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									Minutes of the First Meeting of the Task Force on
    Look East Policy Chaired by Smt. V.S. Rao,
Secretary, Ministry of DoNER as a follow up of the
  LEP Summit meeting chaired by the Minister for
          External Affairs on 31.10.2007

Date & Time:   21st July, 2008 (11 A.M.)
Venue:         Room No. 243-A, Committee Room, M/o DONER

List of participants is annexed.
     Secretary, DoNER welcomed the participants and the
deliberations were held Ministry-wise on the various
issues listed in the agenda.    The issues discussed in
the first meeting of the Task Force on the Look East
Policy and the observations/decisions taken thereon are
as under :
Ministry of External Affairs

S.No.1.   Kaladan    multi-modal   project       and   its
implementation.   (DoNER    to   focus    on      internal
implementation of the project in Mizoram)

     The Kaladan Multi-modal transport project is under
implementation with MEA as the implementing Ministry
for the Myanmar portion, and DORTH for the Indian
portion.   Inland Waterways Authority of India is the
executing agency in Myanmar.     The Mizoram Govt. is
conducting ground survey for the connecting road in
Mizoram. They will then prepare the DPR for the road
from Mobu to Nalkawn by August 2008.

                                (Action : Govt. of Mizoram)

S.No.2. Conversion of current border trade into regular
trade to enhance trade between North East States of
India and Myanmar

     Joint Secretary, Department of Commerce said that
they are in favour of changing border trade to MFN
trade on all border trade points including Moreh.   In

the recent visit of the Minister for Commerce from
Myanmar,   the   Myanmar   Government    gave  positive
indications of enhancing the number of items being
traded. They have given a list of 30 negative items to
the Ministry of Commerce.   Final   decision  will   be
taken after bilateral consultations and agreement.

                      (Action :Deptt. of Commerce& MEA)

     Secretary, Trade & Commerce, Govt. of Mizoram said
that they also would like that the number of items be
increased for border trade. Secretary, DoNER requested
that a copy of this communication be sent to Ministry
of Commerce, with a copy to Ministry of DoNER to enable
it to pursue the issue.

                               (Action : Govt. of Mizoram)

     RC, Tripura suggested that in view of the critical
position that trade with neighbouring countries can
play in the development of the region, a report on
trade and commerce issues with Bangladesh and Myanmar
may be prepared by a committee comprising Ministry of
External Affairs, Commerce, DoNER and concerned State
Govts., who are the major stakeholders.

                  (Action : DoNER & Deptt. of Commerce)

S.No.3. Construction of Rih-Tidim and Rih-Falam road to
operationalise the India-Myanmar border trading point
at Rih-Zokhawthar

     A proposal to upgrade the Rih-Tidim and Rih-Falam
roads in Myanmar in order to facilitate a second border
trade point with Myanmar at Zokhawthar (Mizoram) – Rih
(Myanmar) is under consideration of MEA.       BRO has
prepared DPRs for upgradation of both the above
mentioned roads.      The proposal is under active
consideration of MEA to appoint an executive agency and
Project Development Consultant.
                                         (Action : MEA)

     Secretary, Industry, Govt. of Assam stated that
the specifications which MEA has given to BRO for the
above roads and any other road that India is
constructing in Myanmar should desirably be of NHAI
standards.    He said that due to poor quality of
construction, the roads are washed away after a few
                    (Action :Border Roads Organization)

     It is expected that these roads will link to roads
in Myanmar which lead to Mandalay.      However, it is
understood that there are some major missing links such
as bridges to the road to Mandalay without whose
restoration/construction, these roads may not finally
link properly to Mandalay.   MEA should look into this
issue as well.
                                         (Action : MEA)

S.No.4. Regional Motor Vehicle Agreement for enabling
legal framework for seamless travel across SAARC

     Next meeting of the SAARC Transport Ministers’
Group is now rescheduled in September, 2008.
                                          (Action :MEA)

S.No.5. Airport, Railway and alternate highway projects
approved for Sikkim and their implementation.

     Airport for the new airport at Pakyong(Gangtok),
the work is in progress.       The Greenfield Pakyong
airport at Sikkim will be completed by Airports
Authority of India by 2011 at an estimated cost of Rs.
358 crore.

              (Action :AAI, Ministry of Civil Aviation)

     For Railway link from Sevoke(West Bengal) to
Rangpo (15 kms. away from Gangtok), final locational
survey is going on.    An ‘in principle’ approval from
Planning Commission has been obtained. It was decided
that this line should also be included as National

Project of the Railways in view of its importance to
the State. Ministry of DoNER will take up with Ministry
of Railways.
                (Action : DoNER & Ministry of Railways)

     Alternate Road Link - NH-31A from Sevoke to
Gangtok is the lifeline of Sikkim. It is often blocked
due to land slides and other causes. Hence, the need
for an alternate highway to Sikkim. In a meeting of
Committee of Secretaries held on 20.02.2008 it was
decided to undertake construction of alternate highway
and at the same time continue with double laning of
existing NH-31A, wherever possible, without disrupting
traffic. DORTH is seeking revised approval of CCEA for
construction   of   alternate   highway  to   Gangtok,
integration of Gangtok bye-pass and 22 kms of Gangtok-
Nathu La road to form a continuous new highway from
Sevoke to Nathu La via Gangtok.

     The difficulties faced by Sikkim due to blockages
on NH-31A due to political and law and order
disturbances in North Bengal are not likely to be
solved even if the alternate highway is built because
even the alternate highway is aligned to be on the bank
of Teesta river. There is an alternate route to Sikkim
via Bhutan can be considered – an existing Thimpu-
Phunshiling road is being presently maintained by BRO.
A detour from this road from Chapcha(Bhutan) to Gangtok
can be considered by all stakeholders. RC, Sikkim said
that such a proposal has been submitted by his State to
the Union government.   He was requested to forward a
copy of the proposal to the Ministry of DoNER so that
DoNER can follow it up.

               (Action :DORTH, Govt. of Sikkim & DoNER)

S.No.6. Declaring Ashuganj as port of call.

     Declaring Ashuganj as a port of call will help
Tripura to reduce the distance taken to reach foodgrain
and other commodities which are being taken from
Karimganj(Lower Assam) presently.

     The Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation and Bharat
Petroleum Corporation have entered into an agreement
for the supply of High Speed Diesel (HSD) from
Numaligarh refinery to Bangladesh. The supply was to be
made from Silghat (Assam) to Baghabari (Bangladesh).
Since Silghat and Baghabari are yet to be declared as
ports of call and also that the Pandu (Bangladesh) to
Silghat stretch is not included in the Indo-Bangladesh
IWT Protocol Route, the matter was referred to the
Cabinet Committee on Security for grant of permission
to Bangladeshi vessels to load HSD from Silghat as an
interim measure. The Committee has approved the
proposal with the condition that Silghat in Assam
should be declared as port of call only if Bangladesh
agrees to the declaration of Ashuganj as a port of
call. Extension up to 31st Dec. 2008 has been granted by
Govt. of India to Bangaldeshi vessels to load POL
products at Silghat in India.

     Joint Secretary, Commerce stated that despite
repeated requests and discussion, Bangladesh Govt. has
not agreed to make Ashuganj a port of call – while
India has a trade centric approach towards Ashuganj,
Bangladesh is treating it as a strategic matter. There
is a difference in approach of the two countries.

     Secretary,  Industry  Assam   stated   that  the
refineries in Assam have exportable surplus for which
opening up of Silghat on a long term basis is

     RC, Tripura stated that Sherpur in Bangladesh
which is mentioned in the Indo-Bangladesh Inland Water
Protocol needs to be improved for infrastructure for it
to be used as a transshipment point. IWAI has already
sent a proposal to Ministry of Shipping on 14.7.2008
for onward submission to MEA to take up the matter with
Bangladesh Govt. IWAI was requested to forward a copy
of the proposal to the Ministry of DoNER.     India can
consider assisting Bangladesh to improve infrastructure
at Sherpur. It was decided that DoNER will pursue this
issue with MEA and Ministry of Shipping.

       (Action :DoNER, MEA & Ministry of Shipping/IWAI)

S.No.7. Start    direct   bus service from Kolkata to
Agartala   via    Dhaka    and  explore  greater  road

     In the Secretary level consultations between India
and Bangladesh on 17.7.2008, Foreign Secretary had
suggested that due to the excellent response for the
Dhaka-Kolkata bus, more services could be started on
that route. A separate Kolkata-Agartala via Dhaka bus
service can be considered.      The Bangladesh Foreign
Secy. agreed to consider.    A final decision will be
arrived at after bilateral consultations between
Bangladesh and India.
                                         (Action : MEA)

S.No.8. Access to Chittagong port through Bangladesh

The Secretary level consultations between India and
Bangladesh in July 2008 did not discuss the issue of
access to Chittagong as this is an important policy
decision linked to allowing transit facility to India,
which will await the elections slated in future in
                                        (Action : MEA)

S.No.9. Tri-lateral highway connecting Moreh to Maesot
(Thailand) via Bagan (Myanmar)

This is an important project involving India, Myanmar
and Thailand. It has been decided by MEA to go ahead
with commissioning DPRs for the project to be
undertaken by India. Secretary, DoNER wanted to know
the agency which has been given the responsibility for
preparing the DPR. MEA will inform.
                                        (Action : MEA)

S.No.10. Attracting investment from    Bangladesh into
North-East with a view to economic     development and
greater economic integration (DONER    to pursue with
North East States).

Investors from Bangladesh are now permitted to invest
in India.    Interest has been shown by Bangladeshi

investors to invest in Tripura.         A North East-
Bangladesh Investment Summit is also under preparation
in Tripura.
                     (Action : DoNER, Govt. of Tripura)

Shri D.S. Poonia, Principal Secretary, Govt. of Manipur
said that bus link between Imphal and Mandalay may be
taken up with MEA as this is a demand from Manipur.
DoNER will take it up with MEA.

                                       (Action : DoNER, MEA)


S.No.1. To improve facilities through LCSs on the
international border in the North East particularly
with Myanmar and Bangladesh.

     Presently, only Moreh(Manipur) on Myanmar border
has been taken for development as an Integrated Check
Post on fast track by Department of Border Management
through Government funds. Approximate cost will be Rs.
160 to 180 crore. Year of expected completion is 2011.
Land Port Authority Bill to provide for integrated
management of Land Custom Stations and ICPs is also in
an advanced stage.

                  (Action : Deptt. of Border Management)

     Integrated LCSs at Akhaura in Tripura and Dawki in
Meghalaya on Bangladesh border are also being processed
for being taken up in the first phase through a CCEA
Note. LCSs at Sutarkhandi in Assam and Kawarpuchiah in
Mizoram on Bangladesh border will be taken up in the
second phase.    An amount of Rs.635 crore has been
budgeted in the 11th Plan for improvement of LCSs.
                  (Action : Deptt. of Border Management)

    Principal Secretary, Manipur informed that land
has been identified at Moreh and that Deptt. of Border

Management will inspect the land for its suitability
after which the land acquisition process will begin.

                 (Action : Deptt. of Border Management)

     Commissioner   (Industry),   Assam   stated   that
Government of Assam would like more border trade points
to be opened on the Assam-Bhutan border. He was
requested to send a proposal to Ministry of Commerce
and Department of Revenue.

        (Action : Govt. of Assam, Ministry of Commerce)

S.No.2. Informal trade is taking place through Pangsu
Pass(Arunachal Pradesh) with Myanmar and Bleeting and
Donshengmang with Bhutan. The Government of Arunachal
Pradesh proposed that eight border points be re-opened
for trade. Decision to be expedited.

     During the visit of the Myanmar Minister for
Commerce, he stated that Myanmar is open to agreeing on
Nangpo and Pangsau Pass in Arunachal Pradesh as border
trade point. Final decision will be taken after
bilateral consultations. The other points demanded by
Government of Arunachal Pradesh are on Indo-Chinese
                     (Action : MEA, Deptt. of Commerce)

S.No.3. : Export potential of products and commodities
of the North East such as strawberries, ginger and
other horticulture products.

     APEDA has prepared a comprehensive report on the
export   potentials   of   agricultural   products   and
community of the NER and copy of the report has been
obtained. Secretary, DONER directed that copies should
be sent by APEDA to the State Governments. NERAMAC
under the Ministry of DONER is also taking several
innovative steps to promote the trade in horticulture
commodities from the North East.
                                  (Action :APEDA, DoNER)

     Commissioner (Industry), Assam informed that Assam
Government has commissioned IL&FS to prepare project
report on agricultural hubs in the State. He was
requested to forward copy of the report.
                              (Action : Govt. of Assam)

S.No.4: Re-opening border haats in         Meghalaya   on
Bangladesh border to facilitate trade.

     Secretary, DONER directed that this issue may be
dropped because MFN trade needs to be promoted rather
than border trade.

S.No.5. : MFN trade at Nathu La in Sikkim as against
border trade and development of facilities at Nathu La.

     Joint Secretary (Commerce) informed that the views
of the various Ministries on the Cabinet Note on MFN
trade at Nathu La are under examination in the
Department of Commerce.

                             (Action :Deptt. of Commerce)


No representative from Ministry of Civil Aviation
attended the meeting. An update will be taken from
them. However, the existing status is stated below.

S.No.1. :   Guwahati to be developed as an airline hub
in North part of NER and Agartala/Imphal to be
developed as hubs in the southern Part of NER.

     Establishing an airline hub at Guwahati is very
essential to provide early morning connectivity within
the NER as the weather deteriorates in the afternoon
and evenings in NER. MOU has been signed between
Alliance Air and NEC for extension of existing
arrangements with Alliance Air up to 31.12.2008. As per
this MOU, Alliance Air places an aircraft in Guwahati
for early operations in the morning.

     Developing Hub at Imphal and/or Agartala is also
proposed to be taken up while finalising new dedicated
              (Action :Ministry of Civil Aviation & NEC)

S.No.2. : To have a dedicated airline in the NE Region.

     NEC has received bids for starting a dedicated
airlines in NER. The bids will be evaluated soon.

                                                (Action : NEC)

S.No.1. : State capitals of 8 NE States to be connected
through rail.
     9 national projects in North East which link State
Capitals and for gauge conversion being taken up by the
Ministry of Railways. Funding pattern of the national
projects has been proposed at 75% from Planning
Commission and 25% from Ministry of Railways.

Sl.   Name of Project                   States       Target year
No.                                     covered      of
1.    Jiribam-Imphal New Line (97.9     Manipur      March, 2014
2.    Kumarghat-Agartala    New  Line   Tripura      June, 2008
      (109 km)
3.    Lumding-Silchar-Jiribam,          Assam      & March, 2011
      Badarpur-Kumarghat(Gauge          Manipur
      Conversion) (367 km)
4.    Bogibeel Bridge with linking      Assam        March, 2012
      lines (73 km)
5.    Rangia-Murkongselek        with   Assam        March, 2012
      linked            fingers(Gauge
      Conversion)(510.30 km)
6.    Dimapur-Zubza    (Kohima)   New Assam    & March, 2014
      Line (88 km)                    Nagaland
7.    Azra-Byrnihat New Line(30 km)   Assam    & March 2012
8.    Bhairabhi-Sairang           New Mizoram    March, 2015
      Line(51.38 km)
9.    Agartala-Sabroom New   Line(110 Tripura        March, 2014

     Railway link to Sikkim is not part of the 9
National Projects of the Railways in the North East.
Ministry of DONER will take up the Sevoke-Rangpo
Project for inclusion as a National Railway Project
with the Ministry of Railways.
                                     (Action : DoNER)

S.No.2. : Need to create Railway Development Fund for
the NER.

         Action initiated by Ministry of Railway
through a Cabinet Note for creation of Railway
Development   Fund   from   the   year  2009-10. Total
requirement of funds for completion of 9 National
Projects up to 12th Plan is Rs.9067.70 crore.
                        (Action : Ministry of Railways)


An update will be obtained from       Department     of
Telecommunication.    The status on the issues,      as
available, is stated below.
S.No.1. : Project for establishing the optical fibre
link connecting Moreh and Mandalay being implemented by
TCIL through a credit line. Setting up of telemedicine

     Department of Telecommunication has reported that
the work of laying of OF cable between India and
Myanmar & equipment installation is being done by TCIL.
The connectivity on the Indian side from Moreh to
Kolkata TAX (International Gateway) is being done by
BSNL. BSNL has already sent copy of International
Tariff agreement to Myanmar side for their consent.
Myanmar side is yet to respond to the BSNL side. TCIL
is   pursuing   the  matter   with   Myanmar.  The   OF
connectivity on the Myanmar side at Tamu & further upto
Mandalay is to be done by Myanmar in association of
TCIL. The connectivity of Yangon with this OF route
stations/cities   is  understandably   being  done   by

     The overall coordination is being done by TCIL for
this project. Work of laying of OF cable has been
                            (Action : Deptt. of Telecom)

S.No.2.:.   Improving  telecommunication network   by
installing optical fibre link for 6 kms between Moreh
and Tamu (Myanmar).

     Equipment installation at Moreh and Tamu has been
completed. The equipment at Mandalay, being installed
on the Myanmar side has also been installed. Testing of
the link between Moreh to Tamu has been successfully
completed by TCIL.

                           (Action : Deptt. of Telecom)

S.No.3. : Need to improve mobile connectivity.

     Most of the border villages/towns are located in
close vicinity to zero line of international border
where there was no permission for wireless service.
However, it has been agreed to provide mobile services
along the border areas (upto 500 meters from the
international border).


S.No.1. : Ministry of Home Affairs to consider
relaxation of PAP/RAP restrictions on the entry of
foreign nationals into Mizoram, Nagaland, Arunachal
Pradesh and Sikkim.

         MHA   has   received   proposals   from   State
Governments and the final orders have been issued in
the case of Arunachal Pradesh for relaxation of PAP/RAP
restrictions in May 2008. Proposals from the States of
Mizoram, Nagaland, Manipur and Sikkim are still under
examination by MHA.
                                          (Action : MHA)


S.No.1. : Declaring Ashuganj as port of call.

     The status is as shown against S.No.6. under the
actionable points for Ministry of External Affairs.


No representative from DORTH attended the meeting. An
update will be taken from them. However, the existing
status is stated below.

S.No.1. : To    negotiate   transit   facilities   through

     Same as S.No.8 under the    actionable    points   for
Ministry of External Affairs.

S.No.2. : Time bound realistic implementation of plan
for creating internal physical connectivity amongst
States to efficiently couple with the infrastructure
across the border.

     Status: There are three major projects of the
DORTH to achieve internal connectivity amongst States.

      SARDP-NE to connect district headquarters to the
nearest National Highway and other roads of strategic

      NHDP-II, East West Corridor upto Silchar in
Assam. Work is slow, specially in NC hills and in the
stretch between Lumding to Silchar (186 km of fresh

      NHDP-III, to link the State capitals to the East
West Corridor. NHDP-III has not yet started.

                                          (Action : DORTH)

S.No.3. : Improving old Stilwell road connecting NER to
Myanmar and to Kunming in China. Improving road
connectivity from Ledo to Pangsu Pass (Arunachal
Pradesh) on the Indo-Myanmar border.

Status: 57 kms of the Stilwell road is in India
stretching from Lekhapani (Assam) to Pangsu Pass. From
Lekhapani (Assam) to Jairampur (Assam-Arunachal Pradesh
border) work is in progress for 24 kms. The entire
stretch will be completed by March, 2009.

                                        (Action :DORTH)

S.No.4. : NH 39, 53, 150 to be upgraded to four-lane
and provision of adequate funds for completing all
critical roads in five years

Status: DORTH feels that a good two lane is adequate in
the present traffic volume for most NHs in the North
East. Hence, four laning is not contemplated by them in
the near future. The plan for the various NHs is as
      NH-39   is   between  Numaligarh-Dimapur-Kohima-
Imphal-Moreh. The Dimapur-Kohima stretch is covered
under SARDP-NE and Kohima-Imphal under NHDP-III.

      NH-53 (300 kms) is between Badarpur (Assam) and
Imphal via Jiribam. It is in poor condition. Work has
started from Assam side for improving the road to a
good two-lane standard and will be completed by March,
2010. 39 Kms within Manipur is presently in a single-
lane condition which will be strengthened to two-lane

      NH-150    stretches    from    Aizawl-Tipaimukh-
Churachandpur-Imphal-Ukhrul-Kohima. Around 1/4th of this
NH is in good two-lane condition. Ukhrul-Imphal and
Kohima-Jessami (at the border of Nagaland and Manipur)
are being two-laned. The rest of NH-150 is not covered
at the moment as it is not very critical.

                                       (Action : DORTH)

Shri D.S.Poonia, Principal Secretary, Govt. of Manipur
requested M/DONER to take up the issue with BRO with
regard to expeditious completion of the road stretches
in Manipur under NH 39 and NH 150. Manipur Govt. may
forward the proposal to M/DoNER so that BRO could be
appropriately addressed.

                (Action : Govt. of Manipur, DoNER, BRO)

S.No.5. : Expedite Trans-Asian Highway

     There is no progress on this issue even though it
has been under discussion for a long time.

S.No.6. : Improve road connectivity to Moreh-NH 39

Status: The Imphal-Moreh stretch of NH-39 is 110 km.
which is already two-laned. There are two weak bridges.
There are plans to improve this portion to a good two-
lane road.
                                       (Action : DORTH)

S.No.7. : Better connectivity to Bangladesh through the
National Highways

Status: Highway connection between Bangladesh and the
North East Region are as follows:
        NH-51   –   from   Paikon   (Assam)   to  Dalu
(Meghalaya) via Tura (147 kms). 47 kms between Tura and
Paikon is being taken up for improved two-laning.

        NH-62 – ends at Baghmara in Meghalaya on the
Bangladesh border. There are 45 bridges which need
improvement and these will be taken up in the next 3-4

        NH-40 – it ends at Dawki (Meghalaya). This
route goes through Guwahati-Jorabat-Shillong-Dawki and
then onwards to Sylhet and Dhaka. The Dawki-Shillong
road is in good condition excepting the bridge on the
river Omangote for which work will start in October,

        NH-151 – Guwahati-Jorabat-Shillong-Karimgunj-
Sutarkandi and then onwards to Sylhet and Dhaka.
Proposal to make it into a two-lane road is already
                                       (Action :DORTH)

S.No.8. : Kaladan Multi Modal Transport Project to
include improvement, upgradation and construction of a
road from Silchar (Assam) – Lawngtlai (Mizoram) –
Hmawnabu (Mizoram) – Kaletwa (Myanmar).

     The distance between NH 54 at Aizawl and onwards
link to Kaletwa (Myanmar) is 662 kms. The road between
Silchar-Assam/Mizoram border-Aizawl is covered under
NHDP-III. Its development should be in sync with the
construction of the link road to Kaladan Project in
Mizoram. DORTH may take action on this issue.
                                        (Action :DORTH)

S.No.9. : In the Border Trade Agreement 1994 Champhai
(Mizoram) and Rih   (Myanmar) have been identified for
border trade. GOI should initiate speedy construction
of roads between Rih-Tidim and Rih-Falam.

Zokhawthar is a point in Mizoram for border trade with
Myanmar. The two important roads on Myanmar side are
Ri-Tidim and Rih-Falam. The status is same as stated
under S.No.3 of Ministry of External Affairs.

S.No.10. : Widening of Seleing-Champhai road

S.No.11.: Upgradation of Champhai to Zokhawthar(28 Kms)

S.No.12. : Upgradation of road from Aizawl to Champhai

Status from S.No.10-12:

From Aizawl to Champai, there is a single lane road a
part of which is being taken up under SARDP-NE, Phase-
B. Further status will be provided by DORTH.

                                       (Action : DORTH)

S.No.13. : Extension of the East West Corridor road
network beyond Silchar to Agartala.  At the same time
to link it to Akhaura (Bangladesh) to provide seamless
service transshipment network for movement of goods &

The Committee was informed that the scope of East West
Corridor has been frozen and there is no scope of
extension from Silchar to Agartala. However, DORTH has
proposal to join all eight NE State capitals by a four
lane road under NHDP-III.      Latest status will be
provided by DORTH.
                                       (Action :DORTH)


S.No.1. : Setting up an International Institute of
Linguistics in Shillong to teach South Asian languages.
Teaching of languages and research on socio, political,
economic   issues    of   neighbouring   countries   in
universities and research institutions of the NER.

     The Manipur University in Imphal, a Central
University, is teaching Burmese and Japanese language
in its language school. Secretary, DONER suggested that
the more languages from neighbouring countries and
South-East Asia should be taught in the Universities of
NER. M/DONER will consider setting up International
Institute of Linguistics to teach languages of the
neighbouring countries and South-East Asia in the
                       (Action :DoNER, Ministry of HRD)

S.No.2. : People to People interaction through cultural
and educational exchanges and promotion of tourism.

      Same   as   that   of   Additional   Points   indicated


S.No.1. : How NE States can benefit from Indo-ASEAN

     Educational Exchange programmes (EEP) by the
Ministry of HRD are being reviewed in so far as the
ASEAN are concerned, in order to encourage more
interaction between students, teachers and institutions
from the North Eastern region with countries in South
East Asia.

     Since the early nineties, the engagement between
India and ASEAN countries has deepened through trade
and investment.     The North East States have not
benefited from this exchange so far.   An agreement on
ASEAN-India Partnership for Peace, Progress and Shared
Prosperity was signed in November 2004. There is also
a ‘Plan of Action to Implement the ASEAN-India
Partnership for Peach, Progress and Shared Prosperity’
which provides for cooperation in social, tourism,
culture,     people-to-people     contacts,     media,
entertainment and sports.    It will be worthwhile to
take this forward with MEA as to how the NE States can
benefit from this partnership agreement between India
and ASEAN.

     M/DONER will take it up with MEA that activities
under Indo-ASEAN Cooperation should also focus on the
needs of the North Eastern Region particularly with
reference to contacts and exchanges of cultural
organizations, sports persons, media, students, etc.

     Commissioner (Industry), Assam suggested that
there should be exposure visits for the elected
representatives   of  the   State  Assemblies to the
neighbouring countries specially China.

                                  (Action : DoNER, MEA)

    Meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the Chair.

                        * * * *


                 List of Participants

  First Meeting of the Task Force on Look East Policy
   held on 21.7.2008 in the Committee Room of M/DoNER

Ministry of DoNER
  1.   Smt. V.S. Rao, Secretary               -In Chair
  2.   Ms. Jayashree Mukherjee, Joint Secretary
  3.   Shri S.C. Sharma, Director
  4.   Shri S.K. Saha, Section Officer

Ministry of Commerce
  5.   Shri Neeraj K. Gupta, Joint Secretary

Ministry of External Affairs
  6.   Shri Charanjeet Singh, Deputy Secretary(MER)

Ministry of Railways
  7.   Shri Vijay Garg, Director(Works)

Department of Border Management(MHA)
  8.   Shri A. Anbarasu, Deputy Secretary(BM)

Border Roads Organisation
  9.   Shri S.K. Pandey, Director(Works)
  10. Shri R.K. Agrawal, Deputy Director(Works)

North Eastern Council
  11. Shri M.S. Sodhi, Adviser(T&C)

Government of Arunachal Pradesh
  12. Shri S.Dubey, OSD

Government of Assam
  13. Shri R. Capoor, Commissioner & Secy, Industry &

Government of Manipur
  14. Shri D.S. Poonia, Principal Secretary(Planning)
  15. Shri V. Raj Rai, Deputy Resident Commissioner

Government of Mizoram
  16. Shri Vanlalhuma, Secretary(Trade & Commerce)
  17. Shri V. Lalremthanga, Resident Commissioner
  18. Shri Lianchung Nunga, Chief Engineer(PWD)
  19. Shri A. Maitra, Financial Adviser

Government of Nagaland
  20. Ms. Khrienuo, Deputy Resident Commissioner

Government of Tripura
  21. Shri Sanjeev Ranjan, Resident Commissioner

Government of Sikkim
  22. Shri Arvind Kumar, Resident Commissioner

Inland Waterways Authority of India
  23. Shri R.P. Khare, Director

  24. Shri Pravin Gupta, General Manager
  25. Shri Vijender Kumar, Consultant


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