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									   Foro sobre Retos y Oportunidades
     bajo el TPC para el Sector de
        Servicios Profesionales
Alvaro Aguilar Alfú
Agosto 15, 2012
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      Aportes de Servicios Jurídicos
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                  Panama services market
• The Agreement guarantees access to Panama’s $20.6 billion
  services market, including in priority areas such as financial,
  telecommunications, computer, distribution, express delivery,
  energy, environmental, and professional services.
• Panama’s strategic location as a major shipping route also
  enhances the importance of the TPA.
• The Agreement provides significant infrastructure opportunities. In
  addition to the ongoing $5.25 billion Panama Canal expansion
  project, the Government of Panama has identified almost $10
  billion in other significant infrastructure projects.
• Panama has a large and growing services market. Services
  account for roughly 77 % of Panama’s $27 billion economy.
  Leading sectors include banking and insurance, health care,
  logistics and transportation services.
• (USTR).
                          U.S. services market
• The United States is highly competitive in services trade –
  providing information and communications technology
  services, wholesale and retail distribution, express delivery
  services, energy and environmental services, professional
  services (such as legal, accounting, architecture, and
  engineering services), and financial services to customers all
  over the world.
• US is consistently able to export more services than are imported
  every year – despite sometimes significant trade barriers abroad.
  The United States already has very few barriers to the import of
• U.S. trade surplus in services is 25 percent higher with trade
  agreement partners than other countries.
• Services sector comprises 76.7% of GNP.
• Each individual state may have professional licensing
  requirements which may not be negotiated by the federal
  government in TPAs.
                         U.S. services market
• Imports of cross-border services market (2009)
                           U.S. services market
    Professional services accounted for a large share of U.S. Cross-
    border exports and imports of services in 2009
                       U.S. services U.S. Imports of
    Management and data processing services led
    cross-border services (2009)
                          U.S. services market
    Latin America and Other Western Hemisphere countries were the
    largest exporters of audiovisual services to the U.S. market in
                         U.S. services market
• Imports of legal services services are based on 5 main partners
                          U.S. services market
• U.S. exporters maintained a competitive advantage based on the
  quality and expertise of U.S. providers, but a growing share of U.S.
  Residents, particularly those without health insurance, imported
  care from Mexico and other lower-cost providers.
• Measures that impede trade remain in place, such as policies and
  procedures related to healthcare financing and reimbursement.
• The United States has maintained a trade surplus in healthcare
  services, which grew to $1.74 billion in 2009, largely due to exports
  to its neighbors in North America. In 2009, the U.S. exported $2.6
  billion of healthcare services—triple the figure for U.S. Imports,
  which totaled $879 million.
• The global workforce is estimated to need an additional 4.2 million
  health workers, a shortage which affects developed and
  developing countries alike.
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Gestión de servicios por el gobierno
Gestión de servicios por el gobierno
  Santa Maria la Antigua University (Licentiate in Law and Political Science, 1990);
  Widener University/Université de Géneve, Switzerland (International Corporation
  Law Course, 1992); Washington College of Law, The American University,
  Washington, D.C. (LL.M., International Legal Studies, 1992)

  Legal Intern, Administrative Tribunal, Organization of American States, 1992.
  Associate, FMM, 1994-2006. Partner, Lombardi Aguilar Group, 2006-

  New York State Bar Association (Member, Executive Committee of International
  Section); Colegio Nacional de Abogados (Panama Bar Association; Member,
  Board of Directors and Secretary of International Relations, 2003-2005);
  Panamanian Law and New Technologies Association (APANDETEC; Founder and
  Treasurer, 2003-2005); American Chamber of Commerce of Panama (AMCHAM;
  Member, Board of Directors, Law & Taxation and Information Technology
  Committees, 2006); Association of Chinese-Panamanian Professionals
  (APROCHIPA; President, 2008)

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