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									French Fashion
By the French
                     Catherine Malandrino
Since starting her own label, Catherine Malandrino has woven together the energy of Manhattan with
                                   the romance and elegance of Paris.
     Catherine Malandrino arrived on the fashion scene with the idea of blending the romance and
  elegance of Paris with the energy of Manhattan. As a French designer in New York, Catherine has a
universal appeal.She channels her energy into poetic designs that encourage women to express their
 personality. With unique craftsmanship, colour palette, and innovative draping skills, she conveys a
 timeless femininity and “joie de vivre” that Catherine values in her own life. Infusing this idea with a
       youthful spirit, Catherine Malandrino delivers a chic, feminine, and recognizable silhouette.
 Born in the French Alps, Catherine Malandrino knew she wanted to be a designer from a very young
   age. After graduating from Esmod she worked in the Paris couture houses of Dorothée Bis, Louis
Féraud, Emanuel Ungaro, and in the 90’s was the creative force at the French label ‘Et Vous’ in Paris.
 In1998 she met Bernard Aidan, her partner of love and life and followed her heart to New York City.
 She began her love story with America when she presented the iconic “Flag” collection in 2001. Her
      irresistible combination of patriotism, audacity, and femininity was acclaimed by the media.
                Hubert De Givenchy
hubert givenchy was born in Beauvais,France in 1927. His father died at a young
 and he was raised by his grandfather,a director of the prestigious Gobelins
 traspety factory. He may have inheriteed his artistic talent from his
 grandfather and great grandfather ,a set designer. The young boy who loved to
 draw decided to become a fasion designer after being inspired by a fasion show
 that he watched at the worlds fair in paris at 10 years old.
                      Chirstian Dior
Christain dior was a famous french fashion designer. He was born in granville,
manche, normandy france. Christian was heir to a ferlilizer fortune. The family
had hopes he would become a diplomat and sent him to ecole des sciences
politiques from 1920 to 1925, but dior only wished to be an artist. After
graduating from school he recived money from his father so that in 1928 he
could open a small art gallery in Paris. Because os his father’s compromise for
the money, the family did not appear on the gallery. The walls were decorated
with the likes of pablo picasso and max jacob. During the 1930’s dior made a
living by making sketches for haute couture house.
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