Funding by ewghwehws


            Level of activity
• Same as now? 4-500.000 EUR/Yr
  – Secretariat
  – Editor
         Continue as NoE?
• Request to EU – find new instruments to
  continue NoEs
          Research funding
• Other research areas than disability?
• Multimodal interaction
• Ambiant

• Interact more with Japanese researchers
• Enhance COGAIN to become an Euro-
  Asian association
             Private funding
• Download program – NAG screen: “Please
  become a member of COGAIN”
• On Webpage give private / corporate
  donations “donate” button
  – List of largest / most recent donations? Risk of
    competing with ACE-centre?
  – Exclusive letters / presentations to some rich
           Private funding
• Amazon model for funding via download of
• List charity organisations in different
  countries and put on the web?
• The step towards standardisation – one of
  the things we have been most sucessful
  with. Not compete with charities
• To create standards is expensive – apply
  for funding to cover
• Influence from researchers is getting
  smaller and smaller – influence from users
  is getting bigger and bigger.
• Find some way to agree with industries
• We need a PayPal interface
•   Howell
•   Paivi
•   (John kommentere min ppt)
•   Fiona
•   Michael Tall
•   Fulvio

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