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									12 June 2009

Dear Skills Development Facilitator /Manager

National Skills Development Good Practice Awards 2009

The Quality Assurance Department of AgriSETA would like, once again to extend their
greetings and an invitation from the Department of Labour to participate in the Good Practice
Award ceremony. The invitation is directed to the companies who would like to participate in
the promotion of South African National Standard for Good practice in Skills Development.
The Department of Labour (DoL) would like to recognize these companies who put efforts
developing their own employees. If you are interested in participating, depending on the
category of your company, please see the attached form for you to complete the necessary
information and submit the required documents to the AgriSETA offices not later than
17 July 2009

    The invitation is extended to the categories as indicated below

•      Best Practice in a large employer
•      Best Practice in a medium employer
•      Best Practice in a small employer
•      Best Practice in a registered non-levy paying employer

AgriSETA will make use of an adjudication panel which will comprise of specialists in areas of
skills development levy, employers and employee representatives and quality assurance. The
decisions of the adjudication panel will be recommended to the DoL. The panel will
recommend only one candidate per category to the Department of Labour.

In general, the panel will be looking for Best Practice that:
•      Goes beyond compliance
•      Demonstrates the impact on the organisation and its strategy
       Demonstrates contributions to skills development in the sector.

•     Complete the attached application form.
      The evidence and information submitted must be consistent with the specific
      organization that is named in the application form.
     Only include evidence that is pertinent to specific interventions that you have
•      This may include reports, articles, certificates etc.
      Any other forms of evidence for example DVDs, CDs, videos, testimonials may be
•      Please package you submission in lever arch files and clearly marked per section.

Please note that it is important to complete the sections as per the requirements

Section A:
In Annexure A1

This section requires the applicant to fill the following details
•      Name of organisation (Please ensure that this is correct as it might be used in
       promotional material by the Department of Labour)
•      Industry
•      Skills Development Levy number (where applicable)
•      Postal address
•      Physical address
•      Contact person
•      Telephone number
•      Fax number
•      Email address of contact person

Section B:
In Annexure B1
This section requires an applicant to provide a description of the organisation and its
purpose. Please explain how your organisation has planned, implemented, monitored and
evaluated its skills development interventions as well as providing a brief description of your
organisation (organisation description - maximum 2 pages). In addition, please attach the

•      Copy of letter from the Seta approving Workplace Skills Plan (if applicable);
•      Copy of letter from the Seta approving Approved Training Report (if applicable);
•      Employment Equity Plan (if applicable);
•      Evidence of BBBEEE score / rating

In Annexure B2
Please indicate how your organisation has further developed on the legislative requirements
for skills development. This might include:

•      Details and evidence of how your organisation identifies skills needs in the medium
and long term, as well as what skills needs have been identified in your organisation
•      Details and evidence of how equity issues in your organisation are addressed
•      Details and evidence of how the skills interventions in which your organisation has
engaged, have addressed the skills needs identified in your organisation.
•      Details and evidence of how the skills interventions in which your organisation has
engaged, have assisted the organisation in achieving its strategic objectives.

Section C:
This section requires an applicant to outline the good practice in Skills Development that used
to make this initiative a success. The applicant must give a description of the good practice.
In Annexure C1
Please provide a description of your organisation’s best practices in skills development
(maximum 5 pages).

In Annexure C2
 Explain and provide evidence of how your organisation has engaged in a broader
commitment to skills development. This can include, but is not limited to, social or corporate
responsibility projects, community projects

In Annexure C3
Explain and provide evidence of how your organisation has included training towards scarce
and critical skills in the sector.
•       A scarce skill refers to those occupations that are characterised by a scarcity of
qualified and experienced people (current and anticipated)
•       A critical skill refers to particular elements of an occupation, or the qualitative
deficiencies that may exist or develop in the skills apparatus of the existing workforce

In Annexure C4
Explain and provide evidence of your organisation’s broader participation in sector initiatives.
This could include, but is not limited to:
•       AgriSETA projects
•       Learnerships
•       Any other initiatives / projects

Section D:
This section contains guidelines in the form of matrix with criteria and possible evidence that
the applicant is expected to produce for evaluation.

If you are interested in participating, please submit your file not later than 17 July 2009.
Please use the form to apply to Fanny Phetla on should you wish to
participate in this Good Practice award in the category that best suits you.

CLICK HERE for the application form with sections A - D

There is a document called “Implementation Framework”, please note that it is very
important to read it in conjunction with the application form. This document will enable the
applicant to understand the approach of the good practice, the process for implementing the
standard; it outlines verification process once you have applied for the award and how the
application are going to be adjudicated on various levels.
CLICK HERE for the Implementation Framework document.

CLICK HERE for the Check list.

I hope you will find the information in order.

Yours truly,

Fanny Phetla

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