Four weddings and a funeral_ by ewghwehws


									Four weddings
  and a funeral!
     Mike Newell
What happened in this story?!
    This is a story about love; it
 takes us to four weddings. Three
 of the weddings are for the leading
 role's friends. who is the fourth for?
  and there is a tragedy too in this
 story!---one of the friends died
 suddenly.The funeral gives people
 a meaningful lesson,and also
 makes the man who is the most
 important character know what he
 should do with his own marriage.
The people in this story
    He had more hair when he
    was young !!!!!
        An attractive unmarried
        man who has had a lot of
        different girlfriends. But he
        does not really fall in love
        until he meets Carrie.
     I’m staring in a cosmetics
          A beautiful young
        American woman
        advertisement!!  who
         has worked in fashion.
          she had a plenty of
         boyfriends, and she
         never found the right
         person until she met her
         thirty-two man—Charles!
  The fact is that she had thirty-three
lovers in her lifetime!
                  A lively young woman who
                  Oh! a flat with
               shares I’m here Charles.
                  I is not his girlfriend. She
               She am Scarlett!
               would like to find a boyfriend,
               but can’t yet find the right
                 A rich but not very clever
               friend of Charles, who has no
               girlfriend but is always
               searching for love. He finally
               finds it at the end of this
Cannot find his picture!!!
   Tom’s sister. She is very
  clever and elegant, unlike her
  brother. She doesn’t have a
  boyfriend because she is in
  love with someone who
  doesn’t love her.
     She is an old girlfriend of
  Charles’s and she is still in
  love with him.
 =______=‘’ Unfortunately,
  Charles is not in love with
  her. People sometimes call
  her ‘Duck-face’ behind her
        A loud, lively friend of
       Charles’s twice.
I’ve been here who enjoys his
       food and drink,
I’m so popular~~XDand lives
       with his boyfriend,
Oh! I’m Gareth.

        Quieter than Gareth, kind
       and intelligent. Matthew
       and Gareth have lived
       together happily for a long
I’m so serious…|||a
         Charles’s younger brother.
       He is deaf, and can only
       speak in sign language.
         An affectionate young
       woman, who falls in love with
       David. She learns sign
       language especially so that
My name is the same
       can communicate with him.
with the acter who
played the role of David!
   Tom’s best friend. He
 and Lydia get together
 at the first wedding, and
 theirs is the second
 wedding in the story.
   Laura’s bridesmaid at
 the first wedding.
     Chapter 1 & 2
 Charles is always going to
weddings, never his own. He
has had plenty of girlfriends,
but he is worried that he will
never find the right woman to
marry. But when he met a
beautiful woman called Carrie
at a country wedding, Carrie
touched his heart deeply.
  Although his friends told him
that Carrie is an awful woman and
she only goes out with very smart,
elegant people. Charles still
refused the invitation of his friends
searching for Carrie. The couple
had a wonderful night. However, it
made Charles absent-minded that
Carrie left him the next day, going
back to America alone. After that,
Charles’s friends all began to
prepare for marrying continuously.
   Two months later at a wedding
in London, Charles met Carrie
again. But at the moment when
he held up the hope of getting his
girl back, Carrie introduced her
fiancé, Hamish. Charles felt a
great depression. His old girlfriend,
Henrietta, expressed her love to
him, but Charles didn’t care about
that. Then, Carrie came round to
Charles, and both of them had a
nice night again.
         Chapter 3
   On a peaceful Sunday, which
hadn’t been hold on any wedding.
   Before Charles went a date with
his brother, David, he received a
wedding invitation from Carrie,
which mention where you can buy
their present. In the store, he ran
into Carrie and then he went
shopping with her.
   They went to the bridal veil shop
and try the clothes she would
wear....ect. On the way they
through, he found who is his really

      But, he missed it!
   It’s the third wedding of this
story,which belongs to Carrie. To
Charles’s disappointment, the
groom is another man, not him.
Charles attended their wedding
ceremony and the reception with
depression. Charles’ friend, Fiona,
notice that Charles loved Carrie
very much, so she approached him
and talked to him.
  Fiona told Charles that she had
love him since they first met. But
after that, she pretended that
nothing happened.
 At the end of the reception,
something bad happened. Gareth fell
unconscious to the floor, and he died.
   It’s a hard time for Gareth’s
friends attending the funeral.
Matthew gave a speech in the
ceremony. He wanted all people
there could always remember
how Gareth loved life. He read a
poem to express his feeling about
    Matthew’s speech made
everyone realize about Gareth
and Matthew as a couple. And
all friends found that they never
noticed Gareth and Matthew
were married in their own way.
   It’s Charles’s wedding day. His
friends changed the time on all
those alarm clocks.If they hadn’t
played this joke Charles would
have been late for his own
wedding!When wedding beginning,
Charles suddenly sees Carrie, who
had fall in love with Charles, and
Charles loved her, too.
  After a short conversation
with Carrie, Charles knows
that Carrie has broke up with
her boyfriend. Now Charles is
no longer in the right mood
for his wedding. When the
priest asks whether anyone
thinks that Charles and
Henrietta should not get
 Charles’s brother who named
David says that the groom loves
another woman.As the story
goes, he didn’t get married with
Henrietta, because he found out
that the girl he loves with all his
heart is Carrie. Finally,Charles
and Carrie got together happily
without the marriage in nomine.

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