Oct Middle School Lunch Menu by AlisterM


									   Middle School Lunch Menu
                  Delaware City Schools

                                                                                   Chicken Nuggets                3-Way Hot Dog                         Breakfast Available
                                                                                           Or                            Or                                   Daily!
       Pumpkins were once recommended for removing                                    Pasta Bar                 Pacer Burger Deluxe                             7:30-7:40 am
    freckles and curing snakebites. The largest pumpkin                                  Corn                     Oven Crisp Fries
          pie ever made weighed over 350 pounds.                                     Fruit Sherbet                                                    Breakfast =          $1.50
                                                                                                                    Fruited Jello                     Reduced =            $ .30

                             Toasted Cheese            Pepperoni Pizza               Hamburger or                                                     Lunch Prices: $2.50
 General Tso Popcorn                                                                                             French Toast Sticks
                                                                Or                                                                                    Reduced =            $ .40
        Chicken                 Sandwich                                             Cheeseburger                 W /Sausage Links
           Or                       Or               Stuffed Baked Potato                   Or                           Or                           All lunches include an entrée
Made to Order Soft Taco      Grilled Chicken          w/ Chili and Cheese            Hot Italian Sub             Corn Dog on a Stick                  with two sides of vegetable
       Fried Rice          Sandwich w/toppings          Crisp Green Salad             Baked Beans                       Hash Browns                   and/or fruit, and a milk.
  Mandarin Oranges         Tomato Soup w/ crackers        Yum Yum Bar                 Pineapple Cup                      Fruit Juice
    Fortune Cookie              Green Beans                                                                                                           Milk extra =         $ .50
                            Spaghetti w/ meat                                                                                                         Entrée extra =       $1.75
Crispy Ranch Chicken       sauce & Breadstick      Cheese Pizza Wedge            Turkey Mashed Potato                                                 Sides extra =        $ .50
         on Bun                      Or                      Or                 Bowl w/ whole wheat roll                No School
            Or           Chicken Tenders w/ choose Pork Rib BQ on Bun                     Or                                                          Alternate Entrée Choice
Philly Steak & Swiss Sub       your own sauce                                        Taco Burrito                                                     Available Daily:
                                                   Fresh Carrot Sticks w/ dip        Green Beans                       Central Day                    *Uncrustable PBJ
           Corn             Mixed Green Salad
                            Mandarin Oranges             Apple Crisp                Mashed Potatoes                                                   *Entrée Salad
   Tropical Fruit Cup
                                                                                                                                                      *Nachos & Cheese
                             Stuffed Cheese          Pepperoni Pizza              Popcorn Chicken                  French Toast Sticks                 w/yogurt
 Chicken Nuggets          Sticks w/ marinara sauce        Round                     w/ orange dip sauce             w/ Sausage Links
w/ Apple CinnamonLoaf                                       Or                           or                                or                         Alternate entrée choice includes
                                    Or                                                                                                                the fruit, vegetable, and milk
       Or                                          Chicken Bacon Ranch          4-Cheese Garlic Pizza             Chicken Parmesan on
                           Pacer Joe on Bun                                                                               Bun                         offered that day.
   Meatball Sub               Seasoned Broccoli               Sub                Fried Rice w/ fortune cookie
    Seasoned Fries                                                                   Mixed Vegetables                  Hash Browns
                              Fresh Fruit Salad        Fresh Tossed Salad                                                                             Menus are subject to change
     Fresh Grapes                                                                 Fresh Orange Wedges                Applesauce Cup                   due to unplanned school
                                                      Warm Cinn Apple Slices
                                                                                                                           Happy Halloween!
                                                                                                                                                      closings or vendor availability.
                           Pacer Taco w/ chips                                      Crispy Chicken              Hamburger Madness
  Chicken Fingers                   Or                Cheese Pizza Wedge               Sandwich                 Taco Terror w/ witch’s brew sauce
 w/ Low Fat Cheetos       Grilled Chicken Ranch               Or                          Or                    Skelton Ribs in a Coffin of Lettuce
         or                                            Chicken BLT Wrap                                  Oven Fried Fingers
                          Sandwich w/ toppings                                  BBQ Pulled Pork on Bun
  Meat lover’s Sub                                         Garden Peas                                   Fresh Eyeballs
                                     Corn                                              Curly Fries
   Mashed Potatoes                                    Applesauce Spice Cake                              Monster Mash Cookie
                                 Fiesta Salad                                   Pudding w/ Fresh Bananas
    Peach Crumble                                                                                        Vampire Milk
                               Ice Cream Treat                                           & wafer

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