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									                                           Home Shopping List
Internet                                   Hair Care                                               Nutrition, Food and Vegetable
     Personal & Small Business Web Sites       Dandruff Shampoo                                    Supplements
     Web Hosting and E-Commerce            x   Shampoo                                                 Vegetable Supplementation
 x   Free E-mail                                                                                       Vitamin C
                                               Shampoo / Conditioner / Detangler                       Calcium and Magnesium
Water Filters                                                                                          Multi-Mineral (Colloidal Minerals)
     Portable Water filters                    Conditioner                                         x   Multiple Vitamin Mineral Combination
     Undersink Filter                                                                              x   Stress Formula
     Countertop Filter                     x   Hair Spray
                                                                                                       Coenzyme Q10
Kitchen                                        Styling or Structural Gel                               Smoker's Supplement
x Liquid Dishwashing Detergent                 Mousse                                                  Enzymes
x Automatic Dishwasher Detergent               Moisturizing Cream
     Scouring Cleanser                                                                                 Irregularity / Constipation
     Disinfectant / Germicide Cleaner      Skin Care
     Liquid Hand Soap                          Itchy Skin                                              Antioxidants
 x   Oven Cleaner, Grills / Stove / Pots       Topical Dry Skin Treatment
     Degreaser                             x   Bath & Shower Gel                                       Bioflavoids, Phytochemical, Pycnogenols,
     Drain Cleaner                             Pouf                                                    Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins
     Deodorizer                                Moisturizing lotion                                     Joint Health / Stiffness
                                               Sunless Tanning Lotion                                  Aloe Vera Drink
     Tile and Formica Cleaner                  Skin Irritations, Insect Bites
     Hand Protection                           Skin Protectant Against Chemicals,                      Vision Health
     Minor Burns and Cuts                      Harsh Detergents and Stains                             Children's Vitamins

Bathroom                                   Cosmetics                                                   Hang Over Helper
x Disinfection / Germicide                     Custom Blend Foundations                                Cardiovascular Health
x Liquid Hand Soap
     Scouring Cleanser                         Premixed Foundations                                    Prostate Health
     Drain Cleaner / Grease Eliminator         Foundation Primer                                       Men's Virility / Stamina
     Deodorizer / Odor Eliminator          x   Lipsticks / Lip, Pencils / Lip, Stains / Lip Gels       PMS / Menopause
                                                                                                       Blood Sugar
     Tile and Formica Cleaner                                                                          Cholesterol Level
     Soap Build-Up / Mildew Remover                                                                    Memory / Mental Acuity
                                           x   Lip Treatment / Lip Scrub / Lip Enhancer                Sleep Aid
Laundry Room                                                                                           Nutritional Analysis
 x Laundry detergent                           Eye Shadows / Eye Liner                                 Customized Nutritional Supplements
 x Fabric Softener
     Stain Remover                         x   Mascara
                                                                                                   x   DNA Analysis
     Pre-Wash                                  Blush / Bronzer                                         Liver Health System
                                                                                                       Intestinal and Digestive Health
Weight Management &                            Concealer                                               Liver Support
Weight Loss
x Carbohydrate Blocker                         Pressed & Loose Powders                             Cardiovascular
                                               Accessories / Brushes                                   Cholesterol Support
     Fat Blocker                               Eye Makeup Remover                                      Tri-Glyceride Support
     Thermogenesis Support                                                                         x   Humocysteine Support
     Lean Muscle Mass Support              Cleaning Needs                                              Coenzyme Q10
     Shakes                                    Wall or Floor Cleaner
     Bars                                      Furniture Polish                                    Mind & Energy
     On The Go Meals                           Silver, Chrome Polish, Etc.                             Caffeine-Free Alertness Drink
                                               Upholstery Cleaner                                      Anti-Stress Supplements
Food & Beverage                                Spot Cleaner
     Coffee                                    Jewelry Cleaner                                     Sports Nutrition
     High Fiber Food                           Window Cleaner                                       x Pre-Workout Formula
     Protein and Alertness                     Carpet Cleaner                                       x Post-Workout Formula
                                               Room Deodorizer

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                                           Home Shopping List
Yard & Garden                              Telephone / Cellular Phone /                        Anti-Aging
    Planting / Shrub Care                  Communication / Family Protection                     Human Growth Hormone Support
x   Lawn Care / Chemical Free Fertilizer    x Voice Over Internet and Broadband Telephone        Male and Female Hormone Support
    Hand Protection                            Cellular and Cordless Phone Radiation Defense     Facial Care / Wrinkle and Skin
                                               Identification Information                        Enhancement
Pool & Spa
    Pool Cleaner                           Car Care                                              Sleep Aid
    Spa Cleaner                                Oil and Engine Additive                           Sexual Performance
    Tile Cleaner                               Chrome Polish                                     Women's Health
                                           x   Engine Degreaser
Facial Care                                    Car Wash Solution                               Pet Care
 x Acne Blemish Care                           Vinyl and Leather Cleaner                         Pet Accidents
                                               Heavy Duty Cleaner, Tough Asphalt and Oil
                                               Removal                                           Pet Odors
    Cleansing Cream / Exfoliant                Oil / Grease Driveway & Floor Stain Removal
                                               Hand Protection (Against Harmful Chemicals        Pet Bath
                                               and Stains)                                       Pet Health / Nutrition
    pH Normalizer / Toner
    Alpha Hydroxy                                                                                Deodorizer

                                                                                                 Stain Remover
    Wrinkle Cream and Moisturizer

    Daily Moisture Cream

    Complete Skin Care

    Eye Cream / Moisturizer

    Shaving Cream

    Skin Repair and Treatment

    Teeth and Gum Health

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                             Market America Product Conversion Chart
Internet Service                                    Hair Care                                             Nutrition, Food and Vegetable
    Market America Web Site Development / Hosting       Royal Spa® Soft & Elegant Dandruff Shampoo        Supplements
    Market America Third Party Websites             X   Royal Spa® Chamomile Shampoo / Royal                  Complete Greens™
X   Market America Go Now Mail                          Spa® Soft & Elegant Moisture Shampoo                  Isotonix® Vitamin C Formula
                                                        Royal Spa® Ultra III Shampoo / Royal Spa®             Isotonix® Calcium Plus Formula
PlusOne™ Water Filters                                  Soft & Elegant Moisture Shampoo                       Isotonix® Multi-Mineral
    PlusOne™ Water Filter Sports Bottle                 Royal Spa® Tri-Protein Plus Conditioner /         X   Isotonix® MultiTech Formula
    PlusOne™ Under Counter Installation Kit             Royal Spa® Soft & Elegant Deep Conditioner        X   Oxygen Plus™ / Isotonix® Advanced B Complex /
    PlusOne™ Countertop Water Filtration System     X   Royal Spa® Hold & Shine Hair Spray / Royal            Bliss™ Stress
                                                        Spa® Soft & Elegant Elegant Holding Spritz            Isotonix® Coenzyme Q10 with Vitamin E
Kitchen                                                 Royal Spa® Structure Gel                              Oxygen Plus™
X SNAP™ Dishwashing Detergent                           Royal Spa® Awapuhi Mousse                             Ultimate Aloe Juice / Isotonix® Digestive
X SNAP™ Automatic Dishwashing Crystals                  Royal Spa® Soft & Elegant Moisturizing Cream          Enzyme Formula
    SNAP™ Cream Scouring Cleanser                                                                             Isotonix® Digestive Enzyme Formula / NutriClean
    SNAP™ Disinfectant Cleaner                      Skin Care                                                 7-Day Cleansing System / NutriClean Aloe
    SNAP™ Natural Concentrate                           Ultimate Aloe® Gel                                    Isotonix® Antioxidant Formula / Oxygen
X   SNAP™ Heavy-Duty Concentrate                        Ultimate Aloe® Gel                                    Plus / Isotonix® ORAC Formula
    Ecoslove™ 2000                                  X   Royal Spa® Imperial Blend Bath & Shower Gel           Isotonix® OPC-3 / Isotonix® ORAC Formula
    GlobalCare™ Super Power 7                           Royal Spa® Pouf
    GlobalCare™ Smoke Odor Stain / GlobalCare™          Smooth As Silk Hydrating Lotion                       Glucosatrin®
    S.O.S. Fresh Herbal Scent                           SuperTan                                              Ultimate Aloe Juice Regular / Cranapple /
    SNAP™ Heavy-Duty Concentrate                        Ultimate Aloe® Gel                                    Strawberry-Kiwi
    Clear Shield II™                                    Clear Shield II™                                      Isotonix® Vision Formula with Lutein
    Ultimate Aloe® Gel                                                                                        Isotonix® Might-a-Mins (Children's Multi-
Bathroom                                            Cosmetics                                                 Isotonix® Advanced B Complex
X SNAP™ Disinfectant Cleaner                            Motives® Custom Blend Foundations / Sheer /           Heart Health System / Essential Omega III /
X SNAP™ Natural Concentrate                             Silk / Sunscreen                                      Lipi-Trim™ Ultra / Tri-Active
    SNAP™ Cream Scouring Cleanser                       Motives® Fluid Silk / Motives Foundation Sticks       MPC™
    GlobalCare™ Super Power 7                           Motives® Foundation Primer                            Prime-Time
    GlobalCare™ Smoke Odor Stain / GlobalCare™      X   Motives® Indelible Line Waterproof Automatic          Feminine™
    S.O.S. Fresh Herbal Scent                           Lip Pencils / Motives® Lip Pencils / Motives®         Level-90™
    SNAP™ Heavy-Duty Concentrate                        Lipsticks / Motives® Hi-Color Lipsticks /             Heart Health Lipi-Trim™ Ultra
    GlobalCare™ Pool & Spa Cleaner                      Motives® lip Stains / Motives® Lip Gels               Cognitin / VitaMind™ / Awake™ / MocaTonix
                                                    X   Motives® Vitamin C Lip Treatment / Motives®           Prime Dreamz™
Laundry Room                                            Exfoliating Treatment / Motives® Lip Plumper          Nutri-Physical™ Nutritional Analysis
X SNAP™ Laundry detergent                               Motives® Eye Pencils / Motives® Indelible             Customized Isotonix® / Nutri-Physical™
X SNAP™ Fabric Softener                                 Eyes / Motives® Liquid Eye Liner                      Gene SNP DNA Analysis / Isotonix® Custom
    GlobalCare™ S.O.S. Fresh Herbal Scent /         X   Motives® Mascara (Long & Luscious and                 Cocktail
    Ecoslove™ Stain Away                                Waterproof) / Motives® Lash Longer                X   Nutri-Physical™ Gene SNP DNA Analysis
    Ecoslove™ 2000                                      Motives® Pressed Bronzer / Motives®                   NutriClean™ 7-Day Cleansing System
                                                        Pressed Blushes                                       NutriClean™ Fiber Powder
Weight Management &                                     Motives® Crème Concealer Pots / Motives®              NutriClean™ HepatoCleanse
Weight Loss                                             Custom Concealer Palette
X Transitions™ Carbohydrate Absorption                  Motives® Mineral Loose and Pressed Powders        Cardiovascular
    Inhibitor                                           Motives® Accessories / Brushes                        Heart Health Advanced Lipi-Trim™ Ultra
    Transitions™ FCI                                    Motives® Eye Makeup Remover                           Heart Health Essential Omega III
    ThermoChrome Ephedra Free                                                                             X   Heart Health Tri-Active
    Transitions™ CLA                                Cleaning Needs                                            Isotonix® Coenzyme Q10 / Advanced Coenzyme Q10
    Transitions™ Shakes                                 SNAP™ Natural Concentrate
    Transitions™ Bars                                   SNAP™ Home and Shop Cloth                         Mind & Energy
    Transitions™ Entrees                                SNAP™ Home and Shop Cloth                             VitaMind™ / Awake™ Energy Drink
                                                        SNAP™ Natural Concentrate                             Bliss™ Anti-Stress Formula
Food & Beverage                                         SNAP™ Natural Concentrate
    Java Trading Co. Gourmet Coffee                     SNAP™ Natural Concentrate                         Sports Nutrition
    Transitions™ Meals                                  SNAP™ Natural Concentrate                         X Torch™ Pre-Burn
    Transitions™ Shakes / Mochatonix                    SNAP™ Heavy-Duty Concentrate                      X Torch™ After-Burn
                                                        GlobalCare™ Smoke Odor Stain
                                                        SNAP™ Heavy-Duty Concentrate

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                              Market America Product Conversion Chart
Yard & Garden                                           Telephone / Cellular Phone /                    Anti-Aging
    GlobalCare™ Plant Power                             Communication / Family Protection                 Ultra Prime™ Secretagogue HGH Enhancer
X   GlobalCare™ Lawn Power                              X Voitel™                                         Prime Factor™
    Clear Shield II™                                        Stealth Radar Shield™                         Timeless Prescription® / Pentaxyl® /
                                                            DNA Life Print                                Timeless Prescription® Tight™ / Timeless
Pool & Spa                                                                                                Prescription® Simplexion™
    GlobalCare™ Pool & Spa Cleaner (32oz.)              Car Care                                          Prime Dreamz™
    GlobalCare™ Spa Cleaner (8 oz.)                         Friction Free™ 3000                           Prime Time™
    SNAP™ Heavy-Duty Concentrate                            SNAP™ Home and Shop Cloth                     Feminine™
                                                        X   Ecoslove™ 2000
Facial Care                                                 SNAP™ Natural Concentrate                   Pet Care
X 3 Step Acne Care System                                   SNAP™ Natural Concentrate                     GlobalCare™ Pet Magic / GlobalCare™ S.O.S.
    Anti-Blemish                                            SNAP™ Heavy-Duty Concentrate (Not For Use     Fresh Herbal Scent
                                                            on Automobile Finishes)                       GlobalCare™ Pet Magic / GlobalCare™ S.O.S.
    Skintelligence® Hydra Derm Deep Cleansing               Ecoslove™ 2000                                Fresh Herbal Scent
    Emulsion / Timeless Prescription® Facial                Clear Shield II™                              SNAP™ Natural Concentrate
    Exfoliating Cleanser                                                                                  Pet Health™ OPC Formula with Glucosamine
    Skintelligence® pH Skin Normalizer /                                                                  for Dogs & Cats
    Timeless Prescription® MDI Firming Activator                                                        Nursery
    Skintelligence® Alpha 24 Revitalizing                                                                 GlobalCare™ Nursery Magic / GlobalCare™
    Complex / Timeless Prescription® Advanced                                                              S.O.S. Fresh Herbal Scent
    Hydroxy Face Peel and Neutralizer                                                                     GlobalCare™ Nursery Magic / GlobalCare™
    VitaShield® Cellular Perfecting Complex /                                                              S.O.S. Fresh Herbal Scent
    Timeless Prescription® Simplexion
    VitaShield® Daily Moisture Enhancer / Pentaxyl® /
    Timeless Prescription® Face Firming Moisturizer
    Skintelligence® Facial Firming Masque
    Skintelligence® 5-Piece Set / Skintelligence®
    Alpha 24 / Timeless Prescription® 3-Piece Set
    Skintelligence® Cellular Perfecting Complex /
    VitaShield® Intensive Eye Firming Treatment
    Skintelligence® Hydra Derm Deep Cleansing
    VitaShield® OPC-3 Triple Serum

    VitaBrite™ Q10 Toothpaste

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