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					  Welcome to
 Troop Level
Cookie Program
Who Do I Contact with
•Communication Cards      •
   •‘Friend’ GSEP Thin    •www.gsepthinmints.blogspot.c
   •Look under ‘Cookies
   and More’ for
   forms, booth
   information, etc.
   •Cookie Alerts
                             Cookie Dictionary
Delivery     Distributors:            SUCM:
 Hughes Relocation and Reads Moving   Service Unit Cookie Manager
                                      Troop Cookie Manager
ABC Bakers
                                      The computer software that is used for the
Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania       Cookie Program
CSRS:                                 PPAC:
Council Sponsored Reorder Station     Product Program Advisory Committee
PGA:                                  CFH :
Per Girl Average                      Cookies from Home
Important Dates
Start of Program:
    January 19 th

 End of Program:
     March 4th
   Teach Business-Building
Goal Setting      Decision Making    Management

          People Skills     Business Ethics
America’s Best Cookies!

Thanks-A-Lot™        Shout Outs!™           Shortbread           Lemonades™

  Thin Mints     Peanut Butter Patties®   Caramel deLites®   Peanut Butter Sandwich

                Cookies are $3.50
4,305,000+ Packages
      PGA 136+
  90% Participation
  7,000 Cases CFH
                      Cookie Rally Kits
•Enhance Troop’s Cookie           •Fax or email form to Lindsay
Program                           Guyer

•$25 for five kits and contains   •Available until we run out
materials for 5 girls
   –Must be sold in sets of 5     •Each girl will get materials to
                                  make several crafts related to the
•Fill out an order form           2012 program theme/mascot.
     – Web site under ‘Product
     Program Resources and
          SU Points Challenge
•Earn points and help your SU earn $ from the Cookie

•Points can be earned throughout the Program.
 Council Booths
   Council Booths are:
    • Septa Stations
          • Malls
• Large Sporting Events
  • Large Scale Events
   –(Philly Flower Show)
             Council Booths
• Troops can enter up to 20 choices or ‘virtual
  tickets’ to be entered into the snap™ Booth
• Enter choices into snap™ between Nov. 21st-
• Lottery will run via snap™ on Dec. 1st
• Troops will get up to three booths
• Emails will notify troops if they get a booth
• Booth ‘free for all’ will open on January 1st for all
  booths that are still open.
• We will not be calling troops who did not get a booth
  this year
• We need to collect data on Council Booths such as
  number of boxes sold . Troops who participate in
  Council Booths will need to complete an online survey
  once a Council Booth will be completed.
  – Found under ‘Booths’ at the ‘Cookies and More’ tab
  How snap™ Booth Lottery system works
• Think of it like a raffle
  – Put all your ‘virtual tickets’ into one
    date/time/location and you lessen your
  – Spread them among different
    dates/times/locations and increase your
                     District Booths
• Link to request a District Booth will be on the GSEP website
  under the Booths page under the ‘Cookies and More’ tab
• Request time will run from December 2nd –Dec. 9th
• Run by volunteer Location Managers
• Adds a ‘human element’ to the Council Booth Lottery
• Participants will need to provide feedback
• Palmer Park Mall, Crayola Factory, Plymouth Meeting Mall,
  Lehigh Valley Service Center
        Service Unit Booths are:
• Locations within that service unit’s boundaries
  such as churches, stores, post offices, etc.
• Wawa’s (Feb. 11-12th) 10am-2pm
• Redner’s
• Acme’s
• Wal-marts
• See website for specific information on these
        TCM should discuss the following:
            Troop leader             Parents and Girls
•   Initial order            •   Booth help
•   Goals for the troop      •   Goals and Online Marketing
•   Booths                   •   Sign and fill out G-1
•   How to use the ABC Age   •   Money envelopes
    Level Volunteer Guide    •   Order Cards
•   New Cookie Badges for    •   Family Guide online
    new program books
                             •   No EARLY SELLING!
        G-1 Form
• Important because it is the
  proof that parents have
  taken financial responsibility
  for cookies and given the
  girl permission to sell
• Every time a parent takes
  cookies or makes
  payments, they must sign
  this along with the TCM
• A line has been added for
• If a troop has parent debt,
  this is very important to
Volunteer Guides by Program Level

Can download at
Set goals, create goal chart,
      track progress
Create a contact list, send e-cards and collect orders!

•Login= valid email
•Password= Forgot Password
•If you do not have a new password, please contact your Service Unit Cookie Manager
•Update contact information in your personal profile and in your troop profile
             •Need BOTH TCM
             (first) and Leader’s
             (second) contact
             information to be
Girls will
be           updated
uploaded     •Whoever is in the
into snap    first spot is the
Personify    person whose
on Jan.      phone number will
31st         show on reports for
             us to contact
             •Where GSEP goes
             to find that
             •Find under the ‘MY
             TROOP’ icon
                                              Placing an initial

•Due in snap™: Dec. 12th
•If an initial order is not entered, the troop will have to go to a warehouse and
pick up an unplanned or place a planned order in the snap™ system
•The T-7 should be
filled out by the TCM
after placing their
initial order in snap
•The T-7 will not be
collected or signed by
the workers at the
initial order pickup, but
is used as verification
of the order.
•One of the copies
should be turned in
with the final
                                       Mega Drops
•Majority of Troops doing this
•First: Troop Profile>Select pickup location
•After entering in initial order: snap> ‘MY TROOP’ icon>Delivery>Schedule Pickup>
Choose Time and Lane>Save
•If troop is ordering over 80 cases, troop will need to choose two consecutive time slots.
              Picking up an initial order
• Make sure cookies will fit in car
• If not, then the troop needs to make sure they multiple cars
    – Line up together in line
•   Bring T-7 and dot sheet
•   Be on time
•   Load up your own car
•   Any location adjustments will be on the Cookie Alerts page
•   Troop are responsible for making sure that they have the correct
    number of cookies. COUNT YOUR COOKIES BEFORE YOU
      Handing out Cookies to Girls
• No early bird selling!
  – This includes hanging up order cards at work,
    social media posting, handing out flyers.
• Troops need to use the M-3 receipt book
  and G-1 form whenever cookies are
  handed over to parents.
Special Events
   Kickoff Events            Find a Booth
• Kick off in Philly     • Every weekend GSEP
   – Jan. 19th             staff will be on the
• Kick off in Reading      hunt for cookie booths
   – Open to all girls   • If your booth is
   – Jan. 21st
                           spotted, girls will
• Kickoff in Lehigh        receive a special
  Valley                   reward
   – Open to all girls
   – TBD
“Bling your Booth”                                 2012 in 2012
•   All troops are welcome to
    participate!                              • 100th Anniversary
•   Four categories:                            Challenge!
     –   What Can a Cookie Do?
     –   Cookies From Home                    • Special drawing for girls
     –   Taste the Tradition                    selling 2012 or more
     –   Open
•   Online entry form
                                                packages this year!
     – One entry per troop per category
     – Entries due on March 15 by
•   Voting
     – Two finalists for each category will
       be featured on our GSEP Thin
       Mints Facebook page for voting
     – March 20 through April 20
                           5=52 Contest
• For every 5 boxes that a customer buys (in one transaction), they can enter
  into the contest
• Troops can hand out preprinted cards that will guide customers to online
  entry form.
    – Go to ‘Cookies and More.’ Click on ‘Cookies Events and Contests. ‘ Online entry
      form on this page.
    – More cards can be printed off of the Products Program and Resources Page
• Winners will be chosen after the Cookie Program
• There will be 5 winners chosen
• Winners receive 52 boxes of their choice of GS
Planned and Unplanned Orders
                     T-8 form
• Needed for picking up more cookies.
  – cookies will not be given out without a T-8.
• Must be used for transfers with SU cupboards and
• Are NOT available at Service Centers, MUST be
  given by SUCM.
• The schedule for all pickup locations for
  both Planned and Unplanned orders is
  located at the GSEP website under the
  ‘Product Program Resources’ page under
  the ‘Cookies and More’ tab
• Any changes to times/locations will only be
  posted on the ‘Cookie Alerts’ page under
  ‘Cookie and More’ tab
   What are Planned Orders?
A process in snap™ to let us know:
• Where you want to pickup your cookies
• What day you want to pick them up
• How many cases you want to pickup
• Place by noon the day before you would
  like to pick up.
                      Planned Orders

•Placed by:
icon, ‘Planned
Order’, >choose
‘Cupboard’ and
date that they wish
to go to pickup the
cookies from>enter
T-8 number<enter
number of
‘Submit and Save’
•The order
will show up
under the
Order Page’
• After the order has been picked up, Council will
  ‘approve’ the order and it will appear under the
  ‘transfer’ section of the Troop Balance Summary
  Report for the troop.
• No limit on the number of cases that may be ordered
• Adjustments to planned orders cannot be made at the
• Planned Order Locations will only have the cookies
  that have been placed for that location on that specific
              Unplanned Orders
• An unscheduled pickup of cookies
• Five locations that are participating in unplanned order
   – Lehigh Valley Service Center, Shelly Ridge Service Center,
     Valley Forge Service Center, Reads Warehouse, Hughes
     Lansdale Warehouse
   – These locations have specific days/times that they are
     open. Please see schedule on GSEP website
• Limit of 50 cases at a time
• No guarantee that the variety or number will be
• Two ways of doing finances:
  –Typical deposit system
  –ACH Pilot Program
 Typical Deposit System:
•Troops deposit money into the GSEP TD
bank account using the provided deposit
• SU and Troop number needs to be written
onto the deposit slip clearly
•Each troop should be making deposits on a
WEEKLY basis and entering them promptly in
the snap™ system
               ACH Pilot Program
• If your service unit is participating in the ACH pilot, you
  will NOT be depositing money into the council bank
• For SUs that are participating in the pilot program, they
  have received specialized training
• 509, 510, 527, 545, 547, 570, 602, 615, 627, 629, 707,
  716, 734, 743, 754, 755, 760, 761, 762, 766
• ACH page on the website for all information
   –>’Cookies and More’>’ACH’
                       Parent Debt
• If a parent owes a troop money
• Troop needs to contact parent via email, text, phone. We
  recommend at least three attempts.
   – Troop needs to log attempts of contacts
• If parent has not paid the debt by the time that the cookie
  paperwork needs to be turned in, Troop must fill out a T-5 and
  submit it with final paperwork.
   – Include a copy of the G-1
   – Troop should keep a copy of all this paperwork
• T-5’s are found on web site
• Troop will be credited for unpaid parent debt
• T-5’s will not be accepted after May 15th
• Two Plans
  – Cumulative, Adventure Credits, Older Girl
    Travel Plan

  – Older Girl
     • Extra .05 cents a package

• Doesn’t matter which plan a girl chooses,
  she will get patches
      Cumulative                Adventure Credits
• Any girl level can choose    • Any girl level can choose
  this plan                      this plan
                               • Vouchers earned starting at
• Pictures on the order card     300 boxes for $25
• Cumulative                   • Vouchers can be used for
• Girls earn patches (not        camps, purchases in the
                                 stores, and programs in
  cumulative)                    Spark
• Includes the membership      • Expire on October 31, 2012
  voucher                      • Levels are on order card
         Older Girl Travel Plan
• Girls can receive money for troop trips and
  Destination trips
• Chart is on order card
• Girls still earn patches
• The following must be turned in Susan
  Schmalzried at by
  January 1st, 2012:
  – Letter of intent, budget, number of girls, itinerary
    Older Girl Extra .05 cent plan
• The ENTIRE troop must agree to choose this
• An extra .05 per box is earned
• In order to reach this plan, the troop must have
  a PGA of 136
       Entering Recognition Orders
• Done in snap™
• Troop must choose the plan they want in their
  troop information under the ‘MY TROOP’ icon
• Cookies must first be transferred from the troop to
  the girl
  – snap>COOKIE icon>transfer order>troop to girl
  – Recognition Order will not generate without transferring
Transferring cookie
 packages to the
Entering in a
 500 Club Picnic                 Mystery Tour
• For girls who have sold
  500+ boxes                   • For girls who have
• A special patch and            sold 1000+ boxes
• Picnic                       • June 9th
• Dates:                       • Rock the Mall in
• Laughing Waters
   – June 16th                   DC
• Shelly Ridge
   – June 23rd and June 24th
                 Cookies from Home
• Troops collect donations for packages
  of cookies to be sent to the military
  around the world
• Collection Dates:
  – March 10 9am-2 pm
    • Berks, Delco, and Northeast Philly
  – March 17th    9am-2 pm
    • Valley Forge Service Center, Shelly Ridge
      Service Center, Lehigh Valley Service Center
  – Looking for older girls to help at these
    drop off points. Contact Amanda Harrity
    if interested.
• Recognitions will be sent to
  the SUCM and arrive Mid-May to
  then be distributed to the
• All Parent Debt forms need to
  be turned into the Finance
  Department by May 15th

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