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									                                                       802 Mantoloking Rd
                                                            Brick NJ 08723
                                                   2012 DOCKAGE CONTRACT

Owner: _____________________________________                            PH:H__________________________

Address_____________________________________                                 C__________________________

_________________________________________                                 Email: _________________________________
Town, State, Zip
Make/Year: _________________________________ LOA:________                Draft: __________ Beam:________

Boat Name:__________________________________                   Reg/Doc#_______________________________

Insurance Co:________________________________             Policy#_______________________ Exp________

Credit Card & # ____________________________________ Exp ______________ Sec#_____________

    1.   Our seasonal slip fee is $_________ per foot. Slip rates include dockside electric and water. However, for boats with air
         conditioning, there will be a $25 per unit monthly energy surcharge for the months June through September.

    2.   Total seasonal fee is $__________. This covers the period from 4/15/12 to 10/31/12. A non-refundable deposit of $250.00
         is due upon signing, a second non-refundable deposit of $500.00 due on 1/15/12 with balance due on or before April 15,
         2012. Once final payment is made we will issue no refunds. NO SLIPS WILL BE HELD WITHOUT DEPOSIT. If second or final
         payment is not made we reserve the right to resell the slip. Boats not winter storing with Mermaid’s Cove must be
         removed from their slip by 10/31/12 or be subject to a daily charge.

    3.   Neither Mermaid’s Cove Marina LLC nor their employees will be subject to any liability by reason of loss or damage to
         person or property of tenant or their guest, including loss or damage to the tenant’s boat or its contents arising from fire,
         theft, sinking by any cause, act or default of other tenants or any other reason that may arise, or by efforts of the
         management to protect the marina or boats therein by reason of any event.

    4.   Space is rented, not slips. Mermaid’s Cove reserves the right to move boats at their discretion as needed for the efficient
         operation of the marina. Slips may not be subleased nor different boat of owner placed in slip without permission of
         Mermaid’s Cove.

    5.   Outside contractors are not permitted to perform mechanical work in the marina without express written consent of the
         marina for special reasons, ex., Warranty repairs or repairs outside the scope of Mermaid’s Cove. If you wish a different
         mechanic to work on your vessel, vessel must be removed from Mermaid’s Cove for duration of repair. All other outside
         contractors must provide Mermaid’s Cove with current Certificate of Insurance for Liability and Workmen’s Compensation
         prior to starting work and will then be issued written permission to proceed. Failure to obtain the Marina’s consent
         constitutes a breach of contract and is grounds for termination of slip lease with slip fee forfeited.

    6.   If performing work on your own vessel, all supplies must be removed at completion of work from Marina grounds. Marina
         dumpsters are NOT to be used for disposal of personally used supplies including but not limited to paintbrushes, empty oil
         or paint cans and any other items used by the customer in working on his boat. The dumpsters are for regular household
         trash only. If it is found that our garbage was used for disposal of owner’s work supplies, a $100 charge will be
         automatically applied to your credit card.

    7.   If performing work on your own vessel all EPA/DEP rules must be observed including but not limited to covering the
         ground while sanding/scraping/painting bottoms and removing all resulting dust, chips, and debris at close of work each
         day from marina grounds.

    8.   Electric heaters must be certified “boat safe” and may be subject to energy surcharge.

    9.   Barbecue grills are not permitted on docks.

    10. All dogs must be leashed and under control of owner at all times. Picnic area not to be used for dog walk area. All solid
        waste must be bagged and disposed of immediately. We reserve the right to bar unruly dogs.

    11. Children 12 and under must be supervised at all times and are not allowed on the docks without an adult nor to run freely
        through the marina common areas due to traffic and safety concerns.

    12. Mermaid’s Cove reserves the right to make reasonable regulations with regards to parking, water use, electric use, waste
        disposal, noise, conduct, etc.

    13. Absolutely no filling of vessel fuel tanks with portable fuel tanks while boat is at our dock.

    14. The undersigned guarantees liability coverage on his/her boat and will supply Mermaid’s Cove with a current copy of
        declarations page.

Contract accepted by___________________________________________________________ Date_____________________

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