The Oath by philhartHSSD


									                                       The Oath

We want to make it clear what we all expect from people who work here. These are the
informal norms and expectations that are not listed on the contract, but they are definitely
part of the social contract by which we all live. You are part of our school because we
believe you share these values with us. It is our hope that as a staff we will hold each
other accountable for them.

      Be a hero. This is heroic work. The fate of our children and ultimately our
       nation depends on how well you do your work every day.

      We want to be a world-class school. You must want that too, and be willing to
       optimize the whole organization-not just your class or department.

      Take responsibility for ALL students, all the time you are at school, wherever
       they are, whatever they are doing.

      Do more than the minimum. Improve every year.

      Innovate, initiate, and be honest. If you make a mistake in good faith, we don’t
       spend time on punishment. We just fix it and go on. We expect you to make
       mistakes. If you don’t, you’re not trying hard enough.

      Communicate. If you have a problem with us, we want hear about it and have a
       chance to respond before everyone else hears about it. We will give you the same

      Do routine things routinely. Paperwork and office expectations are a pain, but
       they need to be done correctly and promptly because they are a bigger pain when
       we have to do them over.

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