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Managed Desktop Product Plan by wuyunyi


									Hosted by TELUS; a Fully Managed IT
Solution for Canadian SMB’s from 5 to
              500 users

                                        ThinDesk Confidential
ThinDesk & TELUS Partnership

    ThinDesk Founded in 2006

    2007 ThinDesk partnered with TELUS to offer a new business computing

    Currently have an established customer base of clients in all verticals.

     Gaviller & Partners - GMA LLP - Cziraky Grossi – Cookson Walker LLP
     Harry James Financial Group - Independent Financial Concepts Group
                  Closing the Gap – Greenferd – Beer Barrons
                     York Child - East York Family Services

                                                                           ThinDesk Confidential
  ThinDesk Industry Recognition & Market Potential

                                                  Top 10 Cloud Computing
      Gartner Cool Vendor 2010                    Companies to Watch

                                                  Profiled in Service Provider
Gold, Best Small Business Solution, 2009          Guide
Silver, Best Small Business Solution, 2011
    Silver, Best Cloud Solution, 2011

        The market is large and growing. According to leading analyst firm
     Gartner, the HVD market, computing in the Cloud will accelerate through
      2013, growing from 500,000 to 49 million units. Worldwide revenue will
       reportedly grow from about $1.3 billion in 2009 to somewhere around
           $65.7 billion in 2013 – or roughly from the current 1% level to
           approximately 40% of the worldwide professional PC market.
                                                                            ThinDesk Confidential
Cloud Computing – What is it?
The industry is buzzing with…

             Application Service Provider (ASP)


                Software as a Service (SaaS)

                       Grid Computing

                Platform as a Service (PaaS)


             Infrastructure/IT as a Service (IaaS)

                                                     ThinDesk Confidential
Cloud Computing – What is it?


       Internet-based computing, where
         technological capabilities are
          maintained off premises and
       delivered on demand as a service
          via the internet, not unlike a
                  public utility.

                                              ThinDesk Confidential
Trends Driving Cloud Computing

  Massive growth and adoption of Internet and cheap, high-speed

  Virtualization – applications separated from hardware

  Utility Computing – High-performance, secure server capacity made
  available as a variably priced, shared service

  Software as a Service – applications available on demand, tailored
  to user need, as a subscription service vs. one-time license fee

  Growing disinterest in non-IT companies to be in the computer

                                                             ThinDesk Confidential
Two Kinds of Cloud Computing

 Public – “A la Carte”                              Private

        Amazon Web
                            Google Apps
                                                Complete, integrated, planned

                               No Panic         IT infrastructure delivered via
                Utility Services
                                                secure, high-speed internet
              -Backup (Intronis/iDisk)
       -Hosted Exchange (Radiant/Sherweb)        connection, as a variable
     -Security (Trend Micro/Global Dataguard)
                                                  cost service, virtualized
                            Facebook            (desktop/server/SAN) for cost,
                             LinkedIn             performance and security


                                                                       ThinDesk Confidential
What is Thin Computing & Virtual Desktop?

    History
        1960’s: Mainframe / Dumb Terminals
        1970’s – 2000: Invent of the PC and Internet
        2010 and Beyond: Shift back to server based computing including
         virtualization, private cloud computing, virtual desktop, data centre’s
    Fully Managed Server Based Computing Service
    Scalability – Customer never buys another server & unlimited storage
    Utility Model – Priced on a per user / per month basis
                     (OPEX vs. CAPEX)
    Enterprise Class Service to SMB

                                                                          ThinDesk Confidential
What is a Thin Client?

     A Thin client is a “display only” terminal – Desktops & Laptops
     Thin Client/Server Based Computing is defined by the fact that
      applications are executed on dedicated servers at TELUS while the
      desktop device only needs to provide the display.
     It does not have a hard drive, needs no software loaded on it locally and
      it stores no data. If desktop fails you loose zero data. If laptop is lost,
      stolen or damaged you also loose zero data.
     The Thin Client is connected by a secure private internet connection
      that provides access to all the desktop applications and data on the
      servers in TELUS Data Centre.
     The service delivers an always on guarantee of 99.99% uptime

                                                                           ThinDesk Confidential
What do CEO’s/CIO’s worry about?
The Competition
                   Competitive confidence – Technologically, are we keeping up with our
                   competitors? Can we move quickly enough? Is our information architecture
                   able to support business growth? How can we maintain an edge?

                   BCP – Growing needs to quickly recover, re-provision and re-establish user access to
                   complete desktop environments to ensure business continuity.
                   Flood, Fire, Ice Storms, Power outages, Theft, etc.
                      Need for Instant Desktop Recovery & Provisioning
                   Need to be able to support a virtual work environment where users have
                   alternative access to complete desktop resources while working remotely
                   Remote workers, commuting issues, Maternity, Transit Strikes, Flex
                    Need for
                   Hours etc.Alternative Workspace Access
                   Need to contain desktop proliferation and build a standardized, centrally managed
                   desktop environment that adheres to internal and external compliance guidelines
                  Need for Desktop Consolidation & Standardization

    IT Costs       IT Budgets and costs- Hardware and some software costs have dropped but
                   the costs of support, security, backup, mobile connectivity etc have soared.
                   More and more IT services have been added in the last 5 years.
                   Off site network backup, Security Audits, Software/Licensing audits, Staffing costs
                     Need for reliable, predictable costs, TCO
                                                                                                ThinDesk Confidential
What do CIO’s and Tech Managers worry about?
    Heterogeneity                   High Management Costs                Admin Inefficiencies

                                  > 70% of TCO ($6,800 USD* / user/   Staff are too tactically focused
                                               year)       *Gartner

                                                             -IDC                                        -IDC

   Security Threats               Software Compliance Risks            Low Resource Utilization
    Physical Security and Theft
    Firewalls                                Internal
    Security Compliance

                                   Upgrades             Patches
                                            External                             The desktop is the least
                                                                                 utilized resource on the
                                  Threat of Licensing Audits!!                           network!
                                                                                  “Over Buying” for the
                                                                                        Desktop Confidential
What do CIO’s and tech managers worry about?
 Multi Locations Support              BCP and Backup                      HR and Training
 Bandwidth Between Offices   Proper Backups      Physical Theft         Application Training
 Remote Users                -Verified           Recovery               Security and Policy Training
 File Synchronization        -Offsite            Hardware Failure       Support /Help Desk
 Document Collaboration       E mail Archiving   SOX compliance         Trouble Ticketing
                                                                        Managing Spikes in

 Time Wasting Irritants                                               ……and more and more
                                     Growing Peripheral
  Spam Spam Spam                        Management                  VOIP- What to do?
                                  PDA's                             Hardware and Software Asset Tracking
 Forgotten Passwords                                                ISO Compliance 17799
                                  Wireless and Mobile E mail
  Exception Support
                                  IP conferences/Cameras

                                                                                          ThinDesk Confidential
ThinDesk Managed Services – Total Product Offering
  Data Centre & Hosted Infrastructure                Applications
  •   Hosted Server(s) VMware platform in a          •   Microsoft Office 2007/10 – Enterprise Edition
      Tier III, SAS 70 TELUS Data Centre                 and Licencing Fees
  •   Each user’s Virtual Windows Desktop            •   Hosted Microsoft Exchange Email
  •   All Applications                               •   All Apps – Accounting, CRM, ERP, HR, etc.
  •   Active Directory

  Storage                                            Remote – Travelling / Home Office

  •   Hosted Data Management                         •   Remote Access – Juniper SSL VPN from any
  •   File Services                                      device, anywhere
  •   E-Archiving of older data                      •   Smartphones – Blackberry (BES), iphone / ipad,
  •   Daily Off-site Backup                              Android with wireless integration
  •   Storage added as needed

  Security                                           Management & Support
  •   Enterprise Software Services (Virus            •   24x7x365 Data Centre Monitoring and
      Protection, Anti-spam, Malware)                    Management
  •   Enterprise Virtual Firewall                    •   8am to 6pm – Unlimited user helpdesk support
  •   IDS/IPS for intrusion detection                •   Daily patches, updates and maintenance
  •   Tight controls on physical access              •   Onsite Support

  Private Network Connectivity                       Other Services
  •   DSL / Bonded / T1 / Fibre Private, Monitored   •   Web Hosting
      Dedicated Connection                           •   Web Filtering

                                                                                              ThinDesk Confidential
Benefits – reduced total cost of ownership

     Fewer IT resources               Industry analysts have
     Lower IT maintenance             showed thin clients can
     Lower IT support costs           save more than 40% over
     Economical Thin Client
                                       the costs of running PCs
      hardware                         85% reduction in power
     Our Typical TCO study for        usage
      new customers shows 30-
      40% savings

                                                        ThinDesk Confidential
benefits – lower total cost of ownership

 20% - 40% Annual Savings – Cost Calculator

                                              ThinDesk Confidential
Benefits – improved business continuity & productivity

                                       Thin computing has been
     TELUS’ SAS70 compliance          found to reduce worker
      to guarantee standards           downtime by 88%
     Mobile worker support
     Remote location support

      Access to desktops and business systems at
         anytime, from any device anywhere !

                                                         ThinDesk Confidential
Benefits - data security and compliance

     Ensures strictest and most secure IT environment
     Lower risk of viruses and malware
     Reduced risk of data loss
     Data protection legal compliance
     Simplified protection of personal records and privacy
     Regulatory Compliance
     Enterprise Business Continuance Plan and Disaster
      Recovery are built into the solution

                                                              ThinDesk Confidential
Benefits – green computing is good business

    Thin clients 85% more energy      New 2010 Toronto Hydro
     efficient than PCs                Rebate:
    Longer life than PCs
                                       Toronto Hydro will give
    Generate less heat and NO
                                       you a hard $$ rebate for
                                       moving to ThinDesk.
    Eliminate your server room
     with heating and cooling and      $1000’s or up to 50% of
     consolidate 10 servers to 1.      the project. Positive ROI!
    Reduction in CO2 emissions
    Consolidated 120 Servers
     down to 4, hydro savings of
     $25,000 and reduction of100
     tones of CO2 emissions.

                                                        ThinDesk Confidential
Smaller Businesses – Before…Many Points of Pain and Failure

                            Office                                     Pain Points
                            Adobe          Core Apps
                                            Exchange                 Points of Failure
                            Files             Office        •High Cost of IT Management
                                              Adobe         •Heterogeneous PC mix (age/brand)
                                                             • Local Power
                                               BES          •On-going desktop maintenance
                                                             • UPS Failure
                                              Virus          • Physical Server Failure
                                             Firewall       •Multiple Images
                                                             • Switching Failure
                                         Backup Protocol
                                                            •No business continuity plan
                                                             • Modem Failure
                                                             • Router Failure
                                                            (vulnerable to physical calamity)
                                                   Backup   •• Individual Failure risk to loss
                                                                 Internet data at
                                                             • Operating / damage
                                                            through theft System Failure
                                                            •• Poor On-site IT support (in-house or
                                                                 Software Failure
                                                             • Failed Backup
                                                            VAR contract)
                                                            •Poor Remote Access
                                                             • Support Failure
         PC LAN                                             •• Little or No Physical Security
                                                                 Data Loss/Data Leakage
                           Switch                           • Poor Backup Process
                                                            • Support for many different types of
                                                            • High User Expectations
                        Modem                               •Difficulty Supporting Multiple


                                                                             ThinDesk Confidential
Large Enterprises Operate Tier 3 Data Centres

  Front End                                                                                 Back End
                                                                                            Tier 3 Data Centre

                                                                             Firewalls   Climate Control         Web Filtering

                                                                                                                                     Fire Suppression
                                                       Backup Power
                                 PC LAN

                                                                                                                                     Controlled Access
                                                         Physical Security
                                                                             High Performance / High Utilization
                                                                                  Server and SAN through
Thin Client LAN
                             Internet Gateway
                                                                             24/7 Support    Backup    Redundancy/Failover

       Remote and Mobile Users   VPN
                                                                                                                      ThinDesk Confidential
     Small Businesses - After
                                                                  Core Apps
            Front End                                              MS Office
                                                                     Adobe Firewalls                Climate Control   Web Filtering
                                    Same User                         BES
                                    Experience                       Virus

                                                                                                                                          Fire Suppression
                                                                    Firewall                                      Custom Apps

                                                                 Backup Power
                                                              Business Continuity                                    Adobe

                                                                                                                                          Controlled Access
                                                                   Physical Security
                                     Secure Private Network
                                                                                         High Performance / High Utilization
                           Router                                                       Server and SAN through Virtualization

     Thin Client LAN

                                                                                       24/7 Support   Backup    Redundancy/Failover


Remote and Mobile Users   SSL VPN

                                                                                                                            ThinDesk Confidential
                                                                                         THINDESK Centralized Solution


                                                                                               Secure LAN
                                                                                           Extension (Backbone)
Home                                             Other Locations

       Mobile Devices                                                                                      User         User
              Remote and Mobile Users

  The ThinDesk environment
   is connected into all the                                                                                Client Office 1
  components required in a                               Secure LAN                                   Secure LAN
    fully redundant SAS70                            Extension (Backbone)                         Extension (Backbone)
       compliant facility.

                                                                                                           User         User

                                                                    Client Servers
                                                                   Windows Server
                                                                   Microsoft Office
                                                               Standard Apps (Acrobat,
                                                               Virus/Malware/Spyware/                       Client Office 2
                            ThinDesk Redundant
                               VMware Server                      Adware Protection
                               and SAN Farm                         All other client

                                                                                                                  ThinDesk Confidential
   TELUS Data Centres – Fully connected across Canada
                                                                                                 TELUS Skills & Capabilities
                                                                                                               600 000+ help desk interactions/yr; 60 000+ users

                                                                                                        16 Automated Tape Libraries; 400 000+ tapes
                                                                                                                                                                       5+ million
                                                                                                                              500+ terabytes online storage            per month

                                                                                     50 000+ desktops                                                                5+ million mail
                                                                                                                          2 800+ production database instances
                                                                                         supported                                                                     pieces per

                                      Calgary                                                                    6 000+ managed servers                3 300+ MIPS

                                      TELUS                                                                    8 Data Centres; 250 000+ sq ft rasied floor space

                                       Tower            Calgary IDC
  Vancouver IDC


                                       TELUS National IP Network and
Victoria                                  Interconnection Points
                                                  TELUS Network
                                                 Alliance Network
                                           TELUS Data Centres
                                                TELUS Data Centres
                                                Switching Centres                                                                                                                                          Laird

                                            Interconnection with Tier 1                                                                                  Bartor Road
                                             Canadian, US and global
                                          Internet backbones including
                                           Cable & Wireless and Sprint

   Please click on the pictures above to access information specific to each Data Centre
    Please click here for                                           Partners   Contacts                Launch                                    Launch                   Competitive         Complex
information on Data Centre                        Customers                                           Managed                                    Hosting                    Matrix           Solutioning
Design Considerations, The                            &                                            Service Request                             Pricing Tool                                    Matrix

   Uptime Institute, etc.                         References

                                                                                                                                                                                       Feedback &
                                                                                                                <                                                                      Suggestions
                                                                                                                                                                                       Whiteboard          ThinDesk Confidential
Internet Data Centre – Security Audits

   SAS 70 Type III and Canadian CICA5970
   •      TELUS’ Managed IT Solutions (MITS) are audited yearly for
          Managed IT Solutions services
   •      Unqualified result
   •      SAS 70 examination satisfies both Canadian regulatory
          reporting requirements as well as the US’ Sarbanes Oxley
          regulatory financial requirements

   •      ITIL™ stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library
              TELUS’ current selective implementation of ITIL™ has
              focused on the processes that have the most impact, the
              highest value, to the customer;
              Change Management, Problem Management, Incident Management and
              Service Desk Incident Management has been a notable success in TELUS’
              ITIL implementation (resolution time has undergone a 45% reduction since

                                                                                  ThinDesk Confidential
          Data Loss and Security Breaches in the News

25% of laptop computers are lost,
   stolen or damaged each year
Many Professional do work and store
  data on their laptops
Much of this data is HIGHLY
This data typically travels around
   unprotected and unencrypted.
Most people do not properly
  safeguard or backup their data.

                                                        ThinDesk Confidential
Why now?
   Hosted Exchange & Hosted Sharepoint
   Better and more reliable bandwidth
   Server Virtualization

   Companies are more comfortable with Outsourcing
   Companies are more comfortable on web for business

   Companies are looking for long term savings

                                                         ThinDesk Confidential
Examples of Applications hosted for ThinDesk CA Clients

                                                          ThinDesk Confidential
RECAP: KEY business drivers

    Reduced Total Cost of Operation in IT
    Improved Productivity: Removal of your IT headaches
    Enterprise Data Security and Compliance
    Implement Enterprise Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
    Green I.T. – Reduce your Carbon Footprint by 80% with server
     removal, consolidation and huge desktop power savings.
     Toronto Hydro Rebate will cover hardware purchase costs with
     Positive ROI.

    Talk to us today for a FREE Total Cost of Operation Study and

                                                               ThinDesk Confidential
ThinDesk Partners: Questions?

                           ThinDesk Confidential

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