parts by cuiliqing


									Current Unsold Items as of 2130 PST 4/28/03
Item                        Application                     Condition                     Price $ US   Comments
/5 Handlebar clamp set      70-84 all*                      very nice, still shiny             50.00   nice units in nice shape
Choke lever, air clnr mt    stock on /5 but fits others     very good                          30.00   mnts on lft side air filter housing
Coils, ignition, stock      70-84 all (?)                   oxidized bodies, need paint, a     10.00   came off /6, untested by me
Fender, front               /5 and /6                       dime sz scrape on rear: fill,pai   50.00   inc. brace and stay
Fender, rear, from 83 R     70-84 all*                      perfect                            60.00   w/ harness routing loops (83 RT)
Frame side (battery) cvrs   70-84 all*                      need paint                         50.00   OEM
Handlebars, RT              70-84                           surface rust in chrome             10.00   with (RT) upper cable
Headlight bucket            /6-7 (others?)                  very good, needs paint to be e     65.00   nice shape, needs only paint
Headlight ears              /5 70-73                        very good, need paint              65.00   few small chips, no dings or dents
Ignition switch             74-84 all*                      all there, looks good, w/fold key 30.00    came off /6 or /7, untested by me
Instrument cluster          ~74-78 w/ mechanical tach       very good, visors needed IMHO     175.00   not sure what years used cable tach
Instrument cluster mount    79-84 RT (others too?)          straight, need repaint IMHO        10.00   off 83 R80RT
Rear indictr bar & lights   70-84 all*                      taillight needs lens,              50.00   off /6, bar needs good cleaning
Silencers, chrome steel     70-84 all*                      solid, few small spots in chrome 135.00    quality aftermarket units
Subframe                    LWB /5-7, RS/T/S/CS etc 70-84   needs paint, tabs are good         50.00   only sell with swngarm/shaft below
Swingarm & Driveshaft       LWB /5-7, RS/T/S/CS etc 70-84   good splines, need paint           60.00   will only sell with subframe above
Taillight, complete         70-84 all*                      very good, lens has slight crack   30.00   ready to install
Wheel, front, Snowflake,    74-84 front disc all*           road wear, need paint or powder   175.00   19", from 83 R80RT (post-recall)
Wheel, rear, Snowflake,     74-84 rear drum all*            good splines, road wear,          200.00   18”, from 83 R80RT (post-recall)

*except R65, R80G/S, R80ST, etc

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