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Galloway 1


									“My People Love To
   Have It So"

 Jeremiah 6:10-16
    They Refused To Listen To The
            Word Of God
   "Behold, their ear is uncircumcised,
    and they cannot harken, the word of
    the Lord is unto them a reproach, and
    they have no delight in it." Jer. 6:10

   Mt. 13:15; 2 Cor. 5:18-19; Isa. 30:9-
    10; 2 Pet. 3:5; Psa. 106:13; Cf. Prov.
    14:12; Jer. 10:23
     They Were Obsessed With
          Material Things
   "For from the least of them even unto
    the greatest of them everyone is
    given to covetousness." Jer. 6:l3

   Lk. 12:15-21; Cf. Josh. 6-7. Cf. Eccl.
    2:3ff; cf. Eccl. 5:l0; 1 Tim. 6:7-19. Mt.
    6:19-20; 2 Cor. 4:18
They Deluded Themselves With
   "They have healed also the hurt of my
    people slightly, saying Peace, Peace;
    when there is no peace." Jer. 6:l4.

   Cf. Jno. 8:32... 2 Thess 2:10-11;
    Cf. 2 Tim. 4:2-4; Cf. Isa. 30:10; 1 Pet.
     They Were Not Ashamed,
     Neither Could They Blush
   "Were they ashamed when they had
    committed abomination? nay, they
    were not at all ashamed, neither
    could they blush." Jer. 6:l5

   1 Cor. 5:6; 1 Tim. 2:9
        They Rejected The Only
            Possible Cure
   "Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask
    for the old paths, where is the good
    way, and walk therein, and ye shall
    find rest for your souls, But they said,
    we will not walk therein." Jer. 6:l6

   Rev. 2:4-5; Jno. 8:32; Jude 3; 2 Tim.
    4:2; Tit. 1:9; 2 Thess 2:10; Rom. 1:16-
   Jeremiah pleaded with the people, "Ask for
    the old paths, and walk therein,"... but
    Israel answered, "WE WILL NOT WALK
    THEREIN." Jer. 6:l6

 Wrong      Answer!!!
   Our plea is the same as that of Jeremiah.
    "Ask for the old paths, and walk

 What      will YOUR answer be???

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