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Engineers News - August 2012


									 Vol. 70, #8                                                               August 2012

    Operating engineers LOcaL 3

ELECTION NOTICE                                        Semi-AnnuAl meeting
    See pages 26-28 for important
information regarding the August                   SundAy, September 16, 2012
2012 election of Officers, Executive
Board Members and Delegates and                9 a.m. Registration • 1 p.m. Meeting
Alternates to the 38th International
Union of Operating Engineers
                                       lake Clementia park, rancho murieta, Calif.
(IUOE) Convention.
                                                                            For The Good & Welfare
                                                                            By Russ Burns, business manager

                                                                            High-Speed Rail earns legislative
                                                                            support to move forward
                                   pagE 7
                                                             Last month, I commended the                  As usual, we don’t have much time
                                                         membership for their solid dedication       to celebrate this victory – no matter
                                                         to getting as many labor-friendly           how huge it is – because another big
                                                         candidates elected in June’s Primary        fight, perhaps the greatest of all, is
                                                         Election as possible. But this month’s      gearing up over a major anti-union
                                                         good news requires an even bigger           measure on California’s ballot in
                                                         thank you, as a recent bill passed in       November: Prop. 32 (formally titled
                                                         California assures that High-Speed Rail     “Prohibits Political Contributions by
                                                         will create more than 5,000 construc-       Payroll Deduction” but also known as
                                                         tion-related jobs by the end of next        Paycheck Deception and the Corporate
                                   pagE 11               year.                                       Power Grab). No matter what you call
                                                             Though this incredible project has      it, the harsh reality is that if it passes,
                                                         been met with strong opposition from        labor will lose all of its political power.
                  CONtENtS                               uneducated naysayers with no vision         This means no say over funding for
                                                         for the future or for the huge need in      jobs like High-Speed Rail, no say over
                                                         our economy for jobs, the membership        prevailing wages and no say over your
Congratulations, pin recipients ............ 4           fought back with participation from         future. We cannot let this measure
Report & Review ............................. 6          nearly every district. You attended         pass. For more information and ways
Unit 12 ......................................... 6      lengthy hearings, educated the media        to ensure its failure, please see Political
The heat is on ................................ 7        about the necessity of this job, marched    Director Mark Kyle’s column.
Public Employee News ...................... 8            with other supporters and chanted                Another issue we need to be aware
Credit Union ................................. 10        your support for what you knew was          of is what will happen to unions if
Rancho Murieta ............................. 11          a plausible way not just to connect         Republican presidential candidate
Looking at Labor ............................ 12         northern and southern California            Mitt Romney gets elected. On his very
Fringe Benefits .............................. 12        but to create thousands of long-term        own website he states: “Too often,
ATPA ........................................... 13      construction jobs at a time when we         unions drive up costs and introduce
Political Perspective ........................ 14        need it most.                               rigidities that harm competitiveness
Letters to the editor ....................... 15             In early July, after hours of debate,   and frustrate innovation.” If elected,
Your best dam option ....................... 16          the Legislature passed Senate Bill          he intends to “reverse executive orders
Semi-Annual Event .......................... 17          (SB) 1029, which grants federal             issued by President Obama that tilt the
District Reports .............................. 18       funds and Proposition 1A funds for          playing field toward organized labor,”
Meetings and Announcements ............. 25              California High-Speed Rail. The bill        while supporting right-to-work laws
Health News ................................. 30         authorizes the state to begin selling       and measures like the abovementioned
Swap Shop ................................... 31         $4.5 billion in voter-approved bonds        Prop. 32, which will ultimately cripple us
                                                         that include $2.6 billion to build an       all. At least Romney is upfront about his
                                                         initial 130-mile stretch of the rail line   dislike of unions. You can see his stance
 Operating Engineers Local Union No. 3                   in the economically challenged Central      for yourself on his campaign website at
Russ Burns                       Business Manager        Valley. That allows the state to draw Let’s be
                                                         another $3.2 billion in federal funding.    just as upfront in our stance and make
Fred Herschbach                          President
                                                         This bill was passed thanks to labor’s      sure he is defeated in November!
Carl Goff                           Vice President       participation in gaining public support,         On a lighter note, please review
Jim Sullivan                Rec. Corres. Secretary       meaning you did it, and I thank you         the union’s work picture by reading
Dan Reding                     Financial Secretary       for this.                                   through the District Reports on pages
Pete Figueiredo                           Treasurer          As a member on the California           18-24. There’s lots of work in the
                                                         High-Speed Rail Authority Board, I          Fairfield District, since dredging season
                                                         spoke on labor’s behalf every chance I      has started. Stockton has the big Sperry
             Engineers News Staff
Russ Burns                                    Editor     could. However, the real influence came     Road extension project, and Hawaii has
Carl Goff                          Editorial Adviser     from you. So many members explained         plenty of work on the Brigham Young
Mandy McMillen                     Managing Editor       how their communities and families          University (BYU) Hawaii campus.
Jamie Johnston                     Associate Editor      needed a project like High-Speed Rail            Speaking of Hawaii, check out the
Dominique Beilke                       Art Director      to get out of the recession we are all      union’s political recommendations
                                                         caught up in.                               for District 17’s Aug. 11 Primary
                                                             I must also thank former business       Election on page 14. Also worth noting
                                                         manager Tom “T.J.” Stapleton, who           is the new venue for next month’s
                                                         served on the board before me from          Semi-Annual Event, held on Sept. 16
Engineers News (ISSN 1069-2185) is published monthly     1996 to 2009. It was his initial vision     at Lake Clementia Park in Rancho
by Local 3 of the International Union of Operating       of the project’s greatness that put Local   Murieta. We’re doing things a little
Engineers, AFL-CIO; 1620 South Loop Rd., Alameda,        3 at the forefront in the 2008 campaign     differently this year, including hosting
CA 94502. Periodical postage paid at Alameda, CA         to dedicate Prop. 1A funds toward           a fishing derby with divisions for adults
and additional mailing offices. Engineers News is sent   High-Speed Rail. Though he passed           and children, so bring your whole
without charge to all members of Operating Engineers
Local 3 in good standing. Non-member subscription
                                                         away in 2010, his legacy remains as         family. (See more details on page 17.)
price is $6 per year. POSTMASTER: Send address           strong as ever in Local 3 and in this       It will be a great time, and I hope to see
changes to Address Change, 1620 South Loop Rd.,          great country’s middle class. Last          you there.
Alameda, CA 94502.                                       month’s legislative vote proves this.

2 | Engineers News
                                                                            Talking Points
                                                                            By Fred Herschbach, president

                                               They are coming for you
Labor is real reason                               At the time of this writing, I am in       Next, Bush appointed folks to
behind High-Speed                              Hilo, Hawaii waiting for the Town Hall
                                               Meeting to start. So far, the Retiree
                                                                                          the National Labor Relations Board
                                                                                          (NLRB) to weaken labor laws, made
Rail’s momentum                                Meetings have been upbeat and
                                               positive, and Pre-Retirement Meetings
                                                                                          changes inside the Department of
                                                                                          Labor (DOL) to further handicap labor
    There were many players                    have been well attended. The baby          and appointed an anti-labor justice
responsible for urging California              boomers are at retirement age and          to the Supreme Court. (Remember
lawmakers to support High-Speed                getting their questions answered.          Bush vs. Gore?) Eventually, the
Rail by voting to assure the sale of               When you contemplate retirement,       Supreme Court made the decision to
$4.5 billion in bonds that would               please come to these meetings.             allow unlimited money to be given to
secure an extra $3.2 billion in federal        Everyone has a different situation,        candidates running for office, meaning
funds to finance the innovative                and it’s important to get educated on      it was perfectly legal that Walker spent
project.                                       your options. Fringe Benefits Director     $75 million to try to crush labor in
    Editorials ran wild before the             Charlie Warren and his staff are very      Wisconsin.
vote to set the plan in construction           knowledgeable on our Pension.                  Labor won’t have that same
motion with work beginning in the                  Also, remember to update your          spending power in California if
Central Valley (from Madera to                 beneficiary card if necessary. The last    Proposition 32, the “Corporate Power
Bakersfield) by the end of this year           beneficiary card we have on file for       Grab/Paycheck Deception” measure
or the beginning of next.                      you will be the one that is recognized,    passes in November. While Walker can
    The Los Angeles Times said, “If            so make sure your information is           contribute to his own political gains,
Californians have the patience and             accurate.                                  if this bill passes, unions won’t have
the political will to stick with it, they’ll       On the political front, we should      the same freedom. We will lose our
have a project with extraordinary              all take notice of what happened in        political voice!
environmental,         economic        and     Wisconsin with the recall failure of           If you remember nothing else,
transportation         benefits.”      The     anti-union Gov. Scott Walker. For          remember this: Whether you love
Sacramento         Bee     shared      this    some reason, 40 percent of union           or hate President Obama, we must
sentiment: “Nearly everyone who                households in Wisconsin voted for          re-elect him. Any other alternative is
has studied High-Speed Rail says               the current governor. Unbelievable!        detrimental to labor. We must defeat
it makes sense to build the first              Either people aren’t educated about        Prop. 32 in California.
segment in a flat, unobstructed place          the issues or, worse yet, they don’t           As you can see, we need to pay
where trains can reach the highest             care. While I don’t understand this, I     attention. The upcoming November
speeds and the system can be tested            do know that we all must pay attention     election is critical. I’m 58 years old,
and refined.”                                  and vote for labor or else.                and this is the most important election
    Gov. Jerry Brown, labor and                    They are coming. The anti-union        in my lifetime and probably yours.
transportation         advocates       and     lobbyists – mainly Republicans                 We need to get off the couch and
lawmakers also worked tirelessly to            and management – are after your            not let the other guy (the misinformed
get funding for the project.                   livelihood. They smell blood in the        one) spread lies. We need to get
    But when the law passed the                water and are circling. We need to stay    educated and get out the vote. Don’t
Senate by the skin of its teeth                together and stay informed.                wait to get the phone call about
last month, organized labor, and                   Rec. Corres. Secretary Jim Sullivan    volunteering. Call your district office
particularly Local 3, was given                can tell you exactly what happened         now. Let’s come out swinging, work
the biggest credit – and for good              in Utah in 1982 when the state lost        together and stay united. By being one,
reason. The project will create tens           the prevailing rate. It was absolute       we can overcome the challenges that
of thousands of construction jobs              chaos – a race to the bottom. Now,         are standing in our way. Otherwise,
in the near future, some permanent             the same people who supported this         our way of life will change for the
and some long-running, with literally          are targeting other states, probably       worse come November.
hundreds of thousands of jobs created          yours. When they come, the effects             Please       e-mail       us      at
over the next couple of decades.               are damaging.                    , so we have
    “It is truly exciting to think about           Take former president George           your e-mail address on file. Then
the magnitude and scope of this                Bush, for example. He enacted the          we can send you up-to-the-minute
project,” said Business Manager Russ           Pension Protection Act (PPA), which        information about your union. Also,
Burns.                                         took our Pension from a 30-year            make sure your phone numbers
    High-Speed Rail’s success is               amortization to a 15-year. What this       are correct with your district office,
just another example of the power              did is similar to what would happen        so we can contact you. You will be
behind Local 3 and the labor                   if you refinanced your 30-year home        inundated with politics this year, but
movement when it is mobilized. Stay            mortgage to a 15-year mortgage. Your       it’s so important. Be patient with us;
tuned for more information on what             immediate payment increases. If you        be part of the solution. Thanks for
High-Speed Rail means to you and               don’t have the income to pay the           your support.
other ways you can get involved to             higher premiums, you fall behind. The          See you out there, and be safe.
secure our work.                               same applies to our Pension.

                                                                                                                 August 2012 |   3
Congratulations, pin recipients
   Working in construction can be tough.          members with special pins for their years of
There’s long commutes, inclement weather          service. Pins are given in five-year increments
to work in and constant pressure to get a job     from 25 through, for the first time now, 75
done right and on time. Despite the obstacles,    years! This month, we congratulate them.*
Local 3 members persevere. To honor their            If you are eligible to receive a service pin,
hard work and loyalty, Local 3 presents its       please call your district office.                         Joe Aguilar,           Ken Allen,
                                                                                                              30 years              55 years

 Michael Childres,   Wayne Clayton,      David Colburn,         H. Cooper,         Michael Costa,          Robert Drake,        Richard L. Dyer,
     40 years          30 years            25 years              30 years             45 years               40 years               40 years

  Mark George,        Chuck Giles,     Ernest L. Gilmore,   Neal Goudswaard,     Larry G. Graves Jr.,   Earl Miller Headings,   Neal Hoellwarth,
    30 years           35 years            50 years              30 years             25 years                50 years              30 years

  Victor Johnson,    Eugene Keeley,       Scott Keene,       Richard Kertson,       Jim Killean,         Scott Laughridge,       Howard Lim,
      40 years          65 years            30 years             30 years             40 years               30 years             35 years

  William Muller,     Craig Munk,       Mike Nottnagel,        Pete Nunes,           Mark Olds,           Wendell Pentz,        Anthony “Skip”
     55 years           35 years           25 years              25 years             40 years              40 years            Quinn, 25 years

  Jaime Salcedo,     Javier Santana,     Leonard Sauer,      James Scagliola,      John Scanlan,          George Smisek,         John Snyder,
     25 years           25 years            35 years            40 years             25 years                55 years              25 years

   John Tenorio,     William Thomas,     Richard Tucker,       John Valera,       James Wagner,            Chuck Walker,         Ford Webster,
     25 years             45 years          40 years             30 years            25 years                35 years               30 years
4 | Engineers News
   Fred Baca,              James Banta,     Douglas Bender,     George Bowers,           John R. Caldera,    James Campos,       Michael Carroll,
    25 years                 25 years          25 years            50 years                 50 years            45 years            30 years

  Steve Egger,            Wilbert Erman,     Frank Fettig,        Bart Findley,           Jesse Folsom,      Peter Fracchia,     Mike Garretson,
    25 years                 55 years          25 years            30 years                  45 years           30 years            30 years

  From left: Jim Holliday, 55 years, and    Ernest Ingram,          Tim Isom,            Mike Jacobsen,     William Jenkins,       Ed Johnson,
        Mike Holliday, 30 years                25 years              30 years               25 years            35 years             30 years

Bruce Lockwood,         Kenneth Madison,     Virgil Magud,          Vic Mazo,            Steve McClaflin,   Jimmy Middleton,     Donald Mitchell,
    30 years                25 years            40 years             30 years                30 years           35 years            35 years

 Jose Ramirez,              Brad Rich,         Jack Rist,         From left: Ben Roberts, 30 years, and     Anthony “Tony”      Marcus Rubalcava,
   25 years                  35 years          55 years                 Jaime Espinosa, 30 years            Rosales, 25 years       35 years

                                                                                           First-ever 75-year-pin recipient!
                                                                                              Retiree David Vern
                                                                                           Dickinson is the first Local
                                                                                           3 member ever to receive
                                                                                           a 75-year pin for his
                                                                                           years of service with the
                                                                                           union. Dickinson’s first
Nelson Solberg,           William Steele,     Dave Talley,       James Tatomer,
   25 years                  30 years          30 years             35 years               few years as an operator
                                                                                           were transferred to OE3
                                                                                           in 1939. He was one of
                                                                                           the local’s first members,
                                                                                           boasting a registration
                                                                                           number that starts with 02. He was a crane,
                                                                                           shovel and dragline operator.
                                                              *The above photos are
                                                                                              We congratulate Dickinson on his years of
                                                              also available online at     service and look forward to others reaching this
                                                     Please          impressive milestone.
Stephen Windsor,        Darryl Woolridge,    Jimmy Young,     note: These are not all
    30 years                30 years            30 years      the pin recipients.
                                                                                                                                August 2012 |       5
                                            Unit 12

                                            Harmonious relations
                                            By Gary Rocha, business representative
                                                What is the governor                                     Gov. Brown proposed
                                            of California’s job? To                                   a 5 percent cut to all
                                            make speeches and                                         state workers. Although
Report & Review                             look impressive in front                                  we have a contract, the
By Carl Goff, vice president                of the media, right?                                      budget needs the money.
                                            No! It’s to keep the                                      Remember veto and
Hook,                                       budget balanced and
                                            to make sure the state
                                                                                                      executive order? The
                                                                                                      governor’s office lets
                                            of California has the                                     us go back to the table
  line and                                  money to pay its bills.
                                            Like how we all budget at
                                                                                                      to negotiate changes
                                                                                                      in the Memorandum
                                            home. The governor has From left: Member Roosevelt Harris of        Understanding
     sinker                                 the ability to veto what and Fresno Business Rep. Wayne (MOU) or contract. The
                                            comes across his desk Amundson discuss the Unit 12 rank-and-file team made
                                            and issue an executive                                    the contract changes in
Next month’s Semi-Annual                    order to get things done.                                 the form of a side letter to
includes fishing derby                          In April, the governor’s office asked the existing contract, with one Personal
                                            if the International Union of Operating Leave Program (PLP) day a month for
    It’s Semi-Annual time again, and
                                            Engineers (IUOE) Bargaining Unit 12 12 consecutive months starting July 1,
though we’ve had to move the festivities
                                            would like to extend the 2010 contract 2012. That comes out to a 4.62 percent
from the Rancho Murieta Training
                                            for one more year – no changes – so cut to all state employees’ pay. There
Center (RMTC) for legal (nonsense)
                                            the governor could work on the $9 were also some changes in Article 7:
reasons, the Sept. 16 event will be close
                                            billion budget deficit. So, we brought Overtime and more. (These changes
by (at the Rancho Murieta Association’s
                                            in the rank-and-file negotiating team are outlined below.) The IUOE and
Lake Clementia Park) and will include a
                                            members, and they unanimously rank-and-file bargained for more than
few new things that will make it just as
                                            agreed to go ahead with the governor’s a week to secure the changes in the
                                            proposal. On April 25, 2012, IUOE benefits for the 2012/2013 MOU.
    We won’t have the space to host our
                                            Bargaining Unit 12 ratified a one-year       Maybe we will get a few games of golf
popular Equipment Rodeo, but we will
                                            contract with health and welfare this year …
have room for a fishing derby at the
                                            increases, and it was approved by            Remember: There is a lot of work on
nearby lake for adults and their kids!
                                            legislators.                              our state highways, so please Slow for
It should be a lot of fun, so I hope you
                                                Well, wouldn’t you know it, the the Cone Zone!
all can come. And please, bring your
                                            budget was still short by $6 billion!
                                            The deficit was bigger than we thought.
    Next month’s event will also give you
                                            It happens all the time at home – “No
the opportunity to meet International
                                            Saturday golf this year.”
Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE)
General President James T. Callahan,
as he’s accepted our invitation to attend
the Semi-Annual and address the
membership. He’ll also swear-in your
Local 3 officers for a third term.
    If you’ve never attended one of our
Semi-Annual events, I encourage you to
come to this one. We offer free lunch,
                                                                                                                Fresno Business Rep.
a lot of fun activities and a chance
                                                                                                                John Prichard, second
to reconnect with other Operating                                                                               from left, talks to Unit
Engineers – some of whom you may                                                                                12 crews 651 and 652
have worked with before. You’ll also have                                                                       out of Fresno about
                                                                                                                the new contract.
the opportunity to talk with us officers
and find out what’s going on in your
union. The meeting starts at 1 p.m., and
Business Manager Russ Burns always
                                              Outline Of changes
shares important information that you         •	   “Side letter” proposal
need to know. With the Presidential           •	   Article 7: Overtime at 1.5 percent
Election coming up in November, it’s an       •	   0.5 percent of increases to Pre-retirement Health
event you don’t want to miss!                 •	   Timely payment of wages (Caltrans)
    Please see page 17 for more               •	   CDCR meal ticket: Use within 30 days instead of one day
information and directions.                   •	   CVIS confidential license plates
    I hope to see you all there.              •	   Retired annuitants
                                              •	   Contracting-out
                                              •	   7.4-Permanent shift change
                                              •	   OT distribution
  Vote no on Prop. 32                         •	   Out-of-class assignments

6 | Engineers News
The heat is on
Geneva Rock paves I-84 in national heat wave

  The Geneva Rock paving crew includes, from left: Scott MacFarland, Michael Wing,                               Loader Operator
  Jose Hurtado and Travis Jackman.                                                                               Josh Landrith.

                                                                     Loader Operator                                    Plant Operator
                                                                     Travis Martinez.                                   Ken Plumb.

  Mechanic Kent Halterman and Apprentice Preston Fielding
  work on the texture and curing machine.

Story and photos by Dominique Beilke, art director
     Summer’s high temperatures are often bothersome for                           Though conditions aren’t easy, the paving crew sees the
 operators, but this summer, a national heat wave is particularly              bright side in the form of the scenery, while working in Utah’s
 taxing, especially for members in desert states like Utah.                    finest mountains.
     Temperatures hovered at 100 degrees or higher for weeks                       “You can’t beat the views out here,” said Jackman.
 in the Beehive State. But members with Geneva Rock working                        For the operators supplying the paving crew with
 on the I-84 concrete resurfacing job between Mountain Green                   materials, there is more relief, since the mobile batch plant is
 and Morgan are known for being particularly hardy, even in                    air conditioned.
 extreme heat. This is a good, if not necessary quality for                        “The AC is working,” said Loader Operator Travis
 paver operators, since their work environment is even hotter                  Martinez. “It is a great job.”
 because of the heat that radiates off the pavers.                                 Plant Operator Ken Plumb agrees. “Today, I have air
     Paver Operator Travis Jackman makes sure to stay                          conditioning!” But he, like the whole crew, enjoys working
 hydrated, so he is at his best.                                               no matter what the conditions.
     “Drink lots of water,” he said. “It [heat] will get you down                  The project started last August and will be completed next
 quick, if you don’t. It is the hottest July in history.”                      month, just in time for cooler weather.

                                                                                                                               August 2012 |   7
                  Public Employee News
                  By Carl Carey, director                                             You must get involved
                                                                                      By Rick Davis, business representative
                                                                                          As all of you are aware by now, the working
                                                                                      class – the unions – took a beating in June.
                                                                                      Public-employee unions suffered in San Diego
Health-care cost surprise                                                             and San Jose over employee-pension reform,
                                                                                      and a recall effort that was heavily supported
    Since we have all had to deal           those of you who have followed the        by organized labor in Wisconsin failed to
with the economic challenges of the         election results these past months,       remove Gov. Scott Walker from office.
past several years, I am glad to bring      two blows to labor resulted. The              There is a fight in progress for the survival
those of you enrolled in the Public         one that gives me great concern is        of the working class – a fight for workers’ rights
Employee Health and Welfare Trust           Gov. Scott Walker’s triumph in a          and the rights of organized labor to represent
some good news for a change.                recall election in Wisconsin. Walker      the working class with sustainable benefits and
    In my June 2012 article, “Another       pushed through legislation that took      a livable wage. People: Wake up! This has been
alternative to ever-increasing costs,”      collective bargaining rights away         like taking a knife to a gun fight, and you know
I briefly discussed the Public              from public employees. He did this        the outcome of that.
Employee Health and Welfare Trust           on the premise that he was balancing          Last year, in the cities of Bakersfield and
and how it is a viable solution to some     the budget, which was complete            Stockton, public-safety-employee unions – fire
of the economic concerns that our           hogwash.                                  and police – lost ballot measures that would
employers have. The Trust includes              Political analysts claim that         have been beneficial to their members. That
four indemnity plans and two Health         voters in Wisconsin would not             should have been a signal to public employees
Maintenance Organization (HMO)              normally recall a political figure on     throughout the state that we are in trouble.
plans, vision care and a dental plan        what is described as a policy issue       The public wants to see some changes.
with a $2,500 benefit. Besides the          but would recall one if he or she was         In San Jose, public-employee unions went
active health and welfare coverage,         caught doing something wrong or           to the negotiation table and offered significant
the Trust also has a Voluntary              illegal. November’s General Election      proposals that included pension reform and
Employee Beneficiaries’ Association         may have a different outcome,             benefit changes. I give a lot of credit to them
(VEBA) program designed to offset           since Walker will be re-running for       for this. Unfortunately, these proposals were
non-reimbursed medical costs for our        his office instead of trying to hold      rejected by city officials, because they wanted
Retirees. With retiree medical being        on to it.                                 a ballot measure. We can only guess what the
a hot topic these days, this program            Secondly,     following      Mayor    fallout will be in the future.
can reduce the unfunded liability           Chuck Reed’s direction, the citizens          It’s apparent that we want to make
for these costs for future employees,       of San Jose voted to enact a new
                                                                                      concessions at the negotiation table that are
which is something employers are            charter provision under the guise
                                                                                      reasonable and do everything possible to make
very concerned about now. Most              of pension reform. Consequently,
                                                                                      sure our wages and benefits are not dependent
importantly, the VEBA program gives         lawsuits have been filed regarding
                                                                                      on the voting public, but it’s very difficult to
our Retirees a much-needed safety           the constitutionality of the charter
                                                                                      counteract anti-union agendas.
net for ever-rising medical costs.          amendment. This is going to be a
                                                                                          So, what is coming? There will be ballot
    The Trustees voted at the               long and expensive legal fight that
                                                                                      measures in November aimed directly
last meeting to add a $10,000               will determine the constitutionality
                                                                                      at labor unions, and more specifically at
life-insurance policy for members           of what Reed has done.
                                                                                      public-employee unions. The “Stop Special
who participate in the Health Trust at          It was very interesting to hear
no additional cost. We look forward         Reed’s comments the day after the         Interest Money Act,” or “Paycheck Protection,”
to introducing this new benefit to the      election regarding the city’s budget.     (it has many names) will be on the ballot in an
membership and their employers in           He stated that the city now had about     attempt to strip unions of their ability to raise
the near future.                            a $9 million surplus after all of his     and spend money on campaign issues. This is
    In other good news: I recently          rhetoric that the city had a budget       just another version of propositions 226 and
received an e-mail stating that the         deficit. With these newfound funds,       75, which voters rejected in 1998 and 2005.
premium rates for the indemnity             Reed said that city officials will be     If passed, this act will stop us from having any
plans have been calculated. There           able to re-open libraries and pave        power to protect the working class through the
may not be an increase in premium           streets. Both of these are very much      political process, yet corporations will be able
costs, and the rates may be reduced.        in need, but in the same breath, he       to avoid the restrictions.
I wish I could be more specific, but        is predicting a $22 million deficit for       Pension/benefit reform is the flavor of the
the final rates have not yet been           next year, all due to rising pension      month (year) for our distinguished legislators,
presented to and formally adopted by        costs. This begs the question of          because they are feeling the heat from the
the Trustees. In a time of concessions      whether the $22 million accounts for      public and need to show that they are doing
and takeaways, it is nice to offer          the $9 million surplus he now wants       something. I expect there will also be legislation
something to the membership that            to spend. If not, will there be a $31     dealing with public-employee benefits, so stay
will put more money in their pockets,       million deficit next year? Maybe this     informed on the issues. Anything that happens
instead of taking it away to pay for        is all just another example of the        on the state level will trickle down to cities and
health and welfare coverage.                city’s “fiscally responsible policy,”     counties.
    As we reflect on the good news          as officials continue to spend us all         You must get informed and involved. Fight
regarding OE3 health coverage,              into greater deficit. The truth is hard   the good fight to keep our wages, our benefits
we still face many challenges. For          to discern.                               and our right to be heard.

8 | Engineers News
Litigate, not negotiate                                                                    Livingston POA stands united
By Bill Pope, business representative                                                      By Doug Gorman, business representative
    City of San Jose officials have a new         Local 3 filed a lawsuit on behalf of         In 2003, I became the business agent for
strategy for dealing with labor unions.       its members in San Jose on June 15 and       the Livingston Police Officers’ Association
They would rather litigate than negotiate     obtained outside counsel to handle it.       (POA). Other than a short sabbatical that I
over issues and contracts.                        That’s four lawsuits that the city       took in 2005, I have been assigned to this
    Officials filed a lawsuit in federal      is involved in. Is this a wise use of        unit since then.
court this last Election Day before the       taxpayers’ money? City officials have set        From the beginning, I knew it was going
polls were closed. They wanted a judicial     aside money for legal expenses. Couldn’t     to be a fight. The former administration
review of the legality of Measure B.          that money be used for repairing streets,    was very heavy-handed with discipline,
    Both police and firefighter bargaining    increasing library hours, etc.?              and it was nothing for me to receive five to
units filed lawsuits in Superior Court            The only group that benefits from        six disciplinary calls a week.
asking for injunctions to prevent the         lawsuits is legal professionals.                 Thankfully, we have a great membership
implementation of Measure B.                                                               and a solid disciplinary policy that calls for
                                                                                           binding arbitration on all grievances and
                                                                                           disciplinary issues. This policy allows us
What is an unfair labor practice?                                                          to defend our members and hold the chief
                                                                                           and the city at bay.
By Fred Klingel, business representative
                                                                                               About two years ago, we were extremely
    The unknown can create fear,              party to agree to any proposal, nor does     lucky when the police chief retired and
distrust and other emotions that can          it require anyone to make concessions.       a prodigy of the former police chief was
bring trouble to an organization. For             The courts and labor boards, such as     removed from office. A new chief stepped
that reason, my articles in the coming        the Public Employment Relations Board        in from the outside. On day one, he
months will be educational pieces for         (PERB), have held that an employer           inherited two disciplinary cases, which
our public-employee members who just          is required upon request to furnish
                                                                                           were far from justified. He was able to see
want to know.                                 sufficient data regarding wages, job
                                                                                           the issues and immediately overturned the
    For this first article, the question      classifications, etc. in order to permit
                                                                                           cases. This sent morale through the roof,
is, “What is an Unfair Labor Practice         the bargaining unit to make intelligent
                                                                                           and our members and I believed we had
(ULP)?”                                       bargaining decisions, administer the
                                                                                           finally turned a page in Livingston Police
    ULPs are acts committed by employers      contract and prepare for negotiations.
                                                                                           Department history.
and/or       unions      (public-employee     It is not required that the union explain
                                                                                               Unfortunately, that didn’t last long!
associations) in violation of the National    the purpose of the request, unless it is
Labor Relations Act (NLRA) and other          clearly irrelevant. It is the employer’s     The City Council placed the new chief
labor-related laws. The NLRA broadly          responsibility to prove that the data or     on administrative leave, and morale went
spreads ULPs into three separate              information is irrelevant. It is also the    back down again. Shortly thereafter, the
categories: ULPs by the employer, ULPs        employer’s responsibility to furnish         city picked a new manager – someone
by the union and ULPs resulting from          financial data upon request, if the          Local 3 had dealt with in one of our other
combined activities by both.                  employer states an inability to pay          agencies.
    There are times when an employer          higher wages or fringe benefits. The             I wanted to give this new city manager a
interferes     with     employee    rights    Supreme Court stated that good-faith         second chance, and so did the association,
to organize, form, join or assist a           bargaining requires honest claims be         but like I always say, “Zebras never lose
labor organization. Employers can’t           made by either side, even if they require    their stripes.”
discriminate        against     employees     proof of accuracy.                               We tried to negotiate a successor
because of union activity. They can’t             Another part of bargaining in good       contract with very little cost to the city,
ask questions about union activities, if      faith is that the employer must not          but this couldn’t be done. The city enacted
this can be interpreted as threatening        make unilateral changes in wages, hours      an agreement with the Police Management
or coercive. Employees cannot be              or working conditions without first          Unit, but two months later, city officials
dismissed or transferred for participating    meeting with the labor organization and      pulled the agreement back, thus taking
in a union and its activities. We see a lot   negotiating the issues. The unilateral       money out of our membership’s pockets.
of this, especially when it comes time for    action by an employer, which is the              We are currently seeking an Unfair
collective bargaining, filing grievances      subject of current collective bargaining     Labor Practice (ULP) charge against the
or participating in other activities          between the employer and the employee        city on behalf of the Police Management
for the mutual benefit of your union          organization, would constitute a failure     Unit, and we are currently involved in
membership.                                   and refusal to bargain in good faith         fact-finding on behalf of the POA.
    Conversely, members of a union            regarding the issue at hand – a ULP.             While all of this has been going on, the
or public-employee association must           However, once the opportunity has been       city has continued to spend money and
also be careful not to commit a ULP by        given to bargain over the issue and/         held a 44 percent general-fund reserve. City
being overly zealous in restraining or        or proposal and the parties are at an        officials entered into a new medical plan
coercing employers/employees when             impasse, the employer is permitted to        that saved the city more than $100,000
exercising their rights or attempting         unilaterally implement the proposal. As      in the first year but at a huge cost to our
to enforce contracts or union rules.          of January 2012, the employee bargaining     members.
Both the employer and the employee            unit can now ask for fact-finding under          Then the city entered into a contract
organization have a mutual obligation         Assembly Bill (AB) 646, Government           to dispatch for the Gustine Police
to meet and confer at reasonable times        Code section 3505.4, before unilaterally     Department. We demanded to bargain
and in good faith with respect to wages,      implementing a proposal. This will be        over the additional duties imposed on our
hours and other terms and conditions          another article at another time.             members, and at this time, we are in the
of employment and when questions                  Filing a ULP is a tool that encourages   grievance process, heading for arbitration.
arise regarding the execution and             both the employee bargaining group and           In spite of these issues, the Livingston
interpretation of the written contract        the employer to play fair. Neither party     POA remains union-strong and united!
or any side-letter agreements. However,       wants to be charged with one, because it
this obligation does not compel either        delays negotiations and benefits no one.
                                                                                                                       August 2012 |   9
                   Credit Union
                   By Jim Sullivan, Credit Union secretary/financial officer & recording - corresponding secretary

                   Serving up convenience
    There are plenty of ways the Operating Engineers Federal            each of these branches, OEFCU members can perform many
Credit Union (OEFCU) stands out and serves you better than              transactions for free, including deposits, withdrawals, transfers,
many other financial institutions. We offer a full suite of financial   loan payments and even loan applications. To locate a CU
services – everything from auto loans, mortgages, equity loans          service branch within this network, visit
and lines of credit to financial planning so you can prepare for            Mobile banking. Every time you pass a computer or pick
retirement. All of these products and services were created             up your phone, you can bank with OEFCU. Our members
with our membership in mind and feature competitive rates               can transfer balances, view account summaries, pay bills and
and superior member service. Because we have so many great              more, all from the convenience of a web-enabled device. If you
products and services under one roof, you might find that you           don’t have an Internet connection, you can also bank through
can bring all of your financial needs to OEFCU.                         our text-banking service or our Phone Activated Teller (PAT)
    In addition to our great products and services, OEFCU also          service. OEFCU has also created mobile apps for the iPhone®
has a strong and reliable banking network, so you can bank              and Android™ to make banking from your phone even easier.
anywhere, anytime:                                                      To download, visit the Apple iTunes® App Store or Android™
    Surcharge-free ATMs. Although you might not see our name            Market. All of these mobile services are available for free to our
on hundreds of ATMs, through our partnership in the CO-OP               members.
Network, you have access to more than 28,000 surcharge-free                 For more information on any of these convenient services,
ATMs nationwide. That includes more than 5,000 7-Eleven                 please visit If you are not currently a member,
locations and thousands of ATMs that will allow you to make             we encourage you to see what OEFCU has to offer. We think you
deposits directly into your OEFCU accounts. These CO-OP                 will find that our member service has no equal. We’ve served
ATMs are located in convenient places like malls, airports, other       Local 3 members for 48 years, and we understand your needs
participating credit unions and more. To find ATMs near you,            better than any other financial institution. If you’re already a
visit                                             member, pass the gift of membership along to your family –
    Shared branch locations. OEFCU is a proud partner in                each of your immediate family members can join OEFCU and
the CU Service Centers Network, which allows us to provide              reap the benefits. To join, visit us online or call (800) 877-4444
more than 6,800 branches to our membership nationwide. At               to speak to a friendly member-service representative.

10 | Engineers News
                      Rancho Murieta Training Center
                      for apprentice to journey-level operators
                      By Kris Morgan, executive director

Congratulations, apprenticeship graduates
    On July 7, during a Saturday evening                  Center (RMTC), however, in 2007, the                          The Journeyman and Apprenticeship
at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Concord,                     program started to focus on the graduation                Trust for Northern California has 27
Calif., Operating Engineers Local 3 and                   as a separate event for the apprentices.                  full-time staff members and two part-time
participating employers gathered to pay                       Guest speakers included Vice President                employees.
homage to 110 journey-level operators –                   Carl Goff, Financial Secretary Dan Reding                     Some 127 individuals administer this
the ladies and gentlemen who dedicated                    and Division of Apprenticeship Standards                  training program, including volunteers
the past four to six years of their lives to              (DAS) Chief Diane Ravnik. About 200                       from labor, management and consulting
complete the Apprenticeship Program.                      individuals were in attendance.                           firms as well as Trust Fund and legal
These individuals faced long working                          The      Apprenticeship       Program                 counsel, Sub-JAC and its alternate
hours, including holidays, weekends and                   is overseen by the California Joint                       members, the DAS, 11 districts and the
night shifts, while sometimes working in                  Apprenticeship Committee (CAL-JAC)                        Associated Third Party Administrators
inclement weather conditions and heavy                    and the Trustees, which is formally                       (ATPA).
traffic. They also faced long drives to and               titled the Operating Engineers and                            The day honors our amazing graduates.
from work.                                                Participating Employers, Pre-Apprentice,                  Congratulations to you all!
    This event is customarily held in                     Apprentice and Journeyman Affirmative
conjunction with the Retiree Picnic in                    Action Training Trust for the Northern 46
June at the Rancho Murieta Training                       Counties of California.

Heavy Duty Repairman (HDR)           Second-generation          Crane
graduate Fernando Chan and his       Operator Scott Fincher thanks
wife, Maria.                         the staff and his family for their    Shannon Nason was one of 40                   Graduate Douglas Blum, center, with his parents,
                                     support after accepting the           graduates who attended the dinner             Dave and Theresa, was Construction Equipment
                                     Apprentice of the Year award.         and awards ceremony in Concord.               Operator (CEO) of the year. He is currently
                                                                                                                         working as a gradesetter in District 80.

                                                                                                 Graduate Lucio Gomez
                                                                                                 brought his family – wife
                                                                                                 Mandy and kids Madelein
Graduate Peter Yarbrough is congratulated                                                        and JJ – to help him celebrate      From left: RMTC Executive Director
by Financial Secretary Dan Reding at the                                                         his accomplishments.                Kris Morgan presents Noel Seifert
July 7 graduation ceremony.                                                                                                          with the HDR Apprentice of the Year

                                                                                                                                            Jerry Diaz, with wife Araceli,
                                                                                                                                            likes being a mechanic,
                                                                                                                                            because it is “always
                                                                                                                                            something new.”
From left: DAS Chief Diane Ravnik, Vice President      Graduate Mina Liu is congratulated by Vice
Carl Goff and graduate Trecher Clay visit after        President Carl Goff and Financial Secretary
dinner.                                                Dan Reding.
                                                                                                                                                     August 2012 | 11
                  Looking at Labor                                                  Fringe Benefits
                  By Pete Figueiredo, treasurer                                     By Charlie Warren, director

History repeats itself,                                           Tips for staying active later in life
so let’s look at the past                                            Sometimes it’s difficult to start an exercise plan and even
                                                                  harder to stay motivated to continue it. According to the U.S.
   8	Unions in decline, some say no longer                        Surgeon General’s report, you are more likely to keep doing
                                                                  physical activities if you:
     needed, and on the verge of extinction
                                                                     •	 Think you will benefit from them
   8	Corporations in the state of dominant                           •	 Include activities you enjoy
     power and importance                                            •	 Feel you can do the activities correctly and safely
   8	Corporate profits reaching record levels                        •	 Have regular access to the activities
                                                                     •	 Can fit the activities into your daily schedule
   8	Working people’s wages stagnant or in                           In other words, set yourself up to succeed right from the
     decline for many years                                       start. Choose realistic goals, learn to do the exercises correctly
                                                                  and safely and chart your progress to see improvement.
   8	Executive pay spiraling out-of-control                          The National Institute on Aging is a great resource for
   8	Commercial media trumpeting these                            information about health and aging. Visit its website at
    These statements paint a bleak picture. We’ve been through
some hard times in the last several years, and those hard         Service pensions and the Rule of 85
times continue. I recently heard on the radio that in June,
for the first time in U.S. history, California surpassed Nevada       If you are vested with 10 or more Pension credits, you can
as the leader in foreclosures across the country. Clearly we’re   retire on an Early Retirement Pension as early as age 55 with a
not out of the woods yet. As the work picture improves in         reduced Pension. Your full benefits are only available at age 62
California, it is important to realize that a vast majority of    or 65 (depending on when you last earned a Pension credit),
current work is publicly funded by our tax dollars. In states     unless you qualify for one of the service pensions. Service
like Nevada, Utah and Hawaii, there is a much lower tax rate      pensions provide a Pension benefit with no reduction for your
and base, which, in conjunction with anti-tax movements,          age, and there are three types. Below is a description of the Rule
leads to less money to build and maintain infrastructure.         of 85 Service Pension.
Therefore, there is much less work being performed in those           You are eligible to receive a Rule of 85 Service Pension when:
states and not a lot of promise on the horizon.                       •	 You are at least age 55; and
    As I’ve highlighted in my column before, there has been           •	 your age plus your years of Credited Service (Pension
a great decline in working people’s effective wages in the                 credits) equals at least 85; and
United States since 1980. However, our economy’s sheer                •	 you have worked at least 2,000 hours for one or more
numbers have continued to grow drastically over that same                  contributing employers in the 72 months immediately
time. Much of that wealth has funneled down into fewer and                 preceding your Pension Effective Date; and
fewer hands. This is not the first time working people in the
                                                                      •	 you have worked at least 350 of those hours either (a)
United States have experienced this, and politics is at the
                                                                           the year of your Pension Effective Date or (b) one of the
heart of the problem. It’s important to look further back in
                                                                           two Plan years immediately preceding the year of your
labor history to understand some of the problems we face
                                                                           Pension Effective Date. This requirement may also be
                                                                           satisfied if:
    You may be surprised to learn that the bulleted statements
above were made in 1928, just months before the stock-market               1. you have worked at least 350 hours for which
crash of 1929. History has a way of repeating itself. Many of                   contributions are required to be made to a pro-rata
the conditions of those dark times are mirrored in today’s                      plan; or
economy. And it is exactly that history that continues to                  2. if you are unemployed, you were registered under
make me optimistic about the future of working men and                          the Job Placement regulations and were available
women. I only hope we don’t have to reach those previous                        for covered employment in Local 3’s jurisdiction
depths (the Great Depression) in order to spark the drastic                     during such period; and
change needed today. It’s very important to understand the            •	 you have not previously received an Early Retirement
conditions that have led us to where we are today. I know                  Pension; and
it can be difficult to sift through and identify key turning          •	 you have filed a Pension application in a timely manner.
points in American labor history, so I will attempt to do that        If you have questions regarding service pensions, contact
in this column over the next several months. If U.S. labor and    the Trust Fund Office at (800) 251-5014 or the Fringe Benefits
economic history interest you, please keep your eye on this       Service Center at (800) 532-2105.
space. For those of you who haven’t yet developed an interest
in these topics, I suspect you’ll be intrigued at how closely
related organized labor and the economy are in our country.
    We’ll begin our journey next month with a story about
death in the Haymarket Square in Chicago, circa 1886.

12 | Engineers News
                    ATPA Angle
                    By Bob Miller, ATPA senior account executive

                                                                                             Would you recommend this
                    How to read an EOB statement                                             field to other women?
   We get a lot of comments from                 or multiple claims per provider on an
members about Explanation of Benefits            EOB statement. The following example
(EOB) statements and requests for a              and simple explanation is for any
simple explanation of how to understand          non-Medicare claim.
them. Until late last year, the statements          It is important to review your EOB
were mailed under the Anthem Blue                statements carefully and to look for
Cross system, but they are now sent              overcharges, incorrect billings, billings
under the new Associated Third Party             for procedures or services you never
Administrators       (ATPA)      computer        had, etc. Your diligence will benefit all                          “Yes, if they don’t
system. This is why the format recently          the members by keeping claim costs                                 mind getting dirty.”
changed.                                         accurate and as low as possible. Business   – Gia Carrozzi, 25-year member
   An EOB statement is mailed to a               Manager Russ Burns, the officers and the
participant after any medical claim              Trustees work very hard to be sure your
and contains all the claim information,          medical coverage provides you the very
from the total charges to the final              best “bang for your buck.” You can help
amount you pay. You may have single              by keeping a close eye on your EOBs.

                                                                                             “If they [men] can
                                                                                             do it, I can do it.
                                                                                             They [the union]
                                                                                             need more of us.
                                                                                             We have finesse.”
                                                                                             – Victoria Duenas, apprentice

                                                                                                                   “Yes. It’s awesome.
                                                                                                                   You get to play in
                                                                                                                   the dirt and get
                                                                                                                   paid for it.”
                                                                                             – Kandis Holmes, three-year member

 Section                               Description
 1. Service dates                      The date you went to the doctor
 2. Description                        What happened with the doctor (office visit,
                                       procedure, etc.)                                      “Yes, definitely.
                                                                                             You get a lot of
 3. Units                              The number of times you went                          support and help to
 4. Charges submitted                  The total charges before any reductions               become better at
                                                                                             your trade, and it’s
 5. Ineligible                         Charges that are not covered under Plan
                                                                                             a lot of fun.”
                                                                                             – Kris Konecny, five-year member
 6. Discount                           The amount subtracted for using a contract
 7. Covered expenses                   The total amount the Plan will allow after the
                                       contract- or non-contract-provider subtraction                             “I would
                                                                                                                  recommend it,
 8. Deductible applied                 If you owe a deductible, it will be shown here                             because it’s just a
 9. Co-pay applied                     If you owe a co-pay, it will be shown here                                 good field to be in,
 10. Other Plan paid                   The amount subtracted if another Plan made                                 as long as they’re
                                                                                                                  willing to learn. It’s
                                       partial payment
                                                                                                                  a lot of work. It’s
 11. Amount paid                       The total dollar amount the Plan paid after                                not just showing up
                                       additions and subtractions                                                 and looking pretty.”
 12. Patient responsibility to         The amount you owe the provider (You will             – Consuela Lawson, 11-year member
     provider of service               receive a provider bill for this.)

                                                                                                                        August 2012 | 13
   Dear Editor:

    In the June 2012 newsletter, Mr. Figueiredo wrote about
the importance and value of solidarity as an important part of
                                                                      Staff Spotlight: Rod Young
unionism. I would like to expound on that issue.                          While it is challenging to represent union members
    While I generally agree with his statement: “In our local,        in the right-to-work state of Nevada, Business Agent Rod
our strength is growing as a direct result of our solidarity,”        Young is up to it. According to Young, who has been a Local
this is not always true for either unions in general or for the       3 member for 27 years and on staff since 2004, “everyone
working-class citizenry the unions need to count on to help           needs a voice, and sometimes it takes a group or union to
them secure living wages and important benefits.                      be heard.”
    Recent polling results in Wisconsin showed a disturbing               While servicing north of I-80 from the California state
pattern of significant numbers of working-class citizens voting       line to Winnemucca, Young has acted as that voice for
more Republican than Democrat and, in doing so, voting against        many Local 3 members, including Job Steward Lyle Beatty.
their own economic interest. Mr. Figueiredo was correct when          Beatty was dispatched to a job in Oregon, but Young helped
he stated, “Our Achilles heel has always been allowing the            get him dispatched to Elko (where Beatty wanted to be) in
other side to shift our focus from our common interests to our        a matter of days.
differences, which usually has nothing to do with the issue at            Beatty currently works the night shift for Ames
hand.”                                                                Construction on the Cortez Dam, and even in odd hours,
    Examples here include the social issues such as abortion,         Young assists him.
LGBT issues, DOMA, etc. Notice that these issues don’t create             “I call him whenever, and he helps me,” said Beatty.
a demand for tax-funded government expenditures. And of               “He’s a stand-up guy and knows what he’s doing. He’s very
course that is exactly why the Republicans like them. They            well-versed as a business agent.”
divert our attention away from economic issues to emotional               Young has to be, since he has been heavily involved in
ones to attempt to keep us from trying to improve our quality         negotiations, having just completed the Northern Nevada
of life. Social Security, pensions, Medicare and unemployment         and Concrete Pump negotiations.
benefits are all programs that are continuously targeted for              For Daniel Graham, a member since 1998, Young helped
reductions or for outright elimination by the Republican Party.       explain things in a way that made sense. Young also takes a
    In the recent Wisconsin recall election, nearly 40 percent        personal approach to solving his members’ problems.
of union families voted for the conservative Governor Scott               “He made it a point to come out to the site and talk
Walker! This is a disgrace for the union label in general and         person-to-person on a personal level with us as operators,”
makes a mockery of “union solidarity.”                                said Graham. Dealing with legal issues and grievances is not
    A recent reader’s comment from the Huffington Post stated:        always easy, but Young handles it all.
“Many voters in Wisconsin don’t realize that a vote for Scott             Another challenge Young faces is gearing up for Northern
Walker meant a vote against the average Joe. Why? As union            Nevada’s upcoming General Election. But as with all of his
membership has declined, so has the income of the middle              duties (he is also a Trustee for the Northern Nevada Health
class.”                                                               and Welfare Fund), “I’m looking forward to the challenge.”
    For a look at how solidarity gets results, however, check
out the Republican Party. Their membership is nearly always
100 percent in agreement on their agenda items and, in recent
years, got most everything on their wish list. Solidarity certainly
works for them!
    Unless all union members have solidarity among themselves
and along with the 99%, I’m afraid our standard of living could
soon mirror the “Mad Max” world of the private sector.

   Vic Bernsdorff
   Reg# 2507850

 Letters to the Editor should reference articles previously
 published in Engineers News and are subject to editing. The use
 of offensive language and unsubstantiated, personal accusations
 will not be permitted. Letters must include your name and            Nevada Business Agent Rod Young, left, talks with 18-year member Rod
                                                                      Friesen at the Granite rock plant in Dayton.
 registration number.
 To submit a letter by mail:
 Letters to the Editor
 Operating Engineers Local 3
 3920 Lennane Drive
 Sacramento, CA 95834
 By fax: (916) 419-3487
 By e-mail:

                                                                                                                        August 2012 | 15
Operating Engineers Local 3: Your best
Crews replace massive Calaveras Dam
    Joining the largest construction trades local in the United States            $416 million replacement began, which will restore the dam’s full
is your best option for obvious reasons: Better wages, job security,              capacity to 31 billion gallons.
fringe benefits and overall quality of life. But hiring Local 3’s skilled             Work will consist of building an earth- and rock-filled dam
workforce is also the best option for construction jobs both public               that provides flexibility, along with a new spillway, a new intake/
and private. Time and time again, Local 3 members prove they                      outlet tower, fish screens and ladders. Utilizing new technology,
have the talent, work ethic and knowledge to handle any job.                      our operators will increase the dam’s stability to withstand
    Therefore, it makes sense that the Calaveras Dam                              earthquakes up to a 7.2 magnitude.
replacement, the largest job in California’s $4.6 billion Water                       The new dam will have a structural height of 220 feet, a crest
System Improvement Project (WSIP), currently utilizes our                         length of 1,210 feet and a width of 80 feet. According to the San
skilled membership working under Joint Venture (JV) Dragados,                     Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC), “7 million cubic
USA, Flatiron Construction and Sukut Construction.                                yards of excavation is required to construct the new dam, which
    The Calaveras Dam, part of the Hetch Hetchy Regional Water                    is the equivalent of 1,200 football fields buried 1 yard deep.” Now,
System, is the Bay Area’s largest drinking water reservoir and was                that’s pretty “dam” amazing!
the largest earth dam in the world when it was built more than                        More impressive than all of this is the size, scope and length
80 years ago. Situated in the Diablo Mountain Range, it sits about                of the project, which is only in the early excavation stages. In
500 yards off the Calaveras Fault. To decrease concerns over the                  its entirety, the Calaveras Dam replacement project is one of the
dam’s stability, the level of the reservoir was significantly reduced             biggest around for our members, noted 15-year member Jesse
more than 10 years ago. And last September, the entire dam’s                      Espinoza.

                                                                             Mechanic Apprentice Jered
                                                                             Crowley inspects a scraper.

                                                                                  Brian Say operates
                                                                                  a D11 dozer on
                                                                                  the Calaveras Dam

D10 dozer operators Simon Arballo and Daniel Soares push Scraper Operator
Hever Meza.

Carol Carpenter works for
Danu Engineering.

                                                                                                           Every day during lunch, 22-year member
                                                                                                           and Mechanic Dennis Graves inspects the
                                                                                                           row of parked scrapers.

                               Gradesetter Sean Troupe and Excavator Operator Conrado Briseno work
                               on a new haul road.
                                                                                                                     Scraper Operator Lloyd McMaster.
16 | Engineers News
dam option                                                                   Semi-Annual Event: Sept. 16
                                                                             Don’t miss new venue,
                                                                             family fishing derby
    He is one of half a dozen Local 3 operators excavating the area              Besides the usual great food, good fellowship and
where about 9 million cubic yards of material will be removed in             important information at every Local 3 Semi-Annual
preparation for the foundation of the dam.                                   Event, there are lots of new offerings at the next one,
    “It is great to be out here – we are getting a lot of hours,”            held Sept. 16. First of all, the event is at a new location
commented 29-year member Joe Oswald. “It is cool to be on one                (though not far from the familiar one). Festivities will be
of the biggest jobs going.”
                                                                             held at the Rancho Murieta Association’s beautiful Lake
    Operators are currently working 10- to 12-hour days and
                                                                             Clementia Park in Rancho Murieta, Calif.
can look forward to four years of work at a rigorous schedule to
                                                                                 Since this new location is near Lake Clementia, we’re
complete the project.
                                                                             hosting a family fishing derby from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
    For brothers and crane operators Daniel and Tim Campbell,
                                                                             There will be three prizes for the children’s division (ages
the project has been a blessing not just in terms of work but as
                                                                             15 and under) and one prize for the adults’ division, so
a chance for them to work together. Though the work picture is
                                                                             bring the whole family. There are plenty of fish in the lake
still recovering from a drought, this job is like a long-running rain
                                                                             (from largemouth bass to blue gill), so you should have no
storm. They hope to be busy for the next three years.
                                                                             trouble catching a few!
    “This is an impressive job,” said Daniel. It’s one that only the
                                                                                 It is strongly encouraged that participants bring their
best of the best can perform, proving once again that Local 3
                                                                             own fishing gear. Please note: The dock area will be off
really is your best dam option.
                                                                             limits for safety purposes.
                                                                                 If fishing is not your thing, there’s always something
                                                                             for everybody at these events. From the free health
                                                                             screenings and great barbecue lunch to Local 3 shirts,
                                                                             hats and accessories for sale, you’ll be glad you came and
                                                                             made a day of it.
                                                                                 During the 1 p.m. meeting, the newly elected officers
                                                                             will be sworn in by International Union of Operating
                                                                             Engineers (IUOE) General President James T. Callahan,
                                                                             who will also be the meeting’s keynote speaker. Then,
                                                                             Business Manager Russ Burns will give his State of the
                                                                             Union Address.
                                                                                 Come join us and get your fill of fishing, food and
                                                                             important union information.

                                                                             SCHEDULE OF EVENTS
                                                                             9 a.m. – Registration
Tom Jordan keeps the haul roads clean and clear for the scraper operators.
                                                                             9-11:30 a.m. – Fishing derby
                                                                             10:30 a.m. -12:30 p.m. – Barbecue buffet lunch
                                                                             1 p.m. – Meeting called to order

                                                                             O NEW LOCATION: LAKE CLEMENTIA PARK                                               To Reno
                                                                                                                           Sunrise Blvd.

                                                                                          Sacramento              80
                                                                                  I-5                                                                       To Lake
                                                                                                                                                             Camino Del Lago
                                                                                                                       Bradshaw Rd.




                                                                               San Francisco                      16






                                                                                                     To Stockton

                                                                                                                                                       August 2012 | 17
Burlingame I 828	Mahler	Road,	Suite	B,	Burlingame,	CA	94010	•	(650)	652-7969
             District Rep. Charles Lavery
Welcome, T&D Trenchless
    School is out for the summer, but construction is in. Work      In Marin County, Stroer and Graff is driving pile for some
under the San Mateo High School District Project Labor private work in San Rafael. Linscott Engineering also has
Agreement (PLA) is underway across the county. Signatory some private work in Belvedere on the outskirts of Tiburon.
contractors MK Pipelines, Jos. J. Albanese                                       Maggiora & Ghilotti has a $900,000 water-tank
and Duran and Venables are building three                                        replacement in Mill Valley and work for the
classroom buildings at Ralston Middle School                                     Marin municipal-pipeline replacement in Ross
and upgrading existing utilities onsite. Cranes                                  Valley. San Rafael is moving forward with the
will hoist in temporary classrooms at Fox,                                       development of the $8 million to $10 million
Nesbit and Redwood Shores elementary schools.                                    sports complex. Disney has Clemente Camacho
These buildings are 6,200 square feet each                                       working at the North Marin Water District in
and must go into place fast enough to be used                                    Novato.
when school starts. These tight schedules are                                        In San Francisco, the construction picture
also met by Interstate Grading and Paving and                                    looks very good with 15 tower cranes going up
Galeb Paving at Burlingame and Aragon high                                       by September. Country Builders has Jack Vetter
schools. Further down the peninsula, Andrieni                                    on the tower crane at 15th and Mission streets,
Brothers is working at Sacred Heart High School Octavio Rengel works for Jos. J. Clipper International has Rick Murchie on a
in Atherton. O.C. Jones is giving Carlmont High                                  luffing tower crane on New Montgomery and
School a new synthetic field and goalposts.                                      Sheedy Crane has Dan Allen at 277 Golden
    At the San Francisco International Airport (SFO), Ferma Gate. And there’s more to come!
will demolish the old control tower and Disney Construction is      Condon-Johnson/Nicholson, a Joint Venture (JV), has
placing thousands of feet of Reinforced Concrete Pipe (RCP) for Henry Steffes and Eugene Clark working on a launch box for
the runway. Disney is also at the intersection of Hwy. 280 and the big central subway project.
Hwy. 92, strengthening the overpass foundations with the help       As work hours increase, we would like to welcome T&D
of Drilltech. Granite Construction has two widening projects on Trenchless out of Murrieta, Calif. to the union.
Hwy. 101 and the grade separation for Caltrain in San Bruno.        We would also like to thank all the volunteers at the District
Private work continues to come back, most notably at Bay 01 Picnic who worked hard to make the event successful.
Meadows, where Shea Homes is working under a PLA to keep
our signatories busy.

fairfield I District Rep. Mark Burton
            2540	N.	Watney	Way,	Fairfield,	CA	94533	•	(707)	429-5008

Dredging season officially starts
                                           District 04 and District    Tug and Barge. In doing so, one more dredge was taken from the
                                       80 joined forces once again     ranks of the non-union. Congratulations to Mark Sutton and
                                       to hold our Joint District      his company.
                                       Picnic on June 10 in Winters.       At the time of this writing, several projects were on the
                                       The day was filled with fun     books but not yet started. We expect to have rigs working at the
                                       activities from laser tag and   ports of Oakland and Richmond, as well as the Sacramento and
                                       bumper balls to volleyball      San Joaquin rivers. Looks like this will be another good year for
                                       and horseshoes. Members         Local 3 dredge operators.
                                       and their families spent the        As the November General Election approaches, we are
                                       day visiting with friends and   looking for more volunteers. The Voice of the Engineer (VOTE)
                                       co-workers and, of course,      program offers great rewards to members, their families and
                                       winning great raffle prizes.    friends who volunteer at least one hour of their time. A $200
                                           The annual North Bay        Visa gift card is given to those who volunteer at least 21 hours.
                                       Apprenticeship Coordinators     Please call to sign up for upcoming phone banking and precinct
                                       Association          (NBACA)    walking.
Students enjoy themselves at the NBACA Construction Career Fair was
Construction Career Fair.
                                       also a huge success with 320
students attending from Dixon, Vacaville, Fairfield, Crockett,
Sacramento and Oakland. Apprenticeship coordinators from
various building and construction trades, including Fairfield’s
own Holly Brown, encouraged future apprentices, while
hands-on demonstrations allowed students to experience
building with their hands and minds. A big thanks to our top
three sponsors: Kiewit Infrastructure West, Kaiser Permanente
and Optum Health.
    As for dredging work, our season has officially
started. Camenzind Dredging is working in the Oakland Middle            Retiree Gary Schmidt and his wife,
Harbor, operating two shifts with 10 members staying busy. Also         Ann, pose for a photo before
going strong is Dixon Marine. The company is working on several         lunch at the Sacramento/Fairfield
projects in Alameda, Richmond, Pittsburg and Sacramento and             joint picnic.
                                                                                                             Apprentice David Owen, his son,
recently acquired the Derrick Barge (DB) Columbia from Brusco                                                Jeremy, and friend, Casey Costa.

18 | Engineers News                                     district reports
eureka I District Rep. Chris Snyder
         1213	Fifth	St.,	Eureka,	CA	95501	•	(707)	443-7328

Dutra Construction wins historic project
    As the work picture picks up, Fluor National Maintenance where the overburdened rock came out of the Trinidad Quarry.
continues to keep several operators busy at the Humboldt Bay               Peterson Tractor has been staying busy at the Fortuna shop.
Power Plant decommissioning. This has been a tough job, with               Golden State Bridge is putting the finishing touches on
special requirements and several companies and                                       the Mad River Bridge, with Penhall coming in to
crafts involved, and our operators have worked hard.                                 demolish the old bridge.
    The Crescent City harbor-reconstruction job                                          Shasta Constructors recently finished some
awarded to Dutra Construction has finally kicked                                     emergency work above Hoopa and pulled in a local
off, and several of our members are a part of this                                   company, Kapel, which signed a Project Agreement
historic project. This job will continue until Dec. 1,                               with OE3.
when crab season starts.                                                                 Please pass the word along to Slow for the Cone
    Wahlund Construction is tearing up the old                                       Zone and our brothers and sisters at Caltrans.
Hwy. 101 by Confusion Hill and has been busy at                                          Also, District 40 would like to remind everybody
the Stewart Street Reservoir in Fortuna. Several of                                  that we’ll be doing phone banking for the upcoming
our members continue to work on various jobs for John Buegler works for presidential race this fall. Anyone interested in
Wahlund.                                               Mercer-Fraser at the Trinidad helping should call Secretary Jennifer McKenzie
    Mercer-Fraser has been busy with several paving Quarry.                          at the Hall to sign up on the Voice of the Engineer
and highway jobs throughout the district. The                                        (VOTE) volunteer list.
company really geared up for the summer and for gravel-harvest             Remember that your out-of-work registration is good for 84
season in September. Our operators with Mercer-Fraser days. Renew early.
always work hard to collect the rock needed for the following              If you see something that looks out of place on any job in
construction season. Mercer-Fraser is also using our operators District 40, please contact Business Rep. Bob Center at (707)
to finish some of the emergency work on the Klamath River 601-8172, so he can investigate, because every hour counts.

sacramentO I 3920	Lennane	Drive,	Sacramento,	CA	95834	•	(916)	993-2055
             District Rep. Rob Carrion
Teichert has large job on I-80
    We would like to start off by             “Why didn’t I get my Engineers News?”
thanking everyone who came out to the         Usually the answer is simple: The member                 Robert “Bob” Clark
Sacramento/Fairfield District Picnic. It      has moved and not updated his or her                 March 18, 1931 – July 16, 2012
was a fantastic event, and it was really      address with the office. Brothers and
good to see everyone outside of the           sisters, every time you move, you need                 Retiree Robert “Bob” Clark was
workplace.                                    to fill out a change-of-address form, so we        a devoted union member for more
    We would also like to thank all of you    can send your statements and Engineers             than 40 years when he lost his battle
who contributed your time as volunteers       News to the correct address. Please call           to cancer on July 16.
to help support candidates who support        the Hall to verify your information.                   He joined the Local 3 staff in
union work. Several members made                  Teichert is once again working on              the Contracts Department in 1974
phone call after phone call during            I-80. This is a very large project that has        and was promoted to department
our     phone-banking     sessions     and    been ongoing, and it will hopefully get            manager in 1983, a title he held
hand-delivered literature to help us get      done this year.                                    until he left in 1990. He just couldn’t
the right people elected in the Primary           DeSilva Gates is busy working on Hwy.
                                                                                                 stay away and returned in 2001 as
Election.                                     49, Hwy. 65 and Washington Boulevard in
                                                                                                 the Contracts Department director.
    We will continue to need your help        Roseville.
for November’s General Election. It is our        Granite Construction was awarded               He retired officially two years later.
duty. If every member volunteered just a      a freeway-overlay project on I-80 from                 He will be remembered and
couple of hours, we would not have to rely    Hwy. 65 to Newcastle.                              never forgotten, since all who knew
on the same individuals every time we             Road and Highway Builders will be              him miss him deeply. Please keep
need help. If you haven’t done so already,    performing work this year on Hwy. 89               his family in your thoughts at this
come to the office or give us a call to get   from North Lake Tahoe to South Lake                difficult time.
your name on the volunteer list. It’s fun,    Tahoe, so if you plan on traveling there
you meet other members and you earn           this summer, be careful. And remember,
awards. It benefits everyone in Local 3.      Slow for the Cone Zone!
    In other business, our agents visit           Also, be sure to stay hydrated, and be
jobsites everyday and are often asked,        safe.

 From left: Member                                                                                              Members from C.C. Myers,
     Hank Miles and                                                                                             Inc. include, from left: Chris
      Treasurer Pete                                                                                            Montes,     Ruben      Ferretis,
Figueiredo catch up                                                                                             Sacramento Business Rep.
 at the Sacramento/                                                                                             Matt     Schraeder,      Human
Fairfield joint picnic                                                                                          Resources Generalist Erin
          in Winters.                                                                                           Kilbane and Jeff Harris.

                                                       district reports                                                   August 2012 | 19
redding I District Rep. Bob Vanderpol
          20308	Engineers	Lane,	Redding,	CA	96002	•	(530)	222-6093

Help us put the right people in office
   We would like to thank everyone who
showed up for our 41st annual District 70                                                                        Apprenticeship Spotlight
picnic. As always, it was a good time for all.
For some, it was a time to reflect on days gone
by, and for others, it was good to hear some
old stories.
   Our work picture looks good, as many
jobs are up and going and a second section
of Buckhorn Summit is going to bid this
month. Companies like Mercer-Fraser and
Balfour Beatty are working, as are our Unit
12 members.
   The 2012 General Election season is here,                                                                         District 70 Construction
and we are going to need all the help we can get                                                                 Equipment Operator (CEO)
                      to put the right people       Unit 12 Mechanic Joe Vegas works in Redding.                 Apprentice Nicholas Cardoza
                      in office to secure work      against this thought process, because we                     is a third-generation operator.
                      for our members now           know projects done with non-union, unskilled                 His     grandfather      founded
                      and in the future. Some       labor cost three times as much to complete.                  Hillside Drilling Inc. more
                      politicians believe that      This message needs to be taken to the public,                than 40 years ago. Today,
                      this great state would be     and without your help, we can’t do this. If you              Cardoza is operating the
                      in better shape without       have any time, please stop by the Hall and                   company’s       vertical     and
                      our unions. We need           let us know when you are available to phone                  horizontal drill rigs. He has
                      to take a strong stand        bank or take information door-to-door.                       excellent mechanical and
                                                                                                                 welding skills as well as rigging
Curtis Alexander works                                                                                           knowledge.
for Mercer-Fraser.

mOrgan hill I 325	Digital	Drive,	Morgan	Hill,	CA	95037	•	(408)	465-8260	
              District Rep. Steven Glenn Harris
Unionism strong in District 90
     Labor unions consist of workers and union leaders united            become a leader in the rock, sand and gravel industry. However,
to protect and promote their common interests. Labor unions              recently, we have been trying to negotiate several agreements
are legally recognized as representatives of workers in many             with Graniterock and, so far, have been unsuccessful. At one
industries in the United States. Their activity centers on collective    facility, A.R. Wilson Quarry in Aromas, a set of working conditions
bargaining over wages, benefits and working conditions for their         was implemented that took away our members’ retirement
membership and representing their members in disputes with               health and welfare, union-security clause, shift differential pay
management over violations of contract provisions.                       and other benefits. Local 3 has been persistent in negotiations,
     We would like to thank all the members of Local 3 who               refusing to give up retirement health and welfare and union
volunteer their time to help our great union succeed in these            security while wanting to get back to the table and reach a fair
above goals. Whether it’s walking picket lines, handing out              agreement. Local 3 started a campaign called Restore the Rock
information at job actions, phone banking for political issues or        to try to restore a relationship that benefits the company, our
attending union functions, you are very much appreciated, and            members and their families. You can read articles and get more
it is for these reasons our union is the best.                           information on our Restore the Rock campaign by visiting our
     A particular stand-out volunteer member is Kevin Brown.             website (, where an icon will direct you to updates
At this year’s 12th annual Central Labor Council awards, he was          and news items. Also, please e-mail us at and
awarded Unionist of the Year for OE3 in our area. Brown is a             sign our petition.
26-year member who attends lots of union actions and meetings                District 90 would like to welcome all of our new signatories,
and is part of our Election Committee. With his can-do attitude          including UCON Utility Contractors with Eric Curtis. This is
and passion for the union, it was not surprising he won the              a directional boring contractor located in San Martin that also
award.                                                                   does excavating and utility potholing.
     Around the district, work is in full swing with dispatches
ahead of previous years. The “big three” are underway, which
are the 49ers stadium, the BART extension and the Los Esteros
Power Plant. These large jobs put a lot of our signatory companies
and brothers and sisters to work for extended periods of time.
Work continues on roads and highways throughout the district
as well, with Pavex, O.C. Jones, Bay Cities, Top Grade, DeSilva
Gates and RGW paving the way. Let’s hope this big workload
continues for the next several years and beyond.
     One large problem we have been dealing with in our district,
along with Burlingame District 01, is a labor dispute with
                                                                         Member Kevin Brown, center,
Graniterock Company. For more than 60 years, our members                 receives his Unionist of the Year
have worked for this company, and it has benefited from our              award from assembly members         Members Gerardo Villicana and Abe Magana
                                                                         Bill Monning and Luis Alejo.        phone bank.
skilled labor force. Together, as a partnership, Graniterock has

20 | Engineers News                                      district reports
hawaii I 1075	Opakapaka	St.,	Kapolei,	HI	96707	•	For	all	branches,	call	(808)	845-7871
         District Rep. Pane Meatoga Jr.
Union labor will ensure BYU job is completed on time, within budget
   Contractor      Charles     Pankow      sector, the company was soon awarded
Builders, Ltd. started the $11 million     the site work for 11 structures. Thanks
D.A.S. job on Kauai with sub-contracts     to the brothers and sisters at Jayar for
going to Goodfellow Brothers, Inc. and     showing that union labor will bring the
new signatory demolition contractor        job in on time and within budget in a
Pacific Concrete Cutting and Coring.       safe and productive work environment.
   Jayar Construction started a $7             The Primary Election will wrap up
million project with the Brigham Young     Aug. 11 (see our recommendations
University (BYU) Hawaii campus.            on page 14), and the General Election
At first, the company won the bid to       is just around the corner. Watch for
surcharge just two building pads. But      mailings to educate you on endorsed
because of its quality craftsmanship,      candidates. Also, remember to update         The crew on the BYU Hawaii project includes, front row, from
                                                                                        left: Judson Kailikea, Jamie Harvest-Silva, Foreman Deldon
professionalism and competitive bids,      your registration on the out-of-work
                                                                                        Staggs, David Clay and Stephen Smith. Back row, from left:
which have represented unions and          list and make sure we have your              William Keliikoa II, Thomas Agena, Dain Kamakaala, Ben
Operating Engineers well in this private   current contact information.                 Tabangcura, Rogelio Insong and Adrian Lanoza.

stOcktOn I District Rep. Nathan Tucker
           1916	North	Broadway,	Stockton,	CA	95205	•	(209)	943-2332

Members operate new blades on Sperry Road extension project
    It’s summertime, and work is looking good this year. As you     various electrical components.
drive in any of the six counties that District 30 covers, you can       Regarding levee repair and maintenance, R.J. Gordon is
see all the work that’s going on, which is a sight for sore eyes.   working on McDonald Island.
Please be sure your out-of-work registration is current, so you         Upcoming work: Robert A. Bothman Inc. will be performing
can be called for that dispatch. Don’t miss out.                    work on the $6 billion Stagg High School Phase 3 Aquatics/
    Ongoing work: At the time of this writing, the more than        Multi-use Field project. This project will consist of demolition;
$30.8 million Sperry Road extension project is in full swing        clearing and grubbing; rough and finish grading; lime treatment;
with C.C. Myers performing all the bridge work, Bay Cities          asphalt paving; concrete curbs and paving; steel reinforcing;
performing the grading and asphalt and Pacific Excavation           fencing; tennis-court surfacing; storm drainage; sand-channel
performing all the underground electrical, roadway lighting         drainage; sanitary sewer; gas; portable water; irrigation; athletic
and traffic signals. Member Matt Peluso is running a brand-new      equipment and site furnishings; landscaping; metal deck roofing;
John Deere blade, recently journeyed-out member Mike Cowan          and site electrical and mechanical systems.
is on a compactor and Blade Operator Tony Arnaiz, with Master           Work on the almost $1.5 million El Dorado Street
Mechanic Andy Jensen, is utilizing a brand-new Cat blade. The       Improvements Phase 2 will include traffic-signal modification
project is on schedule and should be completed by late 2013. It     and installation, curb and gutters, stripping, ramp improvements,
will connect Hwy. 99 to I-5, the two main arteries running north    pavement markers and signage.
and south through the city of Stockton. This project, which will        The $2.2 million 2010 Street Overlay Project will improve
take traffic from Hwy. 99 and connect at I-5 at French Camp         streets in the city of Stockton.
Road, includes five bridges crossing railways, roadways and             We have one more election this year, and whether we like
French Camp Slough. Crews will also install retaining walls and     it or not, the candidates who get elected – or not elected – and
roadway lighting and modify traffic signals.                        the measures that pass – or don’t pass – will affect what we all
    On the $1.2 billion prison-medical facility off Arch Road       strive for, and that is to simply provide for our families. Please
in Stockton, we have Granite Construction, DeSilva Gates            pay special attention to this publication for information on the
Construction, American Crane Rental, Maxim Crane, Conco             “Corporate Power Grab” measure. This will be on the ballot,
Pumping, Preston Pipeline and Conco West Inc. Crews are             and if passed, it will devastate our industry. Just as we are seeing
currently adding additional employee parking at the site, since     light at the end of the tunnel, this measure will take us into a
there will be a huge wave of new employees hired as phase 3         deeper hole. Call your district office for more information or ask
begins. The prison-medical facility is scheduled to take inmates    your agent on the jobsite. Now is not the time to sit back and
in December 2013, but the state needs six months to prepare         do nothing.
beforehand. That said, the project must be completed by late
June 2013. If you get the opportunity to work on this project,
you will need to pay close attention to what you’re doing and
what others around you are doing. This jobsite is very congested
with equipment and workers on the ground. Safety is always the
top priority on any project we work on, but for this particular
site, we need to take extra care and focus.
    On the state Route 12 improvement project, DeSilva Gates
Construction is the general contractor with subcontractors
AC Dike performing dike work, W.C. Maloney performing
clearing, Tennyson Electric performing underground electrical,       Matt Peluso operates
                                                                     a brand-new John
Apex Fence performing guardrail installation, Preston Pipeline       Deere blade.
performing underground pipe and R.A. Nemetz performing                                       From left: Master Mechanic Andy Jensen and
                                                                                             Blade Operator Tony Arnaiz work for C.C. Myers
permanent concrete K-Rail work. The project consists of                                      on Sperry Road.
shoulder widening, new road construction, asphalt overlay and

                                                      district reports                                                         August 2012 | 21
fresnO I 4856	North	Cedar,	Fresno,	CA	93726	•	(559)	229-4083
         District Rep. Rick Phillips
Work picture heats up – literally
   Things in District 50 are picking up as the temperature                      the east ramp hangar for $1.3 million. Granite also has overlay
climbs higher.                                                                  work in Shaver Lake for $1.3 million and asphalt and concrete
   American Paving has the $2.5 million Jensen Avenue                           work in Fresno worth $2.1 million.
overhead rehab and the construction of Yosemite Spring Bridge.                      Dawson Mauldin, Emmetts and Papich have work on Road
   West Valley Construction has storm-drain work around                         80 from Dinuba to Goshen.
Fresno, while W. Jaxon Baker has $1.3 million worth of overlay                      Flatiron is working on Hwy. 198 from Goshen to Hanford.
work in and around Oakhurst.                                                        Diablo is working on Hwy. 99 from Kingsburg to Goshen.
   Tri County is doing street improvements in Fresno and                            Tri County and Griffin have work at the Westlake Farms
Clovis, including Sierra Avenue, the Nees Avenue and Hwy. 168                   composting facility.
connection and the DeWolf Avenue and Hwy. 168 connection.                           Sukut is doing work for Waste Management in Kettleman
   Agee is performing overlays in and around Fresno and                         City.
Shaver Lake.                                                                        Granite has shoulder and rest-area work on Hwy. 99 near
   Teichert is still hard at work on the Fresno Yosemite                        Tipton.
International Airport runway-reconstruction project worth                           American Paving has realignment work on Betty Drive in
more than $25 million and the airport ramp for $8.1 million.                    Goshen.
Other jobs underway include Hwy. 99 and the Hwy. 140                                Bill Nelson is doing work for the city of Cutler.
overlay in Merced, the Hwy. 41 overlay in Madera, the Hwy.                          Dispatcher Jody Recek reminds all of you on the out-of-work
41 reconstruction in Lemoore and the overlay work on                            list to re-register and stay current, because work is picking up.
Friant-Madera Canal Bridge for $2.2 million.
   Granite Construction has the overlay work on a $4 million
job in Kerman (Belmont to Brawley) and some airport work on

Oakland I District Rep. Mike Croll
          1620	South	Loop	Road,	Alameda,	CA	94502	•	(510)	748-7446

District Picnic was fun for all
    District 20 would like to thank all of the volunteers who                   Apprenticeship Spotlight
helped with phone banking and precinct walking this May and                        Congratulations to Construction Equipment Operator (CEO)
June. We had some fun with 10 to 12 volunteers each night.                      Angelo Gonzales, who completed the Apprenticeship Program
Volunteers were served good food, and the hours they gave                       on May 21 and is currently working for Ranger Pipelines, and
count toward earning gift card(s) of up to $200.                                to CEO Shane McElley, who completed the Apprenticeship
    The work picture for District 20 is busy, busy, busy. Alameda               Program on June 11 and is currently working for Bay Cities
and Contra Costa counties have several projects, including                      Paving & Grading.
three power plants, two BART projects, two tunnel jobs, the                        Congratulations also to CEO Alfredo Duenas, who completed
Calaveras Dam project and plenty of highway work. All of the                    the Apprenticeship Program on June 18. Duenas was sponsored
quarries are working long hours as well. There are jobs aplenty,                by and continues working for Andes Construction of Oakland.
and dispatches are up. Members are working, and it looks to be
a great year for District 20.
    Due to the busy work picture, some companies may utilize
other crafts to perform our covered work. Please remember to
call the Hall if you think another craft is on our equipment. You
will be connected with the proper agent and don’t have to leave
your name. Trust in us; no one will hang you out to dry. Please
give the agent time to return your call.
    On the lighter side, our District Picnic was a great success.
There was good food, great fellowship and lots of fun for the
                                                                                                                                     New CEO       Alfredo
kids. Fortunately, the weather also cooperated, and a good time                                                                      Duenas.
was had by the nearly 350 people in attendance. Thank you all                    New CEO Shane McElley.   New    CEO     Angelo
for coming.                                                                                               Gonzales.

                                                                                        Member Tim Campbell and his family
Member Rick Humphers, left, visits with his father,                                     show off their Local 3 pride.
member Harold Humphers, and his mother, Lorelei.                                                                             From left: Members Kenneth
                                                      Cindy and Sonny Whatley enjoy a                                        Matthewson and Mike Harvey
                                                      lunch of tri-tip and hot links.                                        visit during the June 24 Oakland
                                                                                                                             District Picnic.
22 | Engineers News                                             district reports
rOhnert Park I District Rep. Chris Snyder
               6225	State	Farm	Drive,	Suite	100,	Rohnert	Park,	CA	94928	•	(707)	585-2487

Operating Engineers come to the rescue; repair slide on Hwy. 162
    Even late in the season, we are                 were occasionally studded with Tule Elk,    impressive rock-slope protection-wall.
still feeling the effects of our wet, wild          Black Tail Deer and wild boars.             Crews also performed the installation of
winter! It kept members busy on Hwy.                   Our members worked under the             a light fill wall, which was required by
162 in Covelo, where the road started to            guidance of Foremen Joe Cooper.             Caltrans and consisted of 700 cubic yards
completely undermine itself and become              Member Alec Pacini performed the            of Styrofoam blocks, 4-by-4-by-8 and
unsafe for the public to drive on. It was           gradechecking, and member Jim Rowland       weighing 120 pounds. The blocks were
deemed to need an emergency slide-repair            operated an excavator to dig out an under   put into place and cut with a heated piece
by Caltrans. The location was impressive,           drain and remove more than 1,000 yards      of wire to fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.
with natural beauty surrounding the site            of dirt at about 15 feet. Mike Bryant           Thanks to our members at MCS, the
in every direction. Directly below the              kept busy supplying 600 tons of rip-rap     job was done safely and the public can
slide was the Eel River that you could              in a rubber-tire loader. The MCS team,      now drive this stretch of highway in
hear rushing by, and all the green hills            with the help of Rich Dutra, created an     Covelo with no worries.

                                                                                                                        Rich Dutra

Loader Operator Mike Bryant, Gradechecker Alec Pacini, Foreman Joe                                                   Members work on a
Cooper and Excavator Operator Jim Rowland on the Hwy. 162 emergency                                                  slide-repair on Hwy.
slide-repair in Covelo.                                                                                              162 in Covelo.

nevada I 1290	Corporate	Blvd.,	Reno,	NV	89502	•	For	all	branches,	call	(775)	857-4440	
         District Rep. Steve Ingersoll
Highway work keeps rolling
    Northern Nevada’s work season is in full swing. Granite Construction is working on Hwy. 93 near Curry, south of Wells.
Construction is finishing up the I-80 design build, the Coughlin Grinding is performing the grinding for both of these
Moana Interchange, the Hwy. 50 widening and the Clearacre companies as well as on the Silverzone job on I-80.
rehabilitation. Q&D Construction should be wrapping up                     Canyon Construction is currently working at the Leeville
the sewer-rehab project on North Virginia Street in Reno and Mine for Newmont and on a waterline job in Elko. N.A.
working on the Moana Lane widening. The company also has Degerstrom, Inc. is still working at five of the mines in Northern
projects on Hwy. 28 around Lake Tahoe. These are just a few of Nevada. Ames Construction is building a leach pad for Barrick
the projects that are keeping our hands busy this year.               Gold at the Cortez Mine and raising a tailings dam at Gold
    At the time of this writing, District 11 is in the midst of Strike.
negotiations for both master and private                                                             Reno Tahoe Construction is still
work. We would like to thank everyone                                                             working east of Battle Mountain. Interstate
who helped on our committee and in the                                                            Improvement, Inc. signed an agreement
field. The tough economic times can make                                                          with Local 3 and will be doing a job east
contract negotiations a challenge for all                                                         of Battle Mountain on I-80 near Argenta.
involved.                                                                                         Road and Highway Builders will be
    Another big challenge we face is politics.                                                    working for Interstate Improvement on
The importance of being a registered                                                              this job. Sterling Crane is staying very
voter and voting in the upcoming election                                                         busy in the Elko area doing private and
cannot be measured. The people who are                                                            mine work. Q&D Construction is working
running for office and those who support From left: New apprentices Mitch Vanronk and Jessica west of Carlin on the Carlin Interchange
                                                                                                  and is building a pad and shop at the Elko
labor issues are crucial to the Operating Sollini are welcomed to Local 3 at the June 18 District
                                                Meeting.                                          Cashman equipment dealer.
Engineers’ future. Politics can be a sore
                                                                                                     Elko membership meetings are held at
subject for some, but with attacks on unions
                                                                      the Hall at 6 p.m. Newmont Mining membership meetings are
nationwide and the results of what happened in Wisconsin, this
                                                                      on the first Wednesday of the month, and Elko construction
year is going to be critical for voter participation. Please contact
                                                                      meetings are on the second Wednesday of the month. If you
the Hall if you are not registered to vote or need to re-register
                                                                      have any questions, please call our office at (775) 753-8761.
due to a change of address, etc. And please remember to vote.
                                                                           Newmont members: Your current contract expires on Jan.
                                                                      31, 2013. By the time you read this, we will have a Negotiating
From Elko                                                             Committee elected and will be holding proposal meetings.
    Road and Highway Builders was the low bidder on the Come by or call the Elko Hall for an update and to find out when
Elko Airport, which will be done this summer. The company proposal meetings are scheduled. If you give us your e-mail
is also working on I-80 west of Elko, on Hwy. 93 at Shelbourne address, you will be sent notices about the meetings. (Please
Pass and at the Eureka and Battle Mountain airports. Granite note: You must bring your e-mail addresses into the office.)

                                                              district reports                                              August 2012 | 23
utah I 1958	West	North	Temple,	Salt	Lake	City,	UT	84116	•	(801)	596-2677
       District Rep. Justin Diston
Lots of paving going on
   W.W. Clyde is paving I-70 in eastern Utah and I-15 in southern       Howell, Jim Dunnigan and Charlie Luke. Thank you also to the
Utah and started a mine-strip job at Brush Wellman (Materion            OE3 officers: President Fred Herschbach, Vice President Carl
Resources) east of Delta. The company is also continuing work           Goff and Rec. Corres. Secretary Jim Sullivan were able to come
at Nine Mile Canyon and started a 10-mile section at Wells Draw         and enjoy our District Picnic with us this year. We appreciate all
Road near Myton.                                                        the support.
   Kiewit picked up some additional work on the state Route
14 landside project and will have subcontractor Hayward Baker
working on some tiebacks. RHB is paving I-70 in eastern Utah at
the West Water Interchange.
   Granite is busy paving I-80 and I-84 at Henefer and has a tar
sands project on Seep Road in Uintah County. The company is
also keeping paving crews busy in Salt Lake City and Ogden.
   Snelson picked up a 10-mile pipeline job in Vernal and a                                                 Member William
95-mile pipeline job in southeastern Utah, both of which will                                               Cummings helps
start this month.                                                                                           a future Operating   Lucky winner Frank
                                                                                                            Engineer on the      Sunde picks up the
   W.W. Clyde and Co., Granite Construction and Ames                                                        mini-excavator       prize he won in the
Construction are doing work at Kennecott. PNK Construction                                                  game.                raffle.
started the dam project at Echo Reservoir and will be working
around the clock. Work is picking up and will continue this
summer and into the fall.
   We all need to do our part in organizing. When you are on the
                                                                          From left: Retirees
job and working with non-union companies, talk to them and let            Murray         Stevens,
them know how the union benefits you and your family. Every               Don Strate, Melvin
part helps.                                                               Huntington and Jim
   We would like to thank everyone who attended our District              Cologna were among
Picnic. It was nice to see so many District 12 faces. We would            the 50-year members
                                                                          who received either
also like to thank the politicians who joined us, including Peter         a watch or clock for
Cooke, Vince Rampton, Jim Matheson, Ben McAdams, Scott                    their years of service.

yuBa city I District Rep. Ed Ritchie
            468	Century	Park	Drive,	Yuba	City,	CA	95991	•	(530)	743-7321

Forty-two projects tracked in District 60 this year
    Thanks to everyone who voted in the           rights. Don’t be misled by the anti-worker        County, and Escheman Construction is
Primary Election. Many volunteers worked          propaganda coming from the extreme                performing sub-contract work at the same
countless hours to promote two great              right. These false statements blame any           site. Nehemiah Construction was removed
candidates in Yuba County. Unfortunately,         civil servant who works for local, state or       from a $30 million job in Sutter County,
we were hit hard by extremely low                 federal government for what’s wrong with          and a new contractor will resume the
voter-turnout, and we are sad to say, both        our budgets, from Washington, D.C. to             work next year. Knife River Construction
lost.                                             our counties, cities and school districts.        has a $16 million project in Sierra County
    Next is the General Election. One of          We better wake up and think about what            and six other projects totaling more than
the presidential candidates is saying that        kind of future is ahead for us if pensions        $37 million. AJ Vasconi has a job in Yuba
the first things he will do are go after          become a thing of the past. We must vote          County for $937,000, with the Smartsville
unions, end Project Labor Agreements              in November. We don’t want to have to             Bridge replacement.
(PLAs) and promote right-to-work laws.            report again that the best candidates for             Rideout Memorial Hospital started
The other candidate is promoting workers’         labor lost.                                       an expansion with the help of Peninsula
                                                      As far as work goes, Enterprise               Crane. Zach Bruce and Chase Miller
                                                  Rancheria in Yuba County and its                  are the two OE3 members onsite. The
                                                  thousands of jobs have been postponed             Marysville Ring Levee started this year
                                                  again. This project is a must if we want          as well, with the final projected cost of
                                                  Yuba County to grow. The benefits far             all four phases estimated at between $75
                                                  outweigh what the opponents will say.             million and $100 million. The Sutter Butte
                                                      DeSilva Gates has an $8.4 million             Flood Control Agency (SBFCA) is on track
                                                  project and a $7.7 million project in             to begin taking bids at the end of this year
                                                  Butte County, a $5 million job in Colusa          for 44 miles of levees from Thermalito
                                                  County and a $2.1 million job in Yuba             Afterbay south to the Sutter Bypass.
                                                  County. Teichert has about 12 operators           The Feather River West Levee project
                                                  working on a $5.4 million job in Sierra           is estimated to cost $215 million. Visit
                                                  County, as well as a $7.5 million project       for     more
                                                  in Sutter County and a $25 million job in         information.
                                                  Yuba County. C.C. Myers has about 15                  A total of 42 projects have been
                                                  operators working on a $25 million job            tracked this year at almost $175 million,
                                                  in Plumas County, and two operators are           and there are many other notable projects
                                                  working for Viking Construction on a $25          ongoing and on the horizon. For current
                                                  million job in Butte County.                      updates on any of these projects, contact
Members Zach Bruce and Chase Miller work on the       Shasta Constructors is working on a           Dispatcher Danny Roles.
expansion of Rideout Memorial Hospital.           $1 million job on LaPorte Road in Yuba

24 | Engineers News                                       district reports
DISTRICT MEETINGS                            2012 Installation held at Alameda                Honorary Membership for Retirees
All meetings convene at 7 p.m.               Headquarters
                                                                                                  Retirees with 35 or more years
AUGUST 2012                                      In accordance with Article XII, Section      of service in Local 3 are eligible for
No meetings scheduled.                       3(g) of the Local 3 Bylaws, please be advised    Honorary Membership. Eligible Retirees
                                             that the 2012 Installation of newly elected      will receive their Gold Membership Card
                                             Local 3 Officers and Executive Board             and a reduction in dues. To find out if
SEPTEMBER 2012                               members will take place after the vote count     you are eligible or to apply for Honorary
5th District 60: Marysville                  at 1 p.m. on Sept. 1, 2012 at the Operating      Membership, please contact your district
    Veterans Memorial Center                 Engineers Headquarters (1620 South Loop          office or the Recording-Corresponding
    211 17th St.                             Road, Alameda, Calif.).                          Secretary (RCS) office at (510) 748-7400.
                                                                                                  This month’s Honorary Members can
10th District 30: Stockton                                                                    be found below.
     Operating Engineers’ Building           TOWN HALL MEETINGS
     1916 North Broadway Ave.                August 2012
                                             1st District 11: Elko                           Honorary Membership
10th District 80: Sacramento                     Newmont Mine Meeting: 6 p.m.
                                                 Operating Engineers’ Building                  The following Retirees have 35 or more
     Operating Engineers’ Building
                                                 1094 Lamoille Highway, Elko                 years of membership in Local 3 as of June
     3920 Lennane Drive
                                                                                             2012 and have been determined eligible for
                                             8th District 11: Elko                           Honorary Membership effective July 1, 2012.
11th District 20: San Leandro
     Sheet Metal Workers                         Construction Meeting: 6 p.m.                Roy A. Brown                   1440556
     1720 Marina Blvd.                           Operating Engineers’ Building               District 99: Out Of Area
                                                 1094 Lamoille Highway, Elko
                                                                                             Joseph K. Cash                 1159674
11th District 50: Clovis                                                                     District 70: Redding
     Clovis Memorial District                September 2012
                                             5th District 11: Elko                           Ruben M. Daquioag              1372751
     808 Fourth St.
                                                 Newmont Mine Meeting: 6 p.m.                District 17: Hawaii
                                                 Operating Engineers’ Building               Chuck Giles                    1532363
12th District 01: Burlingame
                                                 1094 Lamoille Highway, Elko                 District 12: Utah
     Machinists Union
     1511 Rollins Road                       12th District 11: Elko                          Allen Gobeille                 1711153
                                                  Construction Meeting: 6 p.m.               District 20: Oakland
12th District 90: Morgan Hill                     Operating Engineers’ Building              Esteban Gonzalez               2001144
     Operating Engineers’ Building                1094 Lamoille Highway, Elko                District 50: Fresno
     325 Digital Drive
                                                                                             Steven J. Komorowski           1669805
                                             25th District 17: Maui                          District 30: Stockton
13 District 04: Fairfield
                                                  Meeting: 7 p.m.
   Cordelia Fire House                            Maui Arts and Cultural Center              Robert Larsen                  1719547
   2155 Cordelia Road                             One Cameron Way, Kahului                   District 01: Burlingame
                                                                                             John Pedroni                   1566878
13th District 10: Rohnert Park               26th District 17: Hilo                          District 10: Rohnert Park
     Operating Engineers’ Building                Meeting: 7 p.m.                            Victor M. Sanchez              1519715
     6225 State Farm Drive                        Hilo Hawaiian Hotel                        District 10: Rohnert Park
                                                  71 Banyan Drive, Hilo
                                                                                             Richard D. Stephens            1511659
19th District 11: Reno
                                             27 District 17: Kona
                                               th                                            District 30: Stockton
     Operating Engineers’ Building
     1290 Corporate Blvd.                       Meeting: 7 p.m.
                                                King Kamehameha Kona Beach Hotel             Congratulations, new members
20th District 12: Salt Lake City                75-5660 Palani Road, Kona
     IBEW Local 354                                                                          District 01: Burlingame
     3400 W. 2100 S.                         28th District 17: Kauai                         William Schoolcraft
                                                  Meeting: 6 p.m.                            William Shelbrick
24th District 17: Kapolei                         Kauai Beach Resort
     Operating Engineers’ Building                4331 Kauai Beach Drive, Lihue              District 04: Fairfield
     1075 Opakapaka St.                                                                      Rebecca Hernandez
                                             October 2012
                                             3rd District 11: Elko                           District 10: Rohnert Park
26th District 70: Redding
                                                 Newmont Mine Meeting: 6 p.m.                Jonathan Lee
     Operating Engineers’ Building
                                                 Operating Engineers’ Building
     20308 Engineers Lane                        1094 Lamoille Highway, Elko                 District 11: Nevada
27th District 40: Eureka                                                                     Mitchell Vanronk
                                             10 District 11: Elko
     Best Western Bayshore Inn                  Construction Meeting: 6 p.m.
     3500 Broadway                                                                           District 20: Oakland
                                                Operating Engineers’ Building
                                                                                             Taylor Barroso
                                                1094 Lamoille Highway, Elko
OCTOBER 2012                                                                                 Caitlin Burnap
No meetings scheduled.                                                                       Matthew Gray
                                             Important reminder regarding your               Jajuan Smith
                                             registration                                    Mike Svihula
SEMI-ANNUAL MEETING                              Please remember to renew your               Richard E. Thornton
    Rec. Corres. Secretary Jim Sullivan      registration on the out-of-work list before
has announced that the next Semi-Annual      it expires! Registration for individuals with   District 80: Sacramento
Meeting of the membership will be held       A-hire or B-hire status is good for only 84     David Alvarez
on Sunday, Sept. 16, 2012 at 1 p.m. at the   days. After the 84th day, your registration     Eric Clark
following location:                          expires, and you will lose your place on
                                             the out-of-work list, if you don’t renew it.    District 90: Morgan Hill
    Rancho Murieta Association
                                             We will do everything we can to notify you      Lynnard Barnes
    Lake Clementia Park
                                             in advance, but it is your responsibility to    Paul Elenterio
    Rancho Murieta, Calif.
                                             contact the district office to renew your       Andrea Sandoval
    (off Murieta Parkway)
                                             registration prior to the 84th day.             Bryan Tuscher

                                             Meetings & AnnounceMents                                                    August 2012 | 25
    Attention of all Members of Operating Engineers Local Union No.           (f) The Election Committee shall declare the candidate for each Office
3 is directed to Article XII, Elections, and Article XIII, International          and Position receiving a plurality of the votes elected, except that
Convention Delegates, of the Local Union Bylaws, as printed on pages              the three (3) candidates receiving the highest number of votes for
45 through 65 inclusive, and specifically the following portions:                 the Office of Trustee and the Position of Auditor shall be declared
                                                                                  elected. The certificate of the Certified Public Accountant shall be
                      ARTICLE XII, ELECTIONS                                      published in the October edition of the Engineers News following
Section 3                                                                         the election.
Elections.                                                                    (g) The newly elected Officers shall be installed following the counting
                                                                                  of the ballots at a specially called Meeting set for the same day that
(a) The election of Officers and District Members of the Local Union              the ballots are to be counted.
    Executive Board shall be held during the month of August by mail
    referendum vote of the Membership of this Local Union under               (h) Every Member who is not suspended for nonpayment of dues as of
    the supervision of the Election Committee and a firm of certified             August 9th, the date for the first mailing of the ballots, shall have
    public accountants, selected by the Executive Board, with such                the right to vote. No Member whose dues shall have been withheld
    other technical and legal assistance as may be provided.                      by his or her Employer for payment to the Local Union pursuant
                                                                                  to his or her voluntary authorization provided for in a Collective
(b) The election shall be conducted by a committee known as the                   Bargaining Agreement shall be declared ineligible to vote by reason
    Election Committee, composed of one (1) Member from each                      of any alleged delay or default in the payment of dues by his or her
    District in which nominations will be made…                                   Employer to the Local Union.
(c) The Election Committee shall determine whether or not each                    Eligibility to vote for District Member shall, in addition, be based
    candidate nominated is eligible. Any candidate found not to be                on each Member’s last known address as shown on the records of
    eligible shall be declared ineligible by the Election Committee.              the Local Union on August 1st prior to the mailing of the ballots,
    The Committee’s decision shall be promptly communicated to                    and each Member shall be eligible to vote only for the nominees for
    each such ineligible candidate in writing. Unless the Election                District Member for the District in which such address is located.
    Committee’s decision is reversed on appeal, it shall govern, and
    the ballots shall be prepared accordingly.                                Section 4
(d) The Election Committee shall be responsible for the conduct of the            Each candidate shall have the right to have an observer, who must
    election, and specifically: for the preparation of the list of eligible   be a Member in good standing, in lieu of himself or herself at the polls
    voters; showing the Member’s name and last known address as it            and at the counting of the ballots; that is, each candidate shall have the
    appears on the records of this Local Union; the preparation and           right either to be present or to have an observer be present, but not
    printing of the ballots, listing the nominees for Business Manager        both, to check the eligibility list of voters, check the ballots, see that
    first and the Constitutional Officers next; and other positions           the ballots are mailed, be present at the opening of the post office box,
    thereafter in the order in which they appear in Article VII, Section 1    and at the counting of the ballots. The observer or the candidate may
    of these Bylaws listing the elected or appointed incumbent for            challenge the eligibility of any voter, and the ballots of all voters who
    each Office or Position first and the other nominees for the same         may have been challenged shall be set aside, pending determination
    Office or Position in alphabetical order by their last name (the          as to their validity. If the challenged ballots are sufficient in number
    candidate’s name and one (1) occupational classification, that is,        to affect the results of the election, all challenges shall be investigated
    classification set forth in Collective Bargaining Agreement that the      by the Election Committee to determine their validity as promptly as
    Local Union has entered into, if any, given by him or her being           possible.
    printed as it appears on the Acceptance of Nominee Form) and
    envelopes; and the giving of a Notice of Election, by mailing a           Section 5
    printed Notice thereof to each Member of the Local Union at his or
    her last known address as it appears on the records of this Local         (a) Every Member shall have the right to express his or her views and
    Union not less than fifteen (15) days prior to the mailing of the             opinions with respect to the candidates; provided, however, that
    ballots to eligible voters.                                                   no Member shall libel or slander the Local Union, its Members, its
                                                                                  Officers, District Members, or any candidate, where such slander
    The Election Committee shall cause a sample ballot to be published            or libel is contrary to the responsibility of every Member to the
    in the July edition of the Engineers News preceding the election,             Local Union as an institution or specifically interferes with the
    and to be promptly posted in the District Job Placement Centers.              Local Union’s performance of its legal or contractual obligations.
    The Recording-Corresponding Secretary shall electronically                (b) Any Member found guilty of violating Paragraph (a) of this Section
    transfer with delivery receipt the list of names and last known               5 shall be subject to discipline in accordance with the applicable
    addresses of eligible voters, and cause the printer to deliver the            procedures of the Constitution and Bylaws, and if such Member
    ballots and envelopes to the firm of Certified Public Accountants             should be a candidate he or she shall, if found guilty, in addition to
    chosen by the Local Union Executive Board, which firm shall rent              any fine, suspension or expulsion, suffer the loss of the Office for
    a post office box to which the ballots shall be returned.                     which he or she is a candidate, if elected thereto.
(e) The Certified Public Accountants shall mail the ballots and
    return envelopes to the eligible voters on August 9th, 10th, or 11th      Section 6
    preceding the election, and shall open the post office box for the            The Recording-Corresponding Secretary or his or her designee,
    first and last time on September 1st next following, at 10 o’clock        upon request, prior to or following nomination, of any bona fide
    a.m. of that day. In the event September 1st should be a Sunday           candidate for Office, shall distribute such candidate’s campaign
    or a holiday, the post office box shall be opened by the Certified        literature by mail provided the candidate making such request does
    Public Accountants on the following day at the same time.                 so in writing, advises the Recording-Corresponding Secretary of the
    The Certified Public Accountants shall remove the returned                type of mailing, pays all costs involved, and delivers the literature to
    ballots, count the same, and certify the results in writing to the        the Recording-Corresponding Secretary or his or her designee in an
    Election Committee. The Election Committee, or a subcommittee             envelope with two (2) copies of the literature, the other items intended
    thereof, shall be present at the mailing of the ballots, the opening      to be mailed, and two (2) of the envelopes. (IUOE directive 6/19/08)
    of the post office box, and the counting of the ballots.
                                                                              Section 7
    The Election Committee shall make certain that adequate
    safeguards are maintained so as to protect the secrecy of the                When any candidate duly nominated is unopposed for election, the
    ballots.                                                                  secret ballot vote shall be dispensed with and the Recording-Corre-
                                                                              sponding Secretary shall cast one (1) vote for such nominees who shall

26 | Engineers News                                 Meetings & AnnounceMents
then be declared duly elected to their respective Offices. However, the     Special Election Notice: Unopposed Candidates
unopposed candidate’s name and office or position shall still be listed       Article XII, Section 7 of the Local Union Bylaws states in part:
on the secret ballot and reflect that the nomination is unopposed.
                                                                          “When any candidate duly nominated is unopposed for election,
Nomination, Acceptance of Nomination, and Election Records,
                                                                          the secret ballot vote shall be dispensed with and the Recording-
including but not limited to the list of eligible voters, the ballots
                                                                          Corresponding Secretary shall cast one (1) vote for such nominees
cast, and all challenges and challenged ballots, the certificate of the
                                                                          who shall then be declared duly elected to their respective
Certified Public Accountants, copies of all requests for distribution
of campaign literature with copies thereof, and envelopes in which
                                                                              The Election Committee has found that the following candidates
mailed, the record of the cost thereof and the amount received
                                                                          have been duly nominated for their respective Offices and are
for such work, shall be preserved by the Recording-Corresponding
                                                                          unopposed. A white ballot will be cast for each of them on
Secretary for a period of at least one (1) year.
                                                                          September 1, 2012:
    Local 3 has qualified for forty three (43) delegates and three (3)
                                                                          Business Manager                                  Russell E. Burns
alternate delegates. Because the six (6) line officers (President, Vice
President, Recording-Corresponding Secretary, Financial Secretary,        President                                      Fred D. Herschbach
Treasurer and Business Manager) are automatic delegates by virtue         Vice President                                         Carl L. Goff
of their office, the top thirty seven (37) vote getters running for a     Recording-Corresponding Secretary                James K. Sullivan
delegate position will become the delegates. The three (3) top vote       Financial Secretary                                    Dan Reding
getters running for the alternate delegate positions will become the
alternate delegates to the Convention.                                    Treasurer                                          Pete Figueiredo
                                                                          Trustee                                               Justin Diston
 ARTICLE XIII, INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION DELEGATES                         Trustee                                               Steve Harris
Section 1                                                                 Trustee                                             Steve Ingersoll
    Delegates and Alternate Delegates to the International Convention     Auditor                                                Mark Burton
other than the President, Vice President, Recording-Corresponding         Auditor                                               Mike A. Croll
Secretary, Financial Secretary, Treasurer, and Business Manager           Auditor                                             Nathan Tucker
(who shall be Delegates by virtue of their election to Office) shall be   Conductor                                              Kris Morgan
nominated and elected in the same manner as provided in Article XII
of these Bylaws, except that:                                             Guard                                               Bran Eubanks

    (a) To be eligible, a Member must, at the time of nomination,                           EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBERS
        both be in good standing with respect to payment of
        dues and have been continuously employed or seeking               District 01                                    Bradley J. Parres
        employment in the trade for one (1) year preceding the            District 04                                      Mark Fitzgerald
        month of nomination. (I.U.O.E directive 6/19/08)                  District 10                                      James D. Spain
    (c) Each nominee shall have the right to list one of the following    District 20                                      Andrew Lagosh
        after his or her name on the ballot: his or her elected or        District 30                                       Dennis Dorton
        appointed Office or elected or appointed Position, or             District 40                                  Michael J. Johnson
        Collective Bargaining Agreement classification.                   District 50                                        Robert Moock
    (e) When the International Convention is to occur during the          District 60                                       Luther T. Slack
        year next following an election of Officers under Article XII     District 70                                       Stanley Green
        of these Bylaws, the nomination and election of Delegates         District 80                              Thomas (Tom) Sievwright
        and Alternates to such International Convention shall take
                                                                          District 90                                        Larry Watson
        place concurrently with the nomination and election of
        Officers.                                                         District 11                                        Phillip Herring
                                                                          District 12                                         Glenn Smith
    (f) Where there are no more candidates nominated for Delegates
        than are authorized by the Local Union Executive Board,                                      DELEGATES
        the secret ballot election shall be dispensed with and the
                                                                          F. Michael Brandt III                              Charles Lavery
        Recording-Corresponding Secretary shall cast one (1) ballot
        for all the unopposed candidates for Delegates and Alternate      Mark Burton                                         Robert Moock
        Delegates, who shall then be declared duly elected.               Carl D. Carey                                         Kris Morgan
                                                                          Rob Carrion                                             Tim Neep
                                                                          Tammy Castillo                                         Bruce Noel
                                                                          Mike A. Croll                                   Bradley J. Parres
                                                                          Justin Diston                                         Rick Phillips
   Vote right: Check your mailing label for your
                                                                          Dennis Dorton                                         John Rector
   registration number                                                    Bran Eubanks                                       Edward Ritchie
      In 1997, the Local 3 Election Committee voted to add                Mark Fitzgerald                           Thomas (Tom) Sievwright
   members’ registration numbers to the address labels on the             Stanley Green                                        Luther Slack
   Engineers News. This makes it easier for you to properly fill out      Steve Harris                                         Glenn Smith
   nomination forms and also return the election ballot with the          David Harrison                                       Chris Snyder
   correct information.
                                                                          Phillip Herring                                   James D. Spain
   Encrypted Social       Your Registration                               Steve Ingersoll                                    Michael Strunk
   Security Number            Number                                      Jim Jacobs                                         Nathan Tucker
                                                                          Michael J. Johnson                                 Bob Vanderpol
                                                                          Mitchell K. Kealoha Jr.                             Larry Watson
                                                                          Andrew Lagosh
         JOE ENGINEER 0000000
         123 YOUR STREET                                                                      ALTERNATE DELEGATES
         ANYTOWN          USA                  00000                      David E. Hayner                                      Charlie Warren
                                                                          Travis Tweedy

                                                                                                                  See page 28 for a sample ballot.

                                                   Meetings & AnnounceMents                                                  August 2012 | 27
                     OFFICIAL BALLOT                                      Hawaii District Picnic Details
     FOR THE ELECTION OF OFFICERS, DISTRICT EXECUTIVE                     District 17: Hawaii (Kauai) District Picnic Details
                                                                          Saturday, Sept. 22, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
          OPERATING ENGINEERS LOCAL UNION NO. 3                           Hanamaulu Beach Park, Kapule Highway, Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii
                                                                          Menu: Barbecue chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, drinks, desserts
    The ballot count will begin at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, September
1, 2012 at the main offices of the local in Alameda, California. Only     Cost: Free
ballots returned by US Mail to Operating Engineers Local Union No. 3,     Other information: Games, entertainment, raffle tickets and prizes for
PO Box 218, Alameda, CA 94501-9900, by 10:00 a.m. on September 1,         all members and their families.
2012 will be counted.
    If you make a mistake on your ballot, lose your ballot, or need any   District 17: Hawaii (Oahu) District Picnic Details
materials which accompanied your ballot, you may request a duplicate      Saturday, Sept. 29, 10 a.m.
by calling the offices of Miller, Kaplan, Arase and Co., LLP at (888)     Operating Engineers’ Building, 1075 Opakapaka St., Kapolei, Hawaii
242-7248. Duplicate ballot requests will be processed within 24 hours
                                                                          Menu: Barbecue chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, drinks, desserts,
and sent out by overnight mail.
                                                                          shaved ice
1.    Review the enclosed materials.                                      Other information: Raffle tickets, games for the kids and prizes for the
2.   After reviewing the enclosed materials including the ballot,         entire family.
     mark the appropriate box next to your choice on the ballot by
     completely filling in the square like this n .                       District 17: Hawaii (Maui) District Picnic Details
                                                                          Saturday, Dec. 8 – details to be announced
3.   Vote for up to the number of candidates permitted for each office.
     If you vote for more candidates than is permitted for an office,
     your vote will not be counted.
                                                                          Election of Bylaws Committee members
4.   When you have finished marking your ballot, separate it from the
                                                                              Per Article XXX, Section 2 (a) of the Local 3 Bylaws, the following
     Return Address Form at the bottom of the ballot along the dotted
                                                                          eligibility requirements have been established for the Bylaws
     lines where indicated. Place the marked ballot into the solid
                                                                          Committee member nomination and election to be held at the regular
     envelope marked “SECRET BALLOT ENVELOPE”, and seal it.               fourth-quarter District Meetings immediately following the election of
5.   Take the Return Address Form and sign your name where                Officers and Executive Board members by secret-ballot vote of those
     indicated. Place the Return Address Form, along with the secret      members present:
     ballot envelope into the double window business reply envelope           1. Must be a registered voter (with proof of current voter
     SO THAT THE OPERATING ENGINEERS’ ADDRESS AND BAR                               registration) in the District in which he or she is seeking
     CODE SHOW IN THE CORRECT WINDOWS.                                              nomination.
6.   Seal the double window envelope and mail. (No postage is                 2. Must have been a member of the Parent Local of Operating
     necessary if mailed in the U.S.A.)                                             Engineers Local 3 for five (5) years next preceding his or her
7.   Ballots received by the US Post Office after 10:00 a.m. on                     nomination and election.
     September 1, 2012 will not be counted.                                   3. Must be a member in continuous good standing.
                                                                              4. Cannot be an Employer or on the payroll of the Local Union or
                                                                                    a related entity.
                                                                              5. No Member shall be nominated unless he or she is present at
                                                                                    the meeting, or unless he or she has filed prior to the meeting
                                                                                    with the Recording-Corresponding Secretary or to the District
                                                                                    Meeting Secretary on the day of the meeting before the meeting
                                                                                    commences, a statement in writing, signed by him or her, to
                                                                                    the effect that he or she is eligible to serve on the Bylaws
                                                                                    Committee and will accept the nomination if nominated.

                                                                          Election of Geographic Market Area Committee members
                                                                              The election of Geographic Market Area Committee members
                                                                          will take place at each district’s regularly scheduled District Meeting,
                                                                          except for Hawaii, during the fourth quarter of 2012. In accordance
                                                                          with Article XXXI of the Local 3 Bylaws, elections shall be held at the
                                                                          fourth quarter District Meeting in each district after the election and
                                                                          Installation of Officers. Eligibility rules are as follows:
                                                                              (a) Must be dispatched and working under a Local 3 Construction
                                                                          Agreement or registered at the Operating Engineers Job Placement
                                                                          Center seeking a dispatch to work under a construction agreement in
                                                                          his or her District.
                                                                              (b) Must be a Member in good standing of the Parent Local for the
                                                                          five (5) year period prior to the election.
                                                                              (c) Must be living in the Committee’s district geographical area.
                                                                              (d) Must be an “A” list Journey Operator.
                                                                              (e) Cannot be an Owner-Operator.
                                                                              (f) Cannot be a Retired Member, an Officer of the Local Union, or
                                                                          on the payroll of the Local Union or a related entity.
                                                                              (g) No Member shall be nominated unless he or she is present
                                                                          at the meeting, or unless he or she has filed prior to the meeting with
                                                                          the Recording-Corresponding Secretary or to the District Meeting
                                                                          Secretary on the day of the meeting before the meeting commences, a
                                                                          statement in writing, signed by him or her, to the effect that he or she
                                                                          is eligible to serve on the Market Geographic Area Committee and will
                                                                          accept the nomination if nominated.

28 | Engineers News                               Meetings & AnnounceMents
                                                                                     Operating Engineers Local Union No. 3
  Important notice about Medicare
                                                                                     Scholarship Foundation
      Members and spouses covered under the Pensioned Operating
  Engineers Health and Welfare Trust Fund and eligible for Medicare                  Giving gifts that last a lifetime
  benefits who fail to enroll in both parts A and B of the Medicare program              A charity is only as strong as its contributors want it to be,
  will have to pay more for their health costs. Therefore, it is strongly            and the Operating Engineers Local 3 Scholarship Foundation is
  advised that these members enroll in BOTH PARTS.                                   no exception. Today, the foundation is strong both financially
                                                                                     and in the support it receives from Local 3. It has grown
                                                                                     substantially in the last several years, with much of its success
                     Ingram, Blaine       Wakakuwa,            McMahon, Lila.        due to an increase in donations from members, friends of labor
                     Nephi, UT            George                                     and the employer community. Most contributions come in the
  MeMbers                                                      Wife of
                     District 12          Manteca, CA                                form of traditional cash donations, but some have chosen more
Allen, Herbert                                                 McMahon, Robert
                     04-27-12             District 30                                creative methods. Because of tax considerations, some donors
Redding, CA                                                    04-25-12
                                          04-27-12                                   are able to give a gift that is greater than they thought possible.
District 70          Jackson, Keith Jr.                        McNickle, Betty.      These gifts help build the strength and future of the Scholarship
05-14-12             Fairfield, CA        Welch, Michael Jr.   Wife of McNickle,     Foundation and allow the donor to experience giving the gift
                     District 04          Los Gatos, CA        James                 of a lifetime. The Operating Engineers Local 3 Scholarship
Alvarez, Frank
                     04-09-12             District 90          05-03-12              Foundation offers a variety of ways to contribute:
Modesto, CA
                     Justice, Bill        03-30-12
District 30                                                    Morton, Russell.         •	Cash gifts in any amount to the general scholarship fund.
05-13-12             Coos Bay, OR                              Son of Morton,            •	Merit sponsors and memorial and honor gifts. You can
                     District 99            DeceaseD           Donald                contribute to the Scholarship Foundation in the memory or
Austin, Lake         04-29-12
Mansfield, TX                              DepenDents          05-31-12              honor of a loved one, friend or colleague or to commemorate
District 99          Kapuniai, N Duke     Averett, Ethel.                            a special occasion. The Foundation will acknowledge your
05-05-12             Kamuela, HI          Wife of Averett,                           gift to the person(s) you designate and will provide written
                     District 17          Leonard (dec)                              acknowledgement of your gift and the amount. A $1,000
Benjamin, Clark II                                             Wife of Newberry,
                     05-08-12             01-16-12                                   minimum is necessary to establish a named gift, and there are
Las Vegas, NV                                                  Bobby
                     Kekahuna, Joseph                                                three donation levels:
District 99                               Averett, Jane.       03-29-12
                     Waianae, HI          Wife of Averett,                              Merit                        $1,000
04-29-12                                                       Ohanesian,               Third-place academic         $5,000
                     District 17          Bud (dec)
Carrasco,            05-08-12                                  Clarice.                 Second-place academic        $7,500
Onesimo                                                        Wife of                  First-place academic         $10,000
                     Lepczyk, Stanley     Azparren, Betty.     Ohanesian,
Blythe, CA           Lincoln, CA          Wife of Azparren,                               •	Bequests. Gifts made through your will allow you to retain
District 99                                                    Edward
                     District 80          Gray (dec)                                 control of your assets during your lifetime and distribute them
03-25-12                                                       04-24-12
                     05-04-12             04-28-12                                   as you wish upon your death. Many people choose to include a
Carre, Robert                                                  Read, Patricia.       gift to the Operating Engineers Local 3 Scholarship Foundation.
                     McClain, Ronald      Barnett, Ione.
Fair Oaks, CA                                                  Wife of Read,         Leaving a fixed dollar amount or specific property are the most
                     Fresno, CA           Wife of Barnett,
District 80                                                    Norris (dec)          common types of bequests. A charitable bequest may reduce
                     District 50          Robert (dec)
04-30-12                                  05-02-12             05-19-12              your estate tax. Consulting an attorney is advised any time you
                                                                                     make or change a will.
Coyaso, Ernest                            Bashaw, Beverly.     Rich, Jakob.
                     Mitchell, John                                                      •	 Securities. There may be an advantage to giving
Koloa, HI                                 Wife of Bashaw,      Son of Rich, Barry
                     Livermore, CA                                                   marketable securities (stocks, bonds or mutual funds) instead
District 17          District 20          David                05-10-12
                                          03-25-12                                   of cash. In some cases, you may receive a charitable deduction
05-11-12             03-31-12                                  Richeson, Viola.      on your taxes, as well as avoid taxes on capital gains. Consult
Decker, Cal          Nelson, Robert       Benson, Mary.        Wife of Richeson,     your financial adviser for details.
Parowan, UT          Hydesville, CA       Wife of Benson,      Russell (dec)
                                                                                        If you would like more information on donating to the
                     District 40          Harold (dec)         05-08-12
District 12                                                                          Scholarship Fund, or if you have questions, please contact Rec.
                     05-06-12             05-12-12
05-07-12                                                       Scrivner, Marlene.    Corres. Secretary Jim Sullivan at (510) 748-7400.
                     Pahia, Francis       Brown, Shirley.      Wife of Scrivner,
Degroot, A
                     Anahola, HI          Wife of Brown,       Lawrence                               You can now donate online!
Hillsboro, OR                             Marvin
District 99          District 17                               03-08-11                Visit
05-13-12             05-05-12                                  Shorter, Christina.
                                          Dibble, Joan.
Fierros, Mike        Palama, Thomas                            Wife of Shorter,                        I would like to support the 2013 Operating
                                          Wife of Dibble,
San Jose, CA         Kalaheo, HI                               Gary                                    Engineers Local 3 Scholarship Fund.
                                          Lewis (dec)
District 90          District 17                               04-16-12
                     04-30-12                                                            Enclosed is my contribution in the amount of:
04-26-12                                  Erman, Carol.        Simmons, Audrey.
                     Sado, Douglas                             Ex-wife of                q $20       q $50      q $100      q Other $_______
Fife, Tone                                Wife of Erman,
                     Wailuku, HI          Wilbert              Simmons, Leonard
Ogden, UT                                                                                Name:
                     District 17          10-19-11             05-12-11
District 12
                     03-28-12                                                            Phone:
04-26-12                                  Hooley, Audra.       Varwig, Violet.
                     Sales, Herb          Wife of Hooley,      Wife of Varwig,
Fulton, Clayton      Sacramento, CA                                                      Address:
San Jose, CA                              Owen (dec)           Harold (dec)
                     District 80          05-10-12             03-05-12
District 90          04-28-12                                                            City:
04-27-12                                  Iturraran,           Venning, Jeanne.
                     Schoenfeld, Ernest   Elizabeth.           Wife of Venning,          State:                                     Zip:
Gondola, Henry       Jr.                  Wife of Iturraran,   Charles (dec)
Rodeo, CA            Reno, NV                                                            Clip out & mail to:
                                          Felix                05-08-12                  Jim Sullivan,
District 20          District 11          04-23-12                                       Recording-Corresponding Secretary
05-15-12             05-07-12                                  Zarate, Eleanor.          Operating Engineers Local Union No. 3
                                          Kawaguchi,           Wife of Zarate,
Hodge, Alex          Stanley, Michael                                                    1620 South Loop Rd.
Castro Valley, CA                                              Don (dec)                 Alameda, CA 94502
                     Ogden, UT            Wife of                                                                                 Please note: Anyone who
District 20                                                    05-23-12
                     District 12          Kawaguchi, Greg                                                                         contributes $20 or more will
                                                                                                                                  receive a scholarship pin.
05-10-12             03-02-12             05-28-12

                                                     Meetings & AnnounceMents                                                            August 2012 | 29
Health News

                      Retiree’s hobbies contribute to health, happiness
                      By Mandy McMillen, managing editor
                          Even at 97 years old, there’s not much former
                      Local 3 mechanic Edwin Conner can’t do.
                          “I do it all. … I’m pretty self-sufficient,” said
                      the San Francisco resident, who bought the house
                      he lives in for $7,000 more than half a century
                      ago. Conner walks to the nearby grocery store,
                      cooks his own meals (a lot of roasted chicken
                      and vegetables) and takes BART to meet up with
                      his children who live in Concord and Daly City.
                      He is very proud of his family, especially his five
                      grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. He
                      has had no major health concerns, except high
                      blood pressure, which he takes medicine for.
                      He also takes vitamins and attributes his good
                      health to staying active and away from sweets.
                          Though Conner has been retired since 1980,
                      he remembers the exact day he joined Local
                      3 – Aug. 25, 1940. “The pay was good; wages             Retiree Edwin Conner.
                      were good,” he said, remembering that a good
                      paycheck was $1 an hour.                                    Conner inherited his wife’s love of raising
                          He started repairing things when he was very        orchids and cultivates more than 40 of them,
                      young, since he drove his first Model-T Ford at         some 52 inches tall. Though the exotic blooms
                      just 14 years old. It was a black one, because          look fragile, “they are actually very sturdy
                      “they were all black then; crude, old cars that         plants,” said Conner. “They bloom from January
                      didn’t go long before you had to repair them.”          to May.”
                          His knowledge of repairing equipment grew.              Conner admits that although he is in good
                      He was in the U.S. Air Force during World War           health, sturdy like his orchids, “each year takes
                      II and worked on all types of planes, including         a toll on you; your body breaks down.”
                      fighter jets and B17s. He eventually joined the             But he can’t complain. He has a supporting
                      trades, working for Charles Harney, a paving,           family and has led a good union life.
                      cement and batch plant. Although none of                    “Life’s been good,” he said. “OE has been
                      the members he worked with are alive today,             good to me. I can’t say a word against them. It’s
                      Conner remembers them fondly as friends.                the best organization in the country, truthfully.”
                      “Good people; they worked hard,” he said.                   For younger members struggling in today’s
                          This work ethic is something Conner shared          economy, Conner advises, “All you can do is be
                      with his co-workers and still shares even in            honest and work as hard as you can. The whole
                      retirement. His continued involvement in life           jest of it is knowing how to manage your affairs.
                      – learning new skills and continuing to do what         Absolutely get that straightened out and work
                      he enjoys – has kept him living a long, fruitful        hard.”
                      one. After retirement, Conner took several art              For older members wondering how Conner
                      classes in San Francisco and mastered leather           continues on with so much energy, just look
                      work, scrolling and paper-turning to make pens.         at what he does. Study after study proves that
                      While most of his artwork is given away as gifts,       an active lifestyle later in life improves your
                      a few select items decorate his meticulously kept       chances of living longer and your quality of
                      house, which he purchased with his wife, Nellie,        life by protecting you from disease, bone loss,
                      who passed away more than a decade ago.                 depression and sleeplessness.

                      How does your garden grow?
                          It may come as a surprise, but gardening            non-gardening counterparts. The gardeners also
                      offers more benefits than bountiful foods to            felt more energetic and satisfied that they had
                      eat or beautiful blooms to enjoy. According to          reached their goals in life than the non-gardeners,
                      the American Society for Horticulture Science,          who complained that their quality of life and
                      “reconnecting with nature, watching things              overall outlook had gone downhill.
                      grow and working with soil in your hands have a             While the long days and long commutes of
                      positive impact on your quality of life.”               the active Operating Engineer lifestyle do not
                          This impact actually improves with age. A           always allow time for cultivating a garden (or a
                      study conducted on 298 men and women over               green thumb!), the good news is that retirement
                      the age of 50 proved that those who gardened            may be the perfect opportunity to get back to
                      made more plans for the future than their               nature – and good health!
30 | Engineers News
                                  FOR SALE: Six single-phase          sound, AM/FM/disc player.         FOR SALE: Trash Pump              FOR      SALE:    Gradesetter
 Swap Shop ads are offered
                                  electric motors: 5 hp Century,      All in A1 condition. Full         – Model TTP-300 3X3               tools Leinz eye level, Lufkin
 free of charge to members
                                  3450 RPM, 230 volts, 5/8-inch       cover,   load-leveler   hitch     Industrial Trash Pump. Never      engineers     rule,    Lufkin
 in good standing for the
 sale or trade of personal        shaft: $90. 2 hp Century,           and    generator    included.     been used. $750. Also: Three      100-foot steel tape, Empire
 items and/or real estate.        3450 RPM, 115/230 volts,            $7,750. (707) 823-1866. Reg#      Motor Grader tires and rims.      200-foot nylon tape, leather
 Please notify the office if      5/8-inch shaft: $75. 3 hp           1054994.                          Tire size 15.525; rim size will   tool    bags,  miscellaneous
 your item has been sold.         Marathon, 1750 RPM, 230                                               fit 15.525 or 17.525. $650.       items. $250. Redwing Pecos
                                                                      WANTED: Shotguns, rifles,
 Business-related offerings       volts, 1-1/8-inch shaft: $225.                                        (408) 847-1320 or (408)           pull-on work boots just broke
                                                                      pistols and ammo from one
 are not eligible for inclusion   A 1/2 hp and a 1/3 hp Leeson,                                         500-2772. Reg# 1142749.           in, size 11, and 130 Dickies
                                                                      to a whole collection. (559)
 in Swap Shop. engineers          1625 RPM, 115 volts, 5/8-inch       351-6615. Reg# 2123273.           FOR SALE: Parting out             work shirts, size XL. $5
 news reserves the right to       shaft, reversible: $65 each.                                                                            each. (408) 966-5403. Reg#
                                                                                                        1994 Ford F-150. 5.0-liter
 edit ads. Ads received by the    1/12 hp Hitachi, 1740 RPM,          FOR SALE: 302A John                                                 2260349.
                                                                                                        engine, five-speed manual
 1st of the month will run the    3/8-inch shaft, reversible:         Deere Tractor. Front loader.
                                                                                                        transmission and many acc.        FOR SALE: 1969 Mach 1
 following month. Limit two
                                  $25. (916) 487-2201. Reg#           1-¼-yard bucket, hydraulic
 ads per issue.                                                                                         parts. (209) 948-4060. Reg#       Mustang. $17,000. Matching
                                  2046985.                            tilt on scraper and rippers,
                                                                                                        1768795.                          numbers. Strong 351 Windsor.
                                                                      safety cab; set up for
 To place an ad, type or print    FOR SALE: 1998 Airstream                                              FOR SALE: 2002 VW Beetle          Four-speed. Project car. Many
 legibly and mail to:
                                                                      backhoe; has reconditioned
                                  cutter motor home. 35                                                 with     auto   transmission,     new parts already bought. It
                                                                      heads, heavy-duty pump
                                  feet    freightliner      chasis,                                     79,000 miles. Clean inside and    runs. Good tires. Also: A 750
 Operating Engineers                                                  for backhoe, new valves,
                                  air ride suspension, 300                                              out, needs new transmission.      Kawasaki 2008. Used twice
 Local Union No. 3                                                    injectors, diesel fuel pump,
                                  Caterpillar 3126 engine.                                              $3,500 OBO. Also: Rack-it         to go hunting. 40 hours on
 3920 Lennane Dr.                                                     booster pump and starter,
                                  Six-speed Allison md 3060                                             truck rack for Chevy pick-up.     it. Soft top, hard top, heater,
 Sacramento, CA 95834                                                 good tires. Ready to go to
 ATTN: Swap Shop*                 transmission, 6 kw Onan                                               Like new. $225 OBO. Auburn,       many extras/upgrades. Camo.
                                                                      work. $8,500 OBO. Will take
                                  diesel generator 400 hours,                                           Calif. (530) 613-9067. Reg#       $8,000. (435) 830-9179. Reg#
                                                                      smaller tractor in trade. (916)
 Or call:                         16-foot slideout, satellite dish,                                     2545470.                          2314416.
                                                                      991-1530. Reg# 0486196.
 (916) 993-2047, ext. 2506        washer/dryer combo, two                                                                                 FOR SALE: 2005 5th wheel
                                                                      FOR SALE: 4,000 Ford              FOR SALE: Two aluminum
                                  roof air conditioners, backup                                                                           trailer. 38-foot, four slides.
 Or fax ads to: Swap Shop                                             4-cylinder gasoline tractor.      work ladders 29 feet with four
                                  camera, catalytic heater,                                                                               Montana. Arctic package.
 (916) 419-3487                                                       Three-point hookup. Has a         dogleg scaffold attachments.
                                  solar panels, inverter, tow                                                                             Surround sound, fireplace,
                                                                      1-yard loader. Good tires. Has    $250 OBO. Also: Vinyl Sheer/
 Or e-mail to:                    package. Excellent condition.                                                                           hard canvas, skirting built
                                                                      a new pump for pasturing and      brake for custom siding. Like                58,000 miles. Second owner.                                                                             for it, table and chairs (no
                                                                      new tachometer. Runs good.        new. $1,000 OBO. Auburn,
                                  $31,500. (510) 793-4904.                                                                                booths). For whatever we
 *All ads must include                                                $3,000 OBO. Also: Honda           Calif. (530) 613-9067. Reg#
                                  Reg# 0867016.                                                                                           owe on it, you got it. (435)
 Member     Registration                                              gas engine wheelbarrow type.      2545470.
 Number or ad will not            FOR SALE: 1997 Freightliner                                                                             830-9179. Reg# 2314416.
                                                                      Double tanks (two small           FOR SALE: 1968 Willys Jeep
 appear.                          (FL 60, business class).            tanks side-by-side). All set up   CJ5. Been under cover for 10      FOR SALE: Snap-On ratchet
                                  64,616 miles. Set up with           for painting. Double hook-up.     years. Great shape. V6 engine.    1 inch along with handle.
FOR SALE: Snap On 3/4-inch
                                  ball to tow gooseneck RV/           $300. (916) 991-1530. Reg#        Runs good. $2,500. (435)          Comes with reducer from 1
Drive Socket Set 3 Ratchets
                                  trailer. Four-door cab; Scelzi      0486196.                          864-3493. Reg# 1359602.           inch to ¾ inch and a couple
25 Sockets 2 Ext. 8 inch
                                  9-foot body; six-speed Allison                                                                          of 1-inch sockets, 1-1/8 inch
and 16 inch: $200. AC Test                                            FOR SALE: 2000 Ford F-350         FOR SALE: Vintage 1961
                                  tranny; Caterpillar diesel                                                                              to 1-1/16 inch. $350 OBO for
Kit Hoses and Gauges 3 14                                             7.3 Diesel Lariat Edition         30-foot     Cruiser      built
                                  motor. Two fuel tanks (total                                                                            all. (209) 956-1705 or (209)
ounce cans of Riz Refrigerant:                                        2WD. Four-door, long bed.         by     Norwalk.     Beautiful,
                                  capacity: 100 gallons); air                                                                             470-0959. Reg# 2487038.
$40. Road Master Tow Bar                                              70,500 miles. $20,000. (916)      all-mahogany wood has Twin
                                  rear suspension; aluminum
Frame Bracket (fits Ford                                              704-7601. Reg# 2292900.           Chrysler straight 6 engines       FOR SALE: 21-foot Galaxy
                                  wheels. Air suspension seats
Ranger): $40. Remco Drive                                                                               with 2 velvet transmission.       Weekender. Has a Cuddy
                                  in front (captain’s chair-style);   FOR SALE: 2006 Yahama
Shaft Disconnect Coupling                                                                               Sleeps four, electric toilet      cabin, small sink, ice box,
                                  bench seat in rear lies flat.       Raptor 700 with nerf bars
(fits Ford Ranger): $50. (530)                                                                          and sink, two-burner stove,       depth finder, fish finder and
                                  Heated side mirrors; more.          high flow air intake. $4,000.
432-3874. Reg# 0950636.                                                                                 refrigerator and sink, two        AM/FM/CD player. 175 hp
                                  Clean.      $41,500.       (650)    Also: 2005 Yahama Raptor
FOR SALE: Bullhead City,                                                                                canopy      back     windows      V6 Merc Cruiser engine with
                                  728-9298. Reg# 1107333.             350. $2,500. (916) 704-7601.
Ariz. house for sale. Quiet                                                                             and sides, electric anchor        Alpha drive on a tandem
                                  FOR SALE: Older three-horse         Reg# 2292900.
gated community close to                                                                                wrench, auto starter for 110v     trailer. $4,500 OBO. (209)
                                  stock combination trailer.          FOR SALE: Cat D4 J-series         generator. Restored with all      956-1705 or (209) 470-0959.
shopping, hospitals, Lake
                                  Two     7,000-pound   axles;        1941. Under carriage is good;     original parts. Berthed in        Reg# 2487038.
Mohave and the Colorado
                                  2-5/16 ball hitch. Best             needs a little work. Also, a      Stockton, Calif. $2,500. No
River, Laughlin, Nev. gaming.                                                                                                             FOR SALE: 1988 Jeep
                                  offer. (707) 887-2033. Reg#         5-foot-6-inch gang disc that      trades. (209) 470-7029. Reg#
3 bd/2 ba. 1,730-plus feet                                                                                                                Comanche 4.0 litre 242 ci
                                  0661943.                            goes with it. Both $2,000         1774822.
landscaped with irrigation                                                                                                                fuel injected, good rubber,
                                  FOR SALE: 14-foot traveler          OBO. (707) 257-2339. Reg#
system, pool, block fence.                                                                              FOR SALE: Two burial plots        driven less than 4,700 miles
                                  boat and trailer (Elgin)            1265331.
Room for RV with complete                                                                               in Olivet Cemetery, Colma,        a year. (112,906 miles.)
hookup. Three stall boat          with new 40 HP Johnson              FOR SALE: Beautiful 24-inch       Calif. These are on a level       Paint has oxidation but truck
deep     garage.     Property     motor, only used five hours.        Wain Roy backhoe bucket. No       area in this well-maintained      runs strong. $1,750. (530)
adjoins community park.           Back-to-back seats. Ski boat        broken welds, no rewelds, no      cemetery. Location is Section     566-4534. Reg# 1628151.
$290,000. (928) 704-5199 or       and fishing boat. Will trade        dents, no cracks – bottom of      K, Lot 1183, Graves 1 and         FOR SALE: Corvette parts.          for 25- or 31-foot vacation         bucket looks brand new. $400      2. Currently, burial plots at     1963-1982. All new parts. Have
Reg# 0796005.                     trailer or house trailer. (916)     OBO. (707) 225-5397, (707)        Olivet Park are selling for       Pitman arms, tie-rod ends,
                                  487-4846. Reg# 0486295.             258-9985 or (707) 738-2055.       $8,000 each; will sell the
FOR SALE: John Deere 450                                                                                                                  power-steering control valves,
                                  FOR SALE: Cyrus Noble               Reg# 1627874.                     pair for $10,000 OBO. (650)
loader with hydraulic ripper.                                                                                                             power-steering      cylinders,
Serial#     T0450BB140132.        bottle collection. Small wine       FOR SALE: 1976 Jeep pickup        728-9298. Reg# 1107333.           heavy-duty trailing arms,
$12,000. Also: Ford loader        bottles or large whiskey            4X4. Body and inside in           FOR SALE: 1978 Dodge 440          much, much more. $1,800
515. Serial# 567043. Rippers,     bottles plus boxes that they        excellent shape. Low miles.       cubic engine and transmission     OBO. Call Buddy at (707)
drag scraper and disc.            come in. Call for price. Also:      Needs some work on engine.        complete with radiator. X         580-1657. Reg# 2407798.
$6,500. (916) 487-4846. Reg#      A Hobart portable 225-amp           $1,500 OBO. Also: Antique         member. 78,000 miles. Came        FOR SALE: 2008 Allegro
0486295.                          welder. Powered by gas              piano, 1874. $400 OBO. Call       out of a motorhome. $880.         open-road motorhome. 34
                                  two-cylinder        Wisconsin       Buddy at (707) 580-1657.          Call Jerry at (408) 226-0729
FOR SALE: Two burial plots                                                                                                                feet with full paint on a
                                  engine. $600. (415) 488-9515.       Reg# 2407798.                     or (408) 772-1409. Reg#
at Oak Hill Cemetery in San                                                                                                               freightliner chasis – “Fred”
Jose, Calif. Section 926, Lot     Reg# 0702375.                       FOR SALE: 1984 Nissan             1225584.                          300 Cummings diesel with
4. Well-maintained. Plots         FOR SALE: 1999 Wilderness           300zx. 2+2. T-Top. 125,000        WANTED: U.S. and foreign          exhaust      brake,   Allison
border Veterans section and       travel trailer. Stored indoors      miles. Original owner. Good       coins and paper money.            transmission. Onan 6000
civilian section. Paid $5,995     for 10 years. Looks like and        condition. $4,700. Also: Yerf     Free appraisals for Retirees      diesel     generator,  three
each. Asking $10,000 OBO          is in brand new condition.          Dog Go Kart model #30033,         within 50 miles of San Jose.      slides, 1,500-watt inverter,
for both. (210) 679-0978          Central heating and air.            6hp Tecumseh engine. $700.        Call Jerry at (408) 226-0729      tow package, more. $89,000
or (210) 262-7834. Reg#           Full queen bed. Microwave,          (408) 847-1320 or (408)           or (408) 772-1409. Reg#           firm. (775) 852-4167. Reg#
1386830.                          large refrigerator, surround        500-2772. Reg# 1142749.           1225584.                          1296063.

                                                                                                                                                    August 2012 | 31
Teamwork appropriate
on athletic-field project
Paver operator’s son is crew’s biggest fan
    When completed, Monte Vista High School’s new,                       Though their current task is challenging – the subgrade,
state-of-the-art athletic field in Cupertino will host track,        rock grade and paving must be certified by civil engineers at
football and baseball teams from all over. But today, it’s hosting   within one-eighth of an inch of 10 feet – there has been little
a team of a different kind.                                          to no arguing as operators pave the track around the new,
    There’s no doubt that the Duran & Venables paving crew           synthetic field. Work began in late 2011, and Duran & Venables,
currently working on the improvement project is a team. Some         a subcontractor for Robert A. Bothman, will begin its second
of the members have worked together for years, and thus know         phase of the job, which includes paving around the ball fields, at
what teamwork is all about.                                          the end of the year.
    “It’s a hard job,” said Superintendent Mike Hinojosa, one of         Paver Operator Mario Dorado expects a successful season.
the Local 3 “teammates” working on the job. “The last thing you          “It flows, because you get confident together,” said Dorado,
want is someone arguing.”                                            who has worked for Duran & Venables for about 12 years.
                                                                         Dorado’s son, Salvador, is one of the team’s biggest fans, even
                                                                     writing the Engineers News to boast.
                                                                         “…He [Mario] and his fellow paving colleagues win various
                                                                     safety and quality production awards,” Salvador wrote. “… I
                                                                     know the paving crew from Duran & Venables, which my dad
                                                                     is a part of, does outstanding work, not only just in production,
                                                                     quality and safety but in cleanliness and efficiency.”
                                                                         In the construction industry, that’s a grand slam!

                                                                                      Inset: Duran & Venables’ paving crew includes, from left:
                                                                                      Foreman Mike Valdez, Apprentice Douglas Wilson, Leobardo
                                                                                      “Leo” Ontiveros, Luciano “Lucky” Ruiz, Mario Dorado, Gabriel
                                                                                      Macias, Miguel Alarcon and Superintendent Mike Hinojosa.

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