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					                   Mixture Composition                                        % by Weight
 Fagopyrum esculentum              Buckwheat                                     35.00%
 Avena sativa                      Oats                                          29.00%
 Sanguisorba minor                 Small Burnet                                  25.00%
 Cichorium intybus                 Chicory                                       5.00%
 Oenothera lamarckiana             Evening Primrose                              5.00%
 Deschampsia caespitosa            Tufted Hairgrass                              1.00%

                              Seeding Rate: 1 Pounds Per 1000 Sq Feet
                                           50 Pounds Per Acre

Providing a mixture of forbes and grasses that are both highly palatable and nutritious, the
Predator Wildlife mix has been proven to draw in deer, elk and antelope for over forty years.
Included are annual and perennial forages that animals love to browse, so much so that they may
often relocate to where this mix is planted. The recommended seeding rate is approximately fifty
pounds per acre.
Sunmark Seeds wildlife mixes gives you a long bloom season with a wide variety of color,
bloom and foliage. This mix designed to provide natural habitat, and excellent foragability. Our
top quality native seed mixes provide the structure and companion plants needed for long term

Cool season plots are important to help build up carbohydrates needed as stored fat to survive the
harsh winter months. Maintaining good body conditioning through the rut and the winter season
can mean the difference in a wildlife management program.
All species of wildlife have certain basic requirements. These include food, water, cover, space,
and arrangement. Native grasses provide both cover and foods for many wildlife species.
Properly managed fields provide nesting, protective cover, undisturbed nesting sites, insect
populations for food, and open travel under a tall grass canopy. Native grasses provide quality
habitat for grassland nesting birds including bobwhite quail, pheasant, chucker, and many other

                               Sunmark Seeds International, Inc.

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