Caterham School - Autumn Term Week 1 – Lunch Menu

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					Caterham School - Autumn Term Week 1 – Lunch Menu
                        Monday                 Tuesday                 Wednesday                 Thursday                   Friday                 Saturday
                      Cream of Root       Broccoli & Cauliflower     Carrot & Coriander     Paul Rankin Signature     Tomato & Lentil Soup     French Onion Soup
                      Vegetable Soup              Soup                      Soup                      Soup           Cheese & Onion Bread       Cheesy Croutons
Soup                  Granary Bread           Olive Bread              Marmite Bread        Lentil and Roast Cumin
                                                                                                  Chilli Bread
                   Cumberland Sausages      Lime & Coriander        Classic Beef Lasagne      Pork Meatballs in a    Breadcrumbed Pollack       Thai Green Turkey
                     with Onion Gravy     Turkey Escalope with               with             Sweet Chilli Sauce       with Tartare Sauce       Curry with Basmati
Main                                              Dhal                  Garlic Bread               Pilau Rice                                          Rice

                     Grilled Tuna Steak   Cajun Beef Wrap with      Grilled Salmon Steak       Honey, Lemon &        Lamb Kofta with Rhaita
                                           Sour Cream & Salsa                                 Coriander Chicken
Hot Salad Item                                                                                     Thighs

                   Chunky Chick Pea &        Baked Lentil &        Bubble & Squeak with     Peking Style Vegetable    Sweet Potato & Sage       Vegetable Lasagne
                     Vegetable Chilli      Vegetable Bake with     Roasted Red Tomatoes             Wrap                    Risotto
Vegetarian           With Pilau Rice          Creamy Mash

                        Pasta Penne              Fusili                 Pasta Penne                Fusilli               Pasta Penne                    Fusilli
                   Aubergine and Tomato        Carbonara            Pea & Gammon sauce      Chicken & Leek Sauce        Beef Bolognaise         Marinated Herbs &
Pasta Bar                  sauce             Tomato & Basil          Sicilian Cauliflower    Spicy Italian sauce        Goats Cheese &               Tomatoes
                    Spicy Chicken Sauce                                     Sauce                                         Watercress            Spiced Chicken &
                       Mustard Mash       Minted New Potatoes           Garlic Bread          Bombay Potatoes           Chunky Chips                Garlic Bread
                    Baked Jacket Potato     Jacket Potatoes           Jacket Potatoes          Jacket Potatoes         Jacket Potatoes            Jacket Potatoes
Seasonal             Sliced Courgettes     Wok Fried Greens           Broccoli Florets         Asian Stir Fried          Garden Peas           Stir Fried Vegetables
Vegetables and        Honey & Lemon       Roasted Vegetables          Sweet corn and             Vegetables            Grilled Tomatoes
Potatoes                  Carrots                                        Peppers             Whole Green Beans

                    Cheese & Red Onion       Prawn & Lettuce        Coronation Chicken &    Egg, Bacon & Lettuce     Double Egg & Rocket
                         Baguette               Baguette              Lettuce Baguette            Baguette                Baguette
Filled Rolls and
Sandwiches         Ham & Salad Sandwich    Cream Cheese and         Roasted Vegetable &                                Tuna Cucumber &
                                            Chive Sandwich            Pesto Ciabbata           Plum Tomato &            Mayonnaise Bap
                                                                                               Mozzarella Bagel

Seasonal Salads                                                          Seasonal Salad Selection

                     Oaty Blackberry &    Chocolate and Orange     Sunshine Rice Pudding     Lemon Curd Sponge        Apple Struesal Cake        Jam & Coconut
Sweet Selection     Apple Crumble with    Sponge with Chocolate                               with Lemon Sauce        with Custard Sauce      Shortbread with Vanilla
                      Custard Sauce              Sauce                                                                                                Sauce

                                                                 Natural Yogurt with Assorted Toppings
                                                                     A Selection of Fresh Cut Fruit
Caterham School - Autumn Term Week 1 – Supper Menu
                   Monday               Tuesday.            Wednesday               Thursday                Friday               Saturday               Sunday
                 Cream of Root       Carrot & Coriander     Asian Chicken           Paul Rankin         Tomato & Lentil      Nachos with Salsa &    Broccoli & Stilton
                 Vegetable Soup             Soup             Noodle Soup          Signature Soup            Soup              Sour Cream Chive           Soup
Soup             Granary Bread          Olive Bread         Marmite bread         Lentil and Roast      Cheese & Onion               Dip            Spicy Coriander
                                                                                    Cumin Soup              Bread                                        Bread
                                                                                    Chilli Bread

                    Kashmir           Fresh Salmon &        Chinese Buffet       Traditional Cottage   Chicken Fajita Wrap     Build Your Own       Roast Topside of
Main              Rogon Josh         Haddock Fishcakes    Szechwuan Chicken              Pie                                       Burger           Beef & Yorkshire
                 Poppodoms &                              & Stir Fried Noodles                                                                          Pudding
                 Mango Chutney                                                                                               American Chicken
                                                          Chinese Barbeque                                                         Fillet
                Cantonese Stir Fry   Aubergine & Pasta                           Crunchy Vegetables    Hot Brie, Cranberry    100% Fresh Beef      Winter Vegetable Pie
Vegetarian     Quorn with Pak Choi         Bake            Vegetable Chow         on Crusty Ciabatta     & Watercress             Burger
                                                                Mein                                        Baguette
                                                                                                                                 Fish Burger

                 Jacket Potatoes        Jacket Potato       Egg Fried Rice          Jacket Potato        Jacket Potato       Spicy Bean Burger       Roast Potatoes
Seasonal            Pilau Rice         Lemon Carrots        Prawn Crackers       Herby Roasted Root    Fresh Mixed Salad                             Roasted Carrots
Vegetables          Sag Aloo         Cauliflower Cheese    Wok Fried Greens          Vegetables            Coleslaw             Spicy Spirals        Savoy Cabbage
and Potatoes                                                                        Baked Beans                                Jacket Potatoes

                                                                                                                                Onion Rings
                                                                                                                               Boston Beans
                                                                                                                               Tossed Salad

Seasonal                                                                Seasonal Salad Selection
                Cherry Tray Bake     Apricot & Sultana     Carrot & Orange          Crunchy Oaty          Banana Cake          Chocolate Milk      Syrup Sponge with
Daily                                    Squares                Cake                  Flapjacks                                   Shake              Custard sauce

                                                              Natural Yogurt with Assorted Toppings
                                                                  A Selection of Fresh Cut Fruit

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