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]:he Secretary/Estt.(N),
Railway Board,
New Delhi.
                                                                      . Dated:2b.1 0.2007       "I
       Sub: Recruitment against Scouts and Guides quota.


       The Scouts and Guides Unit of RDSa was earlier attached to Lucknow District of
Northern Railway State of Bharat Scouts & Guides. RDSa unit was granted the status of
separate 'District' vide Northern Railway State of Bharat Scouts & Guides' letter No-.BS-
&G/E-xpansion/94 dated 28.04.1994 (copy enclosed).

2. The annual quota for recruitment of 'Cultural-cum-Scouts and Guides' has been fixed for
the Zonal Railways & Production Units. The quota for Scouts & Guides is 4 per Railway and
1 per Production Unit in Group 'D'. Railway Board vide their letter No.E(NG)-II/96/RR-2/2
dated 10.3.99 & 19.4.99 (copies enclosed) increased the Scouts & Guides quota for
Lucknow Division from two to four per year for recruitment to Group 'D' and from four to five
per year in Group 'e' as a special case based on the fact that Lucknow Division of Northern
Railway also caters for Scouts & Guides activities of RDSa. The purpose has not been
served by merging the additional quota for recruiting Scouts and Guides of RDSa District
with Northern Railway, as none of the staff recruited for Group 'C' and Group 'D' has been
posted in ROSa. Since, there is no recruitment in RDSa against Scouts quota, the morale of
the Scouts and Guides of RDSa District is adversely affected and it is also telling upon the
Scouts & Guides activities in RDSa District.

3. ROSa, earlier an attached office, has now been declared a Railway since 01.01.2003.
Like other Railways, ROSa can independently hold the selections of Group 'e' and 'D'

4. To maintain the morale of Scouts & Guides high at RDSa, the Board are requested to
kindly allow RDSa for holding the selections for one post of Group 'e' and two posts in
Group '0' for recruitment of Scouts & Guides.

Encl: Above.

                                                                              RBE No. 82/2000

No. E(NG)II/99/RR-2/3 dated 04/05/2000

       Subject :- Recruitment against Scouts and Guides Quota .. Procedure for

                      (Supplementary Circular No.5 to Master CircularJ'lo~)

Reference this Ministry's letter No. E(NG)IIL86/RR-2/3 dated 26.5.1988 (RBE 111/1988) and
various other instructions as consolidated in Master Circular No.7/90 issued under this Ministry's
letter No. ~(NG)II/90/RR-2LlL!'1aster Circular dated 22.10.1990 regarding recruitment against
Cultural/Scouts and Guides quota and qualifications etc. therefor.

2. The question of streamlining the procedure for recruitment against Scouts and Guides quota
has been under consideration of the Ministry of Railways for some time past. It has now been
decided to lay down the following procedure: -

  i. Recruitment should be done by the Railway Administration themselves.
  ii. The recruitment against the quota should be done by open advertisement following the
       procedure laid down in this Ministry's letter No. E(NG)II/96/RR-1L62 dated 17.9.1998 (RBE
 iii. The educational qualifications for consideration for appointment against the quota will be the
       same as applicable for recruitment to Group 'C' and Group '0' categories respectively.
 iv. The recruitment will be done only in the following initial grades:-

       Group 'C'

       Grade Rs. 3050-4590/Rs. 3200-4900

       Group '0'

       Grade Rs. 2550-3200

  v.   The annual quota for recruitment is as under:-
       Group 'C' - 4 per Railway per year
                   - 1 per Production unit per year
       Group '0' - Not more than 2 per Division/Production unit per year

       (Note: Northern Railway may recruit additional 1 per year in Group 'C' and 2 per year in
       Group '0' who may be posted in ROSO, in terms of Board's letter No. E(NG) II/96/RR-2/2
       dated 10.03.1999 and 19.04.1999)

 f.    Powers for recruitment of Scouts and Guides in Group '0' may be delegated to the DRMs
       by the General Manager.
 vii. Age limits as applicable for recruitment to other equivalent categories shall be followed.
viii. Applications shall be called for separately for Group 'C' and Group '0' posts. The selection s
       shall also be conducted separately for Group 'C' and '0' posts. A candidate may apply both
       for Group 'C' and Group '0' posts.
 ix. The following qualifications would apply for recruitment of Scouts/Guides to Group 'C' and
      Group '0' posts :-
      nL9~RR-=-2.L7 dated 3.3.1999 (RBE 37/1999)]

3.   Other Conditions of Recruitment win be the same as applicable to recruitment to
equivalent categories.


                             QUOTA FOR GROUP 'C' POSTS

History of Scouting/Guiding; Law & Promise; Organisation - 'Distt. & State Level'; Training Centre - Distt.
& State Level; Knowledge of Books; Scouting for Boys/Guiding for Girls in India; Motto left hand shake;
Salute; Prayer; Flag song; National Anthem; Know the National & Scouting flags; Social Services at
various occasions; Hiking; Proficiency Badges, How these are earned; Stages in Scouting/Guiding.
Thinking Day; Progressive Training of Scouts/ Guides/ Rovers/ Rangers; Pioneering; Handicrafts; Indian
Railway Jamborette; National Jamboree; Jamboree on the Air.

Organisation at National level; National Training Centres, WAGGGS/WOSM - (Uprashtrapati Award
Competition; Prime Minister Shield Competition; Community Development Programmes; Aims and
Methods of Scouting; How Scouting is useful in producing better citizens?


                             QUOTA FOR GROUP '0' POSTS

History of Scouting/Guiding; Law & Promise; Organisation - 'Distt. & State Level'; Training Centre - Distt.
& State Level; Knowledge of Books; Scouting for Boys/Guiding for Girls in India; Motto left hand shake;
Salute; Prayer; Flag song; National Anthem; Know the National & Scouting flags; Social Services at
various occasions; Hiking; Proficiency Badges, How these are earned?; Stages in Scouting/Guiding.
Thinking Day; Progressive Training of Scouts/ Guides/ Rovers/ Rangers; Pioneering; Handicrafts; Indian
Railway Jamborette; National Jamboree; Jamboree on the Air.

Revision of quota vide Railway Board's letter No. E(NG)II/2003/RR-2/4 dated 19.11.2003 (RBE
                  MASTER CIRCULAR NO. 1
            COMPENDIUM ON
    Subject : Scout activities on the Indian Railways
                                  [No. E(W)90-WE6-6.C, dated 20-8-90]
     At present, the orders relating to' "Scouting activities on the
Indian Railway" are scattered in a number of office circulars/orders
issued from time to time. The question of consolidation of these
existing orders/circulars into one Master Circular has been under
consideration of the Ministry of Railways. They have now decided to
issue a consolidated order on the subject as below for the
information and guidance of all concerned.
     2. The Chairman. Railway Board in his D.O. of 11-1-90 to all
General Managers observed on the importance and relevance of
scout activities on the Indian Railways as Under:
          "The Scouts and Guides movemem, which is a world wide
          one, aims at building character and inculcating a sense of
          discipline in those who join the organisation. These, in fact,
          are the vcry qualities expected of those engaged in public
          service. but arc sadly lacking now-a-days, both among
          public servants and among the public. A large number of
          Railway staff come in contact with public. Their courteous
          behaviour towards the uscrs and uprightness in dealings
          will go a long way in building the Railway's image. As such,
          those who have gone through the scout movement are
          likely to prove more effective as Railwaymen in the day-to-
          day discharge of their duties".
     3. In order to give impetus to the Scouts and Guides Movement
on the Indian Railways, the Ministry of Railways (Railway Board)
have given! provided the following concessions/facilities:
     Leave: I             .
     (a) Grant pf Special Casual Leave to Railway servants including
           Apprel[1ticesand trainees. who are Boy Scouts
           orRoverScouts for attenctipg training camps or rallies or
           when engaged under instructions from their scout
           authorities, etc. wi thin the coumry or outsid~ India, within
           the prescribed limit of 30 days in a calendar year.
         (Nos. 5926F dated 23.] ].40, E(W)57WE6-30 dated 22.//.57 and
                                              E(W) 5RWEt5-t5 dared 23.5.58)
                                          SCOUT ACTIVITIES ON ThE INDIAN RAILWAYS              MASTER CIRCULAR NO. I

'i   (b) In respect of Leader Trainers/Assistant Leader Trainees whose                                  Railway employees on the recommendations of the CPO and
           services are utilised for imparting training to scouts/guides                                th~ Railway State Chief Commissioners for Scouts and Guides
           may by granted Special Casual Leave to the extent of 45 days                                 from the station of/nearest their residence to the stations
           in a calender year. In case leave in a calendar y.earis required                             of/nearest the
           beyond his ceiling limit of 45 days. the same should be                                 " training camps and back subject to. fulfilling the following
           referred to the Railway Board. rNo. E(W)86WE6-3, dated                                 conditions :                   -             .. ,
             4.12.861                                                                                              (i) He/she had been an office bearer of the Railway Scout.
     (c) Period of absence of Railway employees on account of injuries                                                   Organisation or had been an active worker:ror'a period of
          sustained by them while 011 Special Casual Leave grantcd for                                                   atleast five years assisting Railway Administration in or-
          scouting duties for which thcy arc required to be hospitaliscd                                                 ganising training camps or imparting training etc,;
          also regulariscd as Special Ca~uul Leave within the overall                                                                     \                            .'
                                                                                                                   (ii) He/she would be atleast a President: ScoulJGuide or Hima-
          limit ono days/45 days. as the case nlaY be, in a calendar year                                                layan Wood Badge Holder ;'and                 .,- ,
          as per (a) and
          (b) above respectivdy,      INo. E(W)83SPJ4, dated 12.8.831                                      (iii) A certificate is given by the Railway State Chief Commis-
                                                                                                                  sioner that the presence of the retired Railway official
     (d) Special Casual Leave is pellnltll:d to be combincd with Casual                                           concerned is absolutely essential and no suitable person
          Leave or recorded h;avl.; 011 scout dutics but when regular                                             of his/her qualifications or calibre is avail{lblc for imparting
          leave i-sanClioned ill (;()lIihllllitloll wilh Special Casual Leavc,                                    training to Railway eJ.I.lployees.
     Pass(~s :
          Casual Leave C:lllIl()1 be rolli hi IIl·(1. INo. E(W)80WE6-2 dated
     (d 1.'I\'l: SPlTlld I':lssrs al 1'ls~u\'i110 scouts/guides on scoutinH                              Note: These· powers Me to be exercised only by the General
          5./.8.'1 I
           (IuliL:s tOI IiiI'll 101l11li"Y hy I{all.                                                              Managers/Additional General Managers and not to be re-
           INII.I' W,'()/' till/I'd ,!.I. I I ·10 111/1/ li(W)57WE6-30 dated 22.11.5/1                            delegated. :,' [No. E(W)84PS5-18/1 dated 22-1-85]
      I)      Spl'dld l'aliMiS lilt' L~lltli"d 10 lhe bonafide family memhers of'                       ~/DA to'Raflwaj,t~",ployees on Scouting dIllies: . Il, .
                                                                                                    1I, \ ."             I •. ~           t; ~ f' ..   l'       ~       ,".   '.
              Railway l'llIployr(~s who IlIl' appointcd as office bearers of                         (j) T NDA as on tour at the rates appropriate to the pay of em
              OIL: ~lale Assocln! lOll alld nlso to IhOSL: who enroll                                ployees
              themselves as Rovers .. Rall!;L:I-s. Cubs. Holhuls, Scouts and                     " UI,\ sl!bje~t~~_alI)~umof15 daysin<\~~q~daryearpaidtoscouts/ \', .
              Guides. These lIll,; issued ror allelltling trailllllg ('lUUPS or rallies          "gl\ides/<\dult leade~/commissioners/rovers/rangers for the following
              orwhen engaged Oil other scouting aClivilil.:s, Surh passes                        activities:
                                                                                                         ir' J.J              '\   I ••                     ~       :

              are also issucd over Rail ways other than 1I01llt.: IZai I WilY                               : (a) \YJl,~n dep.uted to attend training camps/courses
              when camps, rallies. I.:IC. al\' arranged at places servl.:(1 hy                          H'       organised by .~e State!Distt, Scout AssociaLiol\:->,
              olhL:f Railways:                                                                                   Himalayan Wood Badge Tr~ning Courses or for impaliing
                                              INo, 1~(W)57WE6-J3 dated /4.12 .. ~/1                              training to children, Scouts/Guides/Rovers/Rangcrs.
     (g) The passes iSSIIL:d should IX' of Ihe same class to which thl'                                  '. (b) When deputed,to assist the Railway Administration in
          employee concerlled is 1I0111l1l1ly elltitled to,                                                '·    supplementing Railways' efforts during Melas, Festivals,
                                              INo, 1~(W)57WE6-13 datet114,U,~/1                                  Acqdents, Natural Calamities likc floods. cyclones,
     (h) CommissionL:ls of St:OIlIS nnll (1IlidL:s when requireclLO tmvl'l                                       breat:hes, etc.
          Oil scoul dUlies III\: di!'.lll!t: 1m Iht: concession of First Class                                     (c) Scouts/Guides officials who are depuletlto allcnd meetings
          I'IISSt~N regardless of 11t\:h' ('III II kllH'II1 ill their individual                                        of the. State/National BoQy ; and ,I
                                                INn, /~'(W)65WE6-23 dated 2(d.MI
                                                                                                                   (<.1) Railway employees who are deputed 10 impart training or
                                                                                                                        organise major scout/guide events, such as rallies, jam-
              Railways havl: pOWI'I:-! lolNsm: First Class Special Compll-                                              borenes, conferences, etc. at the Stall: or Nalional levels.
              llH'I\ Ial v ('\1('((111' I ',I'M'S 1I0l1' Xl'l'l'lllllg three sets
              peryearLo till' 11'11, I'd
                                SCOUT ACTIVITIES ON THE INDIAN RAIL WAYS        MASTER CIRCULAR NO. I                                                       s
w.                                                                                  3.
 Note: 1. The expenditure on T NDA is to be met from Revenue.                       Treasurer    Body called the Railways Scouts IIlId (1l1ides Board
          2 •. Grant of 15 days T NDA should be within the ceiling                  4. Secretary consisting of :
              of 30 days/45 days of Special Casual Leave.                                             .. 1. Chainnan         : Advisor (Staff).
        [Nos. E(W)80WE6-1 daled 27.9.82.,7.5.83 and E(W)84-WE6-7                Railway Board.
                                                     daled 16.10.84)
                                                                                          . Vice Cha\lIl1all   ~   EXL"C\llive Director,   Estt. Railw~IY
     Recruitment:                                                               1I01lltl.
     (k)Special quota for recruitmenL of Scouts and Guides againsL
          Cultural-cum-ScouLS and Guides quota has been fixed by
          Railway Board as under:
          Group 'C': Four per year per Railway.
                       One per year per production Unit.
          Group 'D': NoL more Ihall LwO per Division per year.
      [Nos. E(WG)1/I-1911W1I25 da/cd 25.8.80, E(NG)/I-84IRR211 dated
                           14.9.X4 and L:;(NG)/I-88IRR211 daled 5.6.89\
      4. 'Ill\.: anllual percapilu COlllllhulloll from Staff Benefit Fund for
seoul aClivil ies has hC\.:1I incl\.:asl.:tl 1'10111 Rl', 0,75 LO Re. 1.00.
The expendilure on S('()UI IIClivllil.:s ill RlIlIwuy school:> also should be
met out of the conlribu1101101 Swll lIcndiI 1-'tllul 01 I lie ,,·spI.:Clive
Railways. Allotment of funds "01 plOlIlOllOIl 01 sc.:oullll:llvltks wll\ he
HHUJC by the Ministry of Railways ill cOllsulwtloll with Ihe apex hody

viz, 1I1\.: Railway~ ScouLS and Guides
 lNos. £(W)86IFU1-/ darctl/4.5,87/~(W)64-WE6122 dated 27.7.65 and
                                          r:(W)82WE6-2 daled 28.1 .841
      S. In view of the purely non-commercial nature of activities of
 lhe Bharat Scouts and Guides organisation III Id Ihe need to
 encourage the Scouts and Guides movement. it has been t1ccld\.:d
 by the Railway Board to charg\.: a nominal1icence fee of Rs. 20/- per
 lI1111Um only in respect of building! structure licensed to the Bharal
 SCOUI~ rll1d Guides organisation~
                               \No.liliLM(D)3138IScOUlS dated /8.12.89\
       6. Ministry of Railways hllVl,; al~() decided that when a. RllilwlIY
  employee acquires any quali I1C:\I1on lnlhc field of scouting. a
  suitable (;))\fy
  should be made in hi~ Scrvicu R\.:c()Id ..
                                         INo. E(NG)/-88CR4 dated /2.5.tW\
        7. The Ministry of Railways (Rnilwny Board) have set up all J\pl:X
Joint Director, Finance (Estt.) Railway
Joint Director, Esn. (Welfare), Railway Board.
.' . Note: The Chairman of the apex body shall invite one of the Railway
             Slate Chief Commissioners for Scouts and Guides as may
             be nominated by the General Council (consisting of the
             apex body and the Railway State Chief Commissioners
             Scouts and Guides) as a special invitee to attend the
             meeting of the apex body also known as the Managing
             C<;>mmiltee of the Railways Scouts and Guides Board.
    8.   Objt'Ctives of the Apex Body:
         (i) to have a general review ofthe progress of scouting move-
   \,           ment'on the Indian Railways;
         (ii) call for periodical reports from the scouting organisations
                covering organisational aspects, seivice and training; and
         (iii) oversee that the grants from the Staff Benefit Fund are ..
          properly and purposefully utllised.
    9.   General:
         (i) Scouts and Guides should be encouraged to adopt a
              village near their place of work for imparting
              training/undertaking work on adult literacy, hygiene, civic.
              sense. etc .• including organising entenainment
              programmes for the benefit of local population. [No.
              E(W)86WE6-8 dated 7.5.86]
         (ii) S~out and Guide activities should be encouraged in
               Railway schools. particularly Primary and Middle schools
               etc. to inculcate the spirit of selfless 'service and self-
               discipline amongst the childem [No. E(W)84-SC-2110 dated
         (ill) When lectures are delivered on "staff welfare" in Railway
               Staff College. Zonal Training Schools and an other
               training institutes; the activities of the Railway Scout
               Organisations should be highlighted so that the
               employees may be induced to take interest in such
                           [No. E(W)88WE6-5 dated 16.5.88 and 9.9.88]
     10. (i) While referring to the synopsis as above. the original
         circulars referred to should be read for proper appreciation.
         The synopsis given in the Master Circulars should be
         construed only
                              SCOUT ACTIVITIES ON THE INDIAN RAILWA YS

     as a key to the original circular and not as a substitution. In case of any doubt, the
     original circular(s), referred to in the Master Circulars, will be relied upon as
(ii) It should be Iloted that the orders/il1structions issued under the various circulars have
        only prospective effect from the date of issue of the relevant original letter(s), unless
        specifically staled otherwise ill the concerned letter. Hence, for dealing wilh old
        cases, the illslruclions in force at the relevanllime have lO be referred.
(iii) all efforts have been taken lO include Clll the relevant circulars Oil Ihe
subject, if any circular which has not been superseded, happens to be omiued, thal
circular, which has been omitted Ihrollgh oversight, will still hold the field. Anyone ;oming
across slIch a circular may bring itlO the notice of the J~ailway 1I0Hld for suilable action
for issuinlj a

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