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					                               Volume 19, Number 33 Thursday, August 21, 2003

Members of Boy Scout Troops
802 and 876 Discover the Risk
and Energy of Camp Philmont
            by Mary Fox

                                                           A great view was present while hikers played cards or read.

                                                         From the time a Boy Scout is young, he hears about
                                                      Philmont, the Boy Scout camp in northeastern New
                                                      Mexico. They see the badges those who have been to
                                                      Philmont wear and they hear of the vistas observed
                                                      after a mountain climb.
                                                         They know that there are badges to earn – hiking, first
                                                      aid and camping, a rank to be reached – first class—and
                                                      a birthday to celebrate – 14 -- before making it to the camp.
                                                         In July, two local Boy Scout troops joined the 20,000
                                                      that will trek Philmont this summer. From Troop 802 were
                                                      Kyle Higdon, Jim McFadden, James Molden, Tim
                                                      Pendergast and Rishi Kora, and scout leaders, Bob
                                                      McFadden and Jim Pendergast.. From Troop 876 were
                                                      Glenn and Tom Firme, John Rosevear, Bill Stark, and Kyle
                                                      Mason and leaders Dr. Bill Rosevear and Bill Stark.
                                                      Former Troop 876 members, Ricky Szarka, who has
                                                      moved to Madison, Wis., and Dave Milcarek, who is in
                                                      the Air Force joined the group. Troop 802, which meets
                                                      at Notre Dame, and Troop 876, which meets at Queen of
                                                      All Saints, left for the two-week trip two days apart and
                                                      never came across each other on the 137,493-acre camp.

      John Rosevear rock climbing on Turtle’s Wall.                                          Adventure      Continued on Page 2
Page 2                                                                                                                        August 21, 2003
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Adventure        Continued from Page 1

     Discipline was key to the
trip. Tom Firme recalled aris-
ing each morning at 5:30 a.m.
to his leader’s rendition of
“Rise and Shine.” John
Rosevear’s singing was a sig-
nal to get moving. “I figured
once I heard his voice, I should
be up packing my sleeping bag
and getting my clothes on,”
the Michigan City High School
sophomore said.
    “You’ve got to get up quick-
ly, get your tent down and your
pack packed. Before break-
fast, make sure all the bear
bags are down. (Bear bags
holding food, toothpaste and
anything that smells are put
high in trees above the reach
of bears.) After breakfast, com-
plete packing and police the
area for trash or tent sticks. On
most days, that’s the routine.      Troop 802 - Front Row: Rishi Kora, Tim Pendergast, Philmont Ranger, Jim McFadden, James Molden
You get out of the site right                            Back Row: Kyle Higdon, Jim Pendergast, Bob McFadden
away, because you have to get
    The next site might be a few
hours or a hike that would take
into the night. The terrain would be
rugged and the backpacks heavy –
about 40 to 60 pounds – but the
trek was worth the energy exerted.
As LaLumiere High School junior
Glenn Firme said, “You don’t get to
climb the Rocky Mountains every
    Kyle Mason noted, “The views
were just beautiful. Actually, it was
easier than I expected. I thought it
would be more difficult.” He con-
tinued, “We got exhausted some-
what, and we took long enough
breaks that we were fine with it.”
    The Michigan City High School
sophomore said that he would like
to return and perhaps, when 18, be         Troop 876 crew members, from left, front row, Bill Stark, Glenn Firme, Bill Stark, Kyle Mason
part of the staff in the backcountry.            back row, Tom Firme, Ricky Szarka, John Rosevear. Dave Milcarek, Bill Rosevear.
August 21, 2003                                                                                                              Page 3

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      Bear bags were kept high in the trees away from bears.

   The days were filled with activities that many of
the boys would not have taken part in otherwise.
Never before had Marquette High School sophomore
Rishi Kora climbed trees with spikes on his boots. He
also enjoyed seeing the Indian writings, pictures and
paintings. Rishi had prepared for the hike by walk-
ing and was surprised at his endurance level while
hiking with 40 pounds on his back. “I didn’t think I
could hike as much as I could with a heavy pack on.”
   Jim McFadden ranked the trip as one of the mem-
orable Boy Scout experiences. “No other hikes com-
pared,” he said. The Marquette High School sopho-                    The philosophy behind everything Karen Neuburger
more noted, “I always see people wearing the Philmont
                                                                     produces starts with comfort. From her soft sleepwear
patch. Now, I found out what it’s all about.”
    The experience is not only about hiking but being                to her cozy slippers. She takes great pride in her KN
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   Fellow Troop 802 member Jim Pendergast said, “We
learned that you have to get along for survival. You
get water when you can, and you eat when you can.                      Meet Us For Lunch And A Style Show
I learned that if you work, you can get to the end.                      WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 27 - HANNAH’S, NEW BUFFALO
   The Michigan City High School junior continued,                          THURSDAY, AUGUST 28 - ROSKOE’S. LAPORTE
“During the last few days we were really interested
in getting done. We were really tired and hadn’t                             409 Alexander Street LaPorte, IN 326-8602
                                                                             409 Alexander Street LaPorte, IN 326-8602
taken a shower in a couple of weeks.”
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                                                                                      Turn Right on Alexander
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                                                                              Monday-Friday 10 to 6
                                 Adventure      Continued onPage 4
Page 4                                                                                                  August 21, 2003
                                                                titions. Among Glenn’s favorite memories was near-
                                                                ly winning the Tough Man Competition twice.
                                                                   “Blacksmithing was fun,” said John Rosevear. The
                                                                Marquette High School senior said that he now has
                                                                “a certain respect for people who have been to
                                                                Philmont.” Philmont, Rosevear said, is “the ultimate
                                                                Scout experience.”

      Troop 802 spread hay to keep the mountain from eroding.

Adventure    Continued from Page 3

   Kyle Higdon would like to return to Philmont
when younger brother Wesley is old enough to join the
group. The conservation effort the troop participat-
ed in, he said, was a learning experience. Troop mem-
bers spread hay to keep the mountains from eroding
as a result of last year’s fire.
   Fire is not always bad, he discovered. “I learned that
fire helps the environment by regenerating minerals
                                                                                John Rosevear pans for gold.
in the ground,” said the Michigan City High School
freshman.                                                          Bill Stark ranked Philmont right next to the World
   Even though James Molden does not like hiking that           Jamboree he attended in Thailand. He recalled the
much, he ranked Philmont as his favorite Scout expe-            12_-mile trek down the Tooth of Time Ridge as they
rience. “I’ve never been out to the West. The ani-              headed back to the elusive base camp on the last
mals and the plants are different. The skies are real-          day. “You got constant glances of base camp, and you
ly clear at night.”                                             turned and wondered where base camp went.”
   And the activities at the staffed camps along the               Bill was only disappointed that he did not see “a
way, offered James new experiences. Never before had            mountain lion or a black bear.”
he climbed trees with spikes, gone horseback rid-                  Bob McFadden, who had been in the Air Force for
ing, done black powder shooting or thrown a hatch-              four years, described the rigor of Philmont. “It made
et.                                                             Air Force basic training look like a cake walk from a
   The Michigan City High School student plans to               physical exertion standpoint,” he said.
return to Philmont the next time the troop goes and                The 55-year-old McFadden hiked 63 miles in 11 days
perhaps chart a different itinerary with them. Climbing         with his troop, going up 3,000 feet one day to reach
the terrain of Philmont, he said, has increased his con-        12,000 feet elevation. “Going down is as much of an
fidence level. “I wasn’t sure that I could do it, but I         experience as going up, especially if you’re on rocky
did. I feel like I can do more.”                                terrain,” he said.
   Troops choose which staffed camps to visit based                Along the way, the group startled a bear, saw flocks
on activities. At those sites, they may rock climb,             of wild turkeys and some deer. “A deer and a fawn ran
milk a cow on a homestead, pan for gold, shoot rifles,          right through camp while we were eating dinner,” Bob
learn the ways of a forge and get involved in compe-            said.
August 21, 2003                                                                                                      Page 5
                                                                   Some of the most memorable sites were in the sky.
                                                                “There seemed to be billions more stars. It was just
                                                                amazing at night when you looked at the sky. We had
                                                                a couple of nights when there wasn’t any moon, and
                                                                the stars were just fantastic.”
                                                                   Upon returning, McFadden noted his endurance had
                                                                improved. “I can play my son three sets of tennis and
                                                                not feel exhausted. Bob was impressed at the num-
                                                                ber of people the troop met from across the country,
                                                                even meeting members of a troop from his former neigh-
                                                                borhood in Columbus, Ohio.
                                                                   Dr. Bill Rosevear described arriving at Philmont as
                                                                a milestone. “I’ve been growing up with these kids,”
                                                                he said. These kids were ready for the Philmont
                                                                experience, and I wanted to see how they would do
                                                                and take part in it.”
                                                                   It seems that Bill was proud of his young men
                                                                every step of the way. He attributed the youths’ abil-
                                                                ity to follow the elected leader from their troop, read
                                                                maps and perform other skills to head Scoutmaster
                                                                Patrick Meer. “They were just a swell bunch of kids,
                                                                and Mr. Meer had us ready, and everyone worked togeth-
                                                                er. It was great.”
                                                                   To prepare for the high-adventure trip, Troop 876’s
                                                                Philmont crew took monthly 10- to 20-mile hikes. During
                                                                those training hikes, the scout leader said, the group
                                                                got well-acquainted. At Philmont, a leader could tell
  Troop 802 members Kyle Higdon, James Molden, Rishi Kora and   how tired others were by their walk. The pre-Philmont
           Tim Pendergast, Jim McFadden at a summit.
                                                                hikes were not so much to build strength and endurance
                                                                as community, the leader noted. “We all learned to trust
                                                                each other. We were all friends. That was the neat thing
                                                                about it – to watch how they got along with each other.”

          Troop 876 crew members resting on boulders.                       A triumphant gesture atop Window Rock.
Page 6                                                      August 21, 2003
                            The “Fig Leaf” Takes Top Honors
                           The team from The Fig Leaf was the big winner in
                        the 4th annual New Buffalo Business Association’s Tom
                        Ray Memorial Golf Tournament (Aug. 14) at Diamond
                        Bowl Miniature Golf. The winning low team net score
                        of 163 narrowly edged out Brewster’s score of 165.
                           The Fig Leaf ’s victory was bolstered by the putting
                        of Greg Jones who had the lowest individual score of
                        38 and by Sarah Williams who tied for the second low-
                        est individual score with 39. Other team members were
                        Rafal Golebiewski and Chalee Lewys.
                           Brewster’s team member Foster Tucker had the third
                        lowest individual score of 40. Other members of the
                        team were Scott Campbell, Steve Voorhees and Steve
                           The third place team, Puttin Heads, had the other
                        second lowest individual putter in Mike DeFrancesco.
                        Other team members were Nora Duffy, Amanda Asch
                        and Greg Bubb.
                           There was no winner of the Hole-in-One Contest
                        but Ron Oselka took home the proceeds of the 50/50
                           Perhaps the biggest winner of the evening will be
                        a New Buffalo High School student who will be
                        awarded a scholarship next spring that will be fund-
                        ed by the event’s proceeds. Overall, the event raised
                        more than $1,500. The winner of this year’s $1,000
                        scholarship was Bill Covert.
                           Twenty-two area businesses and individuals also
                        contributed to the event through hole sponsorships.

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   The 1999 revision kept the original’s popular songs                          and Steve Harmon as Schroeder.
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   Performances are Wednesday through Friday at 8               The programs of the Festival Players Guild are pre-
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 of peace & tranquility.          $
                                    599,000                                                $
                                                                                                         ible floorplan, interesting architectural
           Call Debbie Jacobson.                            Call Bonnie “B” Meyer for details.           details throughout. Absolutely stunning, looks
                                                                                                         like a page from Architectural Digest inside
                                                                                                         and out!                            $
                                                                                                             Call Gail Lowrie or Karen Strohl.

 In This Enchantingly serene log home every              Magical 2.10 Acre Location in Union             Private Rear Deck overlooks ravine with
 season is as breathtaking as the last. With 4 bed-      Pier. Completely rehabbed 3 bedroom, 2 bath     mature trees and wildflowers. Loads of
 rooms and 3.5 baths, the architectural genius and       cottage with private pond, fireplace, open      windows compliment contemporary design
 careful craftsmanship were inspired by the land-        living concept and charming bunk house.         with stone fireplace and rustic flare. To
 scape. Cool pine floors in the great room give          400 sq.ft. screened porch. Beautiful natural    be part of the exclusive Duneland Beach
 way to pine pillars that reach upward to support
                                                         landscaping.                      $
                                                                                             349,000     Association and enjoy sandy beach, tennis
 a 30ft. ceiling with exposed trusses. Unwind in the
 private balcony hot tub, off the master bedroom,                     Call Elaine Musse.                 and playground.                 $
 overlooking the pristine lake nestled into the 5 acre                                                            Call Bonnie “B” Meyer.
 property. Relax in front of the pass-through fire-
 place. Afford yourself peace.               $
               Call Bonnie “B” Meyer.

                            Check out our entire inventory at
Page 14                                                                                                       August 21, 2003
                                    “The Laramie Project” at 4th Street Theatre

    Martin Bertucci (Valparaiso), Kitty
    Bjorklund-Cozza (Portage), Kevin
  Burgun (LaPorte) and Drothy Proffitt
         (Porter) star in “The Laramie

   “The Laramie Project” is an avant garde stage               and Amanda Morales (understudy) of Portage; Kevin
play and made-for-TV movie dealing with the after-             Burgun, Buzz Burns and Mike Engberg of LaPorte;
math of the killing of a gay college student, Matthew          Jerry Golvidis of Schererville; Jennifer Popagain of
Shepard, near Laramie, Wyoming in 1998.                        Griffith; Dorothy Proffitt and Alison Vodnoy of Porter;
   The play is divided into three acts—Act One cov-            Karla Vanwinkle of Michigan City; and Jeff Zimmerman
ers up to Matthew Shepard’s admission to the hospital          of Chesterton.
after the attack. Act Two covers Matthew’s time in the            Sandra Assarian of Chesterton is assistant direc-
hospital up to and including his death. Act Three              tor. Kevin Doler, Wayne Thornton and David Pifko,
covers the funeral and trials of the attackers. 70+ char-      all of Chesterton, along with Jack Wille of Chicago and
acters are played by 14 actors of various ages and types.      Dan Schaaf of Michigan City, will create sets, light-
Much of the script is in short monologue format since          ing and other artistic and technical effects. Original
the text is taken from interviews with residents of            music composed by Dan Schaaf is interspersed
Laramie, making the play a theatrical collage of               throughout the performance.
excerpts from these interviews, with commentary                   Performance dates are August 22, 23, 28-30 at 8 p.m.,
drawn from the journals of the actor-writers themselves.       and Sun., Aug. 24 at 3 p.m. Admission is $10; reser-
   The 4th Street Theatre production is directed by            vations may be made by phoning the Box Office at
Mark Ladd of Wheatfield, Indiana. Actors include Martin        219/926-7875. Group rates are available upon request.
Bertucci and Charles Cannon of Valparaiso; Kitty               The 4th Street Theatre is located at 125 N. Fourth Street,
Bjorklund-Cozza, Jordan Chaddock, Olivia Morales               Chesterton.

                                             Rag Tops              It’s our annual
                                           Auto Museum             Wall to Wall
                                           displays classic,
                                              antique and
                                           automobiles in a
                                                                  SALE                                     (From our walls
                                                                                                             …to yours!)
                                            creative setting          Selected framed art from 20% - 50% off
                                             amidst a vast                   Shop early for best selection!
            219.878.1514                      collection of            The
      209 W. Michigan Blvd.
                                             memorabilia         a           Framing Station
                                                                 y            912 Franklin, Michigan City
     Michigan City, IN 46360                                             219-879-2115 • Toll Free 877-879-2115
                                           Open Every Day        r     
         A non-profit organization             10 to 7                      Monday - Friday 9 to 5, Saturday 10 to 4
                                                                          Area’s largest selection of South Shore Posters.
August 21, 2003                                                                                                                                       Page 15

                                                               La Porte                                                  New Buffalo
                                                          245 W. Johnson Rd.                                          2 N. Whittaker St.
                                                          La Porte,IN 46350              T 123                       New Buffalo, MI 49117
                                                            (219) 324-2121                                             (269) 469-2121
                      1st Team, Inc.                        (877) 467-2121                                             (877) 693-2121
             Each Office independently Owned & Operated

                                          2001 Lakeshore Dr. Walkerton
    This beautiful lakefront property on lower Fish Lake offers over 200
      ft. of frontage, with great views. There are French doors leading to
    the deck and screened in porch. Landscaped for variety each season,
    this home has an open concept from end to end. Featuring fireplaces
   in the family room and den, a new bath upstairs creates a master bed-
    room suite. Partially furnished inside and a great pier outside, plus a
     2-car garage large enough to store the boat. Would make a beautiful
  year round home or great getaway. Contact Rita Beaty for more infor-

                                                                                  402 Willow Bend Dr, LaPorte
                                                                                  Elegant and comfortable best describes this inviting 2 story all brick
                                                                                  Colonial home located in desirable Subdivision. Home boasts a brand
                                                                                  new roof, all appliances, and security system, in ground sprinklers,
                                                                                  dual fireplace, crown molding, and sunny Florida room. This is great
                                                                                  place to call home. Come and discover all the amenities. This home is
                                                                                  very well maintained and impossible to duplicate at the asking price
                                                                                  $369,000 Contact Olga Sanchez.

                                          19627 W. US 12 New Buffalo
   Unique offering features terrific 3-bedroom house and commercially
     zoned building, office, workshop and large storage space. Imagine
   living in a bright and spacious house with your office, workshop and
    showroom only steps away. Live adjacent to work or rent either the
  home or workspace for income. Located on US 12, this property will
       suit a variety of needs. $199,000. Listing Agents Nora Duffy and
                                                         Jaye Gintautas.

                                                 ONE ACRE HOME SITES STARTING IN THE MID $60’S
 Custom Built Estate Style Homes for the Discrimination Buyer. These beautiful lots are conveniently located off US 35 North, only 60 minutes from Chicago
 land, via the Indiana Toll Road, or Highway 94. You can truly have the best of both worlds here. Come an enjoy one of the finest developments within minutes of
 the lake. Contact Linda Knoll for details.
Page 16                                                                          August 21, 2003
                                                 Watercolor Demonstration

    Lost                                   The Chesterton Art Center announces a watercol-
                                        or demonstration by G. Bruce Johnson to be held on
                                        Sun., Aug. 24th, at 2 p.m. The demonstration is free
                                        to all who are interested.

     Our                                   G. Bruce Johnson is also teaching a six-week water-
                                        color class beginning Tues., Sept. 9, at 7 p.m. In this
                                        class, Johnson will teach watercolor techniques such
                                        as wet on wet, wet on dry, dry on dry, etc. This class

    Lease!                              will be excellent for beginners as well as the more expe-
                                        rienced. The cost of these classes is $75 for members
                                        and $80 for non-members.
                                           To become a member, the cost is $20 per year for
                                        an individual and $25 per year for a family.
                                           All classes are held at The Chesterton Art Center,
                                        115 S. Fourth St., Chesterton. For more informa-
                                        tion, or to sign up, phone 219/926-4711.

                                         Bookmarks at Noon at Public Library
                                           The Michigan City Public Library will host this book
                                        review program on Fri., Aug. 22nd, starting at noon.
                                        The program is free and open to the public.
                                           Patricia Klewer will review Unless by Pulitzer-
                                        winning author Carol Shields. The story tells of Reta
                                        Winters’ oldest daughter who drops out of life to sit
                                        on a gritty street corner, silent but for a sign around
                                        her neck that reads “Goodness.” For the first time in
                                        her life, Reta discovers the meaning of loss. Her
                                        search for what drove her daughter to such a desperate
                                        statement turns in to an unflinching and surprisingly
                                        funny meditation on where to find meaning and

                                        MERLE NORMAN COSMETICS
                                               294 E. U.S. 20
                                          Michigan City Center

                                                                                      (219) 874-9972
                                                                                        Tues., Wed.
                                                                                         Thurs., Fri.,
                                                    Sculptured Nails • Manicures • Pedicures
     on all rugs and furniture!               Facial Hair Removal and Eyebrow Arching • Nail Tips

                                                                            “ When there is
                                                                                plenty of
                                                                              wine, sorrow
                                                                               and worry
                                                                               take wing.

                                                                                “The Art of Love”
                                         16409B Red Arrow Hwy, Union Pier, MI 49129 •888/824-WINE
August 21, 2003                                                                                                                                                             Page 17

               • • • • •

                                                                                                                                                                                 • • • • •

                                                                                                                                                                        • • • •
                                                                                                                                           Entertain on 4 decks in these
                                                                                                                                        3 bedroom, 2-1/2 bath townhomes.

                                                                                                                                         Everything beachfront property
                                                                                                                                        has to offer at an affordable price.

                                                                                                                                                From $325,000
                                                                                                    Only 6 5 Available                      Only 8 6 5 4 Left!!!
                                                                                                      at New Buffalo...                        at Michigan City...

                                                                                                                Please visit our DECORATED MODEL
                                                                                                                Please visit our DECORATED MODEL
                                                                                                              at 180 Lake Shore Drive • Michigan IN
                                                                                                             at 170 Lakeshore Drive • Michigan City,City

                                                                                                For pre-construction information      Open Sat. and Sun. 1-4 p.m. or by appt.
                                                                                                                                      Open Sat. and Sun. 1-4 p.m., or by appt.
                                                                                                   please call Donna Iwamoto                         Bobbie Cavic for info
                                                                                                                                         Please call Bobbie Cavic for info
                                                                                                         (269) 469-8300                            (219) 874-4156
                                                                                                                                                  (219) 874-4156
                                                                                         RUBLOFF OF MICHIGAN, INC.                           LONG BEACH REALTY
                                                                        • • • • •
Page 18                                                                                                              August 21, 2003
                           Following the Scent of Chocolate to South Bend
                                                             by Paula McHugh

   Wake up and smell the chocolate.                                     for IU, or Purdue, or Michigan. Or you can exercise
   We did just that on a recent July morning at the                     your sweet tooth on truffles, toffee, meltaways, fudge,
South Bend Chocolate Company, a 40-mile— give or                        or even on chocolate-covered coffee beans-or any
take a few miles-jaunt from Michigan City. Now, if you                  other of a vast number of rich confections.
head over to South Bend only to indulge in football,
then you are missing out on one heck of a sweet

                                                                                                                          Señor Koko sets the
                                                                                                                         tone for the smells-
                                                                                                                         really-good and
                                                                                                                         loads-of-fun tour.

     The South Bend Chocolate Factory is 16,000 square feet of              Today chocolate lovers can drool over the candy choic-
       good smells, good fun, and good chocolate, of course.            es at one of eight 8 company-owned stores in Northern
               Sample Street is a good place to be.                     Indiana, or at a growing number of franchise opera-
   Just think of it: a chocolate factory and a chocolate                tions within the Midwest. Both Inc. and Entrepreneur
museum and a very entertaining tour opportunity right                   magazines have honored Tarner’s company by des-
here in our own backyard. OK, really it’s just a little                 ignating it “one of the best “ and “fastest growing” fran-
ways over in our next-door St. Joseph County. But                       chises.
eegads! How could anyone want to pass up a tour of                         Let us be the first to designate the SBCC’s home
a chocolate factory? Not us.                                            factory tour one of the best we’ve ever experienced.
   South Bend Chocolate Company President Mark                          Because we didn’t
Tarner met us at the door minutes before having to                      walk away with
zip off for a meeting over at the College Football                      an encyclopedia
Hall of Fame. Mark started the SBCC in 1990 while                       brain full of for-
managing his father’s chocolate company. In 1994, after                 gettable facts. No.
incorporating his second dip into the realm of choco-                   We walked away
late making, Mark’s business started expanding. The                     with big grins a
SBCC started out making Rocknes, Domers and Nuts                        little smear of
for ND under a license from Notre Dame, and now you                     chocolate on our
can be Nuts for ND, but you also can have (or be) Nuts                  chin.
                                                                           SBCC District
                                                                        Manager Bob
                                                                        Radde escorted
                                                                        us around the fac-
                                       Mark Tarner managed his          tory on a person-
                                       father’s chocolate factory and
                                       later founded the South Bend     al tour. A patient
                                       Chocolate Factory. The first     guy, Bob is, since
                                       products off the line were the   he allowed us to
                                       Rockne, the Domer, and Nuts
                                       for ND. I guess you could call   linger over the
                                       Mark the Willy Wonka of South    mixing machines
                                       Bend.                            longer than most
                                                                        guides normally The heavenly-wicked creamy chocolate scent
                                                                        would.                wafting from the stainless steel mixer kept our
                                                                                                            feet stuck to the floor.
August 21, 2003                                                                                                                    Page 19
The heavenly-wicked creamy scent wafting from the
stainless steel mixer kept our feet stuck to the floor.
One does not wait to inhale in a place like this.
Nearby, on top of a long table, a 4-foot by 3-foot slab
of cooled caramel prepared for a chocolate drowning.
   In the next room, we were ready to join the work-
ers on the assembly line. At one end of a conveyor belt,
an employee smooshed together a handful of nuts, placed
them on the belt, and wished them well as they dis-
appeared into a gizmo that rained chocolate upon them.
Out the nut clusters came, then disappeared again
into an air-conditioning unit. Cooled and now firm,

                                                                            Darlene, Dawn, Nancy and Denise hand-roll some sweet confections.
                                                                                 The women are surrounded by bags, boxes, and baskets of
                                                                                                candy they have packed.

                                                                              In a packing area, three out of four employees
                                                                           who swear that they do not care for chocolate are prepar-
                                                                           ing what looks to be truffles. Darlene, Dawn, Denise
                                                                           and Nancy are hand-rolling the chocolate into little
                                                                           spheres. Nancy is the only woman in the room who
                                                                           admits that hers is a chocoholic’s dream job. Darlene
                                                                           said that she “gets tired of the smell after awhile.” Dawn
                                                                           will “eat chocolate once in awhile,” and Denise can take
                                                                           it or leave it, explaining that the best thing about her
                                                                           job is the people she works with. Surrounding the four
                                        ...Out come the coated clusters,   women is row after row of ready-to-ship boxes, bags,
Peanut clusters are about to meet a     now on their way along the con-    and gift baskets. This is the room where the choco-
    tidal wave of chocolate...              veyor to the cooling unit.
                                                                           lates are packed, and there is no moving conveyor belt
the finished candy reappeared at the far end of the                        in sight. Alas, at the SBCC we discover that choco-
belt. This end of the conveyor belt is Mike Ward’s ter-                    lates on the floor, in aprons, or stuffed in the mouth,
ritory. Think Lucille Ball for a moment. Conveyor belt.                    are the fiction of an I Love Lucy memory.
Finished candies. And Mike Ward, quality control per-                         The clean and effi-
son, has the enviable job of sorting the candies into                      cient factory pro-
one of two boxes. Mike eyeballs each piece of candy                        duces 2,000 pounds
and places the not-so-perfect into a separate con-                         of chocolate a day
tainer. Not in his mouth.                                                  in each of 30 differ-
   “I can eat as much candy as I want,” he explained.                      ent       products.
“But during breaks only.” The not-so-perfect pieces have                   Recipes for each con-
their own hierarchy in the outlet’s gift shop. They are                    fection are secret
sold as Almost Perfect Chocolate at bargain prices.                        and kept in refrig-
                                                                           erator-size black safe
                                                                           in the factory’s
                                                                           administrative area.
                                                                           Bob guided us past
                                                                           the business offices
                                                                           in the 16,000 square
                                                                           foot factory during
                                                                           our “Inside Scoop
                                                                           Tour” and back over
                                                                           to the Chocolate

                                                                               A refrigerator-size safe
                                                                             keeps the secret recipes
                                                                                     locked away from
                                                                                   unauthorized eyes.

         This end of the conveyor belt is Mike Ward’s territory                                            Chocolate     Continued on Page 20
Page 20                                                                                                             August 21, 2003

                                                                                Señor Koko sets
                                                                                 the tone for the
                                                                                and loads-of-fun

Prized samples of vintage Chocolate Pots are on display in the museum.

Chocolate Continued from Page 19
   Still not quite ready for prime time, meaning that
the display areas are still in the process of being set
up, the company’s former “Chocolate Road Show” is
soon to open as a permanent exhibit space. Chocolate
                                                                                 “Mark is also writing a series of children’s books about
pots and vintage chocolate tins and chocolate books
                                                                              ‘Harry’s Chocolate Factory,’” Bob added. A few of the
and what has to be the world’s largest heart-shaped
                                                                              illustrations from the upcoming book hang over the
box of candy are just some of the items being read-
                                                                              booths in the Chocolate Café area, a popular spot for
ied for display.
                                                                              birthday and other celebrations.
   “Mark does the collecting and arranging of the
                                                                                 And then there is Señor Koko, an animated cocoa
displays,” Bob, who has known the company founder
                                                                              bean who cracks jokes as he hosts a video about the
since childhood, explained. “He and I painted the
                                                                              SBCC. A visit to the chocolate factory without encoun-
                                                                              tering the funny Señor Koko is as unforgiving as
                                                                              visiting the factory without sampling a chocolate.
                                                                              Take note of his list of reasons for eating chocolate.
                                                                              And you’ll know that you are in the right place at the
                                                                              right time for the right reasons.

                                                                            Put on your
                                                                                hair net
                                                                               and step
                                                                              about the
                                                                            zany I Love

Our guide and company district manager Bob Raddi shows off what must
be the world’s largest valentine heart box. Bob said that the custom-made
 box holds 100 pounds of chocolate and would sell for about $1000. It’s
     just one of the many items to be seen in the Chocolate Museum.

     Two tours are available: the Basic Factory Tour, which is free and lasts 20 minutes, and the Inside Scoop
  Tour, ($4 adults, $1 children) which lasts at least 30 minutes. Advance appointments are recommend-
  ed. Tours run from 8-5 weekdays and from 9-2 pm Saturdays. The Chocolate Store is open 6-6 weekdays
  and 9-3 Saturdays. For more information, call 1-800-301-4961. Driving directions: take Highway 20 east
  and continue straight on highway 2 instead of turning left to follow hwy 20 around New Carlisle. Get
  on the Hwy 20-US 31 bypass south (towards Plymouth) and exit at Mayflower. Turn left, then left again
  at the t-intersection. Drive approximately 1/4 mile to Sample Street (stoplight). Turn right and drive sev-
  eral blocks to 3300 West Sample. The South Bend Chocolate Factory is on the right.
August 21, 2003                                                                                                                    Page 21

                                                                               Serta Counting
                                                Extra Firm
                                          Twin set 2 pc. set ..... 249
                                                                               Sheep Plushie!
                                          Fu l l set 2 pc. set. ...... 329                  with any Serta Perfect
                                          King set 3 pc. set ...... 499                     sleeper Set purchase
         Queen 2 pc. set

       Sertapedic                          Sertapedic                        Pefect Sleeper                 Perfect Sleeper
       Extra Plush                         Pil low Top                       Firm or Plush                 Extra Firm or Plush

     $499                               $499                                 $599                             $699
         Queen 2 pc. set                     Queen 2 pc. set                   Queen 2 pc. set                     Queen 2 pc. set
                           $                                   $                                 $                                     $
  Twin set 2 pc. set ..... 349       Twin set 2 pc. set ..... 349       Twin set 2 pc. set ..... 439       Twin set 2 pc. set ..... 539
                              $                                  $                                  $                                  $
  Fu l l set 2 pc. set. ...... 429   Fu l l set 2 pc. set. ...... 449   Fu l l set 2 pc. set. ...... 499   Fu l l set 2 pc. set. ...... 599
                              $                                  $                                  $                                  $
  King set 3 pc. set ...... 599      King set 3 pc. set ...... 699      King set 3 pc. set ...... 799      King set 3 pc. set ...... 999

                               WE     MAKE THE                     WORLD’S BEST MATTRESS.™

                                                                                                     (219) 872-6501
                                                                                               Woodland Avenue & US 20
                                                                                                Michigan City, IN 46360
                                                                                               Mon. - Thur. 9:30 - 6 • Fri. 9:30 - 8
                                                                                                 Sat. 9 - 6 • Sun. CLOSED

                         Visit Us At:
Page 22                                                                                        August 21, 2003
                                                        Reading Groups at County Library
                                                        The LaPorte County Public Library has reading
                                                     groups at its main location as well as branch libraries.
                         Restaurant & Bar            There is no advance registration or charge for attend-
                                                     ing. Light refreshments will be served. Here are two
                          at Whittaker Woods
                                                     you might be interested in:
                                                        Page Turners
                                                        This group meets at the main library, 904 Indiana
                                                     Ave., downtown LaPorte on Tues., Sept. 9, noon-1 p.m.
   THURSDAY NIGHT                                    This month’s selection is The Nanny Diaries by
                                                     Emma McLaughlin. The bestseller that tells the

   SEAFOOD & PASTA                                   story of Nan, a nanny to the 4 year old son of of Mrs.
                                                     X, the inconsiderate Park Avenue mother who demands
                                                     much of the hired help.
       BUFFET                                           For more information, phone 219/362-6156 or log
                                                        Coolspring Reader’s Group
                                                        This group will meet on Tues., Sept. 2, 7 p.m. at the
                                                     Coolspring Branch of the County Library, corner of
        Live Jazz Every                              Johnson Road and 400N. This month’s selection is
                                                     Painted House by John Grisham. This story takes place
    Friday & Saturday Night                          in rural Arkansas in 1952 and shows tensions between
                                                     the migrant Mexicans and the hill people. Not
                                                     Grisham’s typical fare!
                                                        For more information, phone 879-3272.
      Daily Lunch Specials
                                                              Harbor Country Book Club
    Nightly Dinner Specials                             The Harbor Country Book Club will meet on Tues.,
                                                     Aug. 26, at 7:30 p.m., at the Harbor Grand Hotel in
                                                     New Buffalo. Everyone is invited to attend whether
          SUNDAY BRUNCH                              you have read the book or not. The evening starts with
                                                     a brief biography of the author and a book review before
    Bagels/Lox, Carving Station w/Prime Rib,         the discussion.
       Omelets made to order and many                   Selections for August are: Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia
        additional O'Brien’s specialties             Woolf and The Hours by Michael Cunningham.
                                                        Members are asked to bring recommendations for
                                                     future months to this meeting.
         Banquets and Customized Events
    for the Intimate Group or Large Gathering
                                                        PLEASANT HEIGHTS FARM
                                                               A First Quality Equestrian Facility since 1991
   THE GOLF SEASON HAS BEGUN!                                             Lessons • Boarding • Training • Shows
      Come enjoy a round of golf.                                    Dressage • C/T • English & Western Balance Seat
                Open to Public                                                 Children’s Camps Available
     Memberships available now!!!                                              Call for Pony Ride Specials
                                                      0707 N. Shebel Rd., Michigan City • Call 219-324-RIDE (7433)
   Check with the Pro-Shop for details.

                                                             PLATINUM RENTALS, INC.
                                                                        185 E. 900 S., Kouts, IN
                               Golf Community
                              12578 Wilson Road                      RV-Boat Storage
                             New Buffalo, MI 49117           12 x 30 • 16 x 42 • 10 x 12 • 10 x 24
                               (269) 469-3400                            219-766-0084
August 21, 2003                                                                                                                        Page 23


                                                                                Reason 16: Vacation Time!

              Get a great rate on your
              Home Equity Line, and...
                                                                                 Get a free hotel
                                                                                 package, too!
                                                                                  For a limited time, when you qualify
                                                                                  for a home equity line of credit at
                                                                                  Alliance Bank, you will not only get
                                                                                  a great rate, but also at closing, will
                                                                                  receive a free 3 day/2 night hotel
                                                                                  package to exciting places such as
                                                                                  the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, Las
                                                                                  Vegas and many more! Hurry, come
                                                                                  in today and apply for your home
                                                                                  equity line of credit at any office
                                                                                  or call 1-888-400-1991 for more

     Michigan City: 125 E. Fifth Street • 872-7100
     Michigan City Beach: 901 Karwick • 871-2284
     New Buffalo: 500 W. Buffalo St. • 469-2265
     Harbert: 13696 Red Arrow Highway • 469-7283
     Three Oaks: 6801 West U.S. 12 • 756-2265

     *No cash value on trip voucher, no substitutions. One voucher per family. Restrictions apply. Home equity line of credit rates subject
     to change without notice and are based on your personal credit history. All credit lines are subject to approval and fees may apply.
Page 24                                                                                                         August 21, 2003
                                                                 PNC Offers Computer Test-Out Courses
                                                                    Purdue University North Central’s Office of
                                                                 Continuing Education offers high school seniors plan-
                                                                 ning to enroll at PNC, as well as current PNC students,
                                                                 the opportunity to take a multiple-choice test for col-
                                                                 lege credit in computer literacy.
                                                                    Those who pass the test will be eligible to receive
                                                                 three classroom credits and will not be required to take
                                                                 the computer literacy course required for most PNC
                                                                 degrees. This means potential savings of the cost of
                                                                 a three-credit course at PNC. Credit will be given after
                                                                 the student successfully completes at least six cred-
                                                                 it hours of college level courses at PNC with a grade
                                                                 of C or better, excluding developmental courses.
                                                                    Registration is due by Sept. 23 for those who plan
                                                                 to take the exam on Oct. 21. Test times are 9 a.m., 1
                                                                 p.m. or 6 p.m. The fee is $20. The multiple-choice exam
            August Sale                                          is prepared by the Student Occupational Competency
                                                                 Advance Testing (SOCAT) organization, headquartered
                                                                 at Ferris State University.
                         40% Off                                    To register for these courses or other non-credit cours-
     Concrete Garden Accessories (Filigree excluded)             es available this fall, phone the Office of Continuing
         Pottery (Paul Jesselskis Pots excluded)                 Education at 872-0527 ext. 5343, or visit the Web site
              Kites, Spinners & Hammocks

                          35% Off                                      New Exhibit at County Museum
       Bamboo & Bamboo Chimes, Stepping Stones,
                                                                    To Teach Boys to Live: The Interlaken School
          Toad Hollow Toads & Garden Glass                          This exhibit can be seen now through the end of the
                                                                 month at the LaPorte County Historical Museum, locat-
                          25% Off                                ed in the County Complex next to the Courthouse in
      Metal - Statuary, Trellis and Arbors, & Spitters           downtown LaPorte.
                    Trees and Shrubs                                The Interlaken School was founded in 1907 by Dr.
                                                                 Edward A. Rumely as a boarding school where boys
   Perennials, Grasses, Aquatics - Buy 2 and get 1 free          were taught practical skills along with academics. It
        of equal or lesser value. You Plant only.                closed its doors in 1918.
                                                                    The exhibit will feature a multitude of photographs,
              Sale dates August 1-August 31, 2003.               brochures, and other archival items displayed in the
    Plant discounts do not apply to landscape business, and      manner of a large-scale “school days” scrapbook.
   can not be used with any other discounts except gift cards.
                                                                 Many of the items were donated by Edward L. Bryant,
                                                                 a former Interlaken student, and a nephew of Henry
 Like nature? Visit us and be serenaded by the birds
 and frogs and enchanted by the giant dragonflies                   Museum hours are Tues.-Sat., 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
 as you shop in gardens on 4 acres.                              Admission is free; donations are accepted. Phone
                                                                 873-7014, ext. 276 or log onto
 Find us off the beaten path, nestled in the woods
 on the outskirts of Michigan City at 504 Eastwood
 Road. We are here to help you with all your gardening
 needs. Call us at 219.879.0089 for directions or to
                                                                    Long Beach Styling Salon
 just say Hi!                                                                                             presents
                                                                                           Krisanne Schmitt
        Frog Central                                                                       Krisanne has been training with
                                                                                             Linda & Beth for 3 months.

          found at Michiana’s newest                              The first 30 calls for a hair cut with Krisanne will be complimentary.
  full service nursery and garden center                                                219/872-6977
                                                                           2411 St. Lawrence Ave. • Long Beach
August 21, 2003                                                                                                                           Page 25

   Executive Group                                    Linda O'Donnell-Broker Lou O'Donnell IV-Broker Dennis O'Black-Assoc. Broker
                                                      Carie O'Donnell-Prop. Mgr. & Sales Assoc. Charlotte O'Lear-Office Mgr./Brk. Asst.

           Realty    of Indiana
                     & Michigan
                                                      Mike Skudnig-Sales Assoc.
                                                                                                           Michael Kuhn-Sales Assoc.

  Sales Office (269) 469-6892      Rental Office (219) 874-1122
          S P E C TAC U L A R L A K E & C O U N T RY P RO P E RT I E S

                                          MARINA PARK CONDO
                                             OPEN HOUSE
                                                          30 Marine Drive
                                                          Michigan City, IN
                                                             Unit #3-C
                                                     Sunday, August 23
                                                   12:00-2:00 pm IN Time
                                           THIS CONDO HAS BEEN COM-
                                           PLETELY RENOVATED and offers 2
 bedrooms plus a loft. It features views of the harbor and lake, with access to the association pool and tennis courts. The
 interior offers a fireplace, hardwood floors, ceramic tile baths/kitchens, and ceiling fans throughout. Close to beach, out-
 let mall and Blue Chip Casino. Best of all, there is a 50' boat slip included. This unit includes many new updates. It’s
 an absolute must see!                                                                                              $

                                     NIRVANA IN THE COUNTRY

 TRAVEL THROUGH A LONG WINDING ENTRYWAY and experience peace and tranquility as terraced walls and
 woods cradle you in privacy, which leads to an exquisite 5-level 12,500 square foot home situated deep in the woods
 on nine acres. Accommodates a large family and related living quarters. Eight bedrooms (master bath has fireplace,
 Jacuzzi, massive walk-in closet and skylight), ten baths, two full kitchens and juice bar/third kitchen area, formal din-
 ing room, two laundry rooms and den.
 Many rooms for family gatherings that are enhanced with fireplaces and outstanding views from wall to ceiling win-
 dows. Vaulted ceilings with plant shelves and indirect lighting. Various types of wood flooring, cabinets, trim & a beau-
 tiful oak winding stairway. Recreational levels offer gym, pool table, massage room and eight person hot tub. Access
 a lovely deck or patio from each level. Two of the levels lead to a 2-story gazebo with screened in upper level and both
 levels have a fireplace. The amenities in this home are endless! Call Linda for a private showing.             $

         137 N. Whittaker Street, New Buffalo, MI 49117                                   3636 East U.S. 12, Michigan City, IN 46360
                269-469-6892 • Fax 269-469-5168                        219-874-1122 • Fax 219-874-1144
Page 26                                                                                                                 August 21, 2003

                                                                                       Designing Long Beach

   It took no more than
15 years for Long Beach
to develop from a com-
munity of tiny beach cot-                                                                                                Long Beach Company
tages into a town of archi-                                                                                              salesmen had a variety
tectural distinction.                                                                                                    of choices for prospec-
                                                                                                                         tive customers, ranging
   The original cottages                                                                                                 from small cottages to
built in the 1920s by                                                                                                    large parcels of land,
Glidden & Gotto, incor-                                                                                                  overlooking the lake or
                                                                                                                         the golf course or the
porators of Long Beach                                                                                                   wooded dunes. In the
Company, were modest                                                                                                     1920s, property was
and tidy rental units.                                                                                                   snapped up quickly.
However, as soon as men
of means began acquir-
ing property for their per-
sonal usage, family estates
were created that far surpassed the grand old homes                          The architectural styles of 1920s Long Beach hous-
of Michigan City, both in size and in design.                             es were mostly imported, either from Mediterranean-
   Cook County Assessor Charles Krutckoff and                             type villas reinterpreted by Californians and Floridians,
George Truesdell Vail, president of Michigan City                         or from storybook cottages inspired by the Cotswold
Trust & Savings Bank, were two of the earliest set-                       district of England. Modernist architecture also made
tlers to construct outsized homes on the lakefront, and                   an early appearance in Long Beach, due to John
they typified the two population groups that built up                     Lloyd Wright settling here in 1923.
the new town of Long Beach: Michigan City business                           Although Wright’s ideals of organic architecture adapt-
leaders, who suddenly found it fashionable to move                        ed especially well to the dunes terrain, he is by no means
out to the lake, and prosperous Chicagoans, looking                       the only architect who made an impact on the scene.
for an escape from hot and congested city streets.                        Several Long Beach homes of distinction, including
   Orphie W. Gotto, mastermind of the new lifestyle,                      Philip Sprague’s “Castle Abri,” were designed by
plotted a community that fulfilled all their dreams.                      Michigan City architects Ahlgrim & Boonstra. “By-
It was designed around golf, the sport of the decade,                     George,” a large English-style home on Belle Plaine
or of the century, as devotees might claim. Gotto and                     near Floral Trail, was designed by Charles Bellis of
Harry Miles laid out the streets, winding up and                          the Chicago firm, Holabird & Root. The Robert Z.
down and around the sand dunes, with choice lots over-                    Blocksom home on Florimond was a prize-winning
looking the lake, the golf course or the fabulous                         design from a Chicago Tribune contest. Barry Byrne,
future gardens. Quite a number of early investors bought                  renowned architect for modernist schools and church-
multiple lots, sometimes side by side, and sometimes                      es, had a summer home, “Cottage 282,” on Lake
extending from one street to another, so as to have ample                 Shore Drive.
space for their driveways, guest houses and gardens.                         Phyllis Waters, who has owned Long Beach Realty

                                                                             Within 15 years, this highly sophisticated Art Moderne house was
 “The Lark” was an unpretentious rental cottage built by Long Beach              constructed, only a mile down the street from “The Lark.”
Company. It featured porches on both sides and a nice little boathouse.                          The architect is unknown.
August 21, 2003                                                                                                                        Page 27

                                                                          “Beach View” was an imposing summer home built on Lake Shore Drive
                                                                                  by Cook County, Illinois, Assessor Charles Krutckoff. The
                                                                            four-story house occupied six lots at the foot of Golden Gate Drive. I
                                                                             t was a real eye-catcher, with a green frame set off by red shingles
                                                                                                    and striped awnings.

Designed by John Lloyd Wright for the Zumpfe family, from Indianapolis,
this white stucco home made some references to Spanish architecture,
    but also incorporated the modern, geometric elements for which
        Wright had a preference. The Zumpfes called it “Villa Z.”

for many years, claims that town rules and regula-
tions prohibited the construction of identical homes.
In whatever way such policies might have been
enforced, the home-owners outdid themselves in
striving for the unique.
   Perhaps the most striking instance of individual-
ity was the “Swiss Chalet” commissioned in 1929 by
another Michigan City banker, Charles E. Arnt, pres-
ident of Citizens Bank. Arnt’s home, modeled after hous-
es in the Emmenthal region of Switzerland, was a three-
story affair with balconies all around, sheltered by broad
overhanging eaves. Huge boulders, weighing 75 to 100                      Another white stucco home with red tile roof, this Spanish-style structure
                                                                           was built for a Chicagoan, Dr. Little, who named it “Little Vista.” This
pounds apiece, were placed on the roof, to protect against                 photo shows the brick gateways with electrified lanterns that led from
wind — an Alpine technique that worked equally                               Lake Shore Drive to the winding roads of Long Beach Gardens.
well on the shores of Lake Michigan. Arnt’s home was
designed by K.M. Vitzhum, a noted Chicago architect,
whose accomplishments include the Old Republic
Building, still standing at 307 N. Michigan Avenue,
Chicago. The “Swiss Chalet” has recently undergone
a major renovation, while retaining its original
   Throughout the 1920s, construction progressed
rapidly on the 750 lots laid out by Long Beach devel-
opers. Although most of the homes were done in his-
torical housing styles, some modernist buildings
began to appear in the 1930s. Architect Paul Hagin
designed an Art Deco house on Hermoine Trail for
Duncan Pedigo. A few Art Moderne homes, characterized
by their flat roofs and corner windows of glass block,
went up along Lake Shore Drive and near the golf course.
At this time, the architects remain unknown, but
continuing research may discover their names.                               Designed by architects Ahlgrim & Boonstra, Charles Krutckoff, Jr.’s
                                                                              home started out as a sloped-roof English cottage, and later
                               Long Beach        Continued on Page 28                    had an addition by John Lloyd Wright.
Page 28                                                                                                                       August 21, 2003
Long Beach        Continued from Page 27
   The adoption of modernism was largely due to the
influence of John Lloyd Wright, architect-son of the
famous Frank Lloyd Wright. Father and son had a
falling-out while working on the Imperial Hotel in Japan,
the cause of dissension being Frank’s refusal to pay
his son for work he had done. John Lloyd Wright
moved to Long Beach in 1923. He became a popular
and sociable member of the community, and designed
several homes here for his country club friends.

                                                                               “This is the first bit of real architecture I have ever done,” John wrote
                                                                              excitedly to his father, Frank Lloyd Wright, about the all-steel house he
                                                                               designed in Long Beach for John Burnham, local glove manufacturer.
                                                                              Because of its protruding copper roofs, the house has been called “The
                                                                               Pagoda House,” and may have been inspired by the Imperial Hotel in
                                                                                         Japan, which the Wrights had worked on together.

                                                                                Wright’s earliest designs were fairly traditional, due
                                                                             in part to clients’ demands; but a 1929 trip to Europe
                                                                             led to younger Wright into the International Style. The
                                                                             buildings he designed in the 1930s had simplified exte-
                                                                             riors with flattened roofs, large expanses of win-
                                                                             dows, and sometimes stark building materials, such
                                                                             as steel, tile and concrete. These harsh features were
                                                                             softened by artful landscapin g and the natural beau-
                                                                             ty of the dunes.
                                                                                Another major change that took place in the 1930s
Architect John Lloyd Wright moved to Long Beach in 1923 and lived here
  for 23 years. Like his father, the famous Frank Lloyd Wright, John pro-
                                                                             was the conversion of numerous summer cottages into
duced original designs which made no reference to styles that were popu-     year-round homes. When the stock market crashed
  lar in Spain or England or other resort areas. Instead, the homes were     in 1929, many Chicagoans could no longer afford to
       opened up to nature and integrated into their duneland setting.
                                                                             maintain their city homes; and so they became full-
                                                                             time residents of Long Beach, which in 15 short
                                                                             years had blossomed into a thriving, permanent com-

 The living room of John Lloyd Wright’s home is an open plan, centering       “Shangri-La,” or “House of Seven Levels,” is the most stunning example
around a fireplace and leading onto upper and lower levels. The windows       of John Lloyd Wright’s adaptation of a home to its natural setting. It was
  take advantage of a beautiful view, while the lofty, beamed ceiling is a   designed for Frances Gordon Welsh, whom he later married. The home is
reminder of the wonderful playroom he enjoyed as a child, in the Wrights’     angled into a deep, heavily-wooded lot, where Frances used to conduct
                            Oak Park home.                                                            outdoor convocations.
August 21, 2003                                                                                                             Page 29
    Clowns Provide Cheer in Hospital
   A little bit of clowning around has come to St.
Anthony Memorial Health Centers of Michigan City—
and the clowning around is happening at least once
a month.
   “Nettie Belle” the Clown is visiting patients’ rooms
and offering them and their families a bit of cheer, while

leaving a mylar balloon as a souvenir.
   It’s a monthly dose of “humor therapy,” and the pur-
veyor of this best medicine—laughter—is actually
Lynette McDonald. In her regular, non-clowning
workdays, Lynette is a mild-mannered executive sec-
retary for the finance department at St. Anthony
Memorial. Lynette volunteered to take a ten-week course
at Michiana Clown School, and she has the diploma
to prove it. She wanted to give back to the patients—
young or older-at St. Anthony Memorial.
   Much of Nettie Belle the Clown’s time is spent
visiting patients in the health center’s pediatrics
department, transitional care unit, and physical

rehab unit. She’ll take a stroll now and then through
the halls and cafeteria, to greet employees and visi-
tors and clown away people’s stress levels. And she
just may educate everybody about humor and heal-
ing while she appears to be just clowning around.

          Autumn Accessories Event
   With crisp autumn evenings just around the cor-
ner, French Twist, 9 S. Elm St., Three Oaks, MI, is
hosting an Autumn Accessories Event. The show will
feature a collection of elegant handmade creations—
sculptural 40s inspired hats, cashmere neckwraps and

                                                                                 AT MILLER’S
capes, shibori scarves, country caps and mittens.
Some items are one of a kind, others made to order.
Also, a premier collection of vintage jewelry will be
   Show dates are Fri., Aug. 22 through Sun., Aug. 24,
from 11 a.m.-6 p.m. (MI time). For more information,
phone 269/756-3970.

  Read The Beacher On Line
                                                                                  Big Guys for 19.95           $

              Waiting for the right home to come on the market?
  Daily e-mail or faxed report on new listings of homes in your selected area.

                                                                                 NOW OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK

      Randy Novak
    Home 874-2030 Office: 219-874-7070 • Toll Free: 800-680-9682
    Graduate Realtors Institute
  Accredited Buyer Representative
                                  Call or e-mail me at                269-469-5950
                                          Your friend in the business.               R ED A RROW H WY., U NION P IER , MI
  T        123            Licensed in Indiana & Michigan. To serve you better!
Page 30   August 21, 2003
August 21, 2003   Page 31
Page 32                                                                                                   August 21, 2003
                                                                Professional and Personal Growth Classes
       PERFECT RETREAT                                             Purdue University North Central’s Office of
       SURE TO INSPIRE                                          Continuing Education is offering a variety of not-
                                                                for-credit classes that will help persons establish
     YOUR CREATIVE SPIRIT                                       and attain their personal and professional goals.
                                                                   The fee for each class is $129. Persons signing up
                                                                for more than one class receive a 10 percent discount
                                                                for each class. Persons signing up with a friend will
                                                                both receive a 10 percent discount and do not need to
                                                                enroll for the same class. These classes are offered at
                                                                PNC’s Valparaiso Academic Center, 600 Vale Park Road
                                                                   Creative Thinking and You – Mondays, Sept. 8,
                                                                15 & 22 from 6 to 8 p.m. This class is designed to help
                                                                develop behaviors and skills that stimulate creativ-
                                                                ity. Many people believe they have lost touch with the
                                                                creativity they explored as a child. This is not true,
                                                                everyone can be creative if they know how to stimu-
                                                                late their senses.
                                                                   Communicating with Skill – Mondays, Oct. 6,
                                                                13 & 20 from 6 to 8 p.m. This course will expand the
                                                                abilities and talents that will improve communication
                                                                with others. Communication can be a complex process
                                                                that demands clarity to get a message across. Good
                                                                communication takes both effort and attention to
                                                                details. This workshop is the first step toward devel-
• Great room and adjoining dining room with lovely arched
    windows, wood floors and beamed ceilings
                                                                oping the skills needed for effective communication.
• Fireplace, wood burning stove and a unique master suite          Learning for Life – Mondays, Nov. 3, 10 & 17 from
    gas stove                                                   6 to 8 p.m. Lifelong learning is crucial to our success.
• Built-in bookcases, nooks and crannies galore                 Business and society are continuously changing, cre-
•    Huge master suite w/library and private, screened deck/    ating the need for ongoing learning and discovery.
     sleeping porch                                             Pursuing life-long learning is a key to a healthy, suc-
•    Private hilltop site overlooking 40 acres of wooded park   cessful and balanced life.
     land                                                          Reaching Success through Self-Mastery-
•    3 Blocks to Lake                                           Mondays, Dec. 1, 8, & 15 from 6 to 8 p.m. This class
                                                                is designed to help develop behaviors and skills that
Adjacent lot w/gazebo available separately w/home buyer
having first option on this bldg site                           will lead to self-mastery. Many people struggle to
                                                                find success only to be disappointed at the results. Some
                                                                people seem to know to how to enjoy life to its fullest.
                                                                This workshop will teach ways to maximize one’s
                                                                potential every day.
                                                                   For information about these or other fall Continuing
                                                                Education courses, phone 872-0527 ext 5343, or visit

                      $389,000.                                                          ORIENTAL PEARL
    BOARDWALK BROKERAGE                                                                   RESTAURANT
               Real Estate Sales                                                         Best Chinese Food in Town
                                                                                        Hong Kong Chef - 32 years experience
           219-878-0000                                                        HOURS:
                                                                  Tuesday-Thursday 11:30 am-9:30 pm
     Pat Bracey                Broker/Owner                       Friday           11:30 am-10:30 pm
                                                                                                       902 Franklin Street
                                                                                                        Michigan City, IN
                                                                  Saturday       12:00 Noon-10:30 pm
    Serving the Indiana Dunes Communities                         Sunday             12 Noon-9:00 pm   (219) 874-1411
                                                                           Closed on Monday
August 21, 2003                                                                              Page 33

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                                                    $1,399       Firmness
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  King, 3 Pc.6HW
    .LQJ Set                  $000      
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                                                                 NOW!             ',6&2817

                                        STORE NAME
Page 34                                                                                                         August 21, 2003                     August 21, 2003                                                                                                                   Page 35
    Let me share with you my experiences during a visit                                                      Visiting the Michigan City 2003 Art Festival                                                                    Continuing, Dolly added, “We have elephant ears
to the 2003 Michigan City Art Festival held at Fedder’s                                                                                                                                                                   this year because a lot of people wanted them. We also
                                                                                                                                    By Jan Van Ausdal
Alley in Washington Park on Saturday and Sunday,                                                                                                                                                                          have popcorn, tacos, nuts, and other things. I hope peo-
August 17th and 18th. On the first day of the show,                        does porcelain jewelry and ornaments and is also                                                                                               ple will take time to eat something here. The park peo-
it was quite hot and humid, but there was a breeze                         known for her cooking. She has been Jack’s partner                                                                                             ple have been wonderful and have bent over backwards
underneath the trees. As Lelde Kalamite, executive                         for seven years and recently returned from a trip to                                                                                           to help us. I’d like to mention especially Darrell, the
director of the Lubeznik Center of the Arts expressed                      her own country, The Netherlands.                                                                                                              Park Superintendent; and also Shannon, secretary;
it, “So far, so good! It’s really a very nice day.” She was                   Angenita said about Jack, “He has been doing art                                                                                            Ulysses and Joel. We thank all of them for helping to
hanging some wet art up on a line to dry and some                          for 27 years and is self taught. He has his very own                                                                                           make the show a success.”
of the paint was also on Lelde. She added, “There are                      style. The other morning he had a dream about art                                                                                                 Dolly said, “We miss artist New York artist Gena
over 90 artists here and many are new. People will get                     and then got up and starting working at it.” The                                                                                               Riley selling her jewelry. She called to say that she
used to the show being held in this location (Fedder’s                     stoneware and porcelain pieces are reduction-fired to                                                                                          can’t come because of the blackout. But maybe next
Alley) instead of in the other place.”                                     2400 degrees in a gas kiln. Glazes are lead-free and                                                                                           year!”
                                                                           food-safe and can be put into the microwave, oven and
                                                                           dishwasher. His whimsical stoneware and colored
                                                                           porcelain sculptures include cats, egghead jars, angels,
                                                                           frogs, and fish.
                                                                                                                                                                Artist Leonard Cross with his metal sculpture.

                                                                                                                         William                                                                                           (l. to r.) Pat Mullaney & her granddaughter, Maggie Mullaney, Maggie’s
                                                                                                                         McCreary                                                                                                        friend, Colleen Dixon, & Marjorie Wiseman at the
 (left rear) Pat & Jeanne Cannon & their children Patrick, Will & Maggie                                                 admires the                                                                                                             Michigan City Artists League booth.
               with Edwin Shelton at the Children’s Art Area.                                                            metal
                                                                                                                         sculpture                                                                                           Visitor Pat Mullaney of Harbert, Michigan, brought
  In the Children’s Area, parents Pat and Jeanne                                                                         musicians                                                                                        her granddaughter, Maggie Mullaney, and Maggie’s
Cannon of Long Beach were watching their children,                                                                       made by Alec
                                                                                                                         Greaves.                                                                                         friend, Colleen Dixon, for their first time at the show.
Patrick, Maggie, and Will who were making masks                                                                                                                                                                           Pat bought a picture by Marjorie Wiseman who was
with the help of Edwin Shelton of the Lubeznik                                                                                                                                                                            at the Michigan City Artists League booth.
Center. “We come every year,” they said. “We’ll be run-                                                                                                                                                                      Then I took a break at a picnic table near the
ning to the mailbox to see if we’re in The Beacher,”                                                                                                    (on left) Sue Scott convinces friend Diane Wantland (in middle)   entrance. Also sitting there was Marge Handel of
they added.                                                                                                                                                 to buy a shawl while artist Kathy Sherrard holds a cape.      Coldwater, Michigan, who is visiting her son in
                                                                                                                                                    from Owings Mills, Maryland. Smadar is the painter                    LaPorte and came to the show, her second in recent
                                                                                                                                                    and her husband works with the fabric. Israeli born,                  years. She purchased a garnet and fresh water pearl
                                                                                                                                                    she uses an unusual technique of fiber composition                    sterling silver necklace and earrings. Bernice Zelnick
                                                                              Nearby, William McCreary of Elkhart was admir-                        and fiber sculptures for the very colorful art.                       from New Hampshire, visiting with her family, also
                                                                           ing the metal sculpture musicians made by artist                            At artist Kathy Sherrard’s booth of her silk designs,              took a break. Bernice and Marge planned to walk around
                                                                           Alec Greaves of Buchanan, Michigan. William said,                        Sue Scott was convincing her friend, Diane Wantland,                  a bit more to see more art.
                                                                           “It’s my first time here and I just came over for the                    to buy a shawl. The Michigan City pair come “pret-                       Rosann and Marty Conroy of Long Beach “try to come
                                                                           art fair which I’m enjoying very much.”                                  ty much every year. It is a great fair and Kathy’s work               every year, because we enjoy this art fair.” They were
                                                                              At the far end of the art fair, Russell Donnellon was                 is gorgeous!” Kathy herself said, “Everything is hand                 looking at a bag made by Kari Morales of Ft. Wayne.
                                                                           entertaining with classical solo guitar music. Located                   painted. I still have the Bucktown Art Fest on Aug.                   Her bags are made from a collage of fabrics with
                                                                           near the music was artist Leonard Cross of Michigan                      23-24 in Chicago and I will be at the Schoolhouse Shop                leather, suedes, and some upholstery fabrics. Each bag
                                                                           City who has a studio at 313 N. Carroll Street in                        in Furnessville, Indiana, on Sept. 20-21.” Other than                 is uniquely crafted to make it one-of-a-kind. Her
                                                                           Michigan City, The Steel Art Gallery, for his metal sculp-               capes and shawls, some of Kathy’s articles include fold-              friend, Stacie Ford, of Rockford, Ohio, has unique
                                                                           ture. Leonard said, “It’s my first year here. I like                     ing straw hats and sun hats, scarves, marbled base-                   millinery designs. One of her hats sported vintage feath-
                                                                           our location near the music. I’ve built two hand-                        ball hats, velvet purses, pins, and earrings.                         ers from Paris while another had coque feathers.
   (on left) Pat & Jim Hurst of Valpo visit with friends Jack Turner and   made, full size cars, which I drive out on the highway.”                    Next I talked to Art Fair Chairman, Dolly Marshall,                Most of Stacie’s hats were quite colorful, and many
                      Angenita of Clayhand Gallery.                                                                                                                                                                       women were enjoying trying on the hats. The two women
                                                                           He did welding since 1966 and has done metal sculp-                      about the event. She said, “We have quite a few new
  Pat and Jim Hurst of Valpo were visiting The                             ture for the past ten years. Leonard’s work includes                     artists. Two women have hats and purses. It’s a love-                 were the best of friends in grade school and have got-
Clayhand Gallery booth of artist Jack Turner and                           furniture, bottle holders, lamps, and decorative acces-                  ly walk in the park. We’re very lucky that we have these              ten back together again. They do about five shows a
Angenita. The Hursts come frequently to the Art                            sories. A visitor to the show was admiring a lamp and                    trees here. You get to look at art and if you buy it, you             year. Kari said, “This is our first one away from home
Fest and to Michigan City where they have a sailboat.                      a mailbox.                                                               get to look at it forever. With your Art Festival tick-               as far as staying in a hotel. Everyone here is so
Jack Turner told me, “I’m the one who built the sand                          Terrie Wagner from the south side of Chicago                          et, you get $5 off the Jazz Festival and can have a won-              friendly. This is definitely a hat town.”
castle which was featured in The Beacher.” Angenita                        bought a piece of art at the booth of Elan Smadar Livne                  derful evening.”                                                                                       Art Festival     Continued on Page 36
Page 36                                                                                                               August 21, 2003
Art Festival   Continued from Page 35                                   her jewelry for about seven years. Julie commented,
   Another artist new to the show was Kevin Heekins                     “Previously, I made stained glass. Now I’m recycling
from Ft. Thomas, Kentucky, with his small sculptures.                   some of the stained glass pieces and also using
Ian Snyder of Angola, Indiana, was admiring this art.                   dichroic glass. My jewelry is fired in a kiln at 1600
Kevin came with his mom who is a glass jewelry                          degrees, 2 to 5 times to make the components. I work
vendor. Kevin’s small items include pewter sculp-                       full time as a mail carrier in St. John, but my passion
tures and chess sets. He uses epoxy putty and works                     is making my jewelry.” Julie has three more shows sched-
with it just like clay. It’s done in steps taking 3 to 4                uled through September.
days, using a vulcanization method and then putting
on an antique finish or paint.

                                                                              Julie Leonhardt (on r.) shows her jewelry to (l. & middle)
                                                                                         Esther Fox and Claire Williams.

                                                                           Another new artist was Barry Barnes of Indianapolis,
   Ian Snyder (on r.) admires artist Kevin Heekins’ small sculptures.   Indiana, here with his fiancée, Chere Hughes. Formerly
  Photographer James Allen French from Niles,                           teaching at Mesa Community College, Barry does func-
Michigan, stood beside his shot of bleeding hearts. He                  tional porcelain clay work. He has teapots, bowls
had many new works to bring to the show. One was                        and other dinnerware. Barry said, “I make everything
an overall view of a type of lupine flowers in a field.                 that’s about serving. I want people to sit down at their
In Texas, they are called blue bonnets. Other photos                    dinner table more often.”
showed beaches with the bluest of skies.

                                                                                     Ceramic artist Barry Barnes with his work.

                                                                          After photographing artist Glenna Adkins’ colorful
     Photographer James Allen French with his bleeding hearts.          work and taking a few shots of the overall art fair, I
  Julie Leon of Griffith was showing her Rula Glass                     reached the end of my roll of film. So it was also the
jewelry to Esther Fox and Claire Williams. She said,                    end of my yearly visit to the Michigan City Art
“So far, so good,” about the day’s sales. She’s been doing              Festival. See you there next year, 2004!
August 21, 2003                                                                           Page 37

    Full Color Printing
         Brochures                           Fliers                         Newsletters
       Annual Reports                    Business Cards                 Promotional Pamphlets

     Free Delivery - Call for Free Quote Today!
                               Design & Typesetting Available

                                                        911 Franklin Street
                                                         Michigan City, IN

                                                          (219) 879-0088
                                                        FAX (219) 879-8070
                        the Beacher Business Printers
Page 38                                                                                                       August 21, 2003

                                                      Meanderin’ with Maggie

   When you visit New Buffalo, you are living on Michigan time.
When you walk down North Whittaker street, you are also in
Michigan Thyme territory, a shopping complex that winds around
the corner. It sets the pace for New Buffalo’s main street in meet-
ing shopper’s needs with the Michigan Thyme Cafe as a wel-
come rest stop.
   Lunch al fresco in the patio, or move inside for a tempting,
sandwich and homemade soup, salad or quiche; linger after lunch
to visit the shops inside. At every turn, you’ll find something
new that says, take me home, you won’t find another like me,
whether it’s trendy clothes for men and women, designer gifts             Michigan Thyme, on the corner of North Whittaker Street.
for the home, or gourmet foods.
   This visit I discovered its Gourmet
Samplers Club; sign-up for yourself or a
friend and receive a pair of Euro-Mugs;
as a club member you can stop in when-
ever and choose from two monthly gourmet
selections that could include a decadent
new chocolate, a delicious mustard or salad
dressing, the latest in pasta, gourmet items
each and every one, along with recipes
and entertaining tips. Here’s an idea for
a hostess gift that says thank you long
after your visit. Find all Michigan
Thyme has to offer under the striped
canopy, a cornerstone of Whittaker Street;
open daily year ‘round.                                                                               Around the corner,
                                                                                                The Michigan Thyme Cafe.
   Another corner landmark on North Whittaker is The Villager, taking
its place where the first log cabin in New Buffalo once stood.
Inside there is nothing old-timey about its array of gift wares;
the store caters to upscale decor and gift items. Displays
wind through rooms of gift items, linens, party ware, back to
the garden room, much more than meets the eye from its sim-
ple sidewalk entrance; a second floor that holds furniture and
furnishings lavished with decorating ideas. My meander
                                          toward the garden area
                                          in back which is a must
                                          when I visit; this time I
                                          stopped when I saw the
                                          display       of    Judie
                                          Bomberger metal sculp-
                                          tures, all whimsical, wild             Judie Bomberger captures the magic of
                                          and wonderful. The artist                Cirque du Soleil in metal sculptures.
                                          began creating in her 50’, fired-up her ex’s
                                          blow torch, gathered steel from a scrap yard,
                                          and dipped into her imagination to create these
                                          conversation starters for home and garden.
                                          . . everything from the magic of Cirque du
                                          Soleil creatures, to a garden streaker, to a
                                          barefoot angel balancing with nonchalance
                                          on a cloud. Visit The Villager just to see them.
                                          They are one of a kind, bound for a col-
                                          lectible gallery.
  The Villager in New Buffalo, two floors of gift                                                         More Judie Bomberger
             ware and home decor.                                                                          in the garden room.
August 21, 2003                                                                                                           Page 39
   If I had a secret desire, it would be to replace all
my assorted china, earthenware, and pottery with Laurie
Gates designs. It would be hard to select which pat-
tern; the designer comes out with new ones every year,
all made in the USA, but created with the flavor of
Africa and Tuscany and Provence. It’s wise to look down
as well as up when shopping The Villager. On a bot-
tom shelf I found stainless steel dog dishes nestled in
wrought iron frames with a matching doggie day
bed. How palatial can it get for pampered pooches?
For pampering your taste for nice things, a cut above,
plan a visit to The Villager, on the corner of North
Whittaker Street.
   Next door, find You’re Invited, a shop that opened
last year with party ware and greeting cards inside;
the windows outside are a message center including                           Dinnerware from designer Laurie Gates:
                                                                        “Hot and Spicy”. . . . .”Sonoma”. . .”Tuscany Herb”
notices of parties like a dress-up bash for “Groovy Girls”,
one of the lines for the younger set the shop carries.
Nice to know the store has found its niche. Welcome,
too, is the entrance of Mr. Beef to the eateries on
Whittaker Street, featuring carry-outs of Italian beef
and sausage. Stroll down to the end of the block and
you’ll find other shops like Fig Leaf and Wallflower
in the Gallery Courtyard. where a winding garden
path takes you to some new places like The Amethyst
Gallery with items for the soul to savor. Nancy’s eatery
has been a landmark on this corner and offers a
shady sit-down spot for casual eating.

                                                                                  Poochie posh in wrought iron.

         New shops like Wallflower in the Courtyard Gallery,
                 Whittaker and Mechanic Street.

                                                                               The Tin Buffalo on Mechanic Street.

                                                                  Go across Mechanic Street and discover the Tin
                                                               Buffalo if pizza is your mind. Enjoy it all, grinders,
                                                               salads, etc. inside or out in the garden when New Buffalo
                                                               school kids have created a lakeshore mural and
                                                               where homegrown tomatoes, parsley and basil go
                                                               right from the garden to the goodies you will eat. With
                                                               bridge, marina basin, and beach in sight, you really
                                                               know you are at the New Buffalo gateway to Harbor
           Pizza and more in the open air if you choose.       Country; meander and enjoy.
Page 40                                                                                                             August 21, 2003
                                                                   Replica Ship Nina to Visit Michigan City

     Steam & Power Show

              47th Annual Show                                     Built in Valencia, Bahia, Brazil, the Nina is an exact replica of a Columbus
                                                                    era caravel, built entirely by hand and using designs and construction
          Labor Day Weekend                                                        techniques dating back to the 15th century.

          FOUR BIG DAYS                                               On Wed., Aug. 27th, the Nina, a replica of Columbus’
                                                                   favorite ship, will open in Michigan City. The ship will
    Friday thru Monday                                             be docked at the Millennium Plaza in Washington Park
                                                                   by the bridge, until her departure early morning
                 “Rain or Shine”                                   Sept. 3rd. This is the last year the ship will be tour-
 ★★★ STEAMBOAT RIDES ★★★                                           ing the U.S. before making her permanent home
                                                                   port in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
    • Steam Traction Engines                                          Built completely by hand and without the use of power
                                                                   tools, Archaeology magazine called the ship “the most
    •Train Rides                                                   historically correct Columbus replica ever built.” The
    • 350 H.P. Allis Chalmers Corliss Engine                       craftsmanship of construction and the details in the
                                                                   rigging make it a truly fascinating visit back to the
    • Sawmill • Light Plant                                        Age of Discovery.
    • 92-Ton Locomotive Steam Crane                                   The Nina was built in Bahia, Brazil by the Columbus
    • Shingle Mill                                                 Foundation which is based in the British Virgin
                                                                   Islands. In 1988, an American engineer and mar-
    • Blacksmith Shop                                              itime historian, John Patrick Sarsfield, began build-
    • Antique Tractors and Cars                                    ing what was to become the first truly, historically cor-
                                                                   rect replica of a 15th century Caravel. The ship has
    • Gas Engines                                                  been touring continually since 1992 as a “sailing
  Flea Market-Snacks or Complete Meals                             museum” for the purpose of educating the public
                                                                   and school children on the Caravel, a Portuguese
  Admission $5.00          - Children Free Under 12 Years of Age   ship used by Columbus and many early explorers to
                                                                   discover the world.
          Friday is Senior Citizen’s Day                              While in port, the general public is invited to visit
     Admission - $2.50 – All gauges of train rides Half Price
                                                                   the ship for a walk-aboard self-guided tour every
                   3 Gauges of live steam train rides              day of the week. The charges are $4/adults, $3.50/senior
                    each thru a different area of our              citizens, and $3/students 5-18 years of age. The ship
                      155 acre museum grounds                      will be open every day from 9 a.m.-7 p.m. Children
                                                                   under 4 are admitted free.
                         Hesston Steam Museum                         The Nina recently completed the seven month
                                                                   2002 Tall Ships Challenge organized by the American
                                                                   Sail Training Association which toured the West
                          East of Ind. 39 - West of Basswood Rd.
                            on LaPorte County Road 1000 N          Coast and is now touring with the Great Lakes Tall
                                      (219) 872-5055               Ships Challenge. For more information, log onto
August 21, 2003                                                                                                                                                                                                    Page 41

                                                             2424 Franklin Street, Michigan City, Indiana • (219) 872-0626


  Information on each property can be
  quickly accessed by typing the Web
  ID here on:

                                               Lake Shore Drive                                  $2,500,000                                 Shoreland Hills                                    $262,000
  Search the largest                           Magnificent lakefront residence with spectacular unspoiled                                   Great Shoreland Hills home just a short walk from Stop 31
  inventory of Chicagoland
  homes for sale.                              lake views from every room. Amenities include a generous                                     beach. Spacious open concept with vaulted ceilings and a
                                               master suite, 3 fireplaces, library, gourmet kitchen, multi-level                            charming fireplace. The wooded setting offers privacy and
                                               decks and a full beach level kitchen. Beachfront living at it’s                              solitude best enjoyed from the private deck. Tastefully
  Log-on to have a current list
  e-mailed to you every week.                  finest!                                                                                      decorated and well cared for.

                                        *Financing provided by Cendant Mortgage Corporation, 3000 Leadenhall Road, Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054. Illinois Residential Mortgage Licensee. Cendant Mortgage is an Equal Housing Lender.
           Look for this icon.           Call for details and restrictions.
                                                                              Chicagoland’s #1 Homeseller. Serving you from over 80 Chicagoland locations.

                                                                                                                     Building Michiana’s finest decks for over 15 years
                                                                                                                       working closely with the homeowner for that
                                                                                                                      custom design. Also specializing in screenrooms,
                                                                                                                     gazebos, walks, patios, stairs, and retaining walls.
                                                                                                                                      (574) 291-1749
Page 42                                                                                                                                                                 August 21, 2003
                                                                                                                        Learn Italian at PNC This Fall
                                                                                                                   Purdue University North Central’s Office of
                                                                                                                Continuing Education offers not-for-credit courses
                                                                                           Since 1945           in Conversational Italian this fall.
                                                                                                                   Aldo Durazzo, a native of Italy, will teach this
                                                                                                                course designed for people who travel to Italy for
                                La Porte, IN                                                                    business or pleasure, or for those who just have a gen-
                                                                                                                eral interest in Italian culture. Italian the Easy Way

      3 Days Only                                                                                               will meet Thursday evenings, Sept. 18 to Nov. 20, from
                                                                                                                7 to 9 p.m. The fee is $199 which includes a textbook.
                                                                                                                   To register for this course or other Continuing
                                                                                                                Education courses available this fall, phone the Office
      August 22nd, 23rd, & 24th                                                                                 of Continuing Education at 872-0527 ext. 5343, or visit
                                                                                                                the Web site at Registration forms
          Come in and receive                                                                                   can also be found on this Web site.
                                                                                                                   Students receive a 10 percent discount when reg-
   Furniture                     Up to                                                       Top Soil           istering for more than one course, or if registering with
                                                                                                                a friend, both receive a 10 percent discount.
                                50% Off                                                    Potting Soil
  Windchimes                                                                                 Mulch
                             in our                                                             &
    Statues               Garden Center                                                       Much
  Birdhouses               & Gift Shop                                                        More                SATURDAY, AUGUST 23
                                                                                                                  9:30 a.m. HABITAT HIKE. Explore different habi-
                                                                                                                tats and the critters that call them home. Meet at the
    Don’t Miss Out on one of the                                                                                Beach Pavilion.
                                                                                                                  11 a.m. PARK PATCH PROGRAM. Visitors age 5
   BIGGEST SALES of the season!                                                                                 and up can earn a patch while enjoying the park
                                                                                                                over a few days. Meet in the Nature Center.
                                                                                                                  2 p.m. CRAFT CORNER. Make a craft to take
   7 Miles East of I-94                                  New Buffalo                              New
                                                                                                 Carlisle       home with you. Meet on the Nature Center Deck.
        on US 20                                                                                                  SUNDAY, AUGUST 24
                                                                          Fail Rd.

                                                  I-9                                                   South

   Open 7 Days a Week                                                                                   Bend
                                                                                                                  11 a.m. PARK PATCH PROGRAM. See description
                                                                U.S. 20
      Mon-Sat 8-5                               Michigan
                                                                                                Light           above.
      Sunday 10-4                                                               St.
                                                                                                                  2 p.m. SAND PICTURES. Create a sand picture to
      219-778-2568                                            LaPorte                                           take home with you. Meet on the Nature Center
                                                                                                                  The Nature Center is closed on Mondays.
                                                                                                                  For more information, phone 926-1390
                                              WILSON                                                            Call The Beacher With Your News


                                                                                                                        (219) 879-0088

                     W                        CONSTRUCTION

                                              & RENOVATION

                           tegrity                                                                                                                       Root, Root, Root
                                                                                                                                                      for the “Home” Team!
                                                                                                                                      TEAM HOR

                                                                                                                                                      For all your mortgage needs
 • Design                                       • Porches • Decks                                                                                             Contact mortgage all-star
                                                                                                                                                      Yolanda Thomas-Davis for great rates and
 • New Construction                             • Windows                                                                                             practical, sensible advice. Call 873-2693.

 • Remodeling                                   • Flooring
                                                                                                                    Horizon Advisor
 • Room Additions                                                                                                                    is
                                                                                                                   Yolanda Thomas-Dav
August 21, 2003                                                                                              Page 43

                                 AL FRESCO!
  Enjoy drinks and dining on our beautiful garden patio accented by lush
   landscaping & a tranquil lily pond with a fountain & waterfall. Fresh
    grilled food & a wonderfully relaxed ambiance is now there for your
    pleasure. Dinner daily and lunch all afternoon, Friday thru Monday

                                                       R ED A RROW H WY., U NION P IER , MI
                                                  NOW OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK!

                                                             LaPorte Hospital & Health Services is
                   Early Detection                                       offering a Free
                    Paves the Way...                                Prostate Cancer Screeening
                                                                       Saturday, September 6th
                    Early Treatment                         at LaPorte Hospital Center for Cancer Therapy
                                                                          8:00am - 1:00pm
                      Wins the Race
                                                                      Pre-Registration is required.
                                                         Call the Wellness Resource Center at (219) 326-2480
Warning Signs                                                      Limited appointments available.
• Need to urinate frequently, especially at night
• Difficulty in starting or stopping urination            American Cancer Society recommends men 50 years and
• Painful or burning urination                          older to have yearly rectal exams and a blood test called a
• Blood in the urine                                    PSA to screen for prostate cancer.
• Inability to urinate                                           African American or Hispanic men or men with a
• Weak or intermittent urine flow                       family history of prostate cancer should begin this
• Constant pain in lower back, hips, or upper thighs    screening at 40.
                                                                 Prostate cancer is the rapid growth of tumor cells in
                                                        the prostate gland. By developing a healthy lifestyle and
    This screening is not appropriate for men
                                                        getting regular checkups, you will be doing all you can to
         diagnosed with prostate cancer.                lower your risk of prostate cancer.
              Funding provided by                           Information about prostate cancer prevention
            LaPorte Hospital Auxiliary                              trial will be available on site.
Page 44                                                                                                                                                August 21, 2003

  Beachside Gardens & Gift Center                                                                AA Cabinets & Counter Tops
 Horticultural                          FOR ALL YOUR GARDENING NEEDS
                                        Daylilies & Hydrangea in full bloom                                                Paul Dimke, Owner
 Construction                           Don’t forget we have annuals all season
  Landscape                              long for that bare spot in the garden
 Maintenance                                                                                                                                              •
                                                  RETAINING WALLS
                                                BRICK PATIOS • DECKS
             Annuals (home grown)              WALK AND DRIVEWAYS                                                                      Custom Laminate Tops
                Perennials galore                SCREENED PORCHES
           Moss lined Hanging Baskets
                  Mulches, Soils         Mosquito Magnet Pro & Liberty Available                                                    Corian • Granite • Marble
              Mushroom compost             3725 E. U.S. Highway 12, Michigan City,IN
            Espoma NaturalFertilizers              1/4 mile west of Hwy. 212                                                           VISIT OUR SHOWROOM
            Shrubs, Trees, Evergreens             Daily 9:00-5:30 • Sunday 10-4
               Italian Clay Pottery                     879-8878
                                            visit us at:               205 Tilden Ave., Michigan City                 a y              219 878-9914

                                              Summer Theatre Season
                                                  at Mainstreet                                       It’s Perfect!
                                                         Theatre                                             60% OFF
Final Show of the Season!                August 20 thru August 23                                        VERTICAL BLINDS
 You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown                                                                          MINI-BLINDS
                 Based on the Comic Strip PEANUTS by Charles M. Schultz
                          Book, Music and Lyrics by Clark Gesner                                         PLEATED SHADES
                           Additional dialogue by Michael Mayer
                       Additional music and lyrics by Andrew Lippa
 Curtain: Wed.-Fri. 8:00 PM                          Matinee Wed., Aug. 20, 2:00 PM     
                                                                                                                                             Also Save On In Stock Fabric
 Saturday 6:00 PM (no 9:00 perf.)                             Sat., Aug. 23, 2:00 PM
                                                 807 Franklin St., Michigan City
 Box Office:                                     
                                                                                                                              Since 1950 Quality Products at Competitive Prices
                                               Group, Sr. Citizens and Student discounts
 (219) 874-4269                  Group dinner/theatre packages • Handicapped Accessible         1102 Franklin St., Michigan City           219-872-7236 • 1-800-949-4530

                                                Residential - Commercial
                                              Saugatuck - Douglas Michigan

                                                   Servicing Indiana &
                                            Michigan Lakeshore Communities

    VON DER HEIDE                              616.857.8035

 PSYCHIC AND TAROT CARD                                                                            IS YOUR CPA YOUR
 READINGS BY CAROL                                                                                BUSINESS PARTNER?
 Personal advice on all matters of life
 Reunite loved ones - Read past, present                                            Hours:
                                                                                                       WE WILL BE.
 & future - prepares you for tomorrow.                                                                           For your complimentary, no obligation copy of
                                                                                  9 am-9 pm                    “Your Accountant – Your Partner,” Call 269.469.9300

     10               00 OFF Special Readings
                                                                                  Mon. - Sat.

                          1 Free Question by Phone
                          Also Available for Private Parties
                  Call for Appointment 879-8501                                                                        CPA & Business Advisory Services
                                                                                                                            23 N. Thompson Street              Now Accepting Business and

                     605 Franklin Sq. • Michigan City,, IN                                                               New Buffalo, Michigan 49117                Individual Clients
August 21, 2003                                                                                                                               Page 45

   FRIDAY, AUGUST 22                                                                        ROOFING CO.
   6:30-8 p.m. LEAVE IT TO THE BEAVER. Join a
ranger for a hike in search of the elusive beaver.
From the brink of extinction, this secretive animal has
reestablished itself as a prominent fixture of the
Calumet River system. Park at Bailly/Chellberg park-
ing lot.
   SATURDAY, AUGUST 23                                                                    • Shingle Roofs
   1-2:30 p.m. SMOKEY BEAR SAYS “BE FIRE
WISE.” Join the world’s most famous firefighter,                                          • Rubber Roofs
Smokey Bear, and his Indiana Dunes Fire Trainees
to learn how to make your home and landscaping “Fire
                                                                                          • Roof Repairs
Wise.” Learn how fire can be responsibly used to
manage natural areas to prevent future wildfires.                                                 3611 E. U.S. Hwy 12
Program will include fire safety activities for the
whole family. Meet at Paul H. Douglas Center for
Environmental Education in Miller, Indiana.
   7:30-8:30 p.m. STEPHEN MATHER OF YOUR
NATIONAL PARKS. Learn about the man who had
the vision to save the national parks. Take part in a
play re-enacting the rush to have Mather’s vision
written into law. Learn of his efforts to create “Sand
Dune National Park” in Northwest Indiana. Enjoy slides
of some of the 387 national parks set to music. Meet
                                                                                         Distinctive Jewelry Custom Designs
in the National Lakeshore Campground Amphitheater.
   1-4 p.m. A’MAIZE’ING CORN. Corn was the sta-
ple of life to the early inhabitants of Dune Country.
At Bailly Homestead, volunteer Eileen Stewart will
demonstrate many Native American ways of using corn.
Volunteers Alice Garba and Angel Gochee-Goins will
cook a variety of ol’ time corn recipes on the Chellberg
Farm wood stove. Park at Bailly/Chellberg parking
   For more information, phone 926-7561, ext. 225.

                          lide N
          r 6hoice tanic S TAI
       fo r C Ti N                                                                        TRUNK SHOW
     2 ou • U K                                                                           August 23rd, 24th
       Y      ats MOE PAR
                                                                     • Bumper Boats

            Bo E UR                                                  • Kiddie Cars

       lf • ADVENT
                                                                     • Mini Golf

     Go C D                                                          • Titanic Slide

                               A                                     • Batting Cages
                                                                                           26 North Whittaker St., New Buffalo, MI • 269.469.0220
          Ca               y
                                          7297 W. U.S. 20            • Go-Karts                                 OPEN DAILY
                                                                                     • toll free 1.888.469.1011
                                           Michigan City
                                          Just East of Johnson Rd.
                                                                     • Video Games
             Coupon expires 8/30/03
        Not good with any other promotion (219) 872-3441                             B
Page 46                                                                                                     August 21, 2003

    foodstuff by carolyn m connell             c                                    A Blueberry Weekend

          There’s an old song titled Billy Boy. The first verse begins: Oh, where have you been, Billy Boy,
        Billy Boy, Oh where have you been, charming Billy. The 4th verse is about his woman, sort of like:
        Can she make a cherry pie, Billy Boy, Billy Boy; Can she make a cherry pie, charming Billy

   Billy Boy is now in Michigan City, on Freyer Road                thud. Not so, with Aggie. She resisted such an enor-
and his woman is making blueberry, not cherry, pies.                mous and unfamiliar life change their first year here
Loaded with blueberry bushes, the farm is also full                 and at the same time, assumed her charming Billy
of interesting people, a great deal of work and other               had gone crazy.
garden products.                                                       It hasn’t been easy. The place was full of junk,
                                       Bill (er, Billy Boy)         tires and asphalt; the grass was as tall as the blue-
                                    and Aggie Cipolla               berry bushes, and of course, the citified Cipollas
                                    have tended the beau-           knew nothing about farming. But city characters are
                                    tiful property for sev-         ordinarily tough, so it didn’t take long for them to become
                                    eral years now.                 experts. For one, they joined a group of 50 or 60
                                    They’re Chicagoans,             standard berry farmers from Indiana and Michigan
                                    tried and true. Bill,           and quickly learned a lot about researching the care
                                    son of a Sicilian immi-         of blueberry bushes and how to prosper in the local
                                    grant who called him            climate.
                                    Billy Boy (thus, the               They learned that Billy Boy’s is in a great location,
                                    name of the patch),             proximate to Lake Michigan. Although most blueberry
                                    grew up in a hous-              farms were in weather-trouble last year, this year they’re
                                    ing project on the              blossoming – at least, Billy Boy’s is. The season gen-
                                    city’s north side, mar-         erally lasts from mid-July until late August, but
                                    ried Aggie and after            requires constant preparation throughout the entire
                                    rearing two sons,               year. While Bill continues his week-day work as a futures
                                    decided he wanted to            trader at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Aggie moves
                                    commune with some               to the Indiana farm for the summer. After that first
                                    space out in the coun-          questionable year, she is completely enthralled with
                                    try, for a change. Back         her new life here. Bill gleefully rushes in on Fridays,
       Aggie and Charming Billy     in 1997, he saw an              with fellow trader Clint Pedersen who has taken on
ad in a real estate booklet for the 75-year-old blueberry           the job of further perfecting the large Billy Boy prop-
farm formerly owned by a Michigan City-ite. He                      erty. Clint has planted vast and beautiful gardens of
promptly decided it should belong to him and Aggie.                 both vegetables (potatoes, peppers, eggplant, toma-
And upon joyfully exploring the property, his city                  toes) and flowers (gladiolas, wild flowers along with
blood pressure dropped drastically with a happy                     herbs), some of which you’ll find are for sale in the farm

                                                   Sarah Kanyer and the blueberry
My daughter Jane, enjoying Billy Boy's farmz              jams and jellies                       Clint-of-all-trades Pederson
August 21, 2003                                                                                                        Page 47
stand. And it didn’t take long for Clint to MOVE             with Jerry’s girl friend Juliane, to help deal with
here from the bustling city and he’s now a daily             the berry pickers-customers. The future? Bill says he
Hoosier commuter to his Chicago job. Formerly from           still wants to “die in the city” – loves Chicago, but will
Idaho, a talented hunter and fisherman, he’s definitely      always enjoy coming out to this, his second home. Aggie
a Clint-of-all-trades and loves being a Hoosier, work-       wants to retire out here. Since that first year of dis-
ing/playing with blueberries. In case you’re inter-          may, she is totally in love with our territory.
ested, he’s also an expert at sending groundhogs to
the ivory gates.
   There are two pretty girls at the counter of the Billy
Boy Barn. Sarah and Amy Kanyer grew up around here,
and visited the blueberry farm every summer, pick-
ing those goodies with their mom Meg. They were
delighted to be hired as counter girls two years ago.
They now provide u-pick paraphernalia or fresh blue-
berries to their customers. In the beginning, hundreds
of pounds of those fresh berries would sell out early
in the day, leaving additional customers with empty
buckets, much to their dismay. These days, hired
pickers stock up the berry supply, to get them through
the weekend. Jams and honeys are also available. Aggie
bakes marvelous pies and muffins to sell at the Barn
and at Michigan City’s Saturday farmers’ market –
most of the buyers are regular customers/berry                  Three more blueberry loving Kanyers -- Meg, Amy and little Grace
addicts.                                                        A couple of Aggie’s recipes are below. When ready
   Every once in a while, a bunch of little kids comes       to use blueberries, do not wash until ready to use, and
out to Billy Boys on a bus from inner-city Chicago.          store (preferably in a single layer) in a moisture-
They’re from housing developments like the real              proof container in the refrig for up to 5 days. If you’re
Billy Boy grew up in. And like him, they are enormously      pressed for time and must wash them in advance, then
pleased with the great open space here in the Michigan       arrange the clean berries on a baking sheet lined with
City farm. They run up and down and around the berry         paper towels, cover with more paper towels, and
patches, turn hoses upon each other instead of open-         refrigerate for a short time.
ing a fire hydrant in the city. They love it out here as
much as our blueberry neighbors do. Each weekend,                      BLUEBERRY BLENDER NOG
the Cipolla sons Jerry and Paul travel to Billy Boy’s            For each 8 oz. serving, blend 1 egg, 3/4 cup milk,
                                                               1/4 cup blueberries and 1 T. honey. Chill and

                                                                              BLUEBERRY CRISP
                                                               3 c. blueberries
                                                               2/3 c. brown sugar
                                                               1/2 c. quick-cooking oats
                                                               3/4 tsp. ground cinnamon
                                                               cooking spray
                                                               2 T. lemon juice
                                                               1 T. all purpose flour
                                                               1/4 tsp. salt
                                                               Preheat oven to 375º. Spread blueberries in the
                                                               bottom of ungreased 8” square pan. Sprinkle
                                                               berries with lemon juice. Mix remaining ingredients
                                                               together, except cooking spray. Sprinkle mixture
                                                               over berries. Spray top with cooking spray for about
                                                               6 to 8 seconds. Bake for approximately 30 min-
                                             Billy Boy's       utes or until top is lightly browned. Serves 6.
                                             residence has
                                             more decks        Billy Boy’s Blueberry Barn, 650 Freyer Road,
                                             than house
                                                             Michigan City
                                                               To be continued, in next week’s Beacher. You’ll
                                                             hear about the Blueberry Festival in South Haven,
                                                             MI. Yes, I did indeed have a very berry weekend.
Page 48                                                                                                August 21, 2003
 Open Yourself
                                  • Therapeutic massage                             by Paula McHugh
                                     • Acupuncture clinic
                                         • Chinese herbal      Cars, Cars, Cars                                    medicine
                                    • Ayurvedic Medicine
                                                                  Until recently, I thought that the websites I’ve
                                                               told you about in this column generally fit into the
                                                               androgynous category. Then I received an anony-
 Wellness!                                   • Brain Gym®
                                   • Coaching for Health
                                                               mous email that complained that I have been “biased
                                                               towards websites appealing more to women than
                                            • Feldenkrais®
                                                               men.” Excuse me? And all this time--more than 2 years
 The Massage Therapy &
                                                               of weekly columns--I thought I was being objective about
 Wellness Center is the                • LaStone Therapy
                                                               my subjectivity.
 area leader in providing                 • Healing touch
                                                                  So, in the interest of fairness, I searched around the
 professional wellness                  • Personal fitness
                                                               Web for sites I normally would not give a hoot about.
 programs. If you have                           • T’ai Chi
                                                               Like power car sites.
 experienced holistic care,                  • Reflexology
                                                                  When I take one of my many road trips, I enjoy most
 you’ll be impressed by the      • Programs for business,
                                 including chair massage       looking at rural landscapes. After reviewing a few web-
 exceptional quality and scope                                 sites this past week, I discovered that what I may see
 of our services. If you’ve           • Masssage therapy
                                           and LaStone at      as a blight upon the landscape--notably wrecked cars
 never even had a massage                   Harbor Grand       half-buried in weeds and long-forgotten--is considered
 before, try us. Wellness is             • Gift certificates   by some car buffs as a feature worth seeking, worth
 the total you!                     • Pregnancy Massage        taking pictures of (and posting to a website), and
                                                               drooling about how such wrecks could be restored to
 1026 North Karwick Road                                       their former glory. And speed.
 Michigan City, Indiana 46360                           , a website subtitled “Rotting
 219-879-5722                                                  American Muscle,” posts photos of abandoned or
 At The Harbor Grand Hotel
                                                               nearly abandoned rusted beaters found in front yards,                                  back yards, fields and woods and driveways across
                                                               America and Canada. The website declares that
                                                               these former beauties “can’t be bought and are just
                                                               rotting away in the dirt” and “the owners are gonna
                                                               restore them someday--yeah, right.”,
                                                               along with TransAmTragedies (
               Send a Copy of                                  Ralph’s Cars in Yards (now called RalphsRapid
                                                      Rotting Fairlaines (
    THE                                                        and Junkyarding (
                                                               will satisfy the wistful daydreams of a certain segment
                                                               of the population--most certainly skewed to more
                                                               male web surfers than females. I say that with an air
                                                               of authority because advertises its
                                                               very own tee-shirt for sale, modeled by a hottie, of course.
       to a Friend or Relative                                 So, anonymous email sender, I hope that my mention
                                                               of these sites this week satisfies your request for a more
      BEACHER SUBSCRIPTION RATES                               balanced choice of mentions in CyberScribbles. Just
                                                               don’t look for any columns here about fly fishing

              Six Months .............$16.00
              One Year................$28.00

                                                                Grille on Elm
                                                                              Thursady, Friday, Saturday
                                                                                Sunday and Monday
                  911 Franklin Street
                                                                                   5 pm till 10 pm
                Michigan City, IN 46360                                                   Michigan Time
                                                                                please note new hours of operation
             Phone: 219/879-0088                                          What’s the special? email
               Fax: 219/879-8070
                                                                         13 S. Elm Street, Three Oaks, Michigan
          E-mail:                                             269.756.7519
August 21, 2003                                                                                                                   Page 49
anytime soon.
   If I have to rate the above-mentioned websites, I
would give an extra star to TransAmTragedies because
the quality of the photos are much better than
Carsinbarns‚ site (it has a beat and, um, you can                           ´)LQH 'LQLQJ DW LWV %HVW LQ D %UHDWKWDNLQJ
dance to it). And the Ford Fairlanes at FairlaneAcres                          &DVXDO $WPRVSKHUHµ
are in good shape, so they are not such a blight on the
landscape. has very good qual-
                                                                     )HDWXULQJ $ZDUG :LQQLQJ &KHI /HLI 5HHVH
ity photos, too. Websites like these just prove that any-            *UDGXDWH RI :RUOG 5HQRXQG ³ /D &DUGRQ %OHX´
thing and everything can be found on the World Wide
                                                                  6RPH RI RXU DSSHWL]HUV IHDWXUHG DUH
Web, and your time-waster may not necessarily be my
                                                                  a :DUP :KLWH %HDQ 3XUHH ZLWK JRDW FKHHVH WUXIIOH RLO
timewaster when it comes to choosing favorite web-                a 2YHQ %DNHG %ULH ZLWK IUXLWV DQG UDVSEHUU\ FXUUDQW UHGXFWLRQ
sites.                                                            a :DUP $SSOH 6WLOWRQ 3XII 7DUWOHWW
   Links from one of the above sites (I can’t remem-
ber which) leads to the most entertaining of the                  6RPH RI RXU HQWUHH·V IHDWXUHG DUH
                                                                  a %DFRQ :UDSSHG )LOHW ZLWK DSSOH VSLQDFK FRQIHLW
bunch, Click on the one-liners and you’ll            a 6HDUHG 'XFN %UHDVW ZLWK KRQH\ DQLVH
see what people do to add custom atrocities to their              a &UXVWHG /DPE &KRSV ZLWK PLQW SHVWR
vehicles. The commentaries beneath each car spotted               a 'LYHU 6FDOORSV GHJOD]HG ZLWK EORRG RUDQJH DQG SLQRW JULV
by a beaterz’ staff member is funny and entertaining.             a %ODFN 6HVDPH &UXVWHG 6DOPRQ LQ JLQJHU EURWK UHGXFWLRQ
                                                                  a /LQJXLQH ZLWK 1HZ =HDODQG PXVVHOV DQG VSLF\ WRPDWR EURWK
I can recommend for both males and
females, anonymous. The website may be a time                                  /LYH (QWHUWDLQPHQW 7KXUVGD\ 6DWXUGD\

waster, but it beats Joke of the Day for a giggle or two.                        /XHOOD *RLQV ´1RVWDOJLF 3LDQR 6W\OLVWµ
   A link from led me to an SUV satire
page ( This is a website I could               /LQFROQZD\                         0RQGD\ DP  SP
love. The only time I can appreciate an SUV from the                  /D3RUWH ,1                         7
                                                                                                     7XHV7KXUV DP   SP SP  SP
driver’s seat of my little Prizm standard transmission                                                 )ULGD\ DP  SP SP  SP
                                                                                                           6DWXUGD\ DP  SP
is when I’m parked beside one at a gas station. You
                                                                    +LVWRULF 'RZQWRZQ /D3RUWH          6XQGD\ DP  SP SP  SP
paid what for a tank of gas? Gee, I filled up for only
$10. But alas! My glee evaporates as soon as I find
myself parked between two of those super size mon-
sters and I have to inch my way out of a parking space
praying I won’t get reamed. If you can relate to my
dilemma (or joy at the gas station), then you are
sure to enjoy the SUV satire page.

  (Send questions or comments to left2write@hot- with “cyberscribbles” in the subject head-

     Free Yoga
          F o r    b e g i n n e r s
                  Tuesdays 6pm
         Starts September 9-October 28

     Yoga Classes for all levels                                       OPEN 7 days at 5 p.m.
    also...YogaKids     classes ages 4-9 registering now!
           Call now for information and class schedule or visit                          219/872-4500
                                                                       521 Franklin Street, Michigan City
Page 50                                                                                                    August 21, 2003

                                                                                  Diggin' in the Earth
                                                                                           with Maggie Beyer

                                                                 Scratch my previous complacency. My deer with the
                                                              munchies does not prefer only hybrid daylilies. The
                                                              common ones have had their day in the sun and are
                                                              gone, gone, gone, along with the others. There is
                                                              however, another way to go in deer deterrents, accord-
                                                              ing to Clark’s Secret Garden which has a brochure on
                                                              deer resistant plants. The operand words here are “deer
                                                              resistant”, not “deer proof”. Their advice is to maxi-
                                                              mize the odds in the favor of gardens by using plants
                                                              that have scents, taste and other properties that
                                                              deer abhor. Makes sense. Think of all the tricks a child
                                                              will go through to avoid broccoli once it decides this
                                                              veggie is abhorrent. I had a child that didn’t like, no
                                                              abhorred, lima beans. When I moved and the dining
                                                              room table was upended, I found little dried up husks
                                                              of something that I’m sure were lima beans, tucked
                                                              up on the cross bars that held the table together,
                                                              hidden there who knows when.

            Now in New Buffalo

                                                                     Perennials are now planted in my new little courtyard,
                                                                            along the walk that leads to the pond.

                                                                 Back to deer deterrents. The trick, the brochure says,
                OPEN 7 DAYS                                   is to include plants in the garden that mask the
          Late Nights • 10 am - 2 am                          scent of palatable plants with those of highly aromatic
    Italian Beef $5.00           Giardiniera • Mozzarella     herbs and shrubs, plants that have sticky saps, and
                                                              grasses and sedges with sharp fibrous blades, or
  Italian Beef & Sausage                  Soft Drinks         hairy or prickly leaves that cause deer considerable
        Combo $6.00                      Bottled Water        discomfort when consumed. Some plants that deer might
   Italian Sausage $5.00                Italian Lemonade      avoid (there is a disclaimer that you won’t know
                                                              what works on your deer, in your area, until you try
           Buy Three Get One FREE                             them): achillea, ajuga, allium, anemone, snapdragon,
          Buy Two Get One Mini FREE                           astilbe, barberry, bergenia, buddleia, boxwood,
                         with this ad                         marigold, clematis, cleome, bleeding heart, foxglove,
                                                              ferns, forsythia, ornamental grasses, lavender, liriope,
           WE NOW HAVE PIZZA                                  monarda, nepeta, pachysandra, persicaria, salvia,
 108 N. Whittaker St. • New Buffalo, MI        269-469-6955   spirea, lamb’s ear, thyme, vinca, vitex, yucca. This is
                                                              just a sampling of the plants listed.
August 21, 2003                                                                                                      Page 51
   I cannot give them my full support. I have astilbe
and persicaria planted where my deer do their munch-
ing and though they don’t eat the blossoms, it hasn’t
stopped them going after the daylilies nearby. Clark’s
which keeps an active web address asks for input on
what deer are eating in your yard to add to the list
of known deer delectables that include: DAYLILIES
AND HOSTA (I can vouch for these as my gentle
readers know); also, hollyhocks, geranium, sunflower,
impatiens, iris, lobelia, peony, phlox, rhododendron,
roses, rudbeckia, sedum, tulips along with euony-
mous, ivy, hollies, and yews among many more. As the
brochure states, it just gives you a fighting chance to
plant the deer-resisters to safeguard the rest.

                                                                7KH (DVW 6KRUH RI 3LQH /DNH
      Take a hillside, add some stone, and look what happens.


                                                                  )RU WKH EHVW LQ ORGJLQJ
                                                                                               Enjoy an eclectic array of
                                                                                                Appetizers & Salads.
                                                                                               Entree selections include
                                                                  HQWHUWDLQPHQW GLQLQJ             Filet Au Poivre
                                                                    YLVLW WKH (DVW 6KRUH            Rack of Lamb
                                                                                                  Choices of Seafood
                                                                        RI 3LQH /DNH               Pasta & Chicken
                                                                    DINING OUT                

                                                                    in the region                  Seating for Dinner
                                                                     5HYLHZHG E\                  Wednesday - Saturday
                                                                 -DQH 3KLOOLS 'XQQH                5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
                                                                7KH 7,0(6 1HZVSDSHU              Phone (219) 362-5077
                                                                                                  (Reservations recommended)
                                                                       ¶¶$ QHZ VWDU
              Topiary trees from Clark’s line the walk.               LQ WKH UHJLRQ··                 Located in
                                                                                                 The Blue Heron Inn
   I promised a look at some major stonework in local              LeCabernet offers          Pine Lake Avenue, LaPorte
gardens when I wrote about the little job Dan Healy                a fine food setting
had done to transform a problem area in my garden.
                                                                                                “Indulge in Elegance”
Here’s one of his big jobs that transformed a wooded
hillside nearby. It’s not the scale, but the transformation
                                                                        (800) 575-3880 • (219) 362-5077
                                                                           1110 Lakeside St., LaPorte, Indiana
that matters.                                                           visit our website at
   And so it is.
Page 52                                                                                August 21, 2003

  Jessica Tampas Photography, Ltd.                  E-mail:


                                             2501 Oriole Trail, Long Beach

                                               We are planning to host a Remember When
                                            Party in our Historical Room this fall and are in search
                                            of individuals interested in sharing what they recall
                                            about the Town of Long Beach from its founding
                                            days to present. If you would like to be included on
                                            the guest list, please contact the Center at 879-3845
                                            and leave a message with name, address, phone and
                                            area of expertise.
                                               A big Thank You to Shaun Armour for present-
                                            ing his art work here in our gallery last month. He
                                            sold three pieces during the event and contributed 20%
                                            of his sales to the Center. Anyone interested in host-
                                            ing a show may use our gallery space at no charge.
                                            We welcome all media, group presentations, and we
                                            will help you promote your exhibit. This is a great place
                                            to begin sharing what you do with the community.
  Chicago, Illinois            Michigan        The Michigan City Beach Communities book
   312.942.1905             269.469.7337    is selling like hot cakes. Thank you to Barbara Stodola
             for providing us with the stroll down memory lane and
                                            for the great fundraising opportunity. It’s always
                    interesting to hear the stories that inevitably come
                                            back to life when someone wanders in to pick up a copy
                                            here at the Community Center.
                                               We also have Long Beach sweatshirts and posters
                                            available at a cost of $30 each and are happy to meet
                                            you most anytime to pick up your choice, including
                                            weekends. Please phone for an appointment.
                                               COMMUNITY = COMMUNICATION IN UNITY

                                              BOOKSTORE                        by Jeffrey Eugenides
  Gourmet Salsa, Gifts & More                                                  oversize paperback $15.00

  GRAND OPENING                                             219/879-3993
                                              1203 LIGHTHOUSE PLACE      MICHIGAN CITY
               AUGUST 29TH
          Rubs • Marinades • Gifts
  Daily Drawings for Baskets and/or Gifts

    Dishes • Wreaths • Clothing & More

            HOURS DAILY 10-8
                In the Court
      110 C N. Whittaker, New Buffalo
August 21, 2003                                                   Page 53

 Want Peace of Mind when away from your home?
                                      Install a HONEYWELL
                                      HOME COMMUNICATION
                                      SYSTEM that allows you
                                      to keep tabs on your
                                      home’s indoor temperature
                                      year around with just a
                                      simple phone call.

             HE                         For more information
   MICHIANA                                  call today!
   MECHANICAL    INC                     (219) 874-2454
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Page 54                                                                                                                        August 21, 2003
Travels with Charley:
          Topping off a Self-Guided Architectural Review of Kalamazoo
by Charles McKelvy

   I went to Kalamazoo, Michigan recently for the sim-
ple purpose of conducting a self-guided architectur-
al tour and thus returning with a full wallet.
   Alas, because I was not accompanied by my frugal
wife Natalie, I returned with a camera full of archi-
tectural images of the “Celery City” and — yes — an
empty wallet.
   But, hey, I had one stylin’ new hat perched upon my
big head.
   Allow me to explain:
   I had gone to Kalamazoo, as I often do, to visit the
good Sisters of St. Joseph at their Transformations
Spirituality Center in the sylvan suburb they call
Nazareth. (Please refer to THE BEACHER of September
27, 2001 for all the details on that place of peace
near Kalamazoo.)
   Okay, so after winding up my business at Nazareth
early on a Friday afternoon, I decided to head west                                Take the train to Kalamazoo, and this lovely station will be your
                                                                                                      architectural welcome mat.
a short ways to downtown Kalamazoo and see if I might
possibly produce a tantalizing feature for y’all on a                          called “Ransom”. Despite the street’s name, there
self-guided architectural tour of the center city.                             was no ransom to pay, because, unlike the nearby down-
                                                                               town area, the street was not lined with parking
                                                                                 I knew Natalie would be proud of such a thrifty move,
                                                                               and so I moved purposefully south toward down-
                                                                               town, first stopping at the train/bus station to snap
                                                                               some photos of that handsome portal to Kalamazoo.
                                                                               Yes, if you ever take the bus or train to Kalamazoo,
                                                                               that lovely red-brick building with the tile roof will
                                                                               be your first sign of welcome to what the natives
                                                                               call Ka’zoo.

                                                                                                                                        The Rose Street
                                                                                                                                        Market is
                                                                                                                                        housed in this
                                                                                                                                        stylish building
The Sisters of St. Joseph have their own divine word on Kalamazoo archi-                                                                on — yes —
tecture with their Transformations Spirituality Center in suburban Nazareth.                                                            Rose Street.

  Yes, I have spilled gallons of aromatic BEACHER
soy ink on the many attractions of Kalamazoo, but I
have not shed a drop on the hidden and not-so-hid-
den architectural wonders of the central city.
  At least not until now.
  And now let me assure you, gentle readers, that on
that recent Friday afternoon in question, I parked my
car just north of Kalamazoo on a brick-paved street
August 21, 2003                                                                                                       Page 55
                                                      The Lawrence & Chapin
                                                      Building graces the corner
                                                      of Rose and Water
                                                      streets. It was built in

                                                             You’ll find the W.A. Doyle
                                                                      Building just down
                                                             Michigan Avenue from the
                                                             Fifth Third Bank Building.
   So far so good, and better still as I walked south                    prodigiousproduction of that vegetable. (Please note
along Rose Street and photographed the vintage                           the article in the August 8, 2002 issue).
buildings that line the west side of that aptly named                      I decided to check out the the interior of one of
street between W. Kalamazoo Avenue and W. Water                          Kalamazoo’s skyscrapers, the Fifth Third Bank
Street.                                                                  Building on W. Michigan Avenue between Kalamazoo
                                                                         Mall and Portage Street, and was I ever glad I did,
                                                                         because the magnificent lobby is worth a trip to
                                                                         Kalamazoo alone.
                                                                           Built in 1929 as the Kalamazoo Trust & Savings
                                                                         Bank, and designed by Leery & Alford Co. of Chicago
                                                                         (now Miller Davis), the building is a blend of Classic
                                                                         and Renaissance forms with some trend moderne

                                                                            The entrance to
                                                                             the Fifth Third
        Looking north along Rose Street from Water Street.                 Bank Building on
                                                                               W. Michigan
   Oh, I was so proud of myself and my as-yet full wal-                        Avenue near
let.                                                                       Kalamazoo Mall.
   I could feel the spirit of Natalie looking down on me
with approval. Hey, I don’t call her “Natalie Numbers”
for nothing.
   I continued snapping as I walked hither, thither and
yon on W. Michigan Avenue and a few blocks farther
east on E. Michigan Avenue. I even took extra time
to frame a decent shot of the magnificent W.A. Doyle
Building in the Haymarket District on E. Michigan
Avenue, duly noting that it was built in 1891 when
Kalamazoo was truly the “Celery City” because of its                                              Kalamazoo   Continued on Page 56
Page 56                                                                                                                   August 21, 2003
                                                                            One of them said: “Sure, as long as you buy us all
                                                                          a drink.”
                                                                            Uh oh!
                                                                            Where was Natalie when I needed her? I mean talk
                                                                          about temptation:
                                                                            Friday afternoon, young attractive women, a full
                                                        Artist Otto       bar — wow!!
                                                       Stauffenberg of      Don’t worry, I remained true to my wife of 26 years
                                                       Germany            and my mission. I snapped the windows and beat a
                                                       worked for         hasty retreat with my wallet and marriage intact.
                                                       more than 600        But then, as I strolled south along the beautifully
                                                       hours to create
                                                       this master-       restored Kalamazoo Mall, I got to feeling that I was
                                                       piece inside the   due for some kind of reward.
                                                       Fifth Third          And so I presently found myself at the southern most
                                                       Bank Building.
                                                                          end of the mall, window-shopping at a store called C’s
                                                                          Perfect Tie & Accessories. Now, I am all for those ladies

Kalamazoo     Continued from Page 55

thrown in for good measure. But the crown jewel is
the main lobby which was painted by Otto Stauffenberg
of Hamburg, Germany in the manner of Michelangelo,
which is to say Herr Stauffenberg surely must have
had one wickedly sore neck when he was finished.
   Bank officials kindly allowed me to photograph
his masterpiece, but digital imagery does not do it jus-
tice. You simply must see it for yourself.
   Just as I had to walk around the corner and see for
myself the slab glass, or “dalles de verre,” windows
created for the Union Cabaret & Grille by artists
Joan Hector and Toni Smith who were featured in the                        You’ll find hats and accessories for ladies and gentlemen at C’s Perfect
July 10, 2003 issue of THE BEACHER.                                                Tie & Accessories at the south end of the Kalamazoo Mall.
   There were some young women seated at the bar
of the nightclub which is operated by nearby Western
Michigan University, so I asked them if I could pho-
tograph the windows, especially since I knew the

                                                                                                                                 A sampling of the
                                                                                                                                 selection at C’s
                                                                                                                                 Perfect Tie &

 Joan Hector and Toni Smith created these slab glass windows for the
                       Union Cabaret & Grill.
August 21, 2003                                                                                                                                     Page 57
                                                                                 the neoclassical rotunda. If it looks at all familiar, that’s
                                                                                 because Hayden’s 800-foot-long SKY’S THE LIMIT
                                                                                 enchants travelers passing through the United Air ter-
                                                                                 minal at O’Hare.
                                                                                   And, since I was wearing such a cool new hat, a librar-
                                                                                 ian with taste gladly allowed me to take some pho-
                                                                                 tographs inside the library and then urged me to
                                                                                 return many times to take in all the other architec-
                                                                                 tural wonders that his fair city has to offer.
                                                                                   I assured him I would, and, just to be safe, I

      Clarence Gardner (left) puts the author in a stylish new hat at
         C’s Perfect Tie & Accessories in downtown Kalamazoo.

and their red hats, but I am also for covering gentlemen
with hats of many colors, particularly this gentleman
who, at the time, was wearing a worn, black ballcap.
   I deserved a break that day, and I got it when the
store’s owner, a charming gent named Clarence
Gardner, assured me my wife wouldn’t kill me if I bought
a proper hat because they were having a proper sale.
   And so I saved “Natalie Numbers” a good $30 by
purchasing a $50 hat for a mere $20.                                                               Exterior of the Kalamazoo Public Library.
   She didn’t look at it that way.                                               promised that I would have my wife in tow. More like-
   No, she looked at as our being out $20.                                       ly, Natalie will have her hands around my neck as I
   Period.                                                                       saunter down the mall to check out my friend Clarence
   End of story.                                                                 Gardner’s latest line of hats for stylish gents like
   Except, she let me keep the hat, and she absolute-                            me.
ly insisted on accompanying me on my next trip to                                   Oh, and so you know, here’s who to contact for
Kalamazoo for a little self-guided admiration of archi-                          more information about what to see and do in down-
tectural wonders.                                                                town Kalamazoo: Downtown Kalamazoo Inc. by phone
   In closing, allow me to open to you the magic that                            at: 269/344-0795, e-mail at: or visit their
artist Michael Hayden wrought at the Kalamazoo Public                            web site at:
Library at 315 S. Rose Street.                                                      And do tell them that that stylish gent in the cool,
   Admission, as Natalie will quickly inform you, is                             new hat sent you by way of I-94 east to Westnedge
free, and you will surely marvel at Hayden’s holographic                         Avenue and north on Westnedge to downtown archi-
collar that defines and colors the skylight crowning                             tectural attractions.

                                                                                 Old Fire Station Number Four at the corner of Burdick and Ransom still has
A view of level two at the central library in Kalamazoo at 315 S. Rose Street.   a bell in its tower. It was built in 1887 and no longer serves as a fire station.
Page 58                                                                                  August 21, 2003
                                                                  Activities to Explore
                           Root                         In the Local Area:
                  Funeral Home                          August 20-23 — “You’re a Good Man, Charlie
                                                     Brown.” Festival Players Guild production at the
  WILLIAM H. ROOT • THOMAS W. ROOT • BRIAN W. ROOT   Mainstreet Theatre, 807 Franklin St. Wed-Fri @ 8 pm;
                                                     Sat @ 2 & 6 pm. Wed. matinee @ 2 pm. Tix $12/week-
    A locally owned and operated funeral home
                                                     days ($6/students high school and below); $13/Fri &
    serving Michigan City and the Beach Area         Sat. ($6.50/students high school and below). Phone 874-
          by the Root Family since 1938.             4269 for reservations.
                                                        August 21-24 — In-Water Boat Show at Washington
       Pre-Arrangement consultation available
                                                     Park. Aug. 21 is Michigan City Day; residents admit-
                  at no obligation.                  ted free. Adm. $8/adults, $1/kids 12 & under. Thurs
                                                     & Fri, noon-8 pm; Sat, 10 am-8 pm; Sun, 10 am-6 pm.
                                                     Log onto for more info.
                                                        August 21-25 — “Winged Migration.” Academy
 312 East Seventh Street                             Award Nominee for Best Documentary. Thurs. 9:15
 Michigan City, IN 46360                             pm; Fri, Sat & Sun 1:45 & 9:30 pm; Mon 9:15 pm.
 (219) 874-6209                                      “Together.” Winner Florida, San Francisco, Trebica,
                                                     DC Fim Festivals. Mandarin language w/Eng. sub-
                                                     titles. Thurs 6:30 pm; Fri, Sat & Sun 4 & 6:45 pm;
                                                     Mon 6:30 pm. Vickers Theatre, 6 N. Elm St., Three
                                                     Oaks, MI. 269/756-3522 or
                                                        August 22 -- Bookmarks at Noon at MC Public
                                                     Library. Free. Unless by Carol Shields to be reviewed.
                                                        August 22-23 — Farmer’s Market at the Schoolhouse
                                                     Shop. Furnessville. Just north of US 20. 10 am-4
                                                     pm each day. Info 219/926-1551.
                                                        August 22-23 — “The Grouch” a new musical at
                                                     The Acorn Theater, Three Oaks, MI. Curtain 8 pm (MI
                                                     time). Tix $15; phone 269/756-3879. Ages 13 & up.
                                                        August 22-24, 28-30 — “The Laramie Project.”
                                                     Presented by the 4th Street Theatre, 125 N. Fourth
                                                     St., Chesterton. Curtain 8 pm, except Sun., Aug 24
                                                     @ 3 pm. Adm. $10. Reservations 219/926-7875.
                                                        August 22-24, 29-31 — “La Cage Aux Folles.”
                                                     Dunes Summer Theatre production. Curtain 8 pm on
                                                     Fri & Sat; 7 pm on Sun. Tix $15/adults, $12/senior cit-
                                                     izens & students. Reservations 879-7509.
                                                        August 23 — Farmer’s Market. 8th & Washington
                                                     streets, Michigan City. 7:30 am-1 pm.
                                                        August 23 — Purdue University North Central
                                                     new student orientation. 8:30 am-1 pm on campus.
                                                     Free, but register at 872-0527, ext. 5505.
                                                        August 23 — Harbor Country Music in the Park
                                                     series: “Swing Shift.” 20+ pc. group featuring jazz. 7
                                                     pm (MI time) in Dewey Cannon Park, Three Oaks, MI.
                                                     Bring lawn chair or blanket. Free. Info 269/756-3544.
                                                         August 23-24 — Heart of Art Outdoor Gallery
                                                     Show at Lighthouse Place Premium Outlet, Michigan
                                                     City. During Mall hours.
                                                        August 24 — International Friendship Gardens
                                                     Annual “Garden Tea.” 2 pm. The Three Tenors Minus
                                                     Two” will provide entertainment. Assorted menu.
                                                     $20 per person; reservations : 872-0235 or 878-9885.
                                                        August 24 — Door Prairie Auto Museum 8th Annual
                                                     Antique & Classic Car Show. 9 am-3 pm. No fee to enter
                                                     show. Judging done by other registered entrants.
                                                     Food available; gift shop sale & special admission into
                                                     museum for the day. 219/326-1337.
August 21, 2003                                                                                  Page 59
   August 26 — Harbor Country Book Club. 7:30 pm
(MI time) at the Harbor Grand Hotel, New Buffalo.                    203 Shadow Trail
To be discussed: Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf, and
The Hours by Michael Cunnigham.                                   Michiana Shores, Indiana
   August 27 — “Nina” ship to visit Michigan City at                                    • Complete
Millennium Plaza in Washington Park. Columbus                                             remodel 1996
ship replica. Self-guided tours 9 am-7 pm. Adm.                                         • 3 bedrooms/
$4/adults, $3.50/sen.cit.; $3/students 5-18. Kids under                                   4th possible
4 admitted free. See story this issue.                                                  • 21⁄2 baths
    Places to Visit:                                                                    • Oversized
   Barker Mansion, 631 Washington St., Michigan City.                                     detached
Guided tours on Mon-Fri, 10 am, 11:30 am. Adm.                                            garage
$4/adults, $2/kids 18 and under, free/kids under 3.                                     • Large wooded
   Beverly Shores Depot Museum and Art Gallery. In                                        lot
the Gallery: artists Valerie Taglieri & Ron Wenekes-                                       $
”Twilight Fragment.” In the museum: photo exhibit
of the old Beverly Shores School. Phone 871-0832.                      By appointment only
   Door Prairie Auto Museum. Located one mile south               219-871-0614 or 219-874-4057
of LaPorte on US 35. Hours 10 am-4:30 pm, Tues-Sat;
noon-4:30 pm Sun. 219/326-1337 or www.dpauto-
   Great Lakes Museum of Military History, 360
Dunes Plaza, Michigan City. Info 872-2702 or on the
web at
                                                            It Doesn’t Get Any
   LaPorte County Historical Museum, county com-
plex in downtown LaPorte, Indiana. Hours 10 am-4:30
pm, Tues-Sat. Adm. free; donations welcome. 219/326-
                                                            Cleaner Than This.
6808, ext. 276 or
   Lubeznik Center for the Arts, 720 Franklin St.,
Michigan City. Interim location until new building is
ready. Phone 874-4900. New exhibits: Emerging
Artists and Recent Work by Area Artists Association.
    New Buffalo Railroad Museum, 530 S. Whittaker
St., New Buffalo, MI. Open Mon-Fri, 9 am-5 pm;
Sat-Sun, 10 am-3 pm (MI time). Info 269/469-5409.
   Old Lighthouse Museum, Washington Park, Michigan
City. Open Tues-Sun, 1-4 pm. Adm. $2/adults, $1/kids
grades 9-12, 50 cents/kids grades 1-8, free to preschool-
ers. Group tours available, phone 872-6133. Closed
January and February.
   Rag Tops Museum of Michigan City. 209 W. Michigan
Blvd. A collection of classic, antique & unusual vehi-
cles & memorabilia. Open every day 10 am-7 pm. Adm.
$6/adults, $5/sen.cit., $4/kids, free/under 3. 878-1514.
   The Depot of Beverly Shores Museum and Art
Gallery, 525 Broadway, Beverly Shores, IN. Adm.
                                                                 Since 1962
free, donations welcome. Open Sat. & Sun, 1-4 pm from
May-November. Info 871-0832.
    Farther Afield:
   August 23 — Mill Pond Festival, Union Mills,
Indiana. Sat 10 am-noon; Sun 7 am-midnight. Parade
& fireworks on Sat, chicken BBQ, hog roast, rides,
games, bingo, tractor pull, golf shootout. Pancake
breakfast on Sun. 219/767-2730.
   Through September 14 — “Linda McCartney’s                     New • Used • Repair • Parts
Sixties Portrait of an Era.” Photo exhibit by the late      1406 Franklin Street • Michigan City, IN
wife of Beatle Paul McCartney. At the Ella Sharp
Museum, 3225 4th St., Jackson, MI. 517/787-2320 or                      (219) 879-8248
log onto
Page 60                                                                                                           August 21, 2003

   New Construction, Remodeling, Interior/Exterior,
                                                                   On August 21, 1680, New Mexico’s Pueblo Indians
   Custom Woodwork Finishing, and Drywall Repair                   succeeded in driving the Spanish out of Santa Fe.
                                                                   On August 21, 1858, the first of the famous Lincoln-
                         Jay Harris                                Douglas debates took place.
                                                                   On August 21, 1878, in Saratoga, New York, a group
 Home: (219) 879-7935                     Cell: (616) 836-0215     of lawyers, law professors, and judges founded the
                                                                   American Bar Association.
                                                                   On August 21, 1951, Congress authorized con-
                                                                   struction of the “Nautilus,” the world’s first atomic-
                                                                   powered submarine.
            DELARME TILE                                           On August 21, 1959, President Eisenhower offi-
                    &                                              cially proclaimed Hawaii to be the fiftieth state of the
                                                                   United States, and a new 50 star flag was unfurled
                  STONE                                            at the White House.
  Stone                                                            On August 22, 1818, the “Savannah,” the first
  Porcelain                                                        steamship to cross the Atlantic, was launched at
  Ceramic                              PH# 219-326-6832            Savannah, Georgia. She left Savannah on May 22, 1819,
                                                                   and docked in Liverpool, England, on June 20, 1819.
  Grout Staining                      FAX# 219-326-9150            The ship was driven by steam for a total of between
  32 Years Experience / 22 Years On The Lakefront                  80 and 105 hours. Sails were used the rest of the time.
                                                                   On August 22, 1846, the Territory of New Mexico,
                                                                   formerly part of Mexico, was annexed by the United
                                                (219) 872-5555     On August 22, 1902, in Hartford, Connecticut,
                                                                   Theodore Roosevelt became the first American pres-
                                                                   ident to ride in an automobile.
                   POSTON                                          On August 22, 1911, in Paris, Leonardo da Vinci’s
                PLUMBING, INC.                                     “Mona Lisa” was stolen from the Louvre. The paint-
                                                                   ing was recovered two years later in Italy.
                    “When Quality Counts”
           Commercial - Residential Installation & Repair          On August 23, 1838, America’s first college for
                                                                   women, Mt. Holyoke Female Seminary, located in
                                                                   the Massachusetts town of Hadley, graduated its
                                      9896 W. 300 North, Bldg. C   first students.
 Jeff Poston                             Michigan City, IN 46360
 MC/VISA                                    FAX (219) 872-5647     On August 23, 1923, the first real comedians of
                                                                   radio broadcasting, Billy Jones and Ernie Hare, billed
                                                                   as “The Happiness Boys,” went on the air for the
                                                                   Happiness Candy Company.
                                           New Construction        On August 24, 1814, British troops invaded
                                              Remodeling           Washington, setting fire to the Capitol and the White
                                            Room Additions         House.
                                                Windows               39                                                    Parking
                                                                               THE WOODWORKS                                 access
                                                                                                                             in alley
        307 Sunset Trail                                            on 35   QUALITY HAND CRAFTED OUTDOOR FURNITURE behind
                                                   Trim             1 Mi.     Gazebos • Decks • Fences - General Contractor store off
       Michiana Shores, IN                                           on              Penofin quality exterior wood finish   Wardner
        (219) 874-6224                           Decks               Left                                                      Ave.
                                                                            219-324-3152 • 241 PINE LAKE AVE • LAPORTE
      Tom Wagner serving the beach area since 1994                  a                        GIVE US   A   CALL                 y
August 21, 2003                                                                                                         Page 61
On August 24, 1869, Cornelius Swartout received a
                                                                                                     1361 E. 86th Pl.
U.S. patent for the waffle iron.                                                                     Merrillville, IN 46410
On August 24, 1956, the first nonstop transcontinental     Outdoor Living…Indoors
                                                                                                     (219) 736-8515
helicopter flight was completed. It covered a dis-          Independently Owned And Operated
tance of 2,610 miles in 31 hours and 40 minutes.                         for                            Showroom Hours:
                                                              Call Now
On August 24, 1959, Hawaii’s Daniel K. Inouye was                FREE rvey,
                                                                     u                                   Tuesday-Friday
                                                             In-Hom imate And
sworn in as the first Japanese-American member of           Price Est Preview!                              8:30-4:00
                                                              Dig ital
the House of Representatives.                                                                             Saturday 9-2
                                                                                                       Monday & Evenings
On August 25, 1718, French immigrants founded the
                                                                                                         by appointment
city of New Orleans, naming it in honor of their own
Duke of Orleans.
On August 25, 1830, a much publicized race took place
between a railroad locomotive, named “Tom Thumb,”
and a horse-drawn carriage. The locomotive broke down,
allowing the carriage to win by default.                    “Your wood floor specialist”
On August 25, 1875, Captain Matthew Webb became             HULTMAN FLOORING, INC.
the first person to swim across the English Channel.                           • Design • Installation • Refinishing
It took him 22 hours to cover the distance from Dover
to Calais, France.                                                                          You Are Invited to Stop By Our
                                                                                          Studio & Browse Through Our Wide
On August 25, 1916, The National Park Service                                             Variety of Wood Flooring Selections
was established as a branch of the Department of
Interior.                                                                             (219) 926-1966
On August 25, 1918, Leonard Bernstein, American                                35 E. Hwy. 20 • Porter
composer, conductor, and pianist, was born in Lawrence,           Old world craftsmanship for new world concepts
Massachusetts.                                                   MEMBER OF THE NATIONAL WOOD FLOORING ASSOCIATION

On August 26, 1346, artillery is said to have been
used for the first time in a major battle. It occurred
in the “Battle of Crecy,” in northern France, during
the “Hundred Years War.”
                                                             You Need It - We Rent It
                                                           General Rental. Inc.                        Saws
On August 26, 1884, Ottmar Mergenthaler received                                                      Sanders
                                                                  225 E. Garfield St.                  Drills
a patent for his linotype machine.
                                                                           872-9177                    Air
On August 26, 1974, aviator Charles Lindberg died
(in Hawaii) at the age of 72.
                                                                                                   Concrete Tools
On August 27, 1908, Lyndon B. Johnson, 36th                                                            Jacks
President of the United States, was born near the Texas                                              Generators

town of Stonewall.
On August 27, 1910, Mother Teresa, who would
win the 1979 Nobel Peace Price for her work with the        BOB CAT                       TRENCHER                SCAFFOLDING
poor of India, was born in Skopje, a region that would
later become Yugoslavia;
On August 27, 1938, at a poetry reading by Archibald
MacLeish, a jealous Robert Frost set fire to some
papers to disrupt the performance.
                                                                SUNSHINE CLEANING SERVICE
 46202 ROYAL
 MI 49117       Ph./Fax 269-469-6616 • Cell 219-561-1028

                                                             If You Don’t Have The Time, Let Us Get The Grime!
 GEN. REPAIRS                                               Free Estimates               219-898-1396             Fully Insured
  CARPENTRY      INSURED           RICK C. SPARKS, Owner
Page 62                                                                                                            August 21, 2003
                                                                                              LBCC Ladies Golf
         Many Thanks to All Our Lake Shore Customers
                                                                                               9 Hole League
                    for Their Continuing Business
                                                                                                   August 14, 2003
    QUICK SERVICE PLUMBING,                                                                   Championship Flight
 HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING, INC.                                              Low Net:
                                                                               2nd Low Net:
                                                                                                                   Linda Wilson
                                                                                                                      Jan Plecki
 (219) 362-0157 or Toll Free (888) 499-1559                                    Low Putts:       Marci Meyer, Donna Hennard (tie)
 Complete Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Sales and Service.                        Event                                   Peg King

 • Repair or replace underground water or sewer                                                     “A” Flight
   lines using DIRECTIONAL BORING or AIR POWER                                 Low Net:                               Sarah Blank
   MOLE without distrurbing your lawn or landscaping.                          2nd Low Net:          Joan Lincke, Gloria Caine (tie)
 • Repair or replace plumbing in older homes,                                  Low Putts:                              Bobbi Blank
   remodeling, room additions, including gas lines.                            Event:                              Adele O’Donnel
 • We have the most modern sewer cleaning inspection                                                “B” Flight
   equipment plus leak testing for underground                                 Low Net:              Jan Duffy, Barb Bearsdle (tie)
   water lines, including line locating and camera                             Low Putts:                             Mary O’Neil
   inspections.                                                                Event:                                  Sally Allen
 • We sell & install Armstrong & Janatral furnaces and
   air conditioners.                                                                                “C” Flight
 • We service ALL brands of furnaces and air                                   Low Net:                              Marge Cullen
   conditioners                                                                2nd Low Net:                       Mary Rose Berger
                                                                               Low Putts:                          Marianne Bruce
      Competitive Rates - Senior Citizens Discounts                            Event:                                Betty Duggan
     60 day to 1 year warranty on most Service Work
      1 Hour Minimum Service Call - Travel Time 1 Way - Sorry, No Credit       Sunken Approaches:          Adele O’Donnel #2
                Insured, Bonded, LIC. #PC81038838                                       Lori Diemand #10, Marianne Bruce #16

                                                                                               18 Hole League
                                                                                                 August 12, 2003

                                                                                            Event: Pro Point Tourney
                                                                                             Winner: Terry Deming

                                                                                                    “A” Flight
                                                                               Low Gross:                Mary Sheridan, Peg King
                                                                               Low Net:                             Marci Meyer

                                                                               Low Putts:                           Susan Roule

                                                                                                    “B” Flight
                                                                               Low Gross:                              Marge Walsh
                                                                               Low Net:                                 Joan Lincke
                                                                               Low Putts:                                Jayne Krol

                                                                                                    “C” Flight
                                                                               Low Gross:                              Dorie Mertz
                                                                               Low Net:                           Barb Macudzinski
                                                                               Low Putts:                          Adele O’Donnell

                                                                               Birdies:      Mary Sheridan #14, Missy Grams #12

• Free Estimates • References                                                        New Location For Coffee Shop
• Fully Insured • Lifetime Warranty
• Member Better Business Bureau of Michiana                                      The popular 212 Coffee Shop, located next to
                                                                               Chuck’s 212 Bargain Center, closed their doors last
                   Foundation                                   Call           week with a goodbye party in anticipation of the
                                                        1-800-668-2026         restaurant’s move to a larger building at 4938 W. U.S.
                   Repair Service                        219-325-9237          20, next to the flea market. The new name will be
                    Locally Owned and Operated       Chuck’s Wildwood Inn and the owners hope to be serv-
         #1 Choice in USA & UK                    ing dinners in a few weeks besides breakfast and lunch.
August 21, 2003                                                                                                                                 Page 63
                                                                                 The Michigan City Fish & Game Club, 3091 East Michigan Blvd.,
                          CLASSIFIED                                             Michigan City. No one is refused for lack of donation. Donation is $5.00
                CLASSIFIED RATES - (For First 2 Lines.)                          + tobacco. Bring a drum or rattle if you have one. Also, a pillow or blan-
1-3 ads - $7.00 ea. •• 4 or more ads - $5.50 ea. (Additional lines- $1.00 ea.)   ket to sit on. Any questions, call Laura, 219/878-1769.
PH: 219/879-0088 - FAX 219/879-8070. -Email <>              THE FELLOWSHIP ASSEMBLY OF GOD CHURCH is sponsoring a one
              CLASSIFIED ADS MUST BE RECEIVED BY                                 day seminar r for high school students, ages 14 to 19: “HOW TO BE
     10:00 A.M.ON MONDAY OF THE WEEK OF PUBLICATION                              SUCCESSFUL IN SCHOOL,” on Saturday, Aug 30th, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.,
                                                                                 at the Fellowship Assembly of God Church, on County Line Road and
                   PERSONAL SERVICES                                             Highway 20. Topics include GET ORGANIZED FOR ACADEMIC SUC-
NEED A NERD? - We offer personable, responsive on-site PC repair and             CESS, TECHNIQUES FOR NOTETAKING, HOW TO USE YOUR TEXT-
network services to area homes, professional practices, and small busi-          BOOK, AND HOW TO EARN THE RESPECT OF TEACHERS. - Call
ness. Call 269-469-5088, or                                  219/873-9192
   Spade/neutered. Great personalities. Please call 219/879-0975.
                                                                                             HEALTH & PHYSICAL FITNESS
                                                                                         • • • MASSAGE THERAPY & WELLNESS CENTER • • •
                                                                                  Therapeutic Massage • Acupuncture * Brain Gym • QiGong Classes •
 Experienced, ordained minister will create and officiate a ceremo-               Reflexology • Healing Touch • Feldenkrais® • Personal Fitness Training
    ny that reflects your dreams and ideals. Any location. Rev.                                   Dog Massage Classes • Gift Certificates
           Rebecca Armstrong, M. Div tel: 888-80-RITES                                     
                                                              Call 219/879-5722.
   CAN REPAIR MOST “WINDOWS” BASED HOME COMPUTERS.                                           ACUPUNCTURE CENTER — Dr. Jennifer Huang
               Call 219/362-7543 for more information.                                    • Board Certified Acupuncturist. Chinese Medical Doctor
RENT A HAND - Need a hand around the house moving heavy items,                                  from China. More than 20 years experience.
          help doing chores, or running errands, and more.                            1026 N. KARWICK ROAD - MICHIGAN CITY - 219/879-2100.
 Call RENT A HAND - 219/767-2274. We help people who need help.
                                                                                      HANDYMAN-HOME REPAIR-PLUMBING
               LEARNING - INSTRUCTION                                               QUALITY CARPENTRY: Expert remodeling of kitchens, bathrooms.
                 PUBLIC SCHOOL MUSIC TEACHER.                                      Also: doors, windows, skylights, ceramic tile, drywall, decks & repairs.
            Lessons / Entertainment — Call 219/872-1217.                                         Small jobs welcome. Call Ed at 219/878-1791.
                    BALLROOM DANCE LESSONS                                          HANDYMAN - Antenna service. Phone & TV jacks. House wiring.
        At 4:00 p.m. ‘til 5:00 p.m. Would like to start 8/17/03.                     Sinks. Toilets. Countertops. Carpentry. Full house rehab work.
    Learn the dances One at a Time - 4 Weeks per dance - $30.00                                     Beach Stairway Repair & Refurbishing.
  Sign up now by calling 219/362-3698, ask for Patty, or leave mes-                              DR. TOM’S SERVICE CLINIC - 219/778-4036
                 sage, and I will return the call ASAP.                                           ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
             (Intermediate Group Sundays at 5:00 p.m.}                                                         HIRE Sue’s HUSBAND
                (Private lessons by appointment only0                                Is your list of household repair & maintenance projects growing?
                  8872 W. 125 S. - LaPorte, IN 46350                              Small jobs welcome. - Quality Work. — Call Ed Berent @ 219/879-8200.
          (Rund alongside Purdue North Central Campus)                                            ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
     EXPERIENCED TUTOR - Math and Science Fundamentals.                                                        J’S GUTTER SERVICE
     For More Information and References, Call (219) 879-6145.                    Gutters and downspouts cleaned and repaired. Reasonable prices.
                                                                                     219/879-5253 — FREE PICK-UP SERVICE for usable/unwanted
             CLEANING - HOUSEKEEPING                                                  household articles, or what have you - yard & garages sales.
      FINISHING TOUCH: Residential & Specialty Cleaning Service                                                      219/879-5253
               Professional - Insured - Bonded - Uniformed                                     ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
          #1 in Customer Satisfaction. Phone 219/872-8817.                                              GARAGE DOOR NEED REPAIR?
   CLEAN FOR A DAY CLEANING SERVICE - Home or Business                                       Call Tim - 17 Years Experience — 219-879-4061.
        Pressure Wash Decks & Houses — Insured & Bonded                                        ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
    Call Wendy at 219/861-0458. — Email                                                  D & J CONSTRUCTION
    PERSONAL TOUCH CLEANING — Homes - Condos - Offices.                           All types of siding. Soffit, fascia, decks, roofing - including rubber.
      Day and afternoons available. - Call Darla at 219/879-2468.                             Concrete flat work, painting, etc. Fully insured
           When You Want Perfection - Insured & Bonded                                               For Free Estimate Call 219/851-2722.
               J.P’S HOUSE, DECK & BOAT CLEANING                                                                      HANDYMAN
                Home, Business, Rentals, Construction                                         Painting - Odd jobs — Call J.P at 219/878-9967.
            J.P. 219-877-7300 — Email:                          WILL INSTALL windows, doors, siding, decks. Will also do plumb-
     SMILIN’ STOP 2 BEACHER - Reliable cleaning lady avail for                           ing, and hang, finish & paint drywall. Also framing, etc.
                commercial & residential. Reasonable.                                                        Call Bob at 219/716-0049
         Excellent local beach references. Call 219/874-8264                       DIVERSIFIED SKILLS & LABOR SERVICES - 25 years experience,
                    BEACHSIDE HOUSE CLEANING                                      specializing in hoe improvement. Easy Rates For All Needs, includ-
   Serving The Beach Community - Reliable. References available                  ing the delivery & assembly of household furnishings, etc. Free esti-
                      Call Shelly at 219/362-4189.                                 mates & discounts for seniors and disabled. Lawn maintenance,
                                                                                   landscaping, painting, decks, weatherproofing, flooring, roofing,
                           HOME CLEANING                                            doors, windows, gutters, kitchen & baths, sidewalks, driveways,
           Call Leann for residential rates — 219/872-6587.                                                          black topping
TWO DEPENDABLE WOMEN, Working as a Team to clean your                                 Call 219/879-4735 for anything you need. Thanks in advance.
home. References & have own supplies. We do anything, from orga-
  nizing to deep cleaning. Free estimates. Call 219/874-8348. Leave                             GENERAL CONTRACTORS
                                 message.                                                      ATTENTION PROPERTY OWNERS
                                                                                                    NEW ON THE BLOCK
                                                                                    MJM GENERAL CONTRACTORS - 219/926-5052 - 219/808-9366
                   References — Call 219/324-5446.
                                                                                      20 YEARS EXPERIENCE RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL
PICTURE PERFECT - Professional home cleaning with a personal touch.                      NEW - REMODEL - ADDITIONS - HOME REPAIRS
     Call Lisa Kay - 219/873-1894 - for a free in-home consultation.                             FROM CONCRETE TO ROOF
        FINAL TOUCCH — House cleaning. Window washing.                                   WE WELCOME SMALL JOBS - FREE ESTIMATES.
                  Painting & yrd work. - 2/9/879-1429.
                               EVENTS                                                THE A & L PAINTING COMPANY — INTERIOR & EXTERIOR
CHEROKEE PIPE CIRCLE - Everyone Is Welcome To Come Pray & Sing.                          20-YEARS EXPERIENCE References. Reasonable.
2ND Monday Of Each Month; SEPT. 8TH/OCT 13TH. - 7:00-9:00 p.m.                       We also Power Wash, Seal & Paint Decks. Ph. 219/778-4145.
Page 64                                                                                                                   August 21, 2003
     PROFESSIONAL FINISHES - 219/326-6175, or 219/363-1812                                    • • • CAPPY’S LAWN CARE • • •
            Interior/exterior Painting - Wallpaper removal                           Spring Clean-Up • Free Estimates — 219/874-3580.
                   Pressure Washing - Deck Sealing
              20 Years experience - references available                             EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES
                      BENJAMIN MOORE PAINTS                                      • • ATTENTION DRIVERS - NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY • •
  JEFFERY J. HUMAN INTERIOR/EXTERIOR PAINTING & STAINING                     TMC Transportation needs drivers. $650 Guaranteed weekly, poten-
                                                                             tial to earn $900 per week, or more, and still be OFF WEEKENDS!!!
     Custom Woodwork - Custom Decorating - Hang/Finish Drywall
                                                                                          FOR CDL TRAINING, CALL 1-800-882-7364
           25-Years experience. Insured. Ph. 219/326-8512.
                                                                                         IN NEED OF CHILDCARE FOR ONE YEAR OLD -
                                                                                 Non-smoker. Days (Mon/Fri). Prefer our home, but will consider
               Small Jobs Welcome — Call 219/874-5279
                                                                                      beach area home. Call evenings ONLY. - 219/873-9020.
ALL BRIGHT PAINTING - Interior/exterior. Satisfaction guaranteed.
                                                                                   Opportunity for Creative Experienced Cook. 4-5 Days/wk. No
Free estimates. Licensed & insured. 219/879-7199.
                                                                               evenings. Pleasant environment. Good Pay & Benefits. Resume to
    WARREN PAINTING & PRESSURE WASH - Interior & Exterior.                      Café at Michigan Thyme. 107 N. Whittiker Street, New Buffalo, MI
    Decks washed & sealed - Free estimates — Call 219/872-6424                                                49117
       Maidena Painting has expanded to include remodeling.                                WANT TO BUY OR SELL
     Same great quality, competitive prices. Clean, careful work.                          ART & OFFICE SUPPLIES (FIRME’S)
                 Call 219/861-9888 for free estimates.                         (2 Stores) 11th & Franklin Streets, Michigan City - 219/874-3455
    UNFINISHED PAINTING PROJECTS? Just didn’t get to it this                       Highway 12, Beverly Shores - Just West of Traffic Light.
           summer? Call Rich Robertson at 219/879-4684.                                           BEDDING CONNECTION II
QUALITY PAINTING - 10 Years experience. - int/ext - from Gary to New                                  2701 Franklin Street
                                                                                                      By The Train Tracks
Buffalo. Call Frank for a free estimate. 219/879-1545. Leave message.
                                                                                                 Your One Stop Bedding Shop
        LANDSCAPE-Lawns-Clean Up, Etc.                                                                   219-879-3742
       — H & D TREE SERVICE and LANDSCAPING, INC. —                            ARMOIRE 4-POSTER BED, TRIPLE DRESSER, Light Pine -$500.
      Full service tree and shrub care. Trimming, planting, removal.                                  Call 219/872-6587.
          Firewood, snowplowing, excavating. — Call 872-7290.                   BLACK METAL TUBULAR BUNKBED with mattresses & sheets.
                            FREE ESTIMATES                                                      Like new. $100. 219-878-9967.
                HEALY’S LANDSCAPING & MATERIALS                                       STREET PAVING R BRICKS — Good for Walkways
                                                         and Driveways. - .50¢ to $1.00 - Call 219/878-3837
                              219/879-5150                                             ANTIQUE SLOT MACHINES, for private use only.
         218 State Road 212 — Michigan City, Indiana 46360                         Call (Chicago Connection) ask for Dick — 219/872-4358.
             LARGEST SELECTION OF STONE IN AREA                                                PLAIN AND FANCY ANTIQUES
       Limestone - Granite - Quartzite - Bluestone - Sandstone                       5395 W. Johnson Road, LaPorte, IN — 219/362-5277
      Veneers - Mexican Beach Stone - Boulders - Outcropping                                  Buying & Selling Quality Antiques
       Slate - River-rock - Flagstone - Wall Stone - Fieldstone.                                   “Lots of Lodge/Cottage”
                                                                                                     TWO GRAVE SITES
                      INSTALLATION AVAILABLE!                                            Swan Lake - Best Offer — Call 219/874-7273
                       CALL NOW FOR SPRING!                                       Sofa, Coffee Table, 2 End Tables, 2 Table Lamps•••$395.00
                Snowplowing & Firewood AVAILABLE                                           Or Sofa Only••••Or Tables & Lamps Only
                   $ # JIM’S LAWN SERVICE $ #
      Call for your 2003 Spring Clean-Up and Mowing Service                   EXECUTIVE STYLE COMPUTER DESK - CONCEALED CPY STOR-
           Free Estimates - 219/874-2715. Leave message                           AGE. Concealed monitor shell. Pull-out keyboard shell.
                          # # THINK FALL # #                                      3 Drawers. Large work are - $90.00 — Call 219/874-4652
                    Let Us Be Your One-Stop Store                             WANT TO BUY A COMPETITIVE ROAD BICYCLE - 24/25 “ Frame.
                 Mulches - Topsoil - Rock’s - Boulders                                            Call Zoe at 269/469-3285.
                   Same day delivery in most cases                                       SAY GOOD-BYE TO HIGH PHONE BILLS.
    We also provide maintenance (Commercial and Residential)                  New local phone service, with free unlimited nationwide long dis-
             H&S SERVICES —2621 E. US HIGHWAY 12                                      tance. Call 877/430-4518. Local agents needed.
                     (Across from Karwick Plaza)                                 LOOKING FOR LOG OR ANTIQUE BEDROOM FURNITURE
                            Call 219/872-8946                                              (KING SIZE BED) - Call 773/472-7316
            ADNAN’S BEST SERVICE -SENIOR DISCOUNT                                                   REAL ESTATE
 Yard Clean-Up - Mowing - Ext. Power Wash Stain & Sealer , Build                    COMMERCIAL - RENTALS/LEASE/SELL
 decks. Free Est. 1-877/651-9178, 219/878-1563 Leave message.
                                                                                           GOLDEN SANDES STORE AND LOCK
3:3:4:3:3:4:3: 3:4:3:3:4:3:3:
                                                                                4407 E. U.S. 12 (@ Hwy. 212) Michigan City, IN. 219/879-5616.
                                                                               OFFICE SPACE AVAILABLE IN POPULAR HACIENDA BUILDING
      Custom landscape design & installation. Tree & shrub planting.
                                                                                              Sizes from 720 SF up to 1750 SF.
   Compete Lawn Renovation, i.e., Seed & Sod - Mulch & River Rock.
                                                                                           For more information call 219/874-8748
 Retaining Walls & Planters: Rock. Block Flagstone Timbers. Railroad ties.
                 Drain Tile Installation for Water Control                                         RENTAL INDIANA
                    Brick patios — Driveway designs                                            HOUSE FOR RENT IN LONG BEACH
   High tolerance tree and stump removal — Tree and bush removal                3/BR. Across from lake. Great view & beach. Call 219/874-8692.
               Insured and References - Senior Discount.
                                                                             LONG BEACH COZY 4/BR HOUSE AT STOP 15 (Across from Beach)
                        ONE CALL DOES IT ALL
                                                                                    Fireplace and Large Deck. No pets. Call 708/579-1745.
                                                                             LONG BEACH HOUSE FOR RENT - Great location, very close to beach
                                                                             and park. 4/BR, 2/Bath. A/C. W/D. New kitchen w/DW. Deck w/BBQ. Cable
 Custom Landscape Design & Installation - Tree & shrub planting
                                                                             TV. - Avail after 8/16/03 - Short/Long term. — Call 312/953-9570.
      Visit our 13-acre Garden Center & 7,000 sq.ft. Gift Shop
     Retaining Walls - Brick Patios - Walks - Driveway Designs                             COTTAGE FOR RENT IN MICHIANA SHORES
                  Yard Clean Ups - Stone Driveways.                                   Fireplace. Loft. Deck. Big Yard. — Call 219/879-1299
 Redd, Brown, Hardwod, Log chip mulches, Top soil, Wash stone,               SHERIDAN BEACH - Spectacular 3 bedroom house overlooking lake.
Rock & Boulders, Plus 12 Decorative Stone. — Same Day Delivery. -            4 decks, fireplace, 2 car garage w/storage. Long-term rental starting
 Open 7 Days - Phone 219-778-2568 — 1551 E. US Hwy 20, LaPorte               Sept. 1 $1,400/mo. Furnished or Unfurnished 630-852-5414
August 21, 2003                                                                                                                              Page 65
                 ##############                                                           CHARMING LONG BEACH TWO STORY HOME
                   DUNESCAPE BEACH CLUB                                           Stop 20 - Newly redone - 4/BR, 2/Bath. Furnished - No Pets.
           LAKEFRONT CONDOS — 2 and 3 bedrooms.                                        Washer/dryer. 1/4 Block to beach. $850/mo + utilities.
   June, July & Aug. — $1400. To $2000. Per wk. w/1 month min.                             Avail Sept’03 - June ‘04 - Call 708/717-8883.
               DUNESCAPE REALTY - 219/872-0588.                             EXCEPTIONAL, SPACIOUS, 2,000-sq. ft. Loft. Totally renovated with ceram-
              LAKE MICHIGAN VACATION RENTALS                                ic tile, skylights and appliances. 1 Large master bedroom, 1 1/2 baths
502 & 510 Lake Shore Drive      (219) 879-5099 - Fax: (219) 879-1870        in downtown Michigan City. $1,200 + utilities. 219/879-7877.
                                                                                         DUNELAND BEACH, STOP 33, SUMMER RENTAL
The beach on Lake Michigan is just 1 block from our fully furnished 1, 2,       4/BR house. Short walk to private secured beach. Cable. Local
   & 3 Bedroom units. All appliances -washer/dryer, air conditioning,                   phone. Avail thru Sept. Weekly rentals or longer.
 phone, microwave, cable TV, towels & linens, and all essential cooking        Call 219/874-4660. Or 219/861-7964 — Email:
   & eating utensils. Rates from $ 950 - $ 1,450 per week. NO PETS !        PLYMOUTH COTTAGE - Fully furnished, fully renovated Sheridan Beach
                See our website at:                       house. Lakeside, off Lake Shore Drive, between Stops 4 & 5. 4/BR,
               or email us at:                   sleeps 8. Secluded patio screened porch, private beach path just steps to
      DUNELAND BEACH - 3/BR, furnished. Private beach. A/C.                 the lake. Great weeks still available May-September
          Washer/dryer. Available June 1st thru Labor Day.                                               Call Beth at 630/378-5364.
                  Call 219/872-5979 - Leave Message.                             TWO BEDROOM, RENOVATED, SHERIDAN BEACH COTTAGE
MICHIANA-2 furnished/fully loaded/renovated guest homes. Close to                                $650/Month — Call 219/746-7866.
Stop #37 beach and park. No pets. $975-$1195/wkly.. 773-457-4763.              4 /BR BI-LEVEL, 2,000 SQ/FT. - Refinished hardwood floors. New
<>, listings #7770 and 5881                roof, stove, fridge, carpet. - $98,900. $3,000 down. $575/mo.mort.,
                         ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••                              lease with option. Two short blocks behind Beachwalk.
              MICHIANA SHORES - HILLTOP HIDEAWAY                                      INDIANA LAKESHORE REAL ESTATE — 219/874-4023
         Fall/Winter Rental - Perfect for single, Artist, Writer.           MILLER BEACH - 1 BR flat, 900 sq. ft., fully furnished, panoramic view of
              Call 219/878-0813                        lake, 100 yds. from beach, NO pets, smoking, children. $700 wk.
•• LOVELY 3/BR, 2/BATH RANCH with graciously                                   Avail after Aug 18th. - 219-938-6384 for brochure or leave message.
landscaped yard & 2 car garage. Avail after Labor Day for                    YEAR ROUND RENTAL MICHIANA SHORES - Cozy knotty pine, near
$800/mo + utilities.                                                            the beach. Fully furnished 3/BR-2/Bath. Deck. Screened porch.
•• SOLID 3/BR, 1 1/2 BATH RANCH with walk-out basement.                              WBFP, AC, DW, W/D. $850/mo + utilities. Avail Sept 5th.
Avail in September for $700/mo + utilities.                                                     Call 847/675-3955, or 219/874-8336.
             MERRION & ASSOCIATES REALTORS                                    WINTER RENTAL - Sept- May. 3-4/BR, 2/Bath fully furn. home with
      219/872-4000                                        great lake views on Lake Shore Dr. $1100/mo. - 219/861-0082.
            New Lake Front Condo with boat slip on Pine Lake
                  Weekly or annual rentals (219) 874-8748                                         RENTALS MICHIGAN
                2/BR. Charming. Furn. Spectacular Views.                    One block from beautiful Lake Michigan Beach at Stop 39. Fully fur-
             Available from August 17th. - Call 219/406-7143                nished—Charming Deco decor. Air conditioned, forty windows to
                                                                            catch lake breezes. Sleeps up to eight persons. Three bedrooms.
                                                                            Two full baths. Two woodburning fireplaces. New kitchen. Secluded
Walk to train, shops, & fine dining. Walk or bike to finest beaches.
                                                                            forty oak tree landscape with Adirondack chairs and hammocks.
Bright, Large studio/1 bedroom. Lots of windows, big closets, laundry.      TVs with cable and movie channels. BBQ grill. Available May
Close to casino. Gas heat included. - $395/$495. — 219/324-2611.            onward through October and selected winter holidays.
INDIANA, LaPORTE, SHORE ACRES ON PINE LAKE -1/2 Block to                    Pets welcome.
beach. Sunny 3/BR, 1 + 1/2 Baths, spacious eat in country kitchen.           Call [773] 528-0825 or [773] 281-7100. Prefer longer tenancy, but
Family room. Enjoy fireplace in living room, and 1 - in the lower level     willing to consider weekly rentals with excellent tenants.
family room. The rental fee, for this great family home: $800/month.        MICHIGAN, GRAND BEACH. Lake front home, just 42 steps down to
For more information & viewing appointment, call 708/845-1025.              this private beach on Lake Michigan. Enjoy magnificent sunsets
FLINT LAKE-VALPARAISO - Charming hillside hose surrounded by                from the deck. Golf and tennis are within walking distance.
trees. Spacious living room. Fireplace. Big Country Kitchen. 1/BR.           Avail Sept 15, 2003 thru April 30, 2004 for a rental fee of $625/mo.
Glassed in study. Steps to the beach. Peaceful. Perfect for writer,          For more information & viewing appointment, call 708/845-1025.
artist, or teacher. $720/month. — Call 219/771-2779.                          MICHIANA SHORES, MICHIGAN - 3/BR, 2/Bath. Completely Furn.
LONG BEACH HOUSE FOR RENT ON LAKE SHORE DRIVE                                       A/C. 2 1/2 Blocks to Lake. Avail 8/24 - 9/2 for $750/wk.
3/BR. AC. FP. Furn. Avail Sept thru May. $750/mo + util.                                       Call 219/872-7336 - Leave message
                Call 708/424-8756, or 219/874-8428.                              MICHIANA, MI - STOP 39 - WINTER RENTAL — Attention teachers,
                        CHARMING COUNTRY HOME                                      3/BR, 2/Bths. Completely furnished with country charm. TV/VCR
   Fall/Winter Rental (2-Blocks from Stop 33). Fully furnished. 3/BR,         Washer/dryer, microwave, freezer. Spacious grounds. I block from lake. air
     2/Bath. Family Room w/Fireplace. Sun Porch. 2/Car Garage.                conditioning, Gas heat. Avail Sept 2, 03 to June 2, 04. $695/mo.+ utilities.
                   Patio Deck. A/C. W/D.- 708/784-9866.                                                  Call 269/469-5263
                “SHORELAND HILLS 10 MONTH RENTAL                                                  FLORIDA RENTALS
       3/BR, 2/Bath. Furnished. Washer/Dryer. 2 Blocks to Lake.
                                                                                FLORIDA KEY’S OCEANFRONT CONDO AVAIL FOR RENT
  Avail 8/23/03 to 6/23/04. $675 per month includes lawn/leaf maint.,
                                                                             Swimming Pool. Tennis Courts. Gorgeous View with 2 Bedrooms
          but not utilities. No pets. Call Bob N. at 800/899-2699,
                                                                                 & 2 Baths. Weekly rental, $750.00. — Call 219/872-5127.
         or Clare N. at 708/579-1193. “Must See to Appreciate.”
                                                                             SEBRING, FLORIDA - 4th hole of 36-hole golf course. One hour to
  LONG BEACH WINTER RENTAL —Clean, furnished, 3/BR, 2/Bath.
                                                                                       Disney/ Tampa. 2/BR, 2/Bath. Heated pool.
    Nicely decorated. Air, large deck.1/2 Block to beach. $775/mo.
                                                                                    Aug-Dec, $900/mo. - $500/2 weeks. 219/874-5337
                Avail Mid September —Call 219/874-6476.
  LONG BEACH AREA - STOP 33 - Very attractive 4/BR, 2/bath sum-                              REAL ESTATE FOR SALE
mer home. Patio. Lovely surroundings. Family room, deck, screened                 LAKEFRONT PROPERTY, 80’ FRONTAGE•••YES, 80 FEET:
    porch, laundry. AC. Very close to lake. Avail Aug 16 thru Sept..         Located on breathtaking Lake Michigan, in the heart of Long Beach.
                                  $1,500/wk.                                    No expense for a sea wall•••it’s included. Price, $1.85 million.
                              Call 708/784-9866.                                             Cal 312-332-2545 for more details.
  ATTENTION TEACHERS - Winter rental. 4/BR, 2/Bath, completely                   LONG BEACH, IN. - 5/BR, 2/Bath Home. 2 Blocks to Lake
          furnished home. Washer/dryer. TV/VCR. Full kitchen.                 Hardwood floors throughout. Ceramic kitchen. Louvered doors.
      Avail Sept-June. $900/mo. + utilities. - Call 773/233-8630.                 2820 ELBRIDGE WAY. Appointment only - 708/349-1437
Page 66                                                                                            August 21, 2003
                                                              just as their feelings for each other were heating up.
                    Off the Book Shelf                        Through a series of lucky events, the pair manage to
                         by Sally Carpenter                   get on a ship to America while the atrocities laid on
                                                              the Greek people left behind is graphically told. They
   Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides                             marry on the ship and are admitted at Ellis Island
   “Sourmelina Zizmo wasn’t only my first cousin              after proving they have an American sponsor: a mar-
twice removed. She was also my grandmother. My father         ried cousin in Detroit, Michigan. Proving human
was his own mother’s (and father’s) nephew. In addi-          resiliency in reacting to awkward happenings, cousin
tion to being my grandparents, Desdemona and Lefty            Lina’s comment to the fact the two are married is: “Just
were my great-aunt and -uncle. My parents would be            my luck. Soon as I leave the village, things get inter-
my second cousins once removed and Chapter Eleven             esting.” Of course, she is sworn to silence.
would be my third cousin as well as my brother.”                 Desdemona and Lefty have two children: Milton and
And you thought your family tree was complicated?             Zoe. Cousin Lina and husband, Jimmy Zizmo, have
Come along for the ride in this Greek drama that starts       a daughter, Tessie. Milton and Tessie grow up and fall
in western Turkey, once a Greek holding in Asia               in love and eventually get married. First cousins,
Minor, in 1922 and ends, at the beginning, in present         right? I guess inbreeding is a tough thing to overcome,
day Berlin, Germany. Our narrator is Cal Stephanides,         especially when you want to stay within your own cul-
born in 1960 in Detroit, Michigan, and “reborn” in            tural background. Zoe marries a Greek Orthodox
Petoskey, Michigan, in 1974. No, this is not a religious      priest—not a happy marriage. But life goes on.
conversion. You see, Cal was originally born Calliope,           Milton and Tessie have a boy, nick-named Chapter
but an accident in 1974 that sent her to an emergency         Eleven (I never did understand that one) and our nar-
room also showed the doctor that Calliope was actu-           rator, Cal, who they thought was their daughter,
ally a hermaphrodite.                                         Calliope.
   “But now, at the age of forty-one, I feel another birth       I don’t think anyone can imagine the horror of
coming on.After decades of neglect, I find myself             finding out that the gender you were raised in for 14
thinking about departed great-aunts and -uncles,              years was all wrong. Puberty showed Cal that some-
long-lost grandfathers, unknown fifth cousins, or, in         thing was very wrong, but, of course, he says noth-
the case of an inbred family like mine, all those             ing, until the emergency room doctor makes his dis-
things in one. And so before it’s too late I want to get      covery. His parents take him to a specialist in New
it down for good: this rollercoaster ride of a single gene    York City who says that a simple operation can fix the
through time. Sing now, O Muse, of the recessive              whole thing and Calliope can go on being a girl. No
mutation on my fifth chromosome!”                             wonder Cal ran away to California. There was a lot
   Don’t be fooled by this subject matter. Middlesex          to sort out. “As for my parents, I held them blameless.
is first and foremost the story of Greek immigrants           They were only trying to save me from humiliation,
and their offspring and their assimilation into Western       lovelessness, even death. I learned later that Dr.
culture. I was reminded of the recent hit movie “My           Luce had emphasized the medical risk in letting my
Big Fat Greek Wedding” and its wonderful ethnici-             condition go untreated.” So, part of the question
ty. While not quite as light humored as that, Middlesex       here is, how much of raising a child is gender defin-
is, nevertheless, a fascinating look at growing up            ing and how much is chromosomal? While running away
Greek Orthodox in the Motor City. Probably 3/4 of the         was not a smart thing for Cal to do, it gave him time
story is devoted to Cal’s family history. The author was      to decide who and what he was. I found this story to
born in Grosse Point and knows the area very well.            be twofold: an interesting family saga and an equal-
His verbal picture of the melting pot that was Detroit        ly interesting medical condition.
is mesmerizing—from the immigrant auto workers of                This is a big book-529 pages long. I think you will
the 20s through the speak-easys of Prohibition, the           either love it, like I did, or steer clear of it altogeth-
lean years of the Depression, the frenzy of war time          er.
production, the rebuilding of the 50s, the protesters            Till next time, happy reading!
of the 60s, the race riots of the 70s—it’s all there march-
ing across the pages along with the Stephanides’                This review first appeared in The Beacher on Nov.
family role in the city’s history. Desdemona’s knowl-         14, 2002. In April of 2003, Middlesex was awarded the
edge of silk worms even gets her involved with the            Pulitzer Prize in Fiction.
Nation of Islam at one point.
   Cal starts his family history with his grandparents,
Desdemona and Lefty, living in a part of Turkey that
was once Asia Minor and populated by Greeks. The                                   summer!
thing is, in small villages inbreeding was a common
thing. It was inevitable. Cal/Calliope’s grandparents                      ice creams & coffees & more.
were brother and sister in 1922, living alone on the                            temple news. laporte.
side of a mountain, tending silkworm cocoons that were
sold at market. In 1922, the Turks invade and
                                                                              open til 9 pm every night
Desdemona and Lefty were forced to flee their home
August 21, 2003                                                                                                                                     Page 67

                                                                                    FAX (219) 872-4182
                                                                               Specializing in Distinctive Properties
                                                                                       Indiana and Michigan
           707 Washington Street, Michigan City, IN

       NEW L

 NEED A SINGLE LEVEL? This 3 bedroom home in Edgewood has                        A LONG BEACH ORIGINAL! Come in just one block off Lake Shore
 more room than meets the eye! Main floor has 3 bedrooms, full bath,             Drive at Stop 26 to discover this charming 4 bedroom, 2 bath brick cot-
 updated kitchen and an open concept living/dining room. It’s small              tage. While the mechanicals have all been updated and the kitchen is entire-
 enough to be convenient & all on one floor. When company comes, the             ly new, you’ll find the character of this home is as warm as when origi-
 finished basement has a 4th bedroom, full bath and full size family room        nally built in 1930. A beautiful back yard contains a storage shed and fenced
 to handle all the relatives. Call Fran to take a peek.          $
                                                                   126,000       deck; the house is unique. Ask Ed Merrion for vintage details. $474,500

                                                                                      NEW L

 NEED ROOM FOR THE TOYS? This open concept, 4 bedroom, 2.5                       ELEGANT LIVING IS AFFORDABLE in this 2300 sq ft
 bath contemporary not only has the room, it comes with the toys! First,         brick & cedar ranch. One level floor plan includes spacious liv-
 there is a 6 car garage with a 1⁄2 bath for easy clean-up. Next, the upper      ing, dining and family rooms, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths and a 3-sea-
 level Great Room has a big screen TV that is too big to leave - it stays        son room that will allow you to enjoy the landscaped yard no mat-
 with the house! And right off the Great Room is a private deck with 6           ter what the weather. Main floor laundry conveniently located off
 person hot tub! Low maintenance, excellent condition & a short walk             the eat-in kitchen; full basement, fenced yard; 2 car garage. It does-
 to your deeded beach rights! Just ask Michele!                    $
                                                                     298,000     n’t get any better than this! Call Ed Merrion quick! $349,000
                     LOOK FOR US ON THE INTERNET! •
                                      Ed Merrion, CRS, GRI
 Liv Markle, CRS, GRI            Debbie Burke, GRI, ABR    Dave Walsh                                                                   Trisha Meyer
 Jim McGah, Broker Associate     Julie Gring               Jim Laughlin                                                                 Debbie Mengel
 Fran Merrion, GRI, ABR          Bill Moldenhauer          Jerry Lambert                                                                Pat Elliott
 John Hayes, GRI, ABR            Michele Meden, ABR        Jeff Meyer
Page 68                                                                                                                                    August 21, 2003

                     7         LONG BEACH REALTY
                                           ON LAKE MICHIGAN SINCE 1920
                     T 1401 Lake Shore Drive                        ALL OFFICES OPEN 7 DAYS
                                                                       3100 Lake Shore Drive
                                                                                                                       AT THE SIGN OF THE SAILBOAT

                                                                            A WEEK
 Phyllis T. Waters
                                  (219) 874-5209                                                                   (219) 872-1432                    Douglas Waters
  CRB, CRS, GRI                                                                                                                                           GRI
  Broker/Owner                                                                   Managing Broker

                ISTING                                                                              ISTING
           NEW L                                                                               NEW L

 ROOMS AWASH with natural light reflected from Lake Michigan, just across              LOVELY WOODED VIEWS from Pottawatomie Park quad level
 the Drive from redwood sided 2 story home in Long Beach. Great room with              on one and one half lots overlooking creek. Wood burning fireplace
 copper hooded natural fireplace with wide light mahogany paneling. Family             in large living room. Separate dining room, eat-in kitchen. Basement
 room with brick raised hearth gas fireplace. Dining area overlooks Lake Michigan.
 Double garage has back entry and extra parking. 3 bedrooms, 3 baths.                  workshop. Great home for entertaining and comfortable family
 Decks and patios overlook Lake Michigan.                                $
                                                                           750,000     living.                                                       $

          OPEN H • 1-3 p.m.
               g. 23
       Sat., Au

                                    314 Kenwood                                        GREAT VIEWS of Lake Michigan from beach side Lake Shore Drive
 IMAGINATIVE contemporary will please the city dweller who wants a peace-              contemporary now being expanded. Glass brick atrium. Multi-
 ful, natural environment. 3 bedrooms and over 2700 sq. ft. all on one level with      functional spaces to fit all your needs. 4 bedrooms, 4 baths.
 walls of glass, 15 ft. high. Multiple skylights & ribbon windows bounce light off
 the terrazzo floors. A progressive home with endless possibilities, for the sophis-
 ticated buyer looking for something different.                            $
 DIRECTIONS: Franklin St. (Hwy. 421) to Coolspring, east on Coolspring 1 block
 to Maple. Right on Maple to Kenwood, turn left to home.

             UNITED Beverly Bullis, CRS, GRI* 800-518-6149                             Christine Facciponti 888-354-1088     Rosemary Braun
               WE   June Livinghouse, Broker Associate, ABR, GRI* 800-957-1248         Debbie Chism 874-9093                 Frances Lysaught
             STAND Sylvia Hook, Broker Associate, CRS, GRI* 800-518-5778               Richard Klare 872-0947                Bill McNew
                          Bobbie Cavic, Broker Associate 888-565-1822                  Sandy Rubenstein 879-7525             Shelley Neal 1-888-252-3573
                          Pam Navarro, Broker Associate 888-565-1981
                          Vivian Ryan, Broker Associate 888-257-7291                   Rob Robertson 879-6412
                          Tom Cappy 874-6396                                           Nikki Bolton 1-888-213-9861           *Licensed in Indiana and Michigan

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