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					       Student Guidelines for Honors Theses, Department of Political Science

                                      February 2012

1. Students must have taken at least one course from the prospective thesis director or a
   closely related course, as decided by the prospective thesis director.

2. Students must take either the Honors Thesis Boot Camp course offered by the Honors
   Program or a scope and methods course that may be offered by the department. For
   students who spend an entire year abroad (not one semester), this requirement may be
   waived by the prospective thesis director, if he or she is satisfied that the student has
   worked to develop a topic during his or her absence and spoken to the prospective
   director about his or her intention to write a thesis. [Effective January 2013]

3. Students must complete a departmental thesis registration form, including a one-page
   description of the proposed topic and the identification of the proposed thesis director and
   second reader, no later than two weeks prior to the Honors Program’s deadline for
   submission of the thesis prospectus (currently 23 September). This form must be signed
   by both the thesis director and the second reader. The form itself, instructions for
   completing the form, and departmental expectations of thesis students will be available
   on the departmental web site.

4. Students who intend to register for a thesis in the Fall of a given year are urged to attend
   a meeting, hosted by the department during the previous Spring, which will be attended
   by the Chair of the Department, the Director of Undergraduate Studies, and selected
   faculty in the department. This meeting will provide students with the chance to discuss
   their intended topics and begin to identify potential directors and second readers. This
   meeting will be particularly important for students not taking the Honors Thesis Boot
   Camp offered by the Honors Program, but all interested students are encouraged to

5. Any exceptions to these guidelines shall be granted only by the Undergraduate Studies
   Committee, with the approval of the Departmental Chair.

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