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									Never Lost With Some iPad Apps
Are you perpetually lost? Have you just transferred to a new city? Will it be your first time to go to
some unfamiliar place? If so, then you’ll have to delay your plans to sell iPad for a while because it is
quite helpful in giving directions. There are apps available that give you directions and help you get to
where you want to go. Here are some of them we recommend

Magellan RoadMate (paid for $59.99)

Just looking at the price of this app may turn you off. However, do not let that discourage you, because
the information that this app gives and its overall usefulness makes it all worth the hefty sum. You
always want accurate and up to date information on locations and directions especially when you are
driving in a new place. This app has this and makes you feel that you are using a fully equipped
navigation system, which is easy to use. So, whether you are on a road trip or an adventure, using this
app will always set you on the right track.

Mapquest 4 Mobile (Free)

If you want a voice-guided map to give you the directions to a particular place, then this app is just for
you. The great thing about this app is that you can download it for free. The voice giving the directions
is easy to understand and the directions themselves are easy to follow, giving you reminders before the
turn so that you won’t get lost. Aside from maps, this is also a powerful local search app making sure
that all your areas are covered when traveling.This really beats your usual GPS device.

Waze (Free)

This is another free app that operates on voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation. The great thing about
this app is that it provides live updates on traffic reports, accidents, and speed trap cameras and police
cars. It’s got Twitter, Foursquare and Facebook integration, which allows you to share the information
with your friends. You’ll enjoy the benefits of this app so much that you will have second thoughts when
you sell your old iPad.

Garmin North America ($50.00)

The price is quite steep for an app but with the updated built-in maps and other important information
that you get, you can say that it can be worth it. This is especially beneficial for those driving cross-
country, because the detail on this app is just amazing. Anybody well-versed in techneologies that
privide directions should be familiar with Garmin.
Navigon USA –($30.00)

Another paid app that provides directions is similar to the Garmin but you would have to pay for the live
traffic update if you want the feature. This will cost you an additional $14, bring up the total to $44,
which is still $6 cheaper than Garmin.

The cash for iPad that you spent is truly worth it as it can do a lot of things to improve your life, including
making sure that you don’t get lost even in the strangest of places.

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