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					Protect your child from the dangers
   of Ritalin - Four Homeopathic
 remedies to treat ADHD and ADD
• (NaturalNews) Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and Attention
  deficit disorder, (ADHD and ADD) are conditions producing difficult
  behavior in children and some adults, where their impulse control
  and other actions interfere with daily life. Homeopathy offers relief
  in some instances, making it easier for kids to integrate into every
  day social and school activities. In a society where vaccines damage
  young children and dangerous drugs like Ritalin are prescribed
  frequently to reduce ADHD symptoms to "normalize" behavior,
  homeopathic medicine is a welcome alternative providing safe and
  effective treatment that supports both management and healing.
  Homeopathy works by activating the individual's vital force or
  immune system to respond to an outside stimulus, allowing a
  person to experience self-healing.
          ADHD and ADD Symptoms
• Common symptoms characterizing this disorder are inattentiveness,
  where a child has difficulty maintaining his focus and daydreams or is
  easily diverted from a task. Hyperactivity manifests in a child who is
  unable to sit still quietly, needing to continually move and talk. Impulsivity
  makes children behave without giving any thought to actions. Impulsive
  children may frequently interrupt or have little control in judgment. In
  many cases, a combination of some or all of these symptoms may be
  evident in one individual.
• Anecdotal evidence seen by parents, teachers and homeopaths
  indicates the efficacy of homeopathic treatment for ADHD children;
  even though clinical trials have produced mixed results. A major
  factor influencing the success of homeopathic treatment involves
  finding a qualified and knowledgeable homeopathic practitioner to
  administer a well-chosen remedy. Many remedies are available to
  help children and adults suffering from ADHD and ADD, and a series
  of remedies may be needed to bring about the desired cure.
  Organizations such as the National Center for
  Homeopathy ( provide
  online lists of practitioners to assist families in locating homeopaths
  in their areas. Do not self-treat if you or your child suffers from this
  Common homeopathic remedies for
          ADHD and ADD
• Hyoscyamus Niger: This remedy is indicated for children
  experiencing poor impulse control. These children may be over
  exuberant, acting like the class clown, constantly moving around,
  making jokes, laughing and interrupting. Often, many of their
  actions and jokes are sexually based, and they can be obscene and
  vulgar. This remedy relieves many of these symptoms including
  various other sexually explicit actions.
• Stramonium: This remedy is indicated for children who experience
  excessive fears, especially of being alone or the dark. They can be
  violent, aggressive and full of rage. A child may scream in hysteria if
  left alone at nighttime or put in time out. The remedy is also
  indicated for kids who experience post traumatic stress disorder.
• Cina: This remedy is indicated for the child who has an aversion to
  being looked at or touched. The child may become aggressive when
  touched or reprimanded, stiffening his body like a board, holding
  his breath or refusing to respond. The remedy often calms
  excessively irritable children who are capricious, asking for things
  they want and then violently throwing them away.
• Tarentula hispanica: This remedy is indicated for the jealous,
  vengeful child who is sensitive to noise. He may be overly busy,
  constantly moving, likes to climb, is sensitive to vibrations and
  music, and is very hurried in all movements. He may express feeling
  small and lesser-than, powerless and be deceitful and cunning in his
  thoughts and actions. These children, like those needing
  Hyoscyamus, are often overly sexual.
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