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					BUNN NHBX-B Contemporary 10-Cup
   Home Coffee Brewer, Black

                                Very Satisfied

Nothing brews like a Bunn! Using coffee brewing technology perfected in
over 40 years of service to the restaurant industry, Bunn has built the
perfect home brewing system. Bunns unique reservoir-style unit brews up
to 10 cups (50-oz) of coffee in just 3 minutes --- and keeps hot water
available for tea or other uses, as you need it. This Canada.-assembled
unit features the Contemporary Bunn home brewer design, is constructed
of commercially-rated materials with stainless steel accents and comes
complete with an internal stainless steel water tank and a durable glass
decanter. The built-in warming plate helps keep brewed coffee at the
optimal serving temperature for hours. A 3-year limited warranty helps
ensure satisfaction.

* Reservoir-style home brewer for up to 10 cups of coffee in just 3 minutes
* Stainless-steel water tank; internal thermostat keeps water at ideal
* Sprayhead improves coffee-flavor extraction; hot water for tea; warming
* Sliding lid makes it easy to add brew water; glass decanter; vacation
* Measures 11-3/5 by 9 by 13-2/3 inches; 3-year limited warranty

Our old coffeemaker started dying on us a few months ago. It started
leaking onto the counter unpredictably, and was a PITA to clean. It was
located at the back of a kitchen counter under a cupboard, and filled
through a grate in the back, which meant pulling the whole thing out,
pouring water through the grate and pushing it back in again. It was
impossible to fill without some water splashing on the counter. When it was
brewing it made loud gurgling noises and emitted steam (which was
ruining the finish on the cupboard above it.) Coffee was ok, nothing
spectacular. It had a clock and a lot of buttons, including a timer. We hated
I had heard a lot of favorable comment about Bunn, and after reading the
comments here, I ordered this model in white (its about $[...] more
expensive, but I like the look better).

  There were no surprises -- it makes a full pot of excellent coffee, fast, in 3
minutes. Because it holds heated water all the time, instead of heating it
during the brewing cycle, it is able to do that. (Time y our conventional
coffeemaker some time). Some commenters have worried that it wastes a
lot of energy keeping the water hot. I examined it during an active heating
cycle (the cold water you add to start the brewing cycle gets heated but its
not the water that goes into the pot). There was no place on it that was
more than somewhat warm (except for the fresh pot of coffee, of course).
That seems to indicate that it is pretty well insulated so energy costs are
likely fairly low.

It makes terrific coffee, clean and tasty, from ordinary fresh ground beans.
I havent tried brewing anything exotic yet, but I imagine that will taste even
better. I use one heaping tablespoon of beans for every two cups of water
in the decanter, plus one, finely ground (but not powder). Im sure you
already know this, but a 10 cup coffee maker actually makes only 5 regular
mugs of coffee. However coffee makers still use the volume of the old
fashioned cup and saucer as the standard for a cup. You may prefer
stronger coffee, use more beans, YMMV.

It doesnt splash during filling, it doesnt leak. It doesnt make rude noises
during brewing (its almost silent, in fact).

So far, I like it.

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