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					                                      Proposal to Provide
                                      Tier-1 Certification Training
                                      for U of L IT Department
Proposed by Delphi Center for Teaching and Learning
University of Louisville
June 7, 2007

The Need
The Tier-1 Advisory Group (TAG) advises approximately 150 employees of the
University of Louisville IT Tier-1 Support Team. There is a need for several levels of
training and/or skill certification for existing and new employees. TAG has requested a
proposal for training to meet the needs of the Tier-1 team.

The Proposed Services
Delphi Center proposes a certification training program that includes Delphi Center IT
Certification programs and internal training to be conducted by TAG. For the internal
portion, Delphi would assist with the course design and trainer certification for “Tier-1
Boot Camp.” Delphi Center services would also include the tracking and testing of
participants in the program for certification purposes. Three phases would take the
certification program from conception to roll out. These phases are outlined below.

Phase 1: IT Tier-1 Certification Curriculum Design and Development

In consultation with TAG, three programs have been identified to develop the critical
competencies of the Tier-1 team. The first two provide foundational knowledge and
already exist, requiring no design and development services. The “boot camp”
emphasizes application and would be custom designed by a TAG-Delphi team during this
phase. A draft project plan for creating the “boot camp” is provided in Appendix A.

      CompTIA A+ Certification
       The A+ Certification credential is a valued certification for professionals who
       want to study basic PC networking and installation, configuring, troubleshooting
       and performing preventive maintenance on PC hardware and operating systems.
       The courses are available online (ELFH 250-50 and ELFH 251-50) and can be
       completed simultaneously in either one or two semesters.
       4 credit hours total
      Microsoft MCDST Certification
       The Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician (MCDST) credential is the
       premier certification for professionals working to support end users running
       Windows XP Professional or Home Edition. Candidates for the MCDST program
       are those who currently support end users and have the ability to troubleshoot user
       desktop environments in the Microsoft Windows operating system.
       6 credit hours (anticipated, upon approval)

IIT Deparrttmentt,,U offL
  T Depa men U o L                                                          DellphiiCentterr
                                                                            De ph Cen e
Tier-1 Certification                         1                     University of Louisville
Proposal                                                                            6-7-07
      Tier-1 Boot Camp
       The Tier-1 Boot Camp trains professionals how to troubleshoot user desktop
       environments specific to University of Louisville. It would be an intensive,
       hands-on learning experience, conducted by IT professionals within the
       university. Topics would include:
           o Overview of IT Services                        o Intellisync
           o GroupWise E-mail                               o Blackberry
           o Symantec Antivirus                             o Network and Security
           o Zenworks                                          (file transfer, firewall,
           o NAL                                               encryption, adware,
           o Odyssey                                           SPAN, etc.)
       10 days of training, non-credit (estimated)

Phase 2: Preparing the IT Trainers for Boot Camp Instruction
Once the “boot camp” has been designed, the Delphi Center would conduct a train-the-
trainer session to prepare IT trainers for delivery phase of “boot camp.” IT trainers
would learn new, interactive learning methods to help them achieve the learning goals of
the “boot camp.”

Phase 3: Piloting the Boot Camp
Delphi Center can, if desired, provide a learning consultant/training design expert who
would observe the training and make recommendations for improvements and revisions
during the pilot phase.

On-Going: Training Roll Out
Delphi Center would work with IT to schedule the programs. Delphi Center would
provide recommendations for in-class evaluations and on-going quality tracking

On-Going: Testing and Tracking
The Delphi Center would register, confirm and track the progress of all participants in the
program. The Delphi Center would also be responsible for maintaining, administering
and tracking the tests developed by TAG or IT instructors for use in the certification
program. Certificates would be awarded upon completion of the program.

Delphi Center Capabilities
The Delphi Center at the University of Louisville employs expert consultants,
instructional designers, trainers and instructors who bring a commitment to quality and a
willingness to collaborate. Our learning management systems provide a secure and
reliable tracking system for certification programs. Our goal is to work as your preferred
partner to meet the learning needs of your organization.

Fees and Deliverables
Fees and deliverables for each phase are captured in the chart below. Fees reflect a 25%
university discount.

IIT Deparrttmentt,,U offL
  T Depa men U o L                                                          DellphiiCentterr
                                                                            De ph Cen e
Tier-1 Certification                         2                     University of Louisville
Proposal                                                                            6-7-07
Fees and Deliverables

    150 guaranteed participants
    Microsoft MCDST Certification will be approved for credit, allowing tuition remission to
      support costs. Efforts are currently underway to gain approval.
    Boot Camp will be classroom-based delivery. If online components are needed, fees
      would be outlined in a separate proposal.

Phase 1: IT Tier-1 Certification Curriculum Design and Development
Deliverables                                                                               Fee
There are no deliverables for the CompTIA A+ Certification and Microsoft MCDST
Certification components in this design and development phase because they are already

Tier-1 Boot Camp Deliverables:                                                             $24,218
     Pre-meeting
     Strategy Meeting with TAG Team
     Facilitated IT Input Session
     Summary of Findings for IT Input Session
     Review and Next Steps Meeting with TAG Team
     Curriculum Design Recommendations (based on data and input)
     Curriculum Design Review Meeting with TAG Team
     Assistance with Selecting the Content Experts and Instructors for the IT Boot
        Camp Design and Instruction Team
     Customized Design and Development Clinic Delivered to Design and
        Instruction Team
Phase 2: Preparing the IT Trainers for Boot Camp Instruction
Deliverables                                                                               Fee

        Customized Train-the-Trainer Session for Boot Camp Instructors                    $3,028
        Evaluation Plan for Certification Program Covering Levels 1-3 (customer
         satisfaction, learning, application)
On-Going: Training Roll Out
Deliverables                                                                               Fee
     Deliver A+ Certification and MCDST Certification (Tuition remission will
         cover the typical $2,785 fee per person for A+ and MCDST Certification—           $0
         pending approval.)
     Deliver Boot Camp (Certified IT trainers will conduct the Boot Camp; there will
         be no charge from the Delphi Center for Boot Camp delivery.)
On-Going: Testing and Tracking
Deliverables                                                                               Fee
     Work with IT to schedule programs.
     Maintain on-going tracking and student records, including test results and           $12,713
         provide certificates of completion.
Fee is for 150 participants ($75 per participant).
                                                                           Total Fee:            $39,959
Phase 3: Piloting the Boot Camp—OPTIONAL SERVICE
Deliverables                                                                               Fee
A learning consultant/training design expert can observe the training and make             $12,713
recommendations for improvements and revisions during this pilot phase. (Estimate: 90
hours X $113 discounted hourly fee + $150 clerical support)
                  Total Fee with Added OPTIONAL Consulting Services:                             $51,621

IIT Deparrttmentt,,U offL
  T Depa men U o L                                                                       DellphiiCentterr
                                                                                         De ph Cen e
Tier-1 Certification                               3                        University of Louisville
Proposal                                                                                     6-7-07
Appendix A:
Draft Project Plan for Tier-1 Boot Camp Design and Development and Roll Out

Event/Service Who                       Purpose                                    Delphi Role
Pre-meeting         Sande               To clarify needs, prepare meeting          Consult with Sande
                                        agenda and establish timelines.
Strategy Meeting    TAG Team            To clarify needs, identify “tough          Facilitate
                                        questions,” “hot spots” and best
                                        strategies. To plan a data collection
                                        session with IT personnel.
IT Input Session    Representative      To identify key issues, clarify            Facilitate and prepare summary of
                    sample of Tier-1    audience needs, etc.                       findings for TAG team
                    individuals who
                    would participate
                    in the program
Review and Next     TAG Team            To review findings and to identify         Facilitate and consult
Steps Meeting                           members for the IT Boot Camp               Develop recommendations for
                                        Design and Instruction Team. TAG           curriculum design
                                        team discusses design options for
                                        boot camp to prepare Delphi
                                        consultant for design work.
Curriculum          TAG Team            To review boot camp design                 Facilitate and consult
Design Review                           recommendations provided by Delphi         Revise based on feedback from
Meeting                                 consultant. This is very high level        the TAG Team
                                        design that provides the structure for
                                        the work of the content experts and
                                        instructor team.
Design and          IT Boot Camp        To enhance the training design and         Custom design the two-day
Development         Design and          development skills of team members,        training event, deliver the training
Clinic              Instruction Team    to produce specific training designs       and provide follow up
                                        for the components of the boot camp        consultation as the team members
                                        and to establish standards for the         develop their parts of the training
                                        materials that would be produced and       (consultation usually takes the
                                        maintained for the program.                form of a one-on-one meeting and
Feedback and        IT Boot Camp        To encourage collaboration,                Facilitate and consult.
Update Session      Design and          coordination and strong “conceptual        Capture action points for team
                    Instruction Team    threads” throughout the boot camp.         members.
                                        This ensures a cohesive program.
Train-the-Trainer   IT Boot Camp        To enhance training delivery skills for    Custom develop train-the-trainer
                    Design and          the new boot camp curriculum. Each         program. Facilitate the program.
                    Instruction Team    trainer would “pilot” a portion of their
                                        training for the team and receive
                                        feedback and ideas.
Progress Review     TAG Team            To review progress and adjust              Design evaluation plan that covers
Session                                 strategies as needed. To review            levels 1-3 (to be self-administered
                                        project plan and time lines for roll       by IT)
                                        out. To review (and adjust, if needed)     Facilitate meeting
                                        a training evaluation plan.
Pilot boot camp     IT Boot Camp        To test the quality of each program        Delphi Center can provide a
program             Design and          component and identify any necessary       consultant to observe and provide
components          Instruction Team    improvements before roll out.              feedback during pilots on an
                                                                                   hourly, for fee basis. This
                                                                                   provides billing flexibility to IT,
                                                                                   based on need.

IIT Deparrttmentt,,U offL
  T Depa men U o L                                                                       DellphiiCentterr
                                                                                         De ph Cen e
Tier-1 Certification                               4                            University of Louisville
Proposal                                                                                         6-7-07

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