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                                                Ministry of Defence (Navy)
                                                Dte of Ex-Servicemen Affairs
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                                                New Delhi 110021

DX/900/AGM-2011                                      20 Dec 11


1.    The 21st Annual General Body Meeting of the Navy Foundation was held at
INS Adayar on 04 Oct 11 under the Chairmanship of Admiral Nirmal Verma, PVSM,
AVSM, ADC, the Chief of Naval Staff and President Navy Foundation. The following
were present: -

      (a)   Invitees

            (i)     VAdm RK Pattanaik, AVSM, YSM                  CPS

            (ii)    Cmde AK Mahadevan                             NOIC(TN)

      (b)   Committee Members

            (i)     Cmde BS Bajwa, AVSM (Retd), PDNPF             Treasurer

            (ii)    Cmde MVS Kumar VSM, PDESA                     Secretary

      (c)   In Attendance

            (i)     Cmde H Gupta, VSM                JAG(N)

            (ii)    Surg Capt S Bhandari             Rep Director, ECHS(Navy)

            (iii)   Capt GV Bhushan                  PDPA

      (d)   Charter Representatives.

            (i)     RAdm Arun Auditto (Retd)         President Mumbai Charter

            (ii)    Cmde PK Malhotra(Retd)           President Pune Charter

             (iii)    Cmde KSK Prasad(Retd)         President Bengaluru

             (iv)     Cmde RS Wason (Retd)          President Chennai Charter

             (v)      Captain Rajan George (Retd)   Secretary Kerala Charter

             (vi)     Cdr ML Mahendroo (Retd)       President Chandigarh

             (vii)    Cdr GE Reddy (Retd)           Secretary Hyderabad

             (viii)   Cdr RB Rao (Retd)             Secretary Vizag Charter

             (ix)     Cdr Golak Sahu (Retd)         Secretary Odisha Charter

             (x)      Cdr V Vadhera (Retd)          Secretary Mumbai Charter

             (xi)     Cdr KV Kamath (Retd)          President Coimbatore

             (xii)    Cdr Abhijeet Ghatak (Retd)    Secretary Kolkata Charter

2.     The meeting was attended by 80 members from Chennai Charter along with
their spouses. Representatives from Goa and Delhi Charters could not attend the

Item I. President’s Address

3.   The President extended a very warm welcome to all the members to the
Annual General Meeting - 2011.

4.    The President requested all the members to join him in paying marks of
respect to members who had departed for their heavenly abode since the last

5.    This year being the Silver Jubilee Year of the Navy Foundation, the President
mentioned that the Navy Foundation had come a long way since its inception and
had grown into an important forum. He also highlighted that in keeping with the

times, the NF had graduated from news letters to e-news, blogs and bulletins.
Interactions with veterans had also increased through these media.

6.     The President reiterated Navy’s unflinching commitment to the welfare of
Naval veterans, widows and their children. Towards this he sought valuable inputs in
further strengthening the already ongoing efforts towards widow empowerment,
children education and welfare of the veteran community.

7.     The President mentioned that both, Inter as well as Intra-Charter interactions
had increased considerably, leading to increased awareness amongst the veterans
on various welfare issues.

8.      The President mentioned that preparation for a post-retirement second career
is a major imperative for officers, and he has placed equal emphasis on the
empowerment and rehabilitation of widows. He also informed that In this regard a
comprehensive data bank had already been formed, whereby the Navy is reaching
out to widows in far-flung areas. The President recalled that during the last AGM he
had mentioned about the implementation of the Naval Regimental System or NRS to
institutionalise care of widows by the Navy. The President announced that NRS had
been implemented and had received a fairly good initial response. He mentioned
that a fair amount of work had been done at the apex HQs and at Commands and
most of the valuable suggestions of the NF members had been incorporated into the
NRS. The President then requested the members to disseminate the information
about NRS to other fellow veterans.

9.      It has been Navy’s continuous endeavour to reach out to the veterans in every
possible way. The President mentioned that towards this, DESA team had made
visits to Navy Foundation Charters and attended their AGMs to the extent possible,
updating the charters on various issues during their visits.

10.    To provide adequate financial assistance for the welfare of the retired
community, a number of scholarships and other financial support are being allocated
from the Non Public Funds of the Navy. The President mentioned that for education
of widows’ children alone, the navy had already paid over Rs 47 lakhs as
scholarships during the current year and another Rs 17 lakhs was likely to be
disbursed by end Dec 11. As regards merit Scholarships, the Navy has spent Rs
3.84 crores this year for children of serving and retired community.

11.     The President stressed that the widows required greater support, both
emotionally as also institutionally to overcome their grief and face the future with
courage and dignity. He quoted the example of Navy Foundation, Mumbai charter
which had made a novel beginning in this regard. He mentioned that they had
institutionalized a system wherein a fellow veteran is nominated as the mentor for
each widow, and keeps a careful eye for any requirement that she may have. He

requested other charters to consider adopting this model and mentioned that these
gestures towards widows and fellow veterans will help towards making the NF a
close-knit community. He also mentioned that In order to further improve upon the
existing welfare measures for widows, Navy solicits the views of all Charters. The
same could be sent to CPS or DESA, as convenient.

12.      The President then brought out some personal observations in which he
mentioned that there had been an increase in Navy Foundation membership from
2700 to 3200. He appealed to all Charters to bring more non-members within the
ambit of the existing charters by making the respective charters more visible to
others. He further mentioned that extension of mess/ institute facilities had been an
issue dear to the veterans and assured that the Navy wanted the NF members to
enjoy these facilities. However, he mentioned that these were restricted only due to
the existing capacity limitations. The President further mentioned that he had
personally conveyed to the Cs-in-Cs to try their best to include Naval veterans in
station activities to the maximum extent possible.

13.       With regards to ECHS, the President mentioned that the ECHS budget in
the present financial year was close to crossing the Rs 1000 crore mark, showing the
Government’s commitment towards the veterans. ECHS was now eight years old.
The experience of the last eight years had helped in taking several initiatives in
polyclinics and review of procedures for smooth functioning of the entire system in
an integrated and seamless manner. Special emphasis had been laid on
empanelment of reputed hospitals and clearance of medical bills. NABH or the
(National Accreditation Board for Hospitals), which is a constituent of QCI (Quality
Council of India) would undertake the assessment of hospitals, healthcare facilities
and labs for empanelment. This new procedure was expected to cut down the time
taken for empanelment drastically.

14.       The President further mentioned that, in order to overcome the problem of
non availability of prescribed medicines at ECHS polyclinics, ECHS was working on
a pilot model for outsourcing of the entire pharmacy operations, wherein, the
availability of medicines would be ensured round the clock. Subsequently, this would
be modified for all polyclinics. With additional 199 polyclinics on the anvil, ECHS was
planned to take health care services nearer to the doorsteps of the veterans.
Polyclinic along with 24X7 dispensaries for medicines was the vision ECHS
organisation had conceived and assured the members that the Navy was working
towards that goal.


15.   The President mentioned that, recent events necessitated added focus on
Coastal Security, Local Naval Defence and LIMO. Hence, Indian Navy would require

capabilities that would meet envisaged contingencies over the entire spectrum of


16. The President mentioned that In terms of force accretion in the immediate
future, IN was acquiring ships in accordance with the Navy’s current Maritime
Capability Perspective Plan. There are presently 50 ships and submarines under

17.     The President informed that the Navy’s aviation assets are being markedly
augmented to enhance the surveillance, strike and integral air capabilities. Induction
of MiG 29K aircraft has commenced and contracts had been signed for acquisition of
AJT and P8I LRMR aircraft. Indian Navy was also progressing the induction of Multi
Role Helicopters, Naval Utility Helicopters, AEW Helicopters and UAVs.

18.      The President mentioned that due emphasis is being laid on C3I
infrastructure as well. Network Centric Operations are envisaged to be achieved by
networking platforms at sea and operations centres ashore. In addition, real time and
secure links would provide total maritime domain awareness. What would emerge
from this is effective command and control resulting in exponential increase in role
effectiveness by optimum utilisation of resources.

Coastal Security

19.       The President mentioned that the nation reposes implicit faith in the
capacity and capability of the Navy to protect our maritime frontiers. Hence, the
measures have been initiated to enhance coastal security which would fructify with
the setting up of the Sagar Prahari Bal, establishment of Joint Operation Centres and
commencement of the induction of the Fast Interceptor Craft. He also brought out
that the Navy has played a proactive role in synergising security initiatives in the
maritime domain by coordinating activities with numerous stakeholders and State

20.       The President apprised the gathering that the National Command, Control,
Communication and Intelligence (NC3I) network and National Maritime Domain
Awareness (NMDA) projects are also being progressed by the Navy. The President
mentioned that these would facilitate real-time maritime domain awareness, both at
the field and the apex levels, to improve our response mechanism.

Major Projects

21.      The President mentioned that the Navy’s Naval base at Karwar had become
fully operational with the completion of the Phase-I activities. The activities related to
the expansion of the Karwar base in the Phase II A of the project are being pursued
with vigour. Phase II A envisages basing of over 30 ships and submarines plus yard
crafts. Seven additional piers would be created during this phase.

22.      He further brought out that the Navy’s efforts to develop support
infrastructure in our island territories is being accorded due focus to enhance our
maritime security and our strategic reach. Cases are also being progressed for
setting up additional bases at Haldia and in the L&M Islands.

23.      The President informed that the Government had also accorded AIP for
setting up of Naval Air Enclave at Bhubaneswar. Further, schemes for operational,
technical support and administrative infrastructure for new induction aircraft, at
Rajali, Dega and Hansa, will be a focus area during the course of next few years.

24.      The President mentioned that this year, Navy had allocated grants to the NF
charters based on their strength. Whilst it may not meet all the needs of the charters
this grant would help to some extent in mitigating the needs.

25.      The President thanked C-in-C East and NOIC (TN) on behalf of the Indian
Navy and the Navy Foundation, for providing the facilities for conduct of AGM/ GCM.
He also thanked the President, Secretary and all members of the Chennai Charter
for sparing their valuable time. He also offered his sincere gratitude to all outstation
charter representatives, who had taken time out of their busy schedules for the

Item II. Secretary’s Report

26. The Secretary mentioned that he had the pleasure to present the report on the
activities of the Navy Foundation since the last Annual General Meeting held at
Visakhapatnam on 23 Oct 10.

27. The Secretary brought out that there had been few changes in the new office
bearers of some of the Charters since the last AGM. He informed the gathering that
the updated list of office bearers of the respective Charters had been placed in the
folder and annual reports and balance sheets had been received from most of the

28.   The Secretary made a special mention of Hyderabad Charter which once
again had made a valuable contribution by arranging advertisement in Quarterdeck

2011 magazine for a sum of Rs 65,000/-. He also mentioned that Mumbai Charter
had also promised to make a contribution and requested other charters to make
similar contributions.

29.    The Secretary informed that the reports received from Charters indicate that
the Navy Foundation has been by and large meeting the aims & objectives for which
it was created. He subsequently read out important activities carried out by various

Kolkata Charter

30.     AGM of Kolkata charter was held on 26 Jun 11, where election for the post of
office bearers was held.

31.    3rd Admiral AK Chatterjee Memorial Lecture was held on 15 Jan 11. Adm
Arun Prakash, delivered talk on "The Challenge of China's Growing Maritime Power".
The Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief Eastern Naval Command, VAdm Anup
Singh, AVSM, NM was the Chief Host for the event.

Pune Charter

32.   AGM was held on 17 April 2011.

Kerala Charter

33.     Annual General Body Meeting – 2011 was held on 22 May 2011 at SNC
Officer Mess, Kochi. The meeting was chaired by the Charter President, VAdm RP
Suthan. The Patron of Kerala Charter, VAdm K.N. Sushil, PVSM,AVSM,NM,ADC,
The Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Southern Naval Command and several
officer’s of the Command were invited for the get together. On this occasion an
updated charter directory with some useful information was released by the

Chandigarh Charter

34.   The Annual General Body Meeting of the Navy Foundation Chandigarh
Charter for the Year 2010-11, was held at Kheterpal Officers’ Institute Chandimandir
on 26 Jun 2011. The Navy Day celebration was held at PGI Community hall on 4th
Dec 2010.

Visakhapatnam Charter

35.   Annual General Body Meeting of Navy Foundation Visakhapatnam Charter
was held on 11 Jun 2011 at conference hall of Naval Coast Battery, Visakhapatnam.

Hyderabad Charter

36.   AGM was held on 17 April 2011.

37.   Navy Gold Cup Tournament coordinated by DMDE Secunderabad was held
on 08 December 2010. Eight teams from Army, Navy and Air Force Units at
Hyderabad including one Team from Navy Foundation participated.

Odisha Charter.

38.    The Charter met every two months alternately in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack.
During these meetings all circulars were read out.

Delhi Charter

39.   AGM of Delhi Charter was held on 10 Apr 2011 at Naval Officer Mess Varuna.

40.    Adm RD Katari Memorial Lecture was held on 20 Nov 2010 at DRDO Bhavan
Auditorium. Shri Shankar Menon, IFS (Retd), National Security Advisor delivered the
lecture. News Letter were released regularly to apprise the members on the
important events, policy letters and measures taken by the Charter.

Bangalore Charter

41.    AGM of Bangalore Charter was held on 17 Jul 2011 at NOM, Benson Town
followed by PLD & Lunch.

Mumbai Charter

42.    AGM of Mumbai charter was held on 19 Jun 11, where election for the post of
office bearers was held. RAdm RM Bhatia (Retd) has taken over as the New Vice
President. Mumbai charter is hosting a website for its charter members. Adm BS
Soman lecture was held on 03 Apr 11.

43.     Though no specific inputs were received from Goa, Chennai and Coimbatore
Charters, these charters were in regular touch with NF to exchange notes on issues
of interests to veterans.

44.    The Secretary expressed his delight to inform that there was an increase in
NF membership from 2700 to 3200 which he attributed to awareness spread by the
charters. He once again requested the charters to reach out to the ex-Naval officers,
who were not members and convince them of the benefits available to the members
by networking with Foundation.

45.     He further stated that It had been DESA’s continuous endeavour to keep all
NF members updated on the current issues, towards which DESA had been issuing
bulletins on various subjects regularly. He also mentioned that a blog had been
started by DESA in Jan this year and acknowledged that it was being extensively
used by veterans to communicate and share their views. In addition, he informed the
gathering that the VSF and IRFC website also shares important information with all
the veterans. He brought out that Suvigya software which is related to pension was
first hosted on the VSF website and had received tremendous response.

46.    In conclusion, the Secretary stated that as per directives of President NF
during earlier AGMs, PDESA/ rep had visited some of Charters to attend their AGMs
and updated the veterans through presentations. Such visits to all charters would
continue in future. He also mentioned that the agenda points including ECHS issues
had been received from the charters and most of them had been included for
discussions during the AGM.

47.   Secretary then sought permission from the President to apprise the gathering
about NRS which was an important step taken by Navy to look after pensioner
widows and pensioners.

Item III. Presentation on NRS by PDESA

48.   The presentation of PDESA was aimed to increase the awareness about the
newly implemented Naval Regimental System amongst the NF Charters. The
presentation was broadly covered in the following parts:-

      (a)    Genesis of NRS.

      (b)    Aims of NRS.

      (c)    Focus Areas of NRS.

      (d)    Organisation of NRS.

      (e)    Functioning of NRS.

Item IV. Presentation by PDNPF

49.   PDNPF gave presentation covering the following aspects:-

      (a)    Post Retirement Death Insurance Extension Scheme (PRDIES).

      (b)    Closure of Senior Citizen Unit Plan (SCUP) and advised veterans to
      apply for refund of their investments through UTI zonal office Delhi/ Mumbai/

      (c)    Ongoing INBA Schemes for veterans, widows and their children.

50.  PDNPF informed that Navy’s annual expenditure on the various welfare
schemes was about 240 lakhs and was only likely to be revised further.

Item V. Presentation by PDPA

51. The presentation by PDPA was essentially aimed at its applicability to retired
community and was broadly classified in the following parts:-

      (a)    Initiatives taken to resolve issue of Corrigendum PPOs.

      (b)    GOI orders issued since Oct 2010 on pension.

      (c)    Important Legal cases.

      (d)    Status of demand for OROP.

      (e)    Details of Samadhan Cell.

Item VI. Presentation by Director ECHS

52.   The presentation by rep ECHS broadly covered the following parts:-

      (a)    Details of the ECHS Scheme.

      (b)    Current status of the Scheme.

      (c)   Membership Data.

      (d)   Recent ECHS development.

      (e)   Pending issues with MoD.

      (f)   Shortage of medicines.

      (g)   ECHS information.

Item VII. Review/ Confirmation of Old Agenda Points

53.    The Secretary informed that status of old agenda points had been
promulgated to Charters and there were no outstanding issues. The President asked
all present if there were any issues pending wrt to the old agenda points. There
being no pending action on the old agenda points, the President confirmed the MoM
of AGM 2010.

Item VIII. Discussion on New Agenda Points.

54.   The discussion on the new agenda points is placed at Appendix ‘A’.

Item IX. Presentation of Grants by the President.

55.   The President presented the grants to the representatives of all the charters.

Item X. Vote of Thanks.

56.    The AGM ended with a vote of thanks by Secretary Navy Foundation on
behalf of the President Navy Foundation.

                                                             (B Bhattacharya)
                                                             Navy Foundation
Encl: As Above
Distribution: Normal

                                                               Appendix ‘A’
                                                               (Para 57 refers)

                                  GENERAL ISSUES

Item I Availability of Naval Facilities(Chennai/ Kerala Charter)

1.       Accommodation should always be provided when available (with sufficient
notice) to veterans in all the messes. Those who would like to avail the bar facilities
should not be denied this facility as long as the transactions are on cash cards.

2.   Kindly intimate the naval policy on availability of naval facilities such as
swimming pool, Gym etc for use by retired officers.

3.      Deliberations.       Secretary       stated   that     NOM        membership/
Accommodation were provided by the respective Station Commanders based on the
capacity available. The swimming pool, Gym, bar facilities etc are also limited to the
capacity available and are provided to the extent feasible. President stated that NOM
membership and accommodation were subject to the capacity available and would
be provided by the respective station commanders if available. However, with
regards to the swimming pool, President stated that the actual usage of the
swimming pool by the retired community might not be much and the feasibility of
providing the same to the retired officers could be examined. The President further
mentioned that the condition in New Delhi with respect to the accommodation was
likely to improve with the commissioning of the 72 cabins in Varuna and the veterans
transiting through Delhi could avail this facility.
                                                       Action :      PDESA

Item II Veteran's Kit (Chennai Charter)

4.       Apparently, officers on retirement were being given a tie, cuff links, tie pin
and a cap. However, not all the members have received the same. It would be a
good idea to ensure that the standard kit is provided to all veterans which would give
them an identity of a naval veteran.

5.     Deliberations. Secretary stated that only a Silver Salver is being given by
DNPF to the retiring officer. It has also been ascertained from DNPF/ DESA records
that no tie, cuff links, tie pin , cap etc had ever been issued to the retiring officers.
Secretary clarified that the , cuff links etc may have been presented by the C-in-C etc
as a goodwill gesture. President stated that presenting of Tie, cuff links , tie pin and
cap to retiring officers along with the silver salver shall be examined.
                                                                  Action : PDNPF

Item III NRS(Chennai Charter)

6.    NRS. Honestly we need a briefing on the present status by DESA as most of
the members are not clear about the objectives and how it is proposed to achieve
these objectives.

7.      Deliberations.     Secretary stated that the copy of brief on NRS had been
sent to NF Charters by CPS earlier and hosted on the IRFC website and DESA blog.
The presentation on NRS has also been made during the AGM. In addition a brief on
NRS has been placed in folders. Secretary Mumbai charter commended on the idea
of NRS and enquired about the methodology of ensuring the proper benefits
reaching a widow in a remote village. Secretary brought out the implementation of
NRS and the role of ZSBs and RSBs along with the various Naval NCC units in
reaching the widows. He also stated out that the respective CRSOs have been
tasked to reach the widows and spread awareness about the NRS to the retired
community. President stated that efforts were on to educate the serving community
about NRS and its benefits so that sailor residing in the remotest location could
spread the awareness about the NRS. Secretary Mumbai charter brought out the
need to disseminate the contact info of the CRSO/ contact points through local
dailies. President stated that information about NRS shall be published in the
regional newspapers for wider publicity. The President also appealed to all present
to disseminate information about the NRS to everybody.

                                                                Action: PDESA

Item IV Issue of Ration Card and Voters Card (Chennai Charter)

8.     Some of the officers have found it difficult to get a ration card and also a
voter’s card on retirement due to cumbersome processes. It is recommended that on
retirement, based on a request by NHQ the concerned State governments could
simplify and issue the necessary documents on arrival of the officers to his place of
settlement without any hassles. This may have to be tied up through the MoH so that
processing is done even while the officer is in service.

9.       Deliberations.       Secretary stated that the Issue of ration cards was a state
subject. He also mentioned that hon’ble RM has written to Chief Ministers requesting
them to provide working level assistance to ESM in all respects. However, specific
difficulties experienced in a particular State shall be taken up by DESA through
RSB/ KSB. President enquired if this was an isolated case or all the charters were
facing this difficulty. From the discussion it emerged that not all states had this issue.
The President stated that the control of centre on matters like issue of ration and
voters card was not really there. He also mentioned that larger issues like domicile
etc were being raised with RM.
                                                                 Action: for info

Item V Funding for Senior Citizens’ Home (SCH) (Kerala Charter)

10.    In the current proposal NF Kerala charter has requested for financial funding
support from Navy/ Govt for procuring eight to ten dwelling units in the SCH which it
had proposed earlier. The dwelling units of the SCH are proposed to be owned by
the charter and used as a hostel for officer’s widows who are unable to invest in the
project of SCH. It is also mentioned that the facility would be only for widows of
Officers and the Navy would need to create a separate hostel for sailor’s widows.

11.    Deliberations.        Secretary brought out that the Kerala charter was
planning the SCH as a private investment project. The project envisaged 40 dwelling
units with the cost of each dwelling unit being 16 lakhs. The estimated cost of the
project is Rs 6.6 Cr for the land and building at Thotuva, near Kalady on the banks of
Periyar River, approx 43 Kms from Kochi. Presently only 23 out of 40 dwelling units
were subscribed. Since the project is under subscribed, the charter also intends to
open the membership to Army and Air Force Officers also. He further stated that the
land for the SCH had been procured by the charter in conjunction with the Art of
Living Group, which had embarked on a project of developing an Art of Living with
Ashram Facilities on the banks of Periyar river. Earlier the Kerala charter had sought
funding for the SCH as they were trying to acquire land from state Govt.
Subsequently in the absence of any help from the state government, the charter had
started this project as a private venture. The charter is requesting IN to fund for
some dwelling units. The secretary requested secretary Kerala charter to amplify.
Secretary Kerala charter explained the proposal in detail and mentioned that the
scheme was open to other NF charters as well. The President stated that the The
NPF is meant for the welfare of officers and sailors alike and as the proposed
scheme was only for officers there was a constraint in funding by the NPF. He further
mentioned that IN has acquired half acre of land in Vasant Kunj , New Delhi for
construction of widows hostel and that the construction of the same was to
commence shortly.
                                                                   Action : for info

Item VI Membership of Navy Foundation (Kerala Charter)

12.   (a)   Presently it is up to the officers retiring to take the initiative of joining a
      Navy Foundation Charter. There are many officers who are not aware that
      such an organization exists or are not able to get them self to become a
      member for various frivolous reasons.

      (b) It is proposed that the action for taking membership of Navy Foundation be
      made a part of the retirement formality like becoming ECHS member. They
      could opt for a particular charter of their choice at that time itself or later after
      settling down.

13.     Deliberations.       Secretary stated that NF membership was purely
voluntary. He also stated that NF membership forms are incorporated in the booklet
“Navy for Life & Beyond” by DESA and this booklet is given to officers prior
retirement by DOP along with release letter. Secretary Mumbai charter mentioned
that in order to increase the NF membership, the respective charters should make an
effort to contact the retiring officers. Towards this end it would be helpful if the
contact information of the retiring officers was passed to all the charters. The
President agreed with the suggestion and directed that contact information of all the
agencies could be forwarded to the retiring officers along with the PR letters and also
could be sent as attachments to the letter of condolence for wider publicity.
                                                     Action: PDESA/ All Charters

Item VII Retired Officers Identity Card (Kerala Charter)

14.    The new Identity card being issued has been found to be of very poor quality
as the photo and written part are getting erased with use. The quality of card printing
needs improvement.

15.    Deliberations.       Secretary stated that the new Retired Officers Identity
card (Smart card) has been re-designed and issued wef Feb 10. No complaints
have been received about this card so far. However, any specific case would be
attended to. He also mentioned that the retired officers holding old identity card
desirous for renewal with five years of issue are permitted against a payment of Rs
50/-. Secretary Chennai charter brought out that the printing of the new identity card
was of poor quality and was getting worn off with use. The President stated that
Kunjali would be directed to issue laminated I card henceforth.
                                                                   Action : PDESA

                                 PENSION ISSUES

Item VIII Pending Pay/ Pension Issues (Kerala Charter).

16.   The current status on the various pay/ pension discrepancy cases such as the
4th Pay Commission anomaly and 6th Pay Commission pension anomaly may
please be given for the benefit of the members. It is pertinent to mention that the
information that comes through several sources is not authentic and reliable. Such
information only leads to misunderstanding and confusion.

Item IX   Issue of Revised PPO/ Corrigendum to PPO (Hyderabad Charter).

17.   Banks are not issuing Annexure 4 to the Pensioners who have retired prior to
01 January 2006. Banks are stating that the Annexure 4 vetted by the Controller of
Defence Accounts have not been received back. Therefore, they are unable to issue

the same to the Pensioners. At our level, it is difficult to ascertain this fact. Most of
the Pensioners feel that the Controller of Defence Accounts (Navy), Mumbai can
certainly issue the revised PPOs/ Corrigendum's as the number of Naval Pensioners
are much lesser than that of Army/ Air Force. It is, therefore, suggested that the
CDA (Navy) Mumbai may be requested to issue the revised PPOs/ Corrigendum in a
phased manner.

18.     Deliberations.      Secretary stated that the current status of various issues
of pension and corrigendum to PPO had been covered in the presentation of PDPA
and was also given as an handout. Secretray Mumbai charter mentioned that there
was a requirement to include the wifes DOB in the PPO in order to ensure all
benefits to the wife. Secretary informed all present that this information was being
included in the PPO issued post 2006. The PPOs which did not have this information
were to be referred and a corrigendum was to be issued. PDPA further clarified that
in the Pre- 2006 PPOs, joint notification was not being done. A case was being
taken up separately with CDA for issue of corrigendum PPO. He requested all
charters to compile a list of such cases and forward the details to PDPA for further

                                                                       Action: PDPA

                                           ECHS ISSUES


19.   Ophthalmologist & ENT Specialist at Polyclinic (Chennai Charter).

       (a) ECHS Polyclinic is referring the eye cases to Ophthalmologist in MH
       (Chennai) only and not to an empanelled hospital.

       (b) ENT and Eye OPDs at MH(Chennai) to see ECHS beneficiaries on all
       working days instead of on some specific days.

20. Deliberations.         Secretary stated that as per the Govt. policy, all ECHS
members were to first fully utilise        the facilities of Armed Forces Medical
Services(AFMS) Ophthalmologist/ ENT Specialist available in the station before
being referred to empanelled facilities and with regards to ENT and Eye OPD, it was
scheduled thrice a week only as the Specialists on other days had to perform
surgery. Chennai charter brought out that, the polyclinic had to refer to the
specialist, which takes time and by the time the person visits the specialist post
reference, the OPD is over. Chennai charter requested that the a dedicated time slot

be allotted for the veterans to visit the specialist. Rep MD ECHS mentioned that a
board indicating the days and time on the specialists are available was prominently
displayed in the polyclinics which could reduce the problem to some extent. He
further mentioned that the requirement of getting reference from the specialist
before referring to empanelled hospitals was a must to avoid unnecessary tests
being done by the empanelled hospital resulting in large bills. Chennai charter
further mentioned that many private hospital were going off the panel due to non
payment of bills. Rep MD ECHS mentioned that they did not have any report of
delay in payment of bills as far as Chennai was concerned. However, he said that
they would make sure that all the bills were cleared immediately. The President
enquired if this problem was specific to Chennai. President Pune charter informed
that they were not facing any issues regarding referring to empanelled hospitals in
Pune. The President stated that since this was an issue more concerned with
Chennai, the problem was noted and he directed Stn Cdr Chennai to hold a
advisory committee meeting and draw out an amicable working solution.

                                                                Action: Dir ECHS

21.   Shortage of Medicines at Polyclinic, Secunderabad (Hyderabad Charter).

      (a) Shortage of medicines at ECHS Polyclinic.

      (b) Supply of medicines for 30 days only.

22.     Deliberations.      Secretary stated that the medicines to the polyclinics
were provided by Armed Forces Medical Store Depots (AFMSDs). At times due to
delay in supply chain certain medicines were in short supply. For Non-Available
(NA) medicines CO of Hospitals have been given LP powers. He further stated that
a pilot project of outsourcing of entire pharmacy for ECHS was in progress. With
regards to supply of medicines for 60/ 90 days, he clarified that it could be supplied
for 60 / 90 days subject to endorsement by the specialist depending on chronicity of
the disease /review. President directed NOIC(TN) to resolve the issue and
mentioned that Director DMDE would also be directed to resolve such issue in

                                                                 Action: Dir ECHS

23.   Empanelment of ECHS Hospitals.

      (a) All CGHS empanelled hospital must automatically be empanelled for
      ECHS. Delay in empanelment of Global Hospital, Chennai. (Chennai

      (b)   COMBRAX and CABS be entrusted with the responsibility of
      empanelment of private hospitals in Mumbai as a special case instead of the
      responsibility resting with the Regional Centre, Pune.    Empanelment of
      Dental clinics and labs also required in Powai, Navi Mumbai and Western
      Suburbs for Veterans residing in these areas. (Mumbai Charter)

24.     Deliberations.       Secretary stated that the CGHS          Hospitals were
concentrated in the Northern parts of the country and thus were not sufficient
for ECHS requirements. Further, specialist facilities available in local AFMS
hospitals were borne in mind before empanelment of CGHS hospitals. Application
for empanelment in respect to Global Hospital, Chennai had been forwarded to MoD
for approval. The case would be considered in the next Empowered Committee
meeting. He also mentioned that under the modified procedure for empanelment of
private hospitals for ECHS, NABH(National Accreditation Board for Hospitals) had
been authorized to empanel private hospitals for ECHS. This new procedure would
cut down the time taken for empanelment considerably and would not involve
concerned Station Commander and SEMO. Rep MD ECHS informed all present
that the NABH accreditation time had now been reduced to 2-3 months from 2-3
years. Secretary Mumbai charter informed that since many veterans in Mumbai were
settling down in far away localities, commuting to INHS Asvini becomes difficult and
hence more hospitals should be empanelled. He also mentioned that empanelment
in Mumbai should be done by Stn Cdrs (CABS & COMBRAX). MD ECHS mentioned
that the process could be expedited but not shortened. Chennai charter further
brought out that in view of the reduction in CGHS rates from 2007 to 2010, there was
a decline in the empanelment of hospitals. The President assured that the matter
would be taken up.

                                                               Action: Dir ECHS

25.   OPD at Empanelled Hospitals. (Mumbai Charter) Veterans staying away
from Polyclinics be allowed for OPD at Empanelled Hospitals.

26.   Deliberations.       Secretary stated that AFV as per the ECHS scheme were
seen in the polyclinics and then referred to AFMS hospitals / empanelled hospitals
depending on the case. With the additional polyclinics (199) planned, this would
augment the need for OPD services for veterans. Rep Dir ECHS clarified that, OPD
at empanelled hospitals was not feasible.
                                                                 Action: for info
27.   Establishment of ECHS Hospitals / Additional Polyclinics.

      (a)   A Polyclinic should be established at Tambaram at the earliest for
      Veterans residing at suburbs beyond Tambaram. (Chennai Charter)

       (b) Current Status on establishment of the ECHS Specialty Hospitals and
       additional Polyclinics (Kerala Charter)

28.    Deliberations.      Secretary stated that a Polyclinic at Tambaram was
expected to be operationalised by Apr 2013 under the command and control of Air
Force. Further the issue of ECHS Specialty Hospitals and additional Polyclinics has
been covered in the Dir (ECHS) presentation and a handout on expansion has also
being provided. The President directed NOIC(TN) to follow up the progress of
Polyclinic at Tambaram.

                                                                Action : Dir ECHS

 29.   Polyclinic and Patient Management (Mumbai Charter).

       (a) Operationalisation of Polyclinic at CoD Kandivali and provision of medical
       cover to veterans at MI Room, INS Hamla till operationalisation of Polyclinic.

       (b) Enhancement of salary structure of Polyclinic staff in Mumbai.

       (c) Transfer of a patient from private empanelled hospital in 48 hrs after

30.      Deliberations.    Secretary stated that identification of temporary
accommodation for setting up of an ECHS polyclinic / land for construction was still
in progress by COD Kandivali . Emergency treatment for AFV & their dependents at
INS Hamla was available as per service regulations. Proposal to provide regular
medical cover through Hamla was being explored. With regards to the
remuneration of polyclinic staff, ECHS Central Organisation has taken up the case
with MOD, sanction of the same is awaited. ECHS beneficiaries were permitted to
avail treatment in empanelled hospitals. For emergencies or life threatening
conditions admission in non-empanelled facilities was also permissible. On the
occurrence of emergency and consequent hospitalisation in non-empanelled
facilities, the ECHS member / representative was required to intimate the nearest
polyclinic within 48 hours for raising Emergency Information Report (EIR) .The
patient could continue to remain hospitalised till condition stabilises for
transfer/discharge. The President directed Director ECHS to monitor the progress of
the ECHS polyclinic at Kandivali.

                                                             Action: Dir ECHS

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