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									August 18th, 2012                                                                                           Published by: tfpetersen12

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                                                                     If you enquire about your new friend, for example, by asking
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                                                                     question in return.
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                                                                     business in full flow within seconds of meeting a prospect.
                                                                     You should prepare your first two or three sentences that are
The Best Way To Tell                                                 designed to enable a person to accept time for dialogue with
                                                                     you to discuss your network marketing opportunity in more
Strangers About Your                                                 detail.
Business                                                             You should remember you don’t need to discuss your business
August 18th, 2012                                                    with everyone you meet. Be selective, but not overprotective
                                                                     as you wouldn’t want to rule out good prospects. You do,
It is potentially intimidating to go up to a complete stranger
                                                                     however, need to rule out people you would not want to join
and tell them about your home-based business. Even with the
                                                                     your business.
fear of your recession based bank account to motivate you,
talking to strangers is not something most humans expect to
When you analyze the problem, you will know that you could
quite happily talk to a stranger if your vehicle has broken down
or you needed some store service help when you buy printer
supplies. It’s easy enough to speak to those people, so why
can’t you talk to a stranger about your network marketing

The secret revealed
If you are out and about you will meet a lot of people. If
you spend half of your day on your computer with Facebook
and Twitter you have the opportunity to mix with millions of
people. With so many people available to talk to, the first thing
you should do is NOT talk about your business.
People will not be interested in what you have to say until
they have built up an element of trust, however minor, when
speaking with you. If you crash right through with your best
network marketing stories, you may find people running in the
opposite direction like Olympic sprinters.
You must build up sufficient rapport during the conversation
before people lead up to the inevitable question; what you do?
The second part of the secret is getting them to ask that vital
question. How do you do that?

Compliments go a long, long way.
We all like to receive compliments, but unfortunately in many
cultures these days, compliments are rarely offered. You have
to ensure that your compliment is genuine and worthy of
the occasion. It’s easy to make a simple flattering remark
providing you choose the right situation. You can compliment
someone about their choice of style, their outfit, earrings, their
smile or perhaps their attitude.

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