Boat by cuiliqing



                                            Floating calm,

                                        You’re a sturdy boat,

                                    Floating aside to help others,

                               Your big steady guns protecting others,

                              Always over coming big waves that hit you,

                             Strong when anything hits you hard or soft,

                                       Floating past obstacles,

                                        There nothing to you,

                                      You’re a calm low tide sea.

My best friend john is the most important person in my life because he has been there for me. John
always has my back for any reason. John showed me that people talk or look funny could be the coolest
person ever. When I get mad he tells me to chill out and don’t worry about what’s going on.

I picked John as the most important person because he has always been there for me. John knows how
to talk to people and show them what’s right and wrong. John showed me when a reasonable time to
get mad over something.

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