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King Louis XIV -Interview


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									                King Louis XVI & Marie
Task :
    In a group of 3, prepare an interview with both King Louis XVI & Marie
       Antoinette as if they have come back in time. One person will take the role
       of the interviewer/talk show host/radio host, one person will take the role
       of King Louis XVI, and one person will take the role of Marie Antoinette.
    You should have an amazing way of introducing each historical figure before
       your interview starts, for they are here with you in the year 2012!!!
    Provide a minimum of 10 questions and answers for King Louis XVI in your
       interview. These questions should teach your classmates about what kind of
       man he was with regards to how he saw himself, his beliefs, his lifestyle, his
       time in rule, etc.
    Provide a minimum of 5 questions and answers for Marie Antoinette. These
       questions should teach your classmates about what kind of woman she was
       with regards to her beliefs, her views on peasant life, her lifestyle, etc.
    Your answers should provide accurate details of the lives of both King Louis
       XVI and Marie Antoinette.
    Use your textbook and the internet to formulate and answer your questions.
    You must hand in your list of questions and answers citing where the
       information was taken from.
    You also must include a ‘Works Cited’ page for the questions and answers
       that you formulated from the textbook, as well as any information that you
       found on the internet.

You will be presenting your interview to the class and may do so in one of a few
       -Act out the interview LIVE in front of the class
       -Record your interview as if it was being played on the radio and play it for
the class
       -Videotape your interview as of it was a TV style interview and play it for
the class

Presentation Date: _______________________
                   Assessment-You will be graded on the following rubric:
                Exceeds Expectations (4)       Meets Expectations (3)          Minimally Meets          Not Yet Within
                                                                               Expectations (2)         Expectations (1)
Introduction   Students have an amazing       Students have an             There is an                There is no
               introduction that is           introduction that is         introduction, but it is    introduction.
               extremely creative and         creative and accurate.       brisk and blunt.
Knowledge      Students came up with 15       Students came up with        Students came up with      Students do have
               creative questions and         15 creative questions and    15 questions, but some     15 questions and
               answers and can accurately     answers and can answer       of the answers or          answers, and do not
               answer all them. It is         most questions with          questions are not          accurately answer
               evident that they fully        accuracy. They               accurate, or do not        most of the
               understand who each            understand who each          relate to the historical   questions. The
               historical was and their       historical figure was.       figures.                   questions are
               importance to the French                                                               immature and/or
               Revolution.                                                                            inappropriate.
Preparation/   The students have fully        The students are             The students are           The students are
Presentation   prepared for the interview,    prepared for the             somewhat prepared for      unprepared for the
               and a lot of effort has        interview and effort has     the interview, but more    interview. Much
               gone into it. They have        gone into it.                effort could have been     more effort was
               used props and/or gone                                      made.                      needed.
               ‘above and beyond’ the day
               of the presentation.
Interview      Both the interviewer and       Both the interviewer and     Either the interviewer     It is difficult to
               the people being               the people being             or the people being        understand the
               interviewed can be             interviewed can be           interviewed cannot be      interviewer or
               heard/understood very          heard/understood. There      heard/understood.          people being
               clearly. There are no          is an occasional giggle or   There is giggling and      interviewed. There
               giggles or pauses, and it is   pause, but is still          pauses at times.           is giggling and too
               very professional.             professional.                                           many pauses.
Group Work     Class time was used            Class time was used          Class time could have      Too much class
               effectively as a group.        effectively for the most     been used more             time was wasted.
               Roles were delegated           part. Roles were             effectively. Roles         The teacher had to
               responsibly. Each member       delegated. Each member       were difficult to          delegate roles.
               of the group took an active    had a role in the            delegate. Each             One person did
               role in making the             interview, and               member had a role, but     most of the work.
               presentation the best one      contributed to the final     may not have               The task was not
               possible by contributing       task.                        contributed equally to     taken seriously.
               equally to the task.                                        the overall task.

                                  Final Mark                                 /20

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