tender is submitted in downloading form from Institute’s website Bank Draft for
         Rs.1000/- in favour of NIFFT, Ranchi payable at scheduled bank at Ranchi should be
   6.    Attested copy of Labour license
   7.    Attested copy of Service Tax Registration No.
   8.    Attested copy of Registration certificate of Company/ Contractor.
   9.    Attested copy of ESI
  10.    Attested copy of PF
  11.    Attested copy of TAN/PAN for deduction of Income Tax at source.
  12.    An affidavit in original on a stamp paper of Rs. 20/- that the Contractor firm/company/
         Contractor has not been black listed/debarred from taking part part in Tenders at any
         Govt./Public Sector Organisation/ Autonomous Societies Under Ministries/private company
         (having annual turnover not less than Rs 100 crores).


      (i.e. ENVELOPE “A”).

   b). SECOND COVER (i.e. ENVELOPE “B”) should contain Price Bid (as
   given in Annexure-II) only. Price Bids of only technically short listed firms shall
   be opened on pre-notified date, time and venue of the Institute for which, Institute
   shall send necessary information.
1. The Contractor should enter the amount quoted by him in appropriate Column of
   the tender document only. The Contract is liable to be cancelled in case of any
   wrong information provided. There should not be any cutting / over writing in the
   rates quoted. Both figures and words may be used for submitting quotation.

2. Last date for receipt of tender: 25.07.2012 up to 3.00 P.M.

3. Date and time of opening of tender (Technical Bid):25.07.2012 at 3.30 P.M. (in
   presence of representatives of tenderer)
4. No interim correspondence shall be entertained during the process of evaluation
   of tender i.e. Technical Bid. Price bids shall be opened in presence of
   representatives of only technically qualified and short listed Contractor. Price Bid
   of unsuccessful bidders shall not be opened.
5. The quotations will be opened by a committee of the Institute.

6. Bids shall remain valid and open for acceptance for a period of 120 days from the
   last date of submission of Bids.


1. A demand Draft of Rs. Rs. 50,000/-(Rupees Fifty Thousands only) in favour of the
    NIFFT, Ranchi, payable at Ranchi may be enclosed as earnest money. The
    quotation received without earnest money will not be considered.
2. The earnest money will be refunded to the unsuccessful bidders without any
    interest. However, the earnest money deposited by the successful bidder will be
    kept as security deposit. The same will be refunded without any interest after the
    successful completion of the contract.
3. Successful contractor will have to sign an agreement with NIFFT for the work
    failing which earnest money will be forfeited.
4. The contractor must fulfill all conditions required under Labour Acts.

5. The contractor shall be governed by the laws of India and interpretations in
    accordance with such laws.

6. The Institute will not be responsible for any dispute of Labour, and the Labourers
    so provided shall not in any way be the employees of NIFFT.

7. The contractor will submit a certificate regarding Income Tax paid for the last
    three years.

8. The contractor shall be responsible for all injuries and accidents to personnel
    employed by him. The workmen shall be insured against personal accidents arising
    out of and during the course of their duties.

9. In the event of injury, illness or mishap to any worker, the institute will not be
    liable to pay any compensation. The insurance cover shall include the liability
    under the workmen’s Compensation Act.

10. The workers will wear proper uniform as approved by the Institute with name plate
    to be provided by the contractor, failing which wages of that day will be deducted.

11. The contractor shall have to engage the required number of workers and in case
    required number is not available on any day, the contract amount will be reduced
    proportionately, from the monthly payment.

12. The contractor shall in no case pay its employees less than the minimum
    mandatory rates in accordance with the Minimum wages fixed by Central         Govt

   and a record of that should be kept in a register which may be made available for
   examination to the Institute as and when demanded.

13. The contractor shall maintain a daily attendance register including the number and
   names of the workers engaged in the campus/ premises for works as per scope of
   the contract.

14. The contractor shall maintain a complaint book, which should be made available in
   his campus office.

15. If the contractor wants to rescind the contract voluntarily or otherwise, he is
   required to give a notice of at leaset 60 days failing which the amount of security
   deposit including any other dues will be recovered from him for making alternate
   arrangement till the new contract is assigned to the other party.

16. If the contractor repeatedly violates the terms and conditions of the contract or
   fails to supply required number of labourers despite the Institute having served
   him proper notices, the contract shall be liable to be terminated and security so
   deposited shall be forfeited.

17. The contractor shall have certificate from Income Tax Officer of tax exemption
   otherwise income tax at the rate as applicable as per Income Tax Rules shall be
   deducted at source.

18. In case of any damage or loss caused to the Institute property by the workers, the
   same shall be charged from the contractor. It must be ensured by the contractor by
   submitting an affidavit on non-judicial paper of Rs.5/- (Rs. Five) stating therein
   that he will bear the loss out of his own pocket.

19. The loss caused to the Institute on account of negligence /dereliction of duties by
   the employees of the contractor, shall be established after an inquiry by the
   Institute and the Institute shall be within its right to make it good from the

20. The normal working hours shall be 08:30 AM to 05:30 PM with an one hour lunch
   break from 12:30 PM to 01:30 PM. However the timing may be changed at the
   discretion of the Institute from time to time. In case of urgency/emergency, the
   labour can be deployed beyond normal duty hours, which shall be compensated
   through compensatory leave.

21. The required strength of workers under various categories is indicative only.
   However the deployment shall be as per actual requirement to be indicated to the
   contractor with the contractor and any increase/decrease in the actual deployed
   strength shall enhance/reduce the payment to be made proportionately.

22. The contractor shall maintain all necessary registers and display notices as per
   mandatory requirement under the law of land.

23. In case of labour disputes for non payment of wages to the workers or any other
   disputes, the payment due to the contractor can be withheld by the Institute till
   settlement of the disputes or on the orders of the court of law.

24. The Contractor shall be responsible and liable for payment of the following
   provisions for the personnel engaged by them :-

           Insurance benefit to the Security Guards as per laws of the Central
            Government as notified from time to time
           Bonus – As per the laws of the Central Govt.
           Medical expenses for any injury, first aid etc. as per the laws of the
            Central Govt.
           Family benefit and amenities: As per the laws of the Central Govt.
           Accident benefit: As per the laws of the Central Govt.
           Any other type of compensation: As per the laws of the Central Govt.
           Death on duty: Compensation as per the laws of the Central Govt.

25. The contractor shall abide by all the law of land including labour laws (PF, Income
   Tax, Service Tax or any other extra taxes levied by the State/Central Government)
   Companies Act, TAX deduction liabilities, welfare measures of its employees and
   all other obligations that enjoin in such cases and are not essentially enumerated
   and defined herein, though any such onus shall be the exclusive responsibility of
   the contractor and it shall not involve the institute in any way whatsoever.

26. The Contractor shall be liable for any penalty which may be imposed by
    labour court for violation of any labour law.

27. Performance of contractor shall be continuously inspected and watched by NIFFT
     officials deputed for the purpose. If at any time the performance of contractor is
     not found satisfactory , the NIFFT reserves the right to terminate the contract
     immediately during its validity period without assigning any reason.

28. The character and antecedent of each and every personnel deployed in NIFFT
    should undergo police verification and the agency should provide such police
    verification report in respect of personnel deployed on individual basis to NIFFT.
    The list of all the personnel along with their signature and recent photographs
    must be submitted before commencement of the contract of the Institute.

29. The tenderer should assure by producing valid documents that they are registered
     under the contract labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act 1970 and as amended
    from time to time.

30. Income Tax will be deducted at source from all monthly bills as per the I.T.Act.

31. The tenderer should certify all statutory requirements such as labour license,
    Insurance, Income Tax deductions etc.

32. The Contractor shall issue ‘appointment letters’ to all the persons employed by
    him in this connection and furnish the proof of the same by submitting copies of
    such letters received by the workers to the Institute representative. The
    appointment letters shall make it evidently clear that, the concerned workers are
    engaged by the Contractor only, and National Institute of Foundry & Forge
    Technology, Ranchi has no obligation, responsibility liability, and/or any kind of
    relationship to such employment, or whatsoever otherwise, with the workers
    engaged by the Contractor.

33. All disputes/ court cases in this regard will be dealt with within the Ranchi

34. The list of all the Contract workers along with their signatures, recent
    Photographs & “Appointment letters issued by the Contractor” must be submitted
    before commencement of the work. EPF, ESI & Saving Bank Account Numbers
    (at Canara Bank, NIFFT, Hatia) of all the Contract workers should be submitted
    within 15 days of commencement of the work.

35. The Contractor shall submit a certificate along with the monthly bills certifying
    that the personnel employed by them in the campus of the Institute have been paid
    at least minimum wages, applicable as on that date as enforced from time to time,
    in accordance with the provisions of the Minimum Wages Act 1948(rates
    applicable as per Central Govt.).

36. All the payments of all types to all the workers by the Contractor should be made
    through Bank operating in campus and copy of payment should be attached along
    with the bill submitted for payment. EPF, ESI & any other statutory payments
    should be done and proof of that must be produced along with the monthly bill.
    The payment to the engaged personnel by the Contractor through the Bank and
    statutory payments to the government agencies should be completed by first week
    of the month. The reimbursement by the institute will be made within 2 weeks of
    the submission of the above if found satisfactory. However, mode of payment
    may be made to cash in the presence of an Institute Authority in special
    conditions on the discretion of the Institute.

37. The Contractor shall have to furnish a performance bank guarantee equal to 5% of
    the total contract value for one year as per quotation before awarding of contract
    refundable after successful execution/ completion of the contract.

38. The Contractor shall not appoint any sub company / agency to carry out any
    obligation under the contract.

   39. The contract will be for one year in the first instance. However, the contract can
       be extended on the same term and conditions subject to satisfactory work of the
       contractors till the execution of new contract which ever is earlier.

   40. The Contractor shall have to abide by the terms and conditions, besides those
       given above as per the orders of the Competent Authority.

Professor-In-Charge (Administration)


The contractor shall deploy the staff as indented from time -to –time. Following is the
indicative figures only* :-

Sl.           Departments              Highly      Skilled    Semi-     Un-Skilled No. of
No.                                    Skilled                Skilled              workers
  1.   Gymkhana                          --          01         --         01        02
  2.   Hostel                            --          06         --         01        07
  3.   Library                           02          02         --          --       04
  4.   Foundry                           01          01         --          --       02
  5.   Forge                             01          01         --          --       02
  6.   Dash                              03          02         --          --       05
  7.   MME                               --          --         --          --        --
  8.   ME                                03          01         --          --       04
  9.   Hindi Cell                        --          --         --          --        --
 10.   S & P Sec.                        --          01         --         01        02
 11.   Transport Section                 --          04         --         02        06
 12.   Administration Section            --          01         --         02        03
 13.   Academic Section                  --          02         --         01        03
 14.   Computer Section                  --          01         --          --       01
 15.   Director Section                  --          01         --         01        02
 16.   Accounts Sec.                     --          --         --         01        01
 17.   Audit                             --          --         --         01        01
 18.   E & M (Plumber,                   03          13         03         08        27
       Carpenter, Meson,
       Electrician etc.)

*The number may increase or decrease under different category in different

                                    Hatia, Ranchi – 834003
    Name of the work: Contract for SUPPLY OF HIGHLY SKILLED/SKILLED /SEMI-
                   (Price quoted must be both in figures and words).
 Sl. Description            Rate/Wages per PF        ESI     Contractor’s    Total Rate
 No                         day *                            service charge  per person
 .                                                           (in percentage) per day

 1      Highly Skilled

  2     Skilled workers

  3     Semi-skilled

  4     Unskilled workers

     Total amount as per requirements given in Annexure-I in figures and words:
     ………………………………………………………………..only/-(in figures and words).
     * Quoted rates should not be less than the latest rates of minimum wages as prescribed by
     Central Government of India. Bidders are advised to take into account all other factors of
     payments (like weekly off, national holidays, over time etc.) while quoting their rates.
     The rate in the Price Bid shall be exclusive of any service tax, education cess, secondary
     and higher education cess or any other applicable taxes as may be levied by the
     Government from time- to-time and the same shall be charged in addition to the amount
     in the Price Bid.

     I.T. or any other type of deduction will be made from the above amount as per
     Government norms.

     Signature of the Owner/ Contractor with date:

     Name, Address & Contact No. of the Owner/ Contractor:


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