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									Preventive Officer (Customs Officer)

The next promotion of preventive officer is superintendent of customs which is a
gazetted takes around 7-10 years to get the first promotion...and then next
promotion of supdt. of customs is assistant commissioner i.e. IRS...however the
second promotion takes a lot of time...and some people don't even get the second

preventive officer is a uniformed post...regarding the job nature of a preventive
officer, following link may help:

you can also see the pics and uniforms of preventive officers and excise inspectors
in the following link:!/pages/CG...95104153833380

Income Tax


1. public dealing & regards
2. good promotion
3. opportunity to prove ur talent
4. good pay & other benifits
5. good workplace and environment

1. vulnerable post involving risks of making enemies
2. post is under strict vigilance by cvc
3. lots of departmental jealousy over coveted postings
4. departmental complains from collegues and public
5. too much hardwork & treachery to remain in importance

not every income tax inspector becomes asst. commissioner in 14-15 far
as i know it varies from zone to zone...
the bottom line is income tax inspector comes under CBDT which is more
sensitive towards its employees when it comes to promotions and perks....where as
preventive officers, excise inspector and examiners come under CBEC which is a
bit callous and at times lax in its human resource policies...

es for preventive officers posting will be on 6 zones...but in eforcemnt
directorate.....the deputation posts are open to experienced people with good record
...these people can be excise inspectors, examiners, preventive officers, income tax
inspectors..and even equivalent rank officers from paramilitary forces and state
police forces..

and yes deputation pe jaane waalo ko wapas apne parent cadre mein jaana padta
hai...after 3, 5 or 7 years...

Excise & Customs

CE (excise & ST)- have some control over the production, money making capacity
of community industrialist, business men, etc. your area of working is defined... u
have certain number of factory units or business entities under you...

CE (customs)- for those wanting an adventrous jobs, area of work is very broadly
defined.... in special cases you can also go out of your area also to nab a culprit....
which gives u some more power than CE excise, ST or an ITI.... its a kind of job of
both collecting intelligence as well as preventions... be prepared to work day and
night, far away from your home.... manytimes... sourrounded with unknown may
be some dangerous people.. sometimes


CE excise & ST is rather cool jobs.... sometimes their are raids etc but not so
adventrous or risky....
CE customs allways surrounded by enemies.... on one direction there are
smuglers/culprits and on the other hand are unsatisfied collegues trying to ruin
your hardwork by intruding into your informations, network and assignments....

Service Tax & comparison

by ST here i mean Service Tax.... it is levied on the business entities which
provides services like coaching institutes, security services etc...
where as Sales tax is the tax which is levied on the goods, when they are sold in the
market, for ex. a toothbrush when it is sold by a shopkeeper. Every shop keeper (a
registered firm) is registred with the local sales tax office and pays taxes on the
total sales he makes during the year .... Excise tax is the tax levied on the
production of the goods, every factory pays tax on the production of every unit of
goods produced in it during a year..... Custom tax is levied on goods when they are
exported or imported....

Sales tax is the department created by the state governments.... its officials are
recruited through state public service commissions and being paid by the state
funds..... therefore Sales Tax department allways have interference and nuicances
from local politics and local politicians (though such things affects high ranking
officials only) .... which is never present in Central excise and Income tax
departments (thanksgoodness)... A sales tax inspector has to keep an eye on the
sales of the locally registered business firms ... like readymade garments shops, big
grocery stores, furniture houses, etc and sales of the sellers of all the goods which
comes under sales tax net....

sales tax inspectors task is mostly official, field work is only limited to the city
they are posted in.... since it is a state department, so transfer outside your
repective state is not possible... the job has public dealing.... pay scale is good but
as the department is run by state govs... in state like UP, bihar some times the pay
gets delayed for months..... but sarkar ke yahan der hai par andher nahin...

well .... tell me if i m missed any point to unfold...

Preventive Officer profile

Another important aspect of preventive work is collection of customs duty.This
duty is leviable on goods of foreign origin brought by passengers arriving from
foreign countries at the point of arrival, namely, air ports, sea ports and land
routes.The customs Preventive Officer who is the third official a traveler/tourist
upon arrival in India would meet – after the health and immigration officials – is
the proper officer for collection of customs duty on baggage and can be identified
by his white uniform, shoulder epaulettes with three faceted lion insignia in the
center and twin stripes and white peak cap with customs logo in front.The
Preventive Officer is variously described as the country’s Ambassador of Goodwill
and sentinel who guard the country’s economic frontiers


The third most important aspect of preventive work is auction and disposal of
confiscated goods, which is a major source of Government revenue.
All confiscated item (from air port, docks or town seizures) are stored in Customs
Warehouse. On disposal orders being issued and if item are retail in nature then
they are sold through retail shop and commercial bulk items are sold through mode
of open Auction. Presently, Auction is being held once in a month and dates are
published in any one national English daily and one vernacular daily. Persons
interested in bidding and inspection of goods can contact Superintendent
(Disposal) on all working days. The successful bidder has to deposit EMD @ 25%
of bid amount at the fall of hammer. The balance is to be paid within 6days failing
which EMD will be forfeited. Items brought for auction include foreign & Indian
motor vehicles, bulk drugs, chemicals, machinery, computer parts, ball bearings,
textiles etc., nowadays even primary gold and silver is being sold by disposal unit.
The rates are fixed by Bombay Bullion auction market on daily basis. Anyone can
purchase gold [minimum 1 kg and maximum 5 kgs] or silver [maximum 500 Kgs]
on production of Income tax PAN No.. A discount of 1% to Bombay price is
given. Sales Tax is extra.

Apart from the above aspects of Preventive work, a preventive officer also acts as a
facilitator of trade and commerce and tourism.

         Facilitator of Trade and Maritime

Through the Bond section, Container Freight Stations, MEPZ and 100% EOUs, the
Preventive Officer’s service to trade like manufacturers, exporters and importers of
Chennai is invaluable.

Through the General Preventive Section different facilities are extended to
maritime and shipping:

         Conversion/Reversion Of Coastal/Foreign Going Vessels

When a vessel coming from foreign port has to be converted to coastal run, the
owners/Steamer Agents have to approach the Asst. Commissioner of Customs,
Preventive General with a requisition letter for deputing a Preventive Officer along
with letter of undertaking for producing the customs duty paid receipt within 7
days from the date of conversion and Annexure-B (Undertaking that the private
properties of crew/officer of the vessel reverted to coastal run cannot be landed
without Customs Clearance) for safeguarding the revenue in respect of crew
baggage clearance

On receipt of such request, the Section Superintendent will be directed to depute
the Section Officer at Docks to take inventory of ship’s stores, bonded stores,
bunkers, etc and the Master of such vessel has to give estimate quantity of such
consumables during coastal run to the Section Officer.Thereafter the
Owners/Steamer Agents have to file a Bill of Entry in the Import Department
within 7 days from the date of conversion and the same has to be assessed within 5
days and a demand letter will be issued to the Owners/Steamer Agents who will
have to pay the duty within 5 days from the date of receipt of such demand letter.In
respect of reversion of the vessel from coastal run to foreign run, the
Owners/Steamer Agents have to approach the Asst. Commissioner of Customs,
Preventive General with a requisition letter for deputing a Preventive Officer to
take inventory of ship’s stores, bonded stores, bunkers etc. along with customs
duty paid receipt and copy of stores list/inventory taken at the time of conversion

On receipt of such request, Docks Superintendent will be directed to depute
Section Officer who will follow the above procedure mutatis mutandis for taking
inventory of goods against which duty has been paid so that any duty paid goods
were found, the Steamer Agents/Owners can file refund for such goods.


Under Pink Pass procedures, ship’s articles can be removed into town for the
purpose of repair without payment of duty subject to fulfillment of following

        1)The firms and merchants of repute who have a permanent deposit in the
Custom House as security for payment and who have executed a standing
guarantee/bond in the prescribed form.

        2)Other firms and merchants who execute a separate guarantee/bond in the
prescribed form

        3)The local Steamer Agents who are allowed to remove gear and
equipment for repairs without payment of duty from vessels under their agency
through their authorised firms have also to execute a guarantee bond in the
prescribed form.
The prescribed forms can be had from the Preventive General Unit at III floor of
Custom House.
The amount of the permanent deposit shall be fixed by the Asst. Commissioner
with due regard to the extent and value of the transactions of each firm or merchant
and shall be liable to be increased or decreased in proportion to any corresponding
variation in the volume of such transaction
New firms on long term basis will be entertained only when the firm concerned has
worked for atleast six months under the individual Guarantee system and the
bonafides of the firm do not come under question during the probation period.
Besides, the concerned firm has to furnish a statement of its financial position,
Income-tax certificate and regular orders from atleast two major shipping

After fulfilment of the above conditions, the firm will be permitted to handle ship`s
goods for repair and the goods so removed for repair will have to be placed on
board within one month from the date of removal.


The Steamer Agents may pass out linen of vessels in port for washing on execution
of a general guarantee valid for the duty and fine/penalty involved on the linen.The
guarantee to be registered in the Preventive Department shall be renewed every
year in January if the Steamer Agents desire that the concession should be

Linen of vessels in port will be passed out on a Pass in triplicate which will be
presented to the Preventive Officer at the Gate or to the Section Officer at such
ports when gates are not manned by Preventive Officers, who will retain the
original copy.The duplicate and triplicate copies will accompany the linen passed
The ship’s linen after washing should be placed on board the vessel before leaving


Container of durable nature are allowed by the Shipping Agents to be imported
into the Country, free of duty subject to the condition that the container, so,
imported are to be re-exported within 180 days from the date of import after
executing necessary Bond.Condonation of 3 months is done by Asst.
Commissioner and 6 months at once by the Commissioner for non-re-export of the
Container.If the container not-re-exported within the permissible period, duty at
the prevailing rate has to be paid.


Facilities such as The ATA Carnet are extended to tourists who wish to tour the
country in their own vehicles

Under Carnet De Passage, foreign tourists are allowed to import any vehicle into
India free of duty, subject to the condition that such vehicle shall be re-exported
out of India within the validity period of Carnet.

The procedure for import is that Form X in duplicate should be filed with the
Import Department for manifestation and after manifest, the same should be
produced along with original Carnet De Passage and Xerox copy of the passport of
the carnet holder.After the above procedure is complied with by the tourist, a
Preventive Officer and an Intelligence Officer will be deputed to examine the
vehicle at Port Trust/ any CFS where the subject vehicle has been moved and if
nothing objectionable found, the relevant entries will be made in the passport of
the carnet holder and Carnet De Passage for such import and passed out of customs
charge will be issued.

Similarly, at the time of re-export of such vehicle, the tourist has to file Shipping
Bill at the exit port along with the Carnet De Passage with the Export
Department.After assessment of the same, a Preventive Officer and an Intelligence
Officer will be deputed to examine the vehicle and if nothing objectionable found,
let export order will be issued by the Preventive Superintendent and entries made
at the time of import in the passport of the carnet holder will be cancelled so that
the carnet holder can leave the country.

For any help, Preventive General Unit at Custom House can be contacted either in
person or at Telephone No.5221918 extn. 4261/4206/4389

For Auditor

Posting will will according to ur state preference (depending on merit)
through ssc one can become auditor in two depts, cgda & c&ag
cgda deals with audit works of defence forces
c&ag is central audit dept dealing with state govt audits

and no interviews, no physicals ,selection is just through written marks

cAG has offices in all states as well as delhi... Da comes under cag so it also has
posting in delhi... For salary da salary is 27k in hand and auditor salary 21k in
hand. Auditors are there in three departments cag cgda(defence) nd cga(min. O
finance) all have same pay. Da is only in cag... Salary of da is less than it inspector

Salary Calculator

Referencer | 6th CPC | SCPC | Sixth Central Pay Commission | Pay Calculator
Different tests for different profile

CSS......interview + skill test(or computer proficiency test)
Assistant other than css.......interview
others like MEA,postal..........interview

CBI.....interview + physical (in CBI no physical, you have to only satisfy their
medical standard...for the medical standards, please see the cbi website or ssc

IT and central excise........interview
customs or PO...........interview + physical (Physical is for both excise inspector
and preventive officer)
divisional accountant........interview interview
tax interview but there is a typing test

UDC ……………typing test....... and
Tax Assistant ...... DEST (Data Entry Skill Test) 2000 Key depression for 15

Excise Inspector

The functions of customs and Central excise department falls under two categories

--Prevention of evasion of customs and excise duties. The custom officials work at
airports, seaports and dockyards checking incoming/outgoing people/ships/cargo
for compliance to import/export licencing procedures. The work involves physical
examination of air crafts, ships, cargo, vehicles and frisking of passengers etc. for
detecting concealment of goods and duty evasion. Excise officials similarly
monitor compliance in the trade, movement, marketing of goods on which excise is

-- Evaluation of goods and collection of duties accruing to the government.
Both the prevention and appraisal wings of the customs and Central excise
department function under an office of the rank of assistant commissioner.


css: files files and files and then more files..but 3 hrs of work daily..from
answering stupid RTI of people to Cabinet note making to answering parliament
questions to working on daily receipts..its like u given the project ..and u made the
dealing hand..nw report the problem in short abt the project and tell ur
recommendations wat can be done..if ur seniors like they will accept it or else they
will tell their own decisions etc..this is css work..
ITI and excise: pressure more than css..but then u earn more 2 provided u knw ur
job , ur duties well..promotions best IN fame everythng u get..but css is
for people who are satisfied with life..i mean who want to enjoy life, their family
with whatever money they have, mind u 40000 is no less u gys can
choose accordingly..css wont give u power but mental peace with adequate money
which i wanted..which made me choose it..over my mnc job..especially for those
living in Delhi..u dnt have to move from delhi ever..


Assistant gets promotion to the post of section officer,that too after qualifying 6
papers in an exam conducted by upsc,den undersecretary,then deputy secretary and
they retire after it,lucky guys go to joint secy

assistant other than css is nt all delhi may be lucknow 2..or some other
state..css is all delhi..

the probs with ass other than css is that promotions are pretty slow when
departmental exam is there , only 12-14 vacancies for SO are there..but in CSS ul
see 300-400 vacancies.

State excise inspector work criteria
The Excise Revenue is primarily derived from the duties and various types of fees
[licence, permit, privilege, transport, export etc.] on Indian-made Foreign Liquors,
Country Liquor, Distillery Spirit, Toddy, Neera, Intoxicating Drugs, Opium,
Medicinal Preparations containing Alcohol or Narcotic Drugs, Toilet Preparations
containing Alcohol etc. Excise Revenue is also derived from miscellaneous sources
viz. fines, forfeitures etc.

Central excise inspector work criteria

Central Excise duty is payable on all goods (excluding goods manufactured in
special economic zones) which are produced or manufactured in India at rates
specified in the Central Excise Tariff. Under the present assessment scheme, a
manufacturer is required to assess himself the duty payable on the goods
manufactured by him and deposit the same in authorized Banks. The details of
goods manufactured exemption claimed, duty paid are required to be furnished in
periodical returns such as ER-1 returns, submitted to the Department. These returns
are required to be scrutinized and checked by the concerned Central Excise officers
to verify that the correct amount of the tax has been paid.


Auditor is the best amongst all interview post. i have been working as a sr. auditor
in dad deptt.(min. of defence) since 5 years. Auditors are recuited under cag and
cgda deptt. most vacancies are in cgda. in cgda u will be appointed as an auditor in
defence acctts. deptt.(dad deptt.) comes under min.of defence. initially u will get
army/navy/airforce/ordnance factory command. u hace to do the mannual work
like passin of bills,auditing pay bills of staffs,accounting the factory production in
factory command. its a very good post. u have to work 8 hours(officially) but u can
manage.saturday-sunday off days.u will get ample time to spent with ur family. if
bachelor maximum time u can utilize for ur higher preperation.salary wise it is a
very good post. initially u will get minimum 21 thousand in A class cities including
Hra. u will get automatically promoted to sr. Auditor (grade pay 4200)in 3 years . u
will get a chance to sit for depttmental sas exam for the ppst of AAO(Gazzetted
post) after completion of 2 years.promotion wise its a good deptt. over all i have
enjoyed thoroughly as an Auditor. so i will recommend each and every one(those
who got selected in non interview post category) to give auditor as his first
preference. so all the best guys.....

Assistant in MEA & assistant (Cypher) in MEA

Assistant and Assistant (Cypher) in MEA---most sought Assistant post under
CGLE due to charm of foreign posting and many other lucrative facilities like
children's education, accommodation etc and a very handsome salary of more than
1 lakh per month (perhaps upto Rs 1,25,000). But one can be posted in countries
like Afganistan, Pakistan, Irak, Libya too. Cyphor Asst. is little different from
Asst. (general) because they have to do the task of coding and decoding in addition
of some highly confidential language. Cypher Asst got more foreign posting than
general Asst but the promotional avenues are better in General Asst. Overall in
MEA, the promotional chances is very less and one can go up to the level of US.
one can get his first promotion after about 15-17years if he will not clear
departmental examination and after clearing departmental examination, it will take
around 8 odd years.

An Assistant (General)

An Assistant (General) is supposed to be posted generally 3 years in India and 3
years in foreign; and like this throughout his tenure of service whereas an Assistant
(Cypher) is posted 3 years in India and 6 years in foreign; and like this

Assistant in Railways

assistant in railways: gud job ,ul get 1 pass for family ( to and fro) anywhere in
India free and 3 passes for family (to and fro) in which u pay 1/3rd of amount..all
this for tier 2 AC ticket..then railway has its own railway homes all over India
u can stay there at a very cheap rate..if u using railway passes..
The prob is in CSS ul be entitled for plane tickets as u become under secretary..but
in railways AC tier 1 plane tickets..then CSS offers u wide variety of postings
in different departments..but in railways , only 1 department..
ailway tickets passes which I mentioned are every year..after 3 yrs oif service , ul
get 3 free passes every year to any part of India with family ,where u can use
railway homes..but I think railway homes can be used only once u become
Gaztd..(im nt sure on this)..

railways ki posting lucknow bhi ho sakti hai..CSS is all Delhi..and always delhi..

then total gross salary of CSS is: 32 in hand+ 5500 pf+ LTC+ medical(CGHS)+
training tours( i m serious ,govt spend atleast 50,000 on each of us for these 2 trips
i talked about)

Assistant in MEA

MEA has probs in postings and then govt gives u nt much amount in dollars to
spend outside..even if they give 1500$ per month in a foreign nation ,they are
nothing when u go to a foreign country..moreover postings are also at odd
places..and Cypher has night shifts 2..and its like u have to work for 6 days and
then 2 days off. and 2 days will be nite no sat sun like system..


so i believe css assistant is the best if u want assistant..moreover css added benefits
are: ul go to 2 fully paid trips during training all at govt expense..mind u govt
provides 3 star-4 star hotels when we went to (Chennai and pondicherry) and
Nanital for trips..then at each level of training , ul get these paid trips..from
assistant to SO,from SO to US,and from US to DS, the trip is to a foreign country
free paid by govt..and as the news now is hot that u can become SO in 3 yrs , i
think u can go for CSS assistant..baki Inspectors is always gud as compared to wise u knw wat im talking abt..but in assistants , CSS is the best..

 in css when u have limited departmental for SO , u have vacancies like 200 , 250 other places like MEA or railways ul have 5 ,10 promotions are faster
in CSS..

.css offers u wider variety of postings like LAW,consumer affairs,
home,finance,education ,civil aviation..sao ur scope of work and knwldge is huge.

Divisional Accountant
div accountant have i think direct engagements with they earn.

Divisional Accountant works in Public works departments offices(PWDs) which is
a state govt office. Though his payroll comes from State govt, he is always a
central govt employee. PWDs need not necessarily be in cities, so you might get
posted to any district in a state. Once you join as Div Accountant in a state, there is
no chance of moving outside the state.

Regarding the work, he basically acts as an auditor for all expenses and receipts
that go through the PWD, meaning he has to sign off each and every voucher.
Since he is Central govt representative in state dept he enjoys great power and
respect in the office and works independently, doesn't need to report to anyone but

In hand salary calculation:

Scale starting( 5200 or 9300)*1.86+ grade pay(4600 or 2800) etc..=ur basic salary
add 58% of basic salary to first equation
then Add 30% of basic as HRA to this.
then add 1600* 1.58 =TA
subtract (10% of (basic + DA) as PF)..same amount govt adds to ur PF and pays
9% interest on ur PF
subtract Rs 325 as CGHS..and 60 for all can knw wat psots they
are getting and their in hand salary

yr ek mistake ho gayi isme..for 9300 scale basic is 17140 total..
and for for 5200 its i think 4500*1.86(il connfirm u this nt sure of group B)..A
ke liye basic is 17140

Basic Pay + 58% of basic as DA+ 30% of Basic as HRA+ 1600+ 58% of 1600 as
TA - 10% of (Basic+DA) as NPS deduction - 325 for CGHS - 60 for Group
Insurance = Total in hand salary

17140 for grade pay 4600
13500 for grade pay 4200

Rest is correct but for Basic see this and calculate

d) Grade Pay: 2400

Pay in Pay Band: Rs 7510

Basic Pay: Rs 9910

e) Grade Pay: 2800

Pay in Pay Band: Rs 8560

Basic Pay: Rs 11360

1. Pay Band - 2

Pay Scale Rs 9300 - 34800

a) Grade Pay: 4200

Pay in Pay Band: Rs 9300

Basic Pay: Rs 13500

b) Grade Pay: 4600

Pay in Pay Band: Rs 12540

Basic Pay: Rs 17140

Tax Assistant in CBDT
Well, a TA is in the pay-band 5200-20800 with grade pay of Rs 2400. Tax
Assistant in CBDT could be posted at two levels-----------either in assessment of
tax or in non-assessment. When he is allotted in assessment he is supposed to do
the work related to assessment of the income tax of an individual or a partnership
firm or a company or as the case maybe; and he is to feed that data in the
computer. He could also be asked to do any clerical work like work related to
DIARY AND DISPATCH, noting, drafting etc. He could also be asked to
accompany the RAID team. When he is posted at a seat that belongs to non-
assessment he is supposed to do only clerical work. A TA in CBDT is given a
MTNL SIM on which all calls whether local or STD on any phone of BSNL or
MTNL are totally free. On phones of other companies he can make free calls upto
400 minutes a month; whether local or STD.

inspector preventive(custom) can be posted either at airport or ship port depend
what place you get i.e. in banglore, bhopal, delhi hyderbad, etc there are only
airport and in mumbai, chennai, vizag, kochi, tutikorin, are coastal well as it depends what place does u get.. In airport, there is no preventive
officer. Examiner is in both type of ports.

gross salary for diff. pay bands-

5200-20200(grade pay 2400)-Gross sal: 22246
5200-20200(grade pay 2800), Gross sal: 25088
9300-34800(grade pay 4200), Gross sal: 31648
9300-34800(grade pay 4600), gross sal: 42381

further deductions such as PF, CGHS nd Income tax applicable...

PAY BAND 5200-20200 PB-1
1800 5200 7000
1900 5830 7730
2000 6460 8460
2400 7510 9910
2800 8560 11360

PAY BAND 5200-20200 PB-1
1800 5200 7000
1900 5830 7730
2000 6460 8460
2400 7510 9910
2800 8560 11360

PAY BAND 9300-34800 PB-2
4200 9300 13500
4600 12540 17140
4800 13350 18150

Basic Pay + 58% of basic as DA+ 30% of Basic as HRA+ 1600+ 58% of 1600 as
-{10% of (Basic+DA) as NPS deduction + 325 for CGHS + 60 for Group
Insurance} = Total in hand salary
means for Assistant (CSS)/Assistant in other Central Govt.
Ministries/Departments/CVC etc/Inspector, Central Excise/Preventive
Officer/Examiner/Inspector of Income Tax/Assistant Enforcement Officer
as 17140+58%of 17140+ 30% of 17140+ 1600+ 58%of 1600
deduction= 10% of (17140+9941)+325+60=3093
Salary in hand = 32223-3093=29130 /-
means for Inspector of Posts/CBI Sub Inspectors/Divisional
Accountant/statistical investigator
as 13500 + 58% of 13500 + 30% of 13500 + 1600 + 58% of 1600 =
13500+7830+4050+1600+928=27908 /-
deduction = 10% of (13500+7830) +325+60 = 2133+325+60 = 2518
total in hand salary = 27908 - 2518 = 25930 /-
means for auditor/jr accountant
as 11360 + 58% of 11360 + 30% of 11360 + 1600+ 58% of 1600 =
11360+6589+3408+1600+928=23885 /-
& deduction = 10 % of 17949 + 325 + 60 = 2180
total in hand salary = 21705 /-
for tax asst / udc / compiler
as 9910 +5748+2973+1600+928=21159 /- & deduction = 1566+325+60=1950
total in hand salary = 21159-1950 = 19209/-

the pay of 42381 is an increment of basic pay for 5 years at the rate of 3% pa
wat i want to say is a fresher in grade pay of 4600 will get (basicpay+ grade pay
+da(58% from july 2011)+hra(30% in metros) +ta) i.e.
(17140+4600+9940+5140+252 =34750 and after that deduction of 3093 i.e.
34750-3090=31660 in hand...after it allowances of atleast 4000-5000 is also

Examiner is the best post of cgl, after it aeo. I think last year topper gaurab dixit
will go for examiner this time. Huge income plus independent charge power.

Which department is better for Auditor ? CAG or CGDA?
1. Auditor in CAG is a good post, and u may very well get ur home town with such
high marks. but the job requires u to travel quite a lot.

CGDA comes under defence ministry

What do u mean by Defense area.

Now you can see below where the offices of CGDA are located.

Principal Controller of Defence Accounts(Officers),Pune
Principal Controller of Defence Accounts(Navy),Mumbai
Principal Controller of Defence Accounts(WC),Chandigarh
Principal Controller of Defence Accounts(CC),Lucknow
Principal Controller of Defence Accounts(NC),Jammu
Principal Controller of Defence Accounts(SC), Pune
Principal Controller of Defence Accounts, New Delhi
Principal Controller of Defence Accounts(Pensions), Allahabad
Principal Controller of Accounts(Fys),Kolkata
Principal Controller of Defence Accounts, Bangalore
Principal Controller of Defence Accounts(SWC),Jaipur
Principal Controller of Defence Accounts(Border Roads),New Delhi
Controller of Defence Accounts(Army), Meerut
Controller of Defence Accounts(PD), Meerut - [Under Construction]
Controller of Defence Accounts(Funds), Meerut
Controller of Defence Accounts, Patna
Controller of Defence Accounts, Jabalpur
Controller of Defence Accounts,Chennai
Controller of Defence Accounts(R&D), Hyderabad
Controller of Defence Accounts,Secunderabad
Controller of Defence Accounts,Guwahati
Controller of Defence Accounts(CSD),Mumbai
National Academy of Defence Financial Management, Pune

IFA (CC), Lucknow

The selected candidates for the post of Auditors were allocated departments
of C&AG and CGDA in round robin manner of first candidates going to
second to CGDA, third to C&AG and so on, until the vacancies of the
in the respective category are utilized. The rest of the candidates in that
have been assigned the department with left over vacancies. The same criteria
have been used to allocate department of C&AG and CGA to the candidates
selected for Jr. Accountants/Accountants.

TA ke baare mein jo kuch pata hain:

1. TAs are recruited in 2 departments: CBDT (Central Board of Direct Taxes) and
CBEC (Central Board of Excise and Customs).

2. Promotion wise, CBDT is far better than CBEC. my frnds dad who works as
Administrative Officer (HQ), CBEC and posted in Kolkata, took 13 years for his
first promotion!!!
3. I dont know if there is any departmental exam in CBDT and CBEC (have to ask
him) but after promotion u rise to inspector level, and then to officer level.

4. The inspector level is the same as the one ppl get through CGL. So joining as
TA, u begin at one step lower.

5. Need to confirm abt departmental exams, uniforms after promotion, training and

6. Both of these are transferable jobs. when u become a senior, u are automatically
transfrred to ur home town for convenience. For example, the person i was talking
about has been transferred to kolkata for his convenience, where his family resides.

A preventive officer may be assigned specific or general duties.In case of
preventive officers for specific purpose,one may be appointed as fraud prevention
officer.A general prevention officer may be assigned duties to
prevent,fraud,theft,fire n all other illegal,unwanted actions to save the company/
corporation / organisation ,one serves from them.
In nut shell,these r the duties of a preventive officers.They r to prevent the
happenings of undesirable things.

Other important points>>>>

   1. bhai log,
      1) for option form: if u fill online. no need to send by post, jst have a copy at
      interview, if u dont fill online thn u have to print a copy and send to reg
      office .
      2) Attestation form : download, fill and have in triplet at time of intru or
      skill test( all of us irrespective of grp A or B)
      3) Biodata: only for intru, fill it and have in a set of 5 copies, it sud be with u
      at intru .
      i think u don't know the newly policy of govt. Mentioned by sscchief in
      twitter that those obc,sc & st candidates who take age relaxtation can't not
      be enter in ur candidates in spite of scoring higher marks than general
      candidates. Don't think about sc & st. It is not possible for sc & st
     candidates. Overall sc, st canddates can take 25-30 seats. I think so & it is
     matter. Best of luck

2. WasimWasim @ sscchief sir i opt for only 3 states & i dont hv sufficent
   marks to get job in these states..which state will u provide me
   about 11 hours ago

     Ssc chief@ WasimWasim no state. u will be considered in the post for
     which ur merit is sufficient for only states for which u opt
     about 10 hours ago in reply to WasimWasim

     This is sir's tweet . Now its cofirmed that location will also be preferred
     equally as post. Enjoy

3. ssc will do state/zone allocation this year.........

     sscchief has made this clr more than one time.......

     You will not be considered for the states for which u hv not shown ur


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