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					                          Donnie Darko

                             Great Independent Movie

First of all, in this review I am mostly going to address the idea of the
constant debate over the Theatrical Version vs. the Director's cut. This is
not really a summary, so yeah, sorry.

I don't know if I can say which is better, it's really up to personal
preference. The director's cut is different in the sense that it adds in some
scenes, slightly alters others, and changes/rearranges some of the music
and scoring.

The theatrical cut is much more poetic. A lot of people say that it is better
because it leaves so much interpretation as to what all happens to the

The Director's Cut helps explain more of what happens, and the
supernatural aspect of it, and leaves less interpretation. It tends to put a lot
of focus on the sci/fi side of it.

Most people tend to like the version better that they saw first. I would
recommend the Theatrical Version, but really either is better. For any
Donnie Darko fan, I'd say to have both. I really like the commentary on the
Director's Cut, it helps get an insight into all the thoughts that went into the
movies, the changes made in the director's cut, and the music. It is quite
interesting to listen to.

Hope that might help your decision.

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