Letter to STRIDE parents by stcloudtimes


									August 17, 2012

Dear Parents,

One month ago, STRIDE Academy’s authorizer Friends of Education sent a letter to the school
board raising financial management and procedural concerns. Following this notice, the school
board engaged in a thorough investigation and has approved that Executive Director, Dale
Beutel, be released from his duties at STRIDE.

With this, the board has named Lowell Haagenson as interim Executive Director and a formal
response letter has been sent to Friends of Education addressing their concerns. This response
letter is available for your review.

STRIDE was founded by Dale Beutel and we as parents, teachers and community members are
grateful for his vision, passion, persistence and dedication to start the school. The board decided
to take measures to ensure stability for the future growth of STRIDE.

In the coming weeks and months, it is our commitment to you, parents and partners in STRIDE
that we will be more diligent about communicating to you. We understand and sincerely
apologize for a lack of communication in the past.

STRIDE is growing! Our enrollment is strong for this year and our students are receiving an
excellent education. We must stay focused on the fact that the education of our children is not in
question. The school board has and will continue to take actions needed to ensure that STRIDE
will be here for years to come!

If you would like more information, please contact a member of the STRIDE school board or an
administrator at the elementary (North campus) or middle school (South campus) building.

We appreciate your support as we make changes to position STRIDE for a successful future!


STRIDE Academy School Board

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