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					Float the Boat

Chris Clemmer
                                       Float the Boat

       The class conducted an experiment called “Float the Boat” on December 8, 2010. As I

observed the experiment I noticed the density of a penny was not the same as the density of the

aluminum foil. The aluminum foil floated on top of the water and didn’t show any sign of

sinking. As we put the pennies into the boat, the aluminum began to go lower into the water but

still didn’t sink. We continued to add pennies into the boat until the weight of the denser penny

was too great for the aluminum and sunk the boat. I noticed the boat didn’t sink until the weight

of the pennies lowered the boat and allowed the water to overflow the sides of the boat.

       The purpose of the experiment is to see how many pennies the aluminum foil boat will

hold before it sinks. The purpose was to show how density works with different materials and

how the size affects density.

       I hypothesized that the boat will float by itself and will hold many pennies. I thought that

the amount of pennies will remain the around the amount of the larger piece of aluminum as the

boats decreased in size.

       First we gathered our equipment; a shoe box and filled it half way with water, fore pieces

of aluminum cut to a ratio of 1:2, and a cup of pennies. Next we designed our boat starting with

the largest piece of aluminum. Then we placed it into the water and added pennies until it sunk.

We repeated the process for each piece of aluminum.
                                  Numper of pennies



                                                                        Numper of pennies



                  100%         50%         25%         12.50%

                              Boat size (1:2 ratio)

       The graph above shows the amount of aluminum foil. Each size is cut in half. It shows

the number of pennies that each boat held afloat.

       The conclusion is that my hypothesis was half correct. The aluminum did float but the

number of pennies did not stay the same. Just like the ratio of the aluminum, the number of

pennies decreased at about a ratio of 1:2 as you can see in the graph above.

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