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      NELAMANGALA – 562 123.



     (AQAR 2004-05, 2005-06)


 Providing Value
based Education to
 the socially and
  deprived rural
   students at
 affordable cost

 Moulding the future citizens
  of rural India by providing
  quality education.

 Developing the Overall
  Personality of the students.

 Starting Job-oriented

 Starting postgraduate
  programme in Arts.

     All the highest values like the following are addressed by
the Vision and Mission of the Institution:
    By imparting Quality Education, and training in rural and
     backward areas.
    By facilitating equal opportunities to all sections of the
     society without any discrimination to avail quality
    By encouraging through opportunities to become confident,
     independent and self reliant economically and socially.
    By enlightening in an encouraging excellent pollution free
     and eco-friendly environment for effective teaching and
    Acting like a community centre, wherein the community
     has access to the facilities on the campus, and benefits
     from the knowledge base of the institution.


 Certificate of accreditation

 PART – A: Action Plans (2004-05 -


 PART – B: Outcome at the end of the

   years (2004-05 – 2005-06)

 PART – C: Future plans (2006-07)

 Enclosures

        Part A :

        Plan of action chalked out by the IQAC in the beginning of the year

towards quality enhancement.-

        NAAC Peer Team visited our college in Aug. 11th & 12th. NAAC

awarded B Grade to our college.

        As per the guidelines from Bangalore University, IQAC was

established as Three Tier System. Considering the analysis made by the

Steering Committee of college and Peer Team Report, review has been

taken by IQAC and questionnaires were framed. At the end of academic

year,    questionnaires   were   circulated   to   the   staff   for   collecting

Departmental Inputs and Annual Reports of various Forums (Committees)

related to personality development of students.

The structure of IQAC was revised as per guidelines from Bangalore

University. The revised IQAC has started functioning to analyze the

data to prepare AQAR. The findings are summarized in Part B.

Part B :

Activities reflecting the goals and objectives of the
institution :
    In addition to regular teaching, various activities are organized for
all round development of students and to fulfil the goals and objectives of
institution.   Various activities reflecting the goals and objectives are as
follows –
    To educate rural masses unto the last:-
      About 95% students from rural areas near by Nelamangala Taluk
   have been admitted to the college for BA/B Com courses.
    To encourage the education of educationally disadvantaged
      groups (like Girls, Backward and Economically Backward
              Special Classes were conducted for the students failed in
               various subjects and poor result students.
    To strive for the academic excellence :
   - Counselling and guidance is given by staff to students for higher
   studies like M.A., M.Com. M.Sc., M.B.A, G.I.S, C.A, M.L.I.S, LLB etc.
   - Guidance for UPSC, KPSC etc.
    To shape an all round personality of students :
      There are various committees and activities to develop all-round
      personality of students.

         Forum                              Activities
Cultural             * Drama, Dancing, Singing, Rangoli Competition,
                        Essay Writing, Fashion Show, Mono Act, Quiz
                        Competition, Debating etc.
Sports               * Coaching Camps were organized for
                       Sports participants.
                     * i) Volley Ball (Girls and Boys) ii) Kabbadi
                      iii) Cricket (Boys) iv) Kho-Kho (Girls and Boys)
                      v) Tennicoit (Girls and Boys) vi) Through Ball (Girls
                         and Boys)
                     * Indoor Games
                       i) Chess ii) Carrum iii) Table Tennis iv) Musical
                         Chairs etc.,
                     * Annual Sports
Ladies Association   * Training camps Conducted for Girls, Rangoli
( Sumangala )        Competition and Flower Decoration, Dry Vegetable
                     food preparation.(Dec 2005)
                     * Training camp Organized for Girls, Preparation of
                     Glass Painting, Cloth Painting and Solar Flower
                     Painting. (Nov 2006)
Kannada     Sahithya * Kannada Kavi Ghosti Inaugurated by the Great
Sanga                Kannada Poet Prof. Doddarangegowda on Nov 1st
                     2005 (Kannada Rajyosatsova Day).
                     * Suvarana Karnataka Rajyosatsova Day           Nov 1st

Students'          * Inaugural speech on Personality development by
Counselling Cell   Mrs.      Rajanna    Taluk       Panchyath     President
                   Nelamangala on 01-08-2005.
                   * A Course in Fashion Designing.
                   * Karate Training Camp.
                   * World Women’s Day. 2004 & 05
                   * Mother’s Day. 2004 & 05
                   * World Environmental Day June 5th 2004 & 05
                   * World Population Day- 11-07-2004 & 2005
                   * Dec 1st 2004 & 05 World AIDS Day.
                   * Sep 5th 2004, 2005 Teacher’s Day
Commerce           * Commerce Festival: Interview of Successful
Association            Entrepreneurs, Commerce Quiz, Mr. & Miss.
                       Contest, Street Play, Popular Lectures, Commerce
                       Bulletin, Advertisement Analysis, Cartoons
                       Elocution Competition, Variety Show. Poster
Employment Cell    *      A 3 days course was arranged for students to
                   train them as L.I.C. agents.
                   *    Coaching classes were arranged for competitive
                   *   Guest lectures of experts.
                   *   Every week, Multiple choice questions on General
                       Knowledge is displayed for all students.
                   *   Jet King Computer Training Program arranged for
                   Final Year B.A & B Com Students Dec 2005 ( 2 Days)

Annual Magazine   In Annual Magazine of the college, opportunity was
Committee         given to the students to show their creativity. (every
(Mangala Ganga)   Year)
N.S.S.            * Arranged a three days Students Training Camp.
                  * Organized various activities in the ‘Youth Week”
                  * Arranged ten days residential Camp at Bande
                  Math Magadi Taluk.
                  * Monuments preservation, Road formation,
                  Sanitary formation, Tree Plantation, HIV/AIDS
                  awareness program.
                  * Built a road of 1.5 km,
                  * Eradication of parthenium and tree plantation.
                  * Tree Plantation in the College Campus, Campus
                      Cleanup Drive, NSS Camp. – 22/12/2004 to
                  31/12/2004 (10 Days Special Camp)
                  *   2005-06 Special camp Conducted from
                  17/02/2006 to 26/02/2006 at Myalanahalli,
                  Achievements -     * School field formation and
                  construction ( 2 Km )
                  * Nela-Jala Somvardhavane, Tank bed wall.
                  * Environmental Awareness Program.
                  * Goober Gas Chemney Training Program.
                  * HIV/AIDS Awareness Rally program was conducted
                  on 01/12/2006 at Nelamangala with Police
                  * Blood Group test Conducted on 06/01/2006 in
                  Collaboration with Panacia Hospital Bangalore.
                  * Pulse Polio Special Drive with the collaboration of
                  Govt. General Hospital Nelamangala.

      To inculcate social awareness and civic responsibilities in
              CONTINUOUS CONTOUR TRENCHING (C.C.T.) - Road safety
week celebrated at Nelamangala on 19th Dec 2004 for students. Seminar
conducted for students on 18th Dec 2004 regarding road safety week.
      To enable them to keep pace with the latest technology.
              3rd B.A HEG (Geography) Students were sent to survey of
              India Bangalore on 21st Dec 2004 for Observation of Map
              making Technology Methods. (Dept. of National Survey and
              Land Records Govt. of India, Bangalore)

        Commerce department has initiated a Tally Training Program for
            the UG students. (Jan 2005)
        Dept.      Geography    Initiated   Natural    weathering   process
            Observation for students with the guidance of S.V. Sriramareddy
            H.O.D (Geography) Near Ganesha Temple Nelamangala.
        Geography Dept has initiated a program for 1st B.A Students on
            26/09/2004 to observe the process of cloth textile (Craigmore
            Textile) Sondekoppa Road Nelamangala.
        1st B.A Geography Students ware taken to Nehru Planetarium
            Bangalore by Prof. K.N. Amarendra on 18th Feb 2006.

3.     Innovations in curricular design and
       transaction :

       Following staff members have actively participated in curricular
       designing as Chairman / Member of Board of Studies of their
       respective subjects.
       1.     Prof. M. Prasanna Kumar (Principal) worked as Chairman BOE,
       member- BOS BU Bangalore (Kannada) and He has participated in
       preparation of     new Syllabi to B.A Kannada Classes (UG) BUB
       2004 – 05.

      2.       Prof. K.M. Sumathy Prof. of Geography worked as chairman in
               Geography (UG) 2004 and 2005.
      3.       Prof. S.V. Sriramareddy HOD of Geography
              Worked as Member of BOE in Geography.(UG) 2004 and
              Worked as Member BOS 2005 and 2006.
              Worked as External Examiner (for Paper Setting) Tumkur
               University 2004-05 and 2005-06.
      4.       Prof. K.N. Amarendra Dept. of Geography
              Worked as Member BOE in Geography UG 2004-05 and

4.    Inter-disciplinary programmes started :

              Department of Commerce: Department of commerce has
               started an introductory course “Tally”         - an accounting
               package for the students of 3rd B Com (Commerce Annual
               scheme) in collaboration with Kayak Computers Nelamangala
               Two batches of 20 students have completed this course of 3
               Days duration.
              Department   of   History    and    Commerce      has   started   a
               symposium    called,   “WHAT       NEXT   AFTER    DEGREE”?       In
               collaboration with JETKING Computer Bangalore.
5.   Examination Reforms Implemented :

      The internal evaluation is done by conducting two tests
and assignments in every year to award internal marks as per the
guidelines of the university. The College also conducting term end tests
for all Semester classes.

Sl.                                     Course /
       Name of the Student                            Rank   May/Year
No.                                 Combination
1.    Kum. K.S. Gayathri Devi   III B.A / HEG          II    2004-05
2.    Kum. M. Shanthamma        III B.A / HEG           V    2004-05
3.    S. Vedavathi              III B.A / HEG        Three 2004-05
                                (In Kannada)          Gold

7.    Results of the College 2004-05, 2005-06
                                     Please see Annexure – I


      1.    Dept. of Geography has Conducted University Level Seminar
            on: 29-07-2004
      TOPIC: Importance of Geography
      By, Dr. A.S. Rayamane. M.A.M.Phil.Ph.D
      Prof. of Geography
      Bangalore University

      2.  Dept. of Geography has Conducted University Level Seminar
          on: 3rd Sep 2005
      TOPIC: Global Warming and Tsunami

      By, Prof. B. Eswarappa. M.A.Ph.D
      P.G.Department of Geography
      Bangalore University

      3.    Dept. of History has Conducted University Level Seminar on:
            Dec 2005
      TOPIC: Mourya Polity
      By, Prof. Sheakmasthan. M.A.Ph.D
      Prof. of History
      Bangalore University

4.  Dept. of Kannada has Conducted Inter-College Level Seminar
    on: 20-12-2005
TOPIC: Sahithya Mathu Jeevana
By. Prof. B.M. Lingappa.
Dept. of Kannada
S.J.R.C Bangalore.

5.    Dept. of History has Conducted University Level Seminar on:
      Jan 2006
TOPIC: Ancient Indian Civilization
By, Prof. Aswathanarayana. M.A.Ph.D
Prof. of History
Bangalore University

6.    Dept. of Political Science has Conducted Inter-College Level
      Seminar on: 11-03-2006.
TOPIC: Imperialism
By, Prof. Kabburi. M.A
Prof. & HOD of Political Science,
Sree Nijalingappa First Grade College.

7.   Dept. of English has Conducted Inter-university Level Seminar
     on: 20-03-2006.
I) TOPIC: English Composition
a) Letter writing.
b) Report writing.
By, Prof. P. Raghavendra. M.A
Sree Siddaratha First Grade College,
II) TOPIC: Money and Changing Life Style
By, Prof. Ragavendra.
Siddartha First Grade College,
Tumkur. Dated: 20-02-2006

8.  Dept. of Economics has Conducted Inter-university Level
    Seminar on: 22-02-2006.
TOPIC: Cost Management
By. Prof. H.P. Veerabhadraswamy M.A
Dept. of Economics
Sree Siddaganga Women’s College,

9.   Papers Presented and Published :
         Prof. S.V. Srirama Reddy. HOD of Geography has presented a
          paper on “Role of Sericulture in Rural Economy” at Inter
          National Level Seminar Conducted by Dept. of Geography BUB
          on Dec 2nd to 4th 2005.
         Prof. K.N. Amarendra SSL in Geography has presented a
          paper on “Ecological Risk Management” at Inter National
          Level Seminar Conducted by Dept. of Geography BUB on Dec
          2nd to 4th 2005.
10. Refresher Course/Orientation Course attended by
     Teachers/Faculty Members. – 2004-05 & 2005-06.
     1.   Smt. B.M. Malini HOD of History. Attended
          UGC Sponsored Refresher Course in History
          University of Mysore. From: 18/11/2004 to 08/12/2005,
          Awarded with ‘A’ Grade.
     2.   N. Prasanna Kumar Dept. of History. Attended
          UGC Sponsored Refresher Course in History
          Bangalore University. From: 02/01/2004 to 23/01/2004,
          Awarded with ‘A’ Grade.
     3.   L. Channappa Dept. of Economics. Attended
          UGC Sponsored Refresher Course in Economics.
          University of Mysore. From: 29/09/2004 to 19/10/2004,
          Awarded with ‘A’ Grade.
     4.   Md. Athaulla Dept. of Economics. Attended
          UGC Sponsored Refresher Course in Economics.
          University of Madras. From: 02/12/2004 to 22/12/2004,
     5.   K.N Amarendra Dept. of Geography. Attended
          UGC Sponsored Refresher Course in Geography.
          Sri Venkateshwara University, Tirupathi.
          From: 30/08/2004 to 18/09/2004,
          Awarded with ‘A’ Grade.

      6.    * K.P. Palanna HOD of Political Science. Attended
            UGC Sponsored Refresher Course in Political Science.
            University of Mysore. From: 07/09/2004 to 27/09/2004,
            Awarded with ‘A’ Grade.
            * K.P. Palanna HOD of Political Science. Attended
            UGC Sponsored Refresher Course in Political Science.
            Bangalore University. From: 24/03/2006 to 17/04/2006,

      7.    * C. Nagaraju HOD of Economics. Attended
            UGC Sponsored Refresher Course in Economics.
            (BU)Bangalore University.
            From: 07/09/2004 to 27/09/2004.
11. Patents Generated : Nil
12. New collaborative research programmes : NIL
13. Total Research Grants received from various
      agencies :                                NIL
14. Number of research scholars :              NIL

15 . Citation Index of faculty members & impact
     factors :      NIL

16. Honours and Awards to the faculty :
                    State level award as Best N.S.S Officer 2005.
1. Mr. M.C. Patil
   NSS Officer      M.C Patil Received Award on 25-01-2006 at
                    Rajbhavan from. Honourable Governor of Karnataka.
                    Best N.S.S Officer from Bangalore University 2005.
                    Bangalore University Best NSS Unit of the year award
                    – 2005.

                   Best N.S.S Unit award for the College from Govt. of
2. College Unit
(NSS)              Karnataka.
                   Prof. B.M. Malini the then Principal, Received Award
                   on 25-01-2006 at Rajbhavan from Honourable
                   Governor of Karnataka T.N. Cheturvedi.

17. Internal Resources Generated :

        A) Self Financing Courses :

             B Com (Non Grants)                 -       -----

        B) Alumni Association                   -       NIL

        C) Fund raising drives                  -       NIL

18. Community services :
    I (2004-05)
a)    The N.S.S. unit of the college has conducted Special Camp from
      22-12-2004 to 30-12-2004 at Bandemath Magadi Taluk.
b)    The following works were taken during the camp, Monuments
      Preservation, Road Formation, Drainage Formation, Tree Plantation,
      HIV & AIDS Awareness Drive were taken up.
c)    Students of the college has participated in the Blood Donation
      Camp organized by Nelamangala Civil Hospital.
d)    10 selected members of NSS Group have been deputed to State
      level camp on 04-10-2005 to 13-10-2005 at Kalagrama,
e)    Road Safety week celebrated by Nelamangala Police on          10-10-
      2005 at Nelamangala. College NSS Students actively participated in
      the program.
f)    College NSS students Celebrated “HasiruHabba” (Green Festival) by
      Planting trees in the college Campus on 27-08-2005.-

g)     Noted   Environmentalist   Sri.   Yallappa      Reddy   Inaugurated   the
       program called “Organic Farming” at Marasarahalli Nelamangala
       Taluk. This program was organized by Sri. Jayram (organic farmar).
h)     Pulse Polio drive was taken up in association with Govt. general
       Hospital, Nelamangala as a part of NSS work on Jan 5 th and
       Feb 5th 2006.
i)     Weekly regular works in the college campus has been conducted as
       a part of NSS work.
II (2005-06)
a)     Special NSS Camp conducted from 17-02-2006 to 26-02-2006 at
       Mylanahalli, Nelamangala Taluk.
b)     Formation of Primary School Sports filed at Mylanahalli. (2Acres)
c)     “Nela-Jala” Somrakshane (Conservation of Earth & Water)
       Celebrated at the camp.
d)     Construction of compound wall of the school in Mylanahalli.
e)     Construction of Goober Gas Plant Training program conducted in
       the camp.
f)     Tree Plantation program was taken up in Village and Tank bed

19. No. of Teachers and Officers newly recruited :
        The number of teaching and non teaching staff recruited in 2004-
2005, 2005-2006 is as under: -
      Teaching staff:
                  Grantable                    - NIL
                  Non-grantable                - 02
                  Dr. R. Nanjaiah M.A, PhD. Prof. of English has been
                  appointed as a Principal (Transferred from Siddaganga
                  Women’s College Tumkur) by the Management
                  on 01-03-2006.
      Non-Teaching staff :
       (Class III & IV) - Grantable        -    NIL
                          Non-grantable -       04

19. Teaching - Non-Teaching staff ratio :
              The ratio of existing teaching and non-teaching staff
(Permanent, temporary and newly recruited together) is given below-
   Teaching staff to Non-teaching staff - 1 : 1

20. Improvement in Library services:
     In the academic year 2004-2005 & 2005-2006, our college library
has undertaken improvement programmes in the following areas. –
        a)      Library advisory committee has been constituted under the
                chairmanship of principal – Committee consisting of HOD’s
                of all the Departments.
        b)      All HOD’s are given free hand to purchase the books for
                concern Departments annually.
        c)      The Books purchased in academic years 2004-05 and
                2005-06 are 935 Books in numbers.
        d)      Number of journals increased and newly many monthly &
                weekly    Magazines       like   Business   Outlook,   weekly
                Illustrated, Down to Earth, Sports Star and many other
                Kannada and English Daily News Papers Increased in many
                Number as per strength of the students increases in the
                college annually.
        e)      Number of working days is 285 in year 2004-05 and 282
                days in 2005-06.
21. No. of New books / Journals subscribed and
    their value :
                                Numbers /
             Materials          2004-05,
     Books                     290 (2004-05)          35,895/-
                               645 (2005-06)          82,370/-
    Journals / Periodicals      -- (2004-05)          15,000/-
                                -- (2005-06)          27,000/-
    Newspapers                     (2004-05)          16,200/-
                                   (2005-06)          16,200/-
                                        Total Rs.. 1,92,665/-

      b)    No. of SC/ST Books Received from BUB – 702.
            Books donated by Jindal Trust -        149.

22. No. of courses for which students assessment of
    teachers is introduced and the action taken on
    student feedback :
      Students feedback were collected by teachers individually,
      analyzed and necessary steps were taken by the teachers in
      that respect.

23. a) Unit cost of Education 2004-05:
     (Expenditure-salary) / Number of students enrolled
                             =     Rs. 57,30,984-00 / 783

                             =     Rs. 7,319-00

      b) Unit cost of Education 2005-06:
       (Expenditure-salary) / Number of students enrolled
                             =     Rs. 55,57,730-00 / 925

                             =     Rs. 6,008-00

24. Computerisation of administration and process
    of admissions and examination results, issue of
    certificates :

      The development of the software is in process.
25. Increase in the infrastructural facilities :

 i)   As for suggestions of previous NAAC peer team,
      construction of Cycle stand, Canteen, Student Urinals
      and watchman cabin is under process.
ii)   To create a good environment extension of garden is
      also under process.

26. Technology up gradation:

       *       Computers lab extended for the general purpose and to make
               use of all the Depts.

           *   Television set and DVD player is being provided to Geography
               in particular to show the action of Earth Quakes, Volcanoes
               and for other Dept. in General to show the important aspects
               in their respective Subject’s.

       *       Laboratory equipments like 3D maps, various weather
               instruments are being utilise in the Geography Dept. It
               consists of Audio Video aids like Television set, VCD,
               Computer and OHP etc. and various charts related to the

27. Computer and Internet access and training to
    teacher and students :

       The access to computer and Internet is available to students and
teachers free of cost for academic purposes.
28. Financial aids to students:              year:    2004-05
a)                                                   Amount Rs.-
      Govt. of India scholarship(SC/ST)           6,12,840.00
      Post-metric scholarship(BCM)                   12,900.00
      EBL- scholarship(Cat-1)                         7,400.00
      Karnataka Urdu scholarship                        300.00
                                     Total    Rs. 6,33,440/-
b)                                         year:     2005-06
                                                   Amount Rs.-
      Govt. of India scholarship(SC/ST)           4,36,455.00
      Post-metric scholarship(BCM)                   32,100.00
      EBL- scholarship(Cat-1)                         8,200.00
      Sanchi Honnamma scholarship(Woman)             21,000.00
                                     Total    Rs. 4,97,755/-

29. Activities and support from alumni association :

        * The alumni association of our college felicitated the students of
        the first batch of the college with auspicious hands of Sree Sree
        Siddalinga maha swamiji, vice President, Sri Siddaganga Education
        Society Tumkur.
        * Alumni association of our college meets ones in six months to
        shares their views with present students for their interaction.

30. Activities and support from parent teacher
    association :
        Physical education teacher G.E. Jayanna and K.N. Amarendra Dept.
of Geography arranges parent teacher meeting every six months in a
31. Health services :
        At the beginning of first year degree course competent medical
practitioners are invited to undertake complete medical check up of every
        In the month of Dec. Blood groups check-up camps are being
arranged with the help of Doctors of General Civil Hospital Nelamangala.

32. Performance in sports activities :
 Achievements :

Representation : 2004-05 .
         R. Krishna III B Com & Chikkaiah. A I BA – Event – Crass
           Country Race at University Level.
         Above    these    two   Students     represented   Inter   University
           tournament held at Gulburga University on 10-09-2004.
         Jaganatha. M II B Com represented University Kabbadi Team.
         Jaganatha. M II B Com represented - Thane Mayur Trophy All
           India Kabbadi Tournament Conducted by Govt. of Maharastra.
         Jaganatha. M II B Com Represented All India Mayur Trophy on
           15th and 18th Feb 2005 at Mumbai.

Representation : 2005-06.
       Chikkaiah. A III BA represented Cross Country Race at Bangalore
          University, All India Level.
       College Volley Team Secured 2nd place in Bangalore University
          Volley Ball tournament- 2005.
Participation :
      Students have participated in various events at inter – collegiate
level as follows: -
      Volleyball, Kabbadi, Cricket, Tabletennis, Cross Country Race,
Athletics, Carrum, Tennicoit, Shuttle Badminton etc.,
Organization :

      Coaching Camps were organized for Kabbadi, Volleyball and
Kho-kho (Girls and Boys)

33. Incentives to outstanding sport persons :
      Tracksuit, Shoes, Sports Certificates and Medals will be given on the
event of Annual Sports Day.

34.     Students achievement and awards :
            10 students were selected for Special camp conducted by
             Bangalore University at Kalagrama Bangalore.

35.    Activities of Guidance and Counselling unit :

     A 3 days course was arranged for students to train them as L.I.C.
       agents.    20 students participated in L.I.C. agent training course
       held at our college during 4 June, 05 to 06 June 05.
     Coaching classes was arranged for competitive K.P.S.C exams.
       During Dec.2005 and Feb.2006, Guest Lectures of experts were
       also arranged.
     Every week, multiple choice questions on General Knowledge are
       displayed for all students.

    As a part of annual day cultural celebration Quiz are conducting to
       improve student communication skill and general Knowledge.
    College has a Drama Club to help the students for active
       participation and to exhibit their talents.

36. Placement services provided to students :

       Though the college is not directly involved in placement services,
however it takes enough efforts to notify the employment opportunities in
Nelamangala and adjacent talukas. It also motivates the students for self-
employment by arranging inspiring lectures of successful entrepreneurs.
       The college had organized a training camp for L.I.C. Agents

37. Development programme for non-teaching
    staff :
      Deputation for Seminar/Workshop             -     NIL
   Career Advancement –
                            As a result of continuous motivation of
                            Administration, following Non-Teaching Staff
                            members have successfully completed MS, CIT
                            Course which is mandatory.
                            i)    Mr. Basavaraju
                            ii)   Mr. B.K. Ramesh Babu
38. Any other relevant information the institution
    wishes to add :

  A) Contribution of the teachers in various committees at
       University level.
  1)        Prof. S.V. Srirama Reddy HOD of Geography

       a)     Worked as member Board of Examiners UG. BUB. 2004-05
              & 2005-06
       b)     External member – Board of Examiners Tumkur University.
              2004-05 & 2005-06
       c)     External member – Practical Examination in various colleges.

       d)    Member, Board of Studies at University level 2005-06.
       e)    As BOS Member, prepared University level MCQ paper for
             Geography of India.

2)     Prof. K.N. Amarendra. SSL in Geography.
       a)    Member, Board of Examiners 2004-05 & 2005-06.
       b)    External member – Practical Examination in various colleges.
3)     M.C. Patel
       a)    Being an NSS officer worked as member NSS advisory
       b)    Member- University level Board of Examiner for NSS.
       c)    Member- University NSS Magazine Publication.
4)     Prof. K.M. Sumathy
       a)    Chairman Board of Examiners UG in Geography 2004-05.

     B) Guest lectures given by the teachers of our college at other

Name of the          Date       Topic of the         Place / Occasion
     Teacher                       lecture
Mr. S.V.            11/07/05 Problems of         World Population Day
Srirama Reddy
                             Population          Govt. General Hospital.
SGL in
Geography.                                       Nelamangala.
                    22/08/05 Climatic changes    Govt. Junior College.
                    18/09/05 Changing Weather Govt. High School.
                             conditions          Shivagange
Mr. K.N.                     Social Science      For High Teachers
                                                 Dec 2005.
SSL in

C)   Workshops/Seminars/Conferences attended by Teachers:
Name of the Teacher          Seminar / Workshop           Total
                         I       N        S        U

Prof. M.
Prasannakumar                                      1       01
Miss. B.M. Malini                                  1       01
Mr. C. Nagaraju
Miss S. Jagada
Mr.S.V.Sriramareddy      1       1         1       2       05
Mr. L. Channappa
Mr.N.Prasannakumar                         1       1       02
Mr.K.N. Amarendra                1         1       1       03
Mr. K.P. Palanna
Miss G.E. Jayanna        1                 1               02
Miss. K.M. Sumathi
Mr. M.C. Patil                   2                         02
Miss. Suchetha                   1                 1       02
Mr. Sateshkumar                                    1       01
Miss Sarasa
Miss Mamatharani
Mr. H.S. Prakash                                   1       01
Mr. G. Gangaraju
Miss. Sushma
                 Total                                     20

I = International, N = National,      S = State,   U = University

  d) Study Tours/ Educational Tours arranged by Departments:

   Name of the
                                   Places visited
Geography           a) Bhadravathi Steel plaint
Dec 31st 2004 to    b) Hampi World Heritage centre
Jan 04th 2005.      c) Hospet Iron ore region
                    d) Chitradurga Port. etc,.
Geography           a) Coastal Karnataka
Jan 02nd 2006 to    b) Western ghats
Jan 6th 2006.       c) Manipal Medical College
                    d) Mangalore Port etc,.

F) Special activities:-

   Members in various Organizations
  1.    Prof. B.M. Malini - Member of Karnataka History Congress
  2.    Prof. N. Prasannakumar – Member, All India History Congress
  3.    Prof. S.V. Srirama Reddy – Life Member, National Association of
        Geographers India. (NAGI)
  4.    Prof. C. Nagaraju – Member, Economic Lecturers Forum.
  5.    Prof. K.N. Amarendra – Member, NAGI.
  6.    Prof. K.P. Palanna – Member BU Political Science Teachers
  7.    Dr. Nanjaiah – Life Member, All India Dravidian Languages
  8.    M.C. Patil – Life Member, All India Librarian Association.
        Do, M.C. Patil –      Life Member, Karnataka State Librarian
        Do, M.C. Patil – Joint Secretary of Karnataka State Librarian

Part C :
Future Plans of the Institution for the next Academic Year
     The college proposes to undertake the following activities
under following sectors.

       i)           Academic
       ii)          Research
       iii)         Extension
       iv)          Infrastructure

Academic Plans :

              i.    Remedial coaching especially to students of F.Y.
              ii.   Students     will     be   encouraged   to   appear   for
                    competitive exams.
             iii.   Staff encouragement for National/International
             iv.    To start Career oriented courses for Commerce
                    Faculty such as
                         a)     Tax procedures
                         b)     Marketing management
                         c)     Techniques in Accounting

              v.    To establish English language laboratories
             vi.    To arrange study visits to Universities etc.
            vii.    To organize guest lectures of renowned persons.
        viii.       To apply for B.B.M. degree course.
             ix.    To start job oriented courses like Painting and
                    colouring etc.
              x.    To establish Commerce Laboratory.


1)    Staff encouragement to undertake Major / Minor research projects.
2)    To start research in emerging areas like :-
           a)   Organic Farming
           b)   Water Management.
3)    To promote research attitude amongst newly
      appointed teachers.
4)    To encourage staff members to undertake researching work/
      Doctoral/ M Phil.


1)    To organize various activities under N.S.S. especially at rural areas
      through winter camp.
2)    To undertake tree plantation in College premises.
3)    To make provision of financial assistance to needy and extra-
      ordinary students.
4)    To arrange community services like HIV/AIDS, Blood Donation
      camp, Eye Care Camp, to participate in National Pulse Polio
      Vaccination Drive , to organize R.T.O. camp for Learning (Driving )
      license of two wheelers at concessional charges.


1)    To construct canteen, for the next academic year 2006-07.

2)    Construction and Extension of Urinals.

3)    Construction of Cycle stand and Extension of parking facilities.

4)    Construction of Administration Block with the further Extension of
      Computer Lab.
5)    Improvement of garden by planting more trees.

6)    Additional toilet facility for Gents students.

7)    New auditorium.

      ( S.V. Sriramareddy)                  ( Prof. Y.A. Sharanabasappa)
       Co-ordinator, IQAC                       Chairperson, IQAC


1.   a) College overall Result Sheet – 2004 – 05 Examination.
     b) College overall Result Sheet – 2005 – 06 Examination
2.   Audit Report – Income and Expenditure report for the year
     ended 31st Mar 2005.
3.   Audit Report – Income and Expenditure report for the year
     ended 31st Mar 2006.
4.   Balance Sheet as on 31st Mar 2005.
5.   Balance Sheet as on 31st Mar 2006.
6.   Committees pertaining to various activities in the college.


I     Cultural Committee
            1.   Prof. L. Channappa        Convener
            2.   Prof. B.M. Malini         Member
            3.   Prof. N. Prasanna kumar   Member
            4.   Smt. H.C. Sarasa          Member
            5.   Smt. Mamatha Rani         Member
            6.   Sri G. Satish Kumar       Member

II    Magazine Committee
          1.    Prof. K.P. Palanna         Convener
          2.    Prof. L. Channappa         Member
          3.    Sri G. Gangaraju           Member
          4.    Smt. C. Akkamahadevamma    Member
          5.    Kum. B. Sushma             Member
          6.    Smt. H.C. Sarasa           Member

III   Sports Committee
           1.   Sri. G.E. Jayanna          Convener
           2.   Prof. S.V. Srirama Reddy   Member
           3.   Prof. N. Prasanna kumar    Member
           4.   Prof. K.N. Amarendra       Member
           5.   Prof. B.M. Malini          Member
           6.   Smt. Suchetha Hosamane     Member

IV    Budget Committee
          1.    Smt. Suchetha Hosamane     Convener
          2.    Sri G. Satish Kumar        Member
          3.    Sri B.K. Ramesh babu       Member

V     Examination Committee
           1.    Prof. N. Prasanna kumar   Convener
           2.    Prof. S. Jagada           Member
           3.    Sri G. Satish Kumar       Member
           4.    Sri H.S. Prakash          Member
           5.    Sri L. Nagaraju           Member

VI    Ladies Association (Sumangala)
           1.    Smt. Mamatha Rani         Convener
           2.    Smt. B.M. Malini          Member
           3.    Smt. Suchetha Hosamane    Member
           4.    Smt. H.C. Sarasa          Member
           5.    Smt. Pushpamali           Member

VII   N.S.S. Committee
            1.  Sri M.C. Patil             Convener
            2.  Prof. N. Prasanna Kumar    Member
            3.  Prof. S.V. Srirama Reddy   Member
            4.  Smt. Suchetha Hosamane     Member
            5.  Sri Jayakumar              Member

VIII Student Counseling Committee
          1.    Prof. C. Nagaraju                Convener
          2.    Prof. K.N. Amarendra             Member
          3.    Sri G.E. Jayanna                 Member

IX    Alumini Association Committee
           1.    Prof. N. Prasanna Kumar         Convener
           2.    Smt. Mamatha Rani               Member
           3.    Sri G. Satish Kumar             Member

X     Time Table   Committee
           1.      Smt. Suchetha Hosamane        Convener
           2.      Prof. S. Jagada               Member
           3.      Prof. S.V. Srirama Reddy      Member
           4.      Sri G. Satish Kumar           Member
           5.      Smt. Mamatha Rani             Member

XI    Library Advisory Committee
            1.   Sri M.C. Patil                  Convener
            2.   Prof. N. Prasanna Kumar         Member
            3.   Prof. L. Channappa              Member
            4.   Prof. S.V. Srirama Reddy        Member
            5.   Prof. K.P. Palanna              Member
            6.   Smt. Suchetha Hosamane          Member

XII    Admission Committee
          All H.O.Ds of the departments.

 1.  All the Committees are Headed by Principal of the College.
 2.  Above all the committees have been formed for the academic
     years 2004-05, 2005-06.


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