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                  Incidenti MD 80 nel 2000
       Aerohabitat CentroStudi presenta un elenco incompleto degli eventi
incidentali occorsi alla flotta mondiale dell’aeromobile serie MD 80, fonte MD 80
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5 Feb 2001 BOSTON, USA USAirways MD81 from Boston to Pittsburgh, USA with 97 pax
collided with Delta Shuttle B737 from Washington when being pushed back from gate. The
wings of the MD80 clipped the rudder and stabilizer of the B737 and both aircraft had major
damage. No injuries.

30 Dec 2000 SALT LAKE CITY, USA Delta MD90 from Kansas City to Salt Lake City, USA
with 75 pax clipped approach and runway lights when landing in freezing fog with very low
visibility, closing runway for 20 minutes for debris. No injuries.

15 Dec 2000 HELSINKI, FINLAND Finnair MD83 from Malaga, Spain to Helsinki, FInland
with 153 pax had a near miss with an Aeroflot IL62 on the approach to Helsinki. Departing for
Moscow, the Aeroflot had overclimbed its designated flight level of 7,000 ft coming too close to
the MD80 at 8,000 ft. In a new radar system at Helsinki-Vantaa airport, transponder returns
from certain Russian-built aircraft are reportedly inconsistent; this time ATC was alerted only 5
secs before the closest conflicting point of the two aircraft. No injuries.

29 Nov 2000 WASHINGTON, USA American MD82 from Washington-Reagan to Dallas-Fort
Worth, USA with 61 pax made an emergency landing at Washington-Dulles, when fire broke out
in the cabin ceiling between rows 7 and 9. After landing the aircraft was slide-evacuated. No
29 Nov 2000 STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN Finnair MD82 from Helsinki, Finland to Oslo, Norway
with 56 pax diverted to Stockholm, Sweden, when the FO fell ill with severe stomach pain. An
MD80 captain and instructor travelling as a passenger on the same flight took his seat and an
uneventful landing was performed. No injuries; the FO later recovered.

22 Nov 2000 LISBON, PORTUGAL Iberia MD87 from Madrid, Spain to Lisbon, Portugal with
50 pax skidded off runway when taxiing in heavy rain. No injuries.

22 Oct 2000 MANCHESTER, UK Scandinavian MD81 from Manchester, UK to Copenhagen,
Denmark was pushed back too far on tow-out from gate, and ended up in soft soil beyond the
apron. Flight had to be cancelled, and lifting the plane took until the next day. No injuries.

5 Oct 2000 OSLO, NORWAY Scandinavian MD82 from Oslo to Tromsø, Norway with 74 pax
evacuated on apron due to engine fire on startup. No injuries

2 Oct 2000 BIRMINGHAM, USA Continental MD82 from Atlanta to Dallas, USA with 141 pax
performed emergency landing in Birmingham AL, after electrical explosive fire in cockpit. One
jumpseating pilot in cockpit was slightly injured by the blast. Landing uneventful.

30 Aug 2000 MILANO, ITALY Alitalia MD82 from Milan-Linate to Napoli- Capodichino, Italy
with 75 pax got master caution warning on takeoff and returned to base 8 mins later on
emergency status. No injuries.

28 Aug 2000 BOLOGNA, ITALY AMC Aviation MD90 from Bologna, Italy to Luxor, Egypt with
160 pax lost one engine on rotation and returned to base. On landing the aircraft lost two tyres
and had to be towed to apron. No injuries.

22 Aug 2000 THESSALONIKI, GREECE Crossair MD83 from Thessaloniki, Greece to Zürich,
Switzerland was hit by a speeding truck at Thessaloniki airport. Aircraft sustained substantial
damage and the truck driver was injured. Pax were not onboard when the incident occurred.

7 Aug 2000 SEATTLE, USA Alaska MD83 from Seattle to Los Angeles, USA with 51 pax
returned to base after problems with the horizontal stabilizer trim. Landing uneventful, no

7 Aug 2000 ATLANTA, USA Delta MD88 on approach to Atlanta, USA hit wake turbulence
from a B727 at 12,000 ft. One flight attendant fell and was slightly injured.

4 Aug 2000 SAN JOSÉ, USA American MD82 from San José CA to Austin TX, USA with 117
pax returned to base after indications of cabin pressurization problems. Landing safe. No

2 Aug 2000 MADRID, SPAIN Spanair MD87 from Madrid, Spain to Edinburgh, UK with 137
pax returned to base after repeated compressor stalls on left engine seconds after takeoff.
Landing safe. No injuries.

17 July 2000 SAN JOSÉ, USA American MD82 from San José CA to Austin TX, USA with 125
pax returned to base after 6 minutes with problems with the horizontal stabiliser. Landing safe.
No injuries.

17 July 2000 DALLAS, USA American MD82 from Dallas to Orlando FL, USA with 128 pax
returned to base with smoke in the cockpit and evacuated on a taxiway. Four injuries plus an
elderly pax hospitalised as a precaution.

29 June 2000 PALERMO, ITALY Alitalia MD82 from Rome to Palermo, Italy, slide-evacuated
immediately after landing due to smoke in the cockpit. No injuries.Two American Jets in
Separate Emergency Landings

22 June 2000 LOS ANGELES, USA American Airlines MD82 from Los Angeles to Guadalajara,
Mexico with 127 pax blew nose gear tire at takeoff and returned to base after burning fuel for 2
½ hours. Landing was uneventful and noboy was injured.
14 June 2000 MONMOUTH, USA Trans World MD83 from St. Louis to Newark, USA had a
near-miss with a Cessna near Robinsville VOR in Monmouth County, NJ. The aircraft got within
a distance of 500 ft vertically and half a kilometer laterally. The MD80 took evasive action, but
nobody was injured.

14 June 2000 NEWARK, USA Continental MD82 from Newark to Boston, USA, ran into
terminal building after one engine unexpectedly started during early morning maintenance
check, before passengers had embarked. Six cleaners and two mechanics onboard were slightly

7 June 2000 AALBORG, DENMARK Scandinavian MD82 ran off taxiway in Aalborg with
nosewheel stuck in soft ground. No injuries, plane back in service after inspection.

7 June 2000 LOS ANGELES, USA Alaska Airlines MD83 from San Diego to Portland, USA with
135 pax diverted to Los Angeles because of cabin pressurization problems. Flight descended to
10,000 ft and landed uneventfully. One passenger treated for anxiety and hyperventilation.

24 May 2000 PARIS, FRANCE Air Liberté MD83 from Paris/Charles de Gaulle to Madrid,
Spain with 151 pax hit UK Streamline Shorts 330 cargo plane for Luton, UK on runway during a

night departure. The F/O of the cargo plane was killed and the captain was injured, but nobody
on the MD83 was injured. Passengers were football fans of Real Madrid returning from a game
in Paris.

15 May 2000 FRANKFURT, GERMANY Nouvelair Tunisie MD83 from Monastir, Tunisia to
Helsinki, Finland with 167 pax elected emergency landing in Frankfurt, Germany due to oil loss
on one engine. Uneventful landing, flight was resumed after repair, with 5 hrs delay.

11 May 2000 TROMSØ, NORWAY Scandinavian SAS MD87 from Alta to Tromsø, Norway
with 124 pax skid off runway on #2 landing attempt in snowy conditions after touching down
too far down the runway. Passengers were slide evacuated. No injuries, one tire burst reported.

11 May 2000 SAN JOSÉ, USA American MD82 from Orange County (Santa Ana) to San José
CA, USA with 94 pax requested emergency landing after crew reported rudder problems.
Uneventful landing. No injuries.
26 Apr 2000 OAKLAND, USA Alaska Airlines MD83 from San José to Seattle, USA with 104
pax diverted to Oakland because of cabin smoke. No injuries.

24 Apr 2000 CHIAYI, TAIWAN Far Eastern Air Transport MD82 from Taipei to Chiayi,
Taiwan overran runway on landing. No damage to aircraft; no injuries.

20 Apr 2000 THESSALONIKI, GREECE Crossair MD83 from Thessaloniki, Greece to Zürich,
Switzerland with 80 pax was about to enter active runway in front of an Alitalia plane taking off,
when pilot did not stop for a holding point line. Pilot was suspended. No injuries.

18 Apr 2000 HOUSTON, USA Continental MD82 from Houston TX to Ft.Lauderdale FL, USA
with 117 pax returned due to cabin smoke less than 30 mins into the flight. Some 40 or 50
passengers complained of nausea, 8 were hospitalized though not seriously ill. AC electrical
systems failure suspected.

15 Apr 2000 ZÜRICH, SWITZERLAND Finnair MD82 from Zürich to Helsinki with 60 pax had
cabin smoke soon after takeoff, due to a faulty electrical lighting fixture in an overhead bin. The
fire was put out with two halon bottles at FL90 and the aircraft returned safely to Zürich after
11 mins in flight. No injuries reported.

10 Apr 2000 MADRID, SPAIN Crossair MD83 from Lanzarote, Canary Isles to Zürich,
Switzerland had to divert to Madrid, Spain because of oil leakage.
No injuries.

2 Apr 2000 SEATTLE, USA Alaska MD83 from Seattle to Las Vegas, USA with 124 pax was
evacuated at departing gate in Seattle due to cockpit smoke from an overheated air
conditioning unit. Rear emergency slide was deployed, but all passengers except some 6 to 8
left the plane through the normal jetway. Two passengers and one crew member were treated
for breathing problems.

26 Mar 2000 HERAKLION, GREECE Crossair MD83 from Cairo, Egypt to Basle-Mulhouse,
Switzerland/France with 150 pax had cargo door opened in-flight soon after take-off. The flight
continued at low altitude to Heraklion, Greece where it landed with minor damage to the
fuselage skin and with a few bags lost. No injuries.

23 Mar 2000 COPENHAGEN, DENMARK Scandinavian SAS MD81 from Copenhagen to
London returned to base when horizontal stabilizer controls jammed slightly because of residue
of low-viscosity deicing fluid Type IV. Full emergency landing measures were taken, but
approach and landing were uneventful. No injuries.

17 Mar 2000 MONTEREY AIR SPACE, USA Alaska Airlines MD83 from Puerto Vallarta,
Mexico to San Francisco, USA with 48 pax had unruly 40-year old male passenger entering
cockpit south of Monterey CA, and fighting for the controls. The intruding passenger injured
first officer slightly with a pick-like weapon before being overpowered by seven assisting
passengers. The unruly passenger has been charged in a federal San Francisco court and can
face up to 20 years in prison, if convicted.

12 Mar 2000 SEATTLE, USA Alaska Airlines MD83 from Seattle to Ontario CA, USA with 88
pax returned to base 30 nm into the flight when a fake bomb bag was found instead of a child
passenger's backpack which was supposed to contain crayons. The fake bomb had been used
to test security scanners in Seattle and had by mistake got onto the flight. The plane was
evacuated by use of emergency slides; no injuries reported.

8 Mar 2000 OSLO, NORWAY Three Scandinavian SAS MD81/82 were involved in a runway
near-miss chain at Oslo-Gardermoen, Norway, when an MD82 from Bodø with 116 pax landed
long, beyond last taxiway, due to slippery runway. The aircraft was taxiing back on the runway
in fog and mist, when another MD82 for Bergen, Norway with 150 pax was cleared for take-off
roll. The two MD80's rolled head-on, and the departing flight took off 300 m before a collission,
passing the other plane at approx 150 ft. At the same time a third MD81 from Copenhagen with
124 pax was approaching the same runway but aborted descent on time.

8 Mar 2000 GENEVA, SWITZERLAND Scandinavian SAS MD81 in Geneva aborted take off,
when ice at water exit holes jammed flight control surfaces. No injuries.

8 Mar 2000 MCALLEN, USA Trans World MD83 from Mexico City to New Orleans with 17 pax
performed emergency landing in McAllen TX, USA, when some electrical systems failed. With
some systems shut down, autobrake failed on landing and two tires blew. One minor injury, two
pax treated for anxiety.

27 Feb 2000 FLORIANÓPOLIS, BRAZIL Aerolineas Argentinas MD88 from Buenos Aires to
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil diverted to Florianópolis, Brazil because of smoke in the cockpit.

26 Feb 2000 INDIANAPOLIS, USA USAirways MD82 from Charlotte TN to Indianapolis IN,
USA got cockpit smoke 10 miles out of destination. Crew declared emergency and landed with
two flight attendants injured by smoke inhalation. No pax injuries. Reason for smoke unknown.

25 Feb 2000 DENVER, USA Spirit Airlines MD82 from Los Angeles to Detroit, USA with 89
pax diverted to Denver, when a 20-year old unruly passenger accused the crew of practising
witchcraft and black magic and tried to hit one of the pilots, who came down to negotiate with
the man. No injuries.

23 Feb 2000 DALLAS, USA Delta MD90 from Dallas/Fort Worth to Ontario CA with 80 pax
returned to base after problems with horizontal stabilizer. No injuries.

21 Feb 2000 SOUTH BEND, USA Continental MD82 from Las Vegas NV to Cleveland OH,
USA with 141 pax diverted to South Bend IN, when flight had difficulties to maintain designated
33,000 ft cruise level. In-flight drop was reported less than 1,000 ft and problems were found
with the wing ailerons.

16 Feb 2000 PALM SPRINGS, USA American MD82 overran runway in Palm Springs CA on
landing a ferry flight without passengers. The aircraft his some taxiway signs but nobody was

31 Jan 2000 HAVANA, CUBA Iberia MD87 from Miami to Panama City with 66 pax lost
central air data computer (CADC) after takeoff, with the backup failing 45 minutes later close to
Grand Cayman Islands. Flight diverted to Havana, Cuba with only basic instruments working.
Landing uneventful., Mexico

31 Jan 2000 LOS ANGELES, USA Alaska Airlines MD83 from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to San
Francisco, USA with 83 pax diverted to Los Angeles because of problems with stabilizer, which
was locked in a full-up position, apparently due to wear on the motioning assembly. On
emergency approach, the control of the aircraft was lost at 17,000 ft, the aircraft nose-dived,
flaps were ripped off the wings due to overspeed, and the aircraft rolled over and plunged into
water upside down, 20 kms off Californian coast. All aboard including 5 crew died.

30 Jan 2000 DETROIT, USA Spirit Airlines MD82 from Ft Myers to Detroit, USA had stall
buffet vibrations, when attempting climb from FL310 to FL350 with too high weights. The flight
had two upsets with dives, until establishing control. Crew neglected to report the incident and
the aircraft did two cycles uninspected, before passenger complaints led to inquiry. No injuries.

22 Jan 2000 CHARLOTTE, USA USAirways MD82 from Ft Lauderdale FL to Charlotte NC, USA
with 142 pax slid off taxiway after landing in wintery conditions. No injuries.

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