Drugs _ Alcohol by cuiliqing



Construction is a dangerous business and accident rates in the industry continue to be unacceptably
high. Accidents are far less likely if each of us is focused on working safely and is alert to the
environment around us. Drugs and alcohol blur that focus and dull the alertness. Even prescription and
over-the-counter drugs can be hazardous if used n the job. Consider these eye-opening facts about drug
use from the Institute for a Drug-Free Workplace.

       66 percent of all drug users are employed.
       7.4 million employees abused drugs during the last month
       52 percent of all employees who test positive for drugs are daily users.
       35 percent of workers have seen or heard of on-the-job use by co-workers.

Did you know that workers who use drugs are:

       3.6 times more likely to injure themselves or another person in a workplace accident?
       5. times more likely to have an accident off the job that affects attendance or performance on
        the job?
       5 times more likely to file a workers’ compensation claim?

Employees who use alcohol and drugs at work make the workplace more dangerous for everybody! You
can help prevent alcohol and drug related problems at work. Set an example by coming to work drug-
free, rested and ready to do your job. Keep your eyes open and watch for signs of abuse. Let those
around you know that you want and expect a safe workplace. If you smell alcohol or marijuana on the
breath or clothing of a co-worker, inform your supervisor. Even though it seems like ratting on a co-
worker, you could be saving a finger, a hand or even a life. Would you rather look the other way and
then have to go to the funeral knowing that you could have made the difference?

If you are having trouble with drugs or alcohol, there is help available. SEAP is an assistance program at
work, make use of it; or try one of these sources; The Center for Substance Abuse Treatment 1-800-
662-HELP The National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information 1-800-729-6686 (se hale
Espanola: 1-877-767-8432) www.health.org. or the National Institute on Drug Abuse www.nida.nih.gov

                                           SAFETY REMINDER

         Drug interactions can have deadly consequences. Read the labels on all medications.

                          If you have questions ask your doctor or pharmacist.

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