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					                                         Ind. School District #831                                                 Ala Carte Days
                                               September 2009                                                          \\\\\\\\\\\\
                                                                                                       One ala Carte item (i.e., granola bar,
                                                                                                       cookie, packaged snack, yogurt,

                                            St. Peter’s                                                water, or ice cream treat) offered for
                                                                                                       sale one day per week (day to be deter-
                                                                                                       mined at each school). Prices range

                                           Lunch Menu                                                  from $.40 to $1.00. All purchases are
                                                                                                       deducted from meal accounts.

      Mon.                         Tues.                           Wed.                      Thur.                     Fri.

       Lunch Prices                                                   Reminder:
                                September 18th                 Free and Reduced meal
Students               $2.25
Adults                 $3.25                        applications are available
Milk                   $ .40 Celebrate Your Birthday!!        throughout the year in all
                                                             schools and on our website.
Juice                  $ .50 If your birthday is in July,            (See Below)
                              August or September, receive
                              a treat when you participate
                              in the school lunch program

     Labor Day! Sept. 7 Welcome Back! Sept. 8                                    Sept. 9                   Sept. 10                      Sept. 11
                              Tony’s Smart Pizza               Mini Corn Dogs              Chicken Nuggets                      Nachos
                                    Golden Corn                  Potato Wedges               Whipped Potatoes          With Meat & Cheese
                                    Lettuce Salad                  ABC Salad                   Gravy / Peas               Green Beans
                                     Applesauce                  Chilled Peaches             Dinner Roll / Fruit       Apple Pretzel / Fruit
                                  No Alternate Line              No Alternate Line           No Alternate Line            No Alternate Line
                  Sept. 14                       Sept. 15                       Sept. 16                   Sept. 17                      Sept. 18
   Chicken Strips              Brunch For Lunch                  Corn Dog or                 Sub Sandwich              Birthday Bash!
   Whole Grain Rice                French Toast or                 Riblette                Ham, Turkey & Cheese         Favorite Pizza
        Egg Roll                      Pancakes                     Tator Tots               Healthy Choice Chips          Cooked Veggies
   Broccoli Normandy                  Tri Tator                   Baked Beans                      Fixings                 Garden Salad
       Pineapple                   Sausage Links                Coleslaw / Cookie            Veggie Sticks & Dip           Chilled Pears
    Fortune Cookie                  Orange Juice                 Fruit of the Day              Fruit of the Day
      Alternate Line                Alternate Line                 Alternate Line              Alternate Line                Alternate Line
                  Sept. 21                       Sept. 22                    Sept. 23                      Sept. 24                      Sept. 25
Chicken Smackers or                     Taco                 Picnic Lunch In A Bag!          Turkey Gravy              Hamburger or Fish
  Shrimp Poppers                  Hard or Soft Shell         Choice of PB&J or Meat &        Mashed Potatoes                Sandwich
  Crisscut Potatoes                    Fixings                  Cheese Sandwich               Golden Corn                 Fresh Fixings
 Celery Sticks w / Dip              Green Beans                Healthy Choice Chips            Cranberries                  Oven Fries
       Tea Roll                    Cinnamon Roll                  Veggie Sticks                Wheat Roll                   ABC Salad
     Crisp Apple                     Fresh Fruit                Fresh Fruit / Treat            Fresh Fruit             Fruit/Small Malt Cup
      Alternate Line                Alternate Line                 Alternate Line              Alternate Line               Alternate Line
                  Sept. 28                       Sept. 29                       Sept. 30
    Zoo Animal                 Max Cheese Sticks             Chef or Taco Salad
  Chicken Nuggets                  Pasta w / Sauce               In A Bread Bowl
    Smile Potatoes                  Green Beans                   Veggies & Dip
 Sunny Vegetable Salad               Fresh Fruit                    Fresh Fruit
   Warm Breadstick                                                    Frozen
       Fun Fruit                                                  Shape-Up Bar
      Alternate Line                Alternate Line                 Alternate Line

                                    In accordance with Federal law and U.S. Department of Agriculture policy, Forest Lake Food Service
                                      is prohibited from discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability.
                                           MILK CHOICES WITH EACH MEAL: 1% White - Skim Milk - Skim Chocolate
                                          CHECK OUT THE MENU ON OUR WEBSITE AT WWW.FORESTLAKE.K12.MN.US